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I Don’t Like Mondays Tempo: ¢ = 188 Verse 1s ‘The Verse 2+ chip ‘The- lex- ms- sehine side her head kept so clean and pad et? oe no- boy's going to go to feel so” schocked, fathers == them stay to a es home lit te girl = "chy keen said she was good aint so near to gets daddy doesnt un de- feat(and)they ean | see no rea-son ‘eausethere | are mo reasons, what reas-an do you need to reason ‘cause there are no rea~sons, what rear son nate Gh) the th 26? remo || why 1 don't like mon days ell my AK FF E/F* OH HaA* eae = = = aes set | ia 1 mon days tellme | why I don't like mon- days I wantto