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~ November 2019 ~

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1 VIP Roland 2
PAC pizza

Buddy Bags Beau

Charleigh Parker

3 4 VIP Vienna 5 VIP Hemy 6 VIP Thaddeus 7 VIP Frances 8 VIP Nolan 9
Daylight Sharing Olivia
Savings Book orders Emmett Sharing Amelia Handwashing 10:45 Fresh Air
due Parker presentation Remembrance
Library assembly
Family Projects

10 11 12 VIP Charleigh 13 VIP Beau 14 VIP Parker 15 VIP Amelia 16

Remembrance Sharing Beau Sharing Nolan
Holiday Charleigh Frances Buddy Bags
SPCA presentation
Amelia Emmett
17 18 VIP Emmett 19 VIP Olivia 20 VIP Rilen 21 VIP Mia 22 VIP Eligh 23
Fresh Air
Sharing Hemy Sharing Vienna Friday
Thaddeus Roland

Buddy Bags Mia

Library Rilen Eligh
24 25 VIP Mary- 26 VIP Lynnea 27 VIP Flynn 28 VIP Tate 29 VIP Roland 30
Kate Report Cards
Sharing Tate Flynn Buddy Bags
Sharing Lynnea Mary-Kate
Library Mary-Kate
Lynnea Flynn
Hockey Week

November is here and the weather is getting colder. Please dress your child for the
weather as they are expected to play outside in the morning, during recess and at lunch,
as well as for special activities. Names on items are appreciated as hats and mitts are
frequently misplaced. A change of clothes in the backpack is also a good idea.
Newsletters are paperless and can be found on the BEST website at
November is looking like a solid month of learning. You are welcome to join us for the
Remembrance Day assembly at 10:45 on Nov. 8. Look for notices or notes in folders
and check the class blog weekly at regarding new
activities. Contact me through notes, at the school (376-2205), through the blog or via
email at .
Go forth and Be Awesome!
A. Bowden