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Dr. Sajith Kumar Chandran Msc., PhD.



Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
Jai Hind College
A-Road, Churchgate, Mumbai
Maharashtra - 400 020, INDIA.

Mobile: +91 98198 44 994


Research Interests:

§ Medicinal Chemistry
§ Supramolecular Chemistry
§ Chemical Biology
§ Analytical Science


§ PhD (Organic Chemistry): 2006 Institute of Science Mumbai (Mumbai University)

§ MSc (Analytical Chemistry): 2001 Institute of Science, Mumbai (Mumbai University)
§ BSc (General Chemistry): 1995 NSS College, Ottapalam (Calicut University)

Research Expertise:

Multi-step synthesis and process development of organic compounds, Synthesis and Process Development of
API/NCEs (New Chemical Entities), Heterocyclic synthesis, Macrocyclic synthesis (Cryptands, Crown & Lariat
cyclophane synthesis), Organometallic Chemistry-synthesis (Buchwald, Suzuki, Heck and various metal mediated
reactions), Basic research, Technology Transfer, API research, Manufacturing (plant) operations, Data mining, Process
Safety & Analytical Chemistry.

Research Publications:

1. Synthesis of Novel Thia-Oxadiazolophanes, M. S. Chande, A. A. Godbole, and C. Sajithkumar, Heteroatom

Chemistry, 14, 2003, 273-275.

2. Synthesis of Novel Cryptates based on Triazole motif-A Regioselective Approach, M S Chande, C Sajith Kumar, S
Hemant Mondkar (Synthetic Communications-Accepted).

3. Novel synthesis of 1,2,4-Triazolophanes and 1,3,4-Oxadiazolophanes: A Dieckmann Condensation approach to

Macrocyclic Chemistry, M S Chande, C Sajith Kumar, S Hemant Mondkar (Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry-

4. Synthesis and characterization of cobalt, nickel and copper complexes of a new ligand: 1,4-Bis [5-mercapto-1,3,4-
oxadiazol-2-yl] butane (Manuscript under preparation)

Presentations & Workshops:

§ Presented paper on “Interesting Regioselective synthesis of Cryptands” at Research Scholars Meet-2005,

organized by Indian Chemical Society and K. J. Somaiya College of Science and Commerce, Vidyavihar, Mumbai,
§ Presented paper on “Interesting Regioselective synthesis of Cryptand” at National Symposium on Recent
Trends in Heterocyclic Chemistry (2004), organized at Jamal Mohamad College, Thiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu, India.
§ Attended National Symposia on “Supramolecular Chemistry”, “N M R Spectroscopy - Basics, Applications
and Trends”, “Green Chemistry” and Recent Advances in Stereochemistry” held at The Institute of Science,
Mumbai 2005, India.

Previous Employment:

Academic experience: 4 years

Industrial experience: 6 years

§ Assistant Manager(2009- 2010)-Product Development

Organisation: Zeneve Innovations, Navi Mumbai.

Job Profile: Development of Silane-Siloxane products for application in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, coating,
chemical, mechanical and construction industries.

◊ Managing research and development of the existing products and development of new product range.
◊ Troubleshooting of the plant operations with synthetic, formulation and analytical inputs.
◊ Infrastructural development of the existing lab and preparation of SOPs and other documentation systems.
◊ Development of existing methodologies and introduction of new methodologies to improve production and

§ Research Scientist (2007- 2008) – Pharmaceutical Drug Research

Organisation: Piramal Life Sciences Ltd. (erstwhile Nicholas Piramal Pvt. Ltd.), Mumbai.

Job Profile: Synthesis, isolation and product development of New Chemical Entities (NCEs)

◊ Synthesis of novel drug entities, their isolation and characterization for the basic research/ medicinal chemistry
◊ Synthetic support for early development of candidate drugs, process development of the nominated drug
molecules, their route evaluation and route optimisation.

§ Associate Research Scientist (2006- 2007) - Pharmaceutical Drug Research

Organisation: AstraZeneca India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.

Job Profile: Synthesis, isolation and product development of New Chemical Entities (NCEs)

◊ The construction and process optimization of NCEs (New Chemical Entities), which are nominated drug
candidates. The work included verifying the viability of various routes of
synthesis, impurity tracking, synthesis of lead compounds and their scaling up to kilogram level thereby bringing
out safe “recipes” (safe manufacturing routes).
◊ Telescopic methods and solvent swap methods of synthesis, the SOPs, Drug Project Operating Models and
various drug research methodologies with focus on the process development.
◊ Process Safety methodologies and implementation during the process development of candidate drugs.
◊ SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) considerations in principle and practice during the synthesis, process
development and laboratory work.
◊ Knowledge of the research of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), process development with GMP
considerations and their scaling up in generic drug synthesis. Hands on experience on various analytical
instruments like NMR, GCMS, HPLC and IR.

§ Research Associate (2006) - Pharmaceutical Drug Research

Organisation: Macleods Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai.

Job Profile: Synthesis, isolation and product development of Generic drug molecules.

§ Sr. Technical Assistant (1996-1998) – Electronics industry

Organisation: BPL Telecom Ltd., Palakkad, Kerala.

Job Profile: Development of printed circuits boards, electroplating and quality assurance.

Dr. Sajith Chandran-Curriculum Vitae 2/3

§ Lecturer on contract (2004-05)

◊ KC College, Churchgate.

§ Visiting faculty (2003-2004 & 2004-2005)

◊ Bhavan’s College & Elphinstone College, Mumbai.

◊ The Institute of Science, Mumbai. (2004-2005)

Analytical Instruments handled:

§ NMR 300 MHz, Jeol 300 MHz.

§ HPLC – Agilent (Model:1100)
§ LCMS - Agilent (Model: 6890 MS)
§ GCMS – Hewlett Packard (6980 GC System / 5973 Mass Detector)
§ GCMS- DI – SHIMADZU (Direct Injection probe)
§ FTIR – Perkin Elmer 1600 FTIR Spectrophotometer
§ GUOY Instrument (For magnetic Susceptibility Measurements)

Awards & Scholarships:

§ Received GPR&D Best Paper Award for 2007 for the work published in AZTech journal.
§ Received Scholarship for research in the field of Chemistry from University of Mumbai.
§ Received Scholarship from Government of Maharashtra for research in the field of chemistry.

Computer Skills:

§ Knowledge of various chemistry software (ISIS, PC Win, Rasmol & ChemDraw), literature survey with the aid of
Beilstein, MDL Crossfire & Sci Finder.
§ Web Page Designing from the Bhavans’ Gandhi Institute of Computer Education, Mumbai.
§ Programming in ORACLE, from Software Solutions Integrated, Palakkad.
§ Programming in VISUAL BASIC, from Software Solutions Integrated, Palakkad.
§ Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw and comprehension drive to other design softwares.

Personal Information:

Nationality : Indian
Date of birth : 29 November 1974
Sex : Male
Marital status : Married
Languages known : English, Hindi, Marathi & Malayalam

Dr. Sajith Chandran-Curriculum Vitae 3/3