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Convergence of Technology

1. Multiple choice questions.
a) The computer which is not used as a PC is
(a) Laptop
(b) Notebook
(c) Super
(d) Micro
b) Which is a wired communication device?
(a) Infrared
(b) Bluetooth
(c) Fibre-optic
(d) Wi-Fi
c) Which one is a wireless communication device?
(a) Coaxial cable
(b) Bluetooth
(c) Fibre-optic
(d) Twisted pair
d) For expressing broadcast content, we use one of these.
(a) CD
(b) DVD
(c) HDTV
(d) Hard Disk
e) Data refers to.
(a) Raw content
(b) Information
(c) Knowledge
(d) Experience
2. Fill in the blanks
a) Digital is derived from Digital.
b) Computers cannot replace Human
c) Internet is called a network of network
d) LMS stands for Learning Management System
e) AVI stand for Audio Video Interleave
f) Lossless and Lossy are two formats of Codec.
3. True/False
a) Computers can replace human resources in the future. F
b) Processed data is known as information. T
c) Bluetooth use cables and wires for communication. F
d) Lossy format of codec produces largest files. F
e) Lossless format of codec maintains fidelity. T
4. Question and Answer
1. How many types of communication devices are there?
Communication devices can be divided into two types.
2. Which type of network is used inside a building?
Local Area Network is used inside a building.
3. What is the full form of FLAC?
Free Lossless Audio Codec.
4. What is Data?
Data refers to the raw text or discrete fact that is to be processed in order to obtain the
required output.
5. How is knowledge produced?
Knowledge is produced by adding experience and logical thinking to information.
6. What is the relationship between data and information?
Data refers to the raw text or discrete facts that need to be processed for obtaining
required output. Information refers to the output we get after processing, which can be
used to make decisions, to decide on future tasks or to create knowledge-rich documents.
7. Describe the use of computers in several different fields.
Today, computers are used in each and every industry for receiving, storing and processing
information. The computer is also an important requirement for healthcare professionals.
Recent developments in computer technology have resulted in computers which are
faster, increasingly portable, and more user friendly.
Various ways for dealing with the huge amount of information are used by different
departments employed by the hospital management system. Some expert systems are
also employed in the fields of drug therapy. In the field of finance, computers play an
important role in maintaining accounts and statements, establishing communication,
simulation and automation for accomplishing better trading, etc. Real estate is also a field
where the computer system supports the preparation of e-architectural designs and
property management.
Telecom and education are some of the other fields where computers are used for
establishing communication in order to broadcast information. There are various
companies which provide online education over the Internet by using computers.
8. How is multimedia technology used in different fields?
Multimedia plays an important role in education. It can be used to prepare and provide
content, help teachers to explain various topics, and help students to understand concepts
better. This can be done by viewing the content in graphical formats, shown one by one
through slides, etc. Presentations prepared by using multimedia technology have become
the most popular way of teaching and learning.
LMS stands for Learning Management System. It is a technology which manages learning
using effective tools to make it easier and interesting. These tools help in planning,
implementing and assessing the learning process. Multimedia is used in LMS to make
these tasks easier.
Games (2D and 3D) are now developed using multimedia technology. Various educational
games have also been developed for providing content in an easy-to-understand form.
Multimedia makes for fun and entertainment, when developed with animation, cartoon
pictures, movement of images, flipping of numbers, etc.
Publishing is another field in which multimedia technology is used successfully. Various
hypermedia and interactive media tools are used for publishing content on the Web.
There are also e-magazines in which interactivity is possible using multimedia tools. During
the publication of books, various graphics are inserted and in case of e-books, sounds are
also included.