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Midterm quiz

Problem 1: A thin-walled tube having a semicircular circular shape has a mean diameter of 50mm
and a wall thickness of 2mm. If the stress concentration at the corners is neglected, what torque
will cause a shearing stress of 40 MPa.
Problem 2: Determine the maximum shearing stress in a helical steel spring composed of 20 turns
of 20mm diameter wire on a mean radius of 80mm when the spring is supporting a load of 2kN.
Problem 3: A hollow steel shaft has an outside diameter of 220mm and inside diameter of 200mm.
Determine the torque that will cause a stress of 75.5 MPa in the shaft.
Problem 4: A load P is supported by two springs arranged in series. The upper spring has 20 turns
of 29mm diameter wire on a mean diameter of 150mm. The lower spring consist of 15 turns of
10mm diameter wire on a mean diameter of 130mm. Determine the value of P that will cause a
total deflection of 80mm. Assume G = 80 GPa for both springs.
Problem 5: A shaft is to be fitted with a flanged coupling having 8 bolts on a circle of diameter
150mm. The shaft may be subjected to either a direct tensile load of 400 kN or a twisting moment
of 18kN-m. If the maximum direct and shearing stresses permissible in the bolt material are
125MPa and 55MPa respectively. Find the minimum diameter of the bolt required. Assume that
each bolt takes an equal share of the load or torque.
Problem 6: A steel shaft with a constant diameter of 50mm is loaded as shown by torque applied
at gears fastened to it. Use G = 83 GPa.
a) What is the value of T in N.m?
b) What is the angular deformation of BC in degrees?
c) What is the total angular deformation of the shaft in degrees?

800N-m 1300N-m 1200N-m T

D 2m C 1.5m B 3m A