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PVA Prop erty M aps Page 1 Pr operty Valu e Maps values in to


Prop erty M aps

Page 1

Pr operty



PVA Prop erty M aps Page 1 Pr operty Valu e Maps values in to an


in to an intera ctive map f or their citi zens. Our s ervice incre ases prem ium subsc ription

ra tes by gett ing more p eople to yo ur PVA web site. Citizen s also get a mobile ver sion, he atmaps, an d updated data feeds when home and busine ss values c hange.

K entucky cou nty propert y valuation administra tors (PVAs) can turn th eir property

In crease Revenu e from

Subscri ptions

Eve ry PVA, wh ether in a s mall or larg e county, w ill increase their subsc ription reve nue immed iately by ma pping their property va lues in the public area of their we bsite.

Increa se Revenu e - More pe ople will us e

your sit e when the y see basic info on you r map. T his means m ore month ly subscri ptions!

Increa se Site Tra ffic - Our p latform of

sites lin k back to y ou for every

Get sub scription-in terested vis itors you

never w ould have


had otherwi se.

Garner Voter Sup port - Exci te your

electora te by provi ding a visua lly engagin g service at net-zero cost to the taxpayer.

Compli ment Your

Other Ser vices - Ou r

embedd ed map co mpliments,

with, yo ur existing web servic es.

not compet es

Respec t - Citizens appreciate and respec t transpa rency in the ir governm ent.

and respec t transpa rency in th e ir governm ent. You can ch oose the
and respec t transpa rency in th e ir governm ent. You can ch oose the

You can ch oose the sta rting point,

small snipp et of HTML code for yo ur site, whi ch will emb ed the inter active map

map size,

map option s, and layo ut. We give you a

wherever y ou want. Su rround the map with i nstructions,


update the data, your map is insta ntly updat ed, too.

navigation , logos, key , help, or

else. Whe n we

fter this on e-time setu p, you do n ot have to do anything

Te stimon ial

Th e Jefferson

dat abase into a searchabl e property

Lou isville, KY.

A w in for the P VA, GovMa pper, and t he county.

County PVA uses our e mbedded m aps to turn their raw

value map f or Jefferson


je ffersonpva.

Instantly m ore subscr iptions, rev enue, and v oter suppo rt!

"Th e ease and speed of pu tting intera ctive prope rty maps o n our PVA s ite was asto unding. Th e return

on investment was immed iate, and it would have

res ult. The ma ps keep peo ple returni ng to our si te, and disp lay our pro perty value s in a visual ly eng aging way. "

taken us a few month s of work t o achieve a similar

- Tony Lindauer,

info @govmapp

PVA, Jeffer son County,


achieve a similar - Tony Lindauer , info @govmapp PVA, Jeffer son County, KY www.G

www.G ovMapper. com

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PVA Prop erty M aps Page 2 Ad ds on t o your Existing Servic


Prop erty M aps

Page 2

Ad ds on t o your Existing

Servic es

The goal of ou r embedded maps is to get you m ore revenue wit h more targ eted visitor s. We wor k with any of your exi sting servi ces. We ar e an enhan cement, no t competito rs.

Her e are some services yo u may hav e, that we

ork with:

GIS Sy stem - GIS is great fo r your inter nal use, and

for sub

complim ent them b y showing basic info o f all propert ies at once on a map, a nd getting more peopl e to your site.

cription ma ps for spec ific properti es. We

Subscr iption Map s - You ma y show a m ap of a

specific property in your paid

maps a re shown in the free ar ea of your s ite, and

show a hundred pr operties at once in a se archable map. E ach marker popup sho ws just basi c info, and

links to your subsc ription page

subscription area. Our

for more.

Websit e Builders - If you us e an existin g service to

run you r site (like

WebGu ys, Norlight , PVDNet, P HCDC, etc) , we work

with th em to enha nce the pro perty search

adding an interacti ve map. It i s a new fea ture for yo ur users o n top of you r existing s ite, and ou r public site s

drive m ore traffic t o your site too, which means more subsc riptions!

qPublic, GU TS, Techno Soft,

page by

of course

Fe atures

1. Popup s on the ma p show bas ic property info (value, owner, address, da te assessed ) and link t o your propert y pages for more infor mation whe re available .

2. Link to your site fr om our bas ic property data maps on our network (yo urmapper.c om, etc) at no cost. They cr edit your PV A office for the data.

3. Filter t he map by property ty pes, date, a nd keyword s.

4. Access maps on y our mobile phone, view


heatma ps, and gra b data feed s (RSS, KM L, CSV) for your se arches.

Fr ee Trial,

Pays for Itself

L, CSV) for your se a rches. Fr e e Trial, Pays for Itself We offer
We offer a no- o bligation 3 0 -day free trial , so yo u

We offer a no-o bligation 3 0-day free trial, so yo u can try it out on you r site.


We guarantee that your r evenues wi ll increase a nd it will m ore than pa y for itself.

If it

doe sn't, simply remove it

rom your s ite at no co st!


Gov Mapper

  Gov Mapper  

web: ww w.GovMap email: i nfo@govma ph one: 502.5 09.2MAPS


info @govmapp

www.G ovMapper. com

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