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Over the summer, I attended an event income by whittling out unethical or

that celebrated fifty years of resis- useless companies. Without a liv-
tance surrounding the Vietnam ing wage, Millennials have very
War, along with the associated little to spend on anything
and controversial draft. It was considered a luxury. What
enlightening to sit in the au- we do spend, we want to go
dience and listen to the stories towards entities that treat the
of the older generation – how world and its employees well.
they collectively gave the gov- Or at the very least, we want
ernment the proverbial finger that money to stay home – to
at every turn. They were fearless, support small and local businesses.
bold, and believed in the power of the As a result, industries such as dia-
people … and still do. But, by the end of the monds, shopping malls, napkins, and restau-
event, they wondered where the youth was. The rant chains are either taking a significant hit or
last speaker looked over the crowd and asked folding over entirely. And to that, we say, good!
why it was only the same faces she’d been seeing Conglomerates and chains shattered
for the previous fifty years. Where was the next small businesses, broke apart communities,
generation to continue the work? drove down wages, eliminated unions, and
I wondered as well. At first. dried up pensions. They benefited the most
Articles pour out over the internet from our capitalist society, and it’s about time
condemning the Millennial generation for just we all understood our role in this two-way-
about anything. Pick a fault. But one type of re- street system – because, without demand, the
peating headline that caught my attention was supplier will fail.
the infamous “Millennials are killing the (insert Whenever you can, choose a small
any) business.” business and choose local. If there are no other
We may not take to the streets in pro- options but corporations, then take a few min-
test as often as the famed generation of the 60s utes to research who they are and how they treat
and 70s did, or form organizations of rebellion, their employees. Big business isn’t always bad;
but I can tell you what we are doing. We’re de- take Costco, for example, or Microsoft. Look to
molishing whole industries. see if they manufacture or source products in/
*I say Millennials only because we from the United States.
get the most heat, but it’s a collective effort be- Whatever your feelings on capitalism,
tween some Gen X and Gen Z. it is a system that puts an enormous amount of
Purely by a single cultural thread of power in the hands of the people. You may feel
understanding, this entire generation selec- that the fight is out there somewhere, but in all
tively chooses where it’ll spend its hard-earned actuality, it’s right there in your pocket.

LOVIN’ LEMOORE How big ideas are moving the small town’s businesses towards a bright future.
By Dave Fountinelle | Photos by Laci Miranda | @darkstar84_photos

N estled in one of its many beautiful, his-

toric buildings, the Lemoore Chamber
of Commerce is the literal and figurative
business owners took advantage of the op-
portunity to chat face-to-face with Amy, ask-
ing her questions, and sharing opinions and
Commerce meant a significant pay decrease
for Amy, but, “This isn’t about the money.
I’m doing this because I care. It’s genuine.
            So, what’s the secret to Lemoore’s
success? “We have a 3-pillar plan.” Amy ex-
plains, “First is a commitment to business re-
heart of downtown. Inside, the operation is ideas. It’s such a simple yet impactful gesture I’m willing to go above and beyond what’s vitalization, and that’s largely focused on the
bare-bones, and one immediately gets the im- and it’s just one small example of Lemoore’s expected of me to do what’s best for our downtown area of course. We have a beauti-
pression that this is a space where people are appreciation of its small business communi- members and the community.” ful, historic downtown area with many busi-
too busy getting things done to worry about ty.            Her energy is infectious. Her vision nesses that have been here for generations.
aesthetics. Desks and tabletops are decorat-            Originally from Temecula, Amy Ward is big, but also very sensible. “I just want to People need to know about them and come
ed with memos, printouts, and agendas. The moved to Lemoore – as many do – because of do what works. It’s common sense, but com- check them out and see what they have to
walls are festooned with calendars and Post- the military. However, when the opportunity munity engagement benefits everyone. Ul- offer.”
it notes. Yet, the air crackles with contagious came to leave, Amy knew she was here to timately, we are here to serve our members,            The second pillar is education. “We
energy. Something is going on here, you can stay. and we do that by bringing them more busi- want to put programs into place to provide
feel it as soon as you walk in the door.            “I love this community. I love the peo- ness. It just makes sense that the more you education and support for existing business
           A few minutes after I arrive, CEO ple here. Lemoore reminds me of my home- engage the community, the more you invest owners, as well as future business leaders
Amy Ward walks in wearing a witch costume town when I was growing up, it just feels like them in buying local and supporting local and anyone interested in starting their own
while carrying a purple pumpkin bucket. She home to me, and I couldn’t imagine living businesses.” business here. We’ve partnered with the
has just returned from walking to various anywhere else.”            When Amy took over in 2016, she high school and West Hills college to pro-
downtown businesses as part of the Cham-            Back in 2012, Amy joined the Lemoore inherited a Chamber that she describes vide classes and workshops for students who
ber’s “reverse trick-or-treat.” Ward and her Chamber of Commerce board, and in 2016, as “more of a social club.” An apathetic might be interested in pursuing a career in
staff visit each local shop, handing out can- the CEO position became available. Chamber combined with a largely detached business. We also host workshops for local
dy, saying hello, and checking in with their “Pursuing the CEO position wasn’t membership was creating a stale business businesses on subjects from marketing and
members. part of my plan at all,” Amy says with a smile, community. promotion, to using social media, to even
           “We just want to let our members “But I saw an opportunity to make a differ- “When we first started having our the most basic fundamentals that every small
know that we’re always thinking about them, ence and have a positive impact on the town Chamber luncheons and mixers, we would business owner should know. There are a lot
we’re always here for them, and we value and and community that I love. I just couldn’t be lucky if 15-20 people showed up. Now, of people who are great at running a business
appreciate them.” Amy tells me. turn that down.” we have 75-100 members coming to these Continues on pg 6...
           Indeed, during today’s walk, many            Becoming CEO of the Chamber of events and growing.”
Owners (and sisters), Melissa
Megerdigian-Steward and Amanda
Megerdigian, took their childhood passion
and turned into Decades – a boutique in
Clovis specializing in antiques. Starting
small, the pair took to participating in local
antique fairs, flea markets, and various pop-
ups for three years before eventually opening

it local
their storefront just this past March.
Decades boasts a 2,500 square foot
‘shop’ that holds original vintage pieces and
furniture that pairs with their new farmhouse
style décor. The size of their boutique already
separates the ‘boutique’ from the typical
style of antique store most are used to seeing
Karkazian Jewelers around town, but they also offer a new line of
Owner - George Karkazian affordable fashion and accessories.

Shop Small this

Family Owned since 1978, George Karkazian
opened his first store on West & Shields,
and soon after, Karkazian Jewelers moved to
the corner of Shaw and Willow where they
established themselves as one of the Valley’s

Holiday Season
leaders in jewelry/watch sales and repair for
over 40 years. In July 2007, Karkazian Jewelers
added a second location in north Fresno at
the corner of Friant and Ft. Washington. In
February 2009, Karkazian Jewelers moved
Ave., between Roosevelt and Wilson. They’re their Clovis location two blocks to East, right
open Wed to Sat 11-7 and Sun 12-4, or by on Shaw Avenue between Willow and Peach.
appointment. Karkazian Jewelers focuses on
For more information visit www. quality jewelry with a pleasant buying
parabolicgallery.comFollow them on experience. One of the few jewelers that can
Instagram (parabolicgallery) and Facebook cut and polish your chipped diamonds.
Located at 493 W. Shaw Ave Suite B
(@parabolic559) Clovis (559) 297-0201 9447 Ft Washington
Rd #110 Fresno (559) 434-9009 www.

Among the furniture, décor,

accessories, and items from the Rae Dunn
collection are also porcelain signs, scales,
Parabolic Art & Design and salvage. Melissa and Amanda bring
Owner - Tony Fernandez in new items every week, which could
easily fall outside of the above categories –
their favorite, though? Anything old with
Founded in 2017, Tony Fernandez seeks to
‘Fresno, California’ written on it – that, and
create an experience through furniture and
home decor. Parabolic offers a thoughtfully Fresno Hock SHoppe advertising pieces or mercantile displays.
Somewhat unconventional,
curated, eclectic mix of vintage furniture, Owner - Robbie Van Gronigen
Decades is open only once a week – Saturdays
home decor and fine art from past decades
from 9a to 2p. Each of the sisters still manages
through the present, including hundreds of Fresno Hock Shoppe has been a Belmont Ave a career outside of the shop, and while that
unusual items that make great gifts. figure, locally owned and operated, for 30 would be more than enough reason to limit
A modernist at heart, Fernandez is years. Robbie took over ownership five years
inspired by the way great modern architects, ago, although he has worked for the Hock Decades their hours, it also helps build an ‘exclusive’
appeal. There’s usually a line outside the door
designers, and artists looked at the world Shoppe the entire 30 years it has been open. Owners - Melissa Megerdigian-
before they open, folks hoping to get a sneak
in fresh new ways that were not a rehash The pawn shop sells a variety of items like Steward, and Amanda Megerdigian peek at any of the new items the sisters bring
of traditional, historical styles. But he’s not guitars, basses, musical instruments, tools, in. That being said, you won’t have to wait to
a strict purist, Parabolic features an eclectic electronics like tablets, laptops and game “Our grandparents were avid antique a whole week to get your hands on the merch,
collection from various periods and cultures consoles, and firearms. The staff, always collectors and dealers. Our parents also love the sisters are happy to ship items during the
to keep Fernandez and his customers on their eager to help, are known for their youthful antiques - our childhood home was full of week, only tagging on a $5 delivery charge
toes. and energetic approach. cool, old stuff! Childhood days were spent for anything going to Fresno or Clovis.
If you’re looking for more beyond Between now and Christmas, Hock at swap meets and antique fairs. As children Decades is located in the Industrial
what Parabolic hosts in its shop, Fernandez Shoppe is offering 30% off jewelry and select we would play ‘store’ selling each other our park on Clovis and Shaw Ave behind Lowe’s
has the experience to help customers with electronics (except layaways). toys back and forth with Monopoly money at 1018 San Jose suite 102. Or visit them
everything from finding the perfect item The Fresno Hock Shoppe also offers wearing our mother’s antique purses. We online at to
to custom creating a one-of-a-kind piece of a variety of items on eBay, and you can also would, literally, set up an entire store in check out some of their items from home.
furniture. check out their inventory on their website at our bedroom while one would be the shop *Upcoming event: Holiday Pop-
Parabolic is located at 431 E. Olive keeper and the other would be the shopper.” up on December 7th.

Answers to last issue’s puzzles

Fun Facts
Native American Heritage Month 4. Half of the names of U.S. states
are derived from Amerindian
1. Ishi (c. 1860–1916) is widely words, such as Arizona, Connecti- 9. The word “Sioux” was adopted
known as the “last wild Indian” cut, Kentucky, and Missouri.. by French explorers who picked
in America. He lived most of his it up from the Chippewa tribe.
life outside modern culture after 5. Native Americans have been “Sioux” is the Chippewa word for
his tribe, the Yahi (of the Yana living on the American continent “enemy,” who actually were the
group) became extinct in the late since about 12,000 B.C. They were Lakota people. So the Sioux are
1800s because of the Califor- not a single nation but a rich va- actually the Lakota, a name that
nia  Gold  Rush. He lived alone riety of cultures, peoples, and lan- means, “Where the people of peace
in the wilderness after his family guages. Some historians believe dwell.”
died. In 1911, starving and with people have been living in South
nowhere to go, he walked out of America for more than 30,000 10. Sacagawea (1788–1812)
the wilderness into the town of years. was a Lemhi Shoshone woman
Oroville, where he would be later who helped the Lewis and Clark
studied by anthropologists. 6. The Indian Citizenship Act expedition as an interpreter
(Snyder Act) of 1924 granted full and a guide. She traveled
2. Most indigenous people in the U.S. citizenship to America’s in- thousands of miles with them
U.S. use “American Indian,” while digenous peoples. It was enacted from  North Dakota  to the
most indigenous people in  Can- in part due to the recognition of Pacific  Ocean  between 1804 and
ada  use “First Nations.” “Native thousands of Native Americans 1806.
Americans” or “indigenous Amer- who served in WWI.
icans” are often used for people in 11. The elaborate eagle-feather
both countries. 7. In the early 1600s, five tribes headdress of the Lakota (Sioux),
who were former enemies formed which reached from head to toe,
3. Native Americans and First Na- the Iroquois Confederacy. An could be worn only by a warrior
tions people speaking a language all-male council who was elected who had proven his courage in
of the Algonquian group were the for life made decisions; howev- battle. Eagle feathers were high
first to meet English explorers and, er, women had the right to fire any prized because they were thought
consequently, many words from councilor. to be full of spiritual power.
these languages entered English—
for example, caribou (“snow-shov- 8. Benjamin Franklin, coauthor 12. The Mohawk hairstyle is
eler”), chipmunk (“red squir- of the Constitution, thought the named after the Mohawks, one
rel”), moccasin, moose, muskrat, idea of a government like the Ir- of the tribes that made up the
opossum (“white dog”), papoose oquois Confederacy could be used Iroquois nation. The Mohawk
(“baby”), pecan (“nut”), powwow by the English colonies. The eagle people also liked to keep one side
(“to dream, to have a vision”), rac- on the U.S. shield is the Iroquois of their scalp cleanly shaven while
coon, skunk (“to urinate” + “fox”), bald eagle—also a symbol for the the other side was painted a bright
squaw, toboggan, totem, wigwam, Iroquois. color.
and woodchuck.
A Farewell ...‘Lemoore’ cont’d from pg 3

Performance by
but are lost when it comes to promoting their
business, for example. Anything we can do to
help our members be more successful, we’re

The Wild Blue

going to do it.”
           And the third pillar is a commitment
to health and wellness. “Again, it’s common

Yonder sense, but a healthy employee is a happy em-

ployee, and we have partnered with Adven-
tist Health to provide our members with the

N early a half-century ago - the resources and support to answer and address
year the President of the United any questions or concerns they might have
States resigned, and the Vietnam War on this issue.”
raged on - a group of musical bohemi-            In the 2 ½ years she’s been CEO, Amy
an dreamers, driven by abject poverty has reached out to the City Council, the
during the advent of Disco, rehearsed LPD, and the LFD. She has worked tirelessly
in a poorly soundproofed garage writ- to mend fences that had fallen into disrepair
ing homegrown music without a venue during the years of apathy that dogged the
to be found. So they banded togeth- Chamber before her arrival.
er, emptied their torn Levi pockets of            “We’re all in this together.” She says,
crumpled dollar bills and hammered to- “When the community is invested in their
gether a performance space that would business, the businesses do better. When
be a meeting ground for the culturally the businesses are invested in their commu-
deprived tribe of grateful art and music nity, the community supports them. And
lovers that would stand the test of good Lemoore is such a great community. We’re
times for the next 20 years. The original doing things here that you just don’t see that
visionaries and the Tower District night- much anymore, and it’s exciting to be a part
club stage they would inhabit was and of it.”
is...The Wild Blue Yonder.
The Wild Blue Yonder, affec-
tionately known as “The Blue,” was the
house band of “Fresno’s premiere night-
club” in its first decade of operation.
The group opened for such acts as blues
legend Muddy Waters, jazz great Jean
Luc Ponty, and rockers, Rick Derringer
and Huey Lewis. Two independently
produced record albums and a few too customers with help improve the neighborhood. They en-
many Thursday night 25 cent draft beers businesses. gage with the community, ask questions, and
later, individual band members went on            I would act on them. For example, the people said
to play with national recording artists in- be remiss in they wanted a coffee shop, so the owner’s
cluding Sheryl Crow, Herbie Hancock, my duties as a girlfriend opened one right next door to the
and Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili journalist if I dispensary. That really impressed me. That’s
Peppers. didn’t ask Amy the kind of energy and involvement you love
Nearly a decade ago, original about the re- to see, especially in a small town.”
members of the “The Wild Blue” reunit- cent approval             So, what does the future hold for
ed to perform occasionally in Fresno, for 2 recre- Lemoore›s business community? I was given
traveling from all parts of the state. They ational marijua- a first look at the Chamber’s rebranding cam-
racked up frequent flyer miles with their            Part of the effort to engage with the na dispensaries in downtown Lemoore. The paign that’s set to roll out in January 2020,
musical chops still intact and a third community are events like the annual Pizza general response on social media has been under the condition that I do not give away
album produced in the historic Tower Festival, and the upcoming Holiday Stroll, overwhelmingly positive, which is somewhat any details. My apologies, but suffice to say,
Theater, now proudly tucked under their which takes place on November 23rd from surprising for such a traditionally conserva- I was quite impressed with what they have
tattered flight jackets. The Wild Blue 3-7pm. tive community. planned.
Yonder will hang up its wings in a final            “For the Holiday Stroll, we close off            “As CEO, my number one concern “2020 is all about clear vision, and
gathering of the ‘Tribe’ Saturday, No- the downtown, so it’s foot traffic only, and is for my members. So, I feel that my own that’s what we want to convey with our re-
vember 9th, at Fulton 55 in a fundrais- we have vendors set up in the street, and lo- personal opinion regarding the issue is irrel- branding. We have a clear vision for the fu-
ing benefit for, “The Valley Music Hall cal businesses are open, and we encourage evant. If my members are OK with it, then ture of business in Lemoore and the commu-
of Fame.” people just to come down and walk around. so am I. If my members have an issue with nity. We have exciting things planned, and
Debi Ruud and the Lost Souls Check out what downtown Lemoore has to it, it’s my responsibility to communicate I can’t wait to show everyone what makes
will open the show, followed by Nate offer.” those concerns to the city. That being said, Lemoore such a unique and special place.”
Butler performing a retrospective medley            Among the activities planned for the the response from our members has been al-
of local music from bands who played at event is a Christmas tree scavenger hunt. most 100% positive.” Amy adds, “I visited --- 
the club, accompanied by a priceless Participants will receive a map of local Valley Pure’s location in Woodlake and spoke
slide show of memorabilia. Leslie Bixler businesses that each has a decorated tree with the owner there, as well as with some If you would like to volunteer for the Hol-
will be performing with “The Blue.” Art inside them. Visiting each tree gets their list of the other businesses on the street. I was iday Stroll or any upcoming Lemoore com-
by Jeff. checked off by that business. Everyone who very impressed with how much Valley Pure munity events, you can email  tiffany@
Music lovers from all walks of visits all of the trees is entered into a drawing gives back. They have personally, charitably  or call (559)216-0505
life are invited to win one. It’s just one of the many inven- donated an impressive amount of money to for more information.
tive ways the Chamber is utilizing to connect


s chilly weather sets in and

days get shorter, comfort
food favorites once again
fill menus. While traditional
flavor combinations typically hold a
special place in many families’ hearts
and on their plates, there is almost
always room to add new and exciting
flavors to tried-and-true favorites.
If you’re craving cheesy scalloped
potatoes, savory stuffing or juicy
braised meat, an option like California
Ripe Olives are an easy addition that
can spruce up your go-to dishes. Their
mild and unique taste lends itself well
to many different flavor pairings such
as Prosciutto-Wrapped Stuffed Turkey
Breast, Potatoes Au Gratin with Olives
and Fennel, and Green Beans with
Olive Butter.
California family farms produce
95% of the ripe olives grown in the
United States. Multi-generational
family farmers work with family-
owned canneries to produce each can
and ensure only the highest quality
olives make it from the farm to your
For more creative ways to use olives,
including family recipes from growers
across California, visit

Prosciutto-Wrapped Stuffed wrap over bowl and refrigerate at least 8 hours

or overnight.
Turkey Breast To cook turkey breast: Heat oven to 375 F.
Remove turkey breast from brine, rinse and
Recipe courtesy of Karista’s Kitchen pat dry. On large cutting board with sharp,
sturdy knife, slice into thickest portion of
Brine: turkey and cut lengthwise, but not all the way
1/4 cup salt through.
1 teaspoon whole black peppercorns Brush inside of turkey breast with 1
2 bay leaves tablespoon olive oil then sprinkle with salt and
2 quarts water pepper, to taste, rosemary, parsley and orange
3 1/2-4 pounds turkey breast zest. Spread minced garlic, cranberries and
1/2 cup sliced green olives over bottom half of
Turkey: turkey breast then fold top over bottom.
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, Brush outside of turkey breast with
divided remaining olive oil and place prosciutto slices
salt, to taste over top of turkey breast. Using three pieces
pepper, to taste kitchen twine, tie turkey breast on each end
1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary and in middle.
1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley On baking sheet, roast turkey 15 minutes
1 tablespoon orange zest then turn heat down to 350 F and roast 35-45
4 cloves garlic, minced minutes. Once internal temperature reaches
1/4-1/3 cup dried cranberries about 155 F, remove from oven and tent foil
3/4 cup sliced California Green Ripe over top to allow it to continue cooking and
Olives, divided stay warm. Let turkey rest about 15 minutes.
4-5 slices prosciutto Once turkey is cool enough to handle, Green Beans with In food processor, pulse butter, olives, shallots
and garlic; set aside.
remove kitchen twine and slice. Arrange slices
on platter. Olive Butter In large saucepan or stockpot, bring 4
2 tablespoons butter To make gravy: Take remaining juice Recipe courtesy of Culinary Hill quarts water and 1 tablespoon salt to boil.
1 tablespoon all-purpose flour from baking sheet and add to saucepan over 1/4 cup (1/2 stick) unsalted Add green beans and boil until tender-crisp,
1-1 1/2 cups chicken broth medium heat along with butter. Once butter butter, softened but still bright green, about 3-5 minutes.
salt, to taste is melted, sprinkle in flour and whisk. While 20 California Black Ripe
whisking, add Work in batches, if necessary. Drain well and
pepper, to taste Olives, chopped immediately plunge into bowl of ice water to
1 cup chicken broth. If it becomes thick, add 2 shallots, chopped
orange slices, for garnish 1/2 cup chicken broth, or more, as needed. stop cooking. In large skillet, add remaining
Let gravy cook several minutes, whisking 2 cloves garlic, chopped
4 quarts, plus 1/4 cup, water, divided water over medium heat. Add blanched beans
To brine turkey breast: In large, non-reactive constantly. and toss until heated through.
bowl, mix salt, peppercorns and bay leaves in When gravy is done, remove from heat and 1 tablespoon salt, plus additional,
water. Place turkey breast in brine and cover to taste Toss beans with olive butter to coat.
drizzle over sliced turkey breast. Garnish with
with additional water, if needed. Place plastic remaining green olives and orange slices. Serve 2 pounds green beans, trimmed Season, to taste, with salt and pepper.
warm. freshly ground black pepper, to taste Transfer to serving platter.

Fresno Renaissance Faire Satur-
November 5-11 Theater Family day, November 9 at 10 AM – 5:30 21 & Over
PM Kearney Park 7160 W Kearney
Moscow Ballet’s Nutcracker at the Blue Man Group Speechless Blvd, Fresno. THE DARK & THE LIGHT TOUR
Art Visalia Fox Theatre Thursday, No-
vember 7 at 7 PM – 10 PM Visalia
Wednesday, November 6 at 7:30
PM Saroyan Theatre 700 M St, Fres-

Full Band at the Clovis Veterans
2019 Wednesday, November 6 at 9
PM – 2 AM Fulton 55 875 Divisade-
Fox Theatre 308 W Main St, Visalia. no. Memorial District Monday, Novem- ro St, Fresno. Tickets: $15 21+ Take
Community Art Night during
$20.00 - $185.00 ber 11 at 9 AM – 1 PM Clovis Vet- one listen to Shawn James’ music
ArtHop Thursday, November 7 at 4
CMAC Fest 2019 Thursday, No- erans Memorial District 808 4th St, and you can hear his roots in the
PM – 8 PM Fresno EOC Sanctuary
2019 Fresno Film Festival, present- vember 7 at 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM Clovis. The Full 5 piece band will be Mississippi delta by way of growing
LGBTQ Resource Center 1250 Ful-
ed by Fresno Filmworks FRI, NOV 8 CMAC 1555 Van Ness Ave, Suite performing for the veterans day car up on the fabled South Side of Chica-
ton Ave., Fresno. Stop by and help
7:00 PM SAT, NOV 9 1:00 PM SUN, 201, Fresno. Help us celebrate show. go, his authentic, gutbucket blend of
us paint a new art piece to hang in
NOV 10 1:00 PM Fresno Filmworks another year of community media blues, folk, and soul music running
the Sanctuary Drop-In Center. This
Tower Theatre, 815 E Olive Ave, Fres- at CMAC Fest 2019. Free! All Ages! the gamut of ecstatic joy and painful
community art piece will brighten
the space that homeless youth and
no. The 15th An-
nual Fresno Film Festival, presented
5:30 to 9:30pm. Food, drinks, music,
and fun activities for the whole fami-
Senior anguish.

young adults use when they come by
by Fresno Filmworks at the historic ly. Coloring & Potluck 11/8 12-2pm Sinbad at Tower Theatre Thursday,
to access resources.
Tower Theatre, will feature seven Palm Village Senior Network 7638 N November 7 at 8 PM – 11 PM Tow-

exclusive programs of feature-length After Dinner Mints - Live Music & Ingram Suite 111A (559) 916-3078 er Theatre 809 E Olive Ave, Fres-
The Fresno High Flea Saturday, No-
and local award-winning short films, SWING Dancing Friday, November no. Sinbad was ranked by Comedy
vember 9 at 10 AM – 2 PM Fresno
including special filmmaker appear- 8 at 7 PM – 10 PM Toca Madera Bridge 11/11 1-3pm Palm Village Central as one of the “100 greatest
High School 1835 Echo Ave, Fresno.
ances and Q&A discussions. The Winery 36140 Avenue 9, Madera. Senior Network 7638 N Ingram Suite standups of all time,” and he’s been
So many awesome vendors Lots of
festival is made possible by the gen- LIVE MUSIC & SWING DANCING by 111A (559) 916-3078 featured in shows/movies such as
great food trucks, too. Always FREE
erosity of many community sponsors Jumpin’ Jazz & Blues with a heapin’ “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,”
to attend. A special monthly market
and current Filmworks members. helpin’ of comedy! O-Vout-O-Reenee! “Good Burger” and even the late 80s
that showcases the finest hand made
goods, vintage items, tag sale stalls,
Tickets for individual programs cost
$10 general and $8 for students
INVITE your Friends! BRING a Lawn
chair! Get ready to DANCE! No food
Sports sitcom “A Different World.” Comedi-
an Sinbad is set to perform in Fres-
and delicious treats.The Fresno High
and seniors; festival passes cost truck will be on site so BRING YOUR Fresno State Bulldogs Womens Vol- no, CA Nov. 7 at the historic Tower
Flea will be held the first saturday of
$45. DINNER PICNIC STYLE!! ( Please no leyball vs. Colorado State University District venue.
the mont on the corner of McKinley
outside drinks allowed) Rams Women’s Volleyball Thursday,
and Echo. November 7 at 6 PM Save Mart Cen- LMC Presents Marbs (Desert
ter 2650 E Shaw Ave, Fresno. Hearts) Friday, November 8 at 9 PM
– 2 AM Fulton 55 875 Divisadero St,
Fresno State Bulldogs Womens Fresno. 21+ Marbs of Desert Hearts
Volleyball vs. University of Wyoming will making his valley debut at Ful-
Women’s Volleyball Saturday, No- ton 55 this November 8th!! He has
vember 9 at 11 AM Save Mart Center been doing amazing things leading
2650 E Shaw Ave, Fresno. the Desert Hearts crew for years and
Daily Specials now selling out shows around the
country with his Desert Hearts Black
Monday-Thursday: $6.50 Best of the Best CAR & MOTORCY-
CLE SHOW 2019 Presenting A Hope- Techno label!! This is real treat for
Admission*Shows before 11am ful Encounter, Inc “Drive to build a the valley so can’t wait to see you all
on the dance floor!!!
school” This year will be an exciting
Tuesday Family Day: event because we’re including the
Comedy Open Mic Fridays! Nov 8
$5.50 for all standard movies* first ever Best of the Best Food Truck
Showdown. May the best food wins. at 7:30 PM – Nov 9 at 11 AM Mys-
$2.00 Hot Dogs This is charity event. All proceeds tic Music and Repair Fresno. Sign up
**Surcharges apply for MPX and 3D FORMATS; Restrictions apply goes to A Hopeful Encounter, Inc, at 7:30, show starts at 8. This is the
Offers subject to change without notice to build a school and provide better comedy incubator for new comics.
education for younger children in Come down and participate.
Senior Wednesday: $5.50 Southeast Asia. FREE to the pub-
all movies for seniors ages 60 and over lic. FREE registration for all Cars &The Writhers, Hour 13, Calavera at
The 5th Quarter Friday, November 8
Maya Cares: Free Admission Motorcycle. Food truck battle must
per-register 559-676-8460 at 8 PM – 11 PM The Fifth Quarter
to all of our guests with special needs, only $6 3360 S Fairway St, Visalia.

for family, friends, and guardians.
1st Saturday of each month at 10:30AM Music The Grizzly Groove Sunday, No-
vember 10 at 7 PM – 10 PM Fulton
FREE POPCORN! BROCKHAMPTON, Slowthai, 55 875 Divisadero St, Fresno. Ben-
Present this AD with your paid 100 Gecs Tuesday, November 5 at efiting the Central High School Girls
movie ticket at concessions and 7 PM Rainbow Ballroom- Empresa Basketball Program Live performanc-
recieve a free 46oz bag of popcorn Valdivia 1725 Broadway St, Fresno. es by Jay Rossette & Keysha Featur-
$ 39.95 - $49.95 / Age All Ages ing DJs PDK, HunnitKay & yelo.
46 oz popcorn is a measure or volume, not weight.
Valid through December 31, 2019
*Restrictions apply, for full details contact theatre directly.*
The Drums, Cowgirl Clue Tuesday, Calling All Promotors We can
November 5 at 7 PM – 11:30 PM help get you out there. Let us take
Fresno 16 Strummer’s 833 E Fern Ave, Fresno. care of the print and distribution.
3090 E. Campus Pointe Drive
NE Corner of Shaw & Chestnut
Tickets Need a design? We can do that, too.

Metal Mondays at Ideaworks Mon- Fresno Cares Day Saturday, No-
November 12-18 day, November 18 at 6 PM – 9 PM vember 16 at 12 PM – 6 PM Cultur-
Ideaworks 1730 H Street, Fresno. al Arts District Park 1615 Fulton St,
From welding to machining, if your Fresno. The Grizzly Fest team is or-
Art focus is on metal, then Metal Mon- ganizing Fresno’s first “Fresno Cares
days are for you. This weekly event is Day” to highlight and promote Fres-
Art Exploration for Kids Ages 5-8 free and open to the public. All ages no’s non-profit community! Our goal
Friday, November 15 at 2 PM – 3:30 are welcome, but anyone under the is to raise awareness & engagement Arcade & Party Packages available
PM Allards Art 5350 N Blackstone age of 18 needs to be accompanied within the community through our
Ave. You asked, we delivered! We by an adult.


outreach. This event will feature a
are proud to announce our new Art live concert, local food trucks, raffle
Exploration for Kids class for chil- prizes, games & much more! Grizzly
dren ages 5-8, perfect for your cre- Theater Fest will be pairing up artists & food Must present coupon at time of purchase. Not valid with any other offers.
Cannot be combined with any other coupons, deals, etc.
ative little one! Your child will be trucks with different non-profits to
introduced to different art methods Timeless - Warren Miller 70th film help raise funds for their entity. Exp 12/31/19
each week including painting, wa- Wednesday, November 13 at 7:30
tercolor, drawing, collage and more! PM – 9:30 PM Tower Theatre
Many of the projects will incorporate 809 E Olive Ave, Fresno. The only
Pumpkin Pie Contest Saturday, (559) 800-0811 5179 N. Blackstone Ave.
November 16 at 11 AM – 2 PM
popular characters from books and constant is change, but winter stoke Harley-Davidson of Fresno. 4345
Mon - Thurs 12pm - 9pm Fri 12pm -11pm
shows that they know and love, oth- is eternal. After seven decades of W Shaw Ave, Fresno. We will host Sat 11am -11pm Sun 11am - 9pm
ers will teach them about famous art celebrating skiing and snowboard- our first Annual Pumpkin Pie Con-
and the artists who made it. Each ing, Warren Miller Entertainment can
session will be a new and exciting confirm that nothing compares to
test at Harley-Davidson of Fresno.
We will hand out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
creative adventure! Plus, they can the anticipation of another season. place prizes to the best Pumpkin
mess up our classroom instead of Come kickoff the season with WME’s Pie! Kicks off at 11 AM and winner
your home. Sessions are 90 minutes 2019 film, Timeless, presented by will be announced by 2:00 PM. We
long and parents are asked to stay Volkswagen, and travel with new and will have a $5 tasting fee for all the
for the duration of class. Kids are en- veteran athletes as they explore re- pumpkin pie you can taste! If you
couraged to bring their own aprons nowned mountain locations across think your pie is good enough that
and to wear ‘painting clothes’. Ages the globe. It’s more than a ski and people can’t leave without it, you are
5-8 $30 class fee per session. All snowboard film, it’s an experience. more than welcome to bring pies to
supplies included. Supplies to Bring: See for more. sell. We are asking people to R.S.V.P.
Collage Papers Tissue Paper Maga- by 11/14/19 by emailing us at gen-
zines Three Ways to Register: Online: Peppa Pig Thursday, November 14 or give us a call at 6 PM Cornerstone’s Wilson The- at (559)275-8586.
ra_ArtExplorationforKids.html Call us ater 1445 Fulton St, Fresno 9:29 PM
at (559) 225-1500 Talk to a cashier Historic Crest Theatre
in-store For more classes, visit: www. Kids Disney’s Cinderella (1950) Film at
Historic Crest Theatre Fresno. Friday, Sesame Street Live! Make Your
Fabric Painting Saturday, Novem- November 15 at 8 PM – 9:29 PM Magic Sunday, November 17 at 2 PM
ber 16 at 2 PM – 4:30 PM Allards Art Historic Crest Theatre Fresno 1170 Saroyan Theatre 700 M St, Fresno.
5350 N Blackstone Ave (S E Corner Broadway Plaza, Fresno. When magician extraordinaire Jus-
of Blackstone @ Barstow), Fresno. tin visits Sesame Street to put on a
Personalize the fabric of your choice Back To The Future (1985) At The magic show for the whole neighbor-
with a wide array of paints made just Hanford Fox Sat. Nov. 16th at 7 PM hood, Elmo wants to be part of the
for textiles! Bring what you’d like to – 9 PM Fox Hanford 326 N Irwin St, big event. But there’s one problem...
paint... a tee-shirt, reusable bag, Hanford. Elmo doesn’t know how to do mag-
apron, canvas fabric for art flags (all ic! That’s when Elmo teams up with
available to purchase at Allards ex- Abby and Justin, embarking on an
cept the tee shirts) or whatever else Family amazing journey where Elmo will dis-
you’d like to paint on. We’ll show you cover the “power of yet” -the lesson
a variety of application techniques Holiday Bake & Craft Fair Saturday, that with perseverance and practice,
and talk about how to heat set the November 16 at 10 AM – 2 PM Val- nothing can stand between you and
colors so they become washable. ley Animal Center 3934 N Hayston
You’ll need to bring or purchase an Ave, Fresno. Come out and join the
item to paint. We recommend some- fun for Valley Animal Center’s annual
your dream. Along the way, Elmo and
Abby, joined by their friends Cookie
Monster, Big Bird, Grover, Rosita,
thing made out of raw canvas. We Holiday Bake & Craft Fair! With over Count von Count, and Gonger, dis-
will have canvas bags, aprons, and 20 vendors setup selling a variety of cover the many magical moments in

Buy One
art flags available at Allard’s. $49 items to help you with your holiday everyday life. In the end, Elmo learns
class fee plus fabric item. All other shopping list, there will be something that you can do anything you set your
supplies included. Register: Call us for everyone! mind to if you just keep trying! Join

at (559) 225-1500 Talk to a cashier your favorite Sesame Street friends
in-store For more classes, visit: www. on this magical adventure when Ses-
Calling All Promotors We can ame Street Live! Make Your Magic
help get you out there. Let us take
comes to your neighborhood *Note:
Calling All Promotors We can
care of the print and distribution.
Costumes not permitted for guests
Buy One Month
help get you out there. 559-472-
Need a design? We can do that, too.
14 years & older.
Get One Free

Chris Driver Bank at On The Edge
Senior Friday, November 15 at 7PM On The November 19-25
Edge 412 Pollasky Ave, Clovis. On
Stretch & Strenghent 11/14 The Edge provides the location with
10:30am Palm Village Senior Net- a great stage and atmosphere, and
work 7638 N Ingram Suite 111A service with a smile. No cover.
(559) 916-3078 Stencil Making Wednesday, Novem-
Overdrive Shreds Skyline Saturday, ber 20 at 10 AM – 12:30 PM Allards
Bridge 11/18 1-3pm Palm Village November 16 at 9PM. Skyline Club Art 5350 N Blackstone Ave. If you’ve
Senior Network 7638 N Ingram Suite Bar & Grill 1419 Railroad Ave, Clovis. ever used stencils in your artwork,
111A (559) 916-3078 you know how much fun they are to
Calling All Promotors We can play with. In this workshop, you will
help get you out there. Let us take learn how to make your very own
Sports care of the print and distribution. stencil designs to create one-of-a-
Need a design? We can do that, too. kind pieces of art. We will discuss
Fresno State Bulldogs Women’s 559-472-7182 different ways to create your designs
Basketball vs. UC Davis Aggies Wom- and how to cut them so they stay
en’s Basketball Tuesday, November together in one piece when you’re
12, 2019 at 6 PM Save Mart Center 21 & Over done. We’ll test out your stencil on a
2650 E Shaw Ave, Fresno. sheet of watercolor paper with Mara-
Just The Taps (Comedy Night!) bu Creative USA Art Sprays and you’ll
Fresno State Bulldogs Wrestling vs. Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at take home a completed art piece
Rutgers Scarlet Knights Wrestling Fri- 8 PM – 11 PM Full Circle Olympic that you create from scratch. $39
day, November 15 at 7 PM Save Mart 1426 N Van Ness Ave, Fresno. Free class fee. All supplies included. Gra-
Center 2650 E Shaw Ave, Fresno. fix Clearlay Plastic Sheet, Excel Cut-
Funky Town Fridays Disco Night Fri- ting Knife, Watercolor Paper, Marabu
day, November 15, 2019 at 9 PM – 1 Creative USA Art Sprays, Sponge,
Fresno State Bulldogs Womens Vol- AM CHUKCHANSI GOLD RESORT & Sharpie. Register: Call us at (559)
leyball vs. Air Force Academy Falcons CASINO 711 Lucky Ln, Coarsegold. 225-1500 Talk to a cashier in-store
Volleyball Saturday, November 16 at It’s party time… get ready to dance For more classes, visit: www.allard-
1 PM Save Mart Center 2650 E Shaw to the sounds of the 70s, soul, and
Ave, Fresno. funk! Free with your Chukchansi Re-
wards Card. Silk Scarf Painting Thursday, No-
Fresno State Bulldogs Mens Bas- vember 21 at 2 PM – 4:30 PM Allards
ketball vs. Cal State San Bernardino Tachi’s Whirlwind of Millions! Every Art 5350 N Blackstone Ave. Acces-
Mens Basketball Sunday, November Friday! Friday, November 15, 2019 sorize your fall wardrobe with a bright
17 at 2 PM Save Mart Center 2650 at 5 PM – 8 PM Tachi Palace Hotel and colorful silk scarf that you paint-
E Shaw Ave, Fresno. and Casino 17225 Jersey Avenue, ed yourself! You will learn all about
Lemoore. painting on silk using Jacquard Prod-
ucts Dye-Na-Flow paints and creat-
Music House of FAB presents Dj Sneak ing designs with water based resist.
Saturday, November 16, 2019 at 9 Come with your own ideas or use
The Midnight Hour (Ali Shaheed PM – 2 AM FAB Fresno 716 E Olive some of our inspiration. You’ll be the
Muhammad & Adrian Younge) Tues- Ave, Fresno. best dressed one in town! $49 class
day, November 12, 2019 at 7 PM fee. All supplies included. Included
– 11 PM Fulton 55 875 Divisadero Rescue Red Release Party Sunday, Supply Kit: Silk Scarf, Jacquard Prod-
St, Fresno. November 17, 2019 at 1 PM – 5 PM ucts Water-Based Resist, Squeeze
Kings River Winery 4276 S Green- Bottle, PVC Stretching Frame, Jac-
Rumours of Fleetwood Mac - 50th wood Ave, Sanger. Come out to this quard Products Dye-Na-Flow Paints.
Anniversary Tour Wednesday, No- dog friendly event and enjoy a Sun- Register: Call us at (559) 225-1500
vember 13, 2019 at 8 PM Saroyan day afternoon at the winery with Talk to a cashier in-store For more
Theatre 700 M St, Fresno. Rumours friends and family for: - Wine Tasting, classes, visit:
of Fleetwood Mac, the world’s fin- including RESCUE RED’s debut - Live classes
est tribute to Fleetwood Mac. music 2pm-5pm by Marie Grimshaw
Wilson - Delicious food available by Kids Paint & Snack Saturday, No-
An Evening Of Regal Rock With Vega Bros Street Eats - Mobile adop- vember 23, 2019 at 3 PM – 5 PM
Paul Aleman Plus The Band Nov 15 tion unit with animals looking for Corks and Palette Mixer 1526 n
at 7 PM – Nov 16 at 11 AM Picadil- their forever home $10 from each Palm ave, Fresno. Paint & Snack kids
ly Hotel - Airport 5115 E McKinley bottle of Rescue Red purchased, will classes Come and let your child ex-
Ave, Fresno. be donated back to Valley Animal plore their creative side and enjoy
Center to help save more homeless instructional painting while snacking
Dan Forrest’s ‘Jubilate Deo’ and animals in the valley, and continue on treats! All art supplies and snacks
Ola Gjeilo’s ‘Sunrise Mass’ Sunday, to provide low-cost spay/neuter and are provided. This event is all ages.
November 17, 2019 at 2 PM – 5 PM vaccinations to the communities Please arrive 10 mins before class
Paul Shaghoian Concert Hall 2770 E pets through our clinic. Mark your starts.
International Ave, Fresno. calendars and be ready for an en-
joyable afternoon you won’t want to
Funky Town Fridays Disco Night Fri- miss out on! Calling All Promotors We can
day, November 15, 2019 at 9 PM – 1 help get you out there. Let us take
AM CHUKCHANSI GOLD RESORT & Calling All Promotors We can care of the print and distribution.
CASINO 711 Lucky Ln, Coarsegold. help get you out there. Let us take Need a design? We can do that, too.
It’s party time… get ready to dance care of the print and distribution. 559-472-7182
to the sounds of the 70s, soul, and Need a design? We can do that, too.
funk! Free with your Chukchansi Re- 559-472-7182
wards Card.
Friday Night Hangouts Friday, No- Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live ing Band in performance at halftime
Theater vember 22, 2019 at 6 PM – 9 PM Ra- Kids at Selland Arena Sunday, November of the Fresno State vs. Nevada game.
mos Torres Winery1665 Simpson St, 24, 2019 at 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM Sel- The game time has not been set and
She Loves Me Thursday, November Kingsburg. Enjoy Autumn nights at Lafayette Park’s Holiday Cooking land Arena 700 M St, Fresno. we will announce the rehearsal and
21 at 7:30 PM – 9:45 PM 2nd Space Ramos Torres Winery with our Friday Camp (FREE) Monday, November schedule for the day once we know a
Theatre 928 E Olive Ave, Fresno. The Night Hangouts! We hope you can 25, 2019 at 4 PM – 6 PM Lafayette kick off time.
cheerful and charming SHE LOVES
ME is now open at Good Company
join us as we sip wine and listen to Neighborhood Center 1516 E Princ-
eton Ave, Fresno. Come and make
great music. Food and desserts will Monday Night: Champagne &
Players’ 2nd Space Theatre! Holi- be available for purchase from local delicious holiday goodies with us at Tora Tora Thursday, November 21, Chicken November 25, 2019 at 5:30
day happiness takes the stage with vendors! Admission is FREE! Table the FREE Holiday Cooking Camp for 2019 at 7 PM – 12 AM Fulton 55 875 PM – 9 PM The Depot Restaurant 207
a romance that inspired “You’ve Got reservations are available for $20, or Ages 8-14 at Lafayette Park! Learn Divisadero St, Fresno. blues-based E Oak Ave, Visalia. Weekly Wine-Pair-
Mail”. In this 1930s romantic come- $15 for members. fun new holiday recipes to share hard rock band formed in Memphis, ing Specials: Monday Nights just got
dy, two feuding perfume clerks have this holiday season! Questions? TN in the late 1980s. Band mem- a lot more special! Join us for dinner
no idea that they have been falling Rusty Roots Show Holiday Market Call 621-PLAY (7529) during Office bers include Keith Douglas, Patrick in the 612 Room for Champagne &
in love with each other as pen pals. Saturday, November 23, 2019 at 8 Hours: Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. to Francis, John Patterson and Antho- Fried Chicken/$18. For reservations
As far as they know, they can’t stand AM – 3 PM International Agri-Center 3 p.m ny Corder. TORA has two major re- visit:
each other, but, in the evening, each 4500 S Laspina St, Tulare. Shopping leases Surprise Attack/Wild America vations.html or call 559.732.8611
rapturously writes to their anony- small and local is coming early this through A&M Records that promot-
mous “dear friend” when the work- year. Come shop some of the most Sports ed five singles and videos (Walkin’
day is done. They soon arrange to
meet in person – which doesn’t go
talented vendors selling Seasonal Shoes, Guilty, Phantom Rider, Amne- 21 & Over
Decor, Crafts, Antiques, Vintage, Jew- Fresno State Bulldogs Women’s sia and Faith Healer)
well. Written by the composers of elry, Clothing, Personalized Gifts, so Basketball vs. Brigham Young Uni- Friday Night Open Mic November
Fiddler On The Roof, She Loves Me much more. versity Cougars Womens Basketball Sharry Mann at Strummer’s Sat- 22, 2019 at 7 PM – 10 PM Yosem-
is one of the most charming mu- Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 6 urday, November 23, 2019 at 8 PM ite Wine Tails 40409 Highway 41,
sicals ever written, featuring a tal- 2nd Annual Holiday Extravaganza PM Save Mart Center 2650 E Shaw – 11:30 PM Strummer’s 833 E Fern Oakhurst. Bring your instrument and
ented ensemble playing a range of Sunday, November 24, 2019 at 11 Ave, Fresno. Ave, Fresno. All ages! Tix onsale 9/27 join us for an evening of original mu-
memorable characters. She Loves AM – 3 PM Wyndham Visalia 9000 at 10am at https://www.ticketweb. sic, poetry and prose...even some
Me plays at Good Company Players’ W Airport Dr, Visalia. Join us and do Fresno Ice Dogs vs. Santa Rosa JC com/event/sharr y-mann-strum- comedy. Admission FREE!
2nd Space Theatre through Decem- some Holiday Shopping at this FREE, Saturday, November 23, 2019 at 5 mers-tickets/9926435
ber 22nd. Rated PG. fun, and festive vendor event! Every- PM – 8 PM Gateway Ice Center 2473 Cellar Dance Nights Saturday, No-
one who attends has a chance at N Marks Ave, Fresno. 2019 Fresno State Band Day Satur- vember 23, 2019 at 10 PM – 1 AM
2019 A Nutcracker Like No Other winning some raffle prizes!! We hope day, November 23, 2019 at 11 AM – Cellar Door 101 W Main St, Visalia.
Saturday, SAT, NOV 23 2:00 PM SAT, you can join us!! Fresno State Bulldogs Women’s 7 PM Fresno State Bulldog Stadium. Every Saturday night! We bring
NOV 23 5:30 PM Warnors Theatre Basketball vs. Northern Arizona Band Day will be held on November some of the best DJ’s in the Central
1400 Fulton St, Fresno. Calling All Promotors We can Women’s Basketball Sunday, No- 23, 2019 and we invite 2,000 of Valley to spin the hottest club music!
help get you out there. 559-472- vember 24, 2019 at 2 PM Save Mart our talented, local high school band Ladies in FREE before 10:30pm
The Princess Bride (1987) At The 7182 Center 2650 E Shaw Ave, Fresno. members to join the Bulldog March- Dress to impress!
Hanford FoxSaturday, November 23,
2019 at 7 PM – 9 PM 326 N Irwin
St, Hanford. Tickets www.foxhanford.

One Enchanted Evening Thursday,
November 21, 2019 at 5 PM – 8 PM
Old Town Clovis 456 Clovis Ave, Ste
2, Clovis. One Enchanted Evening is
one of Old Town’s most anticipated
events! Thousands of people come
down to enjoy the old-fashioned
holiday open house. Groups of car-
olers will lift your spirits with their
holiday songs. Hot chocolate will be
made specially by groups of Santa’s
elves, while strings of white lights
will decorate the shops of Old Town.
Merchants are dressing up their
shops in their holiday best to greet
visitors during the holiday season.
Horse-drawn carriage rides add to
the magic of the season and lumi-
naries help light the way through the
dark of the night. This is Old Town’s
way of thanking our customers for a
great year, and an enchanted night is
in store for everyone, young and old!
This event is fun for the entire fami-

Calling All Promotors We can

help get you out there. 559-472-
Nov 26-Dec 3 Theater
The Nutcracker - Presented by Val-
Art ley Performing Arts Council Nov 29
at 6 PM – Nov 30 at 1 PM Saroyan
Theatre 700 M St, Fresno.
Masterpieces Your Way Saturday,

November 30 at 10 AM – 12:30 PM
Lady and the Tramp (1955) At The
Allards Art 5350 N Blackstone Ave.
Hanford Fox Friday, November 29,
Join us for a fun afternoon of paint-
2019 at 2 PM – 3:30 PM Fox Hanford
ing your very own masterpiece! We
326 N Irwin St, Hanford.
will help you design your own ren-

dition of a famous work of art, and
Final Cabaret Night Sunday, De-
then give you all the colors and tools
cember 1, 2019 at 5 PM – 9 PM
you’ll need to make it your own. In
Fresno Art Museum 2233 N 1st St,
this workshop you will learn blend-
Fresno. Tickets NOW on SALE for
ing, color mixing, and composition
StageWorks Fresno FINAL Cabaret
tips to finish your painting. Whether
NIght on Sunday, December 1st at
you are just beginning your artistic
the Fresno Art Museum’s Bonner Au-
journey or you’ve been painting for
ditiorium. Join us for one final CELE-
years, you’ll have a great time trying
BRATION as we take a bit of a stroll
something new and different. $50
down StageWorks Fresno’s memory
class fee. All supplies included. In-
lane with many of the performers
cluded Supplies: 16”x20” Stretched
and performances you have come to
Canvas, Princeton Artist Brush Vel-
know and love over the years includ-
vetouch Brushes, Winsor & Newton
ing Taylor and Daniel Abels Rodri-
Galeria Acrylic Paints, Palette Paper.
guez, Meg Clark, Amalie Larson and
Register: Call us at (559) 225-1500
Terry Lewis along with MANY others
Talk to a cashier in-store For more
as well as some surprises along the
classes, visit:
way! This final ONE NIGHT ONLY Cab-
aret Night will take place on Sunday,
December 1st at the Fresno Art Mu-
Ornament Make & Take Saturday,
seum’s Bonner Auditorium beginning
November 30 at 10 AM – 3 PM Board
at 5:00 with wine and hor d’ourves in
& Brush 207 N Irwin Street, Hanford.
the lobby, a mini-silent auction with
Our Family Friendly Ornament Make
the performance beginning at 6:00.
& Take is Back - November 30, 2019!
Seting is LIMITED so don’t wait to get
Come shop small and join us in the
yours and be a part of this very spe-
studio for this fun family friendly
cial goodbye celebration! www.stage-
event where we’ll be making orna-
ments, 3 for $15! We have several

fun new designs this year to choose
from! This is a first come first serve
event so be prepared to get cozy and
have some fun! We’ll have hot coco
Turkey Trot Fresno Thursday, No-
and cookies to kick off the Christmas
vember 28, 2019 at 8 AM – 11 AM
Woodward Park, Fresno. Welcome

to Fresno’s Annual Turkey Trot ben-
Central Valley Café Scientifique
efiting Fresno Community Food
Monday, December 2, 2019 at 7 PM
Bank! What a great way to start
– 8 PM 3110 N Maroa Ave, Fresno.
your Thanksgiving! Run or walk on
The Central Valley Café Scientifique’s
Thanksgiving morning then eat your
goal l is to add a bit of science to the
Thanksgiving feast guilt-free. For
regular roster of cultural activities in
2019 we are offering a long sleeve
the great Central Valley of California!
Thanksgiving shirt and a 4” person-
We invite you to come explore the lat-
al pie for all of our participants. The
est ideas in science and technology,
5K is chip-timed with cash awards to
hear from local scientists (from Fres-
overall male and female winners and
no State and other local institutions),
unique awards for those who place in
connect with other science enthusi-
age groups. The walk is not timed.
asts, and participate in making the

Central Valley a place where science
Free Food Friday Friday, November
thrives. Following the tradition of the
29, 2019 at 10 AM – 12 PM The Big
growing Café Scientifique movement,
Red Church of Fresno 2131 N Van
we meet in an informal setting out-
Ness Blvd, Fresno. The last Friday of
side of academia, where non-scien-
every Month is Free Food Friday. We
tists can engage in stimulating (and
will begin the distribution at 10:00
friendly) conversation about current
am and end at Noon, food is given
scientific topics with researchers “in
on a first-come, first-served basis.
the know”. Please join us at 7PM on
Free Food Friday is a project of the
the first Monday of the month!
Big Red Pantry and Ministry of Out-

Black Friday Event Friday, Novem-
Family ber 29, 2019 at 10 AM – 9 PM Pla-
to’s Closet 1053 E Shaw Ave, Fresno.
Skate Your Turkey Off Thursday, Why stand in line for hours to get a
November 28 at 6:30 PM – 9 PM great deal, when you can have some
Roller Towne 520 S Linwood St, Visa- extra family time or sleep in when
lia. We’re going to help you work off you shop at Plato’s. Shop Plato’s this
those Thanksgiving dinner plates. Black Friday to get a great deal on
Bring your family and friends in for the hottest brands without having to
a FREE SKATE on Thursday, Novem- get up early. Doors open at 10am.
ber 28th from 6:30-9:00pm. Admis-
sion is FREE, skate rental $3.00. November Saturday Farmers Mar-
Non-skating parents are the only free ket Saturday, November 30, 2019 at
spectators. Kids & teens subject to 9 AM – 11:30 PM Old Town Clovis
skate rental. No passes or coupons 456 Clovis Ave, Ste 2, Clovis. Start
accepted during this session. your Saturday right! Stroll through
the year-round Saturday Famers
Thanksgiving Buffet at Ducey’s on Market in Old Town Clovis. Come out
the Lake Thursday, November 28, to the intersection of Fifth and Pol-
2019 at 12 PM – 4 PM The Pines lasky from 9 to 11:30 a.m. This small
Resort, Bass Lake 54432 Road 432, market has everything you need for
Bass Lake. In celebration of the time your local, seasonal shopping. See
honored tradition of giving thanks. you there!
Treat yourself to a memorable and
lavish buffet to celebrate this special Candy Cane Lane Parade Monday,
day. Savor traditional thanksgiving December 2, 2019 at 7 PM – 10 PM
dishes including roasted turkey and Downtown Visalians 120 S Church
cranberry sauce, prime rib, honey St, Visalia. The Candy Cane Lane
glazed ham, mashed potatoes and Parade is back!! This years theme is
gravy, assortment of cold salads, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree!
pumpkin pie, apple pie, and much We currently have parade packets in
much more. Reservations required: our office to be picked up if you are
(559) 692-8857 Cost and details: wanting to have a float in this years parade.
clientlogin 25% Off Pizza On Mondays! Mon-
day, December 2, 2019 at 11 AM
Festival of Trees Friday, Novem- – 9:30 PM Chicago’s Pizza With A
ber 29, 2019 at 10 AM – 8 PM Twist 497 N Clovis Ave, Clovis. Fam-
The Shops At River Park November ily & Friends that eat together; stay
29 – December 16, 2019 21 Trees together. Come enjoy a meal with


lavishly decorated by our generous family & friends and get 25% entire
sponsors will be on display for you to meal (Pizza & Pasta) EVERY Monday
enjoy for two weeks. Decorated trees only at Chicago’s Pizza With A Twist;
and coordinating gifts will be raffled North Clovis Location. This deal can- Discount is taken off the subtotal, before taxes. One time use only, must surrender at the
off for you to take home and enjoy
this Christmas season. Just after the
not be combined with any other of- time of purchase. Cannot be combined with any other transaction discounts. No photo-
first year, we are humbled and excit-
copies accepted. Valid only at Clovis location. Expires 11/30/2019. CASHIER USE: S20G10


ed to say that the Festival of Trees is
OPEN 10 AM - 7 PM
2019 Walk Nights Tuesday, Decem-
being talked about as the communi- ber 3 at 6 PM – 10 PM Christmas
ty holiday event to attend. We hope
that you will join us this year! Raffle
Tree Lane Fresno 4550 N Van Ness
Blvd, Fresno. The 2019 Christmas
Monday - Saturday
tickets are just $2! Bring the whole Tree Lane Walk Nights will be Tues-
family! Enjoy Christmas music and day, December 3rd and Wednesday,
evening surprises of carolers and December 11th! Walk nights happen
hot chocolate. This year we will share rain or shine so mark your calendars!
the space with Art Groove Gallery Check out www.christmastreelane.
where you can check out the cre- com for more information.
ative works from local artists around
the Valley. Funds from this event will
Kids Our entire store will be on sale!
benefit C.O.R.E., a new work re-entry
program for women and children of
most need in the Central Valley. A Holmes Fall Camp Ages 7-12 Every item - Every department!
safe and trauma informed space to (FREE) MON, NOV 25 3:30 PM TUE,
heal, empower and employ. made-
NOV 26 3:30 PM WED, NOV 27 3:30 Everything 50% OFF!
PM Join us for some Fall fun as we
warm up for the new year at the FREE
Black Friday Skates Friday, Novem-
ber 29 at 4 PM – 10 PM Miracle
Enjoy fall activities, arts & crafts, WE ARE LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS! Interested?
Call Volunteer Services at (559) 317-6016
games, and much more! *All Activ-
Skate 1850 West Cleveland, Made- ities Subject to Change* Space is
ra. $5 Adm and $3 skates. Skate 7p limited, Sign up Now! When: Mon-
- 10p for AYE Pizza for $11 or skate day, November 25th to Wednesday, Looking to give back to your community? Wanting to keep busy and
BOTH sessions for $12! November 27th, 2019 Time: 3:30 make some new friends? Need job experience? If you said YES to any
p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Where: Holmes of these questions, then we are looking for you! Call us today!

Playground (212 S. First St, 93702) your child to the gym environment Turkey Trot Fresno Thursday, No- Andres, Patternist, Amarionette
3 Ways to Register: 1. Online at www. vember 28, 2019 at 8 AM – 11 AM
and a great place to let your little one Music and Hyacinth at Strummer’s Sunday, under the burn off some energy! Pricing is as Woodward Park, Fresno. Welcome December 1 at 7 PM – 11:30 PM
“”Classes”” tab 2. Over the phone at follows. Sibling discount applies forto Fresno’s Annual Turkey Trot ben- Thanksgiving Eve with Dave’s Not Strummer’s 833 E Fern Ave, Fres-
(559) 621-PLAY (7529) 3. Walk in at members!- Tuesday & Friday, 10AM- efiting Fresno Community Food Here (Foo Fighters Tribute) Wednes- no.
Ted C. Wills Community Center (770 12PM: $7 Members, $10 Non-Mem- Bank! What a great way to start day, November 27 at 7 PM – 11 PM
N. San Pablo, 93728) Questions? bers - Saturday, 9AM-10AM: $4 your Thanksgiving! Run or walk on BarrelHouse Visalia - Taproom and
Call 621-PLAY (7529) during Office Members, $6 Non-Member Stop by Thanksgiving morning then eat your Beer Gardens 521 E. Main Street,
21 & Over
Hours: Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. to Thanksgiving feast guilt-free. The 5K
our facility or give us a call at 559-
3 p.m. 582-4140 if you have any questions! is chip-timed with cash awards to Shiba San at Fulton 55 Friday, No-
overall male and female winners and Lenin Ramirez - Wednesday No- vember 29 at 9 PM – 2 AM Fulton
Indoor Park - For Tots, Preschool & unique awards for those who place in vember 27 at 9 PM – 1:45 AM Aldos 55 875 Divisadero St, Fresno. Shiba
Kinder Aged Children Tuesday, No- Sports age groups. The walk is not timed. Night Club 617 W Belmont Ave, Fres- San at Fulton 55! ALL DAY ALL NIGHT
vember 26, 2019 at 10 AM – 12 PM EVENTS and LMC Presents welcome
Lee’s United Gymnastics Academy 15th Annual Race Against Hunger Fresno State Bulldogs Wrestling vs. Shiba San to Fulton 55 on 11/29 for
LLC 505 W 6th St, Hanford. Join us Thursday, November 28 at 7:30 AM Northern Colorado Bears Wrestling Los Inquietos Del Norte Saturday, his first ever show in Fresno. Fresh
at Lee’s United Gymnastics Acade- Garden Street Plaza Garden St, Visa- Saturday, November 30, 2019 at 7 November 30 at 6:30 PM Fresno off a massive performance on the
my for some Indoor Park fun! Indoor lia. PM Save Mart Center 2650 E Shaw Convention Center 848 M St, Fres- main stage at Dirtybird Campout,
park is an open gymnastics play pe- Ave, Fresno. no. the hype for Shiba San is at fever
riod for children walking to 5 years Calling All Promotors We can pitch. Special events like this don’t
old. This is a great way to introduce help get you out there. 559-472- The Fab Four - The Ultimate Tribute come around often, get your tickets Saturday, November 30 at 8 PM – 11 and we’ll see you on the dancefloor.
PM Tower Theatre 809 E Olive Ave, Support by Makle & Project Lo. 21+
Fresno. Tickets are available by call- Event
ing 559-485-9050, in person at the
Tower Theatre Box Office or online at: Steve Trevino at Tower Theatre All Ages | Re- Friday, November 29 at 8 PM Tow-
served Doors at 7:00 PM | Show at er Theatre 809 E Olive Ave, Fresno.
8:00 PM For more information about Steve Treviño is fast becoming one
the artist, please visit http://thefab- of the country’s hottest comics and the new voice for the 21st century
Mexican American. Finding his way
Live music by Jason Cade at Toca from a Hispanic upbringing in a small
Madera Winery Sunday, December 1 South Texas town to living his dream
at 1 PM – 4 PM Toca Madera Winery in Hollywood, has infused Treviño’s
36140 Avenue 9, Madera. FREE! Ja- comedy with a “TEX-MEX” sensibility,
son Cade will be live at Toca Madera yet as a performer he has a unique-
Sunday! His sound is a blend of old ly American voice that transcends
and new other words, it anything about ethnicity, making him
pairs beautifully with wine! The tast- universally relatable.
ing room opens at 12 noon and live
music starts at 1pm. Swing by to put SALSA NIGHT at Strummer’s
that perfect finish to your weekend Saturday, November 30 at 8 PM –
with amazing wine and music at Toca 11:30 PM Strummer’s 833 E Fern
Madera. Ave, Fresno.


Can’t We Just Cannabis? By I. smiley G. Calderón |

I f you’re living within the City of Fresno,

you should know that your city is actively
and officially trying to regulate the already
vices are illegal. In fact, any kind of canna-
bis cultivation is prohibited. (the county is
desperately trying to maintain federal law)
you agree with cannabis or you think it’s
moral to use or not, it’s here. It is now going
to be part of our lives forever…Right now,
something great for workers’ rights. And, in
a serious attempt to curtail corruption in this
process, the proposed changes would also re-
booming marijuana market currently operat- What is more concerning is the verbiage we have illicit cannabis businesses in city lim- strict any contact with councilmembers, any
ing within its borders. That’s a good thing - if stated in the County’s Fact Sheet regarding its that are not paying taxes. This is a way to elected officials, or Planning Commissioner
done fairly and socially equitably, of course. local “Non-Medical Marijuana” laws that license these businesses and tax them…”  city staff once a cannabis business application
And, it’s really about time, too - anyone in the appears to restrict possessing any amount of   Indeed!  has been filed. A lot of critical changes to
know is already aware that finding cannabis recreational cannabis:   Legitimizing and regulating the consider here. The Council is set to vote on
to buy in Fresno is not a difficult task. In   “Possession, planting, cultivation, local cannabis industry is a very smart and the matter within the month.
fact, Weedmaps, the popular app that locates harvesting, drying, or processing outdoors practical approach for both voters and elect-   If this process seems convoluted
active cannabis storefronts and delivery ser- on the grounds of a private residence is pro- ed officials in the city of Fresno. and complicated, that’s because it is. 
vices, clearly shows a thriving local industry hibited in all Zone Districts of the unincor-   The proposed changes at last   How does the old saying go, ‘Leave
hidden all around us. porated territory of Fresno County, to the month’s meeting would give more control it to the government to take a simple thing
But the problem with this industry fullest extent permitted by State law.” of the cannabis business selection process to and overcomplicate it’? Yes, absolutely. So,
is that it is still “illegal” - right?   Businesses aside, the wording in the City Council by removing a lot of over- what could be just as easy as ‘legitimize, legal-
  Yes, at the federal level, cannabis this text appears to intercept the rights grant- sight from the City Manager. It would also ize, and tax’ has morphed into ‘complicate,
continues to be demonized by its unfair cat- ed to individuals by Prop 64 – a topic I plan implement a social equity component to this overcomplicate, tax, and then overcompli-
egorization as a Schedule I drug - the worst to cover in more depth for a future issue nascent cannabis industry by waiving fees for cate some more.’ When bureaucracy’s ten-
illegal category possible. Schedule I is re- of the Flyer. What a shame Fresno County qualified business applicants, especially for tacles grab hold of profitable industry, there
served for substances “with no currently ac- stubbornly continues to keep itself in the those from communities of color who have undoubtedly emerges new winners and los-
cepted medical use and a high potential for dark ages of cannabis prohibition staunchly! historically been affected and targeted in the ers in the marketplace. For example, once the
abuse.” (I know - it’s utterly mind-blowing   This is why the recent discussion of infamous “War on Drugs.” The proposed city implements its cannabis business license
and incredibly frustrating that our federal cannabis businesses at the October 24th City changes would require businesses to hire a program and awards its coveted licenses to
government still refuses to acknowledge the Council meeting was a welcomed progressive certain minimum number (1/3 the total an- the Council’s chosen few, any other current-
countless documented medicinal benefits step forward for our community. The meet- nual work hours) of workers who represent ly operating dispensary or cannabis business
of cannabis - Aargh!) But, thankfully, at the ing focused on amending the already exist- underserved and underrepresented social not granted a permit will be immediately and
state level, California has been a progressive ing Cannabis Retail Business and Commer- equity policy criteria, like having an annual explicitly outlawed. It’s nothing new, really,
leader in its decriminalization and legaliza- cial Cannabis Business City Ordinance that family income below 80% of the Area Medi- since all active cannabis businesses within
tion. California has long recognized cannabis passed late last year in December as Bill No. an Income (AMI) or living in a low to moder- the city are already currently illicit and ille-
as a legitimate medicine with the passing of B-66, which added Article 33 to Chapter 9 ate-income census tract in Fresno for the past gal. But for those trying to legally ride the
Proposition 215 in 1996, called the “Com- (Regulations Regarding Businesses and Per- 3 years. Other social policy employee criteria “Green Wave” as legitimate cannabis busi-
passionate Use Act,” and even recently legal- sonal Conduct) of the Municipal Code and include hiring former foster youths, veter- ness owners here in the City of Fresno, not
ized its adult recreational use a few years back Charter of Fresno. A month before it passed, ans, or those convicted for a cannabis-related winning a cannabis business license would
in 2016 with the passing of Proposition 64, Fresnan voters had already approved Mea- crime that, under current state law, would destroy those dreams - and force a continued
“The Adult Use of Marijuana Act.” sure A, The Cannabis Business License Tax, have been prosecuted as a misdemeanor or black-market cannabis industry here in the
  The resultant “Green Rush” is an which set the stage for the city to implement infraction. The proposed ordinance would community.
exciting time here in the Golden State. an excise tax on cannabis sales.  also require businesses with more than 20   Wouldn’t it be great if the govern-
  But, for the County of Fresno, it   One of the original sponsors of Bill employees to enter into a legally binding ment allowed our industry to thrive - why
hasn’t been too exhilarating: all dispensaries, No. B-66, Councilmember Clint Olivier of labor peace agreement with its employees - can’t we just cannabis?
storefronts, sales, and cannabis delivery ser- District 7, said this at the time: “Whether

PERSONALS MISCELLANEOUS wheel 30ft, 3 slide ANTIQUES & dows, all in good shape NIA King bed in good ELECTRONICS well record player with
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a message if no an- small truck or SUV mercial Power Wash- of my home House is painted. Pick up in Sel- inner shelves. Origi- S $160 Up for sale is a
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good condition! Would for those who are in- days 10am to 2pm, you
3 SEAT theater chair. be close to $1,000 new. NICE VINTAGE terested. The Fresno can also reach us by
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for storage. In very $40.00, call 559-776- APPLE WATCH se-
good condition for its TWO matching book- 4385 12 INCH massive ries 3 42mm in space
age, very sturdy and cases $150 Pick up speakers $120 (559) grey for sale, only
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PAWN SHOP Buy . Sell . Pawn


Holiday Layaway Available


the Fresno

Hock shoppe

(559) 264-5856 3235 E. BELMONT AVE

for small birds/Quils / I SELL dog houses roof carpet Large-
ing on right now on all less Excellent condi- R105EX 5-String Bass APPLIANCES FARM & chickens/chicks .l arge to be ready for win- 36x36x48-$100/$150
the TV’s we current- tions $180 cash you In great shape, plays GARDEN ones are $50 to $60 ter time. X-small with paint and X-large-
ly have in stock. We can test them out no great as well. No issues MINI FRIDGE sale .size 5x4x5 will -12x12x16-$10/$30 42x42x60-$150/$200
have 3 50” TV’s and a problem practical- with this bass. Comes $70 The TV Shop CHEAP COOPS need a pick up truck with paint roof Small- with paint Huge-
24”. the 24”, and two ly new only used a as shown does include Clovis 50 W. Bullard ..light weight and earth or I can drop them off 18x18x24-$20/$50 48x48x72-$200/$250
of 50” TV’s are Vizio few times cuz being a soft case which is #104, Clovis. Mon-Sat friendly..made from for $10 gas fee within with paint roof Medi- with paint and roof I
and the other 50” is an in schoolI don’t have not pictured. 5 string. 10-6 Sunday 11-5 559- untreat fence pickets 20 miles in Fresno call um-24x24x32-$30/$70 have 12 different col-
Insignia. They all have time so my loss is ur Come check it out 299-6100 use/new ...smaller coop 643-7156 have two different ors. Questions please
remotes with them and gain they still under 4 and many other mu- /cages is $30 ..great size door with paint text 559-475-2803
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2006 YAMAHA raptor 2005 YAMAHA TRAVEL Trailer 2008
YARD WORK PAINTING ATVS 700r. Great condition Midnight Star 1700 26ft long $11800 (559)
2005 Yamaha raptor cc excellent Bike no 412-0629
JW CLEAN-UP SER- PAINTING Services 2002 Banshee $3300 80cc great condition problems runs perfect
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APARTMENTS Garden Villa Apart- something? List it here stove included int he
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A P A R T M E N T S Apartments is a quiet yard, Near to Food
Los Arbolitos Apart- and clean Clovis com- Stores and More. Call
ments offers 1, 2, and munity in a park like HOUSES FOR for information 559-
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www.ApartmentRen- With Full Access to way and shopping cen- (559) 916-7035 I N S TO C K M OVA D O &
House, Includes Fire- CHAINS AND WEDDING N Y TA L I WATC H E S ters (559) 312-6679 B A N DS Must present postcard at time of purchase
place, Washer/Dryer, $236850 / 3br - 1364ft2 Must present postcard at time of purchase or repair. Excluding Simon G jewelry.
$925 / 2BR - 796ft2 Kitchen Ect. $385 all - Great 3 bedroom, 1.5 or repair. Excluding Simon G jewelry.
Expires November 28, 2019
Expires November 28, 2019
Hunter Place Apart- utilities split equally. bath home (559) 217-
ment Homes. Now Quiet Clean Available 4462

25% OFF
accepting section 8! Now. Close to Fres-
(888) 673-8962 no State, Airport Near ARE YOU SELLING
Clovis Small Deposit something? List it here
SUPPORT LOCAL (559)797-5209 Call 559-472-7182 S E I K O & C I T I Z E N WATC H E S
Must present postcard at time of purchase & BATTERIES
or repair. Excluding Simon G jewelry.
Expires November 28, 2019


10% OFF Ask our jeweler

Must present postcard at time of purchase about custom
or repair. Excluding Simon G jewelry.
Expires November 28, 2019

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9447 N. Ft. Washington, Suite 110
Friant & Fort Washington
Clovis Location
493 W. Shaw Ave (West of Peach)
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