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“The fire of the Crown Phoenix is a truly
wondrous thing. In it is the ability to completely
immolate, and to bring back the very thing it
- Cemythrian Odane, Last Wizard of the Lost Isle'
Crown Phoenixes are extraordinary creatures originally
from the Elemental Plane of Fire. Although rare, they
can occasionally be found on the Prime Material,
immersed in silvery-blue flames and gliding on thermals
above steaming calderas.
Unlike its more chaotic elemental cousin, the crown phoenix
lives a life not too unlike the other great birds of the Prime
Material. It makes its nest in places of intense heat, like
volcanoes or above fiery geysers, and although it enjoys
bathing in the available flames, it spends most of its time
soaring high above its territory hunting for game and enjoying
the open air.
Crown phoenixes are solitary creatures who mate for life
but only live with their chosen mates sporadically. Once every
twenty-five years, the pair will find an active volcano to roost
in and begin nesting. Although they may spend many mating
seasons together, crown phoenixes will only ever have two
young over their three hundred year lifespans. These
hatchlings take two years to grow to adulthood and during
this time the coupled crown phoenixes will remain together,
guarding their offspring and territory. This is an incredibly
dangerous time for other creatures in their territory, as the
crown phoenixes become increasingly agitated and
particularly wary of anything they feel may threaten their
young, going so far as to attack settlements or caravans they
would have normally ignored.
Another feature that distinguishes the crown phoenix from
other members of its family, is the type of fire that it surrounds
itself with. Unlike other phoenixes, the crown phoenix cannot
continuously cloak itself in flame, instead, it must focus on
igniting and only does so as necessary. When it does combust,
the resulting flames linger and dance on the ground for
minutes before dissipating, and although they’re still
dangerous, they cause far less raw destruction than other
phoenixes are known for.
Credits It’s the restorative properties contained in the flames of the
Written By ~ Keith Pendley crown phoenix that makes it truly remarkable. Any living
Designed By ~ Keith Pendley and Jess Pendley creature that has been destroyed by its fire can also be
Art By ~ Alex Pushkarev completely resurrected by it, as long as its ashes are exposed
Editing By ~ Jess Pendley to the flames for twenty-four hours. These recuperative
powers combined with its ability to be captured and contained
Published by Underground Oracle Publishing under the Open with the right resources make the fire of the crown phoenix
Game License version 1.0a. Copyright 2019 Under- ground highly sought after as a powerful alchemical ingredient.
Oracle Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

The Underground Oracle | Creature

The Underground Oracle | Creature
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The Underground Oracle | Creature