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Candidate for Speaker of the Texas House

November 15, 2010

Dear Members and Members-Elect,

As the race for Speaker progresses, there are several issues I hope you will prayerfully consider.

The voters of Texas have entrusted our party with an historic and unprecedented majority. I
especially congratulate the 21 new members who defeated incumbent Democrats, your hard won
victories have made history. I applaud your dedication and sacrifice, and I welcome you to the
Texas House of Representatives.

The first order of business in the next legislature will be the election of the Speaker of the
House. During the last session the Speaker was elected when eleven Republicans formed their
own group and aligned with almost all of the Democrats to gain a majority of the House in the
race for Speaker. We all know that by the time the first day of session rolled around Mr. Straus
was the only candidate whose name went to the floor. That was then, and there were unique
circumstances surrounding that vote. But today there are not 76 Republicans, there will be at
least 98 Republicans -- and there is absolutely no reason a minority splinter group of
Republicans should join with Democrats to elect the Speaker. The next Speaker should be and
will be the candidate with the support of a the majority of Republican members and members-

After all, 28 Democrats, several of whom were appointed by Speaker Straus to chair committees,
have left the Texas House. Mr. Straus' leadership team of Democrats was decimated in the
election. Instead, Texans elected a huge Republican majority, and the Republican members of
the House should listen to and to respond to the will of the voters. We need to unite behind one
conservative Republican candidate for Speaker.

By way of this letter, I am adding my name to those requesting that our Caucus Chairman, Larry
Taylor, schedule a Republican caucus of members and members-elect to meet and decide upon a
single Republican candidate for Speaker. We should not have to wage this contest across our
state and divide our own party with months of contentious argument. If we caucus, and only if
we caucus, can we unify behind a single conservative Republican candidate for Speaker.

If a Republican caucus is held for members and members-elect, I will abide by the decision of
the caucus. If no caucus is held, I will remain in the race for Speaker and I will be a candidate
for Speaker when the vote takes place in Austin on January 11, 2011.

Not Printed at State Expense

My philosophy on serving as the next Speaker of the House of Representatives is
straightforward. We should keep our campaign promises to the conservative voters of Texas
who just elected the largest Republican majority in history. Furthermore, the Speaker should
protect the integrity of the House of Representatives. As far as I am concerned, that means an
open process, fairness to all members, Democrat and Republican alike.

We need to unite behind a conservative leader chosen by the Republican Caucus in order to
protect the members of the House. You all know, or soon will, that I believe in principled
persuasion, not strong arm tactics. I have been around long enough to watch Speakers Lewis,
Laney, Craddick, and Straus. No two were the same in their leadership or management style, my
leadership will be equally unique. I will always work to protect the members, and I will expect
each member to vote their convictions and their district. We have a job to do, and we need an
experienced, conservative leader at this point in history.

Finally, I pledge to be a candidate for Speaker for a maximum of two terms and no more.

We have some mighty big tasks ahead of us, and I will provide the principled, conservative, fair
and experienced leadership for the House during the next session. I would be honored by your


Warren Chisum