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wae ee preemie To8% 7 oy al Ge TEE] teat Grd en) 1.0 Introduction. a 1.2 emportn Notes Reps This Docu aan 23 Ovanew oft erat, 24 Off Modeling. aii & Deg Foe en 1S Graphic Eton Generel Mlle 152 Slecing send or utile merbars 1S2 UpinteEdtnga member nnn 4153. _Dileson—sinle/ Mute member 4154 Deleton—Selactvecleson tom sro af member. 4155 Object Sapp Oops. 4156 Base Wow/zo0m fncins.. 20 Bulling the Mode! .. 21 Geng Stated — Projet Prat & SRM nnn ene bia 213 213 2s a8 aaa 223 26 237 23. cheating CaUM ene 23. “wre Ae 1232 The Properties and Opons with Comes = 233 Crating harengr olan. 254 nserng Malle Colne 235 Creating Grr Colum. 236 Unig me lyin Column Er 24 Chest Sheat Wa 243. rade A 282 Oweviewaf onion 25.2 Creatine Multole Rectangular Bears mon nenenoren 253. Isaingtheresof the ststory Beam a 251 Gece Aime 262 _crenng2Wey Spang 253 Seuingsbb Types Automata 2011 tear of es aes 23a 232 28 2a 393 bana 202 2a zine aay 2a 30 aa 3a 32a 332 40 Ga 432 433 16 aap aa rating Canter Sab anni ‘adtonal sso lnfomaton.n nnn me Member Real nnn ee) "teen hiv nosnsnnnmonvnnnnnnnnvnennn sng Tables to £6 Mile Member nnn enna 8 ‘rcs his ———— = ‘Gangng roperior of lige anus =n a) ‘Changing Properties of One Menberin heal f= ss ‘ApDy Beam Wal Leds. nnnn-nnnemeennneneneonnnctnnnn ‘Appl Aton Beam oe nme enerating 30 Vw fhe Model and Creating Aten S107 nnn tls ln nan ncensenenov venom 6 “Generatn/ Maplin 8 3 Vi a S Inert Adon oot o Copying oor Data to Other ars = e Moving betwen Streys nnn ting te Ra anne ting the Storey Helge Seething rose Lo Reductions for ach Hoo Analysing the Structure vnnsnsnnnnnnn ‘Pre-nalss Tab Parameters Loading and Materia m-nnnnn=nonenomnneoncn ‘Model Options ab = Model rays Serings Peston tha Aa nnn ‘Geching the rota eral las — Pos Aa ann evn ‘rors Checkin the baie yn nnnn-nnnnnnnnnnnnnens wes Mosel and Ane eat play nav Outpat Report rinoration ony ‘Beam Reinforcement 7 Seen Reireent nnnnvannnnnnnnenn ScomDaign Setingr and Parmatere nnn a) ‘raphls Review of Passing Fane Members. — Utlstlon RatOg some — “he and Bam information tor. The Reinforesert Osta Seren. Seam Deal Brings nen Senda bar Paterno Nesting he Nanri Creating aa Eleaton Drawings. 2011 es 441 putting At Bea onto 2S Sheet Automata. 5.0 Column and Wal Reinforcement... 5.4 colune Rb Wal Reinforcement Dg) nner 52 Bares moo 5.2 Column Design eng nd 52, Dedgning all Cons sg 83h Moe nnn enetld 522 Cesta Can Sebel 522 Clestnga Catena Ovtout Ropar 523 Clestngs Foundation nds Repo 53 neaciv Conn Dein... S32. "see hing nse 52 Understndg te Calum Gesen Ear 523 Designing Rectang Cl men 534 ColunmSlendernst oe nsmnn 535 Column inerctonGogam 536 Faingthebar Layout 537 UnkArargement. S38 Sheardeagnes : 539° disdabendingve O68i100 3845 dara 6.0 Slab DESIEM none 62 Sab Design ane Osaing. 622 Slab Dele Settings on {613 Mombor and sto Br abl Temps Aiton na Gay 2. creste sb Reforcerent SpS.— anette BT 21 Steet Oy ofS enorme rr i 53 elgg ie ae ayut nen 6A raning S38 Outpt a1 Outpttoran indi Sab Srp. 642 creating ib Output Report for he Ere Foo 643 Table Quant ne 7.0 FlatSlabs. 722 baer Ais ~ 72. Ceanngthe Ha Sse nh ode 721 Wsertng ne Sate. 73. caming ib Laden Opes. 73a “Sabloade. 732 Sab Openings 748 Sore infomaton 8.0 Building Analysis for Flat Slab 81 Bling nator Ft bn a2 erase hers 812 WedeloptonsSeings 813 Pretrasis Bulking Modal heck 2 esferingte AMS nn 2011 i 3 oaiwedry COCR moa maz soz mas m6 03 201m" 4 oaveretty COCH a (hecngte ntionl Rona fore ‘ross heck the Analy esl Mode an alias ost Dipl. Load Chase DOWN nnn Gravy Load hase Down Using FA Fite Bement Model Generation Options... Genaraing/Pevoring the FE Anal Moe rating te F meth or apt aensm Performing the Bt FE aed Chase Down oss chchng th Frit le men RES anne lat Sa Desig the Ft Sb oy nee TD eat the User Defined Contour baton steal eating the User Dei Contours top ste)- Exporting ae iyi N08 oer nn 19 ‘ort nD for nformstion 10 Denies Column/ Walle. 21 analy resting ring Shes Appendix. clu Oey Saving and Detatng, — “oratondae theses Gra dial Co 122 Tofatonae teste ats n Mute Cons 2a 132 easing th coana Daal Onn 14.0 Appendix... 143. Chole oftoading Method ae ~ 1421 Pad foting design. _ - —— a0 3422 Padootng Dealt —s-nmmonnnnn Nel fo m4 FE Foor cogs Cemse cbun Lorde Far mi leek ) DP Lends vk ne an + eh “ee tat ore gammy ltods Taw, FE Ft lett fons, Fro 2011 sea 10 deveresty CSCH ronan rt Orion 1.3. Overview of the User Interface Some ofthe vais conpanent of the usr itraen sre shown below ‘wae embers Tree Tobe Ferm Pan, Get and] [asad View ate Desgnstats tans 2011 kiarss® 11 14 Orion Modelling, Analysis & Design Flowchart ‘he flowing flow char emanates the pic ocedre, for ani ond dein within Olen These options re aly Sl sin based on tabulated cod coors Fe decomgostonfor Beam Loads 5. Run Balding Anas Generate gry ante feng tore for cous | ste ancsper ta endcse travty (ot loss down outh Fa Ft sak? (or ab ame ‘hese Gent Loads replace hose — {| “42 Columa/Wall Design [ (43 Sab Design 2011 sini 12 oriversty CSCH ‘Soe enatrine Orion 15. Graphic Editor - General Principles Ina formal rag couse your tutor wal demonstrate these mets to yo you've working though the notes ‘depen, you should Js read ths Section end then runt ae necessary when You need te the (estre/metbde deerbo, 4.5. Selectng single and / Several nti selection optons re vibe to sl sgl anor muti slmentsforetng. Oy ible abjets canbe ‘elected sng oe of he secon methods Th ett sleon option relocate inte Et ron down en oar ‘rte ery section opto see tiple members Select nt Option ‘ter cling onthe Peon fom the Mambers Tcl ng lament cn be ele by soy picking © Fein onthe entity. b “oselcta sacond and farther, obec) you can pres the CTL ay wile piehng nes ccc. a sled leant ‘spied agai then vbe deselect Window/ Crossing Selections ‘ater dling onthe “Pe” on fom the Member Tata, mtpe cements cn by sects by eng tem in & ‘eleion window. A sleion widow 3 recanglr ores that fed in the drawn ses By draping oppo ‘wo ses of window selection ae ovale, “Sele ntty (Window option sects ees hate enti in the sslecon are. "slet Ey (osigoton setae estan an ensis crossing the see othe econ ae. "See Ey (Window) ls performed sling and regan orto right ar shown btw rom "Sele Ent (Window) sles Clu Cony "See Eiy (Costing performed by een a dagaing Krom ight tet By reversing the 2” and 2" pits inthe ‘Gaga sore, Aees"A and, Cola 1, Beem 181384184 and IS] woud beled, Fence Selection Fane aline tht sacs alee at Rese ‘Tapert "select nity Fence” hold dow the SMT key and eg re tat cosser al leans tat ar tended or ‘is pions ll when ase of nom rtogena ants ae tobe ete 2011 ir 13 deiveedty CSCH ‘ep cece orion "set ny (anc sls es" ad" 452 Update -Editing 3 member Forerample inorder 0 ata iting bee: 4, Selctanestgbesm, 2. flgremoueeclekandchoose “opeee" 3. Change the valuing segue 4 presshe"Update bun nthe propartes window. ‘The same pote: apa tl clament yp. Youn et til beams/clumns¥a ct by Elocing he cmon You ‘ead to et an flowing the sae tps ar sbov Yu can el seman 9° 3p slemest Spe Byung he ‘member abe om te"Marber drop down en, 153. Deletion~Single / Multiple members ‘dlr an sere, you must fst sect tan then de one ote ftw: 1 presthe "Bete" button onyourkeyboard 2 ‘fightmeuse cet and choose “Olt hom the conten menu. 201.1 vicar? 14 Delivered by (Sehr centre Orion Deletion ~ Selective deletion fom 2 gr For example node to delete a the las rom nhs secon window 1 Perm window slection (as describe are tse ane of mode! 2 res the Delete button on your keyboard or ght mouse ck nd choose "lee" 2. romthe "lament Fite cck "Slabs only ‘ew cattle abs an wi ene a terse ements nthe | Pees Object Snapiing (Osners dmarining or oer pasting cmmande. You cane the dealt seing by secng Object Sap Satins rom ener the “ES” dep E Neate 0 Done Sai patie Oh Sp Ose lb. Seng me OHENSION me treet 2014 ies 15 osivorsty CSCH (Sener cme Orion Basle View/2oom functions ‘The Graphical or roves several way to contol the ep ofthe reminding ara. You cn 200m to change ‘he main er ano feposton the view ne dewing aes A Bplay eoroloptons are cated nthe View aep {oun and the tobe TheFellowing ction areata: regen ‘The "gon command regenerates al eawing ents ung sored weometry Mfomaton. This commands sig ine ‘onsumingshan the eda inet, oom Window Youzan guy zm on a rb picking the poste carers othe oom window defn ‘ter selecting tne "Zoom Window option, sea he oppose comes of he oom window inthe dawng ae by rahe ‘wo pits ‘Atz20m operations we stored, So, atin, previous ply can be receding the “Zoom revo option 200m Exes “Zoom tens" lays a view thet nde oben the ret trey atte Nghestmagufcton tat wim the crwing ares "2oom nit" eepays that nude aloes contained whine active sheet borders athe ighestmapifstion ‘ter sling the Po option, yu cn pan the drawing image fo anew cation by I licking nd dag om one ‘his funtion can seo be achive by depesing the col wheel on your mouse ad ten moving the cus around the oom n 20%) anc'Zoom Out 20%) "oom (20 erese the magnifica fhe crn ew by 20% and "Zo Out 20%)" dresses the maption bya sar amount Ths opon canbe vedo qui 0m in andoutto he cate of the caren vw ‘his unto an algo be ahve by usr the seo wheel on your mouse. The Zoom wi be ocd on wherever the Chetortplsadonsnessaen 201i 16 vetwedty CSCH Orion 2.0 Building the Model Modelling Fundamentals 2011 sex 17 eiveredty COCR 21 Getting Started ~ Project Parameters & Settings + Goering Poe Code Seleing a Tempe seiner Cente) Speching some Progam Dsign Satins ‘The obect of tis exer to fairs you on ow t star New proj n ran a how ong some bs ret 2:42 Launching Orler >> Open Orion so seen snr tothe following exper 2ot isi 19 vaherdty CSC Orion > chek rew Poet > tera Projet ode Type the cde a shown ing the! character to denote pecs 2.14 Settings Centre Theres window 0 appear isthe "Setrgs Care". On allows you to use “erp” which contain prefere stings projects uly and acy withthe rings you a > Slee UX 85810 onthe ethane ane eek impor yous” ——~*~*~*~«SOS*« sty CSD Orion Con hs the uni abity to crest working rowing the deen deta, Aer having entered the ret partes ‘the raving sect Selecton dg be wal coma sppn3¢ > chdkon th hop down row to see he aru het es nao, kA then ch OK. Sid St = oars Sose fo — aa Seae tft — ‘Mate You can ear your own sheet se in he with ead Regt bar your requedsae not walle You cn ts ‘Ma: The sheet rig (0.0) lated a the were comer ofthe roving shes. afer ewig your mod You fd Isto deseo th edge ofthe see you can repaiton ty cckng onthe See On ton ass COGS orion ‘he no dog prompts forth Storey ih forthe 2 ory >> Exe the storey ght os 300MM 0 shown blow then ck OK. Sti 1 at Leva [68m ter etaring the 1 ove height, he an dawig ars (Sophie ator appa. en sew uly open and e26yforowr malo be rested 2011 mer" 22 oevewsty CSCH 22 Creating Axes 1+ Using he Ongar le Gnetor 1 Selcing tie es 2.22 Establlshing ts bi > Pick onhogonal te Gnertr rom te Fie menu ot the tnt that ployed athe Ghaieneearainmia am ta: > Holt down the Crt key whe king opin the oer hand region of the drawing sbet. ‘tes ling the ference point th Orthogno! nts Generator seen should apes. > Flint Boeson te Orthop! us Gnerotoras ow Friern: «:[ soem] -y{ roan] tres nae [0] ¥ x at me orton So een nat | "You eu now ek on te sreen to define the c-rdnaes othe rteence pay howe Sele whele number fe from the arg Hid down te Cl Hey on your keys! wl king efeence 2011 wer 23 deiverwsty CSCH ‘Mae The Orthogonal ls Generator wi ene Dedtion 1 ares Rorzontaly nave them Nphabetia abe, Dicton 2 srs wil be rated vty wth nmeriabl is were maiaiing=comvesonso hatte sree ‘bs det ae aplein all modes We woal sugges ales within -45 degre of the orn be asgned ‘recon 1 anal ats within - degrees of thevertal be ase deeson 2 Din) dens 7 fee xe bra Yeni (90 gress ia a deerees olte aes 1 2o1ies™ 24 cheesy CSCH ——— 2S Ey Orion 2.23. Osnap met 225 oF dimensioning or ether postonng crmandeOeilt Omap Serangscen bested on nthe “ei rap down andthe toto > fram the tlt mens chose Object Sop Settings ond ensue the Intersection, EndPint ond MPa enop are ted 0, Then clekon Ox X DNeeto ‘The Osapsyou have spacedbecomeacve whan using etherthe sus or | C C}cene het pr i rsh ‘he ast ust be own was Ass 6 Therefore, tis the unt sleet aad i shown asl bien ‘he Suuctue Tre View se nearer the nocd ai. Frode thet the Pekan eve onthe merous toolbars posse oar aerate by lecloig on. To soe several aes atthe sre tne ol oun the Ct ky nhs ling the aes. The sb bene nds he ast sel, the oer ane that have bot lected cn bel dentin he smal sgareso rie that appear othe ee ‘The soected anes re so sated in th trace Tre View. Cling on the a abl nth ee tl sects i ong cown he Cutt wht rg nthe Tre View, lows the selcton of mule ies 22. Axe > der any previous ex sections by cen othe Car Selection Set con > Thenus eter of thepck methods to select ony Ae > unt est ceca ight click tte the content sete gop Yo men shown 2011 se 25 daisy CSCO o oe 8 é Thepopupmenu sows the selected sto beading nue of way > choo oat tis ‘hes flow the prompt at the batom ofthesereen. > change the Angle nthe As Proper to $5 Sarees > the bas of eatin by cing on he intersection of ans Aan: Poided ou have et vp Osos ‘eco shuld snp tothe eet itenecon. ‘The ai shoul then appear rotated as shown below 201s” 26 deiveedty COCR > Repth proce orotate aus Fby 10 dares about the intretion of one Fan. ‘ley ant cca how tad he ah ick Peon kon As lose ‘stumowe cca hoo tote Ade > Themes shoul then oppeoras flows ext we wl strech athe verte aes so ts they l extend above BF orion > fram et mane Sty ac and ten ig oe even his 8 rg a & eral ane so thy areal iced. > mgbemewe ecko ring up the popapmans and pc Seth Ae > chckons Hots yourleft mouse bton ner Asis ad agp past An | 2011 kes? 27 veveraty CSCH ‘tal aes to an enting yout. There ae wo wayst achieves content sestve pop up mens. Chose Ofst i. Deine the offset and the abel forthe new aus a then let Inoue ck tone lef they selected nls to naat the side where th ew as to be ran 2. cots a ty in te A Te To yt th as To ote Her Tener Scns ang te iM as mee Scone coy ahs ste ne Tec men os ot ‘Sin chon nth Soest vw Sst th an ne Step of 15 and eneth Step of 200, aig down CTRL wife he asta rap to an angle 0135, or 30 egres te ahs nth which wllbee mali of 100 28 deveraty CSCH Seance Orion 2.3. Creating Columns 2.3. xercise Aime + Tatee co atthe tere mosetng Options + cresting Recnguar& Paalloram Claas ‘+ erting te Cluras + crening Cre ona 232 ropertes and Options with Columns Having eats the ps we wil row ast the comin. Houaver thre ae guts fe wing an option with columns owevl ave a ef ioot thee before procening > tte che mar et cfnm, a ‘The column Popes dashed pear a shown There abot lig i mn operons tet i 1/2 buttan «Incas the urn fas ae paral! © which sections (ns). Th wl be demented within ha net few pages (Py ltenton tothe churn xpd 2 75), Serene nee eeaeaee ee eee etioiaiei 2011 Ser 29 deivordey CSCH ‘ete: To view th celled scion groper of « alr kk on ‘he Modal tab thin the Calumn Properties clog and the eck on ‘he Okply Secon Properties con. The ested proper ane sted manualy oy ovraring the fro valus shown Inte og ‘on wil allow the usr to al and analyse column or / ‘wal cop gone, These can then be akon nto secure or ie th Pncing hear Checks ‘mss [as te tho op Teng of drop ‘Land et allow the drop tobe fet Ind = depth ofthe drop rom tha ton ofthe sob le. the sb 300mm ane ied of mis pected then ne drop wou projec 30d below the under of 2011s 30 deveeaty CSOCDH Support Types > [Default The Deu support conan i fined in Member > Support Type Deion The user can ‘etn ana support conains or taraaton rotation nthe, Yanda lnm) det (tobe) ~The user can dete ferent tp ap bottom lee foreach caumn relative othe atin for 8 stop se. an op/bt)~ a clunw/vahas bean eigned to a Pane. ors oping or than this Fla referenced nthe sparoprate del setting smadeinetve 1C1 (300x409 2o1. sr" 31 deiveeaty CSCH ‘Sesmecaune Orion 233. Crastng Rectangular Columns We stat by retin some rectangular. ‘The coon we wil crea wi be of ite COO
clertbeor/2tuten onde tecomn fro pon tbth scone ond. SET > tothe dimension boxenter 00 ri 3004 82 ck te central placed elim kon fom he Inertion Option 0 update the el and «2 visa how the he ‘The Columa Properties shuld nw bes shown below. 5 {abet comer - ows te user to defn the bel postion relate tot fur comers 2011 32 oenwenaty CSCH ase, fF} Len sag] 4) al ae me a vepi7e 4 ail > Poe the cusor ever Grid 1 and Gd @intrecon (Mote thatthe aes become ihe ngeytshow which Iinersecion berg we) one eer theo > ciekonthe Zoom Window kon TE fom he Main Men bar pick Vew/2o0m Window > Then bow round he Gite Aa/1 oe he nerd cal, @-— me te The crear bel tale wth anf diate th centre fy of the or plan As thre caren ony {ne column a ths oor the crte ory tthe cen ofthe ei, > cetthe zoom tints ow Bo see he inte of te rowing set. eo | ni oan | Fe] saa [2 sa | > ow ener another cum ofthe same 208 ot Gb 8/2 by pening the case ths rid intersection ond eft kt mouse 2011 ar" 33 oaivewsby COCR Seer coum Orion 2.34 inserting Multiple Columns tee curs ofthe same sz can be entered by cig a heaping the left mouse Button held down, ond then “rosin olong the is iterecons where mas seed aur arto be see. > Decnsalon th Gi 8/45, 50 you sen shut oak as sto, t Oe ) ere J 2oLd wes" 34 onverty CSCH Soyourserean shouitbok follows a |__ 8 et: postoned fs wt tears. ith the algnmert os shown. te Insert Options f ah the clr 0 Wot stop Et corer = ‘cents should henge fo ef-0onde2300. > now wt the prepetes or the 600300 column active, ase the > tenenarth coun at 68/8 (50 your sereen shoul lok os > ikon the 20m beter eon 35 osrensty COCR 2011 aie eur Orion 1c 00a ‘Mares an be duno the inal postion using the heybourd sr keys eas > Using he cursor keys ‘racecar 410 to on xen of f= 150mm, e2 = 175mm. (terete pe thse ‘cae int the Colne Properties dog ane cite Upere) ‘Member Secon Eeentity > usethe nserton options agonal the next ctu thus 0 tats ght edge flush we te od fine. Ere hor [1/2] sled ond hen er the clan a Gi atest 6/5 2011s 36 oaivowaty CSC Orion > Now enter some square columns o se 304350 cena places oars nd parol to ox nection 2 on. ‘These olumts re tobe poed ot er, £72 8/3 0 shan lon: @ e @ | ! — _p i I | i 1 i i — on 21 si 37 oalveressy COCR 235 Creating Crevlor Columns > Type 00 in the B box ad love Be 86265, then lk on Grid FA ter the crea, nme [ana void nthe cate ofthe cone, 1c15