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Problem: Impaired skin integrity related to mechanical trauma to the skin secondary to MRM

Nursing Scientific Expected

Assessment Planning Interventions Rationale
Diagnosis Explanation Outcome
S=Ø Impaired skin Modified radical Short term: 1. Assess skin, 1. Establish Short term:
integrity mastectomy is note color,
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O= mechanical treatment of hours of NI, sensation. compara nursing
trauma to the choice. This is
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to MRM three
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surgical measure
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procedure for with her wounds and ion proper care
edema on operable breast observe
wound 2. Establish with her
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Long term: compara
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>facial mask is also the least
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breast is healing AEB e.g., wash intervent the patient
mental status removed, as thoroughly
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> altered LOC
lymph nodes on decreased carefully. displayed
> changes in the same side.
erythema 3. Maintaini timely wound
The large chest
muscle known and ng clean, healing AEB
response as the
absence of dry skin intact skin,
> paralysis of
major is not purulent provides decreased
extremities removed, which
discharge a barrier erythema and
means the
> necrosis
chest wall is to absence of
still covered
infection. purulent
and protected