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Best Anime Quotes and Sayings
Here you'll find a quite extensive list of anime quotes and sayings. It's got one, and one only example of each anime. I tried to choose the really insightful thoughts or the trademark and catchy phrases of the anime characters. Of course you will probably not find your favorite anime quote or even one quote for each and every anime there is.That's because I'm only human ^_^'. But feel free to add your favorite anime quote or saying in the comments section! If it belongs to an anime not yet listed you can bet I'm gonna add it to the list ;) Thank you and enjoy the anime phrases!

Anime Quotes and sayings!
.hack/SIGN Instead of dwelling on the fact that I can't log out.... Or maybe thinking that I don't have to. It's now clear. After all, now I don't have to return to that ludicrous world. I like it this way. It's not so bad. (Tsukasa) 3x3 Eyes I just love the smell of C4 in the morning (Ling Ling) Akira The future is not a straight line. There are many different pathways. We must try to decide that future for ourselves. (Kiyoko) Afro Samurai Nothing personal. It's just revenge. (Afro Samurai) Air Gear

Dude, thats not cool to say about my sister! Because if I say she doesn't I'm a liar but if I agree I'm a perv... (Sora commenting Rika nice ass) Air TV My child, listen carefully. The story that I'm about to tell you is very important. It is a long, long story of a journey that will be passed down from parent to child endlessly, starting now. (A disembodied female voice speak while a view of the sky is shown) Amaenaideyo OH YEAH! (when good fan service is delivered ^_^') Avatar If you want to be a bender, you have to let go of the fear. (Aang) Azumanga Daioh Hey, I said you could ask anything, but my measurements are top secret! Not that I'm ashamed, of course. In fact, I dare say they're pretty spectacular. Oh, you impetuous boy! Look what you made me say on the first day! (Yukari) Black Lagoon All they saw in me was another little ghetto rat with no power and no God. What's left for a poor little Chinese bitch to rely on? It's money of course. And guns. Fuckin' A, with these two things, the world is a great place. (Revy) Bleach I'm not Superman. So I can't say anything big like I'll protect everyone on Earth. I'm not a modest guy who will say it's enough if I can protect as many people as my two hands can handle either. I want to protect... a mountain-load of people. (Ichigo) Chobits Panties, Panties, Panties! (Chii) Chrono Crusade I change things. I want to believe that anything can be changed. The moment I met you, a new world opened up for me. You see, after wandering in the darkness for so long, a light brought me happiness. It's all thanks to you. (Chrono) Code Geass

All men«are NOT created equal! Some are born smarter, or more beautiful, or with parents of greater status. Some, by contrast, are born weak of body or mind, or with few, if any, talents. All men are different! Yes, the very existence of man is discriminatory! That's why there is war, violence and unrest. Inequality is not evil. Equality is! What became of the EU, who claimed that all are equal? It is in constant conflict because its tenets go against human nature! The Middle Eastern Federation, which harbors similar sentiments, is constantly mired with sloths! But our Britannia is not like them! We put an end to wars and evolve with every conquest! Britannia alone looks forward and moves forward to a better future! The death of my son Clovis is yet more proof that our empire is evolving. Fight! For the future rests in the hands of its ruler! ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!!!!! (Emperor Charles di Brittania) Comic Party You stupid hairy little stink'n... PANDA! PANDA! PANDA! PANDA! (Eimi Ohba) Cowboy Bebop Do not fear Death. Death is always at our side. When we show fear, it jumps at us faster than light. But, if we do not show fear, it casts its eye upon us gently and then guides us into infinity... (Bull) D. Gray-man Having a light side and a dark side is what makes life interesting. (Tiky Mikk) Darker than Black If you pretend to feel a certain way, the feeling can become genuine all by accident (Hei) Death Note! (L and Kira) Detective Conan When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. (Several Characters...and Sherlock Holmes, ofc!) D.N Angel He told me...that which is incomplete seeks completion...yet...that which is incomplete is no better than that which is complete. Do you understand?(Argentine) Dragon Ball Z

(Tohru Honda) FullMetal Alchemist Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. something of equal value must be lost.. (Tomo) Ghost in the Shell . Within the rays of light brimming in my eyes. Shaggy and curly. I'm Nabeshin and the chicks dig me. my afro do is the best for me.. (Naota) Fruits Basket My happiness comes from the kindness of those around me... Tear Rainbow! (Kaze) FLCL Nothing amazing ever happens here. the ones who aren't people. we really believed that to be the world's one.. That is alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange. my afro suits me. You know. frizzy and messy. then I'll step in and make my wish instead.. it's easy to clean. and only truth.. In those days. if I've learned anything at all from this silly ordeal it's that I am a freaking genius.This is just too convenient! Kakarot and Ginyu are back there clobbering each other to death while the runts are up ahead finding the dragonballs for me. To obtain. (Alphonse Elric) Fusigi Yugi The boy's screams excited me far more than yours. just wash it once! The babes all like it 'cause it's fluffy and I like it 'cause I don't have to brush. (Vegeta) Elfen Lied The ones who aren't human... It's a wap-doo-wap doo-wap-doo-wap hair! Do-didididi-dey! (Nabeshin) Final Fantasy Unlimited Aura. are YOU! (Lucy) Eureka Seven Did you know? The world is full of hate and there isn't any reason for it? (Anemone) Excel Saga I'm Nabeshin. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I'll just wait until those idiot Earthlings find out what the password is. It's almost too good to be true.My sister.I don't care how much blood must be shed as long as its used to destroy Chaos.

. we'd be predictable. I can kill with my bare hands. What's true for the group is also true for the individual. I bleed red. It's slow death.. Sometimes I see things in my head that never happened. and there's always more than one way to view a situation. I am a cyborg. sometimes violence is the only way to get the message across.. and you breed in weakness. When I concentrate on one thing. My name is Ai.If we all reacted the same way. (Onizuka) Gundam Seed If I have the power to make a differencen why not put it to good use? (Kira Yamito) Gundam Wing Stop making me repeat myself! Its bad for my health! (Duo Maxwell) Gunslinger Girl But am I. am I normal? I have strength.. It's simple: overspecialize. I'll never be useful as anything else. (Tsukushi) Hell Girl You¶ve summoned me. (Henrietta) Gurren Lagann Mark my words! This drill will open a hole in the universe! And that hole will be a path for those behind us! The dreams of those who've fallen! The hopes of those who'll follow! Those two sets of dreams weave together in a double helix! Drilling a path towards tomorrow! And that's Tengen Toppa! That's Gurren Lagann!! My drill.IS THE DRILL THAT CREATES THE HEAVENS!!! (Simon) Hana Yori Dango It's a bad habit of mine. . I forget other important things. but the pain always goes away quickly. (Motoko) Golden Boy If only my hand was my penis (Kintaro Oe) Grave of the Fireflies Why must fireflies die so young? (Setsuko) Great Teacher Onizuka Fuyutsuki.

. happy when you're young! Happy when you're old and grey. I will ferry the soul of your tormentor straight into the depths of Hell. When you die.. An endless dream. you will be left to wander through a world made of pain and agony for all of eternity. first: don't panic.. to himself) . it's your birthday.full quote here Howl's Moving Castle Why do you get so cold when you're old? I'm fatter than ever and yet the wind blows right through me! (Sophie) Inuyasha How could I forget? He's into dead girls! .Kagome Kanon A dream. I like war. There always has to be a price. your soul will also belong to Hell...that watching the birds made them want to go on a journey. If you truly wish revenge. (Jing) Kino's Journey Someone once told me.*She gives a straw doll to the person seeking revenge* This is for you. (Ayu) Kiki's Delivery Service Okay. And third: did I mention not to panic? (Jiji) King of Bandits Shining brightly.... (Major) . even for a split second.. I'm dreaming a dream. just untie the scarlet thread from his neck. here's to you! Happy birthday from everyone to Dio! (Dio. Pulling the thread binds you into a covenant with me. is better than living a dull-grey life for eternity..however... (Enma Ai) Hellsing Gentleman.. A dream I dream every day. Second: don't panic. (Narrator) Last Exile Hey there.. You will never know the joys of Heaven. Get Happy! Happy when you're born.. once vengeance is served. Congratulations... you will have to deliver your end of the bargain.

.. and I really wanted one! (Keitaro) Lupin the III Lupin! Don't you dare die before I get to arrest you! (Zenigata) Magical Girl Lyrical Nahona I. destroy me. you will be destroyed. I never go back on my word. Otherwise.Love Hina It had three holes.. Only one life-form can be chose to evade the destruction and seize the future! And you are not the existence which should die. Why then don't I feel sad? (Yuumura) Oh my Goddess! . clad in blue and surrounded by fields of gold to restore mankind's connection of the Earth that was destroyed. Kenzou Tenma) Naruto I will never give up. Set up (Nahona) Monster I was only able to get back to being a real doctor by saving your life! I realized that human lives have equal value by saving you! Nobody has the right to take another's life! I've been living as a doctor with that engraved upon my heart for years! (Dr. it is what you live for! (Kaworu) Noir I can kill people so easily.. order you to release your power! The wind is in the sky and the stars are in the heavens and a resolute heart beats within my chest! This magic in my hand Raising Heart. You need the future. thats my way of the ninja!(Naruto) Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind After a thousand years of darkness.(Obaba) And he will guide the people of this planet at last to a land of purity. he will come. the one who accepted this mission by the ancient contract. (Nausicaa) Ninja Scroll Burn in your golden HELL! (Jubei) Neon Genesis Evangelion This is my wish: please.

too! But if I don't fight with everything I've got. (Haruhi Fujioka) One Piece When I left Syrup Village.. nyu.. I left everything behind! Tranquility.. I am a girl... (Ayato) Ranma 1/2 You are so uncute! (Ranma Saotome) Record of Lodoss War DEEDILIIIIIT!!!!! (Parn) Reservoir Chronicle Don't look back. Pikachu!!! (Pikachu) Princess Mononoke Look... there's no way I deserve to be on the same boat as them! There's no way I can laugh with them! (Usopp) Pokemon Pika Pika. and they laugh like they're really having fun! That's why I decided to go out to sea! I want to laugh 'til I cry. then only look forward. Biologically.The gods only think of themselves. They face hardships every day. If you got something to do. everyone! This is what hatred looks like! This is what it does when it catches hold of you! It's eating me alive. Safety.. [faints] (Karen Onodera) Ouran High School Host Club Yes. and very soon now it will kill me! Fear and anger only make it grow faster! (Ashitaka) RahXephon All is well in the world. nyu. (Kurogane) . I guess. Don't steal any more of my hopes! (Ru Fe Morgan) Onegai Teacher This is a priority one! (Mizuho Kazami) Onegai Twins Nyu.

to tell you the truth. I much prefer Miss Kaoru's sweet and innocent talk over the truth. this never would have happened. and now there is no turning back. The art of swordsmanship is learning how to kill. I have to move forward.. whose life has been screwed up. (Chise) Samurai Champloo Forget all that formal crap 'bout comin' at me one at a time. But.Requiem for the Phantom And I« continued to sin. Everything must be left behind. (Reiji) Rurouni Kenshin A sword is a weapon. the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon I will punish you! (Usagi) Saishuu Heiki Kanojo There is no such thing as a weapon that doesn't kill. the wall that I must break through. If I had met him under different circumstances. That's what I'm thinking. You too (Kanami Yuta) Serial Experiments Lain Present day. I'll take all you bitches on! (Mugen) S-CRY-ed It's not that I hate the person in front of me. and the man in front of me is the wall.. That is the truth.. I must distinguish the difference between past and present. (Yubaba) . What Miss Kaoru says is sweet and innocent talk that only those whose hands have never been stained with the blood of men can believe. Someone like me. I screw up people's lives. Present time. There is only one direction for me to go. indeed I do! (Himura kenshin) Sailor Moon For Love and Justice. your name's Chihiro? What a pretty name! [uses magic to steal the kanji of Chihiro's name] And it belongs to ME now. Inside that whirlpool. Hahahaha! (Intro) Slayers Don't tell me he wants to conquer the world? Can't he come up with something more original? (Lina Inverse) Spirited Away Ohh... But I did meet him that day.

the milk! (Ken Hidaka) Welcome to NHK You're not going home a loser (Satou) .. the ages of misery and darkness. nor for monks in their cathedrals. Science is neither faith nor sorcery. Do this and no matter where you are. please come see me. you will have nothing to fear. if any of you are aliens.. First off. or espers. from East Junior High. I'm not interested in ordinary people. until his sorrow is no more.the milk! Oh God. science can change that.. There is no sorrow that never ceases...(Yuuki) Vision of Escaflowne I want Van to live! I will stay with him.. they are waiting for the blessings of science!! (Edward Steam) The Cat Returns Always believe in yourself. time-travelers. (Ichigo) Trigun This world is made of. It's not for nobles and royals in their palaces...Steamboy Science is not an occult enterprise like alchemy. Until he realizes he is not alone. But. It will never be able to go back to the way it was before. (Hitomi) Weiss Kreuz *bursts into tears* I can't talk about it! It's so horrible! They were-.they were-. I will stay by his side. That is all! (Haruhi) Tokyo Mew Mew A lot of things have happened.. (Baron) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya I'm Haruhi Suzumiya. Just as the rain will eventually stop and reveal a blue sky that we both can see. I want to believe that. But what use is it if we don't bring its power to everyone? Mankind everywhere is in desperate need. Love and Peace! (Vash) Vampire Knight The world is dyed with the color of blood. but it was good to find a new friend.. it is provable fact that can transfigure and transform us at our very core! All the suffering of humanity..

Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop) "*bursts into tears* I can't talk about it! It's so horrible! They were-. man oh man we're gonna wish we were lost at sea! " .the milk! Oh God." . if Kasumi isn't back by dinnertime..but oddly enough.Chichi (Dragon Ball Z) "You're a GIRL?!" . Maybe I should write that down.Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion) "The boy's screams excited me far more than yours. (Narrator) Zoids Chaotic Century That's some good advice. and so he scrapes away at the edges of it with fire." . frame it." . we're gonna have to eat Akane's cooking.Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing) "Don't tell me he wants to conquer the world? Can't he come up with something more original?" . He's 14 years old and is supposed to be the hero of the story.Tomo (Fushigi Yugi) "A drop from the moon dropped and disappeared into a room into my heart. (Colonel Schubaltz) "You're thinking in Japanese! If you must think.they were-.(Closing song) (All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku-Nuku) "I just love the smell of C4 in the morning" . the milk!" .Lina Inverse (Slayers) "And what's the real lesson? Don't leave things in the fridge.Ling Ling (3x3 eyes) "I don't care about no artificial humans!" ." . do it in German!" .. and stick it up on my wall.Asuka Langley Soryu (Evangelion) "Stop making me repeat myself! Its bad for my health!" .Faye talking to Ed (Cowboy Bebop) "Listen up numbskull." .Misato Katsuragi (Neon Genesis Evangelion) "Man fears the darkness. he's dead. This boy's name is Yusuke.Ranma (Ranma 1/2) . and if we do that.Ken Hidaka (Wiess Kreuz) "Survivability takes priority.Yu Yu Hakusho And so it all begins.

Yoko Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho) "So tell me..Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho) "I don't like it! It smells girly!" . I like you just the way you are. and worthy to die" . I hate people like you.. I feel very situation."No one's gonna take her from me.Ranma (Ranma 1/2) "Ranma. what happened was when King Rulbaru was resting.. worthy to fight. King Rulbaru's Super-Ultra-Magical-Force was freed like a bird and made him grow Ultra-Strong-Magical white long hair from his head! Just then. I'm a super-magical human. Please don't fight anymore." . I'm begging you" Akane (Ranma 1/2) "Panties. He was in such a terrible situation! He thin asked Kandora for power! And then-!" . it makes you sound stupid. But I have this precious kingdom to go back to.Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho) "Do you think he knows it's a circle?" .Sosuke Sagara (Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU) .Ayame Sohma (Fruits Basket) "Yesterday Kyou-kun picked up Tohru-kun! Kyou-kun is a sex fiend!!" .actually. a save the day superhero.Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho) "Does a death wish cause you to talk to me that way?" . I can't accept this. I don't like you that way.Chii (Chobits) "I consider your class of demon very worthy.. Panties.Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho) "I know as much of games as hugs and puppies.. please. what's it like living in a constant haze of stupidity?" . The person who gave him this vision is called Great Kandora! When Kandora used his super magic power.Shigure (Fruits Basket) "Now I understand the relieved.Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho) "I'm.. and care for them even less. Panties" .Kuwabara (Yu Yu Hakusho) "Don't talk." Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho) "You're a team player.Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho) "Hiei." . The reason why us super humans have long hair is that our great king Rubalru had a miracle vision when he was about to die.. I have been hiding this fact for a long time..Akane's mine." . an emeny kingdom suddenly attacked him.. I value our friendship and all we've been through but.." .and she's engaged to me!!!!!!" . when in fact you're not thinking at all.Yusuke (Yu Yu Hakusho) "You try to sound like you think through things." .

" .. anyway.Mugen (Samurai Champloo) "Good ol' Zenigata. I'll kill you!" .Dr. When I concentrate on one thing.Gendo Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion) "The interaction of men and women isn't very logical.Zoro (One Piece) "Don't look back.Naota Nandaba (FLCL) "Would you like to see my daughter? I have some pictures right here!" . Too big for my pocket.Riza Hawkeye (Full Metal Alchemist) "I will protect my ninja way!" .. Ritsuko Akagi (Neon Genesis Evangelion) "I musn't run away." Tsukushi (Hana Yori Dango) "If you die. Totally devoted to his work.Jiraiya (Naruto) "It's a bad habit of mine.Tomo (Samurai X) . the archetypal Japanese man.." ." .you.] This is a treasure for all mankind." ..Lupin III (Lupin III) "Lupin! Don't you dare die before I get to arrest you!" .." . then only look forward.Paladin Alexander Anderson (Hellsing) "Now I'll show you how real vampires do battle!" . I forget other important things.Kurogane ( RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE) "You made the rain bleed. messenger of the divine punishment of Heaven" .Lupin III (Lupin III) "Pokemon isn't about tests." ." . it's about battles! hahahahahaha!" .Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion) "I am the will of God..Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) "Mankind has no time left.Scar (Full Metal Alchemist) "Babies aren't born after just 5 months!" .Inspector Zenigata (Lupin III) "[About the Roman ruins."Is there a need for a reason to kill someone?" . If you got something to do.Alucard (Hellsing) "Nothing amazing happens here" ." .Rock Lee (Naruto) "All the girls in Konoha are so hot these days.Maes Hughes (Full Metal Alchemist) "My right hand is the judgement of god!" .

please show me the path that I must follow! " . 'I'll cut them. Mwu: Wha? It is?" (Gundam Seed) .Kira Yamito (Gundam Seed) "Murrue: That's sexual harassment.' Well. can't you see the resolve to cut you reflected in my sword?" . there's nothing but fear reflected in your sword.not rob you.. major. 'I'm afraid of cutting someone.Ichigo (Bleach) "We fear that which we cannot see.. thus the blade will be wielded. 'I'm afraid of letting them die.Excel (Excel Saga) ". Those are life.Excel (Excel Saga) "Please don't worry. Nothing can be born from that. I only came here to obliterate you. What's necessary in a fight isn't fear. After all. scribbles on the bathroom wall. When you dodge. 'I won't let them cut me.Hyatt (Excel Saga) "Excel: You know. If you dodge. " ... Kenzou Tenma (Monster) "What a letdown.Excel (Excel Saga) "That's life. 'I won't let them die."Who is this place? Where are you? Me am Excel!" .' When you attack. 'I'm afraid of getting cut. Mister. all together this class probably doesn't have an IQ of 100.Pedro (Excel Saga) "Senior.Excel (Excel Saga) "Aren't we just a few lilies short of a shojo-ai?" .Urahara Kisuke (Bleach) "You know why big brothers are born first? To protect the little ones that come after them. A real letdown.' Even when you try to protect someone. Hyatt: Or even double digits" (Excel Saga) "Come on. That's not it. your sword speaks to me only of absurd fear. This is life.' If you protect someone.. do you suppose that this review episode is actually a way to relieve the tight production schedule for the staff?" . we respect that which we cannot see.' If you attack.Dr." ." .' Yes.Excel referring to the scene (Excel Saga) "I was only able to get back to being a real doctor by saving your life! I realized that human lives have equal value by saving you! Nobody has the right to take another's life! I've been living as a doctor with that engraved upon my heart for years!" . They're all lives." Ichigo (Bleach) "How did I pass? She beat me like I owed her money." ..well maybe Padro should show you a flashback instead. Kurosaki-san.opening words of the first episode (Bleach) "If I have the power to make a differencen why not put it to good use?" ." .

.Vicious (Cowboy Bebop) "Give me the gift of nothingness.Parn ( Record of Lodoss War) ." Rosette (Chrno Crusade) "*gasp* "Chrno. waterboy.Colonel Karl Lichen Schubaltz (Zoids Chaotic Century) "Bansai. frame it." ..Azmaria (Chrno Crusade) "Azmaria is amazing. and stick it up on my wall." . the map is upside-down. She's already learning how to kiss up to rich people at such an age. Don't hesitate to call.." Knives (Trigun) "That's some good advice. The greater the tragedy. wise guy.Vash (Trigun) ".. I could kill every man. Maybe I should write that down.Cowboy Andy (Cowboy Bebop) "Where would you like to fall?" . give me death. if you let the fly live. what have you done.Cyborg 002 ( Cyborg 009) "DEEDILIIIIIT!!!!!" . the greater the emotional effect. lights shine bright in the o-town tonight" .Spike Spegiel (Cowboy Bebop) "Chrno." . Vash the Stampede. bathtoy. the spider is going to die.Legato (Trigun) " There is nothing left to believe in. The power of death is intoxicating " . " .Legato (Trigun) " Why don't we drink to me and my reflection in your lovely eyes?" .." .Ed (Cowboy Bebop) " It must be the way you look. woman and child here in the blink of an eye if I wanted to.Rosette [To Chrno after he fell into Satella's chest] (Chrno Crusade) "Love and Peace!" ." . Your very existence seems to cause me undue irritation..Legato (Trigun) " It's a simple formula.!?" ... You can't save both without one suffering." Vash introducing himself to Wolfwood (Trigun) "A man can't just live on carbohydrates alone.Legato (Trigun) "And to think.."I am Valentinez Alkalinelia Xifax Sicidabohertz Gumbigobillo Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andri Charton-Haymoss Ivanovicci Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser." .

Like it really matters anyway.. but it's time for my daily massacre! If you do not believe I am the real thing.Alphonse Elric (Full-Metal Alchemist) "My name is VASH THE STAMPEDE!! Forgive the lack of warning. Ed made up that name for Ed. I don't think I know. faye faye puff puff! Yay!" . I don't think I think I know. So tell me.Les Soldats (Noir) "On the day we left. we burned down the family home and all the familiar things inside.Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky the 4th. Full name .Ed (Cowboy Bebop) "I'm not going there to die." . I am who I am.. isn't it cool?" . total slaughter. Let's begin the killing time. and a woman is a woman. pets." . aren't meant to leave traces.Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop) "There are three things I hate the most: Kids.. take a good look at me and start freaking out!!" ." . funny smeeeelll."There is no such thing as a weapon that doesn't kill. genocide. but sins will never vanish and the love will never die. " .Vash (Trigun) "I think I know. A man is a man.Jing (King of Bandits Jing) "The past is the past. an ocean of blood.. & women with additude." . Because some memories." .Ed (Cowboy Bebop) "Lesson #3 : If you see a stranger.Trowa Burton (Gundam Wing) .Ed (Cowboy Bebop) "There goes another self-destruct system to waste.Ed (Cowboy Bebop) "Faye faye smoke smoke." .." .Vash (Trigun) "Shining brightly. I don't think I think. even for a split second. Follow him" . La dee da dee dide. and the future is the future." .Chise (Saishuu Heiki Kanojo) "A sinner once passed away will never return.Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop) "Total slaughter..Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop) "Thou Shalt not Kill! What the hell kind of a churchman are you!?" .Vash [talking to Wolfwood] (Trigun) "Ed will introduce Ed. " . why do we have all of them packed into our ship!?" .. I won't leave a single man alive. and you are who you are. La dee da dee dud. I'm going to find out if I'm really alive. is better than living a dull-grey life for eternity..Ed (Cowboy Bebop) "Funny.

Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing) "So my stupid student thinks he changed the secret of swordsmanship.." . he'll start saying that there's no air in space because he didn't work on it hard enough.Trowa Burton (Gundam Wing) "Oh. little jerk. Akane: Ranma. thanks for coming during the holiday. I'm sorry.Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop) "Kira Yamato : You're.that watching the birds made them want to go on a're a girl?! Cagalli Yula Attha: Whatta ya think? Kira Yamato : No.Texted Narrator (Kino's Journey (TV)) . You don't have enough enthusiasm!" [Class reacting to the women clothing that Saehara is wearing for the play. Quatre loves to blame himself for everything if you let him. what's his problem getting a crush on Akane like that." ." . Cagalli Yula Attha: That amounts to the same thing jackass!" (Gundam Seed) "You have to take the path you have to take. no it just reminded me again that you are a girl." ..that watching the birds made them want to go on a journey.." Saehara: "What's with you guys..." .Kino ( Kino's Journey (TV)) " Someone once told me."I wouldn't mind if you want to kill me.." Student B: "Please take that off.. Angel) "*points to Jet* "Don't give me that art of war crap! And you! *points to the other man* You take too long to take a sh*t"" ." .N. but I might struggle a bit" ..]" (D..Hibiki Tokai (Vandread) "Ranma: Look at him standing there. man.. Ranma: W-wha? Akane: You destroyed that spring to save me... Genma/Ryoga/Mousse: YOU WHAT?!?!?! " (Ranma 1/2) "Commander Z: What's wrong with giving kids dreams? Kotaro Nanbara: Those are dreams those are nightmares! Commander Z: You yourself is good enough to give then nightmares! Kotaro Nanbara: That's mine line to you!" ( Hand Maid May) "Saehara: "Everyone. Sooner or later.Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop) " Someone once told me.. You did it for me. Now lets get to practicing!" Student A: "Now that is just wrong.Hiko Seijuro ( Rurouni Kenshin) "I'm watching a dream I'll never wake up from.

Kagome (Inuyasha) "Unless I grip the sword.." .Captain (King of Bandits Jing) "When you have eliminated the impossible.. While gripping the sword I can not embrace you." .Jing (King of Bandits Jing) "Even without clocks. however improbable.. why don't we give Takkun a little preview of forbidden lesbian love?" . Angel) "Ooh... Tears of Joy. I'm ready and waiting!" . Angel) "No matter where you are." .Osaka (Azumanga Daioh) "42. 30."You stupid hairy little stink'n. I can not protect you. bad're talking to me!! I don't mind at all!! Please..Kimura-sensei.." . Kagura. on what made him become a teacher (Azumanga Daioh) "Sometimes I see dirt..Vegeku (Dragon Ball Z) . and it is very unfortunate that our friend Vegeta posseses all three of these." .. must be the truth. have your way with me! Come on. 31! Our marks add up to 103! We win!" .N.The Bonkuras (Osaka..Jing (King of Bandits Jing) "We humans are just made to be greedy I guess.Dark (D. upon seeing Chiyo getting 100 (full marks) in a test (Azumanga Daioh) "Growls at painting. what does snow become?" "It becomes . Everyone is always connected." ..Lain (Serial Experiments Lain) "There are three things I cannot tolerate: cowerdice.Toto (D. PANDA! PANDA! PANDA! PANDA!" . But there are some of us who can resist the greedy temptations and desires of our hearts.." . and military insurrection... Tomo). Dark. the sun will still rise.Ichigo (Bleach) ""When it melts. clutching it tightly* "Damn you! Let me inside of you!! LET ME INSIDE OF YOU!" .Various Characters (Detective Conan) "How could I forget? He's into dead girls!" . spring!"" (Fruits Basket) "High School Girls!" . that sounds so dirty! Talking to a woman that way! Unless. whatever remains.Haruko (FLCL) "Tears of Sadness. They're far from the same.Freeza (Dragon Ball Z) "I am the worlds strongest Coffee Candy!" ." ..N. and I try to follow it with my eyes.Eimi Ohba (Comic Party) "Hey! Sameji..

Chars Aznabal (Gundam) "You cant beat me in close combat!" . and for those a little more daring. for these quotes will be heard and typed for many more years to come! 50. the audacious. the capricious.""Goku! I'd rather die than fuse with you!" "But Vegeta.hack//sign) "Tenjou Tenga Ichigeki Hissatsu Hou!! Energy charge 120% translation: (Heaven and Earth One Shot Sure Kill Cannon)" . some just cracks you up. and some make no sense whatsoever.Kyusuke Ninbu (Super Robot War: Original Generation) "I am the sword who cleaves evil" .Zengar Zombolt (Super Robot War: Original Generation) Some melts your heart(s). to otaku friends.Killua Zaoldyeck of Hunter X Hunter 49. some bear profound wisdom.´ . to downright strangers. you must have the courage to accept it. ³They were traps? I thought they were attractions.Hiei of Yu Yu Hakusho . Compiled and presented by TBA. Luffy of One Piece 48. ³So tell me. Yes! This is TBA¶s Top 50 Anime Quotes. and enjoy the read.Goku and Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z) " I think you managed to singe some of my leg hairs!" . and the lil¶-too-smart-for-your-own-good characters of the wondrous world of anime.Monkey D.Bear (. Supplied by the brainless.Radditz (Dragon Ball Z) "If you want to know the truth. msn windows. yet these are the words we utter loudly and proudly over our irc channels. we're already dead!" " .Ryusei Date (Super Robot War: Original Generation) "I came to laugh at you!" . So sit-back. what¶s it like living in a constant haze of stupidity?´ . ³You think risking your own life is enough? Try risking our lives along with yours! WE¶RE YOUR NAKAMA!´ ." .

Don¶t bring me any trouble. ³Okay.´ .Eda of Black Lagoon 41.´ .Jiji of Kiki¶s Delivery Service 43.Naru Narusegawa of Love Hina .´ . Maybe I should write that down. and stick it up on my wall. ³If you die. first: don¶t panic.Roronoa Zoro of One Piece 45. And third: did I mention not to panic?´ . bitch!´ . ³Do you know what Jesus said in John chapter 5? He said. ³Just because she¶s cute and innocent.Lelouch Lamperouge of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion 44. ³One should not kill unless they are ready to be killed themselves. ³That¶s some good advice. doesn¶t mean you can shelter her from the horrors of higher math. frame it.47. Second: don¶t panic. ³Were you abandoned by your parents because you have a butt on your chest?³ ± Son Goku of Dragon Ball 42. I¶ll kill you!´ .Colonel Karl Lichen Schubaltz of Zoids Chaotic Century 46.

³Sometimes violence is the only way to get the message across. ³You know why big brothers are born first? To protect the little ones that comes after them. ³Most things work better when I kick µem.Kouzou Fuyutsuki of Neon Genesis Evangelion 33.´ . ³I¶d rather live in a world with people in it.L Lawliet of Death Note 35.´ .Ichigo Kurosaki of Bleach 34. ³Men combining is a beautiful thing! The act of two souls coming together. no matter how stained it is with sin. seek us!´ . I cannot protect you.Ichigo Kurosaki of Bleach .´ .40. ³Why are you staring at me? Are you annoyed that I am the only one who has cake?´ .Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop 36.Kamina of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 39.Onizuka Eikichi of Great Teacher Onizuka 37.´ . ³Unless I grip the sword. While gripping the sword. to form a raging inferno!´ .Lelouch Lamperouge of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion 38.´ . I cannot embrace you. fear us! Those without power. ³Those with power.

so make yourself comfortable.´ .Rem Saverem of Trigun 31.Graham Spector of Baccano 29.´ .Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 26. Teach a kid to smoke.´ . ³This is your home now.Misato of Neon Genesis Evangelion 27. ³You are already dead. And take advantage of everything here.Kariya of Bleach 30.32. ³Give a kid a smoke.´ .Onizuka Eikichi of Great Teacher Onizuka 28. ³A battle without risk is simply a child¶s quarrel. except me. ³Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb!´ .´ . ³The choices we make in life have unlimited possibilities. ³My okays are so okay that they¶re too okay. and he¶ll be happy for a day.Kenshiro Kasumi of Fist Of the North Star . he¶ll be happy for a whole shortened lifetime´ .

´ . a cherry blossom falls at a rate of 5 centimeters per second?´ .Jing of King of Bandits Jing 21.´ . It does that sometimes.Kamina of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann . ³Did you know. is better than living a dull grey life for eternity. ³It¶s over nine thousand!´ .´ . ³To be a man you must have honour. even when he¶s killed.Akari of 5 centimetres per second 19. which isn¶t the same as actually getting it.25. ³No.Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop 24. ³Your drill is the drill that will pierce through the heavens´ .Shinnosuke Nohara of Crayon Shin-chan 20. that¶s why I¶m telling you. You think you get it. you don¶t get it. ³Sorry.Vegeta of Dragonball Z 18. even for a split second.Kamina of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 22. my stomach just took over my brain.Hatake Kakashi of Naruto 23. honour and a penis!´ . Get it?´ . ³A true man never dies. ³Shining brightly.

Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop 14. stings when you pee. the champion of justice! In the name of the Moon.Sailor Moon (Tsukino Usagi) of Sailor Moon 16. ³Maybe. his pants are small but very comfy!´ .17. I¶m going there to find out if I¶m really alive. ³I will be the greatest pokémon trainer. As far as I¶m concerned. that makes it the same as a 100% chance´ .Simon of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 11. but it isn¶t zero.´ .´ . ³Floats like a butterfly. ³I¶m not going there to die. I will punish you!´ . ³I am Sailor Moon. I stand for love. I smelled a fart that wasn¶t mine. ³Last night. the greatest pokémon master of all time!´ .Shinnosuke Nohara of Crayon Shin-chan . when I was alone in my room. ³Lupin! Don¶t you dare die before I get to arrest you! ³ .Detective Zenigata of Lupin the III 12.Osaka of Azumanga Daioh 13.Ash Ketchum of Pokémon 15.

Akagi Ritsuko of Neon Genesis Evangelion 5. ³The interaction of men and women isn¶t very logical.Hatake Kakashi of Naruto 9. ³Mada mada dane´ . my reasoning ability drops by 40. ³Sorry I¶m late. I¶ll rather be a fool all my life´ . ³If that¶s what it means to be wise.´ . ³I just can¶t sit any other way than this. That¶s why it¶s cool. you have to walk your own path.10. ³It takes an idiot to do cool things.L Lawliet of Death Note 8.Echizen Ryoma of Prince of Tennis 4.Haruhara Haruko of FLCL 3. Whatever you have to tell me.´ .´ .´ . If I sit the way other people do.´ . ³The time of talk has passed. I got lost on the road of life´ .Hilda from Outlaw star 6. ³No one is going to give you a map.Uzumaki Naruto of Naruto . you can say by your sword.Rurouni Kenshin of Rurouni Kenshin 7.

. '' Love is all about timing . do you have any good ones that you want to share? Was all your favourites on our list? "Someday. But even then.'' ~Takeuchi from Bokura ga Ita . or Jews?´ ..Shinnosuke Nohara of Crayon Shin-chan ³Life is but a dream´ . her actions I might forget them as well." ~Emiya Shirou from fate/stay night it's so typical to people that are in love nowadays. Not me. "We can't blame ourselves after what has already been done.Lord Genome of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ³Are your parents doctors. Believe in yourself! Not you.Kamina of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Honourable mentions: ³Bansai. and if it was wrong it will help you fix your mistake from the past. wise guy. bathtoy.Cowboy Bebop ³Did you know that death gods only eat apples?´ . waterboy. ³Don¶t forget. too big for my pocket.Arsène Lupin III of Lupin the 3rd 1. who believes in you. who I believe in.. But I¶ve learned that probabilities are meaningless when it comes to you guys. I will always remember that I loved her. Believe in you who believe in himself!´ . anyway. lawyers.Yagami Raito (Kira) of Death Note We¶re bound to miss a few good ones with so many good animes around. but there is no turning back...´ . trust your decision. Her voice.2. we must trust that our decision was the right one" ~Third Hokage from naruto most of us makes decisions that we might regret.Ed of Cowboy Bebop The probability of success was zero percent. my memories of her will fade. ³This is a treasure for all mankind. lights shine bright in the o-town tonight´ ..

Sometimes I feel like I'm walking over a giant pile of shit. will overlap with accidents.this quote simply says there is no need to rush love. she understands happiness for the first time. you need something that is even more miserable than you to feel good about yourself. When you are miserable. ~Jushirou Ukitake from Bleach i've been through lots of situations. inevitabilities and the actions that one takes. And because she knows unhappiness. she feels lonely for the first time. we must be able to distinguish between the two. i wanted to learn to keep fighting for the people i love. "Killing isn't the way sweepers do their job" From Saya Minatsuki of Black cat this quote touched me. As we have put our lives in battle. Words like that and what comes out of asses are surprisingly similar. All that exists are accidents. then I want to be a clown too. which become inevitable.´ . Black Lagoon 2 Anime: y ³What a terrible story. and i realized i mostly fight for my pride. Nothing will happen if you don't wish for it.a tale of memories Anime: y y ³Because she learned about happiness. isn't it? But sometimes the outcome of your action. however. because this was the quote that made train change.´ Boogiepop Phantom Manga: y y ³If a single clown could change the world. There are two types of fights. I don't know if that can be called a miracle. Remember this well.´ ³Miracles don't exist in this world. But appropriate for our world. The fight to protect life of people. Morality and justice don't really suit me. Elfen Lied Anime: y ³All the children here are miserable.´ That's Himura's favorite phrase.´ ³There are some egoists who think other people are just an extension of themselves. but there's one thing I'm certain about. and the fight to protect pride. and fulfill your dream unexpectedly.´ ef . it also means something more deeper that i can't still figure out.

´ ³Don't openly declare your criminal intentions like that.Kanon 2006 Anime: y ³Is it really too late? Isn¶t there any chance of you recovering?!´ ³It may if a miracle happens. this girl was thinking up all sorts of nonsensical stuff. I.´ y ³What're you doing here then?´ ³What else would I be here for? To illegally enter the premises. of course. am helpless. there's a limit to being shameless!´ y "What would be nice? Hotpot? Sukiyaki? Crab is a no-no.´ ³It¶s called a miracle.´ Maria X Holic Anime: y "Thankfully.´ ³Maybe you¶re right. might I ask?" "That's exactly why they evolved shells! They don't undergo natural selection in the depths of the sea just for the sake of your stomach!" . as always. I can't help but wonder if there's a white hole inside her head. since there is a chance of it coming true.´ ³A localized. Why can't crabs make their shells edible? How come they didn't do anything about that during the course of evolution. Picking the flesh out of the shell drives me nuts. deep and without limits. I can't take it. since her common sense seems to come from a different universe altogether. my heart is like the ocean. non-corrosive amalgamation of asynchronous space is independently occurring in restricted condition mode. having no dictionary. but it¶s called miracle because it doesn¶t happen.´ ³Even if you're speaking with phrases that make it seem like you just pulled words out of a dictionary and lined them up after they caught your eye." Suzumiya Haruhi Novel: y y y ³What on earth was my subconsciousness thinking!?´ ³However.

Tsukihime game: y "Vampires don't move about in the daytime. a light which keeps shining on them ever so warmly. to survive. The shadow called Sin dogs them steadily from behind." ">Yes<. without a word. There's not much fun in reclaiming what's already ours. so you'll be on guard for real during the night. only to end up at Despair. it's just reality." World Embryo Manga: ." ". finding joy in feigning kindness while looking down on others. Remorse and Agony are repeated. People who sin say that it's too late to stop now. is that there is a light. You qualify as a human being if you can say this word regardless of your own will..y "That computer already belongs to us. or what they have forgotten.´ What a Wonderful World Manga: y y "When you hold your dream in your hands.. find something else to bet on!" "For some reason I was moved by Haruhi's words. Trigun Anime: y People who sin say that they had to. Does she intend to become a professional thief?" Toradora Anime: y A dog's happiness is measured by how usefull he is to his master. But what sinners don't know. she can always find a way to turn any illegally obtained object into her legal possession. silently.Do you realize you've just said something that completely contradicts your existence?" Welcome to the NHK Manga: y ³They think they are generous. A light that will never fade.

y ³So I woke up. and the world in front of my eyes was neither heaven nor hell.´ . it was reality.

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