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Introduction to Case Analysis

Professor Julie Yao Cooper

September 2010

Assignment for Day 2

Please read and prepare to discuss HBS Case: Hurricane Island: Outward Bound
School, by Thomas V. Bonoma and Bruce H. Clark

Guiding Questions for case preparation and discussion:

1. What are the objectives and strategy of this organization? Do you perceive any
conflicts in its stated goals?

2. How would you characterize the customers? How can they be segmented? What
are they buying?

3. How would you characterize the organization? What are their strengths and
weaknesses? How are they doing?

4. How will the various program alternatives get the organization where it wants to
go? Can we quantify the relationship between effort and outcome?

5. What is the relationship between operations management and marketing

management based on the data on resource availability?

5. What should Philip Chin do about the marketing program?