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Welcome to The Panacea-BOCAF newsletter #10 dated JULY 2010. It would not be a
Panacea newsletter without a unique accomplishment to report would it? So let’s
get straight into YOUR good news.

First of all, Panacea volunteer’s Sandeep, Rolf, D and Jules Tresor have been
consistently enabling the following achievements to surface. There has never been a
counter effort of this magnitude to wake people up and to create the needed
infrastructure to focus on our area of objective research.

We wish to sincerely thank Sandeep, Rolf, D and Jules Tresor. We wish to extend our
thanks to all our new and current subscribers. We are grateful to all of our supporters
for being the only ones to help achieve what we are about to report.

We are a team and the communities are bonding, but not without individuals giving
us regular needed donations to produce real time results. These results will be proven
in this news letter. These individuals cannot do it alone. However small or slight you
think your donation is, without it; we won’t be able to continue to help. So please
consider that these individuals have done a world of good and that donations
WORK. WE are in their debt.
This year more support than ever will be needed to help complete Panacea’s
educational model on FREE energy infrastructure, weather engineering and training
for fuel saving and pollution reduction retrofit modifications to improve public health.
Panacea’s educational model is not complete without presenting ALL the
educational material to complete self sufficiency.

Banking reform

Sustainable development

Alternative medicine

Panacea is intent on creating an educational institute with the advantage of having

the capacity to provide independent validation and security on ALL the subject
matter needed for social reform. The center is needed to ensure self sufficient
sustainable development education to the public from a centralized hub. Secure
and with capacity.

Without Panacea and your support, the general public would not get exposure to
ALL this subject matter. Policing free energy is one thing, but self sufficient
EDUCATION extends to banking reform and other areas of which Panacea is the
only institute with the educational capacity to provide. And this will all be packaged
into one SELF EVIDENT presentation for the public. Public demos are coming to
ensure this!

This year thanks to sponsorship Panacea acquired a non commercial license to help
validate Irish company Steorn’s FREE energy device. Our disclosure will be public
and will reach many people, both in the academic community and abroad. Steorn
cannot do the same demo in the same way. Panacea will configure it into an
application needed to make the public and faculties find the FREE energy principle
“self evident”.

Official Steorn Orbo Kit donated to Panacea

Steorn are coming up with all the information needed to copy exactly what they
have shown to be their claim, so a natural path is to replicate the claim and then
move forward to make it better and try to get improved configurations for public

We cannot plant the concept idea ONLY and expect people to go off and invent
The Orbo Device on display - Photo Courtesy of Esa

Steorn needs an independent validation from a creditable source like Panacea to

“let the cat out of the bag” to the public. Once our credibility is established through
Panacea’s public validation of the device, the public will be more receptive to
This is the first school of its type in history to be started by the open source
community. Thanks to donations of equipment and money (which we still need to
source) we can now start to get these systems taught.

The government and faculties are not teaching them. It’s time to remind everyone
that there are 920 patents
Panacea’s SPAD installation – Thanks to Mal and Dave

This is a very valuable solution to tractors and big diesels. Simple retrofitting
modifications are the future for real time health benefits. The following is one small
example of how it is mandatory for a car to burn its fuel more efficiency for better

A $208 Z5 Retrofit By Israeli Wunderkind Saves Emissions And 40% Gas. If you could
spend $208 on a small device that fitted to your car engine, saving you up to 40
percent on your gas consumption, the earth from pollution, and which also gave
your car more power, you’d think it was too good to be true, right?

Z5 Retrofit modification

Well this is exactly the promise of a new invention, the Z5, devised by an Israeli
teenager Zion Badash when he was only 16. -Source

A retrofitting garage or research centre such as the one which Panacea proposes
must hold the knowledge in a public trust for security to be truly SECURE. Knowledge
that is mandatory for health benefits and sustainability needs to be secure. We have
already seen Japanese company Genepax go under and lose their water powered
car. This technology had profound implications for sustainability on this planet.

Genepax water powered car

Tucker '48 at Petersen Automotive Museum,

You can study the Tucker case to verify this. Without a corporation charter to ensure
You can ask F.M.Chalkalis about where the patent system is at regarding these
technologies, and where humanity should be at. The following is a perfect example
of how the Panacea infrastructure can produce real time security and support.

YouTube - F.M.CHA(uT0RMc9tS ENRMcERG(T)Y(s)1F.M)UYo.

The FVI system we are testing for the production

No one else in the world aside from Panacea has gathered all these modifications
and is intent on teaching them; this is done on no budget, only by your donations. So
it gives us great pleasure to welcome you to YOUR unique contb</MT .l.u5 Tc 0.001a maa 1 Tf19.6005
Panacea Asia registration

Abu will be helping disseminate, open source information, installing fuel savers and
presenting proof of principles there to help start the infrastructure over in Asia. This
page is currently being authored and will be up soon.

Activism begins! Panacea’s help to educate public in banys1all8lige Ta3 T>>BDC T82.8 413.3 429.66 Tc
Panacea is currently in talks with individuals who will be planning a public protest
gesture to promote the EDUCATION on Banking reform. This is something the general
public does not know is possible. This will be on a grand scale, we can’t release any
more details at this time, please check our renews
and have)5(E8(the
strcter penalti(i)-es.
EDUC)-oming It months E8(th
open source FREE energy community can contribute is attacking the source.

Please help and pass this link around please, it was hard work all of us collecting info
Its easy - Name e-mail and country is easy at this link

New educational video productions

A power saver (left) and a dirty electricity filter (right)

The Panacea dirty electricity production will promote the open source filters and
detail how we can improve our health. We will also be doing public demonstrations
with the filters, if you know anyone who has access to bio feedback metering please
contact us. This production is expected to be finished in a month. Please check our
news section.

Dirty Electricity Preview

If the video does not play, we recommend using VLC media player
Please check our Chemtrail production how you can help collect rain water for the
global rain water collection program that’s begun.

Full playlist- The Panacea Chemtrail production

Since 1997 to now in 2010, evidence and data continues to be collected by the
grass roots movements to show related health and environmental effects from
recorded Aerosol chemical spraying (AKA Chemtrails). Proven facts show the
difference between condensation or "contrails" vs chemtrails being observed plus
the motivation for the aerosol spraying from many patents. Contaminated rain
water and other samples have been identified with the elements mentioned in these
patents (Barium, aluminum and many others) and are linked to the growing
worldwide reported health effects. A new disease has also been identified with
related data collected from Chemtrails (Morgellons disease).

Today in 2010 when this documentary was made, the Mainstream pop artist Prince
joins the press showing the German military, NBC news, and many documentaries in
presenting enough FACTs to motivate the public to address these chemtrail
phenomena. Governments continue to turn a blind eye. We are needed to create
public pressure. Half baked investigations have been discounted in Panacea's
production and instead a wide range of community reports and data has been

These include a concrete plan to set up a global rain water collection program and
to recruit private investigators to help track the planes and form a report for the
public. A global petition has been created to help create public pressure.Panacea
has presented a government lab tested rain water sample showing toxic aluminum
and has written records about birds dying. We have spoken at a conference to join
the chemtrail's community towards affirmative action. Your input is needed. Chris
Carnicom first opened the doors for us with his data, we are ALL now needed to
participate or you can forget this issue ever being addressed to capacity. -

Always Refresh Pages on the BOCAF site

ADDED. Please contact us if you see any mistakes. We appreciate any help and
feedback. We are understaffed.
Panacea University news

Panacea will be validating the new Bedini solar amplifier system, thanks to donations
we can use this example to show the public a new discovery and advance
education. Without us, the knowledge is not safe, the consumer is none the wiser
and neither are the faculties with the commercial disclosure alone of this device.

This device was reported to the public by John as being Over Unity. But there is a
specific reason why we need to investigate for the public.

A Scene taken from John’s OU video which was taken down by John!

In the video’s which have since been removed by John, the Tesla Switch Solar
Charger was shown by John to produce “53 watts in and 148 watts out". COP= 2.79
Tesla Switch Solar Charger from Energenx

John Bedini has had a free energy device since the 80’s; John first unveiled this
publicly with the help of Bill Jenkins Town Hall Meeting in Los Angeles in 1984. John
replicated the Kromrey Converter based on Raymond Kromrey's US Patent.
mainstream ethos with all his findings today would he get the same reaction as
Steorn received?

John’s Tesla switch battery system is now a commercial product, yet when he
posted his video's showing how the device extracts energy from another source
(over unity) or as an open system, the company manufacturing it apparently asked
him to take them down, as the public will think that the product is a “perpetual
motion machine.h223)-5(her sou0 -3( (u)42 )ed)hi that Steorn got treate by the economist
and others (discredited). We have an educational problem we must address.

However, did John tone it down by reprogramming it? Wdve to find out,
Panacea has his video’s saved and on file and will film a replicireport, we
expect the device to be or sor so the production line in one month.

Weather engineering tests begin

Thanks to YOUR donations,Panacea hill make our records public showing non
compliance by the government to is CLEAN NON CHEMICAL CHEAPeather
engineering technology and not to save the tax payer. Records continue to be
collected by us and have been posted on our drought relief page
Thanks to donations what you’re looking at is the first INDEPENDENT replication of
Trevor James constable etheric rain engineering technology. We can now begin the
first ever drought relief program to educate the world. But we are still on no budget.

An air borne Tube to be tested by PanaceaT5(nc12.8v(a)6(t40049 Tw 9 0 08 425.05999cm/Im

An individual has made contact with Panacea and offered to collect extensive
data from top grade equipment on a few of our open source systems. We will be
testing the Rosemary Ainslie heating circuit and the magnetic resonant amplifier. This
is being done to support the open source community, Rose and Norman and Joel.

Panacea’s Rosemary Ainslie heating circuit

Special thanks to Rose for her open source efforts, plus to open source engineers
Glen, Jib and Harvey. Full replication details and this paper which you can forward
to your local university have been backed up in the Panacea Online University
course document.

HH2 Tests
finally open the GEET School Australia, Panacea wanted to have systems replicated
for others to learn, not just teach theory.

GEET furnace

Results are expected to be completed within 2 months, and we hope to be able to

commence preparation to start the GEET School Australia and help others. Panacea
If you are involved in or can help with any of the subject matter presented on our
projects page, please contact us for collaborative work. Only united can we all work
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