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Parkngo Vehicle Registration for:4600 Kimbermount Ave.

Three ways to register: web, SMS (416) 821-7335 or phone (416) 410-2517
By Phone: entered, which must match what is By SMS: (416) 821-7335
displayed on the vehicle, the date, time
Call (416) 410-2517 press 2 Setup user id:( In the web under
expired and the reference number
Enter your guest mailbox #: 651 followed by pound key(#) Account Info) or simply register by:
generated to confirm the registration.
Enter in your unit/apartment #: _____ followed by pound 7651#[apt]#[plate] #[1-3]# and send.
key(#) ie 7651#10001#abc123#1#
Previously Registered Note the “#” must be entered as
Main Menu: Plates: outlined, otherwise an error will occur.
Registering a vehicle with a setup
You have the following three menu options to choose from: for On entering the numbers listed in the
plates that you have previously registered enter in the numbers plate or three zeros, the system will
Enter text message:(User id starts with
listed in the plate to register followed by the pound key (#), play back the numbers or that you
7) user id#plate#day(s)# and send
select no numbers in the plate for
for plates that you have previously registered without numbers Ie: 7demo1#abcd123#1#
confirmation which is done by pressing
press zero three times followed by the pound key(000#), for The system on receiving the text will
return a confirmation of the plate, date,
a new plate press the star key (*) once. The system will play back a plate that
time it expires and the reference
you have registered previously to your
New Plate entry: unit whether it be online, SMS or by
number; otherwise it will give an error
Step 1: Press the number corresponding to the letter or number message.
phone which has the numbers entered
you wish to enter for each character in the plate (see chart) in it, giving you the option to accept by Other:
Q=12 1=14 A=21 B=22 D=31 E=32 pressing one, otherwise pressing two to Calendar Week: Sunday to Saturday
reject. Note ensure that the plate where in only 3 days can be register and/or
C=23 2=24 F=33 3=34 permits with any extensions to be
played back matches what is displayed
G=41 H=42 J=51 K=52 M=61 N=62 on the vehicle. forwarded to your property management
I=43 4=44 L=53 5=54 O=63 6=64 for consideration.
Once accepted you will be directed to #
P=71 R=72 T=81 U=82 W=91 X=92 of days which you will have read Default system is phone in.
earlier about. A locked plate is one which is either a
S=73 7=74 V=83 8=84 Y=93 9=94
Z = 02 0=04 By Web: resident vehicle or exceeding # of days in
In a browser enter 30 day period or is not a valid plate.
ie: plate: BCDE 345 enter: Notices or Invoices Received:
setup an account if one has not been
22=(b),23=(c),31=(d),32=(e),34=(3),44=(4),54=(5),* You can email with
setup by checking off: ‘I am new’, the notice/invoice # and guest mailbox # or
Step 2: Once you have finished entering all the letter and
where in you fill in all the fields. address, unit #, the plate registered if issued
numbers in the plate to register, press the star key (*) once. The
Return to the login, using the email and within a grace of 20-30 minutes of the time
system will replay the plate back and ask you to press one to
password registered login and press the issued or still registered or call (905) 458-
confirm and direct you to # of days.
button register a vehicle. Note account 7556 ext. 4100 Mon – Thu 9 am – 3 pm.
info button allows you to set up SMS,
# of days: change email, password etc.
Not exceeding three days enter the number of days to register Recommended browser: Chrome as it
the vehicle, where in the system will play back the plate is pre-loaded with flash.