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September 6, 2019

Message from the Commodore

James Gubelmann


Dear 12mR Friends,

When I was selected as Commodore of the 12 Metre

Yacht Club in 2014, the mission before me seemed
monumental, but one that I was determined to
achieve: to bring together people and resources in order to reinvigorate the 12
Metre Americas' fleet.

At that time our Newport racing fleet had seriously dwindled -- we had just six boats on the
starting line at the North American Championship and there were as many Twelves on the
hard as in the water that season. Although just one U.S. team raced at the 2014 World
Championship in Barcelona, I attended to gain insight into the Class as a whole-- what I
returned with was inspiration! By setting a goal to host a spectacular 12mR World
Championship in Newport, we might motivate more Twelves to return to the racecourse by

Throughout five years of preparation, we saw seven 12mRs rejuvenated and returned to the
water, while others were updated to top racing form. The active Modern division more than
doubled in size from 3 to 8 boats! Credit for this goes to the existing and new 12mR owners
who share our love of the yachts and vision for the future of the Class.

Together with our 12MYC Board, we identified several key elements that would support the
development of the fleet and the 2019 World Championship. Among them were
communication and, in keeping with our mission, education. With the assistance of
contributors, we created the 12MYC E-Newsletter as the voice of the Americas fleet-- and
today with more than 1100 subscribers that voice is heard throughout the 12mR world. As
our regular readers know, our content has included "everything 12" --history, technical
features, race reporting, restoration projects, photos, social events and most importantly--
updates on planning for the 2019 Newport Worlds. Our website became the
repository for all of this content along with pages for each Newport fleet 12, available crew,
gear listings, 12s for sale and more.

Now, looking back on our successful 2019 12mR season highlighted by the spectacular
World Championship I must acknowledge the 12MYC Board who gave of their hearts and
souls to bring our mission to life and make our goals a reality. It is with great pride that I
thank each of them for all that we have been able to achieve together:
Vice Commodore, Chandler Hovey
Treasurer, Jamie Hilton
Secretary, Carol Swift
Marketing, Chris Meigher
12MYC Club Manager, Jeannie Sullivan
Communications, SallyAnne Santos
ITMA President, Dyer Jones
ITMA Treasurer, Dr. Robin Wallace
ITMA VP Americas' Fleet, Peter Gerard
Legal, Richard Sayer
12MYC Dinner Dance, Kate Gubelmann

Jimmy Gubelmann
Commodore, 12MYC Newport
and your 12MYC Newport Station Friends

p.s. Please consider joining or renewing your 12MYC Annual Membership; with your help, we'll
continue to support the 12mR Class!

2019 12 Metre Yacht Club Annual Dinner: Thursday, August 19

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Metre yachts in the Newport area.

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Courageous Wins Inaugural Waypoints Series

A Connection for Historic 12 Metres Around the Globe

NEWPORT, RI (August 29, 2019) - In the first-ever ROAD TO THE WORLDS Waypoints Series, it
came down to the last day of the last regatta - the 2019 12 Metre World Championship held over
July 8-13 in Newport, R.I. - to determine Courageous (US-26) as the overall Series winner.

Top Row: Waypoints Series Perpetual Trophy (Photo Credit: SallyAnne Santos); Courageous
syndicate and crew member Ralph Isham (middle) accepts the Waypoints Series vintage keeper trophy
at the 2019 12 Metre Worlds (Photo Credit Ian Roman). Second Row: The crew of Courageous in the
cockpit and on the deck (Photo Credit: Onne van der Wal)

Introduced in 2017 to help build 12 Metre competition in the Northern Europe, Southern Europe and
Americas fleets, the WAYPOINTS Series tallied scores posted by 40 12 Metres from nine countries in
28 regattas held in five countries over a period of three years. It awarded points for both participation
and performance and the victor's crown to the team that had accumulated the greatest number of
points by the end of the World Championship. As for the secondary focus of the WAYPOINTS Series -
to further the recognition of a global collection of heritage 12 Metres and the owners who are working to
preserve their histories - it didn't hurt that Courageous is perhaps the most famous 12 Metre in the
universe... continue reading

12 Metre Yacht Club Supporter:

2019 12mR Worlds "Best Of" Photo Galleries

Click either image to view these galleries at full size:

Best of 12mR Worlds Racing Gallery Best of 12MYC Dinner-Dance Gallery
2019 12 Metre World Championship Newport Harbor Parade VIDEO by Quest Magazine

2019 12mR Worlds "Best Of" Press Coverage

Below are just a few representative features and photo galleries, enjoy!

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SOCIAL: Ian Roman
Instagram: #12MetreWorlds2019 Karen Ryan
Facebook: #12MetreWorlds2019 Chris Tucker
Twitter: #12MetreWorlds2019 Stuart Wemple

12 Metre Yacht Club Supporter:

Weatherly Wins The Opera House Cup
by Gary Jobson
As each classic wooden yacht passes Brant Point Lighthouse at the entrance of Nantucket's Great
Harbor a large crowd of spectators and a fleet of Rainbows watch with intense interest. Every one of the
racing yachts has a unique story. For the crews, it's an uplifting moment as countless pictures are
snapped and friendly cheers erupt. This was the scene aboard the 1958 built, successful America's
Cup defender, Weatherly (US-17) on Sunday morning, August 18, 2019. A total of 55 beautiful yachts
were headed to sea for the start of the 47th running of The Opera House Cup.

Weatherly sailing downwind at the 2019 Opera House Cup, Nantucket, MA.
(Photo Courtesy: Karen Ryan Photography)

Many great yachts including; Gleam (US-11), Black Watch, Owl, Valiant (US-24), Heritage (US-23),
American Eagle (US-21), Brilliant, Escapade, Fortune, and High Cotton have won this prestigious
trophy. Weatherly was a co-winner with Heritage in 2001, which seemed like ancient history to
Weatherly's owner, George Hill, and skipper Elliot Gewirtz. I was on board as tactician along with 12
other enthusiastic crew. The anticipation around the waterfront was high, but there was a problem -- no
wind. This is a rare issue off Nantucket. Only once (in 1988) was a race cancelled due to a lack of
wind. Principal Race Officer, Hank Stuart, kept the competitors informed about the ongoing delay. After
nearly two hours the wind seemed to fill from the southwest and Stuart commenced the starting
sequences for the six classes of yachts.
The wind was light for the first four classes, and they
made little progress on the three-leg course. Only three
12 Metres were in Class 3. Weatherly had a one-boat
length lead over Valiant skippered by Gary Gregory with
tactician, Robbie Doyle. And then a miracle took
place... continue reading

Onawa (US-6) placed third at the Opera House Cup

to complete a 12mR podium sweep-- Valiant (US-24) Weatherly's 2019 Opera House Cup winning
finished second. (Photo: US-6 crossing finish line at skipper Elliot Gewirtz and owner George Hill.
2019 12mR Worlds, SallyAnne Santos) (Photo Courtesy: George Hill)

12 Metre Yacht Club Supporter:

Americas Fleet Update: by Peter Gerard

2019 has been a spectacular year for the 12 Metres in the

U.S. As early as May, 12 Metres from around the world began
to converge on Newport in anticipation of the 2019 12 Metre
World Championship hosted by the Ida Lewis Yacht Club. By
the time of NYYC's Annual Regatta in mid-June, most of the
boats were in racing form and working on fine tuning their
already competitive boats and team.

The Newport Trophy Regatta, hosted by Ida Lewis YC and the 12mR Pre-Worlds,
hosted by Sail Newport capped off an intensive preparatory season. And by the time
the owners and skippers gathered for the first social event of the Worlds, 22 12 Metre
boats and crew, representing the largest gathering of these iconic yachts in U.S.
history, were ready to vie for the most competitive World Championship since the
America's Cup Jubilee in Cowes in 2001.
Teams from six (6) countries, including numerous Olympic and World champions stood
ready to compete for the four World Championship trophies. And with 9 races
scheduled over 5 days, the selection process promised to be a true test of both crews
and boats.

To support these efforts the Ida Lewis YC (led by Commodore Dan Faria) turned out a
volunteer team of more than 90 persons, including a first rate race committee
organized by RC Chair Bill O'Hanley and lead by Texas PRO Mark Foster. Thereby
insuring that the Regatta would go forward without a hitch.

And while the on the water activities were paramount, no regatta can be a success
without awesome parties - and the 2019 12mR Worlds was no exception. The Owners'
Party at Ida Lewis set a high bar for camaraderie and food and fun. The Welcome
Reception for all the teams hosted by Gurney's Marina and Resort and held at their
spectacular facility right on Narragansett Bay moved the bar up numerous notches
(particularly when Mother Nature and the Newport Bridge put on a sunset show all will
remember). Wednesday after racing the crews were treated to a smorgasbord party
hosted by members of the Northern European 12mR fleet that continued the high

However, the event that put the 12mR Worlds over the top was the stellar 12MYC
Dinner-Dance at Marble House hosted by Kate Gubelmann and her very able
committee. It was a party (as we say in Texas) 'not seen in these parts" since the old
America's Cup Balls. A truly memorable event.

The best thing about the 2019 Worlds was that is was a sailors' regatta - where the on
the water and off the water activities were all focused on the teams and the racing. And
best of all, the regatta results bear that out. At the grand finale party, the Awards
Ceremony at IYRS on Saturday, July 13th the following winners were announced:

2019 World Champions

Grand Prix Division: Legacy (KZ-5) - Thomas Andersin, Denmark
Modern Division: Challenge XII (KA-10) - Jack & Lisa LeFort, USA
Traditional Division: Columbia (US-16) - Tony Chuirco and Kevin Hegarty, USA
Vintage Division: Nyala (US-12) - Patricio Bertelli, Italy

2017-2019 Road to the Worlds Waypoints Champion

Courageous (US-26) - Ralph Isham, Alex Auersperg, Steve Glascock and Ward
Marsh, USA

And all the teams, volunteers and supporters who helped to make the 2019
12mR World Championship Regatta one of the best ever.

12 Metre Yacht Club Supporter:

2019 North American Championship Schedule
Thursday, 9/19 1830 Skipper's Meeting ~ 12MYC / CCH
1900 Cocktails
2000 12MYC Annual Dinner ~ purchase tickets
Friday, 9/20 0900 Rendezvous signal announced on VHF Ch 79A
1055 Course Signals
1100 First Warning Signal
1830 Team Gathering and Cocktail Reception at Ida Lewis Yacht Club
Saturday, 9/21 0900 Rendezvous signal announced on VHF Ch 79A
1055 Course Signals
1100 First Warning Signal
Sunday, 9/22 0900 Rendezvous signal announced on VHF Ch 79A
1055 Course Signals
1100 First Warning Signal
1630 Awards and light fare at Ida Lewis Yacht Club
View Notice of Race

Helsinki, Finland to Host 2020 12 Metre World Championship

A Historic Gathering of the 12mR Fleet is Expected

HELSINKI (September 3, 2019) - After a phenomenal 12

Metre World Championship in Newport, RI (USA), the NJK
yacht club in Helsinki and the International Twelve Metre
Association (ITMA) are moving at full speed to organize the
next 12mR Worlds in Helsinki from August 16-23, 2020.

Approximately 15-20 12mR yachts raced by teams from a

dozen countries are expected to compete. The European
vintage fleet will be well represented and the organizers
have high hopes for representatives for Modern and Grand
Prix division boats well.

Blue Marlin (FIN-1) and the 2017 European champion

Wings (K-15) raced by a Danish-Finnish syndicate, will
both sail under the flag of the event host NJK- the oldest
yacht club in Finland, founded in 1863.

It has been more than 30 years since the memorable 1988

12mR Worlds at Luleå... continue reading

Blue Marlin racing at the 2019 12 Metre

Worlds (photo by: Chris Tucker)

2019 America's Fleet Results

June 14 - 16 *** NYYC 165th ANNUAL REGATTA

June 29 - 30 ***NEWPORT 12mR TROPHY hosted by ILYC

July 6 - 7 *** PRE-WORDS at SAIL NEWPORT Regatta

July 8 - 13 ***2019 12mR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP hosted by ILYC

July 15 - 20 NYYC 175th Anniversary Regatta / 12mR Jubilee

September 20 - 22 12mR NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP hosted by ILYC

*** indicates Waypoints Regatta Series Event

12 Metre Yacht Club Supporter:

The America's Cup exhibit at Robbe & Berking's Yachting Heritage Centre
"The history of the oldest and one of the most fascinating trophies in sports."
With generous loans and help from our lenders and friends Prada, the
BMW Group, Bill Lynn and the Herreshoff Marine Museum/ America´s Cup
Hall of Fame, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, Emirates Team
New Zealand, Challenger of Record ( COR ) 36, Elizabeth Meyer, Bruno
Troublé, Jacques Taglang, Eric Hall, Arthur Lee, Sir Michael Fay, John
Lammerts van Bueren, Thorsten Conradi, Russel Green, Larry Keating, Bill
Koch, Henk Buitenhuis and many others the Robbe & Berking Yachting
Heritage Centre is able to present exhibits, images and films of which
many have never been accessible to the public before. Next to many other
exhibits you will find one of the six copies of the Auld Mug itself and a 1:6
scale model of Reliance made by the Herreshoff Marine Museum. With a
sail area of 1.500 m2 Reliance was by far the largest-ever America´s Cup
yacht. Click to read the Autumn issue of Robbe & Berking's Goose
magazine with exhibit photos and details.


After several inquires from eager sailors AND in view of 12s

returning to the racing fleet that will need crew...

We are continuing to build our online CREW LIST for the

convenience of our Members! If you are a SAILOR looking
for opportunities to crew on 12mRs, visit our CREW SIGN-
UP page, create a Screen ID and complete a quick racing
experience profile.

Attn: Owners, Captains & Project Managers: We currently have

19 crew candidate listings posted on our website. Each profile displays credentials,
experience, availability and contact information. Eleven candidates indicate 12mR
racing experience! Click through, perhaps you'll find your next crew MVP here.

If you are a 12mR OWNER or CREW MANAGER, book mark our CREW LIST page for
your future reference.

2020 12mR World Championship
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