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Bowman • Gévry

My Thanksgiving Prayer


here is so much to be thankful for, like
good food and the people we love. But
there are other things to thank God for at
Thanksgiving time and at any time.

Crystal Bowman likes using rhyming words in
her stories, poems, and children’s songs. She also
enjoys going for walks, eating ice cream, and
spending time with her family.

You can f ind Claudine Gévry camel riding in the
Sahara, trekking in a jungle populated with wild
monkeys, or exploring the African savanna in
search of huge elephants. Later, she will return to
her studio to draw all the things she’s seen and
dream of her next visit to faraway lands.

Crystal Bowman
illustrations by

Claudine Gévry

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Illustrations © 2007 by Claudine Gévry
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Editor: Bruce Nuffer
Art direction & Design: Merit Alderink

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Printed in China
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Ages 2 - 5


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My Thanksgiving Prayer
By: Crystal Bowman, Illustrated by Claudine Gévry
This book features a child thanking and praising
God for the big and small joys of life. Children will
delight in the colorful pictures and catchy rhyme.
And they’ll love the oversized board book.
(Those wavy blue lines on the inside pages mark
the book’s edge.)

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We sit around the table,
and we fold our hands to pray.
We say a thank-you prayer to God
on this Thanksgiving Day.

Thank you, God, for giving us
delicious food to eat.
For applesauce and pumpkin pie,
potatoes, corn, and meat.

Thank you, God, for families,
and for the love we share.
For little ones and grown-ups too.
Please keep us in your care.

Thank you, God, for birds that sing
and mountains standing tall.
For rivers, trees, and bumblebees—
Lord, you have made them all.

Thank you, God, for summer days,
and winter days with snow.
Thank you for the rainy days
that help the f lowers grow.

Thank you, God, for everything
you give to us each day.
Thank you, God, for loving us.
In Jesus’ name we pray.