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We have said the last time that Abram would be discussed but Jacob
came to mind, and this very interesting man has won the debate. Jacob
was the son of Isaac, who was the son of Abram, all chosen to carry on
religion by God Almighty.

What makes Jacob so interesting? We were taught by religion that this

man was one of the true fathers of religion and even had his name
changed by the Lord Almighty or Yahweh, or El, or whoever you want
to call that god, ultimately this name change was how Israel got its
name. According to scriptures Esau sold his first born rights to Jacob
for a bowl of soup, and we are expected to believe that as “holy”. Let
us take a look at what really happened.

Esau came home one day while Jacob was busy cooking some bean
soup, and asked to have some. The reply from Jacob is a clear
indication about this man’s character, “I will give it to you if you give
me your rights as the first born son”. I have a question here before we
move on; will you sell your heritage to anyone for a bowl of soup?
Then Esau said; “all right I am about to die; what good will my rights
do me then?” Second question; does that sound serious, or like banter?
Then Jacob demanded an oath, and Esau obliged, had his bowl of soup,
ate and left, if nothing else were said regarding this first born rights, we
might have seriously considered believing this very thin story.

Two chapters down the line we read that Isaac called Esau to bless him
due to the fact that he was growing old and blind and needed to get the
blessing over with. Isaac instructed Esau to prepare a certain meal he
usually made for his father, and Esau left to go and get everything
ready. Rebecca, Isaac’s wife overheard and informed Jacob to quickly
go and prepare the requested food which was to forego the blessing in
the hope that Jacob would be done by the time Esau got back and
would then have received the blessing in Esau’s place, Jacob reminded
his mother that Esau was hairy, and he had a smooth skin, Rebecca
then hang some goat skins over Jacob to cheat Isaac into believing he
was blessing Esau, remember that Isaac was blind, yet he still
questioned the voice when Jacob spoke to him, and Jacob lied just
enough to get the blessing, later Esau came with the food he had
prepared and was told that he missed out on his rights, Isaac told Esau
that his brother had cheated him but that the blessing was done and he
could not recant it, and although Esau begged it was all to no avail.
Does all that sound like Esau sold his rights? Esau was so angry he
wanted to kill Jacob, Rebecca however, saved the day, and with more
lies to Isaac managed to send Jacob to her brother Laban in an effort to
‘cool’ Esau down. If Esau had indeed sold his rights; why all this

All of the above took place in Genesis chapter 27, but in chapter 28
verse 6, Esau learned for the first time about Jacob being blessed
in his place after Jacob had left already to go and stay with his
uncle Laban!! Just how many lies needs to be told try and convince us
that all this “bullshit” was true? First Esau sold his first born rights,
then Jacob and his mother cheated him out of it, and sent Jacob away
before Esau kill him, and now Esau only found out about all of it only
after Jacob is already gone; wow, it seems the saying; “many truths
are killed everyday, but a lie well told becomes immortal”, will fit
the scriptures like a glove! Was Jesus perhaps referring to incidents
like this when he told the people that they preferred to follow their
father’s desires; a father he called the Devil, who have been lying to the
people since the beginning!!

And we are given Jacob by religion as some kind of hero! There is

more. Jacob then went and stayed with Laban, on the way there he
slept at a place called Bethel and had a dream there that God blessed
him. He woke up and carried on to his uncle Laban, where he married
both his nieces and worked fourteen years for Laban, from these
marriages were born the twelve tribes of Israel. After Jacob had fled
from Laban because he was caught stealing his father in laws sheep
and goats, he wrestled through one night with God, when the dawn
came on the next morning God asked Jacob to let him go, then Jacob
blackmailed God; God said, “let me go, daylight is coming”, Jacob
replied; “I won’t, unless you bless me”.
Then God blessed Jacob and He was free to go; God was free to go,
blackmailed by a mere man to bless him!! Another very interesting
piece of information is the following. We read in the book of Acts
chapter 7 verse 42 to 43, the following: A man called Stephan who was
appointed by a religious group after talking to the apostles was arrested
by members of the synagogue, after the arrest he was put to trial and in
his defence he stated this; “for forty years in the desert, it was the
tent of Molech that you carried, and the images of Rephan your
star god; they were the idols you had made to worship”.

Now, from all this; can we ask the question, who did Jacob make a
deal with? Was this god part of, (those who climbed into this world in
some other way), and part of, (all others who came before me are
thieves and robbers) stated by Jesus in John chapter 10 in the New
Testament? Have we been cheated as Jesus points out in John chapter 8
verse 44, or did he refer to someone else, was this god of Jacob just
another liar, a second god, one who had different ideas than the first
one? If he was indeed one of those liars, then he sure as hell taught
Jacob to tell the perfect lie himself, just read Genesis chapter 31; the
whole chapter! I have in my life time, come across some con artists,
but Jacob takes the prize. THIS CON ARTIST BLACKMAILED

When Jesus pointed these kinds of things out to us, was he

hallucinating? Was Jesus disgust in the religion perhaps the reason for
his demise? Religion prefer to not preach about these small incidents,
and if asked, we hear the most amazing interpretations; either their
eyes, and ears are closed, or they studied Jacob to perfection!


Today we are all searching for sensible answers in a fast changing
world where little, if anything still makes as much sense as it did a
hundred, or even fifty years ago. Science is growing at an alarming
rate, teaching us more about our heritage and in this process religion is
coming under more and more scrutiny. Many leave the religions their
ancestors have for decades and in some instances for hundreds, to
thousands of years followed. But when confronted by new ideas and
other perceptions, or lies, taught as gospel truth, we get on our high
horses and attack those different opinions, and facts given in an effort
to turn our attention to a greater understanding.

Maybe it is fear causing this revolt, or perhaps we feel that we will

deny our parents and ancestors like Peter denied Jesus, but is it denial,
or are we in actual fact doing exactly what Jesus asked? What did he
ask; is perhaps the question racing through your mind right this
second? A valid question; and it deserve a valid answer. This man told
his apostles to go out into the world and teach the people a new truth,
but what exactly was that truth? And did his apostles teach that truth,
or did they revert back to the old religion? Or were there teachings
recorded and then altered to fit religion again? Fact is; everything Jesus
and his apostles taught were written down between sixty to two
hundred years after the fact, and done through word of mouth teachings
from one generation to another.

Now we can ask ourselves; just how accurate did those word of mouth
teachings got unto paper between sixty, to two hundred years down the
line? Let me give you an example; imagine your father told you that
one day he had to pick up his pick up with his two hands to help
another get out from underneath the pick up, because the jack broke
and the weight were just a little too much for the other guy to slide
from underneath it. Ten years later you tell this story to your son, but
add that your father was as strong as an ox. Twenty years later your son
tell this story to his son, and this is what your grandson hear; “your
great grandfather was one of the strongest people I have ever heard of,
a “truck” one day fell of a jack onto another guy working on the
gearbox, and your great grandfather caught the truck by the chassis
with one arm and quickly pulled the other guy from underneath the
“truck” with the other arm”. Only thirty years have passed, now
imagine this story two hundred years later!

The things we read in the bible were influenced in exactly the same
manner, people are people, and they have not changed from then until
today. Some of the perceptions you hear from your pastor on a Sunday
is in exactly the same frame of mind; to convince you and me about the
incredible greatness of the biblical figures. Then on top of all this
natural added “sweetness”, we find a man called Constantine the great
who lived 365 years after Jesus, took all those already not so accurate
scriptures and changed and altered them over a period of 40 years with
the help of three hundred bishops to suit his own personal ambition,
cast it in “stone”, and sell it the world as “gospel truth straight from
heaven”, and you find a people in the year 2010 who is not exactly
sure about anything anymore!

This uncertainty deserves to be allowed to hear other perceptions, to

“investigate all things and hold on to that which is good”, words,
perhaps spoken by Jesus two thousand odd years ago and were
hopefully put to paper as they were said. It is those words, which is
having you reading this article and the same words have caused this
article to be written; enjoy this perception on Moses.

Jacob took his family to Egypt in plus minus 1700 B.C, almost 350
years before Moses was born. In 1250 B.C, Moses led the Israelites out
of Egypt, 430 years after they entered that country as a small family of
70 souls, when they left a count was taken two years later, they
numbered 603,550 souls, a small nation indeed. Before the Exodus
Moses had some very intensive training in “miracles”, or magic, which
took place first in Egypt, then after he killed an Egyptian, in the land of
Midian where he had fled.

In Egypt Moses grew up in the King of Egypt’s palace or house, after

having been adopted by the Kings daughter. This is not stated in
scripture but logical thinking tells us that he must have been witness to
the training of the magicians and priests in the palace. It is natural to
expect that Moses himself knew a trick or two regarding the Egyptian
culture and training. In all probability him fleeing from Egypt was not
only due to the murder of the Egyptian but had probably more to do
with his knowledge regarding the Egyptian systems and culture, or
perhaps he came upon some sacred knowledge the Egyptians had!

When he arrived in the land of Midian he soon attracted the attention of

Jethro, the high priest of that nation, and shortly afterwards got married
to the daughter of Jethro. According to the Bible Moses chased some
shepherds away from a water well, to allow the daughters of Jethro
access to the well. This story is a bit thick to swallow, a stranger in
those times would have been killed on the spot for such an action, and
secondly the daughters of the high priest would most certainly have
been known to the shepherds. It is my guess that Moses in an effort to
attract the attention of the daughters did a couple of magic tricks to
impress them and they in turn told their father about it, and this
probably instigated the invitation to be a guest at the house of the high

This meeting was the start of Moses life in Midian, and being married
to the high priest’s daughter an opportunity to learn all about the
“magic” of this tribe’s high priest. Many years later the king of Egypt
died and Moses had the opportunity to return to Egypt. The lord
almighty however chose this as the perfect time to introduce himself to
Moses. After scaring the living daylights out of Moses he convinced
Moses about his identity, and then started to work Moses into
becoming the man we read in scripture who led the Israelites out of
Egypt. After teaching Moses some more magic this lord decided to
send Moses on his way, Moses then tried to back out of the deal by
declaring his inability to talk, apparently Moses had a speech disability,
but the lord had another answer in the form of Aaron, a Levite who was
also a great speaker, and eventually Moses accepted the challenge.

On the way to Egypt this lord suddenly appeared to Moses and wanted
to kill him on the spot because his two sons were not circumcised,
Zipporah, Moses wife quickly grabbed the two boys circumcised them
and touched their foreskins to Moses feet and declared, “you are a
husband of blood to me”, as the rite of circumcision demanded. The
lord then spared Moses! Wow, the lord almighty made a serious deal
with Moses, and in an instant was ready to kill the poor guy because of
a ritual not done yet; just how important were people to this lord? I
suppose Aaron could have the done the job equally well if Moses wife
had been a bit slow to react! What was this lord’s real reason to free his
chosen nation? Let us find out!

In the book of Genesis chapter four verse 21 to 22 we read the

following; “I will make the Egyptians respect you so that when my
people leave, they will not go empty handed. Every Israelite woman
will go to her Egyptian neighbours and to any Egyptian woman living
in her house and will ask for clothing and for gold and silver jewellery.
The Israelites will put these things on their sons and daughters and
carry away the wealth of the Egyptians”. The enormous amount of
wealth is somewhat lost in these sentences, but think about this; when
the Israelites left Egypt they numbered just over six hundred thousand
able men excluding woman and children, how much weight can one
person carry? Let us assume that only six hundred thousand people
each carried 2 kilogram of jewellery it gives an astounding 1.2 million
kilograms of gold and silver carried out of Egypt. That is enough to
make anybody happy, but why would a god, a creator, need gold and
silver, a God or Creator can create as much as he likes?

It seems that a prediction made 600 years earlier had a method behind
the madness; 1.2 million kilograms of method! Is this the kind of
thieving Jesus referred to in John chapter 10 verse 1, “the man who
does not enter the sheepfold by the gate, but climbs in some other way
(with chariots of fire) is a thief and a robber”. They told us they were
gods but stole our gold and jewellery; lied about their true identity to
get their hands on our wealth and is using us to even mine it for them,
and we still do.

Think about this: In almost every country today the governments

have vaults where the basis of that countries monetary value is
stored, pure gold bars, places easily traceable with technology!
Imagine just how easy it would be for the occupants of that 5.7
million square kilometre monstrosity predicted in Revelations
chapter 21 to just pick up their precious cargo here on earth, how
many tons have been horded by us for their convenience?

We are not done with Moses yet!

Until next time.