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Student: Daniel Josué Serna Pérez

ID: 1216720351


1 Greater
2 More important
3 Thin, thiner
4 Than
5 Melanie is prettier than june
6 Fattets
7 most interesting
8 Happyest
9 Farrest
10 None
11 I’ ve saw thah film before
12 Not
13 Where has James put my bag
14 My children have been to france twice
15 Today
16 Ago
17 Since
18 I was a child
19 Since ages
20 3 days
21 Hve been used as a check of nature
22 Were used as an alternative way to help farmer
23 Animal populations are balanced by their enemies
24 the first mention of disappearances in the area was made in 1945
25 most the missing planes could contact with their base by their own
special means until the very moment of disappearing
26 the mysterious disappearances of ships and planes triangle