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10/5/2019 12:54 PM

Business Value Checking


Amount: -1500.00
Description: Check
Check Number: 2257
Posted Date: 5/24/2019
Transaction Type: History

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Gerri McDaniel INVOICE
1706 27th Ave North INVOICE # 1001
NMB, SC 29582 DATE: 06-03-2019

TO: FOR : website

Horry County Republican Party
Horry County GOP
P.O. Box 50662
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29579

Description Amount
Website Design and Development $1500

* registered domain name:

* obtained web storage space for content from hosting provider, GoDaddy
* redirected the old site,, to the new web site
* implemented security certificate for the site (HTTPS)
* installed Wordpress (Content Management System platform) on the server
* installed the Sahifa theme
* installed numerous plugins for stats, security, etc.
* implemented color scheme and relevant iconographies (favicon and Apple icons)
* created two-tier menu navigation system
* custom-coded assorted enhancements (standards compliant HTML, CSS, and
PHP) to the theme and some plugins
* ported all content from the old (unusable) website
* added new up-to-date content
* generated various sidebar content items
* generated 41 web pages (branded content and graphics for site engagement)
* implemented SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies throughout
* passed sundry cross-browser compatibility tests
* ensured scalable functionality (responsive design) for various browser sizes
(desktop, tablet, phone, etc.)
* ensured page speed factors and strategies
* implemented social media links (currently only Facebook)
* implemented Events calendar and visual content slider

Total $1500

Thank You For Your Business

This price includes updates and maintenance of the

Paid for by a donation