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1. A Visual Basic user interface consists of

a) form & project Form & module
c) form & object d) form & activeX
2. This edition of visual basic is used by computer professionals as it supports the tools to develop ActiveX
and Internet controls b) professional
c) enterprise d) all of these
3. this program is designed to share information with another program
a) AciveX exe b) ActiveX dll
c) ActiveX control d) ActiveX Document exe
4. this program helps you to create a skeleton visual basic stand alone exe program quickly & easily
a) VB application wizard b) standard exe
c) ActiveX exe d) all of these
5. ASP stands for
a) Active server pages b) Active service pages
c) active server program d) active source program
6. _______ enables you to arrange the location where your forms appears on screen.
a) form layout window b) tool box
c) properties window d) project explorer
7. _________ means that VB neatly stacks your windows to one side of the screens.
a) undock b) docking
c) layout d) none
8. to quit from VB, you will use
a) alt + Q b) shift + Q
c) ctrl + Q d) space + Q
9. this control cannot be modified by a user at runtime.
a) checkbox b) option box
c) combo box d) label
10. this control acts as commands button when clicked
a) image b) shape
c) label d) none of these
11. custom controls are controls available in separate files with file extension
a) .VBP b) .ACX
c) .VBX d) .EXE
12. these tell each object on your form how to react to something that the user does.
a) functions b) event procedures
c) error handler d) all of these
13. how many ways visual basic gives you to choose an object
a) 1 b) 2
c) 3 d) 4
14. To choose an event to choose, you have to use
a) properties list b) procedure list
c) object list d) event list
15. If one uses a variable name in code that is not the name of any existing variable then
a) VB creates a variable with that name b) program will not execute
c) VB shows an error d) none
16. declaring a variable using public keyword makes it available throughout the
a) procedure b) module
c) form d) application
17. ________ a program is simple enough with an understanding of certain fundamental concepts of
programming like the role of variable, decisions and looping b) coding
c) debugging d) running
18. A variable declared with the _______ statement within a procedure exists only as long as the procedure
is executing b) Public
c) Private d) Static
19. declaring a variable using _______ keyword makes it available throughout a application
a) Dim b) Public
c) Private d) Static
20. To comment a line of code in Visual Basic, _________ is used
a) single quote b) double quote
c) back quote d) asterisk
21. By default, the data type of a variable is
a) int b) string
c) double d) variant
22. At the module level these is no difference between
a) public & private b) private & dim
c) public & dim d) none
23. By default, a ________ variable is available to all the procedures in that module but not to code in other
modules b) module level
c) class d) all
24. How many control menu in a pop up menu can be bold
a) only 1 b) only 2
c) only 3 d) any number of controls
25. showopen, showsave is a ________ dialog box
a) custom dialog box b) predefined dialog box
c) common dialog box d) none of these
26. An MDI application allows the user to display multiple documents at the same time, with each
document displayed b) in its own window
c) as a single document d) all of these
27. Suppose you want to copy the contents of a text box in the active form to the clipboard, use the MDI
a) Active form property form’s b) negotiate toolbars
c) HelpConetxtID d) LinkMode
28. ‘Me’ keyword is useful when you need to pass a reference to the current form instance as an argument
a) procedure to a b) function
c) MDI form d) object
29. if you want to use a model dialog box in an MDI application, use a form with its
a) MDI child property set to true b) MDI child property set to false
c) Active form property set to true d) Active form property set to false
30. when an MDI form is unloaded, following event occurs
a) QueryUnload event for MDI, QueryUnload b) Unload event for MDI form, QueryUnload event for
event for child form, Unload event for each child MDI, QueryUnload event for child form and then
31. Any menu control on an MDI child form can be used to display the list of open child forms by setting event for
child form, Unload event for MDI form MDI, Unload event for each child form and then
the _________ property for that menu control to true. b) default
c) window list d) window caption
32. The intrinsic constants VBCascade, VBTileHorizontal are listed in the VB _________ of the object
browser b) functions
c) object library d) object functions
33. In an MDI application, arrange the child form, value 1 means
a) VBCascade b) VBTileHorizontal
c) VBTileVertical d) VBArrangeIcons
34. To add the date in the status bar, the keyword used is
a) Date b) sDate
c) sbrDate d) sbDate
35. In a status bar, at max how many panels can be added
a) 8 b) 12
c) 16 d) 20
36. Toolbars are a collection of ________ which provide mouse driven shortcuts to menu options
a) buttons b) images
c) labels d) icons
37. Microsoft Windows Common Control 6.0 does not contain this component
a) Toolbar b) Status bar
c) Flex grid d) Coolbar
38. Filelen(filename) function returns a _________ to represent length of a file in bytes
a) long integer b) double
c) number d) long number
39. The Get statement takes 3 parameter – first parameter specifies ______, second parameter specifies
and third parameter specifies _________. b) record number, variable name , file number
c) file number, variable name, record number, d) record number, file number, variable name
40. Close statement takes ________ as its single argument.
a) File number b) File name
c) File length d) File object
41. An application can have ________ MDI forms
a) 1 b) 2
c) 3 d) any number
42. The input function takes __________ parameters
a) 1 b) 2
c) 3 d) 0
43. LOF() function returns the total length of the file in _______
a) Nibble b) bits
c) bytes d) Kilobytes
44. The extension of a visual basic project is
a) .VBP b) .VPB
c) .VPR d) .VBB
45. On a msgbox, to display an information icon, _______ is used
a) 61 b) 62
c) 63 d) 64
46. This property specifies the order in which the form’s control will be activated when the user passes
TAB b) Index
c) Tab Index d) none of these
47. To activate the command button by pressing the ALT button, ________ is used before the caption of
command button b) $
c) * d) &
48. To retrieve the files of some fixed extension from a common dialog control, command used is
a) index b) filter
c) file name d) action
49. This type of file is accessed bit by bit
a) Sequential b) Binary
c) Random d) none of these
50. In order to access the names of files in the secondary storage, we can use the ________
a) Common Dialog Control b) Common File Control
c) Common Input Control d) Common Data Control
51. Visual Basic is a powerful front end _________ development tool which means that the VB application
must be able to access the various database servers which are at the back end
c) object d) component
52. Microsoft Access also uses jet database engine as its __________ component
a) data creator b) data manager
c) data maintainer d) data engineer
53. This activeX control provides most of the features of the standard list box control plus increased data
access capabilities b) Data bound Combo box
c) Data bound List Box d) Microsoft Flex Grid
54. The graphical elements on the user control is stored in files with extension
a) OCX b) CTL
c) CTX d) OTL
55. Toolbox bitmaps are ___________ pixels in size
a) 15 * 16 b) 16 * 15
c) 15 * 15 d) 16 * 16