Be in the moment. This early morning hours morning I was awoken by a phone call in the.

A client was wondering about her relationship, going forward and then back; the fears and wanting to control the situation on each other’s terms from the past experiences and lessons. I am getting these kinds of call more often lately, though each is different. It does let me know the intense and delicate energy about and the driving force that is surrounding us now for clearing and rethinking. The reinventing the perspective makes the most sense with a clear understanding of the oneness and aim of love through compassion and forgiveness. The different perspectives of a situation can push someone into insecurity or detach and get more information directly; that not making assumptions. Being your authentic self and learning to accept and allow your divinity to come through in all aspects of your life. My guidance taught me a long time ago the perspective of perspectives in finding the authentic self. There are at least 360 degrees of perspectives in every situation or it seems that way. Full circle and I understand this from going through a few of them, through getting the original (lowest aspect) and continuing upward through the steps of said versus actions, towards the highest. You get the idea of the different perspectives. With going through this, I am not quick to decision. I may have a little think over the different perspectives, though the reality is the now and present moment is all that matters. It is all that is “real” at the moment. I was talking with Karen Aires, a spiritual poet again, and she concurs with the words of another friend, Jock Brocas, teach spirituality through Budo, psychic medium and good person. We were speaking about “the Tibetan Book of Dead” that I am currently reading and studying; Jock stated “Spiritual authority is more than two words many say it glibly but only true masters such as the Nazarene, Buddha and angelic beings really know its true meaning. It is more than discernment and not an easy thing to comprehend for its truth touches the very facet of your soul’s divinity that gives you the spiritual power over the limitations of this earthly life and you see the true power in impermanence. Touching the power of compassion and forgiveness which few even understand.” (Jock Brocas 2010) The power of this statement opened my thoughts of perspectives and the wisdom I have learned through the human experience processing and the wonderful like minded people who have assisted me through to this moment. I have a greater appreciation for my journey through going through the different perspectives, to see others point of view. It is aiding me in gaining the steps towards knowing that true power of compassion and forgiveness most people on their spiritual journey seek to reclaim their true essence and divinity.

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