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Submitted for partial fulfillment of award of MASTER'S

Technical University, Lucknow

University Roll No.
MBA-IInd Year, 3rd Semester




ADMINISTRATION”, of Dronacharya College of Engineering,
Greater Noida affiliated to U.P. Technical University, Lucknow. I
hereby declare that all the information facts and findings
furnished in this report are based on my indigenous work and are
original in nature. The information is used for purely academic
purpose and any resemblance from existing work is purely
confidential in nature.


While submitting the project report prepared by me on the topic

acknowledge my humble gratitude and loyal thanks to (Cluster
Manager of ICICI Bank, Meerut) who gave me an opportunity to
work in ICICI Bank.

I would like to thank to (Team leader) for encouraging me to

undertake this study. He has also helped me preparing me the
questionnaire easily.

I wish to take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to

all those who have give me their precious time and humble
guidance in completion of my project.

Last but not the least; I am thankful to all of my friends who have
given me their valuable suggestions in preparing the project


I have under took this project “CUSTOMER AWARENESS OF ICICI

BANK MEERUT’ for the partial fulfillment of MBA.

In Meerut there are 3 branches of ICICI Bank. The Tezgadhi

Branch of ICICI Bank is trying to capture the whole market and
increasing its market share along with the customer awareness
day by day. I have surveyed about the customer awareness of
ICICI bank in this branch and present at what level ICICI Bank
captures or cover the market. I hope that this project would help
the ICICI Bank to know the customer awareness and also helps to
improve it.

I offer my thanks to Mr S.K.Bishayee (H.O.D) for guidance and

other help operation conducive to project work and for
preparation of project report.

ICICI Bank Address. ICICI
Towers,. IFloor, West Wing, No1,
Commissariat Road, ..... Meerut


This is to certify that MR. RAHUL SHARMA student of MBA II

SEMESTER in Marketing, has worked in the “ICICI BANK”. Under the
able guidance and my supervision.

The period for which he was on training was from 10.06.2010 to

22.07.2010 this project report has the requisite standard for the partial
fulfillment of the MBA. In Marketing to the best of our Knowledge no part
of this report has been reproduced from any other report and the contents are
based on original research.

(Sales Manager)










The Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI) Ltd. is the second
largest bank in India. It is the first largest bank in the private bank.
ICICI was established on 1st March, 1955. So it is a 50 years old financial institute.
It is one of the largest financial institutions in India.
Mr. K.V. Kamat, the CEO of ICICI is the first India CEO to receive the Asian
Business Leader Award.
ICICI Bank was chosen “Bank of the Year” by the Bankers Magazine, UK, in 2002.
Its equity share are listed on all prestigious stock exchange at Chennai, Delhi,
Kolkata, Mumbai, NSE & NYSE
It enjoys AAA rating given by Standard & Poors.
It is the 5th largest insurance company.
ICICI has the large number of branches & ATM counters.
ICICI Bank is the 1st private bank who have given the banking hour form 8-8.
“Anywhere Banking” facility is the most important facility given by ICICI Bank.
It is the bank who have given the offer for the businessmen to maintain their account
as for the basis of cash or cheque of their business.
The purpose of the bank is to create, win, & keep customers. The customer is the
central focus of everything the bank does.
The main aim of ICICI Bank is to deliver total satisfaction to the customers which is
effected by the performance of all personnel of the bank.

ICICI Bank is India’s second largest bank with total assets of about Rs.1676.59
bn(US$ 38.5 bn) at March 31, 2006 and the profit after tax of Rs. 20.05 bn(US$ 461
mn) for the year ended March 31, 2006(Rs. 16.37 bn(US$ 376 mn) in fiscal 2004).
ICICI Bank has a network of about 573 branches and extension counters ad over
2,000 ATMs. ICICI Bank offers a wide range of banking products and financial
services to corporate and retail customers through a verity of delivery channels and
through its specialized subsidiaries and affiliates in the areas investing banking, life
and non-life insurance, venture capital and asset management. ICICI Bank set up its
international banking group in fiscal 2002 to cater to the cross border needs of clients
and leverage on its domestic banking strengths to offer products internationally.
ICICI Bank currently has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Canada and Russia,
branches in Singapore and Bahrain and representative officers in the United States,
China, United Arab emirates, Bangladesh and South Africa. ICICI Bank’s equity
shares are listed in India on the Bombay Stock exchange and the National Stock
Exchange of India Limited and in American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) are listed
on the New York Sock Exchange (NYSE). ICICI Bank has formulated a Code of
Business Conduct and ethics for its directors and employees.

At September 20, 2006, ICICI Bank, with free float market capitalization of about
Rs. 400.00 billion (US$ 9.00 billion) ranked third amongst all the companies listed
on the Indian Stock Exchange. ICICI Bank was originally promoted in 1994 by ICICI
Limited, an Indian financial institution, and was its wholly-owned subsidiary.
ICICI’s shareholding in ICICI Bank was reduced to 46% through a public offering
shares in India in fiscal 1998, an equity offering in the form of ADRs listed on the
NYSE in fiscal 2000, ICICI Bank’s acquisition of Bank of Madurai Limited in an all
stock amalgamation in fiscal 2001, and secondary market scales by ICICI to
institutional investors in fiscal 2001 and 2002. ICICI was formed in 1955 at the
initiative of the World Bank, the Govt. of India and representatives of Indian
Industry. The principal objective was to create a development financial institution for
providing medium-term and long term project financing to Indian businesses. In
1990, ICICI transformed its business from a development financial institution
offering only project finance to diversified financial services group offering a wide
variety of products and services both directly and through a number of subsidiaries
and affiliates like ICICI Bank. In 1999, ICICI became the first Indian Company and
the first bank or financial institution from non-Japan Asia to be listed on the NYSE.
After consideration of various corporate structuring alternatives in the context of the
emerging competitive scenario in the Indian Banking Industry, and the move towards
universal banking, the managements of ICICI bank would be the optimal strategic
alternative for both entities, and would create the optimal legal structure for the ICICI
group’s universal banking strategy. The merger would enhance value for ICICI
shareholders through the merged entities access to low-cost deposits, greater
opportunities for earning free-based income and the ability to participate in the
payments system and provide transaction-banking services. The merger would
enhance value for ICICI Bank shareholders through a large capital base and scale of
operations, seamless access to ICICI’s strong corporate relationships built up over
five decades, entry into new business segments, higher market share in various
business segments, particularly fee-based services, and access to the vast talent pool
of ICICI and its subsidiaries. IN October 2001, the Board of Directors of ICICI and
ICICI Bank approved the merger of ICICI and two of its wholly-owned retail finance
subsidiaries, ICICI Personal Financial Services Limited and ICICI Capital Services
Limited, with ICICI bank. The merger was approved by shareholders of ICICI and
ICICI Bank in January 2002, and by the High Court of Judicature at Mumbai and the
Reserve bank of India in April 2002. Consequent to the merger, the ICICI group’s
financing and banking operations, both wholesale and retail, have been integrated in
a single entity. Free float holdings among public sector entities.

1955 :
The Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited (ICICI)
incorporated at the initiative of the World Bank, the Government of India and
representatives of Indian industry, with the objective of creating a development
financial institution for providing medium-term and long-term project financing to
Indian businesses. Mr.A.Ramaswami Mudaliar elected as the first Chairman of ICICI

ICICI emerges as the major source of foreign currency loans to Indian industry.
Besides funding from the World Bank and other multi-lateral agencies, ICICI also
among the first Indian companies to raise funds from International markets.

1956 :
ICICI declared its first Dividend at 3.5%.

1958 :
Mr.G.L.Mehta was appointed the 2nd Chairman of ICICI Ltd.

1960 :
ICICI building at 163, Backbay Reclamation was inaugurated.

1961 :
The first West German loan of DM 5 million from Kredianstalt was obtained by
1967 :
ICICI made its first debenture issue for Rs.6crore, which was oversubscribed.

1969 :
First two regional offices in Calcutta and Madras were opened.

1972 :
Second entity in India to set-up merchant banking services.

Mr. H. T. Parekh appointed as the third Chairman of ICICI.

1977 :
ICICI sponsors the formation of Housing Development Finance Corporation.
Managed its first equity public issue

1978 :
Mr. James Raj appointed as the fourth Chairman of ICICI.

1979 :
Mr.Siddharth Mehta appointed as the fifth Chairman of

1982 :
Becomes the first ever Indian borrower to raise European Currency Units.
ICICI commences leasing business.

1984 :
Mr. S. Nadkarni appointed as the sixth Chairman of ICICI.

1985 :
Mr.N.Vaghul appointed as the seventh Chairman and Managing Director of ICICI.

1986 :
ICICI first Indian Institution to receive ADB Loans. First public issue by an Indian
entity in the Swiss Capital Markets.

ICICI along with UTI sets up Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited,
(CRISIL) India's first professional credit rating agency.

ICICI promotes Shipping Credit and Investment Company of India Limited. (SCICI)

The Corporation made a public issue of Swiss Franc 75 million in Switzerland, the
first public issue by any Indian equity in the Swiss Capital Market.

1987 :
ICICI signed a loan agreement for Sterling Pound 10 million with Commonwealth
Development Corporation (CDC), the first loan by CDC for financing projects in
1988 :
ICICI promotes TDICI - India's first venture capital company.

1993 :
ICICI sets-up ICICI Securities and Finance Company Limited in joint venture with J.
P. Morgan.

ICICI sets up ICICI Asset Management Company.

1994 :
ICICI sets up ICICI Bank.

1996 :
ICICI becomes the first company in the Indian financial sector to raise GDR.

ICICI announces merger with SCICI.

Mr.K.V.Kamath appointed the Managing Director and CEO of ICICI Ltd

1997 :
ICICI was the first intermediary to move away from single prime rate to three-tier
prime rates structure and introduced yield-curve based pricing.

The name "The Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited " was
changed to "ICICI Limited".

ICICI announces takeover of ITC Classic Finance.

1998 :
Introduced the new logo symbolizing a common corporate identity for the ICICI

ICICI announces takeover of Anagram Finance.

1999 :
ICICI launches retail finance - car loans, house loans and loans for consumer

ICICI becomes the first Indian Company to list on the NYSE through an issue of
American Depositary Shares.

2000 :
ICICI Bank becomes the first commercial bank from India to list its stock on NYSE.

ICICI Bank announces merger with Bank of Madura.

2001 :
The Boards of ICICI Ltd and ICICI Bank approved the merger of ICICI with ICICI

2002 :
Moodys' assign higher than sovereign rating to ICICI.

Merger of ICICI Limited, ICICI Capital Sercvices Ltd and ICICI Personal Financial
Services Limited with ICICI Bank

Mr. N. Vaghul, Chairman

Mr. Sridar Iyengar
Mr. R.K.Joshi
Mr. Lakshmi N. Mittal
Mr. Narendra Murkumbi
Mr. Anupam Puri
Mr. Vinod Rai
Mr. M.K. Sharma
Mr. P.M. Sinha
Prof. Marti G. Subrahmanyam
Mr. T.S. Vijayan
Mr. V. Prem Watsa
Mr. K.V. Kamath, Managing Director & CEO
Ms. Lalita D. Gupte, Joint Managing Director
Ms. Kalpana Morparia, Joint Managing Director
Ms. Chanda Kochhar, Deputy Managing Director
Dr. Nachiket Mor, Deputy Managing Director

ICICI Bank’s mission is to be a World Class Indian Bank. The bank’s aim is to build
sound customer franchises across distinct business so as to be the preferred provider
of banking services in the segments that the bank operates in and to achieve healthy
growth in profitability, consistent with the bank’s risk appetite. The bank is
committed to maintain the highest level of ethical standards, professional integrity
and regulatory compliance. ICICI bank’s business philosophy is based on four core

• Operational Excellence
• Customer Focus
• Product Leadership
• People


Expansion and modernization an industrial enterprises in The private sector industry

creation of ICICI is another milestone in the growth of the Indian capital market to
encourage industrial development in the private sector, a considerable provision of
underwriting facilities was considered necessary. To fill these gap in the institutional
structure of the Indial capital market, The ICICI was established in January 1955.

The idea underlying the establishment of the ICICI was further pursued and steering
committee was setup consisting of five members.

The ICICI was setup to fill certain gaps for the provision of finance to industrial
undertaking in the private sectors. The objectives of ICICI Bank are :

• To assist in the creation within India.

• To encourage and promote the participation of private capital both internal and
• To encourage and promote private ownership of industrial investment and
expansion of markets.

• To provide loans.
• To provide finance in the form of equity.
• To sponsor an underwrite new issues of shares and securities.
• To make funds available for investment.
• To guarantee loans from private investment sources.
• To provide loans in foreign currency.
• To furnish managerial, technical and administrative services to the Indian
• To serve as a merchant banker.
• To provide lease financing.
• To work as a trusty to setup mutual fund.


From this, ICICI is managing most of the larger issues both in domestic and non-
resident market .It has also been associated with the issue of public sector bonds by
some large organization like Indian Petrochemical corporation ltd. ,NTPC, MTNL.
The corporation has steadily continued to expand the capital market by concentrating
its marketing efforts for public issues beyond the main metro cities.

The Merchant Banking division commenced providing corporate consultancy

services during1986.

For the first time 1988-89 the Merchant Banking Division commenced advisory
services on foreign currency Management and resources, overseas company flotation
and management/organizational restructuring. It plays a key role in collaborating
with other institutions for setting up the over the counter market which has already
started operating.


ICICI acts as a Trustee for debenture issues made by companies. Trustee service
include completion of legal documentation and security for the Debenture as well as
giving the requisite approvals on behalf of the Debenture-holders to the borrowing
companies up to March 31,2002.
During 1993-94 the ICICI has started formally providing project Advisory
environment the division provides assistance to the corporate sector in the pre-
investment stage on government policies and procedures, feasibility studies search
for joint venture partners and entire strategies.


ICICI has set up in 1994 a commercial bank viz. ICICI Banking corporation ltd ,in
order to provide comprehensive finding and non-finding facilities to its corporate
clients. The bank provides to the corporation the retail presence required for raising
resources from the household sectors.

The bank has been set up as a 100 percent subsidiary for the present. With the
enhancement of value to share holders equity as one of its prime objective.

When the bank comes up with its initial public offering, investors in ICICI will stand
to gain in several ways.


Credit risk, the most significant risk faced by ICICI Bank, is managed by the Credit
Risk Compliance & Audit Department (CRC & AD) which evaluates at the
transaction level as well as in the portfolio context. The industry analysts of the
department monitor all the major sectors and evolve a sectoral outlook, which is an
important input to the portfolio planning process. The department has done detailed
studies on default patterns of the loans and prediction of default in the Indian context.
Risk based pricing of loans has been introduced.

The function of this department includes:

• Review of Credit Origination & Monitoring

• Credit rating of companies/ structures
• Default risk & loan pricing
• Review of industry sectors
• Review of large exposures in industries/ corporate groups/ companies
• Ensure monitoring and follow-up by building appropriate systems such as

Design appropriate credit processes, operating policies & procedures

Portfolio monitoring
Methodology to measure portfolio risk
Credit Risk Information System (CRIS)

4. Focused attention to structured financing deals

Pricing, New Product Approval Policy, Monitoring

5. Monitor adherence to credit policies of RBI

During the year, the department has been instrumental in reorienting the credit
processes, including delegation of powers and creation of suitable control points in
the credit delivery process with the objective of improving customer response time
and enhancing the effectiveness of the assert creation and monitoring activities.

Availability of information on real time basis is an important requisite for sound risk
management. To aid its interaction with strategic business units, and provide real
time interaction with the strategic business units, and provide real time information
on credit risk, the CRC & Ad has implemented a sophisticated information system,
namely the Credit Risk Information System. In addition, the CRC & AD has
designed a web-based system to render information on various aspects of the credit
portfolio of ICICI Bank.

Market Risk Compliance & Audit Group

ICICI Bank is exposed to all categories of Market Risk, viz.,

Interest Rate Risk ( risk due to charges in interest rates )

Exchange Rate Risk ( risk due to changes in exchanges rates )
Equity Rate Risk ( risk due to change in equity prices )
Liquidity Risk ( risk due to deterioration in market liquidity for tradable instrument )

The Market Risk Compliance & Audit Department evaluates, tests and approves
market risk methodologies developed by the Treasury. It also participates in the new
product approval on a firm-wide basis and evaluates all new products from a market
risk perspective.


ICICI Bank, like all large banks, is exposed to any types of operational risks. These
include potential losses caused by events such as breakdown in information,
communication, transaction processing and settlement system/ procedures.

The Audit Department, an integral part of the Risk Compliance & Audit Group,
focuses on the potential risk within the organization. In recent times, there has been a
shift in the audit focus from transactions to controls.

Some examples of the paradigm shifts are:

Adherence to internal policies, procedures and documented processes Risk based
Audit Plan Widening Audit Techniques (CAATs) Information Systems Audit Plans
to develop/ buy software to capture the workflow of the Audit Department

The Risk Based Audit Plan envisages allocation of audit resources in accordance
with the risk constituents of ICICI Bank’s business.

Employees Stock Option Scheme

The progress of the Bank in a short period of six years would not have been possible
without the dedication of staff members of the bank and the team spirit displayed by
staff of both the Bank and ICICI. The Bank has ensured that all its employees are
given adequate training. During 1999-2000, on an average 37 hours of training was
given to employee, which compares well with the best globally. The pay scales of
employees were recently rationalized to align them with the levels of remuneration of
few of the comparable banks.

Further, in order to attract talent and motivate in staffs, the Bank has introduced an
Employee Stock Option Scheme.

The Scheme drawn up in accordance with the guidelines prescribed by Securities and
Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has been implemented effective from February 21,
2000. In all 17,13,000 stock option have been granted to 426 employees and
Directors of the bank and ICICI Limited. Of these, 3 senior managerial personnel of
the Bank were granted 81,250 stock options.


ICICI Bank operates in a highly automated environment in terms of information

technology and communication system. All the bank’s branches have connectivity,
which enables the bank to offer speedy funds transfer facilities to its customers.
Multi-branch access is also provided to retail customers through the branch network
and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

The Bank has made substantial efforts and investments in acquiring the best
technology available internationally to build the infrastructure for a world-class bank.

The world ’wireless’ with which we are familiar has begun to be put to use that are
more commercial. The wireless Application Protocol (WAP) will usher in a new era
and come to be use in large way for business transactions in future. The Bank has
commenced using WAP technology and towards this end has tied up with cellular
telephone companies for providing mobile banking services to the customers.

The Corporate Banking Business is supported by Finance.

The Bank has prioritized its engagement in technology and the internet as one of its
key goals and has already made significant progress in web-enabling its core
business. In each of its business, the Bank has succeeded in leveraging its market
position, expertise and technology to create a competitive advantage and build
market share.

Corporate Governance

The Bank is committed to follow the tenets of good corporate governance. Right
from its inception, the Bank has assiduously practiced good governance. It has set up
among other committees of the Board, a Compensation Committee which looks into
and recommends to the Board the amount of compensation payable to the executive
directors, the fees payable to other directors and framing the internal guidelines for
and management of the Employee Stock Option Scheme. The Nomination
Committee reviews the functioning of the members of the Board. The Audit & Risk
Committee reviews and monitors audit of branches and overall system and
procedures. The Committee also monitors periodically risk management measures to
control risks like market risks, operational risks, liquidity risks, etc


ICICI Bank caters to a wide range of banking services covering commercial and
investment banking on the wholesale side and transactional / branch banking on the
retail side.
The Bank has three key business areas:-
a) Wholesale Banking Services

The Bank’s target market is primarily large, blue chip manufacturing companies in
the India corporate sector and to a lesser extent, emerging mid-sized corporate. For
these corporate, the Bank provides a wide range of commercial and transactional
banking services, including working capital finance, trade services, transactional
services, cash management etc.

The Bank is also a leading provider of structured solutions, which combines cash
management services with vendor and distributor finance for facilitating superior
supply chain management for its corporate customers. Based on its superior supply
chain management for its corporate customers. Based on its superior product delivery
/ services levels and strong customer orientation, the Bank has made significant
inroads into the banking consortia of a number of leading Indian corporate including
multinational, companies from the domestic business houses and prime Public Sector
companies. It is recognized as a leading provider of cash management and
transactional banking solution to corporate customers, mutual funds, stock exchange
members and banks.

b) Retail Banking Services

The objective of the Retail bank is to provide its target market customers a full range
of financial products and banking services, giving the customer a one-stop window
for all his/her banking requirements. The products are backed by world-class service
and delivered to the customers through the growing branch network, ass well as
through alternative delivery channels like ATM’s, Phone Banking, Net Banking and
Mobile Banking.

The ICICI Bank preferred program for high net worth individuals. The Bank also has
wide array of retail loan products including Auto Loans, Loans against marketable
securities, Personal Loans and Loans for Two Wheelers. It is also a leading provider
of Depository Services to retail customers, offering customers the facility to hold
their investments in electronic form.

c) Treasury Operations

Within this business, the Bank has three main product areas –

Foreign Exchange and Derivatives,

Local Currency Money market & Debt Securities, and Equities.
With the liberalization of the financial markets in India, corporate need more
sophisticated risk management information, advice and product structures. These and
fine pricing on various treasury products are provided through the Bank’s Treasury


Credit Rating of ICICI Bank Limited

Agency India ICICI Bank Limited

Moody’s FC – Long Term Baa3 Baa3

FC – Long Term BB+ BB+
S&P FC – Short Term B B
Rupee – Long Term Care – AAA
CARE Rupee – Long Term PRI+
Rupee – Short Term LAA
ICRA Term Deposit MAAA
Rupee – Short Term A1+

Corporate Governance Rating

The Bank was one of the first fore companies, which subjected itself to a Corporate
Governance and Value Creation (GVC) rating by the India Limited (CRISIL). The
rating provides an independent assessment of an entity’s current performance and an
expectation on its “balanced value creation and corporate governance practices” in
future. The Bank has been assigned a ‘CRISIL GVC Level 1” rating which indicates
that the Bank’s capability with respect to wealth creation for all its stakeholders while
adopting sound corporate governance practices is the highest.


During 1990-2000 the Bank recorded substantial progress in all areas of its
operations. The deposits level of RS. 9,866 crores and loan book of RS.4,417 crores
as at March 31, 2000 have placed the Bank in a leadership position amongst growth
in deposits and advances of the banking industry during the year worked out to about
three per cent each.
The net profit of the Bank at Rs.105 crores, after providing for all required
provisions, showed an incremental growth of 66 per cent.
The expansion of both ‘clicks and brick’ in the form of branches and internet
accounts during the year had been unprecedented. The Bank set up additional 26
branches, 7 extension counters and more than 100 ATM centers. Now there are about
1952 ATMs and 550 branches of ICICI Bank all over India.

A number of innovative products are introduced. A few of them are corporate infinity
products to assist corporate to track their accounts and perform most of the routine
banking transactions;

Payment of utility bills through the internet;

On- line account opening for non resident Indians (NRI’s);

Call centers to facilitate telephone banking for customers convenience;

Internet based credit cards in association with visa international – the card is accepted
for transactions by about 1,10,000 merchant establishments in India and Nepal and at
over 18 Million establishment all over the world;

Electronic bill presentment and payment services in association with Infosys

technologies limited;

Tie up with funds to enable customers and investors to invest in and as well as
redeem their investment in mutual funds, through the branches of the Bank

Internet based banking product ‘bank@campus’ specially tailor-made to suit the

requirements of college students;

For Youngsters a special savings product under the brand name ‘Youngster’s
Account’ to inculcate banking habits at a young age, while helping them to learn to
hankdle computers and become familiar with Internet.
In all these initiatives, the Bank along with the ICICI group made full user of
business applications provided by modern technology to offer its customers facilities
of e-commerce.
The bank operationalised its B2B and B2C solutions, which have quickly caught on
with customers.




• Regular Savings Account

• Women’s Account
• Joint Holding Account
• Senior Citizen Account
• Special Savings Account
• Salary Account


(A) Roaming Current Account

• Standard Current Account

• Classic Current Account
• Premium Current Account
• Gold Current Account

• Gold Plus Current Account

• Platinum Current Account

(B) Made 2 Order Current Account


ICICI Bank provides Savings Account that keeps pace with growing needs of people.
It’s a unique savings account in India, which helps to withdraw or deposit cash
through wide network of branches and ATMs across India. ICICI Bank uses state-of-
the-art technology to give an array of value-added services. It provides the comforts
of FREE Phone Banking, Mobile banking and Net Banking from practically
anywhere, anytime. Electricity, Mobile Phone and Telephone bills can be paid
through the phone, Internet or the ATM with the unique Bill Pay Facility. All this is
provided for a minimum balance of just Rs. 5000/-


3.50% interest per annum credited to the account, at a quarterly intervals, one can
gain this interest based on the minimum balance in the account between the 10th and
the last day of the month and credited to the account every quarter (March 31, June
30, September 30 and December 31)

If the minimum balance exceeds Rs. 10,000 then the excess amount will get
transferred to FD account in the multiples of Rs.5000 and will fetch an interest rate of

There is no penalty on premature withdrawal of a single fixed deposit for amount,

less than Rs. 15 Lakhs and the FD’s on due date gets automatically renewed.

Statements are mailed every quarter; beginning March 31st. Monthly statements are
certificates of balance are also available at nominal fee.

Funds Transfers & Demand Drafts – Free Funds transfers to another HDFC Bank
account in any city/ branch. Demand draft available at nominal charges.
• Free personalized cheque.
• International Debit card
• Free 24- Hours ATM Services. However charges account to Rs. 99 plus 10.2%
• Net Banking
• Mobile Banking
• Bill Pay
• Phone Banking
• Inter-City and Inter Branch Banking
• Safe Deposit Lockers

Must be 18 years of age.

Opening amount in standard is Rs. 20000 in order to capture quality customers rather
quantity customers.

Quarterly average balance of Rs. 5000 is to be maintained, i.e., Rs. 5000 must be
maintained in the account.


If the quarterly average balance is not maintained then Rs. 750 plus 10.2% service
tax is applicable, which will amount to total amount of Rs. 827.


The facility of nomination is available for relationships in the names of individuals.

Unless otherwise specifically, given in writing by depositors, nomination in deposit
accounts will be at Customer ID level.

A depositor(s) however has/ have the right to specify different nominations at

account by completing the appropriate forms.

Further, the applicant(s) is/ are at liberty to change the nominee during the currency
of the relationship accounts with the Bank through declaration to that effect in the
appropriate form


1) One photograph of each applicant

2) Identification proof ( Pan Card, Passport, Driving License or Voter ID Card)

3) Rs. 100 cheque of existing bank for sign verification if fresh openings.
If no cheque is provided then he can provide PAN, Passport, Voter’s ID.

Identity Proof

Any one following:

• Verified true copy of valid passport

• Letter from existing bank
• Valid driving license
• Valid employee identity card
• Valid PAN Card
• Valid pension Book
• Valid Photo Credit Card along with the current billing cycle (latest) statement
• Valid freedom fighter’s pass issued by Home Ministry of Government of India
• True copy of valid arms license issued by Govt. Of India/ State Govt./ Union
territory with photograph

Proof of Communication Address

Any one of the following:

• Latest electricity bill

• Latest telephone bill
• Consumer gas connection card
• Current lease agreement
• Latest premium receipt from any life insurance company
• Latest statement of account from a credit card issuing company
• Letter from employer certifying the residential address of the employee as
recorded in their book
• Latest certificate (not more than 3 months old) from the postal office
confirming address of the applicant
• Residential certificate mentioning name and address of the applicant issued by
municipal corporation local body etc
• Certificate from ward officer, maintaining election roll, certifying address of
the applicant
However ID Proof is must if no address proof is available then a guarantee from
some existing customer can work, provided that customer is six months old customer
of the ICICI bank and no penalty is charged against that customer in the last three


A current account is generally known as the day to day transaction which is mainly
the requirement of the businessmen for their day to day business. It may be defined
A running account supporting unlimited withdrawals and deposits.
A current account is meant for convenience and not to save money.
Current account has been classified mainly in 2 types:

Roaming Current Account (RCA)

Made 2 Order Current Account(M2O)

The following are the some facilities which are provided by the bank in current

• Unlimited withdrawals and deposit

• Unlimited cheque book
• Demand draft and pay order
• Fund transfers (Local or anywhere)
• Collection of cheques/drafts
• Statements, Advices, Daily statement by e-mail
• Cash withdrawal and deposits
• Call center
• Internet banking
Who needs a current account?

Businessman, Joint stock company, Institutions, Public authorities/corporations, etc.

Any business that has numerous banking transactions need a current account

Added features of current account

Multi-city cheque payment facility at over 155 centers

Anywhere banking facility
Doorstep banking- pick up and delivery of currency/cheque
Mobile banking

Thus these above are some important are some important and most beneficial
features of current account.


The ICICI Prudential Life Insurance is one of the most vital products of ICICI Bank.
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance is the number 1 company as in the field of life
insurance but here only the life insurance corp. of India is the competitor of ICICI.
The punch line of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance is “We cover you at every step of

The main competitors of ICICI Prudential life insurance expect LICI are the Kotak
Mahindra, Birla Sun life insurance and HDFC Standard life insurance in the present
market scenario.

ICICI Bank launched a new product in the market known as the “Family Health
Insurance” which is also called in the general term as MediClaiom.

This is the policy which covers the llife by certain important diseases in every step.
This policy plays a very vital role in every walk of life by product the live.

The main competitor of the product of ICICI are Bajaj Allianz, LIC, GIC, etc.

The “ICICI Family health insurance” is the no. 1 of insurance companies expect LICI
because it is giving the better facilites as comared to other and only for these reason it
is in the good position.

In this schemne the policy holder get the benefit by tax rebate as per section 80(D) of
the Indian income tax act, 1961 and premium shoulc be payable by cheque itself.

It covers all of the expense which are related with the helath except some diseases
which are mentioned below:

• Pregnancy and child birth related

• Plastic and cosmeticsurgery
• International self injury
• Use of misuse of drugs or alcohol
• War, riot, strike, terrorism act, nuclear weapon induced
• Non-allopathic treatment
• Certain chronic diseases may contact and tonsillectomy not covered for the 1st

what Does The Policy Cover?

• Hospitalization
• Medical Expenses incurred as an inpatient during hospitalization for more than
24 hours
• Pre-hospitalization up to 60 days
• Post-hospitalization up to 90 days
• Day care procedure like dialysis, cataract, radiotherapy etc. that require 24
hours hospitalization also covered.
Eligibility of the Policyholder

Individuals between age 91 days to 75 years

Proposer can take cover for himself or his family
Family members comprise of spouse, dependent children, dependent parents &
dependent brothers & sisters.
There are three different types of Policy Plans in ICICI Family Health Insurance:
Plan 1- Floater for Family of 4
Plan 2- Floater for Family of 6
The main advantage of this policy is that the persons of 91 days of age to 75 years
can be a policyholder whereas the other companies are not giving this type of
facilities. This plan is very much beneficial to each and every persons for protect
their health from undesirable diseases. In this policy there are three types of Sum
Assured and the different Premium for the different age groups.
Rs. 1,00,000
Rs. 2,00,000
Rs. 3,00,000

The policyholder must have to pay the Premium on the Annual Basis for continuing
their policies. The following table shows the calculation of the Premium based on the

Age Band

Age>50yearsand<75 years

Sum Insured
1,00,000 2,00,000 3,00,000
1,00,000 2,00,000 3,00,000

3,800 4,800 5,800
5,600 7,300 9,000

5,600 7,300 8,800
8,400 10,900 12,000

1,500 2,500 3,000
2,100 3,800 4,600

The ICICI Bank is also providing the loans for Agriculture which is given against the
freehold property which should not be in the negative area.

The facilities given by the ICICI Agra Business Loans are:

Attractive Interest Rate

Quick Processing
Unique facility of ‘Roaming Current Account’
Doorstep Facility
No Hidden Charges
Loan started from Rs.5, 00,000 to Rs.3, 00, 00,000.


Competitively priced loan facility to meet your working capital needs in Agri trade
Customized current account designed to meet specific customer needs
Multi-city cheques in over 156 locations
Competitively priced demand drafts
Anywhere banking facility at over 250 networked branches across the country
Free e-mail account statements through internet banking facility
Free Debit/ATM Card
Daily closing balance on mobile phone
24 hours Phone Banking facility
ICICI Bank salary account offers the employers with the best option to pay out
salaries. All the employer has to do is to task the employees to open an account with
the bank, send a consolidated pay cheque and the bank will disburse the salaries and
maintain the payroll.

ICICI Bank Salary Account is a benefit-rich payroll account for Employers and

As an organization, you can opt for our Salary Accounts to enable easy
disbursements of salaries and enjoy numerous other benefits too.

Having the largest network of ATMs at their command,

Free 24 hour Phone Banking,
Free Internet Banking.


I) Reduced Average balance –

The average balance requirement can be reduced on a case to case basis. And if the
employee has a fixed deposit with us, the average balance requirements can be
completely waived.

ii) Free Remittance Facilities-

Avail our remittance Facilities (demand draft, electronic fund transfers,
collection of cheques, pay orders etc.) up to Rs-25,000 within our network of
branches totally free of charge.

iii) Overdraft Facility-

Overdraft facility up to 50% of net monthly take-home salary at the
Rates prevailing from time to time (at the discretion of the bank) .The overdrawing
can be adjusted from the next salary or the next credit.
The employee can either opt for the overdraft facility or the Auto-sweep and
Reverse-sweep facilities of Quantum Optima – the Value Added Savings Account.

Eligibility- Any employer can open the Power Pay Payroll Account (PPA) with a
group of minimum 10 employees.

ICICI Bank Salary Accounts benefits you in more than one ways:
Reduce your Paperwork
Saves Remittance Costs.
Employees receive instant credit of salaries
More convenient than ECS.

Besides all of the above, employees will automatically become ICICI Bank Account
holders with special benefits and privileges of 8-8 banking, Investment advisory and
much more.

ICICI Bank also has a special offering: Defense Banking Services designed
exclusively for the armed forces.


ICICI Bank's 24 Hour ATM network is one of the largest and most widespread ATM
Network in India. Our ATMs are located in commercial areas, residential localities,
major petrol pumps, airports, near railway stations and other places which are
conveniently accessible to our customers.
ICICI Bank ATMs features user-friendly graphic screens with easy to follow
instructions. We have introduced ATMs which interact with customers in their local
language for increased convenience.
Following are the features available on our ATMs, which can be accessed from
anywhere at anytime.

Cash Withdrawal: Withdraw up to Rs. 25,000/- per day from your account (50,000
for HNI's). Fast Cash option provides the facility of withdrawing prefixed amounts.
Ultra Fast Cash option allows you to withdraw Rs.3000/- in one shot.

Balance Enquiry: Know your ledger balance and available balance.

Mini Statement: Get a printout of your last 8 transactions and your current balance.
Deposit Cash / Cheques : Available at all full function ATMs, Customers can deposit
both cash and cheques. Cash deposited in ATMs will be credited to the account on
the same day (provided cash is deposited before the clearing) and cheques are sent
for clearing on the next working day.

Funds Transfer: Transfer funds from one account to another linked account in the
same branch.
PIN Change: Change the Personal Identification Number (PIN) of ATM or Debit

Bill Payment : The latest feature of our ATMs, this functionality can be used for
payment of bills, making donations to temples / trusts, buying internet packs, airtime
recharges for prepaid mobile phones and much more...

Others: Request for a checkbook from our ATMs and our concerned branch will
dispatch it such that it reaches you within 10 working days.
Charges: There is no charge levied on ICICI Bank customers for transacting on
ICICI Bank's ATMs. However for customers not maintaining the minimum quarterly
average balance in their savings account, first 6 transactions in the quarter will be
free and Rs. 25 per transaction will be charged thereafter.

Phone Banking
With this facility you can carry out your banking transactions over the phone. You
can make Balance Enquiries, Request for a Cheque Book, Request for Stop Payment,
Make an FD, Request for a DD and do much more.

Internet Banking
ICICI Bank’s Internet Banking Facility allows you to access your account from
anywhere, anytime. You can:

• Check Account Balances

• Transfer Funds
• Request for Cheque Books and DDs
• Pay utility bills online
• Request for FD* ... and much, much more
• Anywhere Banking
• With an unparalleled set of networked branches across India, ICICI Bank
offers you ‘Anywhere Banking’ in the truest sense of the term. Your Roaming
Current Account in one centre can be operated from any other designated
branch across any other centre.
• So a cheque deposited in your account in any other centre will be credited to
your account much faster. Likewise you can deposit or withdraw cash from
designated ICICI Bank branches up to a prescribed limit. You can also transfer
funds across accounts in ICICI Bank

Mobile Banking
Your account balance will be communicated to you via SMS everyday. What’s more,
in case your account has insufficient balance when a cheque hits, we will send you an
SMS alert immediately.


Welcome to India’s No. 1 Home Loans Provider. We, at ICICI Bank Home Loans,
offer unbeatable benefits to ensure that you get the best deal without any hassles. And
we make it extremely easy for you by offering
Attractive loan interest rates
Home loan amounts starting from Rs. 2 lakhs
Term loans up to 20 years
Free personal accident insurance.
Insurance options for your home loan at attractive premium
Special 100% funding for select properties.

With our varied offering of house loans and home finance, ICICI Bank Home
Loans gives you an opportunity to select the perfect loan as per your needs. You can
choose from:
Adjustable Rate Home Loan
Fixed Rate Home Loan
Part fixed, Part Floating Rate Home Loan
Smartfix Home Loan
Money Saver Home Loan and also
Balance Transfer of your existing home loan from other banks.

Two Wheeler Loans

ICICI Bank Two Wheeler Loans offers a finance facility up to 90% of the On
Road Cost of the vehicle, repayable in convenient repayment options and
comfortable tenures from 6 months to 36 months. Two Wheeler Finance
facility is available in a wide range of options to suit your requirements. We
provide finance for all models of motorcylces, mopeds, scooterettes and scooters
of Hero Honda,Bajaj,Suzuki,Yamaha, Kinetic Honda & Royal Enfield . Existing
ICICI Bank Customers can simply ride away on their favourite Two wheeler by
availing Loan On Phone*-- a facility to get an instant loan over the phone! So, be
ready to ride your dream bike with ICICI Bank Two Wheeler Loans.
Demat Services
ICICI Bank Demat Services boasts of an ever-growing customer base of over 11.5
lacs account holders. In our continuous endeavor to offer best of the class services to
our customers we offer the following features:
e-Instructions: You can transfer securities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through
Internet & Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at a lower cost. Now with "Speak to
transfer", you can also transfer or pledge instructions through our customer care
Consolidation Demat Account: Dematerialise your physical shares in various holding
patterns and consolidate all such scattered holdings into your primary demat account
at reduced cost.
Digitally Signed Statement: Receive your account statement and bill by email.
Corporate Benefit Tracking: Track your dividend, interest, bonus through your
account statement.
Mobile Request: Access your demat account by sending SMS to enquire about
Holdings, Transactions, Bill & ISIN details.
Mobile Alerts: Receive SMS alerts for all debits/credits as well as for any request
which cannot be processed.
Dedicated customer care executives specially trained at our call centre, to handle all
your queries.
Countrywide network of over 235 branches, you are never far from an ICICI Bank
Demat Services outlet.


The ICICI Lombard is merged with the ICICI Bank which provides the general
insurance for their insurance holders. ICICI Lombard is having the different type of
the products. Some of that important product has been named as follows:

• Shop Insurance
• Motor Insurance
• Fire Insurance
• Health Insurance


The Prudential ICICI Infrastructure fund is known as the MUTUAL FUND of ICICI
Bank in which the persons are investing money to earn something after a certain
period of time.

Prudential ICICI Mutual Fund has launched Prudential ICICI Infrastructure fund, a
fund that will invest in stock of companies belonging to the infrastructure sector. This
is the third fund of its kind in the market. The other two funds are DSP ML TIGER
and Tata Infrastructure.

The Prudential ICICI Infrastructure fund aims to invest in the infrastructure sector for
long term capital appreciation.

Minimum application amount is Rs. 5000/- and in multiple of Re. 1 thereafter. In this
scheme the investor invest their money for one time and gets the desired result after a
certain period of time. In this scheme the amount the investor will get after 3 years.
The amount of the application should be accepted in the form of Cheque but not in
the cash.


Wouldn't you like a Fixed Deposit that allows you to deposit your money for just as
long as you wish? Our Fixed Deposit allows you just that - deposits can be opened
for periods ranging from 15 days to 10 years
Other features include:
Choice of two investment plans:

Interest payable monthly, quarterly or half-yearly as per your convenience
Maturity period ranges from 15 days to 10 years.

Interest is compounded quarterly and reinvested with principal amount
Maturity period ranges from 6 months to 10 years
Minimum Balance
You can avail of ICICI Bank Fixed Deposits for a minimum deposit of Rs 10,000 and
thereafter in multiples of just Rs 1,000.
Nomination facility is available for relationships in the names of individuals. Unless
otherwise specifically, given in writing by depositors, nomination in deposit accounts
will be at Customer ID level.
Depositor(s) however has/have the right to specify different nominations at account
level by completing appropriate forms.
Further, the applicant(s) is/are at liberty to change the nominee, through declaration
in the appropriate form to revise the nomination during the currency of the
relationship accounts with the Bank.

Easy Fixed Deposit Features

Easy Fixed Deposit is an ICICI Bank fixed deposit scheme having benefits of Debit
-cum- ATM card (''the Card'')
The depositors shall be provided with a Debit Card for transacting in fixed
deposit.Transactions which are allowed are
Part withdrawal of fixed deposit
Full withdrawal of fixed deposit
Generation of mini statement
The Card will be issued in the name of primary depositor. No separate card will be
issued to joint applicant/s
Easy Fixed Deposit has two options namely
Easy Withdrawal
Easy Loan
A customer has to opt for one of these at the time of opening the account
Tenure of deposits varies between 1 year and 10 years
All deposits under this Deposit Scheme will be cumulative (reinvestment) in nature
Minimum deposit amount under the Deposit Scheme is Rs.20,000 and additionally
deposits can be made in multiples of Rs.5,000
Nomination details are as in the case of normal Fixed Deposits

Easy withdrawal
Under this option fixed deposit shall be linked to the debit card directly
The debit card can be used to withdraw money from the ATM, by breaking the FD,
as and when required or depositor can use the debit card to shop.
If the deposits are prematurely withdrawn, the interest rate for the period for which
deposit was with the ICICI Bank prevailing on date of deposit made, shall be payable
Easy Loan
The depositors shall be provided with an overdraft facility against the Easy FD and
can draw up to 75% of the Easy FD value
The interest rate on the overdraft will be 2% higher than the rate on the FD
The depositor shall be required to execute all loan facility documentation as specified
by ICICI Bank for these purposes
Chequebook will also be issued to deposit holder


What is Current account?

A running account supporting unlimited withdrawals and deposits
A current account is meant for convenience and not to save money
Who needs a Current Account?
Businessman, Joint stock companies, Institutions, Public authorities, public
corporations etc. Any business that has numerous banking transactions need a current

Benefits of current account

• Unlimited Withdrawal and Deposit

• Unlimited Cheque book
• Demand Drafts and Payorders
• Funds Transfer ( Local or Anywhere)
• Collection of Cheques/ Drafts
• Statements,Advices, Daily statement by e-mail
• Cash withdrawal and Deposits
• Call center
• Internet Banking
• Added features of Current Account
• Multi-city Cheque payment facility at over 155 centers
• Anywhere Banking facility
• Doorstep Banking - Pick up and delivery of Currency / Cheque
• Mobile Banking

Made 2 Order current accounts (M2O):

Made2order current account, unlike the normal current account which is based on the
quarterly balance, allows the customer to have customized current account based on
the business requirement. The made2order current account is totally flexible and can
be adapted to changing business requirement, without having the requirement to
Current Accounts have specific requirement of Quarterly Average Balance (QAB)
maintenance and inturn offer various facilities free of cost to the customer based on
the QAB
A personalized schedule of charges is derived for each customer based on:
Service Required
QAB as agreed to be maintained in the account
Float expected in the account
The m2o customers based on the services required maintain the required QAB or pay
scaleable volume driven fees for the services utilized.
Some of the other facilities offered under made2order current account are as
mentioned below
• Multi City Cheque Facility
• Anywhere Banking Facility
• Upcountry Cheque Collection
• Pay Orders and Demand Drafts
• Corporate Care Service
• Doorstep Banking Facility
• Internet Banking Facility
• Debit/ ATM Card
• Mobile Banking
• More Useful Facilities
• Roaming Current Account
Only Roaming Current Account from ICICI Bank travels the distance with your
business. With advanced technological features such as MCC and LCC, your banking
needs are well taken care of. You can access your accounts at over 500 networked
branches across the country.
So while you take care of your business, let ICICI Bank's Roaming Current Account
simplify banking for you.

Product Features :-
Choose your account

• Multi City Cheque Facility

• Anywhere Banking acility
• Upcountry Cheque Collection
• Pay Orders and Demand Drafts
• Phone Banking Facility*
• Doorstep Banking Facility
• Internet Banking Facility
• Debit/ ATM Card
• Mobile Banking
• More Useful Facilities

Your Premium Current Account will be linked to your Fixed Deposits through three
unique facilities:
Auto Sweep - It lets you set a minimum balance (subject to a minimum of Rs.
5,00,000) to maintain in your Current Account and automatically transfers any excess
amount to your Fixed Deposit Account in units of Rs.25,000 and invests it for a
period as specified by you.
Reverse Sweep This facility ensures that the amount you have withdrawn or issued a
cheque for, is honored by the bank, despite the amount being higher than the balance
in your Current Account. The bank will break the fixed deposit in multiples of
Rs.1000 on last-in-first-out (LIFO) basis. The remaining balance in your deposit will
continue to earn a higher rate of interest.
Auto Renewal Under this facility, when your deposits fall due, the bank will
automatically renew the principal and accrued interest for a further period.
Other Benefits include :
Quick issuance of Demand Drafts and Pay orders
Electronic transfer of funds to any of our branches
Investment assistance to invest short term surplus funds of less than 30 days in
money market instruments of your choice.
Standing instructions.


Premium Current Account

Your annual sales should not exceed Rs. 30 crores.

Minimum average monthly balance of Rs. 2, 00,000 to be maintained.
For availing Quantum Optima - Corporate, a minimum average monthly balance of
Rs. 5, 00,000 to be maintained
Choose your account:-
ICICI Bank offers you a suite of current account products that meet all your banking
requirements. Choose a current account that fits.

Quarterly Average
Balance Requirement

Rs. 10,000

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 50,000

Rs. 1,00,000

Gold Plus
Rs. 3,00,000
Rs. 5,00,000


Current account is a requirement of each and every businessman because of the day
to day transaction in which the financial institution plays a vital role to fulfill the
requirement of the customers. There are various business groups who requires the
current account due to their daily business transaction, some of them are

• Private/Public Limited Company

• Partnership Firm
• Sole Proprietorship
• Hindu Joint Family
• Individuals



For open the current account of any entity, it is mandatory to obtain

Identity and address proof in the name of the entity
Identity Proof of all Authorised signatories, except for customers


The documents reqd. for opening of current account of private or public limited
company are:
Appropriate Account Opening Form with all mandatory information filled
Copy of PAN (Permanent Account Number)
Memorandum and Article of Association
Resolution (Specific format on Letterhead)
List of Directors with address on Letterhead
Residence Proof ( Telephone Bills, Electricity bill)
Photograph ( One each)


The different documents required for opening the current account of Partnership firm

Appropriate account opening with all mandatory information filled

Duly stamped Partnership deed-signed by all partners
Registration certificate, if registered
Partnership Letter (sign by all partners)
Photo ID proofs ( voter id card, driving license, PAN card, Passport)
PAN of firm
Photographs ( one each)
Any Govt. registered copy


The documents required for opening the account of sole proprietorship:

Photo ID proofs ( voter id card, driving license, PAN card, Passport)

Residence proof, ( Telephone Bills, Electricity bill)
Photographs ( one each)
Proprietor’s letter

The documents required for opening of account of individuals:
Appropriate Account Opening Form with all mandatory information filled
Identity Proof ( Any one of the following)
Driving License
Voter’s ID card

Communication address proof (Any one of the following)

Latest copy of electricity bill (not more than 3 months old)
Latest copy of Telephone bill (not more than 4 months old


Research Methodology

Definition of Research

“It is essential a systematic inquiry seeking facts through objective verifiable

methods in order to discover the relationship among them and to reduce from them
broad principles or laws”

Research is the sense of the development, elaboration & refinement of principles

together with the collection and use of empirical materials to aid in these process, is
one of the highest activities of a university & one in which all its professors should
be engaged.

Research Design

Data source - Primal

Research technique - Survey
Research Instrument - Questionnaire
Type of Questionnaire - Open-end & Closed-end
Sample size - 100 (respondent 80, non-respondent 20)
Contract method - Personal
Source of Data Collection

Primal Data: - Primary data are those which are collected from the spot itself and
original in nature.
Secondary Data:- Secondary data are those data which are collected and processed
for relevant purpose.

The data collection process has been completed by gathering data from the Primary
source and is the first hand data that has been collected from “Meerut”. The data are
collected from the customers by interviewing them. The data are also collected at the
secondary sources such as newspaper, reports, journals, and by the help of the
website of ICICI Bank.

Primal Data: - Primary data are those which are collected from the spot itself and
original in nature.
Secondary Data: - Secondary data are those data which are collected and processed
for relevant purpose.

The data collection process has been completed by gathering data from the Primary
source and is the first hand data that has been collected from “Meerut”. The data are
collected from the customers by interviewing them. The data are also collected at the
secondary sources such as newspaper, reports, journals, and by the help of the
website of ICICI Bank.
Sources of Data

In the time of collection of data I gothrough the survey method which is used for
investigation by direct observation of a systematic gathering of data from population
by personal contact and interviews when adequate information about a certain
problem is not available in records, files or other sources. The main aim of survey is
a direct and closed contact between the researcher and respondents.

When I go through the survey then all of the primary data has been collected from the
discussions with officials and experts of ICICI Bank, by interviewing the staff
concerned departments whereas the sources of secondary data are:

• Annual report
• Journal and books
• Study of files and official documents
• Study of daily reports
• Website of ICICI Bank


Response Response, 80 80
Non-respondent 20
Total 100
50 No-Response,
20 Series1
Response No-Response
Respondent: 80

Non-respondent: 20

Total sample size: 100

The total sample size of the market has been taken as 100, in which there are 80
respondent and 20 are non-respondent. Thus, if we take it in percentage then the 80
respondents are considered as 100%.


Satisfaction 60%
Average Satisfaction 25%
Dissatisfaction 15%
Total 100%
25 60 Dissatisfaction

The customers satisfied towards ICICI Bank 57x60%=34 customers.

The customer’s average satisfaction towards ICICI Bank 57x25%=14 customers.

The customer’s dissatisfied towards ICICI Bank 57x75%=9 customers.


Services 30%
Facility 28%
ATM 28%
Its name 10%
Trust 4%
Total 100%

28% Name



Yes No

Yes: 80

No: 20

Comment: The customers of the Mandi are aware of ICICI Agri-Business loan and
their percentage covers (80%) whereas those who were not aware of loan facilities
are (20%).


Insurance No.
Health insurance 20
Shop insurance 42
Motor insurance 18
Others 20

45% 42%
20% 20%
18% Series1
Health Shop Motor Others
Insurance Insurance Insurance

The customers of Mandi who are aware of ICICI General insurance are as follows:

Health insurance 20%

Shop insurance 42%
Motor insurance 18%
Others 20%


Feelings Percentage
Excellent 25%
Good 55%
Average 12%
Bad 8%

Average 25%



Comment: There are various feelings of customers about the ICICI Bank. The
customers get satisfaction with the services feels excellent. The 25% customers feels
excellent, 55% good, 12% average, while some of the customer’s feelings are bad
due to some problems related with bank services the percentage of bad feelings is

• ICICI Bank is one of the largest financial institution in India.
• Being one of the oldest bank in the financial institution, SBI enjoying the
largest market share of the current account.
• Some customers are not satisfied with the facilities and services which are
provided by the ICICI Bank.
• The customers want to increase the number of ATMs and more branches of
ICICI Bank in the rural as well as the hilly areas like Kullu, Manali, Kashmir,
Shimla and many more.
• There is a lot of difference between the working style of ICICI Banks current
account, SBI and the other financial institutions.
• All of the financial institutions are using very competitive strategies for
making the good position by maximizing the market share of the product.
• The customers are not satisfied by non-maintenance charges on current


During the period of my extensive research I have come to know that there
are few weaknesses of ICICI Bank’s current account and also with the
other products of ICICI Bank which the company should overcome.
• During opening of current account in ICICI Bank, customers face the complex
process. So banks should reduce this documentation process.
• For the new forms, the customers cannot open their current account in ICICI
Bank because for documentation process they should have atleast one account
in other bank. So I want to suggest that please change this process.
• Quarterly average balance, i.e., QAB, is not suitable for certain Mandi
customers who are having the seasonal business, as they are not able to
maintain QAB.
• Due to heavy charges for non-maintenance of QAB, customers are not ready to
open their current account.
• Due to the own profit of lower level staffs sometimes they don’t tell the whole
pros and cons to open a current account. From this the customers face a lot of
problem in future.
• Advertising and promotion could be through all existing media like print,
audio and visual.
• Complaints of the customers must be handled efficiently and give them the
better facilities as compared than the other banks.


• Unwillingness of the respondents to give some time or talk and even give any
sort of information.
• It is not possible for an ordinary person to maintain the minimum balance of
Rs. 5200 in savings account.
• QAB charges are very much high.
• 8-8 working hours load to the employees degradation of employee’s
• The non-cooperative nature of the many of respondents acted as the constraint.
• It was found that many of the respondents did not have any knowledge of the
• It is possible that information passed by the respondents was not correct.





• Name of the Company / Firm :

• Address :
• Contact no. :
1) a. Do you have the Current Account in ICICI Bank?
(i) Yes (ii) No
b. Which type of Account you have opened?
(i) Roaming Current Account
(ii) Made 2 Order Current Account
2) a. Are you satisfied with ICICI Bank?
(i) Yes (ii) No
b. If yes, then what are the good points you like in ICICI Bank?
(i)Anywhere Banking
(ii) Multi-city Cheque which works as Demand Draft
(iii) Banking hours (from 8 am to 8 pm)
(iv) The private no-1 bank in India
(v) Free mobile banking, phone banking and net banking
(vi) Electronic Fund Transfer Facility
c. If you are not satisfied then please specify
3) If your Account in ICICI Bank, then how many Accounts ?
i) One ii) Two iii) Three
4) Are you aware of ICICI all products and its facilities?
i) Yes ii) No
5) ICICI Bank famous for its –
i) Services ii) ATM iii) Facilities
iv) Its Name v) Trust
6) How you feel about ICICI Bank?
i) Excellent ii) Good
iii) Average iv) Bad
7) Is there any suggestion for “ICICI Bank”?

Thank You Sir (………………………….)

Signature of the Customer