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THE NUER A DESCRIPTION OF ‘THE MODES OF LIVELIHOOD AND POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS OF ‘A NILOTIC PEOPLE E. E, EVANS-PRITCHARD OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS ‘Sito of Bones nd aa Eaters Gano) New York ano Oxrox> THE STAFF OF THE AMERICAN MISSION AT NASSER ax] H2013860 “An, the land ofthe rating of wings, which ‘beyond the iver Ethiopia tht end rbacndors bythe oe, even in vals of pres the wate tang) Goyer {people tebe om therbeginnagonears (The Hal Bae (Revised Veron, PREFACE, any study ofthe Nowe was undertaken at the request of, and My sag inanced by, the Goverment of the Anglo-Egyptan Thin whic also contsbuted generously towards the publica Suitos reais, Part of the inquiry was cared out as @ {Shetnime Research Fellow. To the Sodan Government and {Othe Leveralie Reearch Fellowships Committee 1 make tefl acnoledgemens wwe Profesor and Mrs. C. G, Seligman a great debt for tock fendship during the lar iteen yeas. Without the eking aod encouragement tht Book might ot have been Writen, Moreover, although they made o investigations Tung the Now, thei rian researches among ater Nite roles partialary the Shllk and inka, ad the foundations ral ature stadies in these regions. T thank toe inthe Sedan at Khartoum and in Nueriand, vio have given me Bosptality and asistance; Si John Maffey, Then Governor General; Sir Harold Maclichal, then Civ Secretary lr and Mrs. 8 Hillion; Mr. C. A. Will, Me. AG. veo, hr M.W. Par, and Mr. EG Coryton, who were in ar Governors of the Upper Nile Province, Mr. P. Carat, Cap ACHLA Alban, Cpe HA. Romilly, Mr. J. F. Terey, the Lite ML. F Hamer, Me. B. J. Chatterton, Me. B.A. Lewis tnd Mr FD, Cored, all of whom were at one tine Com: Isioners of Note Districts To Mr-F. D. CorBel, amico Conde me, Iam especially gratetl forthe interest he has Shown in my wrk endfor his generosity inallowing me toe ‘many of bis ie photographs T thank also the stl ofthe American Mission at Nasser, of the Congregation of Verona st Youbayung, and of the Church Missionary Society at Ler I wish to make particslar acknow= Jedgement tothe staff of the American Mision, especially to Miss B, Soule, who unreservedly placed their home, thee tine, od their knowledge at my disposal. T dedicate this book to ‘then not only as an expression of personal gratitade, bat ako ‘8 tibte to thle devoted sevice tothe Noe. "Poo Tie of Nie Suan, by Ga B.S,