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NI: ########

Draylynn #######, Joint Claim with Husband

07/10/10 - Sign date, inquired about holiday form (Honeymoon on

9/10/10), was told to just go and inform OTR I was going on holiday.
OTR rearranged all appointments around my holiday.

21/10/10 - Job Centre requested I filled a Holiday Form

(retrospectively) since I had been on holiday. Produced a self-cert sick
(7 days) which was refused.

26/10/10 - Found out benefits had been stopped due to Holiday form
information about lack of communications (no phone line/signal or
internet at holiday location, unknown before attending holiday).

28/10/10 - Phoned up 08456088528 to inquire about lack of paper

communication from Job Centre as husbands ESA, DLA and my own
benefits changes had not arrived in the post. Was told to contact Royal
Mail, regardless that all other mail from other sources had been

02/11/10 - Phoned 08456088528 about JSA sanction, was given advice

and they promised to send paperwork to appeal.

03/11/10 - Paperwork and appeal forms arrived, signed and sent back.

04/11/10 - Sign date, sick, Mother-in-law took in doctor's sick note

(03/11/10 - 3 weeks), was refused, claim stopped again. Phoned 0845
608 8528 who informed me that I needed to sign on ESA for 3 weeks
as the sick note is over 14 days (3 Weeks).

05/11/10 - Change of Circumstances - Name Change handed in with

copy of JSA stamped marriage certificate. Signing book - filled and
handed in, signed off.

07/11/10 - Completed ESA application online at Gateway ID: ###########- Ref:

08/11/10 - JSA termination recieved according to 08000556688.

09/11/10 - Phoned 08000556688 to find out about ESA claim, ESA

declined due to active JSA claim.
Phoned 0845 608 8528 as recommended by 08000556688 to cancel
JSA claim. Was told no reciept of termination was recieved. Was told to
ring 01656682131 to cancel claim, as 0845 608 8528 was the wrong
Phoned 0845 608 8528 to inquire about sanction recieved on the
21/10/10, was forwarded through to benefits processing who abruptly
hung up before a word could be spoken.

10/11/10 - Phoned 01656682131 to cancel JSA claim. Forwarded me

through to 1st floor, who told me it was the wrong job centre and was
told to contact 01623413400.
Contacted 01623413400, automated voice alerted me that the number
was no longer in use.
Phoned 08456088528 - confirmed termination not recieved - no notes
regarding any termination but JSA had tried to contact me twice (no
recorded calls from JSA, 2 missed calls from ESA), JSA claim still active.
Told to phone 08456043719 main switchboard.
Phoned 08456043719, told to phone the direct line 01623583511.
Phoned 01623583511, line busy.

11/11/10 - Phoned 01623583511, JSA Termination not recieved, found

JSA termination book, processing to terminate later today.

12/11/10 - Completed another ESA application at Gateway ID: ########### - Ref:

15/11/10 - Told by ESA that husband cannot claim ESA, they claim
he's fit for work after he took their advice about a joint JSA claim with
excemption (sick note).
Mother-in-law called Nott BDC, inquired about husbands ESA claim,
was informed he needed to make another claim as he is elligable for
ESA. Made another claim for ESA for Husband, joint claim with
Still have not recieved any payment or communication about
Husbands tribunal which ruled in his favor for ESA claim July 09 - to

17/11/10 - Obtained another doctor's sick note 17/11/10 3 weeks, now

being investigated for Fisher-miller syndrome (Due to
Neurocardiogenic Syncope episodes), diabetes.

18/11/10 - Recieved a letter addressed to Draylynn using pre-

marriage name regarding a crisis loan.
Recieved ESA forms, incorrectly filled by 'Teleclaim'. Illness reported as
'Depression' for Draylynn, not Neurocardiogenic Syncope and
Diabetes/UTI investigation.
Contacted ESA about sick-note already sent in to Nott BDC, Pudge
Road. Lady asked for National Insurance and then Last Name, went on
hold for 2 mins, heard a click and then line dead - they hung up.
Phoned ESA again who said JSA claim still active for Draylynn and still
cannot be processed. Phoned 01623583511 who informed me the
claim 'appeared' closed and told to ring 08456088518 who confirmed
claim is still active. JSA are still referring me under pre-marital name
informed the nice lady my name had been changed, explained that JSA
had been posted a JSA stamped copy of my marriage certificate.
Awaiting call back from 08456088518 (call back either 18/11/10 up to
5pm, or 19/11/10 up to 11am)to let me know what is going to happen.

19/11/10 - Recieved letter addressed to pre-marital name about

benefit changes to my JSA, breakdown of deductions and how my JSA
was formulated. Joint Claim ended 21st Oct (Sanction date), Draylynn
listed as disabled (Husband should be listed as disabled), which is
Still no phone call from 08456088518 about what is happening with my
Phoned 08456088528 to find out about JSA claim termination, told that
claim was beind held open by appeal against sanction. Was told I could
claim ESA back to 03/11/10 (First sick note from doctor's).