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‘STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA OFFICE OF ATTORNEY GENERAL STATE CAPITOL (600 E BOULEVARD AVE DEPT 125 BISMARCK, NO 58505-0040 (701) 326-2210 "FAX (701) 328-2026 Wayne Stenehjem ATTORNEY GENERAL October 24, 2019 Director Dave Natvig Division of Criminal Investigation 1302 E Hwy 14, Suite 5 Pierre, SD 57501-8505 Dear Director Natvig: This letter is to confirm a request for assistance with an investigation related to the ND State Auditor's findings in the annual audit of the ND Department of Commerce. Under N.D.C.C. § 12-60-05, the Attorney General may appoint ad hoc special agents. Ad hoc special agents are law enforcement officers from other jurisdictions appointed for a specific law enforcement purpose and do not become full-time or part-time employees of the attorney general By this letter, | appoint SD DC! Special Agent Brett Spenser as an ad hoc special agent for the North Dakota Office of Attorney General. This appointment is to be used in the furtherance of the investigation outlined above. ‘Thank you for your assistance. Please contact Director Lonnie Grabowska of the ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation if you or your staff have any questions) yA Wayné Stenehjem Attorfiéy General cc: SIA Brett Spenser, SD DCI BCI Director Lonnie Grabowska AAG Britta Demello-Rice, Director Criminal & Regulatory Division Julie Lawyer, Burleigh County State's Attorney