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Difficult to identify the most toxic animals in the world; we can not say for sure

whether it is who has the most toxic chemical compounds, or that claims the lives
of the largest number of people per year, or perhaps one that has the greatest
amount of poison?

At the outset, we distinguish between poisonous animals "Poisonous", and those

deadly "Venomous"; animals toxic carrying harmful chemicals called "toxins", a
discharge cause symptoms satisfactory to the victim, used primarily for self-
defense; while the animals deadly transfer of labeled by biting or stabbing or
biting .. When theories aside the disqualification; they are all really dangerous;
therefore see in each picture closely and check the format of those objects well;
because when you see in the next time Maybe this is the last thing you may see
in your life at all .. And to learn together now on those objects.

1 - box plots Jellyfish (Box Jellyfish)

A well-deserved award went to first place for most animals, the deadly toxicity, to
jellyfish box, more marine organisms toxicity at all; because it may cause - at
least - in the 5567 deaths recorded since 1954, for this animal to water four eyes
and no brain, However, it avoids the most compact objects in movement, and
often avoid humans as well, but only when they do not provoke his anger!

We have poison jellyfish nematocysts in tentacles (numbering from 60:10 in every

corner of his staff and the length up to 2 meters), and is characterized Blzojtha for
ease of sticking with the victim, which leave large scars on her body .. Cm square
jellyfish is among the most deadly poisons in the world; where the poison affects
the heart and the nervous system and skin cells, and the worst thing is that it is
causing terrible pain affects the victim's trauma; Vtamot from drowning or heart
attack even before it reaches to the beach.

And survivors from that experience intense pain for several weeks, there is no
practical chance of survival than those sting fatal unless treated immediately, by
putting vinegar place Stings for a period of not less than 30 minutes; which
contains vinegar on acetic acid (acetic), which disrupts the the spread of venom
and its infiltration into the bloodstream, although it may not relieve pain; the wear
swimsuits that cover long-legs is useful as a preventive measure; which prevents
the lamps from reaching the legs and harming them.

Endemic jellyfish square warm ocean in the world and more aggressive types to
those found at the east coast of Australia.

2 - cobra royal (King Cobra)

Cobra, property or "Ooviovajus Hannah" Ophiophagus Hannah, is the longest
snakes world, grow up to a length of 5.6 meters, and "Ooviovajus" literally means
"eating snake"; as they feed on other snakes, the bite of one of those snake
enough and easily to kill an adult, and could kill an Asian elephant in 3 hours only
if the object was huge bites in sensitive areas such as the trunk.

Cobra property is not like other poisonous snakes; where they can inject 5 times
the amount of poison that Thaknha "Black Mamba"; causing death 5 times faster,
which is spreading across South and Southeast Asia; where she lives in dense
forest areas high.

3 - cone snail versicolor (Marbled Cone snail)

Snail cone versicolor beautiful shape; but deadly, like the rest of those objects on
the list, one drop of poison snail strong position lethality by more than 20 man;
Fortunately, it uses the feature only for constipation Pferaish; If you encounter
you are in warm water saline; where there are often These snails - and I saw one
of them do not even have to capture.

Symptoms of exposure to the bites of snails may appear in the case or perhaps -
in some cases - after a few days; causing extreme pain and swelling with a feeling
of numbness and tingling, and in some extreme cases to paralysis of muscles and
blurred vision and respiratory failure; Although there is no antidote of the venom;
has recorded about 30 cases of human deaths due to poisoning from cone snails.

4 - octopus rings with blue (Blue-Ringed Octopus)

Octopus with rings blue blue is too small, not larger than a golf ball; but the
magnitude of the poison enough to kill 26 adult humans within minutes, not to
poison antidote; so is currently one of the most serious animal toxicity in the
world, to bite is painful may seem useless damage; but deadly nerve poison starts
working immediately; leads to muscle weakness with a sense of numbness,
followed by the collapse of the respiratory system, and then eventually
death .. And can be found in tide pools in the Pacific Ocean from Japan to

5 - deadly scorpion (Death Stalker Scorpion)

Contrary to popular belief that the most scorpions are harmless to humans; where
the cause of Dgadtha symptoms localized and as such as pain, numbness or
swelling, is a Scorpio deadly of the most dangerous types that feature a mix of
toxins, nerve causing extreme pain is not likely, followed by fever, followed by
coma and convulsions, and paralysis and death.

Fortunately, although the scorpion sting painful to the maximum extent; it is not
possible to kill the victim of a very healthy humans; while facing the children and
the elderly or patients (who suffer from heart disease) the greatest danger .. And
spread those scorpions in North Africa and the Middle East.
6 - Fish Stone (Stone Fish)
May not be eligible fish stone in any way to win any prize or even a tribute to the
magnificence and beauty of exterior; but definitely qualified and strongly for the
title of "most toxic fish in the world."

Cm fish stone, located in the thorns and bumps outrageous appearance on the
fish and is designed for defensive purposes, cause is stings from humans extreme
pain, described as the worst pain can a man have to face; it stings the fish wish
will inevitably be cut party, which was a prick; sting is always accompanied by
shock, paralysis and death to the tissues of the infected area, and if the person
did not receive the poison antidote within two hours to die.

Stone fish often live north of the Tropic of Capricorn; and is found in shallow
tropical waters in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, can also be found in various
places of the world beginning in the Red Sea to the Great Barrier Reef in the state
of "Queensland" Australian.

7 - Spider-Mobile Brazil (The Brazilian wandering spider)

Spider Brazilian mobile scientifically known as Phoneutria, also known as the
"banana spider", without his name in the Guinness Book of Records in 2007 as the
most toxic spiders on earth; Spider is responsible for most human deaths
resulting from the bites of spiders.

The seriousness of this spider as a result of two important factors too; cm nerves
of this spider is the highest efficiency among all spiders; with about 0.006
milligrams of poison sufficient to kill the mouse, The second factor is the nature of
roaming; tend this spider to hide in clothing, shoes, cars and houses for hours day
in areas with high population density.

One bite of this poisonous spider not only caused severe pain; but lead to
impotence those they bite.

8 - Altaipan wild snake (Inland Taipan)

Altaipan wild snake that is endemic to Australia crowned king on the throne of the
most toxic snakes; Veldgp one of this snake can kill a hundred an adult or a whole
army of rats is composed of about 250 A mouse, a stronger will be throwing
around 200 to 400 times from the venom of cobra snake.

Cm nerves with this kind of snakes, can lethality by an adult in only 45 minutes,
and fortunately, this snake is very shy, did not document any deaths so far due to
the bite of this snake; as each stings suffered by the people of this snake was
treated with anti-serum.

9 - poison arrow frog (Poison Dart Frog)

If you encounter a frog beautiful and you run or stroll in a forest area of South and
Central America; Beware that trying to capture with your bare hands; may be a
frog arrow poison, which is the animal most toxic in the world; Valdvda with a
length of 5 cm only has poison enough to kill 10 people or 20 thousand mouse 0.2
micrograms only of the deadly poison of this frog can kill an adult, or any of the
other big mammals.

These frogs called "equity" due to the use of toxic secretions by the American
Indians to poison arrowheads, which were used in wars and battles, and frogs in
the equity reserves Basmha skins; which means that it eats or touches will die.

10 - Fish bloated (Puffer Fish)

Blowfish is the second vertebrates, the most toxic on the face of the earth (after
the frog arrow golden color), is the meat of certain types of fish bloated meal
appetite special class luxury, as with fish Fugu in Japan, and fish Bok-uh in Korea;
but the problem in these types that the skins of fish and certain parts of their
bodies very toxic and harmful to human health.

Blowfish granted rights Mota quickly and violently; where exposure poison
blowfish causing the death of the tongue and lips, dizziness, vomiting, and rapid
heartbeat, breathing difficulties, and paralysis in the muscles, ultimately, the
victims die due to suffocation because of an injured muscles of the diaphragm is
paralyzed, and in most cases the victims die in a period ranging between 4 to 24
hours after exposure to poison, and increases the risk of this kind of fish there is
no antidote to the poison; as the most human deaths are heading to deal with the
fish Fugu, came as a direct result of the deal people who are not well-qualified on
how to dealing with fish.

The figures have revealed a number between 20 to 44 cases of poisoning

occurred between 1996 and 2006 in Japan, including the poison Blowfish lead to
death almost immediately; therefore not allowed to deal with it only cooks
specialists, licensed to deal with Blowfish and prepared for cooking.

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