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How long has AMGOA been around?

AMGOA was first launched in March 2013. At that time it was only about 1/2 of what you see now, currently the site has
upwards of 200,000+ pages of information on it.

Are you a non-profit or a registered corp with your secretary of state? Do you have a link?

We are not a non-profit at this time BUT we are currently working with our corporation registrar and an attorney to change
our corporate type and file the papers with the IRS to become a 501 C 4 non-profit. We didn't do it from the beginning
because honestly we didn't know what the reception was going to be and to be quite honest we launched this thing on a
shoe-string budget. Literally we assembled and coded this monster working 7 days a week, 14 hours a day for 3 straight

Since then we have debated the non-profit status because (honestly between you and I) we haven't brought in diddly squat.
With an estimated $250,000 of coding time, corporate fees etc etc we have been running at a deficit since day one and
spending the 2-3 thousand to become a non-profit just didn't seem the right thing to do. We have since re-thought this and
want to move to the 'next level' so we are now working on it. We are actually going to be staring a fund raising campaign
within the next two weeks to try and help offset those costs.

We are incorporated in Wyoming, you can find that information


Are you currently involved in any lawsuits, FOIA actions or other legal actions? Who's your lawyer(s) in these?

We have participated in filing Amicus briefs in the past, but none at this time (again a money thing). We are involved in a
county lawsuit against a sheriff but I am not at liberty to divulge that information as it is a sealed case.

Our representative attorney is Joshua Prince and his firm the Firearms Industry Consulting Group. You can see this affiliation

Who else besides you runs the org? Is there a board?

At this time we have a whopping staff of 4, we have had to remove some staff over the past year for reasons I am not at
liberty to say. We will be creating a board of directors to facilitate our conversion into a non-profit as it is required per IRS
regulations. When we get to that point we are going to hand select board members very carefully because we have been
burned in the past.

Are any other orgs formally involved in the "alliance"?

We have 'loose' affiliations with several Pennsylvania organizations, namely Firearms Owners Against Crime, Firearms
Owners Against Crime East & PA Open Carry. What we are hoping is that we can implement 'phase two' of our plan once we
get through the non-profit process and hopefully be able to start recruiting volunteers from around the country. We will be
looking for a state leader from each of the other 49 states (we operate out of Pennsylvania) who can then keep us current
on news from that state all while approaching state and local organizations to become an AMGOA affiliate organization.
This has been in the works for years now and we are hoping it comes to fruition with a year.

How these affiliate organization set ups will work is actually quite simple. Organizations 'tied' to us will be able to use our
system to find other organizations that can 'back them up' for things like rallies, legislative pushes etc. For instance if
there's a small group on one side of the state that say has 20 members, but they need more bodies to show up and show
their support they can then contact them through our system. Basically think of taking tons of 'little armies' and banding
them together when they need each other, all for a common purpose.

Now here's the interesting part (and one of the founding principles of AMGOA), we are a 100% bipartisan organization, we
do not care what political beliefs a person has, as long as they care about their 2nd amendment rights and want to work to
preserve them. We also do not care about their religion, race, sexual preference or any other such thing .

I use this analogy years ago when trying to explain this. Imagine you have a group of staunch conservative male gun owners
on one side of the state and on the other side you have a liberal leaning (but pro 2A woman's group) and on the other end
of the state you have an organization like the pink pistols, which as you know is a gay gun rights group. Now normally these
groups may never interact but again if one group needs more bodies for a rally or to show up at a town meeting (or
something like that) these groups could call on each other and back each other up when the needs arises. May be a bit
optimistic on my part but as more and more politicians express their hatred for our rights this may be exactly what we need .

That has been in the forefront of my mind since day one.

What constitutes a member? How many are there?

We are currently at about 10,000 members. Some supporting members but most free members. There in lies our problem.
People keep saying 'why aren't you doing XYZ or suing ABC. As you know that takes money and without supporting
members we can't do that. As I mentioned before we have put everything we have on the line to create this organization
and keep it running.

I could go on for hours about how members can use our organization but most of it is explained

What we do is 'pull' in new and updated gun related legislation from all 50 state and the federal government 365 days a
year. We rate all new bills and create a plain English synopsis for each one. Members can then easily track bills they are
interested in and be alerted when a bill moves. We also push out action alerts when something important is about to
happen (committee vote etc etc). Basically we 'watch' all these government entities on a daily basis so next to nothing they
do gets by us and next to nothing gets by our members.

What checks do you have in place to verify site info is current and complete?

All of our legislation information comes in from the largest database of legislation in the country. The company is called
Legiscan. We pull our bills based on keywords that relate to gun related and self defense keywords, then as they come in we
physically read them (yes, as scary as that sounds we read every stinking bill that comes in) , assign a thumbs up, thumbs
down or neutral 'grade' to it and write a short synopsis (if it's pro or anti gun) that our members can read instead of trying
to interpret legalese). We are not lawyers (even though our lawyer tells use should be) but everyone on our staff knows how
to read legislation and dig out what really matters.

As far as our state and federal laws, those are updated twice a year based on what bills have passed and gone into effect.
We simply take the changes outlined in the bill that passed and insert into the correct part of that state's gun laws. One
note on this, we are somewhat behind on this due to staffing issues, we are planning on taking the last two weeks of
December to get 100% caught up before the new year starts. As you mentioned when you first contacted me, not enough
hours in the day!

As far as things like our reciprocity map (and other quick visual tools within the maps) (
Reciprocity ) I handle those personally to make sure they are 100% accurate. I monitor state reciprocity agreements and
renewals via several different methods so I can make changes as needed. For instance this Friday Oklahoma becomes a
constitutional carry state (as long as the antis can't hold it off in court) so at midnight the 1st that map will be set to

There's a lot that goes on from day to day but we manage to keep up on it thanks to our staff and some great volunteers
that keep their eyes open.