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ISSUE Cannot easily identify outdates on sample medications in the clinic.


TO Clinic Staff/management
no RN time
taken BY see back of hard copy

BACKGROUND Sample meds are stored in cabinets in the clinics and outdates must be checked monthly. This 2nd DATE 12-12-07 (and July-Dec 2007)

process currently takes about 8 hours/mo. to be completed by a nurse.

1. label outdates outdates
PMC E 2. check outdates clear and
admit 3. complet re-orders easy to read
CURRENT CONDITION (Place drawing of process here.) 4. maintain log

Tasks done within workday, not
E reorder in additon too.

W stock cabinets 1) 5S sample med cabinet to create and maintain organized and clean cabinets.
2) Label sample meds with stickering method used by PRHC pharmacy.
1/mo. 3) Sample Med cabinet responsibilities completed by three clinic schedulers.

1 4) Each doctor/nurse team set par levels of sample meds they use to guide re-ordering and upkeep of cabinet.

PROBLEM ANALYSIS 1)5S sample med cabinets Nurses/Shawna on-going as bins are available all meds in labeled bins

1) New additional sample med cabinet included with second floor addition 2)Sticker outdates Shawna/Schedulers Feb. 08 & as meds are delivered easy to read outdates
why? Medical and nursing staff in new area need same supplies/medications as in their previous area. 3)Sample med responsibilities Schedulers/Clinic mg Feb. 08 & on going training and schedulers assume labeling,
why? To maintain function and quality of care to patients. Nursing staff support outdates and re-ordering tasks
why? PMC standards, expectations and services. 4)Review med lists doctors/nurses Feb.1-22nd, 2008 up to date list of sample meds

2) Checking outdates are too time consuming for nurses. 5)Order supplies Shawna/Schedulers 2-22-080 have tools needed
why? Must check all individual sample meds in all cabinets. COST COST BENEFIT/WASTE RECOGNITION
why? Mandated and for patient safety. bins: 8hrs/mo nurse wages x 16.81/hr x 12mo = $1613.76 - outdates
why? Outdates are often difficult to find and/or read. stickers/kits 8hrs/mo nurse wages x 16.81/hr x 12mo = $1613.76 - re-ordering
why? The way manufacturers produced packaging. (+consider overtime) = $3,227.52
why? All in different locations depending on medication. Time staff/physicians spent looking in an unorgainzed cabinet.

why? Cabinets are difficult to keep tidy and organized. TEST

why? No storage containers. 1)5S Audti of Cabinet
why? Staff make due with what resources are readily available 2)time checking outdates

(bags, rubberbands, paper sacks, etc.) FOLLOW UP Audit Score: Time to check outdates:
3) Re-ordering is too time consuming. 4/7/2008
why? Nurse must go through all meds to determine necessity. 5/5/2008
why? To have enough of each medication as it is used. 6/2/2008

why? To communicate to pharmaceutical reps what/how many to leave. Feb. 2008 - need to address all coupons phar.reps are giving now. QA/RM-006