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Abstract –

The car rental system is being developed by the for costumers so that they
can book their vehicals from any part of the world. This application takes informayion
from the costomrers through details.A costomer.
We developed this project to book a car on rent at the fare charges. In present
system all booking work done manually and it takes very hard work to maintain the
information of booking and cars. If you want to find which vehicle is available for
booking then it takes a lot of time. It only makes the process more difficult and hard.
This aim of the project is to automate the work performed in the car rental management
system like generating daily bookings, records of car or cab available for booking,
record of routes available, rental charges for cars for every rout, store record of the
Car rental management system is a car booking software that provides a complete
solution to all your day-to-day car booking office running needs. This system helps you
to keep the information of Customer online. You can check your customer information
any time by using this system. Cab rental management system is a unique and
innovative product. Using this this you can also keep the information of number of
bookings in current month or in last 6 month or in last year. This helps you to track
your business and you earning in particular month or in any year. Based on this
information you can take decision regarding your business development.

We aim to become a pioneer in the vehicle rental industry by completely

focusing on customers, our employees, growth, innovation and efficiency. All of these
elements will drive us towards success and show us as one company that can perform
and give value for money. When it comes to cab rental services, Cool Service is the
most trusted and reliable name in the travel business. The most advanced travel
agents offering cab rental and car hire in India, making full use of information
technology to improve the level of our efficiency. However, this is only one aspect of
services. And this project continually strive to offer the best of services - both in terms
of man and machine, to our clients
Moreover, this project has a fleet of cars ranging from luxury to budget cabs. While, it
offers online cab hire service for corporate houses. And this project claim to offer the
best of rates, which are tailor-made depending upon the facilities, availed and offer
both intercity and intra-city cab facilities. All cabs have proper permits and
documentation so that the clients couldn't be hassled for the lack of documents.
However, this project has strategic backup system for any eventuality. Cab drivers are
educated, polite, and reliable and are trained to handle acute breakdowns. The cab
service includes all categories of cars from luxury to budget.
Further, this project’s utmost priority is quality. To achieve this, vehicles are well
maintained and tested for delivering optimum and uninterrupted performance. Team
of professionals in the travel business enables this system to design trips that suits to
all budgets and preferences of the travelers. In addition, workforce including drivers
and administrative staff are well trained to discharge their duties with a lot of efficiency.
Objectives :
We can book our vehicle in our own slot by paying.

 Because of that there is no towing problems.

 And our vehicle has been booked as a secure condition.
 There is no risk for vehicle owner for booking the car.
 In case of any problem of vehicle that will claim by car rent management.
 As the world is facing many threads daily, robberies are done easily with no
track to trace, bomb blasts occur with the use of vehicle, so if a proper system
is adopted each and every record can be saved and anyone can be track easily
therefore mainly is to make a better and fast software, most important user-
 Maintain records in short time of period.
 Enhances the visitor’s experience.
Hardware and software requirement

Client side:

RAM 512 MB

Hard disk 10 GB

Processor 1.0 GHz

Server Side:


Hard disk 20 GB

Processor 2.0 GHz

Inerative model diagram

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