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Official April 25, 2019 statement of Ukrainian embassy in Washington to The Hill

concerning the activities of Democratic National Committee Alexandra Chalupa during

the 2016 U.S. election.

“The Embassy got to know Ms. Chalupa because of her engagement with Ukrainian and other
diasporas in Washington D.C. and not in her DNC capacity. We’ve learned about her DNC
involvement later. We were surprised to see Alexandra’s interest in Mr. Paul Manafort’s case. It
was her own cause. The Embassy representatives unambiguously refused to get involved in
any way, as we were convinced that this is a strictly U.S. domestic matter. No documents
related to Trump campaign or any individuals involved in the campaign have been passed to
Ms. Chalupa or the DNC neither from the Embassy nor via the Embassy. No documents
exchange was even discussed. All ideas floated by Alexandra were related to approaching a
Member of Congress with a purpose to initiate hearings on Paul Manafort or letting an
investigative journalist ask President Poroshenko a question about Mr. Manafort during his
public talk in Washington D.C. We said no to all.”