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How to celebrate an Eco Sensitive Diwali?

Now, that you are interested in celebrating an Eco - Sensitive Diwali, the first thing that
you need to do is to make yourself aware about the effects the traditional Diwali
celebrations has on the Mother Nature. Given below are three major environmental
impacts that Diwali Festival have on our environment.

1.Air Pollution through Firecrackers

2.Excessive Consumerism
3.High Energy Consumption

1. Air Pollution through Firecrackers - "Say 'No' to Fire crackers and 'Yes' to
For most people lighting of firecrackers is the highlight of Diwali. Brighter the sparkles,
louder the noise the greater the thrill!! In fact to many of us, these aesthetic forms of light
seem so appropriate and most essential when celebrating the 'Festival of Lights'.

But little do people realize that in our increasingly populated and polluted cities, the
temporary joy of watching the firecrackers is soon replaced by the intense air pollution
caused by these. The toxic substances used in the firecrackers release toxic gases that are
harmful to the health of all living beings. The high level of noise generated by the
crackers cause immense suffering to birds and animals. Besides, Diwali crackers are
dreaded by the sick and the ailing.

Sadly, few of us realise that the firecrackers used on Diwali are mostly made by very
young children. Since the substances being handled are extremely toxic many of these
child labourers get sick and die in their early teenage years.

Harmful effects of Chemicals used in crackers

Let's do a little analysis of crackers and list out in actual terms the harmful effects posed
by each of its chemicals.

Chemical Impact
Copper Irritation of respiratory tract
Cadmium Anemia and damage to kidney
Lead Affects the nervous system
Magnesium Its dust and fumes cause metal fume fever
Sodium Reacts violently with moisture and can attack the skin
Zinc Leads to vomiting
Nitrate Could lead to mental impairment
Nitrite Could lead to coma

Noise Pollution caused by Fire Crackers
Crackers that make a noise of more than 125 decibels at four metres distance from the
point of bursting are banned by the law. Given here are the hazards posed by excessive
noise pollution caused by crackers: Hearing loss, high blood pressure, heart attack and
sleeping disturbances.
Sudden exposure to loud noise could cause temporary deafness or permanent relative

2. Excessive Consumerism
An indirect but equally significant impact of Diwali on nature is due to the increased
consumption. Since Diwali is also a celebration of abundance and wealth - many people
believe that it is a good time to buy. Often, people go out and buy new items even when
they don't need them. Advertisements and hoardings scream out to people offerings sales
extravaganzas, bargains, discounts encouraging us to buy more and more!

How does this increased consumption affect Nature?

A point to realize is that all man made items are made out of materials that come from
Nature. Be it plastic, metal, paper or cloth - all of these raw materials come directly from
nature. Those sources that are non renewable (cannot be grown back) such as fossil fuels
and metal ores get depleted and will one day run out. Depletion of non renewable natural
resources is one of the most significant impact of consumerism.

For instance, the gold earrings that you will buy on Diwali is coming from a gold mine
that is not only depleting the gold resources of the earth, but in the process of mining is
probably ruining several ecosystems.

A question to ponder at this stage is, where do all the things we throw away go finally?
Solid waste created by human beings which is non biodegradable (does not easily
decompose) has to be filled into holes dug up in the ground. These 'landfills' as they are
called may exist for centuries without completely getting integrated into the soil. The
plastic toys that you are throwing away today, may exist in a landfill several generations
after yours!

Five Principles of Nature conservation

To be able to conserve our natural environment it is important to keep in the following
principles - Reduce : the amount of things we use
Reuse : the things we have in different forms until we have absolutely no use for them
Recycle : items that are no longer functional.
Rethink: the choices we make when deciding to buy something and
Refuse : things that we do not need at all.

So this Diwali, before you buy something new apply the above five principles and only
then pay at the counter!
3. High Energy Consumption
The festival of lights puts a considerably heavy load on electrical energy sources that are
already overloaded. The use of electric lights to adorn homes, business establishments,
monuments and roads requires a huge amount of electricity. The older tradition of
burning oil lamps is a possible alternative to electric lights - even though it does use oil,
the duration of the lamps is shorter.

Eco sensitive Initiatives around Diwali

With the growing recognition of the impacts of Diwali on the environment, several
groups have started to reinterpret the rituals and traditions to become more sensitive to
nature. For instance, the children of NCL school, Pune celebrate a different Diwali by
sharing clothes with the lesser privileged.
How To be Safe With Diwali Fireworks - Celebrate Happy
It’s better to be safe with Diwali fireworks on this Indian festival than sorry on
Deepavali. Although burn cases and pollution levels have come down over the past years,
it still pays to be cautious while handling Diwali crackers. Here is a list of dos and donts
for the Happy Diwali. Make the Festival Safe and Sound.

They are practical, simple to follow, and once you are through with reading them, you
will realize that following them will go a long way in making sure that you have a real
cool and happy Diwali India the day after tomorrow.

01. To Avoid Burn Injuries celebrating Diwali ith

• Wear cotton clothes, avoid synthetic fabric. Do not wear nylon clothes while
lighting Diwali crackers. It is preferable to wear cottons.
• Do not wear loose, hanging clothes. Secure all clothes properly to avoid catch
• Don’t wear duppattas or lehengas when celebrating Diwali fireworks.
• Keep a bucket of water ready wherever there are a lot of candles and crackers
• Throw phuljhadis into a bucket of water once they’ve been used so that, the heat
does not burn anyone.
• Follow instructions while lighting Deepavali crackers.

02. To Deal With Burn Injuries While Bursting

• Make the victim lie on the ground and roll to extinguish the fire and lessen
• You can also cover the victim with blankets to douse the fire.
• Pour water till burning sensation goes. Rush victim to doctor.

03. For Ear Safety In Diwali

• To avoid ear problem, cover your ears well.
• Maintain safe distance from Diwali crackers. Loud noise can cause both
permanent and temporary hearing loss.
• Some may suffer from Tinnitus – a ringing sensation caused by loud noise of the
Diwali fireworks. If this persists for more than a day, see a doctor
• Use silicon/mouldable earplugs. For asthma patients, the heavy smoke is
particularly harmful.
04. To Avoid Eye Injury In Deepavali
• Use a sparkler, agarbatti (incense sticks) or a long firewood branch to light a
cracker as they keep you at a safe distance. Also, they do not burn and hold a
naked flame or use long matchsticks.
• Do not use glass or metal containers for lighting the Diwali crackers.
• Ensure other people are out of range.

05. First-aid In Case Of Eye Injury during Fireworks

• In-case of eye burns, open eyelids gently with fingers in good light. Wash eyes
with tap water for about 10 to 20 minutes and take victim to hospital
• Remove visible foreign body with moist cotton buds
• Cover the injured eye with eye pads and consult a specialist immediately for the

Other Dos For Happy Diwali

- Before bursting crackers for Diwali, look for an open space and ensure there are no
combustible and inflammatory things around. If there are, remove them at once.

- Always buy fire works from licensed and reliable sellers.

- Keep small children away from the bursting area.

- Read the label on the packet of crackers and follow the instructions carefully.

- While igniting Diwali aerial fireworks like rockets, ensure that they are not facing any
opening like a window, door or an open building gate. If the rockets zoom into them, it
may cause fire accidents.

- Keep the fireworks’ stock away while lighting a Deepavali cracker.

- Wear footwear while lighting Diwali fireworks.

- Be prepared for all kinds of emergency to be safe for happy Diwali this Indian festival
Diwali India.

- Organize a community display of Diwali firework rather than individually handling


- Keep first aid and buckets of water handy. In the event of fire, extinguish the flame by
pouring water. Remember, every major fire is small when it starts.
- Light only one firework at a time, and one person should do it. Others should watch
from a safe distance.

- In-case of burns, pour large quantity of water on the affected areas. This will ensure the
skin does not blister.

- In case of major burns, after extinguishing the fire, remove all shouldering clothes.
Wrap the victim in a clean bed sheet.

- The patient should be taken to a burns specialist or a major hospital trauma center
immediately. But don’t panic.

- Put your vehicles in a garage

Avoid Noise Pollution Due to Crackers youtube Video

Other Don’ts For Happy Diwali
1. Strictly avoid using matches and lighters for bursting crackers for Diwali as they
have open flames that can be dangerous.
2. Never ignite aerial fireworks (like rockets) if there is any overhead obstruction
present like trees and wires.
3. Never ever leave a lit match, agarbatti (incense stick) or sparkler near unused
4. Never experiment with crackers or make your own fireworks
5. Avoid bursting crackers on the roads-it could cause a major road accident.
6. Never ever light a cracker while holding it in your hand. See to it that you put it
down and then ignite it.
7. Don’t keep your face close to the cracker while trying to light it.
8. Do not throw fireworks at people.
9. Never give any firework item to small children.
10. Never try to burst crackers indoors or from inside a vehicle or near a vehicle.
11. Do not keep fireworks in your pocket while lighting a cracker, for instance.
12. When crackers take time or do not ignite immediately, do not keep in trying to
burst them. Move away immediately. Throw some water to diffuse them.
13. Never try to light used fireworks.
14. do not ignite fireworks in an container.
15. Do not apply any cream or ointment or oil on burnt area.

These are some safety tips for seasons Diwali fireworks so be aware with these dos and
dont's before using Diwali crackers and celebrate happy Diwali in this important Indian
festival celebrated throughout the world. In-case of accident beyond your control then
rush the victim to hospital or consult nearby doctor.

A Video on how to Celebrate Diwali?

How To be Safe With Diwali Fireworks - Celebrate
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