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You probably know that Wayne Gray worked closely with John Rhodes to create the Beach Ball Classic. My research uncovered that while on City Council, Wayne Gray voted to provide taxpayer monies to this private event, while as reports show he personally benefited financially from payments received. This isa classic conflict of interest that should not be tolerated. We need leaders who recognize conflicts of interests and potential ethics problems and avoid them rather than taking advantage of our tax dollars for their own self-gain. (Source: Myrtle Beach City Council Min 2006-2019) 3. In 2017, just before he was to file for re-election, it was reported that Wayne Gray was caus! scandal when he voted to spend taxpayer dollars to help fund a private group while having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a key staff member. Wayne decided to not run for re-election then, but you can imagine my surprise when less than 2 years later he decided to run again for City Council. Our city cannot go back to Wayne Gray’s corrupt ways. (Source: htips.//!) 4. During Wayne Gray's previous 16-year tenure on Council, downtown Myrtle Beach rapidly declined. The Pavilion closed, homelessness increased, and crime rates increased so dramatically, that Myrtle Beach landed on the FBI's list of the 10 most-dangerous towns in America. In just 2 years since Wayne Gray has been gon down by double digits. We finally have a downtown master plan that unanimous multiple exciting new projects have been announced since. There is a new spirit of cooperation on Cou without Wayne Gray. (Source:hitps://wwwavmbfuews.comistory/362218]4/report-ranks-myrtle-beach-as-third: most-dangerous-us-city-police-officials-respond!) crime has been passed Council in March and encourage you to check Te facts for yourself. This City Council election is important and to please take afew minutes next Tuesday to go and vote. More Hl oe Roger H. Kline This letter is authorized by Roger H. Kline. In aecordance with state law copying and distribution of this etter is permissibve lease be alert for last-minute mailers that donot contain the name ofthe person(s) paying for ther