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$908 Camelia De US POSTAGE ive Beach 2957 PAID COLUMBIA Sc PERM! ht ial hl iehe eb MARY & DAVID HUCKS (OR CURRENT RESIDENT 4907 WILLOW LN MYRTLE BEACH, SC_ 29575-4525 October 31,2019 Dear Fellow Myrtle Beach Voter: On Tuesday, November 5th, we have the opportunity to elect three members to our City Council. Asa concerned citizen and registered voter of the City of Myrtle Beach, | believe strongly that the office of City Council is among the ‘most important office at any level of government for which we vote. And so, | diligently and carefully studied the six candidates running for City Council, and | think it’s important for you to know what I found. ach of If you haven’ followed this election, all 3 incumbents, Mike Chestnut, Mary Jeffcoat and Phil Render are runni re-election, Between these three, they have served a collective total of 48 years on City Council! One of the challenger candidates, W: ie Gray, has been on and off City Council multiple times since 1998. And after researching these candidates, it was Wayne Gray who causes me the most concern. upport Wayne because of his actions dui judgement in recent years. | think Myrtle Beach deserves After looking at Wayne Gray's voting record and his time in public office I am writing to share my findings. I firmly believe that it is important that you know the truth before November Sth, and I want to make sure the record is straight and clear. 1. Ina public meeting just two weeks ago, Wayne Gray said that he will propose to turn over decisions about how to spend our tax money to politicians in Columbia. His proposal is something that every single member of the legislative delegation is opposed to because they understand doing anything to modify the TDF would mean a dramatic increase in our property taxes. Wayne Gray’s ill advised plan would practically send $25 million more of our tax dollars to Columbia, We already send to0 much of our tax money to Columbia. And we get far too litte in return for our generosity. (Source: Myrtle Beach Republican Women’s Forum, Oct. 9, 2019) (Over)