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The Thomond Times

October Edition 2019

Johnson & Johnson Bridge to Employment launch

The Year Ahead
Bridge to Employment (BTE) is a three-year programme
sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Vision in Limerick that
will give 50 students, 25 each from Thomond Community
First Term College & Ard Scoil Mhuire, real-world experiences,
Thursday 22nd August allowing them to explore potential careers, prepare for
2019 to Friday college and work, and discover how learning is relevant to
20th December 2019 their future. Over the three years of this project students
Midterm 1 will be given the opportunity to participate in a wide range
Monday 28th October to of activities including, site visits to J&J Vision Care for stu- Ian Walker, J&J Senior Director Global Com-
Friday 1st November 2019
dents and parents, tailored visits to 3rd level campuses for munity Impact, Norma O’Brien, Principal
School Closed
Friday 27th September students, teachers and parents, TY work experience place- Thomond Community College, Bríd Herbert,
Principal Ard Scoil Mhuire & Donncha
Monday 9th December ments at J&J Vision Care, mentoring sessions from J&J staff, O’Treasaigh, Director of Schools LCETB
Christmas Holidays Health & Wellbeing sessions, Junior Achievement ‘Career
All schools close on Success’ programme, Study skills seminars and teambuilding activities and outings.
Friday 20th December 2019 The 25 TY students from Thomond Community College are delighted to be involved and are
and reopen on Monday 6th looking forward to engaging with the programme.
January 2020 More about this wonderful initiative on the next page.
Second Term
Monday 6th January 2019
to Friday 3rd
April 2020
Midterm 2
Monday 17th February to
Friday 21st February 2020
School Closed
Monday 16th March
& Tuesday 17th March
Easter Holidays
All schools close on Friday
3rd April and reopen
Monday 20th April 2020

Third Term
Monday 20th April
to Friday 29th May 2020
School Closed
Monday the 4th of May

State Examinations
Wednesday 3rd June
Teresa Leahy, Junior Achievement Ireland, Prof Vincent Cunnane, President LIT, Norma O’Brien, Principal Thomond
Community College, Ian Walker, J&J Senior Director Global Community Impact, BTE students Ard Scoil Mhuire
Parent Teacher Meetings & Thomond CC, John Lynch, Plant Manager, Johnson & Johnson Vision, Bríd Herbert, Principal Ard Scoil Mhuire
2019 & Cllr Michael Sheahan, Mayor of City & County Limerick
3rd Year & 6th Year
Thursday 24th October
2.30 - 5.00

2nd Year & 5th Year

Thursday 5th December
2.30 - 5.00

1st Year & TY
Thursday 13th February
2.30 - 5.00

3rd Year & 6th Year

Thursday 19th March
2.30 - 4.30
BTE students from Thomond Community College with Principal Norma O’Brien
The initiative, funded by Johnson & Johnson, is part of the company’s
global BTE initiative which aims to encourage young people to pursue
higher education and challenging careers in the healthcare industry.
A collaborative effort between schools, employers, parents and
community groups helps to provide students with the confidence
needed to realise their aspirations.

John Lynch, Plant Manager, Johnson & Johnson Vision, said: “Bridge to
Employment is a global Johnson & Johnson programme which has been
running successfully for more than 20 years. Given our commitment to
supporting our local community here in Limerick, I’m delighted that we
are working with Junior Achievement Ireland in supporting senior cycle
students from Ardscoil Mhuire, Corbally and Thomond Community
College, Moylish Park to pursue challenging science, technology, engi-
neering and math (STEM) related careers.”

On behalf of JAI Mid-West Area Manager Teresa Leahy underlined the

impact the programme will have on participating students:

“Research shows that working with ‘real-world’ volunteers helps young

people to see the relevance of their academic studies to their everyday
lives, which is a vital factor in persuading them to stay in school, take full
advantage of their education and maximise their potential. The Bridge to
Employment programme will help students develop over the three years
into enterprising individuals who have the skills, knowledge and attitudes
needed to achieve the goals they set for themselves. Thank you to Johnson
& Johnson Vision for supporting this impactful initiative.”

The above article was taken from the Junior Achievement Ireland website and can be accessed at
David Greaney Scholarship Awards 2019
Maths Week in Thomond Community College

Maths Week took place in TCC over the last two weeks of term, from 13th October until the 25th. It is an important way
to help learners, of all ages, enjoy maths and to highlight the creativity of the subject. A fun Poster Competition was held
across the school to encourage students to use their ‘Maths Eyes’in other subject areas. The junior school also engaged
with Mangahigh on the PC’s during Maths class time and students in Coding classes created their own Maths Quiz on
Scratch. There will be a Numeracy Quiz later in the year to further encourage students to think rationally, analyse and
solve problems clearly and accurately! The Numeracy Team

Student Council
A student council is a representative structure for students from each year, through which they can become involved in
the school. They work in partnership with management, staff and parents but generally students in the school for the
benefit of the school. A student council provides an opportunity for
students to have a say in the organisation of the school and to get
involved in decision making for the benefit of all students.
Students are elected every September to represent their year in
the council. Meetings take place weekly or fortnightly after school
and during big lunch. During the meetings members discuss top-
ics from the agenda and suggest ideas for future consultations. All
items are then forwarded to Ms. O’Brien and Ms. Hogan for their
approval. Over the past number of years, the student council have
been responsible for bake sales, parent teacher meeting attend-
ance, friendship weeks, memorial services, welcoming guests to
the school, assisting with open nights, helping with multicultural
day, supporting 6th year graduation, attending ISSU meetings and
link with the School Food Company to discuss menus. The student
council is looking forward to another successful year of challenges
and busy events ahead.

Dylan Walsh, Ronan Hannon and Steven

Walsh represented Thomond Communi-
ty College at Comhairle na Nog recently
in UL.
September Attendance Awards

The draw for September’s 100% Attendance Award took place on Friday, the 4th of October. Seventy Five 1st Years, forty
two 2nd Years and forty three 3rd Years were all included in the draw and received a JCSP Attendance Award.
Well done to Callum Barry and Max Cummins from second year who won the draw and received a voucher each.
Sensory Experience at
Watchhouse Cross Students unearth some artefacts

Transition Yeat Students relax in the

new Sensory room at Watch House
Cross Library.

No Tricks! Just Treats for staff

Staff were treated this
Halloween - thanks to the
Sports & Social Club

“Trick or Treat! Give me

something good to eat.
Give me candy. Give me
Give me something sweet
to take!”
1st Year Merit Awards

First year students proudly displaying their merit certificate awards.

World Marathon Challenge

A fantastic day was had by thirty one 1st and 2nd year students taking part in the World Marathon Challenge today in
the University of Limerick. All the students put a huge effort into the event finishing in a fantastic time of 2 hours and 15
minutes to finish in 3rd place 7 seconds behind 2nd place. The students conducted themselves with great pride and were a
credit to Thomond Community College.
Spooky Stories in the library The Literacy Teams Spooky Spelling Bee

The first years took part in The Spooky Spelling Bee or-
ganised by the literacy team. The students were tested on
Scottish Storyteller Rab Fulton helped us get into the Hal- subject-based spellings provided by their terrifying teach-
loween Spirit with his scary stories. He told his eerie tales ers! There were treats for all and the menacing mentors did
to all first years and their teachers. Everyone was terrifically the marking. Well done to the wicked winners of the quiz
terrified and we had time for questions and answers about pictured here with the Wicked Witch of the Library. All the
his stories afterwards. Rab’s book “Transformation” in the other frightful first years were thrown into the cauldron
library. Read it, if you dare! Mwahahahaha!
Microsoft DreamSpace On Tour
On Wednesday, 23rd October, a
selection of 30 second years from the
Coding Classes were brought out to
experience Microsoft DreamSpace On
Tour at Action Point Offices based on
the UL Campus grounds. The Dream-
Space experience allowed students
get hands on coding and prototyping
with micro:bits and engage in some
unplugged STEM activities with great
enthusiasm and banter. The students
got to code traffic light simulator and
create some very funky music songs.
Everyone that attended also got free
headphones. A great morning out was
had by all.
Ms O’Driscoll

BD Stem Stars

BD Stem Stars is a competition open to all Clare & Limerick Secondary Schools to design a product through STEM subjects
that will improve a particular health issue that affects your community.
The TY’s have been brainstorming and have come up with the health issue:
“Stress & Anxiety in Teenagers and how colour therapy can help.”
There has been a huge level involvement & interest across a number of departments - Science has taught lessons in Biol-
ogy about how you’re body responds during stressful situations and the hormones it releases. In Social Ed, they’ve been
experimenting with a number of different therapy’s to help reduce stress and visited a Sensory room in the local Watch
House Cross Library to see the effect certain lighting conditions can have on you. In Physics, they conducted experiments
on how to measure the wavelength of light. In Coding classes, they produced a lighting device coded along with the micro-
bit, to produce calming sequences of light, while in Graphics they 3D printed off a blue phone cover case to use along with
their phone’s flashlight. Maths conducted a survey to first gauge what students are stressed about, then test how stressed
students are, analyse the results & see will the colour therapy have the desired result to reduce stress levels... The ICT time
was used then to produce the presentation to have in for Friday’s deadline of Oct. 25th. This has been a very exciting cross-
curricular project that we are all enjoying produce! Big huge thanks to all the teachers who have helped out and well done
& good luck to all the students involved.
Ms. O’Driscoll, STEM Co-Ordinator
Parents getting creative Basketball Tournament

Parents enjoying making decorative Well done to 3 Yew under the guidance of student teacher Ms Brady who ran a
Christmas plates in Art class run by very successful basketball tournament for 1 Oak this afternoon as part of their
HSCL. Ms. Dunne and showing more games CBA. All students enjoyed the event. In the end Three teams were tied
creativity on Monday mornings in on points and after a decider free throw competition it went to sudden death.
sewing class. Edmund scored the winning basket much to his delight and his teammates.

Careers Corner
On 16th October all the Fifth years and some 6th years attended the
Mid-West apprenticeship & traineeship careers showcase organised
by LCETB in the South Court Hotel. Local companies and organisa-
tions such as J & J Vision Care, Shannon Aerospace, the National
Learning Network, LCFE PLC college and SOLAS had stands, they
demonstrated many apprenticeship skills. The Hairdressing and
Beauty stands were especially popular and we would like to thank
Suzanne and Clare from SOLAS for giving a special talk on the new
Hairdressing 3-year apprenticeship to our students. The LCA1
classes got lots of useful brochures and information for the Guidance
key assignments. It was lovely to meet past pupils like Nicole Cleary and Rebecca Loughman researching their options for
the future.

17th October - LIT open day visit by 5 Harris & 5 Wogan with Bowles 1 & 2. Teachers and guidance counsellors walked
to LIT on Thursday morning to meet staff at the many stand in the main avenue or ‘street’ in LIT. Students got a college
prospectus and brochures on SUSI grants and other useful information. The staff were helpful, friendly and patient and
answered all questions. It was an enjoyable visit and we thank LIT staff for all their support.

Friday 18th October - Open Days for 6th years

UL, LIT & College of Art & Design, Mary Immaculate College had the annual open day where they hosted students from all
over the country who are thinking about doing a CAO course. All 6th got the day off classes to do the necessary research,
ask questions at the stands which were manned by academic staff, talk to ACCESS staff about HEAR & DARE opportunities
etc. This trip is a great help to focus Leaving Cert students as they begin to narrow down their choices for next year. Thanks
again to all the very helpful and supportive staff who assisted our students. The guidance department would like to thank
the SNAs, the office and teaching staff for helpful and facilitating these trips.
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