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Telling The Tri-County’s Story Since 1869

50¢ daily Saturday, November 20, 2010 Delphos, Ohio

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Sailor meets son for first time
Herald’s Winter “I remember I
Sports tab in DELPHOS — When a got off the plane
Wednesday’s and I was
mother goes into labor, the
baby’s father has the honor
Herald. of being in the delivery room shaking. She was
— privy to screaming and
standing there
Turkey winners cursing, feeling a unique
mixture of excitement and with him in her
Winners in the Win-
A-Turkey Sweepstakes
powerlessness as they wit-
ness the miracle of life. arms and I ran
have been announced. Curt Bassett’s sense of up and hugged
Winners are: powerlessness existed on
GFS Marketplace - Wayne many levels — he was stuck her and then
Ledyard, Elida; Raabe Ford, in a different room on anoth- I went to grab
Lincoln, Mercury - Tom er continent. In Iraq with
Schimmoller, Delphos; the U.S. Navy when his son Bentley and he
First Federal Bank - Sharon Bentley was born, Bassett reached for me.”
Lawrence, Delphos; Save- tried to be there despite the
A-Lot Grocery - Sheila distance.
Campbell, Van Wert; “I got the Red Cross call — Curt Bassett, meeting his
Bellmann’s Part Shop - Joan that she was in labor and son for the first time
Moening, Fort Jennings; they let me stay on the phone
Reliable Plumbing and the whole day. I called about hard for him to hear all of
Heating Paul Carder, every 15 minutes,” he said. that over the phone but he
Delphos; Chief - Jim “She was up all night. That got to talk to Bentley right
Schimmoeller, Fort Jennings; was the scariest thing I’ve after he was born. They
Flanagan’s Car Care - Robert ever gone through, I don’t put the phone up to his ear
Crider, Delphos; Miller’s want to go through that and then he got to see him Stacy Taff photo
Village Market - Cathy again.” through Skype about an
Hoehn, Cloverdale; Pick ‘N The experience was even hour after that, so he was Curt and Rachel Bassett with their 7-month-old son Bentley.
Save - Randy Keller, Van more difficult for Rachel, there but he wasn’t.” phone calls there.” “I was really excited and airport.”
Wert; Hickory Pit BBQ his wife. Having been gone for Bassett had the opportu- nervous that Bentley wasn’t “I have some leave stored
- Doug Catlett, Delphos; “We were told he would almost a year, Bassett had nity to see his son through going to go to him,” Rachel up, so I won’t have to go
Tri-County Do-It Center, probably get to fly home the added difficulty of leav- Skype and pictures but noth- said. “But he did.” back for a little while,” Curt
Esther Pohlman, Delphos; for the delivery but when ing in December while his ing compared to the first Bassett’s flight home was added. “We’ve been spend-
Pitsenbarger Supply, Rita it came time, he wasn’t young wife was almost six time he was able to hold spur-of-the-moment so not ing a lot of time together as
Martin, Delphos; The Union allowed to,” she said. “It months pregnant. 7-month-old Bentley. many family members were a family, trying to catch me
Bank Co. - Mary Martin, was very, very difficult. I “Leaving was really hard; “I remember I got off the there to witness the awe- up on all of the things I’ve
Delphos; German Mutual always said he would be it was one of the hardest plane and I was shaking,” some meeting. missed.”
Insurance - Beatrice Miller, the only one in the room things I did,” Bassett said. he said. “She was standing “I got the call that he was Having only marked
Delphos; and The Ottoville when it happened but it was “I kept in touch as often as there with him in her arms flying home and he came their one-year anniversary,
Bank Co. - Mari-Lou the exact opposite. I had a I could through phone calls and I ran up and hugged on the red-eye to Detroit the Bassetts are still newly-
Beining, Fort Jennings. really great support system, and Skype while I was in her and then I went to grab on Nov. 9,” Rachel said. weds.
California and then the same Bentley and he reached for “My mom came with me and “We went out on a date
Project Recycle
though, with my mom and
sister. It was probably really when I was in Iraq, mostly me.” Bentley to meet him at the finally, too,” they said.
set today Jobless benefits to expire as Congress Grothouse appointed to Ohio
Delphos Project Recycle
is set for 9-11:30 a.m. today
debates preserving tax cuts State Lima Board of Trustees
at Delphos Fuel and Wash
Karen Grothouse, dent of sales and operations at
north of Double A Trailer
By ANDREW TAYLOR were denied a chance to McConnell of Kentucky Delphos, was recently Spherion of Lima, Inc. Prior
Sales on East Fifth Street.
The Associated Press attach spending cuts, so the would appear to command appointed to this position, Grothouse
Newspaper, phone books
measure fell despite winning the votes to block any bene- to The worked as an elementary
and aluminum cans need
WASHINGTON — a 258-154 majority. fits extension that is not “paid Ohio State teacher for Elida Local Schools
to be in separate contain-
Jobless benefits will run out In Thursday’s vote, 21 for” with cuts to other pro- University for more than a decade.
ers because they are stored
for 2 million people during Republicans joined with grams. Sen.-elect Mark Kirk at Lima Grothouse also serves
on location and sold as
the holiday season unless they Democrats in favor. Eleven of Illinois will soon join the Board of on the YMCA Board of
a fundraiser for the Girl
are renewed by a Congress moderate-to-conservative chamber, replacing Democrat Trustees Directors, the Otterbein
Scouts and Squires.
that’s focusing more attention Democrats opposed the bill. Roland Burris, which appears for a three- Homes Cridersville Board
All other items are
on a quarrel over preserving House Speaker Nancy to now leave Democrats short year term. and the St. John’s School
taken to the Van Wert Grothouse
tax cuts for people making Pelosi, D-Calif., promised to of the votes to defeat a fili- Grothouse Council.
Recycle Center.
more than $200,000 a year. bring the measure back to buster. will serve on the Academic Grothouse received both
Cardboard, magazines and
It’s looking iffy at best the floor after Thanksgiving Still, the looming expira- Affairs and Student her bachelor’s and master’s
plastic shopping bags also
whether Congress will renew to try to enact an emergency tion of unemployment ben- Life Committee. degrees from The Ohio State
need to be separated. All tin,
jobless benefits averaging measure that extend benefits efits could put Republicans Grothouse is the vice presi- University.
plastic and glass contain-
$310 per week nationwide at least through the holidays. on the defensive since they’ll
TSA: Pilots to be exempt
ers need to be rinsed clean.
Labels can be left on items that are presently claimed by But Senate Democrats don’t expire just as debate peaks in
and they can be co-mingled. almost 5 million people who have time; instead, they hope the lame-duck session over

from some airport checks

No window or plate have been out of work for the jobless benefits issue gets whether to extend Bush-era
glass, nor light bulbs, orna- more than six months. addressed in year-end nego- tax cuts on individuals with
mental, Pyrex or cookware An extension of jobless tiations over taxes and other income exceeding $200,000
glass will be accepted. benefits enacted this sum- important year-end legisla- or for couples making more By DAVID KOENIG it made no sense to subject
Computers, etc., are mer expires Dec. 1, and on tion. than $250,000. The tax and EILEEN SULLIVAN them to the same screening
Thursday, a bill to extend The most recent effort to cuts expire Dec. 31, and The Associated Press process as passengers since
also accepted but no
them for three months failed renew jobless benefits occu- Democrats oppose perma- they control the plane. If they
monitors or TVs.
in the House. Democrats pied weeks of the notoriously nently extending the upper- WASHINGTON — The were intent on terrorism, they
Thanksgiving brought the bill to the floor
under fast-track rules that
balky Senate’s time and bare-
ly advanced with the required
bracket tax cuts, which would
cost about $700 billion over
Transportation Security
Administration has agreed to
could crash it and the scan-
ners wouldn’t provide extra
service required a two-thirds vote to
pass. Republicans opposed
60 votes.
Now, even if there were
10 years. let airline pilots skip the secu-
rity scanning and pat-downs
TSA offered few details
The Delphos Ministerial the legislation because they time, GOP Leader Mitch See JOBS, page 2 that passengers face at the about the specific changes
Association will offer a nation’s airports, pilot groups in screening of pilots, which
Thanksgiving service at 5 said Friday. expands a program tested
p.m. Sunday in the K of C Beginning Friday, pilots at airports in Baltimore,
hall. traveling in uniform or on air- Pittsburgh and Charlotte,
Turkey, potatoes, dressing line business will be allowed N.C.
and drinks will be provided. to pass security by presenting “Pilots are trusted part-
Attendees are asked to bring a two photo IDs, one from their ners who ensure the safety
dish to share. company and one from the of millions of passengers
government, to be checked flying every day,” said TSA
against a secure flight crew Administrator John Pistole.
Forecast database, the TSA said. He said putting pilots through
Partly cloudy The Obama administra- a faster screening process
tonight; low tion’s retreat on screening would be a more efficient use
in low 40s. pilots comes less than a week of the agency’s resources.
Mostly cloudy before the hectic Thanksgiving Pistole has defended the
Sunday with holiday travel period. Some invasive pat-downs and said
high in low 60s. Low in low travelers are threatening to intelligence about potential
50s with 30 percent chance protest the security measures terrorist attacks and plots to
of overnight showers. by refusing to go through the evade airport security have
scanning machines. Airlines guided these changes.
Index are caught in the middle. Still, some lawmakers
Pilots welcomed the want a review of the govern-
Obituaries 2 changes. ment’s pat-down procedure.
State/Local 3 “This looks good. It’s Pilots have complained
Politics 4 basically what we’ve been about possible health effects
Community 5 after for 10 years,” says Sam from radiation emitted by
Sports 6 Mayer, a spokesman for the full-body scanners that pro-
Vietnam veteran 7 Allied Pilots Association at duce a virtually naked image,
Classifieds 8 American Airlines, the union and they said that pat-downs
TV 9 that raised objections to the by security inspectors were
World News 11
Photo submitted new screening process about demeaning. Passengers have
The sleigh at the Delphos Canal Commission is a one-horse open sleigh donated by two weeks ago. “Pilots are lodged similar complaints, but
the families of Richard Kimmet and Arthur Hoersten. Read more about Christmas at not the threat here; we’re the the government is not chang-
the museum on page 3. target.” ing the screening require-
Pilots have also argued that ments for air travelers.
hopefully we made a differ- with breast cancer, hosted an breast cancer.” He said the SUnDAY: Partly sunny. 1917, in Marion Township, daily home delivery for $2.09
ence in this fight.” annual event that honored Ohio State community was Highs in the mid 50s. East Allen County, to Marion and per week.
– The HeraldSpielman was 30 cancer Saturday, November
survivors and20, 2010 “tremendously saddened” by
created winds 5 to 10 mph.
405 North Main St.
Goldie (Redd) Heidlebaugh.
years old and three months a fund to help breast cancer her death. SUnDAY niGHt- On June 20, 1943, he mar- TELEPHONE 695-0015

For The Record

pregnant in 1998 when she patients and their families Chris Spielman played 10 MonDAY niGHt: Partly ried Dorothy Baxter, who died Office Hours
detected a lump in her breast. who struggled financially. seasons in the NFL with the cloudy. Lows around 40. on July 11, 2006. 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri.
She later miscarried and dis- She was inducted into the Detroit Lions and Buffalo Highs in the mid 50s. POSTMASTER:
Survivors include son

Where’s the meat fork?

tUeSDAY: Partly sunny. Norman (Sondra) Heidlebaugh Send address changes

covered she had cancer. She Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame Bills before retiring after
LOTTERY The Delphos
Highs in the mid 50s. to THE DAILY HERALD,
survived four bouts with can- in 2002 for her work. a violent hit that left him of Spencerville; daughters
tUeSDAY niGHt: Linda (Edward) Yahl of St. 405 N. Main St.
cer before a fifth recurrence “We have lost a leader momentarily paralyzed when

Partly cloudy with a 30 per- Marys, Susan Heidlebaugh of Delphos, Ohio 45833
in March. in the fight against cancer,” he was with the Cleveland (Continued from page 1)
cent chance of showers. Lows Cambridge and Karen (Greg) CLEVELAND (AP) —
Chris Spielman
Well here it is almost Thanksgiving was seven-time and I’m Tour de France Browns.
These Ohio lotteries were
still trying to figure out why it’s dark when I cancer survi-
playing linebacker with the winner and NANCY Stefanie
SPENCER Spielman is sur- in the “I mid
don’t30s. think we want to Schwark drawn Friday: of Spencerville; sis- Scholars Vol. 141of No.the136 Day
get up Bills
and nearlywhendark he decid-
when I get vorhome.
Lance Armstrong said. vived by her husband and WeDneSDAY:
leave here having fought Partly for tax ter Kicker Alma (Melvin) Kloeppel Nancy Spencer, editor
ed toWheregive up did football for aYou“Stefanie
know we was onlya living exam- their four children, Madison, sunny.
cuts forHighs in the and midagainst40s. of Delphos; grandchildren Ray Geary, general manager
havetosix stay
more home
the year go?
weeks with his tople
of 2010
On the
of courage and strength to Noah, Macy and Audrey.
go? WeDneSDAY
insuranceniGHt: 2-3-8-5-3-0
for Gregory (Sunny) Heidlebaugh Delphos Herald, Inc.
Partly cloudy. A chance of Don Hemple, advertising

I had a pleasurable four days off last week. those that have lost their jobs,” of MegaMaumee, Kevin
I got everything accomplished on my double- Other hand rain and snow
spokesman Robert showers
Gibbs said. after Heidlebaugh and Melissa
07-14-31-51-54, Mega
Tiffany Brantley,
secret list and a little more. Of course you’ll midnight. Lows in the
“Republicans in Congress are Heidlebaugh mid Ball: 35 and Heidi circulation manager
never really from know page if I 1) matelyit on
did ‘cause wasstudents
a to apply, will have a huge impact going eagerChance
30s. to spendoflavishly precipitationon tax Yahl of Spencerville; Ryan William Kohl, general manager/
“It’s beyond list. my Ha. imagina- academy leaders any, and they others forward.” breaks for the fortunate few, but (Brandy) Midday 3
double-secret keep it to themselves. 30 percent. and Jeffrey Yahl of Eagle Print
tion how I’m someone
sneaking that in a hasfewthe more said
days elected
this com-officialsI’mshould thankful forRangel, Velazquez
members I and stingy when it comes to help- St. 2-2-6
‘Oprah’ to end
the family will Marys and Cory Schwark The Daily Herald (USPS 1525
ing week
ability to nominate and have doesn’t a muchdo less-interesting
be doing more to publicize
share Thanksgiving dinner with.ofItthe
most of the rest willlaw-
be ing the middle class make ends
not even double-secret
said last the—opportunity
cleaning, byloud, doingnoisysuchandmakers who have made the meet,” said Rep. Ed Markey, of Midday Spencerville, 4 step grand- 8000) is published daily except

after 25 years
wonderful. daughter
8-2-0-4 Heather Hastings Sundays and Holidays.
cleaning at
December andhis baking.
as visiting schools. I’m also thankful fewest fornominations
my health, myhave co- D-Mass.
Republicans maintain they’re of Wapakoneta;
Pick 3 great-grand- St.ByJohn’s carrierScholar
in Delphos of theand
ingone as was much of
chairman better.
the Naval The academies workershave and all been among
the things thatthemakeloudest crit-
life worth children
9-6-9 Caleb and Deborah area towns, or by rural motor
Board ofbrings Visitors. us to approached
marvel at dozens the living.
of members ics of the wars in Iraq and willing to extend the benefits but Day is Sarah
route where available $2.09 per
wonderful CHICAGO
don’t want to (AP) add the —cost Oprah — Yahl Pick and4 Andrew Robinson week. By mail
He noted things what inanour lives. We
acad- always
of the say
Congressional TooBlack
often weAfghanistan.
let the negativity Whetherin our that is
lives Winfrey was for set three
to announce
in Allen, Van
we’re glad for our healtha andCaucus
our children, $12.5 billion months of 7-3-6-4 Spencerville and Hayden Wert, or Putnam County, $105
emy appointment means: and the Congressional
consume our a factor
time and in their
energy. lowa num-
Quite while today
— to that her powerhouse
the nation’s $13.8 trillion day- and Saylore Heidlebaugh per year. Outside these counties
families, co-workers and friends. All the Sarah!
free four-year
things that make education
life worth Hispanic Caucus ago
andliving. to Idiscuss
decided tober let ofthings go I cannot
nominations change.
is unclear. national
time debt. show, the founda- of Powerball
television Maumee; and step great- $119 per year.
a guaranteed job as an officer attracting more I’ve
minority also promised
stu- Rep. myself
Elijah to remember
Cummings, that
I’m thankful for those things, too, but let tion “The fact is, we canmedia
of a multibillion-dollar both granddaughter
Estimated Sierra jackpot: Hastings Entered inScholar
$50 Jefferson’s the post office
of the
formeatbeleast five years after dents. the only things I can
member control
of are
the my
House feelings,
Out providewith thislegions
help and
a little more specific.
my recently
reactions and my Caucus,
Everything empire of payfans,for willit of million
Wapakoneta. in Delphos, Ohio 45833 as
Day is Brooke
My son and I getting ready to wrap Also,up theonemilitary of Iraq by cutting
end its run in less2011 effective
after 25 stimu-
sea- He was preceded in death Periodicals, postage paid at
Velazquez, Rangel and put together a else
how-to is just
booklet a whirligig
nominated in the
128 random
students chaos
over lus spending,” Delphos, Ohio.Teman.
chapter in our lives and start a new one. I’m
theory sons on the air. said Rep. Charles by Rolling Cash 5 William
his brother,
Pelosi would
thankful wenot have comment
that chance. or on minority recruiting andwe sentcall life.
the past five years from his Boustany,
Winfrey R-La. planned“That’s to announce what Heidlebaugh; 03-06-12-34-36 and sisters Breta accepted in towns
No mail subscriptions
Congratulations will be
did not I’m return
thankfulcalls.for my ever-steady congressionalRemember,
it to allhusband you cannot
offices, Baltimore control
district, whichthe isguys
64 we final
the shoulddate be debating
for “The today.”
Oprah Buckles Estimated and Audrey jackpot: Suever. where The Daily Brooke!
or villages
Herald paper
Academyhas been leaders to hell
and someand backsaid with me and
Charles fighting
Garcia, chairman over the remote
percent or picking pieces of
black. Added Rep. Mike Pence, the $110,000
Winfrey Show” during a live Mr. Heidlebaugh attend- carriers
Students or motor
can routesup
pick provide
onstill genuinely
Capitol Hill likesdo not me. put of the Air Force turkey Academy’s off your browned-to-perfection
With help from academy master- No. 3 Republican in the House: daily home delivery for offices.
I’m thankful for my mamacita; my other piece or sneaking deviled eggs. broadcast, according
“We’re facing a fiscal crisis in to her ed one-room schoolhouses awards in their school
all the blame on the politi- board of visitors. officials, Cummings’ staff production Ten OH per week.
rock.pointing out that some
cians, In addition, themeat
However, a few well-placed taps with the
AirforkForce makes a around.
presentation each this, If we’re going Harpo to and Jefferson High School. 405 North Main St.
can turn things Productions Inc. She said at the He 01-06-07-09-10-18-19-21-
was a lifelong farmer
districtsI’m might
thankful have for amyshort- friends Academy
who let me hasbebegun Happy flying in spring to schools in his dis- choose to extend unemployment TELEPHONE 695-0015
Thanksgiving. beginning
again we’ve of gotthetoshow find athat wayshe 22-31-33-36-42-54-58-60-67-
to and took advantage of new
8 orreCtionS
agemyself with littlecandidates,
of qualified judgement and if they have staff members
congressional trict about how to qualify had 75-79-80 as it was invented.
Office Hours
for it.”news to share and that machinery
paysome a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri.
either because students have from districts with few minor- and apply for an academy she would
Every discussrecession it atsince
the end 1950 of He worked with area farm-
not gotten the necessary aca- ity nominations REPORT for lessons on nomination. Cummings also featured an extended federal ers Ten
the by OH Middaycombining
custom inSendthe addressCanal
changes Days
demicThe preparation from
following is the final their recruiting,
Interstate 75said.
Garcia from the designates detoured onto staffers to respond
Ohio 65 and benefits
A Harpo programspokeswoman financed with and03-04-11-15-21-24-29-36-
hay bailing in the 1930s Committee to THE DAILY HERALD, pic-
report of schools, they are
the year concerning “We trainCounty
Auglaize them online ’Hereto toSycamore questionsStreet about backthetoappli-
Ohio deficit dollars.
declined to comment That’s Thursday
a prece- and 43-44-45-52-53-59-60-62-64-
the threshing ring days. turesDelphos, in405theN. nov.
Main St. 13 edition
unaware of the and opportunity, or are the things Ohio 45833
construction maintenance Ohio 103 other districts cation
in Hancock 12. process, the congress- ondent Democrats
Winfrey’s plans refused
except toto break
say He 76-77-80 was a lifelong member of the Herald, the $6,400
theyworkare onuninterested.
state highways with- have Countydone that – is successful,”’of man said through a spokes-
Installation when
that “Thebattling
Oprahwith Winfrey Republicans
Show,” of Trinity United Methodist given to the Delphos Canal
in whileOhio the burden
Department is ulti-of hecable
said.rail“Weis are hopeful com-
essentially that man.Van Wert County for months
which has seen earlier this year
ratings slip to 7 Church in Spencerville and Commission trustees was
Transportation District 1. plete with cleanup work and U.S. 127 north of U.S. extend from
percent the program.a year ago, will not the Spencerville Grange for clean up of the Miami-
work will take RICES place dur-
seeding occurring.
ing daytime hours Monday restrictions may occur until reduce traffic to one lane
Some lane 224 – Ditch cleaning will move to cable television.
#2424 and Farmers Union. erie Canal between Fifth
Winfrey, 55, is widely expect- He loved camping, became and Seventh streets.
through Friday only$3.65 unless late Answers
November. to thursday’s questions: through the work zone. ed to start up a new talk show “Wagon Master” for the
Corn: The name of the dog with Rip Van Winkle
otherwise indicated) Ohio 118when he fell
(Shannon on OWN:HORSTMAN, The Oprah Winfrey Mary United Delphos Methodist
City Schools Campers
Wheat: Allen County $4.92 asleep for 20 County
Putnam years was Wolf. Street) from Ervin Street to The Delphos Herald wants
Darlene, 67, a of Ottoville, Association,
much-delayed Week of enjoyed
Nov. 22-26
Monday: Chicken nuggets, to correct
playing Landeck
Week published errors in
Beans: U.S. 30 from Beaverdam $10.14 Donald
Ohio 613 Duck’s
from“racy Ohiolifestyle”
108 Main onceStreet
led to a ban on his
– Reconstruction, joint
Massventure with Discovery Burial violin
of Nov. 22-26
of Christian bread and and entertaining
butter, corn,family rosy its Monday: news, sports Breaded andpopcorn
to Hancock County – Berm comic to Ohio books 109in –youth
Bermclub worklibraries in Helsinki,
widening and waterFinland.lineHis
and Communications
begins at 9:30Inc.a.m. that istoday pro- and small parties.
Van will
work Wertreduce Cinemas traffic to questionable behavior
will reduce traffic included
to one lane a 50-year
sanitaryengagementinstallation to Daisy
applesauce, lowfat milk. articles.
chicken, To inform
butter/peanut the news-
at debut
John inthe 2011. OWN is
Evangelist Funeral
Tuesday: services Turkey hot begin shot,at bread, mashed potatoes and
room of a mistake in published
one Nov.lane20th through
- Nov. 26th the work Duck; through thetheuncertain
work zone. parentage of ect his isnephews,
under way. Huey, WorkDewey will toCatholic
replace the Church,
Discovery the HealthRev. 10:30 a.m. Saturday at Trinity
bread and butter, mashed pota- gravy, fruit, milk.
zone. and Ohio
Louie; 12 and between
his regularOhio appearanceceasein afor sailor
the suit
early toes with gravy, sherbet, lowfat information, Tuesday: call the editorial
Jacob and
Channel Gordon will debut officiating.
in some UMC in Spencerville, the department
Ohio 696 from to65cover andhisSycamore
feathery behind. Street, December at which time all milk. corn, fruit, milk. at 419-695-0015.
74Burial will follow
million homes.inAn St. John’s
OWN Rev. Jan Johnson officiating.
pizza, Corrections
Beaverdam to the Putnam Columbus today’s questions:
Grove – Route lanes of traffic will be opened Cemetery. Memorials are to Burial
Wednesday: Cheese Wednesday: willHot bedog published
spokeswoman declined comment tossed will salad, follow banana,in Hartford
lowfat wich, french fries, fruit, milk.
on this page.
County line – Berm work will Whatclosewas unique
for four daysabout
begin-the until two workno-hitters pitched
resumes in bythe donor’s choice.
Thursday. Cemetery.
will reduce traffic to one lane Cincinnati
through the work zone.
ning Nov.Red
of What
a railroadpopular
29 for replacement
John Vandermeer?
sport Traffic
was known
spring. The project will con-
CBS Television Distribution,
of Chula
which distributes F
Vista, “The
and 3-8 p.m.
FriendsSt. may
John’scall from
at 22-26
Thomas E.
Fort Jennings
Week of Nov. 22-26


Heidenwerfen? of Nov. Chocolate, white or strawber-

Fla. dance troupe causes scare at Lincoln Tunnel

Coming Soon: formerlyShow”
Winfrey of Kalida, to more memorial than Bayliff Monday: Funeral Fish Home and for ry milk served with all meals.
Answers in Saturday’s Herald. Mass will begin at 10:30 a.m. an VerHoFF, Dolores L.,
Avatar -
today’s words: 200 U.S. markets, held out hope cheese hour orprior cream to ofthe broccoli
service H.S. - Ala Carte - Pretzel
Chipmunks ittoday
couldatcontinueSt. Michael doing Catholic
business Saturday soup/crackers/ at the cheese stick, 77,
church. andofcheese
Cuba, Mass of Christian
available every
WEEHAWKEN, N.J. The dancers
nasillate: droveor about
to speak sing throughand three
the nose young men decided potato with butter, salad, Burial
(AP) — A dance troupe 1,000 miles sofortunetelling
they couldwith topieces
sprint of thewood
rest of the way. Church,
with Winfrey,the Rev. perhaps Mark Hoying baked
producing Preferred milk. memorials are milk for $2.00 available every
Friday; Salad 10:30 a.m.
fruit and
Nov. 23-Nov. 26
Xylomancy: will officiate. Burial will be
Saturday at St. Michael’s
a new show out of its studios in to Tuesday: Trinity United Methodist
from Florida caused
Twilight New Moon, Planet a51, rush- appear Wednesday onNational BET’s Debt Theyasleft their adult chaper-
The Outstanding of 9:45 a.m. Today in St. Joseph Cemetery, Fort Church,
Beef and cheese Wednesday.
turkey pot Catholic Church in Kalida, the
hour terror scare when they was
Christmas Carol, 2012, Old Dogs
“106 & Park” show. But ones behind and ran through Los Angeles. Spencerville.
nachos/ breadstick, Monday: Chicken fajita,
Children 11 & their cars in the they Jennings. Friends may call one pie, peas, salad, applesauce, Rev. mixedMelvin
vegetables, Verhoffcheesy officiat-
Under, Seniors, All shows Thehit estimated
traffic at thepopulation
tunnel, theoftollthe plaza. United States hour prior to services today milk. ing.
fruit. Burial will follow in St.
Lincoln Tunnel
before 6:00 p.m. $4.00-Adultsand$6.00 tried
is 307,315,020, so each citizen’s share officers
which connects New Jersey Armed of this with debt Port
is at the church.itLocal N THE WORLD
arrange- TODAY
Wednesday: Turkey/roll Tuesday: Salisbury steak,
Isadore Cemetery in youCuba.
Tuesday: Family Night ~ Thursday: BYOB
to run to a TV appear- $39,196. and New York City and is Authority police and the FBI-
When are by Love
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Check outin Manhattan
our website for show times while just two miles from
Debt the has TV NYPD Joint Terrorism Task By the Associated Press mashed pesticidepotatoes/gravy,
DDT as partsalad, of a Friends
peas, fruit.may call from 2-8 p.m.

The National continued to increase an average Home, have,Ottawa. the saying

Today is Friday, Nov. 20, “more is better”
total phaseout. A group is not necessarily
of today at Love Hot true.
Funeral In
wearing or calltheir camouflage of
419-238-2100 studio.
$3.88 billion per day since Sept. 28, 2007. Force gave chase, closing the sherbet, milk. Wednesday: dog, baked
costumes. The five young women tunnel for 45 minutes. the 324th day of 2009. There American Indian activists in Ottawa,
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today’s Highlight into tion of Alcatraz Island Preferred
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HAVING difficult
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Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Franco died, two weeks
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OH 45833 mally opened the campaign 77-78-80Spencerville
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Steve && Bob
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1122 Avenue a successor to Yasser Midday
Week of 3 Nov. 22-26
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Monday: Cheese pizza,
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Tuesday: OSU Chicken O’s,
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14620 Landeck Rd. - 419-692-0833 Saturday, November 20, 2010 The Herald –3


There is a great deal of
news being published in local
papers about the US Postal
Service’s decision to close the
Lima plant and ship all the mail
to Toledo. At the moment, mail
service has deteriorated; deliv-
ery is getting accomplished
later in the day; and
by Gary Levitt
their business. They can choose
where they want to deliver,
what they want to deliver and
they can set their own delivery
standards and prices. So how
many different delivery com-
panies will we have?
Most people don’t realize
that there is consid-
tell you mail the money by any
other carrier BUT the USPS?
Because of the laws prohibit-
ing mail fraud, if it happens
in the US mail then the Postal
Inspection Service is there to
investigate, apprehend, and
prosecute under Federal laws.
Not so with a private com-
On the Banks of Yesteryear ...
From the Canal Commission Trustees

employees are work- erable competition pany.

ing later in the day out there now. UPS, Those services are all
and longer hours as FedEX, Roadway included in the price of a
well. Package Service to stamp. Speaking of prices, are
I won’t com- name a few, have you aware that the competitors
ment about whether competed in the of the USPS have input to the A nativity set made by Gerhard Laudick (b. 9-26-1853,
this was a mistake expedited mail ser- Postal Rate Commission? If d. 5-19-1912) for his grandchild’s first Christmas is on
or not. A delicate vice (Express Mail) you owned a business, how display at the museum. Richard C. Mueller (b. 9-23-1911,
balance must exist and parcel service hard would it be if your com-
d. 12-02-1993) was the first child of Gerhard’s daughter,
between providing for years. Ironically, petitors helped set the price
premium service and UPS handles more
Clara Gertrude Laudick and Arthur “Art” Mueller.
of your goods (of course they
being economically feasible. If than 85 percent of the parcel will ask that your rates would the feathers were wrapped tive body that holds only two
you have ever stood on a bal- service in the US. To illus- be higher) and you couldn’t around them. Red berries or people. Sounds just like our
The feather tree at the candle holders were placed sports cars doesn’t it? As with
ance beam, it sure looked easy trate how tough the market charge what you wanted? Plus,
when you were standing on the
museum is made out of at the ends of the branch- sports cars, men liked to race
is, Airborne went out of busi- there is a mandate that the post
ground. ness and the majority of their office charge the same amount
green-dyed goose feathers. es. Because of the danger of their cutters as evidenced in
What I find interesting is business was the high dollar for a letter whether it is across It may seem a little early candles, these trees had more the fourth verse of “Jingle
that during changes like these, premium services. It is hard to the street or on an island off the for Christmas but decorat- space between their branches Bells”:
the conversation always begins discern DHL’s financial pic- coast of Seattle, Wash. ing for the Christmas Tree than today’s Christmas trees. Now the ground is white,
with “Should mail service be ture because they are owned The USPS is required to Festival is in full swing at the This caused one man at the Go it while you’re young,
privatized?” I must note that by Deutsche Bank and do not provide universal service museum. It takes many work- museum to comment that it Take the girls tonight
the following is my opinion report separate earnings. throughout the entire coun- ers and many hours to set up looked like a “Charlie Brown” And sing this sleighing
and not those of any other enti- If someone sends you try — every address, every and decorate over 100 trees. tree. The earliest feather trees song;
ty and it is based on many years something, how will you know day. The post office delivers We are fortunate to have such in America were brought by Just get a bob tailed bay
of working for the USPS. which delivery company has some 660 million pieces of a great group of volunteers. German immigrants so it is Two forty as his speed
Let’s look at what privati- it? Maybe they will outsource mail daily to as many as 142 One of the favorite displays not surprising that the muse- Hitch him to an open
zation will do for us. The first sections of the country that million delivery points. As each year is a nativity set made um has one in its possession. sleigh
thought that comes to mind is are less profitable? Who would of 2010, the USPS operates by Gerhard Laudick (b. 9-26- What would Christmas be And crack, you’ll take
increased competition because you call? Now we are get- 36,400 post offices and postal 1853, d. 5-19-1912) for his without a sleigh? The one at the lead.
there would be so many more ting closer to the problem. locations in the United States grandchild’s first Christmas. the museum is a one-horse Our tree festival is open
companies providing the same Ever heard of “Sanctity of the with about 596,000 employees. Richard C. Mueller (b. 9-23- open sleigh donated by the every Saturday and Sunday
services that the USPS offers Mail”? Only the USPS has to Just remember the post office 1911, d. 12-02-1993) was the families of Richard Kimmet beginning Nov. 27 and ending
us. Most of the time increased follow that rule – they cannot is one of the few government first child of Gerhard’s daugh- and Arthur Hoersten. This Dec. 19. Hours are from 1 to
competition is good. Let’s look open first class mail. Your pri- entities explicitly authorized in ter, Clara Gertrude Laudick style of sleigh is also known 4 p.m. We will also be open
at what that might accomplish. vacy and rights are protected. the US Constitution. and Arthur “Art” Mueller. As as a “cutter” because it is for the Hometown Christmas
Private companies would not Speaking of protected, do you you can see from the dates, lightweight. It has gracefully- on Dec. 3. Won’t you join
be restricted in the scope of know why scam artists always Privatize? You decide. Gerhard died eight months curved runners and a decora- us?
after Richard was born. The
original lighting for the crib
was with coal oil lamps but
it was converted to electric-
ity around 1923. Some of the
Answers to Friday’s questions: Army during the Korean War. little figurines date from 1888.
This nativity set has been a
Funeral Homes
The wasp’s habits convinced 18th- Today’s questions: cherished part of the Mueller cordially invite those families we have
century French scientist René-Antoine What was the name of Superman’s family’s Christmas for almost served December 1st, 2009 through
Ferchault de Réamur that paper could biological mother? 100 years and we are extreme-
be made from wood. He saw how wasps Where was a tiny listening device ly fortunate that they choose November 30th, 2010 to our Memorial
built their nests with a paste they made found hidden in the American ambassa- to display it at the museum Program December 4, 2010
by chewing on dry wood and mixing it dor’s residence in Moscow in 1952? each year so that others may at 2:00 p.m. at
with their saliva. Before Réamur’s dis- Answers in Monday’s Herald. enjoy it.
Another item which has a Love-Heitmeyer Funeral Home
covery, old clothes and rags were used Today’s words: long history is the feather tree,
to make paper. Quahog: a thick-shelled American 226 N. Belmore St.
which was usually made out
Clint Eastwood was a boot camp or North Atlantic clam of green-dyed goose feathers. Leipsic, Ohio 45856
swimming instructor at Fort Ord, Zoopraxiscope: an early type of The trunk was a plain wooden 419-523-6586
California, when he was in the U.S. motion-picture projector rod and the branches were
s Curves made of stiff wire that had
everyworks circuit
everyworks every

alories. muscle
up to burn
500 calories.
up to 500 calories. can
group and you
you can

500 circuit
burn works
Our 30-minute
to Our
up 500 every
calories. circuit
works works
circuit everyevery
cle group
major majorand
muscle you
group can
majorASKmuscle and
FREE can
30 DAY can
DIET can
30 DAY
up to
up500 calories.
to 500 419-692-2388
ASKFREE OUR419-692-2388
30 DAY

1875 E. 419-692-2388
1875 E.419-692-2388
E. Fifth Street Delphos, ASK 1875
1875 OUROhio
ABOUT coming
DAY Ohio
OUR 30 to30DIET
DIET PLAN 419-692-2388
Delphos, 419-692-2388
CURVES Ohio 419-692-2388
Delphos, Ohio
1875 WITH
E. Fifth Street
1875 E.
1875 Fifth Street
E. Fifth Street SilverSneakers! Delphos, OhioDelphos,
Ohio OhioOhio


Insurance Agency
Order That Thanksgiving Treat Today! agency
We Offer:
123.456.7890 Delphos,
Agent Name OH
949 S. Main • Lima Wheeler Lane • Wapakoneta 419-692-2236
Agent Job Title
419-222-9746 419-738-4067 Street Address, City, State

Time for Celebrations

at Fresh arrangements,
Johnny A’s
* Wed. Nov. 24... Open at 3pm
Holiday decor
and gift items.
DJ at 10pm
* Fri. Nov. 26... Open at 11am

on Fifth
Sat. Nov. 27... Open at 11am
for OSU/Michigan Game!
Celebrate our 7 year Anniversary
940 E. Fifth St.
Family, Friends, Fun Delphos, OH 45833
& Food (419) 692-6856
209 N. Main St., Delphos
4 — The Herald Saturday, November 20, 2010

POLITICS “There is no greatness where there is not simplicity.”

— Leo Tolstoy, Russian author (born 1828, died this date in 1910)

Three Barrels of Whiskey - Three jailed

Charles Grady, a rail-
road brakeman, John Woods, BOB HOLDGREVE
switchman employed in the
Clover Leaf yards and Dennis
Redman, a farmer living about
a mile south of town, have
been arrested and charged with
to the
having stolen three barrels of
whiskey from a C.H. & D. Past
railroad car Friday night.
Saturday morning, when the government has designated the
car was opened it was found Lincoln Way, together with
that three barrels of booze were the Harding Highway between
gone and the police were noti- Delphos and Mansfield as
fied. Chief Thompson trailed Federal Route 30.
the wagon tracks and finally The designation of this
found the whiskey hidden in a route, however, does not mean
fodder shock on the Redmond that the Lincoln Highway has
farm. ceased to exist. We believe
Charles Grady had hired a that the Lima people will find
one-horse wagon the night of that the Lincoln Highway asso-
the robbery and the tires of the ciation is just as much alive as
wagon matched the tracks left ever and will continue to boost
by the wagon, and Grady went for the improvement of this
to jail. The whiskey was found great highway.
An editorial in a Lima paper


about eleven o’clock Sunday
night and when Redman was indicated that this new associa-
questioned about it he stoutly
One Year Ago denied any knowledge of how TIME TO BAKE THAT CHRISTMAS FRUIT CAKE
• In what’s become an Ottoville High School tradition, the it got there. The barrels were
hauled to the City Building
National Honor Society sponsored its annual fall food drive and later will be turned over to
competition. Each class was a team and for the first time, the the owners.
Ottoville High School and Middle School staff comprised a Nearly all day Monday,
fifth team. The teachers’ team amassed the greatest number C.H. & D. officials, the gov-
of points. This was the 14th year for this event. ernment agents and the state
were busy quizzing the men.
25 Years Ago — 1985 While it is not known pos-
• William E. Thompson of Delphos, announced his can- itively that any of the bar-
didacy for state representative at a news conference rels have been tapped, one is
today at the Carriage Inn. He will run for the seat in the suspiciously light. A gauger
May primary, which will be vacated by Ben Rose, who will measure, and the report
he makes will settle that point
earlier announced he is seeking the position of state audi- definite.
tor. Attending the news conference were Delphos residents, Chief Thompson and the
Edna Jane Sadler, Gene Schmidt, Paul Harter and Alfred other officers made a quick
Schmit. and thorough job of cleaning
• John and Ann Rellinger donated the first book to the Fort up this affair and securing the
Jennings Community Branch of the Putnam County Library return of the stolen property
which will open soon in Memorial Hall, Fort Jennings. within 48 hours.
The Rellingers presented the book “Putnam County Ohio, Delphos Herald, Mar. 3, 1919
One Room Schools” to Jennings Township Trustee John R. ----------
Miller. Load of Delphos Booze
Captured at Ft. Wayne
• Trinity United Methodist Church will hold its annual Deputy sheriffs of Ft.
Christmas dinner and bazaar on Dec. 4 at the church. Wayne captured a motor truck
Working on projects for the bazaar are Kay Ahten, Grace load of whiskey and other
Jones and Alice Williams. The bazaar will feature a candy intoxicants. The load of fire
booth, country store and a boutique. Alice Lyle, president of water was in charge of Herman
the United Methodist Women, is in charge of the bazaar. Bellhauve, of Ft. Wayne, who
had secured it in Delphos. The
50 Years Ago — 1960 driver of the truck and his
• Rosalla Kill was elected to head the Landeck Catholic companion were intoxicated Aeroplane Flies away and the driver could not
when they were found. tion has taken the place of the Over City
Ladies of Columbia during a meeting of the organiza- Lincoln Highway Assn. hold them. At the corner of
tion held Tuesday in the church basement. Other officers The truck contained ten At three o’clock Saturday Second and Bredeick street
barrels of beer, three kegs of The Lima people objected afternoon, an aeroplane was
elected to serve are: Isabella Gengler, vice president; Rita strenuously when the Lincoln they ran into the yard of Fred
beer, twenty pints of whis- seen flying over this city by a Klein. As the wagon struck
M. Miller, recording secretary; Bertha Reindl, financial key, and ten quarts of whis- Highway was rerouted some large number of Delphos peo- the curb, Mr. Schmeltzer was
secretary; Margaret Ellerbrock, treasurer; Alma Youngpeter, key. Bellhauve was placed in years ago and ceased to pass ple. The pilot was not steering
through that city. They are now thrown out and caught between
monitor; Alice Youngpeter, inner guard; Dorothy Schwinnen, the county jail, where he was his machine at any great height one of the wheels and a shade
three-year trustee; Frances Kill, two-year trustee; and Evelyn unable to secure bond for his taking advantage of the action and was flying in a north-
of the federal government tree. He was badly bruised
Mueller, one-year trustee. Rosella Luersman was the guest release. erly direction. Many who saw and sustained a very severe
The truck load of joy-juice in designating the Harding
speaker, telling of her recent trip to Europe. Games were Highway through Lima as
him were not envious of his scalp wound, which Dr. Marsh
enjoyed with high score going to Anna Jean Bockey and was well camouflaged to rep- position, as judging from the attended to. The team ran into
resent household goods, and Route 30 to lay claim to hav- temperature on terra firma, he
low to Alice Youngpeter and Kathryn Klaus. Rita M. Miller ing the Lincoln Highway pass- the apple orchard next to Mr.
received the attendance prize. but for an unfortunate cir- must have been enjoying some Klein’s, the wagon striking a
cumstance, he would without ing through Lima, to proclaim real winter weather.
it as dead with the new route as full grown tree, tearing it off
a doubt have gotten to his Delphos Herald, at the roots. Otherwise little
75 Years Ago — 1935 destination. While driving the its successor. Jan. 4, 1919 damage was done.
• An outstanding musical program was enjoyed at the machine in an intoxicated con- Wether or not it is due to ---------- Delphos Herald,
weekly meeting of the Kiwanis Club held at the Beckman dition, the pair manipulated the intentional misrepresentation, Three Delphos
the position is not well taken. Aug. 20, 1895
Hotel Tuesday night. Carl Dienstberger, violinist and Gilbert truck so badly that it became Nite Club Ads ----------
Miller, piano accompanist, were the entertainers. They played lodged crosswise in the main The Lincoln Highway is Turkey Run and Dance
still in existence as much as Two Buggies Smashed
a series of classical and popular selections, these being pre- road, with the front end stuck Sunday, September 21 - While Will Boehmer was
in the mud at the side of the ever.
sented by them in concert style with their own interpreta- The Lincoln Highway asso-
1 P.M. hitching up his brother’s driving
tions. highway. Action - and - Spills horse, the animal took fright and
The deputies happened ciation has been in existence White Dove Inn
• Burglars who operated in Venedocia and vicinity are for many years. It took charge ran from the barn to West Third
being sought by Sheriff R. B. Stevens of Van Wert County. along at this inopportune time By - Delphos street, where the buggy collided
and seeing their condition, of the work when there was no
The burglaries took place at the Maurice B. Jones hardware such thing as a coast-to-coast Motorcycle Club with another in which were Mrs.
began to inspect the contents Delphos Herald, B. W. Dalk and Mrs. C. C. Bliss.
store in Venedocia, the Henry Uhl grocery store at that of the truck, and when the men
highway and it has consistent-
Dec. 18, 1947
ly fought the battle and worked The ladies turned into Simon
place and at the York Centralized School at Jonestown, near and the truck were taken to ---------- Runyan’s yard to escape the run-
Venedocia. for the improvement of the
the jail where the booze was highway in all the state. Hadyn Snyder away, but it followed and struck
• Hereafter it will be the “Red Devils” who will go into placed in safe keeping. and his band their buggy. In front of Dr. J.
battle for Jefferson High on the basketball floor. At a practice Any attempt to steal the
Delphos Herald, Jan. 2, 1919 credit now that the work is — Playing — M. Marsh’s house, Boehmer’s
session of the Red and White cagers Tuesday night, it was ---------- practically done is certainly imitations of Spike Jones horse kicked their buggy. The
decided to take that name for the team. The “Red Devils” Ft. Jennings Sheriff in out of place. and other novelties runaway then ran toward the
are expecting a hard game for their opening next Wednesday Wild Goose Chase The Lincoln Highway still on Wed., Fri. and Sun. school yard, the buggy strik-
night when Union High will play here. A thrilling tale has trick- exists and will continue to evenings ing a tree, where it was almost
led down from our neighbor- exist. It is the greatest trans- — at — mashed into kindling wood.
ing hamlet of Ft. Jennings. continental highway. It exists the New Century Club Mrs. Dalk was thrown from her
They had a jolly big card game east from Delphos through Delphos Herald, buggy and dragged along the
Moderately confused
Tuesday night and while the Gomer, Cairo, Beaverdam Sept. 19, 1947 ground holding the lines, and
affair was at its height it was on to Bucyrus. It is not yet ---------- receiving painful bruises. The
rudely interrupted by a splin- completely improved east of Dancing buggy was badly damaged but
tering crash, caused by a run- Delphos but progress is being Every Friday and Mrs. Bliss escaped without a
away horse. A man had two made as it has in other parts of Saturday Night scratch.
buggies which he was haul- the country. Free Admission Delphos Herald,
ing home and on his way he Delphos Herald, Dale Miller’s Aug. 16, 1895
stopped in front of the hall July 18, 1927 Melody Boys ----------
where the fun was in progress. ---------- Our new streamlined Breaks Arm
While he was there, an auto- Fred Astaire Visits Delphos kitchen is now open The Fourth Time
mobile ran into one of the bug- The city of Delphos was The Chateau George, a small son of
gies The noise of the collision visited by a noted movie Delphos Herald, Fred Ganshaw, East Cleveland
frightened the horse which ran and stage star on Wednesday July 1, 1948 street, has an arm which is
away, completing the wreck- noon. ---------- surely a “goner” to him. A few
ing of the buggy. The “sheriff” Fred Astaire and his party Proceeds Divided weeks ago he fell from a cher-
of the village was summoned, stopped at the Point Restaurant Among 4 Injured Players ry tree, breaking it between the
who upon hearing of the dep- for their appearance caused The benefit game which elbow and wrist in exactly the
redation, cranked up his trusty considerable comment. was held Sunday at the city same place it had been broken
Ford and set out in hot pursuit Delphos Herald, athletic field was a big success twice before within two years.
of the automobile that started Oct. 1, 1947 and a large number of per- It was just healing nicely a few
all of the rumpus. Fifteen miles ---------- sons were in attendance to see days ago, when last evening
into the wilds, he chased the Construction of the Pittsenbarger Supply team he fell out of a wagon and the
machine, but it eluded him and New Stand Pipe win from the Delphos Grain bone was again separated. Dr.
he was forced to return without The new one-half million and Milling Company by a Williamson bandaged the arm,
anyone to stick in cold storage gallon water tank which is to score of 6 to 4. Approximately and is of the opinion that about
in the village calaboose. be constructed at the city water $140 will be divided between one more break will render the
Delphos Herald, Mar. 6, 1919 field in the north section of the the players who were injured member useless.
---------- city has been received over the in softball league during the Delphos Herald,
Why Misrepresent? Pennsylvania Railroad. The season. Players who will ben- Aug. 16, 1895
What appears to be a war seven carloads contain a total efit are: Bernard Will, Moletus ----------
to do away with the Lincoln of 193 tons. Osting, Syl Thithoff and A scientific writer says that
Highway and to substitute Clarence Stewart, of Lima, William Briggs. death by a lightning strike is
a highway known as Federal has already started laying the Delphos Herald, the most painless death in the
Route 30 is under way at Lima. distribution pipe for the new Sept. 29, 1947 world. We never talked with a
A Lima paper has carried a well field. The deep well is now ---------- man who was struck by light-
number of articles and editori- under construction by Walter Painfully Injured ning, but a man whose wife
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exist as such since the Federal --------- West Second street they ran twenty seconds. Saturday, November 20, 2010 The Herald – 5

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6 – The Herald Satruday, November 20, 2010

Jays ‘intercept’ Panthers’ plans PIGSKIN

For the third week in a row, I
Virginia Tech: Tech moved
went 8-4 mark, 4-2 in both the col- their winning streak to 8 — after
By JIM METCALFE lege ranks and the pros. dropping their first two — after last
jmetcalfe@ That makes me now 69-51 (40- week’ win over North Carolina.
20 college; 29-31 pros). Miami has this win-two, lose-one Guest picker Randy Wilker, he pattern going on and after their
of the Evening Leader, when 8-4 victory last week, they are due for
FINDLAY — Everything in his second stint with the motley a loss. The outline continues this
went according to “plan” for crew (6-0, 2-4) to run the GPs’ week as the Hokies make it nine
mark to 67-53 (42-18 college, 25-35 in a row.
the St. John’s football team pros. Arkansas: The Razorbacks have
Friday night in its Region 22 Dave Boninsegna put in a 7-5 averaged scoring 49 points in their
final at Findlay’s Donnell mark (5-1 and 2-4) to improve to last three games, while Miss. St.
Stadium. 41-43 (24-18 and 17-25). is coming off a 30-10 pounding at
Charlie Warnimont, the hands of Alabama.
Senior linebacker Chris sports editor of the Arkansas continues its
Pohlman scored three touch- Putnam County Sentinel, winning ways on the
downs, including two on joins the cast. The poor road.
interception returns, and the man!!! Texas A&M: A&M
College: Ohio State are riding high after wins
defense grabbed five picks of at Iowa; Virginia Tech over Baylor, Oklahoma
McComb senior quarterback at Miami, Fla.; Arkansas and Texas Tech and can
Andrew Dee (who had thrown at Mississippi State; grab a share of the Big 12
only 7 in 12 previous games Nebraska at Texas A&M; lead with a win at home
and 385 attempts). Stanford at California; against the Cornhuskers.
Wisconsin at Michigan. Nebraska struggled
Oh, senior tailback Evan Pro: Oakland at against Iowa St. and
Burgei ran 27 times for 181 Pittsburgh; NY Giants at wasn’t all that impressive
yards and three scores to pace Philadelphia; Indianapolis in their 20-7 win over
the Jays to a 56-20 pasting of at New England; Green Kansas. I like the Aggies
Bay at Minnesota; Denver at San to win and create a logjam in the
the Panthers to advance to the Diego (Monday); Cleveland at Big 12 top spot.
state semifinals in Division VI Jacksonville. Stanford: The Golden Bears
for the third straight year. They JIM METCALFE nearly knocked off Oregon last week
will face Sidney Lehman, a COLLEGE but that was fluky; the Cardinal
OHIO STATE: Hawkeyes should have no problems with Cal.
27-14 victor of Minster, 7:30 have fallen apart as of late and Wisconsin: So the team up north
p.m. next Friday at a site to be Tom Morris photo dropped out of the Big Ten race. got a win last week ... enjoy it. The
determined. Buckeyes must win to say alive Badgers go into the Big House and
“If you’d have told me we’d St. John’s senior middle linebacker Chris Pohlman takes the second of his three pass in the BCS race and league title come out with a ‘Big’ win.
chase. I am not that enamored of the Pro:
pick off five passes from Dee, interceptions in for his first of three touchdowns — despite the efforts of McComb’s OSU offense right now Pittsburgh: How nice
when he had such major stats Danny Sudlow — in the fourth period Friday night at Donnell Stadium. The Blue Jays but I think the defense it would be to see the
going in, I’d have been very rolled up a 56-20 Region 22 final victory over the Panthers. can kick it up another Steelers lose their second
surprised,” St. John’s coach grabs, 150 yards) got them With McComb taking the to the 26, starting a 5-play,
notch in Iowa City. If not in a row but I have to
Todd Schulte began. “I have ... @$%@^^@. be realistic and go with
on their way to a 10-play, second-half kickoff and start- 74-yarder. Dee connected VIRGINIA TECH: I the home team; just don’t
full confidence in (defensive 99-yard drive. At the Blue Jay ing at the 33, Pohlman picked with Hanes for 46 to start it haven’t been a believer see the Raiders getting
coordinator) Steve (Recker) to 4, Dee rolled right and found off a Dee aerial and returned and ended it with a 12-yard in the Hokies but they’ve the win.
call the defense; I stay out of Hanes for his state-record (not it 18 yards to the Panther 27. fade pass to the left corner
surprised me. Hurricanes NY Giants: Eli
it. He does a great job mak- have struggled with Manning can’t possibly
national record) 30th touch- Three plays hence, on 4th- of the end zone to a well- Jacory Harris in and out have two bad games in a
ing adjustments and it’s only down catch near the side- and-9 from the 26, Leininger covered Roth. The two-point of the lineup. Hokies’ row. I like the G-Men on
a matter of time. It’s a luxury line. However, Jerry brown’s (8-of-15 passing, 144 yards) pass failed for a 42-20 score defense and running game the road in Philly.
to be able to get a quarterback seem to have straightened Boninsegina Indianapolis: The
extra-point missed wide right found Tyler Bergfeld (3 grabs, with 9:00 left. themselves out, while Colts got a whole lot
like the ones we’ve been facing for a 7-6 St. John’s lead with 75 yards) on a bubble screen Burgei returned the short Canes seem to be a year away. Give of help from the Bengals and the
uncomfortable in the pocket 4:54 left in the period. to the left side. He found great kickoff (with the hands team Hokies the win in Miami. 10,000 turnovers — OK, 5 turn-
and only rush three men.” The Jays fumbled the ball blocking downfield and once in to cover an onside kick) to ARKANSAS: Hogs were overs. The Patriots aren’t going to
For McComb coach Kris on their next drive but Dee he found the hole outside, he the 30. That set up an eight impressive in beating the Ole give that many opportunities but
Alge, it was a simple reason Ball Coach’s USC Gamecocks in Indy won’t need them; they win a
returned the favor, getting jetted to the pylon. Rode made play — all runs — reply. At Columbia. Ryan Mallett is a prime very good game here.
they lost. picked off by senior safety it 35-6 with 9:56 showing in the McComb 15, Pohlman ran Heisman candidate and the rest of Green Bay: The Vikings are
“St. John’s is a bigger, fast-Tyler Ditto at the Jays’ 7. That the third. a trap play inside right guard the team ain’t bad. I like them on the a shambles and although they are
er and stronger team. They are started a 14-play, 93-yard “At the half, I told the and simply was not going road this week in Starkville. at home, Green Bay goes into
outstanding,” he observed. sojourn to give the Jays kids that this game wasn’t down, busting through tack-
TEXAS A & M: In this topsy- Minnesota and comes out with a
The Jays (13-0) won the turvy, yo-yo college football season, win.
momentum. At the McComb over, that the first drive of lers to the end zone. Rode Aggies are the latest “sensation.” Denver: The Broncos brought
toss and took the opening 6, Burgei took a toss off right the second half was crucial. made it 49-20 with 4:12 to However, this ain’t the Wrecking the Chiefs back down to earth last
kickoff. Senior Tyler Bergfeld tackle, got a huge seal block Getting the turnover and then go. Crew of the past, though they did week, while the Chargers have
ran it back 23 yards to set the by senior tackle Seth Knebel to the score was big,” Schulte Down to desperation
knock off Oklahoma. Cornhuskers strung together a pair of wins. This
Jays up at the 35. It only took have also proven they are back. Life should be a good matchup with the
the outside and easily scored. added. “Our offensive line mode, the final score came on on the road in any major Broncos coming away
four plays to drew first blood. Rode made it 14-6 with 8:21 was outstanding. Evan ran the third play from scrimmage conference this fall has the victors.
At the 47, senior signal-caller showing in the second. very well tonight; he has great from the 23. The Jays — who not been easy; Kyle Field Jacksonville: The
Jordan Leininger (14 rushes, “That was a bit swing feet to make people miss.” sacked Dee twice — forced
won’t be fun for visiting Jaguars gave new mean-
113 yards) took a shotgun Huskers. ing to the play “Hail
right there. We got the fum- A Panther punt was fol- a late short throw over the STANFORD: This is Mary” with their unbe-
snap and ran off the right ble recovery and then turned lowed by an interception by middle; Pohlman got a run- the first week of the annual lievable win over the
side; he showed patience, got it back over,” Alge added. Hanes, setting the Panthers ning start and picked it off at traditional major rivalry Texans. Cleveland on
blocking that opened it up “Their offensive line then at the 43. It took eight plays the Panther 21, jetting to the games. The Cardinal the other hand gave the
toward the left side and he was should win this game eas- Jets all they wanted and
started to take over. They to score. At the Jays’ 4, Dee end zone with 2:48 left. Rode ily but not so fast, my nearly brought the first
headed toward the sideline, have a big and physical line found Mason Roth (8 catches, tacked on the final point. friend. Emotion and the tie game of the season.
eventually using his speed to and some great backs to run 50 yards) on a quick screen many legendary games of However, with the Jags
beat the defense to the pylon. behind them. We never quit coming from the left and gar- McComb 6 0 86 - 20 this rivalry keep it close, Warnimont at home and playing
Junior Josh Rode made it 7-0 but we just ran into a very nered the end zone. Dee hit St. John’s 7 21 721 - 56 with the Cardinal — a much more impres-
“tree”, by the way — get- sively, I like the home
with 10:34 left in the opening good football team.” Brian Walker-Vollmar for the
ting the road win in Berkeley. team here.
SJ — Jordan Leininger 53 run (Josh
period. A second 3-and-out by 2-pointwr and as 35-14 deficit Rode kick), 10:34 WISCONSIN: I want @!$@% -----
“I challenged my offense the defense and a punt gave with 3:02 left in the third.
MC — Taylor Hanes 4 pass from to win to give the Buckeyes a CHARLIE WARNIMONT
before the game to score in the the Jays the ball at the 40 The short kickoff went out
Andrew Dee (kick failed), 4:54
chance at the outright Big Ten title. College:
first period. We hadn’t done However, Wolverine’s defense, Ohio State - The Buckeyes
for a quick 4-play drive. of bounds at the Jays’ 39. 8:21SJ — Evan Burgei 6 run (Rode kick), though seemingly getting better, is know a slip-up will either cost them
that in there games, so that Two Leininger completions However, two penalties for 15 not top-notch unit and John Clay an outside chance to play in the
SJ — Burgei 10 run (Rode kick), 6:04
was nice to get off well offen- for 51 yards set the ball at yards eventually short-circuit- SJ — Burgei 3 run (Rode kick), 1:37 and Badger running game will do Rose Bowl or get an at-large berth
sively,” Schulte continued. the McComb 10. From there, ed the drive in McComb ter-
THIRD QUARTER their thing. Badgers defense will for one of the BCS bowl games.
Senior left tackle Austin SJ — Tyler Bergfeld 26 pass from beat up Denard Robinson, who That should be motivation enough
Burgei swept the left side ritory and forced a punt to Leininger (Rode kick), 9:56 has taken a beating in conference to get another win before closing
Vogt was happy to do his and found wide-open spaces the 18. On the drive, the Jays (Brian MC — Mason Roth 4 pass from Dee play. The Big House turns into the out the season the following week,
part. to crack the end zone. Rode lost senior left guard Vinny 3:02
Walker-Vollmar pass from Dee),
Nightmare House for hosts. then waiting.
“As an offensive line, we made it 21-6 with 6:04 left in Wiley (already subbing for an FOURTH QUARTER PROS Virginia Tech - The Hokies have
like it when Coach challenges SJ — Chris Pohlman 31 interception PITTSBURGH: A renewal of overcome those two early-season
the half. injured Joey Grubenhoff) with return (Rode kick), 10:04 one of the hardest-hitting, bitterest losses and continue to win.
us, telling us the game is in A pick by junior corner- an injury. MC — Roth 12 pass from Dee (pass rivalries from the Raiders’ heyday Arkansas - The Razorbacks go
our hands. It might take us back Ryan Densel on a deep From there, Dee dropped failed), 9:02 in the 1970s. Raiders are playing on the road and get a win.
time to adjust to a defense but ball — with Dee under pres- and was under pressure; he 4:12
SJ — Pohlman 15 run (Rode kick), much better than anyone could have Nebraska - The Cornhuskers are
we accept the challenge every sure, as he was most of the threw over the middle and SJ — Pohlman 21 interception return
thought. Methinks that the Steelers enjoying their final season in the
play and we know eventually (Rode kick), 2:48 won’t lose two games in a row at the Big 12 before coming to the Big
night from the Jays’ 3-man Pohlman was right there to Ketchup Bottle; the defense makes 10.
we will take over the game,” rush — set the Jays at their pick the ball off at the 31. He TEAM STATS life miserable for Raiders running Stanford - Cal shut down Oregon
Vogt said. 30. It took eight plays to fin- took off toward the left side McComb St. John’s game and QB of the week. last week only to fall short by two
A pair of punts later saw ish off scoring in the half. At and found the pylon for the
First Downs 11 28 PHILADELPHIA: Michael points. I don’t think they can do it
Total Yards 271 471 Vick will never, ever have a game two weeks in a row against another
the Panthers pinned at the 1 by the McComb 3, Burgei took six. Rode made it 42-14 with Rushes-Yards 12-1 55-327 like he did Monday night at FedEx of the Pac-10’s top teams.
Pohlman’s downing of Alex a toss off left tackle and all 10:04 left.
Passing Yards 270 144
Field. The Redskins should be Wisconsin - One expert came
Comps.-Atts. 24-37 8-15
Recker’s boot. A 44-yard con- but walked in for the six with “It was nice to get two Intercepted by 1 5 ashamed and embarrassed for that out Wednesday and felt Michigan
nection from Dee (24-of-36 1:37 showing. Rode made the interceptions for scores and Fumbles-Lost 0-0 4-1 pathetic performance. Giants com- would upset the Badgers. Really?
passing, 270 yards, 5 picks, Penalties-Yards 2-29 5-45 ing off own pathetic effort. Expect Has he seen something different in
halftime lead 28-6. a rushing touchdown. I told Punts-Aver. 5-32.6 2-29.5 this game to be much closer, with the Michigan defense the rest of
3 TDs) to Taylor Hanes (8 Coach that I was going to the Brotherly Love crew getting a us haven’t? Wisconsin just put 83
INDIVIDUAL big NFC East win over G-Men with points on the scoreboard against
STOCKS score tonight but I always MCCOMB
an explosive offense and improving Indiana and the way the Michigan
Quotes of local interest supplied by tell him that before a game,” RUSHING: Cody Wilson 3-7, Austin
defense. defense had played at times this
EDWARD JONES INVESTMENTS Pohlman asserted. “I figure Inbody 1-0, Dylan Meares 1-(-)2, Andrew
NEW ENGLAND: Can anyone season, you wonder if they would
Dee 7-(-)4.
Close of business November 19, 2010 the odds are in my favor that PASSING: Dee 24-36-270-5-3, figure out the Patriots? If they can be able to hold the Badgers’ offense
Description Last Price Change it will happen at some point. I Austan Westenbarger 0-1-0-0-0. get the vocal leadership that Tom to half that total this week.
RECEIVING: Taylor Hanes 8-150, Brady has been giving them, you Pro
DJINDUAVERAGE 11,203.55 +22.32 also love running the football; Mason Roth 8-45, Westenbarger 3-44, like what their prospects are. Colts Pittsburgh - Although it would
NAS/NMS COMPSITE 2,518.12 +3.72 I look for someone to hit me. Jerry Brown 3-36, Brock Wilson 1-2, Cody won’t be able to get by this week be nice to see Pittsburgh lose two in
S&P 500 INDEX 1,199.73 +3.04
AUTOZONE INC. 251.20 +0.03
It’s just an awesome feeling Wilson 1-1.
ST. JOHN’S with no TDs; Brady won’t turn it a row, can’t see it happening against
to have a game like this. We RUSHING: Evan Burgei 27-181, over like Bengals did. the Raiders. The Raiders are playing
BUNGE LTD 61.52 +0.20 GREEN BAY: Vikings are in a well but the Steelers will be ready
EATON CORP. 96.48 +0.71 worked a lot this week on pass Jordan Leininger 14-113, Jordan Bergfeld state of chaos; the players hate the for them this week.
10-28, Chris Pohlman 1-15, Chris Will 1-0,
BP PLC ADR 42.03 -0.18 drops over the middle because Brock Bonifas 1-(-)1, Team 1-(-)9. coach and I’m sure Childress isn’t Philadelphia - The Eagles are
DOMINION RES INC 42.76 -0.04 McComb likes to throw the PASSING: Leininger 8-15-144-1-1. exactly enamored of them. Brett coming off a big win and the Giants
RECEIVING: Tyler Bergfeld 3-75,
AMERICAN ELEC. PWR INC 35.75 -0.31 ball in the hook zones.” Tyler Ditto 2-7, Burgei 1-37, Justin
Favre is definitely not 100 percent. a disappointing loss. Go with the
CVS CAREMARK CRP 31.03 +0.24 Austin Inbody returned Grothouse 1-14, Jordan Bergfeld 1-11. Even though the Vikings’ defense is home team, despite having a short
CITIGROUP INC 4.27 -0.03 still top-notch, the Packers’ offense work week after playing Monday
the ensuiing kickoff 20 yards will do enough to sweep the season night.
FIRST DEFIANCE 11.56 -0.06
FST FIN BNCP 17.17 +0.04 series. New England - Patriots look-
FORD MOTOR CO 16.28 +0.16 Thanksgiving Bowling Specials SAN DIEGO: Chargers seem ing good and the Colts are just too
ready to take control of AFC West banged up. If the Colts were com-
GENERAL DYNAMICS 66.60 -0.45 Wednesday, Nov. 24 race — I’ve been writing it for a while pletely healthy, as healthy as one
GOODYEAR TIRE 10.33 +0.16
Noon to 5 p.m. ... Only
/hr. per lane
now — and Rivers gets some more can be at this time of the season, I
weapons back. Though SD defense would go the other way.
9:30 to 11:30 p.m. does miss NT Jamal Williams and Green Bay - Just too many dis-
-0.04 2 hours of UNLIMITED bowling ... Only
30 LB Shawne Merriman, they are just tractions going on in Minnesota this
good enough as Chargers outscore season.
JOHNSON&JOHNSON 63.83 0 Broncos. San Diego - Is it time for the
JPMORGAN CHASE 39.41 -0.25 BLACK FRIDAY JACKSONVILLE: Jaguars Chargers to start another second
11 a.m.-5 p.m. Only 2.50 a game
$ come off a Hail Mary win while half of the season comeback? If it is,
Browns should have at least tied the this is the team to start it against.
5 p.m. to midnight ... only 15/hr. per lane
MCDONALDS CORP. 79.64 -0.62
$ Jets (knock down the pass inside the Cleveland - After playing New
5!!!). This game is in Jacksonville, Orleans, New England and the New
MICROSOFT CP 25.69 -0.15 so give the home team the edge in York Jets, the Browns play a team
PEPSICO INC. 64.71 -0.06 BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL a close one. without “New” in the team’s name
PROCTER & GAMBLE 64.05 +0.03 All Bowling Balls in stock ---- this week. The Browns played well
RITE AID CORP. 0.90 -0.01 DAVE BONINSEGNA against these upper-tier teams in the
10% OFF College: NFL and should enjoy getting out
Ohio State: Ohio State has got of the cold and going to warm and
US BANCORP 24.87 -0.14 Great gift for the bowler on your list! to learn to play for four quarters sunny Florida for a game. While the
-0.06 DELPHOS RECREATION CENTER instead of two; although on the NFL is king on Sunday, this will
road, they get the lesson and beat only be the second-biggest sporting
Iowa. event in the state this weekend.
WAL-MART STORES 54.39 +0.41 419-692-BOWL (2695) 939 E. Fifth St., Delphos Saturday, November 20, 2010 The Herald — 7

Amstutz recalls
Air Force job
BY MIKE FORD to Vietnam. At the time, we weren’t even supposed
to be there. Our mailing
DELPHOS — Van Wert address was the APO in San
native Glenn Amstutz was a Francisco,” he said.
young man when he enlist- Amstutz was at a base
ed in the United States Air at Ubon, near the border of
Force in 1962. He is thank- Laos and nearly within a
ful for the opportunity to stone’s throw of Cambodia.
serve as he looks back on The Air Force used Thailand
his experience. as a major launching pad
He says he enlisted with from which the majority
a couple of friends but the of its air strikes originated.
threesome scattered after The 8th Tactical Fighter
basic training. Wing used the Ubon base;
“I enlisted because a refuelling those jets was an
couple of my buddies were important operation — one
signing up, so the three of A younger Glenn which Amstutz regards with
us went in together but we Amstutz enlisted in the modesty.
didn’t get to stay together United States Air Force “For me, it was a 12-hour
after basic training. The Air and refuelled aircraft in job; we were on for two
Force was a smart move for Okinawa and Thailand 12s and off for two 12s. It Amstutz today.
me; it’s a good branch of during the Vietnam War. was a job. We refuelled air
the service. For me, it was craft when they came in basically a job.” once but only saw a doc- don’t remember hardly any
more or less a 40-hour-a- Kadena Air Force Base and they went out; they did The bases were never tor’s office. of it because we came in on
week job,” he said. where we refuelled aircraft. what they had to do, came officially considered “I went downtown when a plane and left on a plane,”
Amstutz went to basic It was just a base we had back and we refuelled them American posts; they were I got to get off base and I he said.
at Lackland AFB, San over there to keep an eye on again and they went out listed as part of the Royal went to an eye doctor in Amstutz and his wife,
Antonio; then tech school things; there was nothing again. I drove the gas truck. Thai Air Force. Bankok one time when I Beverly, tied the knot in
in Amarillo to learn how there and it was just a job. I grounded it and pumped it Amstutz didn’t see much had something wrong with 1965 and raised four chil-
to refuel aircraft. His first I was there for 18 months and when they were done, I of the foreign nation while my eye because they didn’t dren in her hometown of
duty station was a World and went to Cape Cod for took the truck and refilled it there. He went to Bankok have a doctor on base. I Delphos.
War II leftover in the South 8 or 9 months and went again. It was a regular job
Pacific. to Thailand in 1965. We for us. I did the same thing
“In Okinawa, I was at everywhere I was — it was

refuelled aircraft that went

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8 – The Herald Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Daily Herald
080 Help Wanted 300 Household Goods 800 House For Sale REAL ESTATE
Are you looking for a child NEW, QUEEN plush top 0 DOWN, warranty, free

To place an ad call: 419-695-0015

care provider in your mattress, never used, still appliances, Remodeled
area? Let us help. Call sealed in original wrapper. home. A great country 4
VaN WerT CouNTy of section 22, Tully
YWCA Child Care Re - $75.00. (260)220-1596. bed, 1 1/2 Bath home
Wells Fargo Bank, Township.
source and Referral at: in Lincolnview school dis-

005 Lost & Found 010 Announcements 010 Announcements 501 Misc. for Sale
trict. Has new carpet,
Park Place Securities Lucille M. Knittle
1-800-992-2916 or
paint, landscape, new
Inc., BaC Home Loans Trust to rick a. Synder,
central air, water
LOST: CAT 6TH ANNUAL! Shop ADVERTISERS: YOU can heater, new lighting, up- Servicing to Kimberly Kimberly L Snyder,
r. Joseph, inlot 535 portion of section 27,
Since Wed. 11/10 early for Christmas at the place a 25 word classified HAS GREAT BUYS ON dated plumbing and elec-
E. Cleveland Area Delphos Eagles Nov. 20 ad in more than 100 news- HEAVY EQUIPMENT Op- USED TV'S! tric, some new Delphos. Hoaglin Township.
Buff Yellow, neutered, de- from 10am-1pm. Ar - papers with over one and erator W/CDL. Minimum 5 $15 to $200!!!! windows, 19176 Venedo- Phillip C. Bradshaw, ricky a. Snyder,
clawed, green eyes. An- bonne, Watkins, Lia So- a half million total circula- years experience. Send 11230 ELIDA RD cia-Eastern Rd., Venedo- Shirley a. Bradshaw to Kimberly L. Snyder to
swers to Joshua. Call phia, Uppercase Living, tion across Ohio for $295. resume to Alexander & DELPHOS cia. 419-586-8220. Phillip C. Bradshaw, Sally a. Snyder, portion
(419)692-4686. Tastefully Simple, Cookie It's place one Bebout, Inc. 10098 Lincoln 419-695-1229 www.creativehomebuying- Shirley a. Bradshaw, of section 27, Hoaglin
Lee, Longaberger, Cele- order and pay with one Hwy., Van Wert, OH inlots 32, 33, 34, elgin, Township.
Shop Herald brating Home, Thirty-one, check through Ohio 45891. E.O.E
590 House For Rent Auto Repairs/
portion of inlots 35, 36, annabelle Johns
elgin. revocable trust to
Classifieds for 810 Parts/Acc.
Pampered Chef, Premier Scan-Ohio Statewide
Jewelry, Stanley, Scentsy, Classified Advertising Net- estate of Irene Valerie J. Davis, Jane
Great Deals Usbourne Books, Hand- work. The Delphos Herald OTR SEMI DRIVER 2 BDRM House for rent. M. Wireman to Todd F. Widolff, portion
made gifts and more. advertising dept. can set NEEDED Across street from St.
J. Wireman, Janna of lot 223, Van Wert
this up for you. No other Benefits: Vacation, John’s Church. $400 per
Midwest Ohio M. Wireman, elaine subdivision.
S. Messina, eric M. Helen T. Cahoon to
classified ad buy is sim- Holiday pay, 401k. Home month. No Pets. Call

SCHRADER pler or more cost effective.

Call 419-695-0015, ext
weekends & most nights.
Call Ulm!s Inc.
or Auto Parts Wireman,
T. Wireman,
robert H. ries, inlot
3493, Van Wert.
2 BDRM, 1 1/2 BA, At-
Windshields Installed, New Wireman, portion of
sectio0n 13, Washington
roger a. Horstman,
Diane L. Horstman to
120 Financial
“Put your dreams in our hands” tached garage. Available Lights, Grills, Fenders,Mirrors,
SALE Flyer in
soon. 419-692-3951 Township. Diane L. Horstman
Vernon C. Bockey, Trust, portion of section
202 N. Washington Street Office: 419-692-2249
Delphos, OH 45833 Fax: 419-692-2205
Wednesday's Herald. Hoods, Radiators
Lisa M. Bockey to 29, Jackson Township.
600 Apts. for Rent
Schrader Realty is pleased 4893 Dixie Hwy, Lima
1-800-589-6830 Joseph L. Bockey, Doris uS Bank to Housing
OPEN 7am Friday IS IT A SCAM? The Del-
to announce Jon Moorman as the Bulk Candy phos Herald urges our
newest realtor to our staff! Sundays til Christmas readers to contact The M. Bockey, portion of & urban Development,
Jon can be reached 12-4 Better Business Bureau, 1 BDRM Apt. 321 S. Ca- section 16, Washington inlot 640, Van Wert.
at 419-234-8797 Township. estate of alice
840 Mobile Homes
DELPHOS ACE (419) 223-7010 or nal St. Available Soon.
He may also be contacted via HARDWARE 1-800-462-0468, before (419)695-2761 MargaretLouBcBride I. Pancake to Phil J.
email at:
or thru our website at entering into any agree- to Phil J Fleming, inloy Fleming, lot 360, Van
RENT OR Rent to Own. 2 944, Van Wert, lot 115, Wer subdivision.
LEHMANN’S CLEAR - ment involving financing, 1 BR Triplex Apt. upstairs
bedroom, 1 bath mobile Van Wert subdivision. american General
ANCE center is full again. with stove/refrigerator.
business opportunities, or
Hurry in for best selection. work at home opportuni- Q ui et nei ghborhood.
home. 419-692-3951. Margaret a. Financial to rodney L.
Tangeman to Chester a. allen, Linda L. allen,
114 N. Main, Delphos. ties. The BBB will assist $250/mo. + $250 security
deposit. Utilities not in -
Straley, inlot 3099, Van inlot 33, protion of inlot
OPEN HOUSE 020 Notice
in the investigation of
these businesses. (This cluded. No Pets.
890 Autos for Sale Wert. 34, Wren.
richard G. Waters, Judith L. Wortman
Dawn to dusk Fri., Sat. & Sun. notice provided as a cus- (419)234-2847.

19176 Venedocia- RADIO SHACK -Delphos,

tomer service by The Del-
2 BDRM Apt. 317 S. Ca- Janice C. Waters to to David M. Lamb,
902 Elida Ave., Closing phos Herald.) nal St. (419)695-2761 Theodore r. Waters, Cynthia J. Lamb,
Eastern Rd., robin S. Waters, lot 7, portion of section 11,
64 95
December 31, 2010. Eve-
0 down, warranty, free appliances,
rything must go! Wanted to Buy 290 Delphos spacious. 2 Van Wert subdivision,
inlot 4201, Van Wert.
union Township.
Sidney Nicely,
040 Services
BDRM Apt. Frig., stove.
Fern e. Book, Heather Nicely to
Remodeled home. A great country 4 plus parts
bed, 1 1/2 Bath home in Lincolnview school district. Has new carpet, paint, Off-street parking, W/D & tax
landscape, new central air, water heater, new lighting, updated plumbing
Raines hook-up, yard and porch. Fredrick G. Book, Donna realecon inlot 1619,
and electric, some new windows.
419-203-2216 4 WHEEL Book, Steven r. Book,
Steve r Book, Cheryl
Van Wert.
Joann Klausing to
419-586-8220 Table or floor.
Cash for Gold 800 House For Sale ALIGNMENT J. Knapp, Christopher Mark I. Klausing, Joann
Knapp Linda L. Miller, Klausing, inlot 4239,
Come to our store. Hohenbrink TV.
Scrap Gold, Gold Jewelry, Includes check ronald Miller, elaine S. Van Wert.
Silver coins, Silverware, Pocket
FULL REMODEL com- and adjust camber Heindel, Donald Heindel, Wallace Merlin Watches, Diamonds. pleted soon. Can custom- & toe front and rear. Charles e. Leighner, Wittung, estate of
2330 Shawnee Rd. Additional parts & labor Samantha Leighner, Wallace M. Wittung,
Nov. 21 Lima
ize to you. 607 W. 7th St.,
Delphos. 0 Down, Home may be required James o. Leighner, Jill portion of section 25,
OPEN SUNDAY 1:00-2:30 P.M. (419) 229-2899 Warranty, Free appli - on some vehicles. Leighner, Virginai F. Tully Township.
ances. 419-586-8220
See Service Advisor Schaadt, Neil Schaadt, Beneficial ohio Inc.
Samantha S. Leighner to Donald r. Foster,
CO XCE 331 W. 207 S.
290 Wanted to Buy
ND LL for details.
to Walter J. Mays, inlot rhonda L. Foster, inlot
IT EN Fourth St. ST W Bredeick St.
IO T IN Delphos •
Delphos - 3239, Van Wert. 1596, Van Wert.
Rick Gable
Jack Adams
plete soon at 829 Moening
St. Delphos. Can custom- RAABE Keaton
Druckemiller, Christina
J. Federal Home Loan
Mortgage to alan W.
M. Druckemiller to Griffiths, Cheri L.
up & haul away; small or ize to you. 0 Down, Home 11260 Elida Rd., Delphos
Dick CLARK Real Estate

LATEST LISTINGS Thomas J. Hoersten, Griffiths, inlot 432, Van

large jobs welcome. This Warranty, Free appli - M 7:30-8,
is a FREE service.
Mary ann Hoersten, Wert.
ances. 419-586-8220 T.-F. 7:30-6:00; Sat. 9-2
6601 Defiance Tr. Delphos Dick Clark 419-230-5553 $259,000.00 (419)795-3035.
inlot 1247, Delphos. Nationalstar
316 S. Charles St. Lima Dick Clark 419-230-5553 $97,900.00 VIEW PICTURES AND DETAILS Over Habitat for Humanity Mortgage LLC to roger
to Julie M. Smith, inlot L. Welch revocable
Dick CLARK Real Estate

483 S. Franklin St. Delphos Jack Adams 419-302-2171 $115,900.00 85 years

735 W. First St. Delphos Chuck Peters 419-204-7238 $74,900.00
you 591, Delphos. Trust, portion of inlots
Quadrant residential 2695, 2696, Van Wert,
Since 1980
438 E. Cleveland St. Delphos Dick Clark 419-230-5553 $67,000.00 419-692-9652
8950 Shoreline Dr. Lakeview Bob Jettinghoff 419-204-5380 $80,000.00 integrity • professionalism • service Capital to Joseph L. portion of lot 31, Van
Warnecke, Sherry r. Wert subdivision.
Warnecke, inlot 608 Lydia M. Cress,
302 Sunnydale
527 S. Main St.
Kim Eilerman
Dick Clark
$128,900.00 2 OPEN HOUSES SUNDAY,
NOV. 21 Free & Low Price Delphos.
920 Merchandise rick a Snyder,
Lydia M. Burke to
ryan L. Cress, portion
704 Beechwood Place Elida Jack Adams 419-302-2171 $94,900.00 1 TO 3:00
746 Skinner St. Delphos Dick Clark 419-230-5553 $79,900.00 933 N. Washington Kimberly L. Snyder to of section 16, Harrison
Daniel G. Vorst, Mary a. Township.
Happy Thanksgiving Delphos
weeks old. People friendly Vorst, portion of section Timothy a. Feasby,

Litter trained. Must go to 8, Jackson Township. rhonda D. Feasby

Stop in to see this 3 or 4 bedrm.
home, very well kept, conv. kitch.,
open liv. area, enclosed porch, good home. David F. Mingle to alan L. Macklin,
cent. air, 10 by 10 outbuilding, 2 car gar., very well updated. (419)516-3376 to National Power portion of section 13,
Cooperative, portion Harrison Township.
1 TO 2:00
409 W. Third St. BRRRR IT’S cold. Fluffy
kittens and cats need a
Delphos warm home. We are so
Stop in to see this 4 bedrm., 2 ½
bath home, hardwood floors with
sweet. (419)642-3595
original natural wood trim, and pocket doors. newer cabinets by A&J,
form. din. rm., newer cent. air, fireplace, walkup 3rd floor, full base- FREE BARN cats. All Col-
ment, screened in porches. ors. Will deliver.
218 S. FRANKLIN ST. $53,000 (419)303-1078
1214 PAMELA CIRCLE $129,000

675 W. Market St., Suite 120, Lima, OH Phone: 419-879-1006 FREE PLATFORM
1206 HEDRICK ST. $132,000 Rocker, light beige.
312 N. Main St. Delphos, OH Phone: 419-695-1006 227 WEST CLIME, LOT 51, only $18,000.00!! (419)692-9270

AT YOUR Part-time Driver

Our Noble Pork facility, located near Van
Wert, OH, has an immediate opening to
NEW LISTINGS transport swine to grower facilities (3) days
OPEN HOUSE SUN. 1-2:30 OPEN HOUSE SUN. 3-4:30 per week. Desired candidate will possess a
728 W. Third St. 1105 RICKER GED/HS diploma, clean driving record and
stable work history. Prefer candidates with a
Class B CDL and farm background.

950 Miscellaneous POHLMAN 950 Home Improvement 950 Lawn Care • CUSTOM KITCHEN
For consideration please call:
priced to sell!
POURED (419) 968-2238
Cindy Alexander 419-234-7208
CONCRETE WALLS AlexanderRealtyServices.Net Monday-Friday
CANYON Residential
9AM to 4PM
& Commercial
• Agricultural Needs 3 & 4 Season
• All Concrete Work
Sun Rooms NOW OFFERING 419-692-SOLD
Gina M. Fox

Mark Pohlman LEAF
419-236-4134 419-339-9084 REBATE on 419-453-2281
I’ve got GIFTS for *ALL* on your
list including *Stocking Stuffers*
Call Black Friday, spend $100,
cell 419-233-9460 WINDOWS
(419) 235-3708 Check out all of our listings at: WWW.TLREA.COM REALTY LLC
get $25 in FREE products!
12:00-1:00 202 N. Washington Street
“Put your dreams in our hands”
Office: 419-692-2249
Windows 950 Transmission 535 E. 2nd, Ottoville: New
Delphos, OH 45833 Fax: 419-692-2205

Life Tastes
Krista Schrader .................419-233-3737 Stephanie Clemons.......419-234-0940
CONSTRUCTION Listing! 4 BR, 2 Sty in town. Ruth Baldauf-Liebrecht ....419-234-5202 Judy M.W. Bosch ..........419-230-1983
Retractable Dbl lot with 40’ x 42’ Ga- Amie Nungester ................419-236-0688 Molly Aregood ...............419-605-5265

Good Again
& Aluminum
Janet Kroeger ...................419-236-7894 Jon Moorman ................419-234-8797

rage. Call Tony: 233-7911.

Eating Gluten Free room Remodeling Awnings CALL FOR APPOINTMENT
• Roofing Transmission, Inc. 710 S. Main, Delphos: 4
BR, 2 Car Garage, Fenced DELPHOS BAR/RES-
22451 Spieles Road, Delphos 504 E. Seventh Street, Delphos
3 BR, many improvements, neutral
New Product Line • Siding
• automatic transmission Yard. Asking $70’s. Lynn: TAURANT: Excellent
Remodeled brick country home
decor, bsmt, 2 car garage w/bonus
DELPHOS, OH w/3BR, 2BA, 3 car heated & insu-
Elida Health Foods Replacement • standard transmission 234-2314. opportunity, real estate, lated garage, pond, woodburning rm. Call Krista.
101 W. Main Street

419-692-4526 • differentials 604 W. 2nd St., Delphos: equipment, liquor license. stoves, fam rm, den & more! Only 509 W. Seventh Street, Delphos
Investment or starter home close to
TOLL FREE 3 BR, 1 Bath, Vinyl sided Priced for a quick sale. $132,900!
Elida, Ohio 45807 • transfer case home. Dbl corner lot and Tony: 233-7911. 180 Max St., Ottoville 3 BR, 2 BA,
park & Pool, 2 BR, possible 3rd BR,
• Garages
• Plumbing and
888-94-PATIO • brakes & tune up replacement windows. NEW LISTING! 1590 Ft. vinyl ranch. All appliances stay. 3
bsmt, 1 car garage. Call Krista.
606 Euclid Street, Delphos Cute 2
M-F 10:30-5:30 PM, Sat. 10:00-1 PM Gary: 863-0011 or Lynn: Jennings Rd., Delphos: city lots. Immediate possession.
2 miles north of Ottoville BR, den, 1 car garage. Call Judy.
Electrical Service 234-2314. Call Janet.
950 Car Care
Beautiful all brick ranch 628 W. Wayne St., Delphos Ranch
for both new and 419-453-3620 535 E. 2nd, Ottoville:
New Listing! 4 BR, 2 Sty
on full finished basement. 806 N. Jefferson Street
4BR, 2BA, finished bsmt, 2 car att
3 BR, 1 1/2 BA, 2 car att. Garage,
fam. rm. Call Krista.
Built in ’88. Take a look,


existing homes
Drywall Hohlbein’s 950 Tree Service in town. Dbl lot with 40’
x 42’ Garage. Call Tony:
you will be impressed.
Call Ron Pohlman: 523-
garage, spaciousSOcustom

inside! Call Krista.

large 1st floor laundry, A must see
kitchen, 1006 Prospect, Van Wert Vinyl 2
BR, possible 3rd BR, 2 car gar, fam.
rm w/fireplace. Call Ruth.

Give Us A Call Year Round For 11595 Ridge Rd., Delphos 202 Holland Ave. #22, Delphos Af-

20449 SR 189, Ft. Jen-
$ 1140 S. Bredeick, Del- 2 BR home just out of Delphos city
All Of Your Home Improvement fordable mobile home, only $6500.
Needs Both Large And Small nings: New Listing! 4 BR, phos: Extremely afford- limits. Possible 3rd bedroom. Lots Call Ruth.

*up to 5 quarts oil FREE ESTIMATE
Chris Herron
Improvement OUR TREE 2 Bath Brick Ranch on
corner lot. Lynn Claypool:
able 2 BR in nice location.
Call Lynn: 234-2314.
828 N. Main, Delphos: 4
of storage. All season room. Call
3660 Schooler Road, Lima
167 N. Canal Street, Ottoville
Commercial business includes res-
taurant, bar w/liquor license, apart-

Windows, Doors, SERVICE 611 N. Franklin, Delphos:
Price is reduced on this 3
BR, 2 Bath, Vinyls Siding, 4BR, 2BA country home w/over
1 acre, 2 car garage plus large
ment and so much more! Call Judy.
241 King St., Delphos Feels like
Siding, Roofing, • Trimming • Topping • Thinning Newer shingles. Make us
950 Electricians
BR, with fenced yard and outbuilding, Perry schools. Call country!
LE PE 1 acre!
NDIN 3 GBR, 1 1/2
816 E. FIFTH ST. DELPHOS • Deadwooding an offer. Tony: 233-7911.
Ph. 419-692-5801 Sunrooms, Stump, Shrub & Tree Removal
large garage. Lynn Clay- 726 S. Main, Delphos: Molly. BA, finished basement. Call Krista.
10810 Ridge Rd., Delphos Vinyl &
pool: 234-2314. 812 N. Jefferson Street Investment or
Mon.-Fri. 8-6, Sat. 8-2 Kitchens & Bathroom Since 1973 430 N. Canal, Delphos:
Cozy 2 BR with tons to of- starter home close to park & pool, Cedar sided ranch with 3 BR, 2 car
Remodeling, fer at a great price. Lynn: att. garage. Make offer. Call Krista.
419-692-7261 5,000+ Sq. Ft. Commer-
cial Space with a multitude
bsmt, large lot, only $30’s. Janet will
greet you.
Road 21 land, Ft. Jennings. 1.37
acres, Ft. Jennings schools. Call
950 Construction
Bill Teman 419-302-2981 of potential uses. Priced
430 E 5th St., Delphos: 111 Steeple Chase, Elida schools Krista.
ELECTRICIAN NEEDS Garages Ernie Teman 419-230-4890 to sell!!! Business op- 3,200+ Sq Ft – 5 BR, 2 Sty
Brick Home in great loca-
3BR, 2BA mobile home in Hunter’s Chase, 233 N. West St. 3 BR Ranch, 2 car
built in 1999. Jon will greet you.
TO STAY BUSY portunities also available. gar. Call Ruth.
30% Advertise Your Call Tony: 233-7911. tion. Call Lynn: 234-2314. 605 E. Main Street, Ottoville Profit-
able commercial business w/restuar-
21494 Kimmet Rd Secluded 4 BR,
132 Truax, Cloverdale: 3 9149 Converse-Roselm,
Middle Point: 3 BR, 2 ant area, kitchen area, game room
bsmt, Delphos schools, 1.8 acres. 2 car
garage, totally remodeled. Possible land
BUILDERS C OMMERCIAL BR, 2 Bath on 1+ acre with
Bath, 1+ Acre, Stocked area & more. Liquor license & many contract option. Call Krista.

Tony. Pond and Full Bsmt. Call updates. Call Molly 403 E. 3rd St. 4 BR, 2 BA w/charac-
WELDING 15631 Rd 17-N, Ft. Jen- Lynn: 234-2314. 224 Buckingham, Elida 3BR, 2BA ter, partially finished bsmt, must see
ED PAXTO N Ph. 419-339-4938 Delphos Country Lot in
manufactured spacious home w/din- inside. Call Krista.

For a low, low

BACKHOE & DUMP TRUCK nings: 3 BR, 2 ½ Bath on ing rm, fam rm. Call Krista 630 Dewey St. Commercial property
Excellent Location: Call
419-692-5193 or 419-230-8128
2+acres. 32’ x 48’ Heated
Lynn Claypool: 234-2314.
7510 ST Rt 66, Delphos Country w/many possibilities. Call Janet.
432 E. 2nd St Triplex with rental
FREE ESTIMATES Shop. Tony ranch w/3BR, 2BA, family rm, 2 car att
FULLY INSURED 236 Center St., Vaughns- ***Building lot on Cadil- garage, Delphos schools. Call Krista income. Call Krista.
ville: Price reduced! 3 lac Drive in Van Wert. 5359 Middle Point Wetzel Rd. 444 N. Main St, Spencerville Vinyl

Place Your Ad Today

Mark Pohlman
To advertise call BR, 1 Bath. Low $30’s. Make us an offer!!! Great Affordable 4 BR, 1 acre, 2 car att 1 story,SA2 BR,
ND carGdetached
1 IN
419-339-9084 Lynn: 234-2314. Location. garage, convenient location to high- garage. Call Janet.
Bockey Rd/Lincoln Hwy Land 1.27
cell 419-233-9460 ways. Call Krista.
acres, Delphos schools. Call Krista. Saturday, November 20, 2010 The Herald –9

Tomorrow’s Horoscope
By Bernice Bede Osol
Sunday, Nov. 21, 2010 a financial matter that you share with ARIES (March 21-April 19) -
another, only to discover that this Friends and associates can be relied
Industrious allies will advance person has been holding back and upon if you need their assistance, so
your ambitions along with their hiding a few bucks for him/herself. don’t be reluctant to go to them. The
own if you’ve chosen well, in future best one to turn to, however, will be
months. This will be done in ways Monday, Nov. 22, 2010 someone you helped in the past.
where each will be able to offer TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
something the other lacks. Propitious changes are in the - Keep your nose to the grindstone,
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) - If making for you in the year ahead, because it is likely to be a better
there is a hot, private issue over which concerning a social development time than usual to accomplish your
you and your mate disagree, don’t let that turns a negative situation into aims. Even jobs you usually have
it come up in front of others. The last a positive one. As a result, you’re trouble doing will proceed like rich,
thing you’ll need is for outsiders to likely to make some new friendships creamery butter.
become involved. that will last a lifetime. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -
21) - We don’t always work too well
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.
22) - Take whatever measures are
Something you usually have trouble
handling will come much easier
under pressure, and it could be one of necessary to make sure you are in to you. It won’t be Lady Luck
those times for you. Forgo that long charge of your own affairs. If you intervening; it’ll be you doing all the
list of things you want to do, and want to be the victor, you can’t right things the right way.
hone it down to just a few. permit yourself to be swept along by CANCER (June 21-July 22)
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. just anything. - After much searching, finally the
19) - You are not immune to the odds SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. solution to a vexing problem will be
going against you, so it is best not to 21) - When making some social found. The revelation won’t come as
buck them, especially when making arrangements, it would behoove you a hunch, but from all the work you
a critical assessment of something to include an old friend whom you’ve put it into solving it.
huge. Be honest about what you can been too busy to see much of lately. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) - It might
or cannot do. Good things could come from this finally be the day when you’ll be able
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) association. to get together with someone who has
- Well-intentioned family members CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. been impossible to see. It won’t be by
could create problems for you if you 19) - Get involved in ways to better chance, but from your diligent effort
allow them to butt into your domestic your material well-being, because in trying to contact this person.
affairs. For the sake of harmony, stifle this is likely to be one of those rare VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -
their input by keeping them at bay. days when things will live up to your This is one of your better days for
PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -
Issues you normally can treat lightly
financial expectations.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
advancing your aims, so don’t waste
your time on insignificant objectives. BEETLE BAILEY
could be a severe source of irritation - Do not delegate an important job Focus your efforts on something
for you. Do your best not to step out or assignment, no matter how busy important that doesn’t usually come
of character by allowing your temper you are. The results will only live up easy.
to burst open. to your expectations if you T.C.O.B. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -
ARIES (March 21-April 19) yourself. Challenges tend to bring out your
- It’s your nature to be generous to PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) - better qualities, so put all your efforts
those in need, which is a wonderful Something you’ve been concerned into developing something that is
attribute. However, there is a chance about working out to your satisfaction extremely important to you. You’ll
that you could carry this to extremes will turn out just fine if you keep a get what you diligently go after.
and put yourself in the hole. positive mindset. Your thinking will
TAURUS (April 20-May manifest itself in your work. Copyright 2010, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
20) - Should you experience some
opposition from an unexpected
quarter, stand up for your rights, but
don’t compound the situation further
by reacting in a bullying or pushy
GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -
You had better have an alibi ready SNUFFY SMITH
if you failed to take care of a matter
that you promised to do for another.
There is a strong possibility you’ll be
taken to task.
CANCER (June 21-July 22) -
It’ll be your own fault if you allow
yourself to be placed in a position
where peer pressure compels you to
do something that goes against your
better judgment. Say no and mean it.
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) - Be
extra careful that you don’t use your
authority over others to come off as
looking like a bully. You can take
bets that those you push around will
find ways to even the score later on.
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
- Some ideas or suggestions you
make will be challenged if they are HAGAR THE HORRIBLE
not in accord with those of others.
You’ll need to take care to handle the
rebuttals as tactfully as you can.
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) - You
may think you have total control over

Saturday Evening November 20, 2010

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10 – The Herald Saturday, November 20, 2010

Read it. Live it. Love it! Annie advises to see doctor
One look at The Delphos Herald and you’re sure to fall in for a complete checkup PET CORNER
love with it. For the best in business, entertainment, sports Dear Annie: I have been of the family disapproves?
married to “Lori,” a wonder- Their children will be there
and local news, there is no better source. Call today to start ful woman, for six months. with their families. I don’t
delivery tomorrow. I’ve never been happier and know what to do. -- Baffled
wouldn’t change my life for Dear Baffled: Unless the
419-695-0015 the world. rest of the family wishes to
The problem is, Lori allows estrange your brother, you
every little thing to get to her, are stuck with him. So invite
and I get hit with the back- everyone, and let them know.

Motorcraft ®
lash. The list of things that Tell your ex-sister-in-law that
can send her over
the edge is endless
you understand this
will be difficult for
COMPLETE BRAKE SERVICE -- one of her kids
gets in trouble, her
her, but you would
love to have her and
Riley is a 2-year-old
Ford, Lincoln and mother annoys her,
she’s feeling a little
will always consider
her part of the fam- male. He’s very lovable
Mercury Cars STARTING AT under the weather. ily. If she chooses not and outgoing. He will run

Once Lori to come, no one can to greet you at the door
& Light Trucks
$ 95*
gets into one of blame her. But if she every day!
her moods, she can find a way to tol-
Complete Brake Service becomes callous erate the situation for
Beau is a 7-year-old
Price Includes:* and mean. Nothing
I say or do makes
the sake of her chil-
dren, it could pave the neutered male plothound

✓ PADS - Motorcraft® brake her feel better. If way for less hostile mix. He lived with many
pads or shoes Or Less! I mention how her Annie’s Mailbox family get-togethers
mood affects me, in the future.
other dogs and did not
receive the attention he
✓ ROTOR or DRUM her feelings are hurt and the Dear Annie: I was sad- needed. He would love a
MACHINING problem gets worse. Lately, dened to read the letter secure place to run and
Pricing depends on vehicle configuration. I’ve discovered the best thing from “Concerned Mom in
✓ ALL INSTALLATION is just to ride out the storm. Is Pennsylvania,” who was
LABOR there any way to help my wife unable to get support in find-
stop sweating the small stuff? ing employment for her blind
-- Running Out of Ideas 18-year-old son.
* Price is per axle. Excludes: Dear Running: The fact I am an occupational ther-
parking brakes, Super Duty® that Lori gets callous and mean apist in Michigan who has
fleet pads or shoes, and Ford- when little things annoy her worked with special needs
brand pads or shoes. Taxes is a bad sign. Has she been children for 30 years. Our
extra. See service advisor for evaluated for bipolar disease? state provides services through
details. Excludes upgrades, Does she suffer from extreme the age of 26. I recommend Humane Society of Allen County has many pets
SVT/Shelby Mustangs, vehicles hormonal fluctuations? Is she “Concerned” contact the school waiting for adoption. Each comes with a spay or neuter,
equipped with special edition taking any kind of medication district that is servicing her son first shots and a heartworm test. The Humane Society is
performance packages, and that might affect her mood? and sit down to discuss these located at 3606 Elida Road, Lima, and can be contacted
F-Series/E-Series Super Duty / ® Suggest she see her doctor for specific concerns. Every child at 419-991-1775.
Stripped Chassis vehicles. a complete checkup, and ask with special needs who attends
specifically that these ques- school is required to have an
tions be addressed. She (and annual individual educational The following pets are available for adoption through
Motorcraft® are the only brake pads and shoes you) could be suffering need- plan (IEP). Schools are also The Animal Protective League:
approved by Ford Motor Company for use on lessly. responsible for helping students Cats
Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Vehicles. Dear Annie: My 61-year- transition into the community, Calico, F, 2 years, yellow eyes, named Nayla
Motorcraft® pads and shoes ... old brother recently walked out assisting with transportation M, F, 1 year, tiger, gray, black
• Are designed to fit your specific vehicle – a perfect match of his 40-year marriage and to programs, etc. Mom should F, 3 years, spayed, white with calico prints
• Help maintain original braking performance hooked up with a 25-year-old also ask whether the school has F, 2 years, dew clawed, tiger, name Noel
• Are road-tested to ensure they meet Ford standards for wear, noise and dust girl from another country. I a parent advocate program. It
• Meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards am still very close to his previ- sounds like she could use some Kittens
ous wife and their three grown support. -- michigan

RAABE children. Dear Michigan: We were

M, F, 9 weeks, gray, black, tiger
The holidays are just around heartened by the letters of sup- M, F, 13 weeks, long haired, outside
the corner, and it is my turn to port sent in by our readers. M, F, 6 weeks, yellow, yellow tiger, black tiger
11260 Elida Rd., Delphos
Service • Parts •Body Shop: M 7:30-8; host. How do I handle inviting Here’s one more: M, F, 8 weeks, gray, brown tiger
Over 85
T.-F. 7:30-6:00; Sat. 9-2 the ex-wife (whom I adore), as Dear Annie: I would like M, 6 months, black, gold eyes
419-692-0055 well as my brother and his very to add to your list of organiza- M, F, 4 months, yellow and white, long haired, black young girlfriend of whom most tions. It will be much easier for and white, gray and white
him to get a job if he is trained F, 6 weeks, gray tiger
in something. Recording for

the Blind and Dyslexic (rfbd. Dogs
org) is a national nonprofit
organization helping individu- German Shepherd, F, 1 year
als pursue their educational Black Lab, M, 3 years, named Saint
Collie, miniature, F, 1 yr, red and white, spayed,


and professional goals.
We have the largest digital shots, name Dixie
textbook library of accessible Pit Bull, M, 2 years
educational materials with more Beagle, M, 5 years
than 60,000 titles available at Black Lab Australian Shepherd, 2 yars, black with
no cost to the subscriber. One blue eyes, name Jada
Located in downtown Delphos of the organizations you men-
tioned could help him purchase Puppies
the equipment he would need
The owner of Northwest Ohio’s largest coin to access the materials and Terrier, F, 6 months, spayed, name Cocoa
shop on Main Street in Delphos has bought
advise him on an appropriate Pit Boxer, M, 10 months, brindle, outside, named
out a large antique store in Michigan and has
course of study. -- Volunteer Brutus
moved the entire inventory to Delphos. Over
20 - 8 ft. tables of very unique merchandise at
at RFB&D, Ontario, Calif.
For more information on these pets or if you are in

The Sycamore
very reasonable prices! Annie’s Mailbox is written Experience
need of The Difference
finding a home for your pet contact The Animal
YOU’VE GOT TO SEE by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy
Protective League from9-5 weekdays at 419-749-2976.
Sugar, longtime editors of the Ann
TO BELIEVE! Landers column. Please e-mail If you are looking for a pet not listed call to be put on
Area’s strongest buyer of gold & silver
your questions to anniesmailbox@ a waiting list in case something becomes available., or write to: Annie’s Donations or correspondence can be sent to PO Box 321,

Coins, CurrenCy & ColleCtibles

Mailbox, c/o Creators Syndicate, Van Wert, OH 45891.
5777 W. Century Blvd., Ste. 700,
Los Angeles, CA 90045

The Lexington
238 N. MAIN ST., DELPHOS, OH 45833
419-692-1888 Mon.-Fr. 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Sat. 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
The Sycamore
419-722-8712 or
3495 W. Elm St., Lima
email us at Personal appointment
419-203-0407 or
CONECA/OSNO can be arranged.
Anytime by Appointment
Visit us at: Tues. 4-6, Thurs. 4-5, Sun. 1-4
Chestnut Run Subdivision Hours:
... MOST
Sun. 1-4
Office Hours: Mon.-Tues. 10-6, Fri. 10-5,
Office Hours: Mon.-Tues.
... MOST 10-6, Fri. 10-5,
Sun. 1-4 DAYS
Chestnut Run Subdivision Hours:
Tues. 4-6, Thurs. 4-5, Sun. 1-4 800-24-DOYLE
Office Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 10-6, Fri. 10-4,
Sat. 10-4 or by appointment

Anytime by Appointment
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419-722-8712 or
Making dreams come true since 1976
3495 W. Elm St., Lima
3495 W. Elm St., Lima

Enter The Delphos Herald’s

The Sycamore
Experience The Difference

Get your coloring book in the Nov. 23rd

Delphos Herald, at Santa’s House on Main St.
or at any merchant in the coloring book.
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0-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 refinance with fast decisions
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Equity loans and lines of credit are offered through U.S. Bank National Association ND. ©2010 U.S. Bancorp, U.S. Bank. Member FDIC. 100071 Saturday, November 20, 2010 The Herald — 11

Most 9/11 responders Story idea...

settle suits over WTC dust

News releases...
NEW YORK (AP) — More people who fell ill in the years email Nancy Spencer, editor
than 10,000 workers exposed
to the tons of toxic dust that
“Nearly everyone agrees that the after their service at the trade
center. at
blanketed ground zero after the settlement does not provide adequate The U.S. Senate is consider-
World Trade Center fell have funding to fully compensate those ing legislation, already passed

ended their bruising legal fight in the House, that would autho-
with New York City and joined who are injured among the more than rize as much as $7.4 billion in
a settlement worth at least $625 10,500 plaintiffs in this case, nor does medical care and payments to

million, officials said Friday. the sick.
The deal will resolve an it cover the tens of thousands of 9/11 The New York lawmakers
overwhelming majority of the
lawsuits over the city’s failure
responders and survivors who are who authored that bill, U.S.
Reps. Carolyn Maloney, Jerrold
to provide protective equipment injured but have not filed lawsuits.” Nadler and Peter King, said in a
to the army of construction joint statement that the legal

workers, police officers and — U.S. Reps. Carolyn Maloney, Jerrold Nadler settlement doesn’t make the
firefighters who spent months and Peter King, said in a joint statement legislation any less necessary.
clearing and sifting rubble after “Nearly everyone agrees
Sept. 11. statement. likely boost that total to $725 that the settlement does not
Among the thousands who Paul Napoli, a senior partner million or more. provide adequate funding to Maple Nut Goodies
sued, claiming that soot at the with the law firm represent- A majority of the money fully compensate those who are Maple, Vanilla, Caramel Cluster
site got into their lungs and ing most of the workers, called will come from a special $1 injured among the more than Party Mix • Jellies & Orange Slices
made them sick, more than 95 the settlement “the best result, billion fund set up by Congress 10,500 plaintiffs in this case, Sugar Free Candy
percent eligible for the settle- given the uncertainty of pro- and paid-for by the American nor does it cover the tens of
ment agreed to take the offer. tracted litigation.” people. thousands of 9/11 responders Whole Cashew • Mixed Nuts
Only 520 said no or failed to The settlement, which Workers could have qualified and survivors who are injured MANY NEW VARIETIES!
respond. has been on the table since for an even larger total, topping but have not filed lawsuits,” the
City officials and lawyers the spring, won approval by $800 million, if enough workers statement said. Open Mon.-Fri. 8-5;
for the workers said they wel- the thinnest of margins. Under had accepted the offer. The pay- Thousands of people believe OPEN EVERY SAT. IN DEC. 8-noon

Hemker Grain Inc.

comed a resolution to a case terms of the deal, it would only ment amount was based partly on they have illnesses caused by
that had pitted New York and become effective if at least 95 how many agreed to join. trade center dust. The lawsuits
a long list of demolition com- percent of eligible plaintiffs The deadline to opt in to the cited hundreds of different ail-
panies against the very men signed on. It just cleared that deal was Tuesday. The results ments, both serious and mun-
and women who helped lower hurdle, with 95.1 percent. were withheld from the media dane, with the most common
Manhattan recover. The settlement will provide and public for three days while being a respiratory problem 15970 Jonestown Rd., Venedocia
“This settlement is a fair and
just resolution of these claims,
protecting those who came
at least $625 million to the
workers, although related deals
lawyers loaded documents into
a computer system and verified
similar to asthma.
Under the deal, the plaintiffs
will be spared the tough task
with other defendants, includ- the numbers.
to the aid of this City when ing the Port Authority of New Barring an act of Congress, of proving that their illnesses
we needed it most,” Mayor York and New Jersey, which the settlement will be the larg- is connected to work at ground
Michael Bloomberg said in a owns the trade center site, will est pool of compensation for zero.

Vatican issuing guidelines

on sex abuse to bishops
VATICAN CITY (AP) bishops to collaborate with
— The Vatican said Friday it civil authorities in reporting
was planning to issue a set of abuse, the need to protect chil-
guidelines to bishops around dren and the need for an “atten-
the world on responding effec- tive selection and formation”
tively to the sexual abuse of of future priests. It said the Come in today for tires that keep
children by priests that will guidelines, in the form of a you on the road mile after mile,
include recommendations for letter to bishops’ conferences, year after year. Driving longer*

prevention programs, better would suggest a “coordinated

is another way the right tire
changes everything.
screening of priests and the and efficient program” to crack
need to obey civil reporting down on abuse.
requirements. They bar credibly accused
Cardinal William Levada, priests from any public church
who heads the Vatican office work while claims against
that deals with clerical sex them are under investigation.
* See for more details on the Longevity benefits of specific MICHELIN brand passenger and light truck tires.

Copyright © 2010 Michelin North America, Inc. All rights reserved. The Michelin Man is a registered trademark owned by Michelin North America, Inc.

abuse cases, told some 150 car- Diocesan review boards, com-
dinals of the guidelines during prised mostly of lay people,
a daylong summit Friday that help bishops oversee cases. Best One Tire & Service of Delphos Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri 7:30 am - 5:30 pm Sat 8:00 am - Noon
Come in and see our manager
Dean Bowersock

dealt in part with the sex abuse Clergy found guilty are perma- 502 N Main St (419) 695-1060
This area is for the MAX imprint ONLY and must remain white.
Fully trained professionals you can trust

scandal. nently barred from public min-

A Vatican statement said istry and, in some cases, ousted www.bestonetireusacom.
Levada discussed the need for from the priesthood.




2010 Pontiac G6 2010 Pontiac G6 2007 Pontiac G6 2008 Chev Impala 2002 Cadillac DeVille 2010 Buick Enclave 2010 Buick LaCrosse 2010 Buick Lucerne
16,400 $
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13,450 $
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7,995 $
33,400 $
25,500 $
Black, Silver, Only Precision beige Quicksilver Silver White
sunroof sunroof 28K mi. red

2010 Chev Equinox 2010 Chev Equinox 2010 Chev HHR 2010 Chev HHR 2010 Chev Impala 2010 Chev Impala 2010 Chev Impala 2010 Chev Malibu
22,800 $
24,800 $
13,900 $
13,900 $
13,500 15,900 17,900 16,400
Cyber Gray $ Dk. blue $
Black Dark gray Black Dark blue Silver Ice
Metallic Metallic
Goldmist $ 22 City, 30 Hwy.

2009 Chev Tahoe 2008 Buick Enclave 2008 Chev Cobalt 2007 Chev Colorado 2008 Chev Equinox 2008 Chev Impala 2008 Chev Impala 2008 Chev Malibu
39,900 $
31,700 $
9,950 $
17,995 $
17,500 $
14,900 $
15,900 $
4 wheel drive Extra low ultra silver Low, low Granite Imperial Local silver
LTZ miles miles Gray Blue trade

2008 Chev Suburban 2008 GMC Envoy 2008 Pontiac Gr Prix 2007 Buick LaCrosse 2007 Buick LaCrosse 2007 Buick Lucerne 2007 Buick Rendezvous 2007 Chev Impala
4 WD $
Red jewel
22,500 Silver $
14,200 Gray $
12,500 Slatestone
13,900 Sharkskin
20,495 Black $
19,900 Red $

2007 Chev Impala 2007 Chev Silverado 1500 2007 Chev TrailBlazer 2007 GMC Acadia 2006 Buick LaCrosse 2006 Chev Equinox 2006 Chev HHR 2006 Chev Malibu
12,795 $
25,900 $
17,900 $
29,500 $
12,900 $
14,200 $
11,300 $
Dark Black Red Jewel Sunroof
Gray Stone Blue Local Red Silver
Metallic Tint trade Sunroof, leather 24 City, 32 Hwy.

2006 Chev TrailBlazer 2006 Chev Equinox 2004 Chev Silverado 1500 2004 Olds Silhouette 2002 Buick LeSabre 2001 Chev Monte Carlo 2000 Buick LeSabre 1966 Buick 225
16,900 10,600 16,500 11,995 7,995 6,995 5,795 14,900
sunroof $ Gray $ White/
Gray leather
$ Chrome
wheels, DVD
$ Blue, 1 owner, $ Sunroof,
$ Silver $ Electra $
leather local trade

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CHEVROLET • BUICK 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser
IN DELPHOS 419-692-3015 5,995
1725 East Fifth Street, Delphos
VISIT US ON THE WEB @ TOLL FREE 1-888-692-3015
Gray $
12,500 2 WD
15,500 Maroon,
local trade
12 – The Herald Saturday, November 20, 2010



V6 Premium
• Air conditioning
• Cruise control • Heated leather pkg.
• 4.6 V8
• Rear decklid spoiler
#9568 • Pony package
Plus tax & title



• 20” premium alloy wheels

• Power moonroof
• Climate controlled seats
* National rebates included some incentives may require Ford financing

2004 Ford Freestar 2006 Chevrolet 2003 Lincoln 2004 Saturn 2001 Ford F 150
Limited Silverado LS Vue Supercrew
# 95609A. Leather quad seats, rear # 9546A. Local trade-in, priced to sell, # 9542A. 1-owner, V8, moonroof, # 9560A. 1-owner, only 62,000 miles! # 9567A. 1-owner, local trade-in, fiber-

6,762 6,495 7,633

DVD, local trade-in, 7 passenger! a must see! chrome wheels, lots of extras!

7,931 8,995
Local trade-in, great gas mileage! glass cap to match, hard to find!

$ $ $ $ $
2004 Mercury Grand 2003 Ford Explorer 2008 Ford 2007 Ford 2006 Ford Ranger
Marquis LS 4X4 Focus SE Fusion SE 4X4 Supercab
# 9569E. Local trade-in, only 43,000 # 9569F. XLT, 3rd row seat, rear A/C, # 9579A. 1-owner, local trade-in, # 9611P. Alloy wheels, CD, only 31,000 # 9607P. 52,000 miles, local truck, hard

10,348 10,999
miles! Like new condition! only 43,000 miles, WOW!

28,000 miles, fuel economy plus!

12,389 14,889
miles, great fuel economy!! to find, don’t miss it!

$ $ $ $ $
2010 Mercury Grand 2008 Ford Escape 2008 Lincoln 2007 Ford 2007 Lincoln Town
Marquis LS Limited MKZ Edge SEL Car Signature
# 9598P. Huge savings! Leather, like # 9603P. Only 23,000 miles! Chrome # 9613P. Only 20,000 miles! Heated & # 9548P. Plus pkg, heated leather, # 9594P. Only 35,000 miles! All the

17,892 17,990 17,939

new condition! 16,000 miles! wheels, moonroof, heated leather!! luxury, priced below market!!

18,780 18,868
cooled seats, great color!! chrome wheels, priced to sell!!

$ $ $ $ $
2008 Ford Taurus X 2007 Lincoln 2007 Ford F 150 XLT 2010 Ford 2009 Lincoln
Limited MKX Supercab Flex SEL MKS
# 9595P. Rear DVD, power moonroof, # 9568P. Heated & cooled seats, 4X4, Trailer tow pkg, only # 9586P. # 9592P. Heated leather, Sync, Satellite # 9599P. Navigation, rear camera, only

20,979 $26,899
radio, only 14,000 miles!

32,000 miles, priced below mkt!

19,994 19,995
chrome wheels, 33,000 miles! chrome wheels, lots of extras! 23,000 miles, like new!

$ $ $ $


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