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Syed Shakeel Ahmed

H.NO: 18-7-198/36/1,
Aman Nagar ‘B’, Talab Katta, Contact: +919052658178
Hyderabad-500002 E-mail:

Career Objective:

A job position related with my field of experience, which can be used as an opportunity
for learning and growth in a respective organization where my comprehensive knowledge
and experience will enhance the productivity and effectiveness of the organization.

Professional Experience:

Organization: M/s Thermosystems Pvt. Ltd.

Designation: Electrical Design Engineer.

Duration: From May 2009 to present.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Post order detailed engineering of Electrical Projects (Mostly for Sub-Stations & Oil
refineries) which includes
• Design and Review Electrical Heat tracing circuits for process Pipelines and
• Design and Review of Power Distribution and Cable routing.
• Design and Review of Control Panel, No of circuits and Switchgear rating for
Load distribution.
• Preparation, Review & Submission of Post Order documents like Cable Schedule,
EHT layout, Control Panel drawings, Equipments data sheet and Bill of Material
for Customer Approval.
• Preparation of indents for the material required for the project & issuing it to the
purchase department for procurement.
• Issuing drawings and documents to Project department after getting approval from
the Customer.
• Visiting sites to assist the site personnel for precise implementation of the design,
if need arises.
Projects Designed & Implemented:

• MSQ Upgradation for Indian Oil Corporation, Barauni Refinery, Bihar.

Customer: M/s ABB Ltd., Bangalore.
End User: M/s Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

• Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Electrical Heat tracing system for

Hydrogen Generation Unit for IOCL, Bongaigaon, Assam.
Customer: M/s Stewards & Lloyds of India Ltd.
End User: M/s Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

• Electrical Heat Tracing for BS Storage Tanks for LOBS quality upgradation
project of M/s Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Mumbai Refinery.
Customer: M/s Jacobs Engg India Pvt Ltd.
End User: M/s Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

• Heat tracing of FCCU-II Revamp, for HPCL Vishakha Refinery (Vishakapatnam)

which involved installation of around 5000 meters of tracer.
Customer: M/s HPCL, Vizag.
Consultant: Engineers India Ltd., Chennai.

Current Projects:

• Electrical Heat tracing work for Guru Gobind Singh Refinery, Bhatinda, Punjab.
Customer: Larson & Tourbo Ltd., Mumbai.
Consultant: Engineers India Ltd.
End User: HPCL Mittal Energy, Guru Gobind Singh Refinery, Bhatinda.

• Electrical Heat tracing works for BHEL Hyderabad’s four projects at GSPC-
Pipavav, PPCL-Bawana, ONGC-Tripura & Hazira.

Educational Qualification:

• Bachelor of Technology in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Moghal

College of Engg and Tech, passed in May 2009. Percentile score = 68.08%

• Intermediate from Gowtham Junior college, passed in the year 2005. Percentile

• SSC from Angels convent high school, passed in the year 2003. Percentile
Soft Skills :

• Programs : MS Office including MS Project.

• Operating systems : Windows.
• Design package : AutoCAD.

Personal Attributes:

• Hard working & punctual.

• Adaptable to new environment.
• Confident, self starter, motivated, results oriented, ambitious, energetic, quick
learner, responsible, flexible, team player, persistent and aggressive.
• Honest and reliable.

Personal Profile:

• Name : Syed Shakeel Ahmed

• Father’s Name: Syed Khaleel Ahmed

• Sex: Male

• D.O.B: 25-07-1988

• Marital Status: Single

• Religion: Islam

• Nationality: Indian

• Languages Known: English, Hindi & Urdu

• Hobbies & Interest: Playing Cricket, Badminton and Martial Arts.

• Passport No: H2907852.

• Passport Valid Upto: 09/02/2019.

I consider myself familiar with engineering aspects. I am also confident of my ability to
work in a team. I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of
my knowledge.
Cont Information
PLACE: Hyderabad.
DATE: 25th June, 2010. (Syed Shakeel Ahmed).

Configure a Server as a Publisher and Distributor

1. Open Enterprise Manger and select the appropriate server group and server.
2. Select Tools | Replication | Configure Publishing, Subscribers, and Distribution.
3. When the wizard begins, select a server to use as a Distributor and click Next.
4. In the Snapshot folder text box, enter the path for the snapshot folder you wish to
5. Select No, use the following default settings to configure the server as a Publisher
and Distributor.
6. Click Next.
7. Click Finish.
8. Click OK.
9. Click Close.

Change the SQL Server Agent Startup Account

1. Open Enterprise Manger and select the appropriate server group and server.
2. Open the Management folder and right-click SQL Server Agent.
3. Select Properties from the shortcut menu.
4. Under Service startup account, select the This account radio button.
5. Specify the account and password.
6. Click OK.

Create a Publication

1. Open Enterprise Manger and select the appropriate server group and server.
2. Select Tools | Replication | Create and Manage Publications.
3. Select the database and click Create Publication.
4. Click Next.
5. Select a publication database and click Next.
6. Select from the following publication types:
o Snapshot publication -- distributes data exactly as it appears at a given
o Transactional publication -- distributes changes to Subscribers
o Merge publication -- treats Publishers and Subscribers as autonomous
sites, allowing them to make changes to data and then merging the data
into a single, uniform result
7. Click Next.
8. Select from the following subscriber types:
o Servers running SQL Server 2000
o Servers running SQL Server 7.0
o Heterogeneous data sources, such as Oracle or Microsoft Access; or
servers running earlier versions of SQL Server
9. Click Next.
10. Select the object types and database objects you wish to publish as articles and
click Next.
11. Enter a name for the publication in the Publication name text box.
12. If you wish, enter a description in the Publication description text box.
13. Click Next.
14. To customize the publication, select Yes, I will define data filters, enable
anonymous subscriptions, or customize other properties.
15. To accept the publication as you've configured it, select No, create the publication
as specified.
16. Click OK.
17. Click Finish.
18. Click Close.
Push a Subscription

1. Open Enterprise Manger and select the appropriate server group and server.
2. Select Tools | Replication | Create and Manage Publications.
3. Select a publication and click Push New Subscription and click Next.
4. Select a subscriber and click Next.
5. Select the destination database and click Next.
6. Select a schedule from the following options:
o Continuously -- pushes changes to Subscribers as they occur at the
o Using the following schedule -- click the Change button to customize the
schedule to your needs
7. Click Next.
8. To initialize the subscription, select from the following:
o Yes, initialize the schema and data -- choose this option if you have not
created the Subscriber database or if the Subscriber database does not yet
have the schema and data (you can also select the Start the Snapshot
Agent to begin the initialization process immediately, if you wish)
o No, the Subscriber already has the schema and data -- choose this option if
the Subscriber has the schema and data
9. Click Next.
10. Verify the services that must be started for the subscription.
11. Click Finish.
12. Click Close.

Remove a Subscriber through Server Properties

1. Open Enterprise Manger and select the appropriate server group and server.
2. Right-click the server and select Properties from the shortcut menu.
3. Click the Replication tab and select Configure.
4. Select the Subscriber tab.
5. To remove a Subscriber, deselect the checkbox next to the server you wish to
remove as a Subscriber.
6. Click OK until you exit the server properties dialog box.