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Component-Level Licensing of Access to component-level SEP licenses is currently

at the heart of high-profile cases including:

Standard-Essential Patents
·· FTC v. Qualcomm (Northern District of California;
Nowadays, the hottest topic in standard-essential on appeal to the Ninth Circuit, no. 19-16122),
patents is whether – and if so, on what terms – com-
·· Continental Automotive Systems v. Avanci et al.
ponent makers are entitled to exhaustive SEP licenses.
(N.D. Cal., case no. 5:19-cv-02520),
Controversies over that question arose before.
In 2000, Qualcomm complained in a letter to Motorola ·· antitrust complaints lodged this year with the
that the recipient was not licensing its modem chip European Commission‘s Directorate-General for
SEPs to Qualcomm, and later that decade, Nokia and Competition by Daimler, Continental, Valeo, Gemalto,
Ericsson accused Qualcomm of antitrust violations and BURY Technologies,
on the same grounds. Since those days, mobile hand- ·· at least ten Nokia v. Daimler patent infringement
sets have become far more complex, and wireless lawsuits pending with the Munich I, Mannheim,
technology is incorporated into an ever greater diversity
and Dusseldorf Regional Courts, and
of devices (Internet of Things), notably including
automobiles with their multi-tiered supply chains. ·· the recently-filed Huawei v. Nokia antitrust complaint

This conference will address the issue from all angles:

(Dusseldorf Regional Court).
SEP Licensing
case law
competition enforcement
policy making A conference with a similar focus will be held in
12 November 2019
licensing Northern California in mid-January 2020. Details will be
and economics announced on when available. Sofitel Le Louise
A „bonus session“ at the end of the day will touch
on another fundamental issue surrounding
(though not exclusively) SEPs:
injunctive relief
Component-Level SEP Licensing 12 November 2019

08:30 Registration & Reception     11:05 Seeking component-level licenses: 15:00 Afternoon Coffee Break
experiences from the field
Svein-Egil Nielsen

09:00 Panel discussion on component-level (CTO & Strategy Director, Nordic Semiconductor) 15:30 Antitrust complaints over
licensing (antitrust and contract law) Metin Taskin (CTO, AirTies) component-level licensing
 Pat Treacy Rasmus Søby Dupont (Head of IP, Kamstrup)  oderator: Rebekka Porath
(Partner, Bristows; and Deputy Judge,     11:50 Patent royalties in the IoT industry: (Director IP Policy EMEA, Intel Corporation)
England & Wales High Court) an economics perspective     15:35 Antitrust complaints over SEP licensing
Paul Lugard (Partner, BakerBotts) Joachim Henkel Rafał Sikorski (Professor, Adam Mickiewicz

 ohn J. “Jay” Jurata
J (Professor of Technology and Innovation University; and Senior Partner, SMM Legal)
(Partner, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe) Management, Technical University of Munich)
    15:45 Continental‘s U.S. antitrust lawsuit
Christian Donle
against Avanci
(Professor, Weißensee; and Partner,
12:30 Lunch Kent Baker

Preu Bohlig & Partner)
(Head of IP Strategy & Licensing, u-blox)

13:30 The 2019 FTC v. Qualcomm ruling:

10:00 “All comers” or not? Access to key holdings, next steps,
licenses under contract laws 16:00 BONUS SESSION:
global impact Access to injunctive relief
Moderator: Dave Djavaherian Moderator: Jay Jurata

(Founder, PacTechLaw) Introduction by Edmund Mangold
(Partner, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe) (Patent Counsel, BMW)

Panelists:     13:35 Judge Lucy H. Koh‘s findings of fact,
Philippe Stoffel-Munck     16:05 Evolution of national case law on SEP
conclusions of law, and remedial orders injunctions since Huawei v. ZTE
(Professor, Université Paris I - Panthéon
Jay Jurata
 Bram Nijhof (Counsel, Taylor Wessing)
(Partner, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe)
Marc Hansen (Partner, Latham & Watkins)     16:25 The proportionality requirement under
    14:00 Licensing practitioner‘s perspective on fallout the EU enforcement directive
from FTC v. Qualcomm ruling
Maurits Dolmans
11:00 Patent licensing: Eric Stasik (Founder, Avvika) (Partner, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton)
implications for business     14:30 Could Judge Koh‘s reasoning be adopted     16:40 The German patent reform debate
under Art. 102 TFEU?
Moderator: Ief Daems  oderator: Florian Mueller
(Legal Director Antitrust EMEAR, Evelina Kurgonait (Founder, FOSS Patents)
Cisco Systems) (Secretary General, Fair Standards Alliance)

17:00 Reception

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