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Christopher Hignite

Open letter to Lexington Judge, Honorable Ernesto

November 19th, 2010 2:31 am ET

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I have been following the false arrests of Pleas

Lucian Kavanaugh for some time now. I recently re-
posted Lucian's blog detailing the shenanigans that
he has dealt with in his most recent attempt at
freedom. This has led to some interesting new
Judge Ernesto Scorsone developments.
Photo: Matt Goins, Lexington Herald-
The police officer that accused Lucian has been
Slideshow: Plea for justice reprimanded. Detective Elizabeth Adams was
from Pleas
charged with unsatisfactory performance and
violation of DOP Gen. Order 73-2H Operational rule
1.11. Her punishment is 40 hours suspension without
pay and an employee development program to be
completed within 6 months. I don't know about you
but that leads me to question the reliability of her
testimony and decision to single out Mr. Kavanaugh.

Bobby Gullette just filed a motion to put Lucian in jail

until trial (February 23) because of what he wrote in
his blog and I re-posted. He even submitted a
photocopy of his blog into the record. Lucian has
court today, November 19, at 1pm to decide what
Related articles Scorsone is going to do. Lucian has the right to air his
case and/or write about it on the internet. Gullette's
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attempt to punish him for this should be considered a
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often erroneous information such as criminal history
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has served to disrepute me among certain members
murder of the local establishment. Incidentally, the suspicion
has been confirmed on several occasions over the
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day years by a myriad of officials, both on and off the
record, to include a former member of the judiciary.
And while it would be far from me to insist that such is
the case in this particular example, I must admit to
regard the question with no small measure of

Studies have highlighted the multitude of challenges

confronting an indigent defender in the criminal
justice system ranging from the typical lack of access
to resources and overloaded public advocates to
unabashed disparities in rates of detainment pending
trial, conviction and even capital punishment.
In such a flagrantly lopsided system, a temperate
arbitrator serves as perhaps the greatest barrier
between a less fortunate socio-economic status and
injustice. To condone the denial of that single respite
is to sanction the deprivation of justice altogether.
Without it, I am lost before the first word was ever
uttered on my behalf. And if the police have
succeeded as the saboteurs of my life, then the
judiciary should now play the role of my executioner.

But I remain hopeful that all has not been lost in a

swift gust of disparaging conjecture and have faith
that my liberty should not be stamped out with
calloused indifference and shameless preferentiality.
I maintain my innocence and have no doubt that time
will readily disprove my accusers as it unseats all
things shoddily founded. In the interim, I hope to be
allowed the benefit of the doubt due a presumably
innocent man and respectfully request to remain free
until such time as a jury of my peers should decide


Pleas Lucian Kavanaugh

Lucian's letter is not meant to enflame the courts,

Judge Scorsone nor prosecutor Gullette. It is merely
a plea for fairness and consideration. Lucian is no
threat to society. The court is in no danger of Lucian
attempting to flee and fail to face his trial.

Honorable Judge Scorsone please show the wisdom

of Solomon and use your bench to ensure justice not
punishment. Lucian, I believe the evidence will show,
is innocent of the charges brought against him. One
mistake navigating the mazes of the criminal justice
system should not mean Lucian's loss of freedom
until his trial date of February 23d.

Lucian's point is well taken. Members of the airport

board, upper white middle-class, were treated with
kid gloves even after being convicted of their crimes.
Lucian has shown repeatedly that bias in the police
department is the cause of his repeated arrests. His
only crime, it could be said, is filing a civil suit against
the city for false arrest. At least, it seems, elements in
the police department think so.

Please allow Lucian the dignity of his freedom and

the ability to fight his case until he can prove his
innocence at trial.

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