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Ref: BCCL/GM I/C(S&R)/10/ Dated: 12.08.2010

The Chief General Manager,
Kusunda Area.

Sub: Advice for dealing with the crisis of cement capsule arising out of withdrawal of
Approval / Lapse of Validity of Approval for local DGMS approved parties.
Ref: Your letter no. BCCL/KA-6/Safety/2010/148 dated 07.08.2010.
Dear Sir,
As desired by you our advice is as mentioned below:
1. Purchasing cement capsules from the DGMS approved parties after withdrawal of Approval and lapse of
validity period of Approval is as good as purchasing the cement capsule from unapproved sources.
2. As on date there are several DGMS approved parties in India outside Dhanbad and they must be approached
through limited tender and if they do not respond to the tender inquiry, matter is to be brought to the notice
of DGMS officials concerned with this. List of DGMS approved parties is enclosed.
3. CIMFR may be requested for transfer of technology of making cement capsules as because the standard of
composition of cement capsule has been set on their research work during second phase of workshop on
10.06.2010 by DGMS. If technology is transferred cement capsules can be made accordingly and approval of
DGMS can be taken for manufacture of cement capsules.
4. In the mean time cement capsules can be made from the time tested formula developed by CIMFR on
request of BCCL, vide project no. DMT/3/97 by the following team of scientists:
a. Sri K.C.Joyprakash
b. Dr. Amlendu Sinha
c. Dr. S.N.Maity
d. Sri Shankar Prasad
e. Sri L.Prasad
f. Sri M.L.Mahato
g. Dr. B.Prasad & Others.
Composition of the mixture of Inorganic Cement Capsule will be as given below:
1. Cement Fondu/ Fondu/ Equivalent 600Kg
2. Ordinary Portland Cement 100Kg ( i.e. 1/6 of Cement Fondu)
3. Sand(-100 BSS) 95Kg (i.e. 19/120th parts of Cement Fondu)
4. Gypsum(Anhydrous) 200Kg ( i.e. 1/3rd of Cement Fondu)
5. Potassium Sulphate 5Kg (i.e. 1/120th parts of Cement Fondu)
5. Before using the Cement Capsules made by above formula it must be tested for Anchorage Strength after ½
Hr, 2 Hrs and 24 Hrs and test result should not be less than that recommended by DGMS through Circular No.
4 dated 15.06.2010

This is in the interest of safety of the mines, miners and above all in the interest of thenation.

Yours Faithfully,

General Manager I/C (S&R)

2. K.D.Prasad, Dy.CME

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Ref: BCCL/GM I/C(S&R)/10/ Dated: 13.09.2010

The Area Safety Officer,
Eastern Jharia Area.

Sub: Testing of Samples of Resin Capsules for qualification in Tender.

Dear Sir,
We are sending herewith two sealed packets of samples of Resin Capsules of sizes 25mm X 500mm and
36mm X 500mm for encapsulation test (anchorage test) in the mines of your Area. The test should be done in
presence of authorised representative of M/s Pawan Enterprises, Dhanbad and thereport should be signed by Colliery
Manager / Safety Officer and the authorised representative of the party. Testing will be done after 30 minutes and
after 24 hours of jamming.

You are requested to arrange for the test in presence of the representative of M/s Pawan Enterprises,
Dhanbad and to submit the duly signed test report to the undersigned at the earliest.

Yours Faithfully,

Krishna Deo Prasad

Chief Manager (Mining)/ ISO

1. GM I/C (S&R)
3. M/s Pawan Enterprises, Dhanbad for witnessing the test and signing the report.
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