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DAN BOREN MEMBER OF CONGRESS 2005-2013 November 1, 2019 Mr. Frazer, Thereby resign effective immediately from my position as a Director and member of the National Rifle Association, I have had the honor and privilege of advocating for the Second Amendment during my time as a State Legislator, Member of Congress and a Director of the NRA. My commitment to the Second Amendment remains strong and | will continue my advocacy as a private citizen. The Second Amendment is more important than one person or any organization and { will remain a faithful voice in its support. It is my hope that the NRA will face its mounting troubles with honesty and transparency and through those efforts will revai the trust of past and present NRA members, as well as the American public who are watching, these events unfold. I am hopeful that the NRA can once again become a constructive voice for ‘gun owners and the men and women who enjoy the outdoors. Sincerely, Dan Boren