14 Everything that matters this month!

Saralh IEg,toqU!1fi: She'll g1sdl.Y ·!lOrva P1nEls ..... ith pridel p14

'VlI1US scar~ The w{)t'd'$ a sneeze ~way from getling8ickl plll

It Girl Ex()lj~; 4,n E51rMl'I C(31n li ... e on thii bearnfore-verl 1l:1 s:

Uincoi'lis.(:io!.]t$ 'Insi:de p2lcm~riI'~ de'l,'astatl[}9oFlD-'punch (;o(}nque~t of,J'l:icky KaUol'lf 1'1:22

IPLUS Sl"la'k~-n.a~in9 willh fi.~tI)I Potter, l'E:3ting SUP'erbOIl 89gJ!'5 pole-clanGing skifls. ,drifting in Initkll D Arcade Sitage 5 p3l

AU of the 'good" none of the bad, ,every month

146 Fromth,e moufh 'of babes!

; IPa~oma's Mad lab Our fa'iOr-

se~ sciemist anSV/eJ~ your n~ questions! p146

World! ,Olf Jigg,y' Al11he lrn portanp.lIlS from around lhe V'I'Jr ldl rn • Ch jilki bil.~or lior sensusl mil ~

[ oriental fli1vwal P1!HI LadiJIlls' COIl!1\Bssion~, lajj/jI' I(J~E:l with ga"" lrilimdf pl52 .


47 Winning gadge Sub.uu Impu~z3 ¥O;IJ by ~iit; £iJi'lalilig ~edar1l pillS Gym buds These COl"! m<Jke '1'01.1 heallhierl .p416 Racecal" d!'iiver 1F' 11

57Sexiiest mlllst~buys Viva Aimericanai-low to pull off 1h~~ d<ll~hin9 all-Arnencan !(loU pS2. wm DeVaughn The Jag men a!'~ TV tm~t unveils hts :s~yle I p55 Pocket womllers Lot ]lQut 1ll0i1ey grow il'l 111(!.s() class), wallal!';! p!i4 Grooming The vi!al prooucts fur tolal body c~r~' !pSG

155 Ufe-enhanRtln'!lIil'1g Why aren't! _

chase ~et? p1560 Ap!1wtii.sjiacs ih.c ~ 8!'Id your Itoney ~ I!Il_ Ice cold trio Mee -l3ear Balow Zero p - t\imericiI!iI handba for ~ he &1i1p-h<lpFl ~ _

, ,60 Anecdotes galo:re:! Mom opens sun 'a ~h{l~b~:<, lif1ds s()llle~ni ng f,ilthl'er tnan .ok! :~JI(le-s1

For Men tlX II., eIre I\~O' ,~eds il mnstl

Bo strong, Kat!

II '~~ been an FHM CQI~eoto~ sin GPo Kaltin3 H?llilli appeared on your rTI.agallin0 ifl December' ~W05. A:6

a HlDid KMrina fan, I i0~II!:lnel~' IIIl0Wing what 3'11;:; has to go fdllolUgh now, Ttu;t's why I \vant to express my utmost ro~;pact and SUPPDrt !'of her. Go Kill, klilr<~,mo iy~l~. Dko P{J. ril3 kamilli mga (riilgultUnBn:.,l1 sa}a p.i1!f0! s IJPD~t.lln.ll(l kil_ Kah'il a,',d,w ma.'lgyan we art!' here with

H-IM ,Io~~ng Y>CluJ

Mark .Al1thcRY, I~Y 'C!II1!OIri

bu.~ a {;UPY: o~ FHM. lUrlI!il we die, B.elat",d nappy birlhd ... y and happy 1 st aon Iversary, Babe. Thttnks far corning il'l,IO 1I~1Iifp., YOll're God's giH to rne so,l t;<l!l iilla~I>' bu tJa~f ;!no com prete, I wIll atvfil)'s do my best ro m~ke yo u happy (lii'!d to. be th e hottest g irlfri l~nd YOU\'0 8"'E!r h<lrH i low you so much]

CL Reyes, by email

Ex-deaf! FHMis

one of lhe r,~son3m~ boyfriend and I enlOY()l:ir relorlonsh ip so rnueh,

I was ~~\.l'ppoood !Q ~"mai,1 1-oU I",~,t Match so :tOll r'O\lld gi'il>~I. mP.' and m~boyrriem:l on OLJ r birilhdl,.'ws (Marnh 28 and Aprili'> respectiw"ly) and our anniVEll:$aoy (,Il.pri' 24~. I"ve never bG.;lnlhr.s in Iovs M I beg yOti to po3t our picture, my' vet~ MJal(~d, but Mill Lmb'E'l~J~ab~lc [lI),d unsspected, 9 iH for 'rn~ Baba, In e~G!1~nge, I pl1}mise 1iC1 ar.way:s

Awe some zs azsa 21

l've bean 11. reQLI!ar fsader of ,PriM' for S.avan ye8.rs .11 LNJ_ , Ju.st wanl'

10 say thanks for hi.l~~r]g

Z5aZ$8. Zaturilrian ii'l'ytlLfr

June issue-the best inrle,view ever l r know it's prob...'ttl~ l<'low, to vote


Wish grantad~ l'rn takin9 this chance In ~:;;krng YOl! !o publiSh tnispl1oto

to 'oo!11me,'YlQ[i'rte my bi rthdOly on July 13 and m}' fi[1;t ..... -eddili9 llJnTlivcrsury_ I l,'I,i;l['ft to show l'ilY hwaballd how much l adorc an d lave him and now grateilJl'I am to be his. W~h~. FIB'?; bo.c~ in' Amster(iam IlOW and I'Il]Qjjl hii'r't tnere for 8. tohm@-lrii(mth ~catiQr1I soon. "m ~Hl h(:'1J be ver.y. de'i9ntf!d 1'10 $h,(ffl YDur JtlIly ialll.le te his cOlleagues, BA fl. 9000: genie. FI-IM. Ple~sB gr>lnt my wish!

Am~er lIe,l~~ S~IIl~IJS, by ~llJail

What )'01.1 oo!'l b(~tlir.ld me ara the famous graat p)'Tsmid'.,l in Giza, C~irQ, EgYP1c ,At itJellfl)e I W8_S there, I was afi:aId 10 bring a ooPY ,of FHM and! yo.urs8.l:)' and 9org.eooS women with ma tor ~'hl!,l pho;o

'()P here in 11 Muslim {:;OUfl~, So I impro'o'ised-tl~at ~ I wastJoldit\'g ~ays FHM tri iEg~ptia,n hieroglyphk:::;... i~lk abo~Uoyalty! I hope y{)~ like ii, JBn2 .l!iOi~e;,re iIy emilil

For m!l boo!

My husband is realty an I!>~..td. FHM collectqr; ~e "as learned a lot from Te&!irlg your

mag-and I'm ver,if happy about it. He tumed a year o!d~r last M!a~ 21 and ~ wanr you to pD9.i this pK;tU~~) as a. ber:a!,ed gifr IQ him. I'm aur,E!' he'll be surprised to see his wife arld {;U~ titHe da!Jghter in fHM. P1e:a~ don't breall:; my heart, HiM. I love Y9u $0 much, SOOI

Ti~<l'r ·b~ IIJJI1ail

He lo,ves C:andka~

Sel~ted fla$)J;lY birli"lday (lull£- 25}, VarJdic€. I alw w<'InllO tab~ thi"s opportunity t10 '!!'lll' her th,a,l I IO\fe ~r (;0 Inlclch,. Canrlim:l, Ila~e YQU. T~1,;,e cars. No kSf;i yung ITrBt time kQng sabinm S"F.l k.8Jlytlrtg m:ahal 1<0 sira. Thanks, FHM. iorl:>citl9 a part of iL Wish mo IUdid

Karll[iJll M'illaric:.~, by ~mai~


"'Xv girlfrir.nd ~nd 11/j~~ M 1~~,3 to hp..ngnldt: n:w~1 ~~ T ~iI;~d, "Ther~ 'm~e a buneh ~f pe~Dle

swimming there, ;0 D but tnis ~1J\'/!!jrl ~m to wa,1 enOll~h to join us In DIU ~iclure. ilaiz!" DJd y'lIiJ melln ftassJrr?

avid fan or ~he greaq, wand€lrliJ FHM.I started

collBcting ~ If) MaJrCh 200.2.1 siill

don'l forget 10 grgb !3,OOPY even

now tIlat I'm basedi in Ta1wM. E'~CI'I

my dorrnmetss ht:t«: have- st~r:1:~d 10 collect llile mag., It haa grWt V~ILIe for mone}"""ttrebig reason we love it aJ'Ldl '!.!thy h's a pmt oi:Ol!f ~cs. ~lif,1 wan1: !b greet m,' ~;dfrft:lnd Ch~ry a VF!'1' hlapP:l' bi~ldtty, btli! rsa belaied ~ay 2,2). IFrederiEk. Taiwa:~

~, ~~n.e"'.f!F ~<m at hi~ pl8.GE!, Hig birfhda)~s OO'I1Iing uP. 8,nd ~is post is my ,gift. He 'has wai<l.0d for 1'f1~ for

1 2 IOI'lg years atd I <l!ppr.eciale and bolE! him fur that. My I'-\lps, I ~ew I IolJCd you before I met you. The flllost 1;"')€l I saw Y«J was it) tn.'l di'C~m'IS. I ne'l,'(:j! thought ),Otl '~l.Cd LlrilJill ~ YOli. Thank ·Vou fOrt(j~~lig me all1i1= )'P.'a:TR Th~nk:t()lJ for 'o\'8.IjJng tor me .. AfJd Ih£\nk '1"(1j~ for ~akirTi9 rna ,bade I I[Ml ytJ\l-and. ~es.1 Will m~ny you I Mwo.i1! lleS:labiSr !lIy email

I"f1!aIY]f ~~rs ~go.I'w: ~"""8.ys

!ole! him that I won throo PrBCi(lLJS it~mi> lnElt oo,~: thE! Asia st.andee, another irefYl, and a brand new boyf'ri(ln.d. OUf r8latiufl!iihip turned two !.asU!:1rlE! 14. We are' opposites, b!J~

VIP! .. re united by QU~ 100vc tor FHM! W-e ~re both kM"Ig'lime coaoctors and Wit. cflfJ'1 imalj3me

with y.:)ur (Mgazilil& 1f'F. I~e ,eruioo withmlr tQ.lu, rnakjj:!lQ films wi~hot::rI T~ Burroo, SiClU~ic wi~~Kl<UI' 1m. lBansncG'<S, rt"htsie ..... "i1ihCIIJt The

b<!lm:1. Happy Anni'ii:~T3g'Y. my

GrI; m~ ni.;tgic mELrL ~ waRt yOu to

my QWl1 jS(;k Sp?;lTow. Thanks 1ar plllfing IJP will) IT!}' orozlness, '!I:!I!

keepil~ me sane, rormaking rT110 __

Gobliin TrCi'lcll~. Happy arml .... ers.r Kat by ,email

oUfid by FHM!

My b()yh-i~d R~ndy ~no I met at

the me I.'mefllr'OlI gave aWait Asia Agcaoili standees and OIMr goodles

IPuppy love!

1M)' bO'/f,nend has a CQII'~Dlror'l ana lal ..... ay.s E!r>.joy ~ng through

,2 ,FHM JULY :l'C09 ~ ........... fh"'.':""'.1'1i


07/01 KillerVirus

What image-'pops in y.out"

n0'9g in wh~rl! ;I()U b.ear tiJe ....... ord "'8mn,a~~~d>or"1' Here's 81 wild glless; a b~ld or 9r<lY-'h~ire;j dude' we~riC1g 8 suit, clutcl'iing

a brTelease, beil;)pl<!~ta(;.18J, arid curiously smellirtg IlkA, wp.ll, Brut.

Ths gir.1 splashed over tn~se pflg.ot;:J>, FilipillIrMc.:o:ican- Sr~n leh model .:;illd ·s1"I.IOE'lt"<l Sarah Es.toque. obviousl), doeslf1'lli,nne diploma! 5tEr·ootypt:, but we're qllite sure, 8tU~ can reprtll!!1911l Pil"!~'"S, "How?," ~-Q\l miglht ask. Wtlll, she's ioc!.Jsed on, Ile:r 8tu"dr~~. paf!Y {Jon I~ when her schedule perm it.$, is, a. gn::M coo}:" atlJ, this. b the m®1 umporl'<mt, osha's ilLIll Pit10y at heart Even tho!.Jglh $fl(~'>;. slaying; alll'he way in ~he US., fIohe !>till.fonDWS 'lh~ways

o~ her mothertand, ni~i nOLably ~alt.li'n.{j her l'amily. "OOeRlf1'! that

m al<!et liar du~I'i1''' ~O-tl might i nquin'! aruw ... On the· contrary, she's. got

a f8ll1 trk: .~ up her sleeves that

~ve lp.a~e for hEIr 10 EXPO'U nd em. ia!(.e note then -gQ~ElmmS'Jlt,this is what our en~o~s. shouldlloqk <Inc! aci'lib3l

'Wl!! hem VOII have Qilltfl31 t.omplicatilld I ImJl!! I], Wh-r do ~OLl trace your g.mtul.?

My flO1r·~Ms Mc btJIll 11~lf·Fillpmo~ a,nd haif.Sp':a;'i~sn-Me~ican. wtlian ~~es rn-e a Filipil1.o-M exicanS.panish. They'r-e boin b,a,ssd ImrlS 'Mhile (.<ita), ""ttl my brother in·St. L01J~E'i, Mi~$OtJri_ We live rrear the

Un!1ll;!l"¥i'I~' 01 St. Louit,", Missouri, where l'rn mliljorlln.g im lPa,yor:holo91:f with <'I minor in $pm"lish ~"n{.1 AnUi~op olo'9Y.

And you know Tagalog Ilnd al:!>i3~ ?

Yeah, and Spilnlisn, No. brHlfltJ~B I ~LlId~ it In schcot. I {lni~' '\'f!l1i to "tne 8;t<l;te~. for c(J~lcg.e, I'mg Oio1g. to I~te and work 1"11 S"ra in l.h.ft lu turo, but

I'lt como bDCIc her"l E'lT~E! '1' holidays. Ouw family actualll), miglFaied. Our l,li5.as·are all kgal. M~' mom comes i)RC'.k Bnd f.or~h bec.aruse sho works here .. S ut i WdS br.r'lUlght up' the Filipino way. I WaR alrBaG~ ea, Wh~M I Ffrfl Ior Ine StMes.

When you WerO lit llii!. SlDles. "",h.a~ diid vou j Dilm 1;11 5 the most !=IlnQ)! lbJng abollit you? M~ coo"ingl, I cook a lot, a ~r;.t of my f~iefld!s like lile way I cook. They I~ ~"~rJtILing about FHlpino food. I bring' them who·n-ever I go to 8; family g"th~ring'.

Am you lIll roUowLng Plno~ ~!.I~t(Jm:51

Y(:'s. of COlJrsc, I'm alwa.~s commumcatirrq wilt ilf1 'f~l.Illil~', I plan 10 neap lhem 'af!er graduation.. Dapat m,1Wno.ng Jamin{ym $<l' pin;Jilgg",fingan,

An>d wihat's <In Amll rh;llI n nil 119 ~CI U '1113' !earnno I hlTt ye IJ I:a nil usa hme?

You r~a.lly can't comfl<lr~ Fil'lpino arid American siUllon", Pi[IOY$ 'ike 10 go ttiruugh a precess ~~O not just jump at each olh.Gf. That's "'" hal I'm

used to and th at's somelimkg Ihlly 11.!l~~ to respect.

Do ijroQlIJ m.llit.tl ~!ilLl{ lIHOrlil wajt? Ot course-and $o~a of ihem have· been r'caHlli w,illing to do. thai. Wltiit'S yOIl r life II lie !'D th" States?

Stl.l d~, sludy, and stu d~ tI1en cocik,

I '910 to cfu b~ 8omAtume~, 1~1ole twici2! a month, I dri'llll "Onll~ on wij~ksn<1l~ but onl:., when I don'lh3Ne an <l:s.sigl1lml?nt due ;hc nOid week, I go 10 m~ boyfrl~nd'~ nC}I.I!;El Or visit his 9 rand parents at '~henr home. I hang (J u l wi th m~ rrie nos bu,t 1"1:01' that oHen because "!JUIF schedule IS SO c1iflp.re nt. I rli"Iode,1 ~~om time Ie tlme. Do ycu go bellcll-l'ioppiflg every 5umm9r Ul wav most AmeriCilln girls ao?

On nco, I go. to the lake. People rCi the Mnd~ve~t. ~re ~o f<lr from !he beacb 80 they go 101 he ~akcB and! parI)' in OO<l.OS, go· crazy, and drink a lo!. I drinll whatever i can, bul 'I can corl'trol mysclj. I don't go cmzy 10 ttw po~n~ thEllll' II take my lOp -off. "'te a~ways be~n in COri'trbl.

So flO "thD5 DIU! ~~mf!lllll college" kind of ~tor~nI;i1

NQ. Bul whet; I was a freshman, I rartiedB.l()L M>' fir~1 birltida)' there aCju.~f'ly W<l!; held 8ff a fralemit~ house. I ,.wIred l:ib()ul.lo0 pr:opl~ rrom my school and it was MI e<r<llzy, But I clicln'! really do a lot ot wild things. I danced and had a beerbong, that ' .... a,s it ha 11a.!





o u z




Hi FHM IUIY '2009 w".V/,lilrr l:~f" pn

Do 'lie h.:Jllj .J ~oH"

!,~ '.'.'P ,';' lit' lius -II!' \\'1111 ,;1\' .r'C~DlTI:rl~ :u lhe ',','1111 ,!'rW ',I l~m:i~I~' r Irl~~ I,','?f I. l:e'I'~::

Inllur.nza 'I~GGm~& ·---t'~lt~ r.~,' 1: 1:,~J.ke[eli re,1T' t: - f.I[' r ,;~IJ:ille Iln'-Ja'~~ Ihl' ~1.!I;'i~,

In nnfr.·nj Jpr~1 a Iru~ :'II~"' r!.cnl'r. to IlfJlln:1 d:, " ~II

III i.IS T, II. shnilir. nalr.n lr"

Irfl': I' 1If. ml:;IIITII',' 0-1'1,

\' rus "." IIU~',' h~·r. lS r - ',' c'ImJiE IIl'L~ ','mh I" ,~r'''~@J ,i 1:lIImt:'~'II:P~

ca"r (~4Jj h,'~ :3 ;\;IY [r.r~r-

Sun stri

e z



o (J




Thf' facet-, fIlal1le: l','I,ls11,111:1 ~,~e: ~~ lIomewwo; t,'UI! IAnn!il O(;cu~3tioB: M~:el

f'tlQ~ography 'Fi,omai'l '

We· l.asil; saw you il'l :20'05 al5 an FHM GltlrlI'ex.t Door. Wh_ l'IilPpel1ed "to you In flill 13$ four ye,us;?

I pursued n~(>clel~l'lIg ~,ilte,r GiNE) traveled for two ~ears-I went China, did harte nding, ilnd s marketing. IL~·~! y(~ar ~ Currie bIMan ila 1'0' clo mQdeling' aglli n baan here in Soracay since e-athls y.eaJr;

Ay~s! An1d you're lIIer,e IIlI B 11or?

I was h,s-I~ lor a fQur-d:[lY 'o!acal but than I f~11 in h .. ~ with the sunset an d :he PL!l'DP~t:, Ha nil' ver.1 '(l\ol~rwhelmrng_

So ,(j!id you lea m <!Jl;j'f!;h,ing a,bo~t the iSlland?

Well. most Q·f m~' frr!;!nds Ilerla musicians, and thiey ta~ght m to pla~ d~fb!ikn-'it's. an 'Alricapercussivs instroment. Some \o,;e get irwrtGd to play at bars. fu n bacauaa ';\'8 get paid for rl some~lling we ertjo-y_.

We ima.gin,e a fusDon; ,of WI) mllslc and trip-liop. Right? SomethIng rike Ihal. N8ki~a" tito' Si) is'land, k8,mn1N]R'~ aitI'J then laptop, ~fs nk:II3' 1o([1.-owing; may [ocals ptJ. Piiiltlng tti.!11ulu nang' (la/1un. D U rin'9 sunset, w!;llk from Staiiprl 3 1.0 $W1iL"~ A ko tflfl9 rung llaba~ sa' gm~ 1"/e always been one oUhe IX! so 'Nu/i:lng datio$}. Kr.mg anol!'. fT<lgllgawa (j{! /af~ki! I know I c do it too, in a ';,',a~'_

noeS this al~ mean tl'lare' one sped~1 to take '¥OIII" ti, ,away fn;!llil'l tiiese tlilillgs.? Wall, ~'lI'e been ~111gh'!, tor mor than th~'t} ~cars ""ow" ! 've so for'90t1ol1l'!na a~perie!:lce {)I b.e in a relatlo nahip! Bm Bora, is' known ~tlr cas' olleo,lInters, SO ... ~'ve been licJ'c fOil a mon~h II So far fllfi'ifJill'l'l'I more fOClfse.; fri,ends<. I'm not w<:Illy inlo ifi~ up or dating .. nYOI1lB.

F,in,alt)". if you were II rnuSii~ IllIstrument. you'd be .... ThellL!JtoP. • .i\:asi h2itYl'llDl'lic $,1)11.1, S ialTfJ yOri(} lUtIO!J ',lIy~L H<::l hal


Ilhddid;: l3~we 18 tha milt ru~h~"r 1m h:IllI<1!,hlp.ld 3Jl !ollr h~~lfwigltt ·..,00'1d. m!~ lj.,ll.!l-IBj"; WEA, m.e '1!J1nJdi l.MBffi-at on!!!! Um2 O~ th~ ciliaI'

I!n '-"




o u z

Bruln rn.: 1;::<1.(:-

~. PMSIIij' jaw is att.ac~ed to 1il~ skull fflnlllgil the Ternparn Ma~dibular J{Ji~t (TMJ). Blead 'tessel:s from j~e bTllill and SQme c~l1j~r ~~f'iles pass fur!l~~li fuis ~arlic~l~ F aim-. W,II~m 8 shih ~irn tile jBW, Ih firr~e i£ translnitled to, tf1e j~illt 1l~T're$, lITId blmmd 'Ie:ssels_ II lIIil)' ea~s!l' lernporary step 1.11 bllJ"lul flow to the brain wlltoo leads to h1a~klJlIt_ Or ln HaUIlIi's IY<Ise, g:etting b1omd~ul

ihleenemv! Drll;'Tdimcnsional It.rttoo;~ tm i0 ~~i:s light was seale~ ~] his Iim~tin!(J S¥e~bllf Ie-It him i!X!piiSildi to pUll~IHIS loorni~~ from The s!idflll.i:cmiitlil~m til Ai!rer:a, lI~t!~~ is ~~e·d]mernsiiijn'ili. " Pag oonmllflll(: ~ipi dJ;e.ts~ Jim!}. Will-a' rJamll'JJ IIIJallf}

WlItrJk lIiJ p~- . IHlatto".

[m3jji\flimsill mol .

WllMj@ c~W~r {lag lmIilm.rr.e;'


B'o~mg analysh; say ClOO "uncI'! c_end a fig.ht_

ll~ the case 06 RiG~_"" Hoat.klo onE'! punch not o[ll~ ended, the f _ it po-ssibly cmu8J his caruer. ~ F'3CqUI!!O's rnarvetous pLlnchn"!!I' ,,"ower sent Ihe 4~itmall1· Q lh£. c,.uwa,S-!Q1 good I n fOund IWIll e; th Elir 'l11llCt"i ilf';'ti c:ip.~toe<d 'fig ht

P~l.tii1al'l 's ~We5!i)me dl&p;rf

Qf fif;ti c aoi[i!i8s KOOpS g_etl.ol'Q better. It )'00 look a! hi!! rnntc the famed Bflil. you'd .!l6., an ti\lohJlJor'1 TIW be

th~.t Pa[;qU<l!l~ WIl..t p p:M'lner8 hip' "",Ul Fr!'!rle..;;

w8S ml.Jch I ke ~cS figh~,n g. The final blow ~ wOl'Idlh31 Inc P .. oman

[IJ ·Qr\e·dlmer;r&lOn.:Iu'B'<ll Ilrtelligellt b(l'l!er

22 FHM J U I Y <;"1 x!n .. '~ofJW. Um I-J.:I" I'~r-II

I am h~ll.'I·rmked, slitl'r:.ing ifIy.se:n around a pole to lhicdun(l of \,wI<Jrnl's 'Ca1'!~les!:> Whisp!;,t' Bul' somehow it doesn't fa-el r[ghot ...

iQyo\J! Han'

To me--l feel !i~e a 1'iIa~ljral! My blXly is so \Olelr built aM! f!.e~ and II~s duliClOO8 thIS pole,d~omg thif"lg i~de,1milely so~hing D could get used lo,Arr.d it ~II started w!'I(J(l 'I hook·e.j up w1th RP':;-¢fu datlci'1g qu@,oo Ana Garbo.

<A(,.iu<!II~, man h~ same rainor ad~flnla6l~ over 9'irl~:' Q.i:lY<~ .AnA,

a real pro wilh an ihtema:tlona~

pole daOCli)9 chwnpioo€lihip undor h(~r bell and nowan ins~ructor at MovemAfit Studio, "YOIif upper tJ.o<!y stmngth can g~t yoo ih1~O some pooi.rons. ..... ilt less .effort:'

lIma showed me· p<lle rnoves tl1at she said I may ..... ""'i1 t6 folPow bou~. lOl'{j her 1.0 i~,~~·d~· h~"r ~!ru1: and 11,I\,I()ul'd be .i~Jf';l finA w~~mn>J (I ~V<~ bI~d1fil1g her I was gooo but the vl(?w from tl10 baee 01 the ~ w<liS OOIM).

Later, II told hl;!i'" to rrrova m'~r and let ~he 'l'IupE!lrrero take over. I did my" ireman's On i" and "Peter· PRrkE!'f·~II~';u"to-kis~.,M~I"f·Jant}~ Il'K)VeS, hanging ontor @WU! 10 seconds, ,1mD. ,,,,,~ aghast

u MukflaI7Y I3nja}' n.;l enjoy k,9 ah! KU"B119 nil !;;lllg' unt{lroer kfl ng beer!'

"Axe yoou fe~ling .atly~hing se~'Llal Sl.:cin\l me fI'OH!>?" II <1",~E!{!, kriowing full weill w~'!'l hiot.

"Wala,· said Ana fISrti~, W:om~n. ~ am such 8 loss to 10U if you 're not feeling mer!




il£!!iID'S 1:ii1nd, na i'Wls. fUmloo irlliitB 'S[]E; :!I1ill1l1ior.> in jmlimiite "'~1rl··trll~ lrPlJ!';!R9. !l11!;;1 !), /if1al',


N'~rn~: , AIW 1. ~B1lI9 Lu'WnOtcupntion:

See him: ~A~~~H - IlaD-~;:.

C!J :Z~I

. _I ,_

=::1 o U 'z·····

, .

W'~~ ~n!}!'l~.~lr 11m 1ii~81 pope, at ]'e.£!

'" .... ~ .... ,:JCD!I"IlI!lrIJII m, !I;lItt1JDlh~ 'tr-:l,~iIj~m, ;iIi~ ·I'.i1!U ,ItS IJiiS1I'1lE ..... 0 .. _ •. ~"n bi"illugmrt ChrDslianil.y ill .iI~m.p..



Bar Room Jokes

Thi,s month ::Divi ne c,omedy and a bit of the. usual

Alone time

A man was SI} iJpset·by I'!is paS! d(:cd:; thAL 11(~ dIlcided io V.sit ~ t;;nl)r(lh and ,oonfes-s ",I of his sins. \fVi1el'l he a_l1rved at!i'1>e ,chUilCh,

he walked 10 the wnk::9lsi.un area. and spok~ to Ihe ParlQr_ "Fafher;

I am sif1f,ul~' 'Ye£,S[l(f1, jUg! tP.4l me what h.aJioE! j'ffiI ,donE'l, ·the L..nrd "";11 forgwe fQU.~' '"rather, I ha:-vea ~e.'l.cIy ~elati(lnship with' ~ girlfriend,

it's been Ihr'eO ylllar$ and 1'I()tning Mlr1aUilll'o'f;!'> l1appe~d between lIS, Yl'!g,~may, I vi$itoo her house, ~(),DOO)o W'M at home except for her s'is'tcr. Wi} welle akine and I sfep! witfl hE!f." "ThaL's bad my bOY:~DrI~mLt~31)', you rcillUl: ~our n1i~iaLl~ "FF.I!ilwr; ~t

..... r=ak I 'HEmt to my girlfriend's oifiC€ to look for hier, biJ\ ,nobody w~ around ~pl fur one or 'h~r .colr.c;D,gue:,<;, lO:D

I slept \!'/,ith Htsr taQ:" "Jh<'1t's f1Q,l·.~'eny gODd of yo:Ju~ "Fa,;ne-r, last mon1ti, I

with a black 'i,""fi3- 8bie e.laimEld she'd heard a rmi$e in her ba.ckyam and wen( to in\ffl3tlga'bfl_ The ne.xt thing she kne'w, she w;r.; hi! if) the eye and knocked DUll' COild_ An Officeor W<iS ~nt to her. houes to j~tioa,te, and la~r he {BlLJr,ned w'ithi ~ bla()k eyp.- ",Dtd ~'(lII) g,et ,hit by 1h~ same person?" his cOlptalfl O'l"il'!(;e{l. "No:' I~e rel'l~ilc1. "I stepped 011' Ihe sam e '.aloo<." ll'hitJel~d11 g, ~r ,em~rJ

went io her uncle's house ro 1001<. for .er; nobo~ was ffi'GIund CXCi::p'l for her aUl'lli@, and I ;s1BP'I WlItl her too .. _ F-d~lmr? FQlher'i'" Sl"ldde'llly the guy r<J~!boo itlPJl;l was no '-~se ii-oin 11le Fa1tier, so he ...... ·.alred over arid decevcred tll~t ~he P'USLOI W~ 11ul ~horo. He oogan sP.;amhing f~r him, und fitoaUy ho found hlrn hid'ing- under ~h~ lable b€ihu,d fhe pi~nci. "F8(her, why. are yoo hilfng here?" ·Sorry 301t, ~udd'ej'r.'~ r rcrrrornbercd t:hcr~ il; oo.ood), around h0r'E!i ~(;8pl rns" CarlllS Mnrrtes .. 11)' e:nl3~

Hea\'en?" 'fie guy replses, "l'rn JUa!l C&PU'Z, taxi dnver, from lM~mjla:" Sl P,etel' consults his-list. He srTliles ant::! l!ill:> 'lha taxi driver, ~T$kl;! jliS silken robI;! and gQlden staff .~md enter 1Ihe Kingdom 01 Heaven,' M.o-I .... it's 1ltJe prlest'e tum .. H~ stands erect <lind booms (nil, EI am too Ri~ht Reverentd JOSGph BrllOW, p:(i&l.Qlf of St. Mtuy'a for Ih~ ~ast 42 .y.a-affi~' Sf. PoJlar OOrJ'S'l,M;s 'h~ ~iM and says, "lake lh~ cotton robe and WQ<XIe~ s~Mf m}oj enter tlhe K1ngdPrfl of He-a'larl." '"Jllilt '''" minuW; SEl)"'6 1.ll8 priest. 'That rnan \Ii·as a ta~i driver_ I/'i'ny df1oP.~ he '9ert

a S<llken robe and gQIGen slaff?" "ReSlIIIS;' sFm .. lgged 51. Peter. "WI~ile you preached, people slept. lNhen he drove, people praii}{]:'

IDemD~l X, :Irt eiII;'l~

FlnaE result

Priest dies ~nd is ' ..... aitir'tg ,iFllinc al Ihe Pealty G_~tes. Ah{t:f,]a cof' him is a guyir) sUligk:!~~B8., a loud ilhlr1, Iflaln(,lr jackal l'lnd jeana. St. Pet'~ add resses him, °V'ltio are you, so tilL'll I ml'lY koow ~vh~the.!' or ncl

to admit y,ou into 1~8 lKingd'mn of

Knockted out

A .IM!!, ...... N"t to I.ti~ patioo statioo

- eer In, steer out and

~w' Th~M ~ne Da.si=lIy' '"'!!Is you nee,:;! kt do on ~nei 1flfflfrfal Q Arcad~ ~ In less tllar1 8; second I

-SO!: ,IJf1Qng ~n difh~r'(:n'l rides eur garaqlEil; 8iPrit't~ LIi rOllqh

dffi'tlf8m f(]U~H'! {mounlHtrl

- and pen(i1.ct 'Y9ut"<:lI'i~un'9 ,'4I'lletb1cr'~'au 'Wan' to bejne Clf th~ SITee! o. just poat

'l:l~eyDlIr record in thB' Time -fide. 105 hae ..... ha~ lft la~es to r adre n<'lline p~Jll'Iping !rom ~wpoint s, '

S '!loud about 'hi:

• + 'fl add ilion pf a n~w DClU~rS8 _ ~ ~ag"'r1oand tine ~tUrJ1 Q,f

- ==itgmaRom {D3, fnifiilU)

~ ;;.mj~{>·t() !a~3 In(3 gama!0 1'Joc~lhta [1i1-e~aIM and prQVide. ~lleil~eR_ AmQng oth8r

, Emil- 8re three new cars:

tlr~lrr.i l1!t'ioer E~ollilion VII, ~i!! RX/i' RS'andti'le To~ota ~-::-~ filZ. In TOICIgc BMtle. step - =:'1>j chall(tn,g\l char""c~~~s from


:ulill..-thlrtJ·i:t!", ba!tl~8 .. 8eal'Ta'ku mi ilnd h~· Tovma AE1l6

in AklnJa Of ~ullfU~ R.y.os~Ke Takill18shi arLd hi:3 Ma~d~ RX-'.i' FCJS in AKagi. lin c<'lMt ~>Jl,Ll wanl

to do someth il'lg crazy, challMg8 Km 1{0ga.8h~wa and Ili~ TOJIO"t<l MR1 rn ~l'oMzS!ki3J ano Ljump' ~-,tl1.!tr'ml,r

ufL ~omr;0 corners to swiftly clear that m()tllT1~:HlIn pa~a_ ThE) J~P~r"l~S~ fand~bipe wi~1 [llSjre· yo:utjOfWl> drop, 100, that somelJirnes, \lOll

~u Id ~w;t prflfur to r"-.C(! at nijQ~~

to kE!'e'P ,Y[)ur !lyes on th[) r'O;:ld and off',he b~alJtirul Srlo ....... c;l:ppad El10w'!la'~s,.

Wl'li;lt"$ ba'" shOut It!

So you want ~l) 00 tl~Elki"g ·of the rouge? r:t'~ not goiil19 to 00 that easy- Piayjng tniti~1 [} A,f:-<ldF. 01ag€ 5 can ddinitely- pu,sh .~o~r body ttli:12 lirrl,i~_ Think .:lb,()~t brnl<.ing and downsh,i'tillg upon cqnner en~~y, .th'E!n 8M8ri~1.9( ~lllh€ wsy ~(). lhedeft, U~E'!tl, T'€!'"liglliliog yo'u r car for !'he nerd c(]m~r v/hiil!l <lpplylng ~,cer~l,n al:l1lo~JI:'II of H"ll'opttl¢l enough to clear h. find:

course 8aUed N:~~~nBand the reiiurm ~f fI~~p~lIa~:3~~ frijill lI)rJ, Ifii~;"'ll) 5 ~ wm isss t~

la ke Uhe ~a!~e to ~rew Ilei~~ts ~D~. l~rm~i,de mew ~hanen~~s.

!I "' I J v ')





> w


un~iki3 iii the prc~iolJ()l{liJirJ f) variant'!;, play<lrs C.1.1'1 no longer rlGochE!ll their cars around some w8~1~ tn oli;!\l:lr R. (;oml!lr f:a.ster- {aka "wall r~e). Unless y,our wallet is fM enough to bury the aOOkg gamfil machina, ~ou'll have to spend P22

In Tim~:ne on E}1,r{iry' $wip.e. If you're. Wiillmg to re!!Jlly ;'<lAA !hi!; (lame sW'icusly. YOll have to swip€ sf:.vCr} tifii.f:s lo buy Y'01J1[ card and another

11iiiUalll CTca!Pf 'SlIu.il:hi Sltt~~.l1'lu1~ ~ ~1I11:! llI"L~t~N:)'dl!<lrnlh~_ tll!mDI,I.~, lOr b ,<I mOlllrGydii eamics. IlIDWEflll!'r, iIJltMtl:a ~ull , ___ transitien [Ii w.ili .. g' "' eenue alillllllt !;;Iro 'j n~lrlaa,



BilsteNndudn!! ~ '!I0!li! tllwmm reaIJ

:;;e\'{~n S"wipcs if you w~ni j(l add another car to 'lQU, ga:ffi'ge,

Our ¥ n!ll~1 ~ So what i~

llljtffli D jk(;~df:l Sl,ilg~ 5 is wav too 'e.~penshve and ph.ysic.ally dlMnandillg? Even before ~OI.J Iq .It, ~C)u wi II be viiiliflg lQ spend!

p~ 2 and .a.-faw calCiries fo·r every race, You fw;!.~e a full-h ueil<.al ~em. but as ~rou play, you'll rea,1ize!h:al r·ou'll only f1ee~ the e-dge.*****

P'ound for pound! .

II 11i$j 'ii,i$" fiti:JU.,'i , i1 tn1 I.tf.jP\11

P.a1npol! 2 Whlloo': PSI='

'PoL!lnd ~e W8r dirum~ atld sand an amry ot IJI1~ black knuckleheads te ~fI1ash a~ing !hat comes

yoor way! V't'hert Ihe tm;t ,Pat&pon irwadBd tnt: gaming wOF~d, il' waf> an OlfflFmg:nl smash hit, !It introduced

:rn entIrely new .gamep'la)'. YOt! oo:nool yoor ttoop~f(lilowing a t~mbifia'liem of dh~nts ijn elt'Bty to~r beats: ?oda! Arta! Patal Pon! P:on! ~on I Pata I !?on I Hit e'/E!rything right and ~ol1'I' neve your puny blEL~k .unny sm1a::;h, Now, 'oo'li'th fle'l. .... wili~& snd a mu.1tipl~' mode, Ihis g3!me is s.1111 !ODmHlhing you v.'Ou[dn't wam to see in the traah bin. Don't bBlieve us? Try tile derrro at pai<lpon·gElJl:tlB.OOm.


'J!I....... ~

Mit~i'''5ttj-;;lf:ra.-:tjjF.x~(lK 3i~Q, 'P's;a

1)3m~ has s-mr lmlm ~illl~l~r Pink III I.f JillY.IOOSO Sj:t.;1king Chil1c~1I huru ~lIti m yamcpad. SlalD';lht<:rs n(1lJlS h'{ 1m hllnw 1~1kn Glilitrolirl 'I~ Three r.m(J:bms. or

fUll ~11I1W I~ *****





> w


- --

TV '

Th8 cb.lI1'3.dQl',li BBrlmd Rmi~ em. S:=.-:-~ St._ ';'i8r.~ ~~~r.d ~~l!~ Hnl 'iJ!~ EII)~ ·~d 8rtl!E·1lu:! tt<:I , DH'.-er In Frank Ca'J!'I'S.'s Irs A WjJoI>~ 1.ik

!7/f/!I!II;;W!~Y1l1!/!/!t1111/i!!J!j;XV!!1r~7j/IIM1!1/t!'!I!!!J ///!iWIJ/J'/01./1//1

JotBO MAX [Premier~ l!;!IH;~ "(

'WhO" Rob !MorrO'<v ('90s. TV 'Sens~lion}, David Ktutyll\olt2: (tho:t oHM br~lhC:F}

Whll"'!r It ... bout: That shor' gU'l' who '9~lin~d nr.ltoriety: s1a,ririg in the '905 'rv show Northern ExposL1re returns to '~he small screen, thi~ lime j}.layir;,g arr FBI. g,g&(ji ..... ho onds up recr u~.m9 f~i~ '1l.~.th-gemIL~ hro

:Iu .sul\!'i,! ii rang'p. of {[ Ului-cal crIme"

I n lr'~ Angel p.~. rf\~pir~d; by real events, tH e senes depicts how <tie eonfluenee ot d ecsnt sJell!!'i .."..1)1:0: an d e k~m{)nl:ary math couldjnr(;w

[n ~n~xp~cted an ~'IfoeTS to the most perp!e~i WI <:rlrl1e scelV8 questions, Wlud'~ goo" abo",n it:

This crimc-'~gh'I.i(lg ar<lma wj:1I la-a~"r;l 'Y.o~~ butt hang ing iiI tha BdglB of 'y,ouraeab ~s il opens LJP a ~,aml.Jt(!lf 8e€m~ng!y uresolvable scenarios.

What's lI!l1 r;Ii OiIbout II;

It~ I~k~ w.~1:t;ning {In epislYde oj CSI minus toe pogi cut-scenes e~rtai.n,il~g tho science of th~ c rir)').:>" wbii,ch '!ftiJjs replaced b1 miFldnUI'Ilhing and, um, probI8nil-'!>olv.ing a;s~ign manta,

The- IlBoniit;;l;

irs ~ cap show 81!:lOIJI mathematics .. E);)pec! hMliily l~dGn pOI~C8 work bib-J!.! in Hm ~pirit~f CSt an-d .7,<1,

'Couch' paralysis

Your ,daily HI fijI this m'~ntI1


IDii~ll!olllery Chall~~1 M(jIl'lIl.11fS. 10PM Wlllo ~ 111~ <~lnllld (ilelli~ ~hp. IIIlm Wil!at's ~ ill~~i; ThIS JS a coo'J/ruall'J TV ssnes 81 Its s~1r8nlB 'Nhere you w~1 ~'Imms

r. [f~II sllHlliill'g rti;m 11~[JiIIIi~ 'Ii'il~k,~ uf t:i~ lJ~e ~I~nr. i.] 3 )J.mi~ly ~j '!.niY~I3ililillatt)II~ like a Winter ~r..li: cr.>41, illllllr.1~I~ ~Inn SCOl~r:i), OOI"L!l rust at 8C~ and li~ln~o!f

!hG larui

f·~~l h~b; ,')JIWIIil ml~(1 Let ~bLl nirnutl G.'INything himwlf, wIi~h 'lIcms ~G1Iin~ bObs okanif,';l ~I and ilattel es aJ[I;lJth; 'ij3~'

"80 PNm~m~ July 19" 9PM W~~: Hrendiiil FI ~3~1 (~~1(il!g ol~}, Jet U {3lolm w~j)

What'll it :~hmllfl:; ThH fr~lr.hi~ 1e11!11);; IEI' I~ thrd inlfnn, and, nowplil)'{1d nn t~B ~~II SO'eef), lomti rtf the Um~1ftI? ~ni:ae{or takes J ~I:t.llililiy IUIn as lh~aClbil *,lflSlo Asia .l:mtt~r.g a ~mlm Clr.p1!ICt', lhe ~h~p~lifli~ ~~p.r m !I"e thl~ tnw.G::III~_1iillrrms:. 'r·~&l fa~b: Digging a wcl m XI~.il ~II~ n 1m, gse~m IIf!Siirthod nn !ir~lIl.lI!d illli! Mliiillilig l~ousards GiIDOffE:c1Jy .crafled roJ~ltJl~ uf tw~oollJ ',~arriDfS

Dm tlhtd&til

MilO fl'n:m'lte'Jes.J!,ity .!J.. S;ur~dall" 9fJM Who: Lrv Tyl~r 1S.liwE!n'~ gooo g8ne?), S8()tl Sm!p.dman (pathetl~, beau)

Wh,lIt's it a iilout; A cou pic ~p{l n di ng the n ig ht i.., lnc;r

subu rwn C['lt;lIn I~) tar~wt(~d by dan gerou~ mo~ ~.ed ~tranlje rs. T!~i3 !3 a chi I! Ir'g look at (.8 ~dorn violence willi bfUt~Hi tr.o.t Oil psyc hotic I 8'\''il Is . Fast: fact: The ~ it: K Wi3~ loooc[,y ba5E~d onaoiual or nne d~CUr'i'lfl~ts et the Keddie Rcso'l morders of 1981 in Ncrth8rn C8.I!rClrnl~,

E:'~gau AU~n rm~ j'l1Jtr<lrlm::olllnll'stl!'rr !i)[;1j~ "ll.rir~! , IL.l'I,~lI~ I. dl!'l'r.,cUW!, A ... [!I'!~t~ r.: UUpill, i.~ hfs Hl41 ·g;tDry, 'TI1~ !MurdlerS III !l!~ Jhl~ 'Mmrq!Je:

en ~



> w


The armchai explorer

Can't afford a trip around the world? Take a trip to the bookstore, quick!


TQd lCft'(~r cllil~ A~i~ the Ciate.Clh1c'f0r

C",p'lt~1 6f the ";"o~ldi 'alfld in this If8NeJantholo[:m he- i$·irl f.~r.<l Grm=y i,ri~il ~~ liVa pm.ml.ri~s: J'ap'a~ IndiA., Hang KCir.g" LaQR., and tha. Ph-illppinf!s_ Five: stories-for flve counuies, each one ~ich

i~l ahocki 119 local CUlI:LurG, histo~y IQ-ss,or'l!i<

.Qn th{l ancient l.il'i1l$~, oucJ.OO- '~'Dn:t",,(n>po;r<l!r:t -cl~~C\l~riE!i;l • .and, 'af ()DUlrS(~. dlf.ffic~ E'I~lcO'u!l1!ll:r!; w.ith oh ~)n"'c~er8 oot!l b<e.';u)tij;JI .~Il('i '!JUly-


J .. R" D~Hls.ctnI:'l0.r

fl)\ !ihat bod:1_g old fra~'el gllLidf! 10 Eumpfl.dbwn ~ l·osre~cI, pileI<. tJp J,R, Daes,c:Qtnel's rosser", <1fN;1 AheblowGrs. vlh,ef~ ~Oll wm Ic~rn THE ktcksss way to (lO on ~ Eur'o trip. Fro;)') o<Llt-of-tllis wo't'ld tmditifm~ likl)) 8.1 by ]UrI'Ipt(lg Fcsrivals so Hr~ D~nr,il1lg 10 Riga:.Mmtis PrO[';~~iQn~ Tn Spai,n, (mel ~{,.ya_ges.1tom lT€1and to !sta-n Qui t,o Turkey, D8!€o~chnCr' cha:llcflg,c:s hiS r(:,.:l,d:el's to qo on an :3;d~4r'Jtu.r-E'l'~ ~1T1<:lzin9, or 8~en bett(;j~



Bef<:)l.e ~OG ,etset k"ulii~1 parts of

fhe 'o/Drfd, plscn ~

trip, around our

g,:;OO ot::l <I5!ands. .:;';Ir'<{'! .~ h(ioW tnt.: 'country has hC<ld!i(>.-l>. tJil;;t,oriQ !'li~E'll>,.·.'lf'ld CUIIIJI<!I.if!TId[l1ll;lrk-;; lklt cm~ put ~cwss· ihtf!Fnati;:)~1 watftI$ to shf;me~ ~\&il!~m bJ' a frcei(lAc.e journafl$C 'l'tho's -grown to lo>Ul !J<ur cOLml!ry.(hw iaan _!J~timm[;! tra~81 guid.e tor both 100;$118 ~.Ir!d 1ourlsl!l;,

La;u~!lm J. BrahmrTh~ ,nO!l€1 ~,.aIl8 ~r.m's .e::-:perieJI®M in ,Lbasa wl:1f1 thJ:,:_ 8U(.i:dhiat l>C!'iprurEI Sharntibaa S!JLT,~ ~p;'Ir. ~)'fa TV d08IJmflnt~l}' .. HiP. lIS(;" this tome ai his gu4- lQ. firtl:l1h~ kingdoo-.

o~ Sh~f'l'1bh.aJa. ilt1:x.a fXlpul,Jrly·kno ..... n <LlO Sh8~@ri-L .a, where ~ encounters monks a~ o~hC!' ~tltal f1gur~o;! lead him em his ;{Li~ '1.0 m(l'~!~ious pb~~ Tib€it·::1n9 Ihfl di~ of h!s CM'f'l ~I~, PictL1~sque !~OO1l'1 words an.d phfD1QS

:,,, Ih~ i$JSl,lfsIT), ~ftIU' Eitrn tb ymmg VoldBlmurt is p_layed by '1I~I'Il,fi'8nLle!-Tdb" Tjflin i'l; !l~1; R!;"Ph~'w of LcJrd V~l.d9lil1.1!!L',t hlm"dt, FlBlph Fl~_~n~.!I


Wbll: Klislll1l ~1f~11f1 (p;fJ1}, ,I~ f~cllhorn {nordfl

Vlbafs it ,abIli1l: Se1 [I U~ 'UCh Itot 11"'S~'ti-dilit· Gm~ M:lIn\1 fuJireS fJ1 ~!htn[ID1S :-l1~llliff n1 J~ Ilffln'llil - -MIn l~nWJkln 3 ~(MI1l1Ii1ell:.:' ml~'ll!J~R rc !t.axtelS: a P[e-mlilill[ lrI.ll.igh·l{lj:ng gil, a,t! ~~ ooI:p~lfir ~ 'lito ffis.alllng fir Ullil1l"';YU ~Il.~, iMoille b:nrill: lhn mnllB', ihli1l1e IIL'

m 3 rf<'~ ~ponymrus rtf amuml~1I1 ~'b1lUla '.wt<!.1 fl Um '1l(l~ ** * **

Who; Dan'jQl' ,Radcliffe (magic g€>cJ.), Ru~ Gr'iill,t ('l!!izard v.'io::oorJ, Emima W~n (wune fClialiiat)

Wbul' Jt abo'lt: HarJ:Y PQt~r (R}l.dcliHe} is on l'Iis ~i:dh y€Xlr at fiogw,ar [s, ",~d he has his ...... izard ii1IiciBrpan.tp' on ~ lwbl ;[IS ho <!ntjcip8.tes hT~ fi'M;;;! battle with!

tne f()llic~1l1 chulicn'illf.ld LQrd V.oh:::!emOrL As this 12l!J.t inst::;llllnen! n~~FS .Ile end af the Poft!;!r series, rohe noselass O(lrk Lord ceuses r'Iilayhem ill tooth the mUM Ie and

.... 'J2:llrd worlds with help from his friend s, th~ DE'lathi Eat~rs_ Tnil1g~ gCl mor@ intere8ting as tio1e movie ch roniclea Voldemo~t's past from be ~ we learn that a child ,~u!ferdng fram abandonment i~ljes can grow up to become-art evil worlddestroy0r'_ Or a pDlihdal"l,

Whilt' good about It~ A~idCt from it!;) faithfl'lness to the boo;k

an d li1e special Bfkct'ol, in fh'8, latest fI'lm installment you dQI'I't

have Co fuel difty if ~'o u f~el Hermione i~ Dc1 u<l!ly kinda cule_ Wtlat's h.ul bDut t: The forebod'infg fMli!lg Ihi'll: Hai!:; is going to be .he second to the I~~t of the Hatty Puller series.

The! 1I11I'd1t: ~: A~ ~'irh ltid proviou ~

Potter fifms, 'this .

one rnakea _'folJ!h<'ll'!lkM for being gestated

in Illes genermlofl .


WII"; Chanllillg T41UlII (1llJ'chlnn ba[, Ten.ence Huw.ar:i (&lrr.cl-~m¥tJ lNiI:d's it aibmu~:' t ke witnOSsJ:lg s tim smWlir.tinn in ''''',nGIiI~ [hi, lillr I~ _ ~r.r.III~ ~ mn ~l<:tigl}'P. amllp-Imll~ I?o. !U~~ d'l~1'1 i:L31~ ·krrJukl~11 ']II1rJ;ilr.~, )'DU _ c~pe[! IlIL<t:h d~llljl hille ~In m thp. !f.:' Inis frlci;, ,hnl)j}TI, Think or It lhls W'f1/: r = Ma. W~'h~1Iii10 ~uo,_ f~IIIi..~b' =

bal lI~hl.

Mo~ie b Orill!; UL'fJhi? 'br'fil'lff" CWJRu.-;LatUI(I lIs-tld '10 ~~ 3 r~~ modol. 'r~", s~.sh.:~i·lg, lif,fl:r.-IIl;J k 111,


Whl~; Joellorm (illtr.nsc) Loo Marl!flt? rrl.lllll~), MarrlQI1i I etT~nrtel (yummy) W~ar; itacout: HiiS juIH23luru 111m m6S In on 1113 lije 8r a fr:lll 'wOO has 3 ! lor cosks I III r~aihlilY kiml, HI~ :lilIrllr. cookhg'lnng !Juts ~m UnnlrrL!p! So, he II ~I~f;r.' III~ r~1 ~Ymvl'lllll!1 ill nrdnr to lim lu J Wru'1d' SI3~hr.r top inturll3tlooal Der~y sa ~~ Ihe ultl:naIe ai~T1a f({ all nyhtill~ cotl:

F'<I'S~' J:a:r:l: Ja\' .),:IIIi'~ make:> :i r.~m~ a~j.'e3lt·IY as hrnsnltin thi~ il~t ..


In r2il[]J[I. lla~f"!,fB M"~~h;y~1 p:arim .&1..45rn

!lilr 'Ina S!8il1way piano [1:11 ClNi[Lch John , Liil"liID"n WrotD ·lma'~il1e.:

l%WI:'MW('X~~J/~W1,/;0:~:;~Wlrll'f '

U) ~



> w


;V:ou'vo ticen together siRce 1&96. Whafs the secret to s-tayll19 togethtef this long? £lOil<e !locals, guitars):. First of all it's

beceuso of OUr passion fair fh~ mu*~ We enjo~ peti()<flYling <Llidi :['nakirlg ri1lU"!:lk:;. And also, passion for 'I.1i~ M;en8 in Sing.['lpzyr~, because most of whtlt. we do i;;; featly try to bring the 'Ioe;!!] ~OQi[W as far as we can,

Desmo!1!I1iI,Goli (bllJ55}: I 'tjU8ESi!'~ raora or how w(}11 Ihe peopfet in t~ loend teed .01'1 each other ... ll1e ()hl'lmli;ttry. We hang out logcther, w~ jam !(Jg.ether, we hetp each other out, We really enlo}' each omer's cornpa!n)',

Dave: 'We'fe Ii":e a d~'S{lIFi(;tional family. iYou pl"yed at the awesome XSW (

: ')I SQuthiwest)fest!valln th~ IJS.-'---~ How was [1 plavill<fl In ~ IiiIjffeni!l1t continent? IihlI!lEl~ Th~enca.rm were awesomel V!/al~ e~peQla11y l'tte festiofal it;sell, b8t;~uSi3' lt'a Drloe- od the res~i .. als where irs rKrl <ll~ "e.a.d~ned bands, I mean, ~OlJ" could na,\IIE! Aqualung ;';inc! some 'llr'!kf1.(l'l,"I~l b<md: an tha '1XJme st~ge,

Doomond: There, .~ou realize just tlow big dl(l Rcen:f! is, It's an ,~,-e·opcfler f!Qt Ul;_" .~_~ Do you guys h ave day jobs Of a r·1l yOu a, I filII-time musicians?

Daile: l'rn a DJ but I .;t~o dabble '11! bit in TV work .. D9smon-d: I'm intoA&R and a1~o an agent. W"jl!iam L.im Jr, (dlnl"lills}: Ileactt rnuaic ... A.rn<Hlda L.ing (keys, \IIoc:a.ls): I ~Ia{;l teach musk and I'rn S6udY.ing to b~ a yoga lnstructor; jHl~w 1II"3IS your 9119' ~n. Eas·tw'oolii, l!i bis., 'by the ~"Ii ? Did til I!! Pin lfI:y ~rOIlV(!I l1r-eat YUill weU 9' Amalll. ,I": q W'et1Q great. think it w<!lS a ong-

o .... erdue gig, We'd want,oo '10 come here ~or the [o;ng C$'t time 0l.I1d a~E;;n hefDf"e, we W€lI"e 'getli.ng mt,'"S~agm~ an M~Sp.~,ce, And the reception was rf!ally g'rBfI.t, even from tile dilJcren! bands we met bao1l.stage,

DoJle: Filipino:; are so pa;s3i':om~te ~bQl,>t ·their music, 11'$ really inc~dib!f!. Arld ... ely inspiring aleo .. 1 'o'I'~~h Sing<lpan~'s scene could be as t,",rWin9a~ thia, I mean, thiil i~ Ot rC8.!I~ gi·~l. model tolollow, I wish "ollc:s there could also take- a

look ail ~flc sccn.€ artd how it works t1ere. S'u1: ,irs almost there, 1 hotJg~.

Big ads. to dart sa'lrli!g UlllfIt ...


Additiona,l earfuls

More noise cruising down your aural canal this mDnth

4:2 FHM JULY 2009 """,~.'.rlmLl .. I;"'Lflh

WeSi3felliles Warneii' Music Sin!l-~pnm·bilSr..jj LlerArico (iorlToUly Electrlcl:ooipan~') h!tl~ 1l~ lhe 10·re.~ mark: won ~1'1~14I, 1Ulif~d ~3ia .and e\'~11 pl~\~~d In ~OO8's irilJ,; ~l!iG JjQriy, 1m S~8'\\1 nu .. d,. ~Uv~1 in lcxM'.. ws S/IlP.IIi{es, 'Iml' th1rd album; ~D~'S ~ dar~~r .!ire

uf the hm:llhJI wl1 ~lIfpri~c IUIIU-lilnn IfUiiI. 1[!i;I:'!8~d 01 ;j fun Franz fcrnmand Inspired ml'!51C31 romp, lIectrJDD get lhu grit on Tflerea,--e 1lB;l1~' misses. ttmuoh, b~[ Ih~ dell ~uil~1 wurk ~1II11:1II!111h:r. all;-I!llmiC.~I· mlr.,') .h301 m3ki liP Itt IlIk9W~[l!1l ~jia3. :+,:k* .. ;fr


Tim~ For la,tting 'Go EMI IIE!J1lV.I"liI5

Ka! yle.,lrem iro'n a brea~up, cl;g;~ lu 11l~.alllHr~~llYilh songs. ~u: I,Yhi~ O~lJ"' li;I!I~r.j~nS r.rC:lle I~m- O'~~ OpII3CS Qllosl [rJc,.lmsa', d~u!111er re~e5 en t~~ snngw~iM~ talinlS 01 rOl~lJ1 PU" ~rli3t 10 help 1'£1 'Ihrough lhe Mfr.mnls1~~jJ~ of ;lCI"r~~ ~'TJ tj~{I]r Got OV[tf '(ou ~2nmg DI~rrh' 'jYrrosl

O!"ff YJJ: "l~w.i~ Y.s!ffuay P.;Ji[rf') 81m :;Isu g'Jet on lo .... lmr ir.!l hi)1lrl n h:f sh:e~"E in lh!; hC~lItiflJlt~' ham" W:lli7 !!J 8.~ ;~!J{,' I ,'!,~111:' 1lit:f~1I ,li'W

~ a.~ ck~ .:lb..m: It ShDUI~ 00 ~ar~l'e'~ l3Jilch p.ad lur a b:Jiyhl

jllUIII~ WIT:r!r *****

ThBlDistinkUMe' Ofl'asb 'Groove TenlO BeoordillYl!ii r~xill~ 1FT- 111!0 801.11, lu J~~ ~i:S ....,tll e'ectlOlli1li. ltacI:ed b~ all ffi·~t2r ~ dlWIN DDI'K"(~ ~1I~ll Mil, .S3[O'S wurd d~ \~~f&], F'a!iiu Ga!~i~ ~kiI P;1~ 1l~~nlfims ~ slrr.o;J ~ul Ii 1J;m~md\ to fI1usb ~Of1l grrup.s as Um 1II1l!: klifi'h'l rniDCh laud6~ Wax Ft1lbc J~u3nol,>a. m~1i1~~lm.l nalrlt a hill, :mnQsr.1pC.IICM.. j10~lr\' wnh I~i'.l, nel1 SO '~ilh ~rr-Jrnlod !~p.hms . ~m3khca"ts. and ~ffln 1it1'.1'! '/jil~ ~Iue~)' ~Iio:ffi kffl';l

is reslm:d ill 1hn Incnll'flll

~CCI!U, *****

~~ ~O~I~ ~lalJu~~

'I ~~ter" siliri~ S[.iiM lb ID~t Irill olf1lre l!!e\S u~l i~ s31irt ~ rlQJ!1 anoiller 'worl~ :l:OI.'!h:~J!!'li11 un'bQrnrl. "*"Ii:

-~ Just 'NI!il.tTh~t

-;.0 You

~I 01 ~~-a,lld J~.

_ :!iji3 WilD Ilflzz[e (flier ~rpetuall~ conJlJsioID ln~, VU~ can ~rmas!

Iba 'ci1t!ese fWn1 ~l;iJ1e,


I U's ~~d gi6h ~1 8isa!l\, ~h~

- 'Dill f):I Ban~kIl~ ~o

!fIf ~he e~!1 Iyrarli,'~ ~'b~ he~en, *W'**


:~~ljoje' !islm~s !oFilm is releases!! froni tail ~ks '~bu!io~ ~~

. OOllily 'hill; !JirIIJie~~. ~ ~a3>to ~~tlimu~h. 12 ,;:lIIillmlj!ill{l l[IDurrd\lJ lIeh!r'e Ihe

blller 9m ****.

" H Abrams" Mi55i~,l1': ,~pD;;S'it!lB HI i,s ~i~8d irS ~h8 must 8~~ui1:;;i~{! li1~ ~1ro!l:madB ~y ii !Itst ~~JQ~ l'i!l~,~!e il:b!"l!~!~~.

The act ~~ bOij*in~ at patl.er~$ i~ N!lcl~~~ ~~iei!is (.:JlliiI!l'~;:; in ~~~~ds ur t~~s,

nu m~:e;rs illstrin~iS, ~tc..) is 8~llelil P~reF~~lia,

Sare [Iur troll lt~r(Jjile

OdetM Yl!&t!lla~ ~~ .1 rery (ir~~p'rtDddr:!lr, Ihcm's reall1 mot nrnJEh to ,dJ) eooccpi ~.'i3i:t ~\Jr'llnc, jurm51~ ~rud sml.r~ seenes plsH41 Slil~ 1.urh~ entoJed ~RrS,

I'm SU(fY I ~cre~me~ ~l)~f ear ~H, B~v~ ihca~~lel ~f mars :'I1D~~1I De~b:leill hear a!l;li~ ju!Sffime.




Who; JIIIicholl;i!s Cag~ (Mm!Y

Wh8,t~~ II.al:iout: :S~~gen~s op~n. ~ 50,yeaf·ol:d rl!Tl!i ~psule with Io~ ~)r piCluI~S' WfH'lrll a cryptl'C, dr,awinJg wi1:h ~t1dorn ~u moe:ps o~it ~ ~

makes. iits W1fly 10 I?r,yf'8'ssor John ,'.k.l' 0..

l{o.Q>.S!lflr' {Gi.'lg81, h~ rir1ds o u'L th,Oil r R61'~1J '

tn~~€1 di,'gits ~igln i~itldl thi3 plil!;t k,IPore~?g ,

. '\. ~f!rml2?','

]lears' d11s~1'tE!<ra. Wi!n th~ Ildp 'tl'f ~

fhe origim,,,! authcr's Oa.ug,hte18nd ~,~ ~

gr8I1d:d8.yglh:te:r, KoeslIleF rnuSl~ir)d '

a ~ to unloc"_ the mystefi.es

of V"l~8. n m~iber8, <l}iJ stop ~nrea more calliWtruph~s~~at have )fe,t liD' umoldl,

ExtrJls: Nost~adam us- ish coram 0rrt~rios t>l!lf~

]lOll Dl:IL

ValdJ.:: t: Ci"lring dad, CQ:nce1IT1e'-d citi~efl!. 'C~&lm0W in d;~QI[jisff, Cag~ = [Ul.l~y na lalak.rs.

am~ygahd, ~~tg alfJk~i .Jia:i1ice!

________ '!" ~ ..... .;..&.., '!',.-L.. _

~ H~ nat c~!J1 yoll1 Giy~ 11illl

; mttr lo-acl!1 also ha~e ,WrI'lDe like- thaI!

Drew 8~rl']lmrnre ~ij~ J~51i~ Iliullillt wl'!r~·dllt~l~m l!Iurilt~ mminm but ~3d a!rI)ad~ ~irl)kem up 'W!him tim mOO!ie WlI;S nelell!seil.,

RIobm ~a<u, flfrm pra1}s.Gem. Iil.as, *'" pla'jed ,amolner ~l~~~gali1e tlliilt~!~r 'in his ~Fp.viO'-.iS 1l100000AS. II~ "'a~ lilll Kan~ 1n MrI.r~ Komlim a~1f fhlrfat f(olltll.a·t ~~lWliil~1liM,

11~~e cr:m~ Lils. bell~!J,~ler ~i~k, Isee ~~l' ~~mty \&1~eo s!h~' d~ ll1il1t.

St~!lbr ~ast', nu dOD~t a~~u~ tMf !lJ~'Pi ~~~ ~]~~Ofl'er alhio'g ud'!\1!l Ir(f>l~ Ui'is mo:'lie-libl'tIIQI IMluti a~~ ailuf~ tl\ati~ S~a:rid'l J~~a~sslll~.

Ws ~s ~ilino' as, ,!'l(!;~h!;]fl" a llat Ifl1~ 'for hours. Bllt

~ mo' hffilC to .alfi1tit ~hat Kris~l~ Kr~!jJk Im3~,es a ,'(£!r~ Jui'[mw CI111!1li. Ir ~iI'liOiL~ ~lild'~ ~ifl~~M ~rilY, I! c~'i~~

~e<fi'~i'lel~ ~I!i'. .

~ I!oiB~~~r I.!!'flat ~~aDlii III ~1rusll she mS:e<lI{ ir :I"OU ~in~ ol~l wirl ~~u ~u~ roe ~~ll, £wellliB?

J~f'Ul [le'TI~ had a ta~ ~Ib~m ~all~iI Yj)'i! ~m '1 :1ll'c '~.wlli)cjJl ~e~uteli' ~t:NIo, f,5~m toe Bim~~ar~ dmrh.

I (1if~ ~u 12 r(!'!![tjJs,~oo,,"of ftM ~ll!If~e-- Beer!

5ure, tim ~unfj~~tnre ~.wles~m~.llen~ ~mfi<\'ru ItOM t~ fO~~ tbescree<[II, tOB. ~Id this is l1elrRitlli!j' ~' f:af ~ry ~rom s~metiJimg 'likeOie }1:aro, NHie;s ~~d f~n~$ f~~ll Ii!.,

~m ~Drme relillllm,

lhls J~rnlilU;ls rile ul try:sw M:m. An~ nOO her.niJ8p. n~ lfut bald: il.@s!.

11.. .~, JULY :~O(_)~ F-' M 43


Power, loaks a n,d sCjtety mesh for the Su ba ru Impreza sed a n!

Car freaks ','lIQuid lall you l.hal

when eyeing for <1.11 :3.ytOmob-ile 10 purchase, tho choieec should meet tW(l crltaria: valuE! 'for mdtlC~ and comfort level. Th.i;ll aaid, ','I'1,l dj,ldare tile new Sllbmu I mp~z," ~ede:n

;1L!l Q. p·erfect choice in tbls CREin· l'Stt<lplP~d limes.

NO, we're not saying, everyone can affmd it. BlLIl for Illooe ..... ho can, ~nowtnat wnaE'1 w~ recall !iia 'Ihree days we '",ere' 31 lowed! to test-drive the Imp;r(l2:a, we smiled and mumbled ~9oocl tinies." (And Ih~!1'8 (lilly with ,regar.:;i to the ::l.OR Sport \l':i!rialnl"; im~ine now g,idcliar we could bave been hed we I,n 0 u r hands the more macho 2.5 -tlrer

WRX.) .

B~"'rlng :;!Ima-st fhi3 same specs

as its, Mlcl1back. p~dec,;eB",(Jralthough .his lime around, It can pRill> off as both .a. parma and 'fam;l~ car-jhe new lrn preza pba:i:tl~t:$tho same olel p.-ower and WQ~d .Rally ,p~dhg,~ee, coupled wlth a, !lignoifiean tly better look bmh im'lida and Out.

But 1hat'!> n.ut ' .... 11"'1 rllak~s,

this ear art uJblm.'l~B. keeper .. Its syrnmetricel all-wheef- drivetll!;hnology has netted it praise 'from in.sman.ae companies and tlrie US gO\l'eirnmeflt and -""SIlO; evan selected as one: of the sa'ie6t cars for crash test dum rnies,

So llhou[d you start saving h-llll _Qi ~oLJr .b8E'lr rna ney raw a c hance aUnis c~r? We'~a,Y it'!; damn \wll worth il!


4t. iFHM' JULY WOP. ..... wwJhrn.'::f:<J)"l.ph

r .. A'."~~d lS.'IlO H.C: =." .~ ill;;. !.oir '~iil i~,fus1!'1Briti01l;8~ j~ 1~e' .8lbba. TM ~ Ja::e1l'l \h£il. ~ ~~"" ;yuJ ~~ ~rgd~c~~ ~ ~L'1ll. '" ~ ~

",'/:';ii','i;:l:~'i,,!/liX~I/~)'/ ' ' ':/~:////;,iyy,,;,~//t~-:.ri/P'~p.lfJgr. a p.tlY. y'if!~~t Co~ooiUu~la 1\',

TRX Suspension Trainer

Am~tmer ~(IIlm sll'a~e.sa~i~~ wmD~N, l~i~ ,o~e'll a ~ n~~WIliijhl-liIanll:

W~t1l1bl~ trai~in!Jl~iIll" Vou'lllIuilll &lrellgt~, b~Jaillee. fl!l<~lllilitV. and cllre sta~mly. AlsrJ dli~igned by a N;lV~ SULI Sweet!

Get it: 1P7,!lSH lmm~hriiS Sp or!:s

Th.8 GDP~ Tin< "rr.[ Rl!!ijne~ CD~!U1r , ""'''' r,",Ti~d ~r ~tJBl'lB;!; i;~odf~~·. ~bru

I dI5O!l.1!'71:!d Ih~ ,",bh~ VU)="'WII'3 P~g.

for'l r"ii" I 0 P{ ~ "We're ~sing tl1e2",~ liter For,~ f;o~o~ T,m~ wilti mrer 15~ IlDrse.llo~er ~h~ J5B rtewlllll.meters 01 oor(juc, I~'s ~<lw~-sJl~el:r 'ImamSlllfitsionira~l'Ihfe<l tlm~.

I FtD~,u~r Ibt~kG$, ws,;s~oo ~~ HIe ~lHlis~ ~to~hhr~MiS, ~!'ld it'& i!ltl 11,2ii1lBlg, w~ IIse~illell(l!a~, The i~~ ~~~·is 1.0 1lJ~il''p 'i~ ~~C!l~,~

[u,.~ P r. ci fllil .1 pp. riJ I ~T~~ r~I;ti~~ ~lJiti~liirepmtl~, ~ is .m3~·e al fl1if~e·13)iCr.s of Mollt~x ~~d is :k!nil,tnd.ThlB ta~ii~ ~~~~ ~re l~g;t li~e ba~kle~tb~1l ~~oe~; h~t mfrmpis )'tim} sOlie :<.[1 yo<u hMe a ~@1111 t~~ aRlil~ ~@d3Is. Tlleiile,pro:of :raCliBm gliD~s 1m ~alfd(:d km~c:il:lu;s':arn~ Ilalrns ~~~ i~ ,13¥~r!I~ wiNI ~lIJe~e Il'ilr~ ltliltlJ ~~Jfljlli~ yrmg .~<rfl!.l.J'"

"For tlie ~Millltuclft :';ilqlgJiriUD, ~e' ~~~e ~ I'llcmg 'c!!iH!!~et.Th:~ hp~ ~re, left' ill ~lIeir s,limk fOftllJ. The ,!moine iS3rcsO slockbiUt we ~:rrn a mo~iHrn~ h'l',lfrall1i~ piIDmYback ECU ~ld ~ ~a!'!le1: lln~~ in'tercIJ:Dler, n.r the rne~ I'!\e .l!ilI'e e:Ul!31l0i. i~jcmli01lL a moolm: ~I ~--- ...... "- ............ ~__. illtHl!3ltni. ~Jjd 'IIia'rer, ,1'1110 we lia~e

!O-i~Cb llot!Ma~ l'ih~ols; W.r;all.Pfl~ in (i~Qd.~p.3r ~gle Ol'l~ Uwt

Thle racecar driver

OMP r ... c~"g hdmrt "J,i'jle ~~rr1~h;e IIira~d OIM:P. ~\fJrs~~~1 ~Im "o,r '!h~ drilie'r in~~II~e~ 'lll~ Mlmet. u\:

II~e~~il~3$ will! a ~jom~~ li~illlll' It ~3'S8 r~Unu ~1S1J24!i:I~. ""'~i!l:h mnlls iU~ a fimiijg lIe3rn~t We rnlllle tw,okin'dsof Mlmc1,IIhIB lu[l-ra~e~ 1I1t~ ~psm}"f.aA]~d h~liiillet, 'wI1~cll 7!e ~$e ""~en 'tit: ln~~ ~R~ blk ~o ~:eo~lt.~

J P TU ason unleashes his arsena I for road dum i natier

48 FUM JulY 20()9 ~'ww lhrn.com.ph

wr liPLC;;;.1 statio, lifeless: :en ess wallpaper? Th«

Can end ~a1..lf ..... oes by ee rlaa'j,rer u:r;. your

- w.ckgrOl!!'ld raU;er than agnanl wililpapers_

;I, .... w_walll>av!lr-app,CQ'T1l i : Free

- ,.-----

QI'fDotpritll compMi;olls Qu'no YnI,rr daaktop,

-19 ~cnh you in rmlny wtlyS,

-ceo chase }'{I!,[r curS01,

otob and nWre·_ You con fi ),our own fO()"lpnnt.s in ba~'(j lhm sort oj ~el.i$h.

",~I. J.~ ""I!:;l~.;d wi.th h~'li.,,~ : ~""5f'!i':.:.~5.h!l~ Oi.Imp-(1cti:!~ ..... !h ~ .~,~ al1ac:b8'd.

Curso1r themes

Cu~rf'X them~:s are< listed j)elow .. I'!'~~s ~he (ens butmfj to'Y! W' ~~ CU;F~Tl! induded In t!'le tlleme. p~;s:s, tl'leyeUow bUttan to' edit ~he' theme.

Abi'3_cadabm \1",1.(1 ~~ st;)Idorl; O(t<i9R

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No, it has nothi!1lg to, db ..... i,lh swordwie!ding or syiCid:al J!ar~rn8:W w(J,fTi,or,s_ Although, if you ha~B <IS much !pride wilih your computer as mUi~h as Ihc,li I'I:;I,..,-e on !noir katanas, ymlll I[)",!'! tfliis one, It prooi!j'EtI~ monitors, y-our s~Slcm performacnc.Q; upclate~ you' with I;C ..... 'S and makes your du~1 desktop look hyped- Plu~, it's 'M!JY ea~y to !,I-!'IEl and i~ fully custom izab~e,

Wlher'e:, w ..... w.sam'i.J~I7.~_cori'l UCIl'IiISIll~ Free

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,~'\IIi:iO_ your friends shout 'kawaiir'with 1hiese desktop, enhancements

tIll!FA(~Qiitioj;p~ntl -----~----D

Will th eo rea I 51! m sh ady ple ase sta n d Up?

rv: SI d<flI1~'er~ th ~ perfect rewa rd for your success r ull)' weight-reduci n f:l lady-b/e: ·tl1e X34n, touted "the \'IOl1d'8 I ig Irtc$t, ~r1(:1 ~o;li m rnp'~j, l3- int.lt r~Nolwok.· Sile.d 6mrn at its thi n nest and 20m m at its wioest. and tl ppilng' t~e scales at 1.3kg with battery ~he IrrtG'1 CC!fIlrinopowered X34U has a 1 :1-i[1~h Leo dir;pJay, 16: 9 widescr~erl, and lED power-saei n£1. b:'!t. k1ig hll ech noIClQ"Y. 11'f, ~I$O VoIiFI rea~y, has 1/0 ports, USB sockets, and a card reade L expect a tree kiss- $,~I)Ay-hug r ({lIT'1 her, bYl.

Ttn II; darn.age: P49,99'9

Get It; Call N etiEssentials at '121 1981 e ea

I hp. :;;nn~' I SO maMnef.10 ~acf: 12.1

mcgWJ)B.\$ at Wli oI'holtlg ~OOdllaS in a ~Ip.n~· 1 ~mm ph~sJ{]ue. /I;~ding til lis heH)' I~allire~ I. l'l~ diyilal J:.iinlF.m'~, jfJIlI:h-;lcrlle~ Ij,;;~ und G;;.1Z,!lls.s 'lw.io-Tes39f £!Js with 4~ rofl1jc?-i ronrn,

'Get i~: ~(rW G~l1lrF. ~iJiJ. ~i!tl rullei~

li![1J!adban[J tol go

rlu IIcCil to :J:!:t.,crl tlie III1ilm [UI ~ '11iFi hn~ .~11II1. NlJ'; ~U11 I:Hn slIrl '~e Vfub ;;rTfllnm, :lIIywhem wilh Sm Brna::imil ~~rclc~f,' US~ sllr.li, a'mll~hlll ill a Dn:p~II~ kit lor r.Wp

p I ,lill,~1 [he- kl: ~me~ 'LI/llh I~'e t:ool~ of ;r~e ~J1rlllgr.iQte..

Gieil: it: Tha ~IUl ,~I:rr;1

I TIi,,' :~",;t,s. t;,'~B~ W~ pace~t.!Id on 5ejlbw.,b..r 30, I~! b] il1.wo01l1ar 6.=;,]. 51f1=1I1

Blue book

A laptop th:.ij's p(lwetful p.l'lDugll tD :;uppoll all y(]~lr mulhme{ii.ti 'A't1lfYIS, HIE Acar Gemstone Bltle's hQl,sin}l IS an aesthetic treat in itself ,tlitH lts sleek, sl1imFflcrii'l~ 1ir'li~l~ aile! ~~t(lri(] I and Ir; tel i nr li!rh1mg ~Uects.lt also boasts a Blu-ray ()p~ical drive 3J1d il 5, I DOfby Digital Surra u nd Sound system,

'(i'et it: AC.::id CDnmpt S iur(t {SM McgaiYI2lfl}

IPalm llubncQ ollie mO>1lf11~)j'1)j"t hand&li IJ:l. bu

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Get ~t: CGfIlplink. ~GGOni Micro, Uecr;-

so FHIM JULY 2009 ""w,~.fbm.oorn.!~h

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n~", uq uestrian-inspircd' LOO, the rolle-d-~p kr18.'~is, of the 3~mirTIg ooj' Qnd,lne wnl~€I. old: ~(jh(i(']! sneaks: !he athletic bel'll ollne Arnericane ideal iodks 1,00 weighty ((e~d; e~SI~ve sporting acti~'i~ip.s)_ Good lhili~ Wililnfjill'i Aquariv<li SUp~J yacht and B, ch.ampion-hI!Sed rilly arc not real~j neCB~s<a~ jU'sl 10 ~[)[)k ,the part,

The p,instr~ped dress oout is e ctasstc amor..g H'IB :I~~ League set. So are lhll Cfisp bOU,M's... sle~k wiMitt! !:mf.!8kms, ~n-ki'~:3~d skm and polisned h.a_n-_ All YOII need is tha pameh::olflrRdJ shoulder-draping knit sweater an d jotI'll be .. shoo-in 'fOf Ifl~ Youi'lg ReplIo!icon Soc~y,

IPlnen top ArlLGricafi deSigner Ralph law rerr came out wilh hi~< var2ioo of t];8 p~u,{j shln, thP carne in wilil'e, na"y blue and :a bunch of sweijl, subdued cosors that onl}' the re~i cOlilfid~nt ma." can bear dQnnitlQ_ Palo; pinKS, sUllny yellows ill ::. b..by blues b~al'J'le PQpular, evenwall)' I\lteril'lg d'ovm to .bottoms and ~v:cc1'lllir'i9 else.

~tJJe piQue ~irt, PI,?95. W~il~ Col!!ro, m-" 8~M!t!Q~, SM MbD~mall; ~ciD~ Idm~ ~3Ii1tl. Irl.11%l:m and Tjh[te me3~m, P1,999JS, ~n!1i101 Nuw 'i'Ork,"~ t~~lI'Iall, SM S[a, MiS!!

S!r,iP~ lonf}Sl~~;c slitn; PU~~ and fD~cd ilalli ~Bnim._ r>3,M5<. ~pfu Vili!g~ Cii'loit ~r BDiiOIlA11, S',UAP.YA~I; MlifE S1ulMio!! hl;It, P~Jg!l\ 1liWl, .:lil" ~311: \'I,~~eSl1ea~.

Pl ~91B",75, lOll New 1fD1i:; ~~all, :liM Sta M~

WI1ite piijU~ s!:Jirt, P2M9, ami rnid·clluneak"m, P4,1J.99, boll 5~1, ~M rA~3W1all,: li~t ~llJ!e ~nilJil!'.. P,2,~!i.. KSlim u~ liepuibi:l,c, La ~m'i!3 ~13Z3. ~, Roces Jr"ve" Maka.1i; wliite, 3~ ~msn~iij liJ!fl. Pl,295, ~rIlliKI CoIDrs: !if ~en'et!DD

"a rflfl.~~a1 to ' .... ear)::tTaki ;'l~d any =Ia·r 11l1l1

9 l~e5 ~()U a tccthachc jliS! bylookirng <l~ irt is a pe rsonnl sanona I rule, fhen don th e Am ericana look by keepil1~ il neurrel. JUgt stlck to kmts, ridiC\llous!y cria P !1~I-fJOl1t P8:r1JtE'. and !;Iee!<.,

~llbi Ie sne~kElrE'. 1-0 -Eilil be eligib~e for ce1eb.ruti.ng Memo ial !Day we-ehmd_

The Irghtl/"eighl OOs.ebell Jackst i,.; .M AiUeriC3!n C'la.s~ic:_ 1110 updared verston, howev,£J;r:, comes with a rngli;lJirstyr,c- sleeve ~nd colorathat {lOrl't seem to be carried by any legiiJlll~le Major Le,;lguo team, (Did the Y(l,n'k'.le~ e~er coaslder pink and creMl'i} An equally preppy shirt

corn pl~.lies the look.

Bla~k. kni~ l\wt1e~ w.~I. PO~,~. 75; wlii1e tnit siIilL, Pl,fiI!l~.75; blac!t lii-wt sne~rs, 1'2)99.75. :all ,1)1, rllfwV'orK, srJ. Mf{Ia~II: gFl1il fl~-fFri~t p~~ts. P3,499

S:a!;]11I1I ami \\1li!!o raglan j<Jlket; P3,29~ and blue ~~i'r-E~ !full, !l1,og9; Ylhile- .s.!udrfcd IIclL P2,7iJ9. ~151lm1 :;'''l 1f~~II; jadlld '~~3h @,,"in. ~Il:;', P3, 195. 1J1i1'lt~ 1:~la~ ~~ lIecetNn; while ~l11j~_or~ n~H:I~ '1m] !tie!!; 'i'orK

It lakes a 101 of gluts, not to rnGrlliun a good shaw of k:81, to \'foC~r. ooI"roolooy shorts. If you're l10q

ona ~o bdU;i;h when gazes W(lU ld drift dow It to your muscled .1;:81\'133, 1hco go ahead ,)00 don this. American staple, P(l.lr with a ii1ilrchy shirt and an updat@od ~rSLiVJ~ of the Ohuck Taylcr8 fm more

;eprok:.; pu~1. .

Pllrpl~ shir I. P~~9J5; gm~ 300ft.s, a99.7~: ~~ irirCur. 81tellkEFS, P~J99.l5, ,ail .1{11 lJ:iiw: Vark

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The Jagl endorser and ex .. Pin-oJ! Big: "other slummer keeps it reat ~ !

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tarted out modelin:g I" ca.1: a tg.gs ~ StOj1>.;!$ .. ' Bui brJro['C Iha,t I i18,d '9ady de>l€tGp~ my O\!/I'i m,l"le and

"Iron in high school. That's; lJs~1l1jl ~I'nG we get in lauGh wlth our

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kll19 tlla swH <'3 bas a wide' r811ge of Myles. emwcr I lee I Ilh~ I wantto have ~'9'Y Or' dmi; leek and then

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~e what 11I'.'e<lrdeplitrl{jing on "'W I !'--of vfil@ I w~ke up. 'My mood my number one considersnon: ~Id be d'Rfk 1()W·'liw hg leaf}5

• my Chucks .. nd a fillad sports Or .a go~f shirt .... ,itlh cargo :;;trw!s -:-.d slippers, Sa, whall wear ~ay'" a on hQw· my day is g<)ing,~

.\i:~.e'S$O.ry t:a a rime

~ J:,.ig on accessorles. You'll !lo;;<~-0r me without oorlOloy-bl.,dk ;;.;i.hcr studded bl8.Ci~l.et, d<lrk

~wn IC<lIher. bracelet, dog 'I.<Lg;il,

of ~qU~ Il'Iy !itolnRII'l1 pEllJoari'l., '>ich ~ymborlN!s s!r<:ng.tn r

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- e Jag} l'rn versatile w118r'1 it >.rn~ to ..... hat I carr ....-ear. You c~rr. "tl ..... :m)C~ly1!lo (]If dottllil'lg.on me

- wheltJer It's my p!lI'SOr'lal .styl:e

10!, I'll try fl1)' beet -t.(l rock Lt'

These day:s, it's not enough to ·cl~im a 'fa:rmt~G8JI-aJlm::h rrrih,n! to FHi1A and just buy two GOpl~S aaoh month. {You KnOV.', (me or real ~e~<d ing .arbd one 10 be ~8iVed f'O r when llh~ other gell'; t!Qlen.) Sn, Our publishers. cognizant ~$ Ihey' are of readers' w0ff~re, have asked kHml 9r,~phic d (lsiq,rI kihg s Team Manita to coma up' with a T·shirt that will e~pre-!l$' '10 the world ~od whOte'\ller'els~ i~. interested that yell are, lry'I)" a t::~rJi!j,fld FH.M .gmupie. uh, fan.

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I Will is Ule liost 01 tne

Ii rsl $9aS{lJI 00 !Jnifif/ri Figbtfilg Extreme in Mi'~B-d MIlrliaJ Am (I1;X), II new ~rts sIi.(Jw 1m GMA-7.

2 Will's Ilmm is G'o-rma~, while lIis diad is hall lI~ri~illl·Arneri.DlIn ~lId hil'f ~i~vy.



T'he black, cottorr crew neck emblazone your ta'vQri.t() FHM section S In bigl, br~~~&1 IBHe~s and signiiies lIltima'~ fandorn,

On~y 25() shirts have been produced OIr'uJ being, part of the luc:k)' II'lner ci re.le is fib difficult t.6!'Sk. J list joln ill-mag promoa, writ~ ,l let1:il-r' sully 061C1lJ1gh to convlnce our chief to a ... ard )"ou. t.ene r·of·lh!;!,·Mo nth honors, @mbSiFass YOUll$elr i,r'I !hQ contession pages. or. justlcq on to 'FHI M.com, ph.

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\IN'tiJ\PPY S€'X ~1F.€?

_ Er YOU'R HORNS UP i\G·7\IN ... 1\ND 7\G1\IN!

wk1rn~ n.t1.m& - eWOOlC€Ci{: J.ll(.)(lny m~~dJ,tR'nj!' :SOw it ':w'O.l'l.~

$tre~ ~ a~en'tS, di.lll'bewl1" or svem. ~j; d~~ a ~I'S(I,ll'.\j, .se~l!W peJ'f,~ce. Poteruia:q_ iii is b!illeved to act on U.atnrhl arousal 't:r'iggers in. the brain of both men and W9mell. sl;i~~in.g t:pe body atg~s to t~eare ~ in m.a.i~s and estoogeo. in. female5. This resuJt'S in. ~, hot, :plli~~in.g sexual eneou:n1ie1L typical among younger oou.'Ples.

~ Real HAppy 'PtlL

1li,.aUft surw1; o~ 8lf.; ~eu and Wom.~, ~8.4% of! men :rep,ot:'ted ==lUst:llned. ~tlOlJt8, prol~Dged o~'U5ao.d quii;:k~I' I~very. w-hlle 86$% afwamen ~e;poTtoo gl'OO.tex seiX~~p~ ~,!i lub~imt:i:~n yrithfu 10 to 20 days'use. SU~~, stdrles from many ,S<atlsfled GW;tom.e1'8 can be W8.(l ()n w\!iW'~~an..oom.

........-----,-------=-1 Fotmsa.ne ii$}3FAIJ.apprmr,ed, ooniams: llQ .s:i1de~af.il ot' danger.o~W3 ch~~ aud h~')..a 16':yeM Mfmy :reotll;d f1'lo.m

m. filiont. N() .. dOOtlO;r. ,'s PI'OOc. ~ption .. " is ll!.eeded p~ "ls a ..... anab~

at Men::iJFy D~, Watoo;o.-s ~8i GlUe, !:nd via. dit!ece ""'"'=--"""'--......".,.,-=-~ oil:de:rIDll f~ theiehotiinei . lilllllll hers:

)lE"l'RO MAmLA: (O,2J M3·1586, (O~ 8~~·«u. 091$9'4.879U,

09GU~:w3L 0923,W7131L aEJJU: OOt$930!Uin DA'VAO~ ,(P12J..~

POTENS~~TtOm·nQR\MW yOuQ S6£Ret paatnel2 In Bed

W.Oly badt i.n '794 AO~ the. No~ian Vildq~ di~~ tfuit @l!:rtaiD hie;r.~· 'tOliI1lhiBe te-

pnlduoo. ~J?0~m ~·~mg rgf.ooe s.ttQltg. ham ~ctiP.·a$ fOJi men and ~e-as.ed UhidfJ ·and lu:bdcatiQIl in wom~J;l...

~e ctm.ooet!o,n wat: p~ through ge'n.eroa:tinIDiunt:if'l twb :famQus NOil"'w.:egian homeopa-ehs, ~vel~d a 1i~ pn91.~~·of _pnen't.y ~J;l,ha~f.1!ll!, ~({!i~~" In ~~' POTENS;.Uf" was bom, fi:iia has s1:n~'been gtV/in{; lp~ $d women ~wd:se!Kual prewe§6~ ~ndng the l~j~ .~&:,~.~ pi:tl. in, EUiop!'

rhef'!IM re>{;Drd ~!dr~,

i:)F!N kinll the 1l~811. Some Dr .hom shllffl~. l(lQkiflgfor the [;'orlrrol panel, wQrrieti and piSJied. Btlt OG Spoke gucao!>, slipping to'!

the, 'wcl'!i'IE(:al diffmulty" oil il"llo hi!> T ~1Q<llog rrf1ym{! hj;,e il ~Wnl<ill lust <I p~rt of ,;1, Th!'! hKhJ'p, <:lpp8.relltly, i~s ~~I ~~ery.b~dy ~Md~ to (lHlC1s'l!y bBgm in!'! pap!y_

OLotSidc:,,<l tmop-m baggy l~an s 1I.r rr~·ttg_ I[ looks 'Jilre ~IHit S!<'Irt .011 a riot.

·,WJ'J/ll _}',"lJ1, n.~:Q'-;la.rm la·ng

, .. a efltmnce_~ darilie-s Dire Jim Libiran, who CB~I-a.l1un'1ber of TBS l1lemb.!lm ,n bis 2007 ind '8 film TribrJ. OG Sac reo ad Jibs a \'tokome. iD' fh,e arri'~i ng tJta p~~r~ of TB S. t ~Ier On Irl Ihi::! nignt. four weploads of hip-hoppers 8J}d ~ang'S1a;!l would (J.r(ive·,

It WdS Tribl~ I~al shuwed h()w, in Tondo, hip-hop IS &nliCLiy ilitf,!rtw~l~ed ';Viti; gang:S~a. "K&.fiimifUi."n k<l~i s,~ g~l~g n1ci!'IIDUTS, maMfig sa hip-no p," e<l;plains ilir,ek .Iun_

t orndo naSc 01'18. of tbe r11 ost mganized, IClrlg~ll:;l nmniflg i'lip-h(ip scenes il'l lne. GGu,ntry. rhG~ ha~'~

D. <;;<>1 Il:ctivl3: of rappers, Sigaw

FI~ TOJ'ltl8, wbi\C!h nas (.');i!5locl

.sinGE! 1 ~94 as PW8r~;a ng Tendo Inrer{!~!lngIY.ii~l(m~d characters Nasly Ma.c, Br<ldLJ'7, Bcrloll1g Mem, and MOrls!f"Iyor ...... 'ilHB 'tihf!re wheil it Wf.l~ i-omwd ;anDtn(~r eer

01 mtere'Stir1gly n amad characters 0(3 Sl'1r.recl, Omillroll., find Don f-i;;!"ltOF are'~ong th031f1 wh., ke~p il'afi~c.

Ths B MiI~ myil1 of Me

Ibati.le!> on the SIW(ll~, ..,]ar,ellce, and death tin e rcal hi;!,e_ • Dati, nv~g kiJp.fJ1tl.bn .rtg S3:lbakLi t",_,

l'6!lo~. kl{tri? finggo, maroi'1S" ka1)i~, inlfflll'i;.n, mj.l'-fklpB!I, Ku flog ma)' rap Jam sa iban.O' lugar. rl~f,1YO fltl bmi rO()Il,~ illu~itr.'!i'e5 OG SMrl}d.l'SS Tendo h Bail h onehe and a rap!l>er hirrlsE;!lf_

A lot of S~gW.'·l; artists are witnesses '!o ','iolen4:;fl 2nd death; "MarmnifJY Hll:ki;1pati;1Y, F/ilwJmiog p{J[J"kakilt<.",n Il,~ t7l(lfllik r!:;.;,rg mil.malllY; lP8;V mr;a away, mSfflnil !JiIfY{l'Ii'g"bLlryo {Iu. SOl Dufw}' kay,~ rlayiafasl::ls,' in!forms OG·Sa.c.ed.

As. Dimk Jim s;ays, h;p-I'!Iop

is g<Lflg,stai.:> ·r:ult~ ["31 arm. n's il pl~ce wn-sl1e they C-ll11 air tl"1aiT dir!y- 1.@lJnd'ry_ "fn{-m-rap ni/~ r!.lllY .rmldlf.l ni,f.a; )'Wlg mga saksa.k !rita'! mgf! ~vg,~"t nfJiI,"

MEf.:lIl'1< ... hih;<, I'll Ihe more ~ffllIeni QC turf of White PiRins ::l simil'il~ hrp~hQP 8~\E!nt is h.!lPpel'lirlO at leol1ia's, an Ilrl cafoj'.}L'S culled Spokerl Hem. pl"Qdlieedbya gro()u~ O~llIacl A/v! PON, rnade .U P pFIlTIatil~ ,m h ip-ttop he~d5 with pri~i!f!'gr:d pedlgre,~, willi :l-Ornee-\'el1 e'ilwliGdi ill 'th~ 0:<du$i.\I~ 1JI11Ive'J"drl{lt,

Pred ict<lbly •. tile scene hem h~:;, ~ more il)(~ljeeU.Ja.1 \rib~3 10

It; Ra p is perfQ.rllilliild !1aad to

head wiLh pootry, w~ohed by a piedotnil'l,ij.ntly college crowd ..

A fow of Ihe Srgaw n9 Tando Cr($W SIne pre'!lef'lt-Ihc same TEl£. bO)'l> who Jilcred I., Trlbu_ "Pvm nl.aY1wam>l1l fll"ga f}<!!I.rion," tine of 'f!l-em wOlJld ~ar iN a IRtflj"i n1'et'liuw

"E~£)ryoIle in AMP-ON Is middle class," admij~AMPON Me Sca:nj

"\It/rmn WEI male a.ong.s. it's based on KnowledgEl, an what we rP.adl, smne811ng lmportent to us."

"I 11<:1"'(1 a track/ beo!in~ NO'thingoElMI, anonl'l(lt AM PON

M C. "nil' P()fO war,a play ;"ne,. ~"""'/il(141 la'pic, ~ust Ih~}w cl¢V:(!j' I can 9(1t 'with words."

"Ang' nBDof};Q' t<J/as;<!," @)'S anoih<lr AM PQN rappe.r Gabby. "is Ihe ae3lheli;c eppeer. Medyo vain /c."s; l'ltlgin /{o salaries, veIuclel'l fang, tung mga id~I0'f.lies KOI ar!i$tic ad'ii;m!ur(~ 18T1l/ IfI}2l'Ji>!_"

This I~ not so much thi~ e.cOoi1om.~cs. o:r yOll~th but ru'I i[ll!~tr'<ilion ti'iM ever ton(il~ff.Clm 1t:ae you ng r<l.l;t,a.I$ in Tando te th'J p8.mpered b',i~q; 'from La Soj,lIIG- i~ i]I'J~a hi p-hop,

Al'ld~ew E must b-e' m&~tBkecn_

F,f'j1'1JI'Ra}l Der - td' to 'N-t9. seng


Hlip-hop was born in N~,w York, w, the Bronx. lete '701s.

"Thai 's wh~re it sl.aiIed,"

c ()nti~ms CaliphS, a 10[;.a~ hip-hop pi oneer and pracMal1y 8_ hi p-lio p" historiun, as well. "l ltlil1~ .1 cam Po Sb(HJI bs[;au~e Qf 1'l8ce;s:sit~, The'j' II'J.lI,nte-d to party f(l~ '[)flH thing, but they fmuldn't "fford "to ,go to H"os(I clubs," 6esiQe~', rh€ flaahy di~co tunes ~I the c~Uib5 ower., "' ta:d aliQT1JlinrJ to thl;: gf'l€lOt<J streels of fhe Bml1~_

A Jamaican I8side,n t, Kool Here, started pl~,ying music rig ht

In the fleighborhood, He bmrowed 'tkQ club tOle!; 11jqll€ 01' using two record playp.~, am:ll he WI:: n'l beyol'lD it_He sta[t~Hl'lhmn.g Wlth the records and soon, lRfec'hn'g rp~i(lents and by$laO'ldeF3" makin.g block parties. happen, 'Such technique gOI..p.i:ooplc ileckling 10' li61~n 10 1 hE:! DJ and this dynamicfresn beals hyped by eager MCagOI people to dance.

But inttsad or ~~i'lg tt1~. usual route of making ori gl nal muaic ,s,nd than re.cmdin_9 il, hip-ho p

DJs, ysecf e~isti n';;j ret;)ord'~ an·d then lnnovered from inere b)1

chang:ing tempos, mi.~ing be"tB. IOQpillg. I"1a>jing 1'eCOr-o!> on two turntabtes an d us,irrg them as th e musical instrument (le8ioi'ng to Ine licr.alchirlg trick} ,ill'iJ pulLi 11~1 words OVoEl r ij,flm-.ano~:hf,l~ .J<lnllF.lIGarl ·frl~1.; Ciilille{! toa$:tingl-'i'JereU"", crucial clemente.

It wasn't un!'1 19'79 11I'at New ..Iers8Y- b<ls-ed! groLlp Sugarh ill Gang [urnp-started fBcordin;g original matenal. Still employin~ the fledgling borrO\·I-~l)nd·iml(lWlta techniqee, S(Elqar~ill would feaw~e ChQr,;;'~ di:;'CD t'~it '-GaU'd Th'r'lcs· fo[ the! r I iltlf! song· Rappar's Dellghl," II'o'hi.cll, 0 ue to its cerohiness and fam il iarilY. would .go, on to become t~0 fi r'S'~ ~tlC:l5rd0d hip-h,op sing 10 ~o rU<1,;'lh ~h(l Top' 40.

It would all';(} be th~ flrs~ hsphop tune tQ re~()h the P1rrilippim;!5,. The 1~1lC! gTeal' comedran Ming

F(ilmaildo, ·<ll~o .. d irilc:tor amI wr,~el t[)r £;lBs~l~ "'I'V fare like Jeyfl/1 En Mffmfl.~,spoof'1)d "R1lIpptJv's [}lJlight" and made it irH'O "NapnsE'!ng Dqligfit," thE! :imt lo~all(l,p ~cmg, rBPc.rd8d by Dyorc>s Javier.

"r ~.a5 playing darts wi'.!,!

my brO'!h~! Dar"tn.y: n;,~rat~8 accidental r.i)::lp-cr Dyordi~_ "When ! go1. a call: 'AdcrI.g! F~iTiiando has w(ittfl n ~()m8thrn.g for YOIl and h~ Wal'lls y~LJ to go:;> to WEA Recofd~ and record it now.' T lilni1kbo i1k~r sa studio, /j~-ngGord ara. taka 0i10, vwnt h·oli1m~, $:ncl pl.'lyed my g-"lmEi;. Tifl.~10 ko sj Dant'ly," .

Nobody can S'-'I}' for suro,

but Dymd~ ~srl m)t{:$ Ihi~ tQ bu 8ro.w~cI ·1 963, ~U ...... as ro:'ll'~~Bd

M a $iflgl{l, IJOlK.a,45 an d ~Ilen

lh('l flOp sidB w<isthe minus one." Soon ~~ter, Vmcem Daifajong r0teas~(i • r\~LJr:ial: yt."I another spoof, this ti rna of <l Lipp', lnc S()Fl~ ~FLJnk.y!()w1n_." These t ..... e would ~ater o,n he cr<:<dlileod as Ii'lc pi(~nm~,tl'l (If IQ~J hip-hop, ·sliooio'l!J ~Id s like Noe' M~c:asai'!ay, .btQr OJ MOD of ·M~s:wplan n, tfia,t if ·could 00 U0M_ "Wh.~n. I h(~arcl·' N aonse,' p1lra.ng img 9o!'ifrfi'g! h co u1e1 bedone," ~m;les DJ MOD.

Il w:;U;I1'l until FdnGis M

I ~~~<l~iJ hi:;; fif8! RJbu!T1 Yo! in 1.989 ~hat f'iI1Qy· 'rap, ~VQl'lcJ ~hed iW rtI~l~y s1kln tor a more ,;;)fficial" h'p-r.DP sound, With Yo! Fr-~.nr,i~ hadtn.e

fou r 818J'm~nt8 dof nip·l1ortoget!~C'I. Wing, em~~elng, b(e:akd~il.tinq, and graff'ti. r-~~ sideb.ar)

Sut Fr.@:nc if, !,!~d ~ la1' ,(If L'!(~r!~i111i~~ jo do,

"Sal. ,~W~fr<l .0 Kilno!l", we.'d

p~r form 'GaLcla Lf!t You .Koow' and Fffir.l[~ig w"(jl)ldI ~~'~'; 'ThhO; IS i11~ OJ_ Theseare the tl!Jrl1tabl~s-.' Hinai

oirf.! mil(ntiodihUJr.~ la~lg!h!:l ,DJ Mo"D, who [)J-8dfor FranG1~ M fhell-

Alae), thE;? nrnl-e:11y COl! !dn', be l~nOrf)("l ('la~ily 3~ th~ {;Q;N~~r~ of Andre ..... E, Michael V" LaCl~ Di<lJH3, and eve!'!' <!I·II the· way 10 Salbakutu 'all relied oOt"! tho h u rnor ~ll'8 rnent

for th8~r .hfL~. Il 'MlLild be a portent of ,dl th(~ ""'~ong th~ngs that wOtlfd ha.pp en to Piflo~' hi p-hop 1,l)~.eL

,a..._~ __,' ..,._ WGWcJ' ~ft~t;H_ wrung fou'l JIJ!8glil, "rr(lW[llS Callph8-, '.USD 1,~f)(J KaPil ml{~!Ja rlLlil,~

It wasn'tso much a ""rong' f,oni.,

bu t a confu 88d on F.. in thE'). '903, h~p-IIQP (:I,!itu re ~va3 a t;!8fikixlyan i06Ijg.a/e<"i paoy. Fih!:lms C.:IlIYIC r.(J ~he Rh;lippiI'i8:';, AI'r"l-(trl~a:n li~8:S and An1Grican IH~~d,~ irl !ow_ And FiIFj::l; n[}i, a IWilYS tU.Jl"igry fa r~ih'e· irnportod, b 11 nQI~ embra"P.'O it 'ii nd w~tho~Jl (lisc()urBG or transtanen. c;all,ed it their O ..... f! Whc!'l

M1I;~tal~1 aM ()ML!: eurwith "Bring dat Booty" In 1993" ~w.e.ryb(']dy star f!,ld ~'P'"Qr"n 9 !'-he In;;.nO that tt~8Sf! bs/ikl)(!J(<Jft§; t)r()l!gM wt:Lh thenr; bag'!l~' pan.WJ DMe~11 CGlPI!;, <lnd fM laces, "E~8r~b(>dl waS !i~ing jt: S<1y~ DJ MoOD,

Then l.hDr+~\'l th,d inf<l!i1otlsand iliwfulty ml~g II [df!d-r,i~8;lry brltw·j,1oi;!,n hip-hop and "punke,"

Itj199:3, there was 'Bring

d at Booty~ by M<l:staplann, but 1.hlJ"rc wm'; also ·'P~:r(l 1<:0" by Ih!,! Er:i.~ern8'~ris. Th~H~ ""'a.~ ~Jso,~ radio sjm~on ()aJ'~d LA'1 {)!5 that waS' {;~.;J~1'I0 tl"lis new[~und tPino~ rclck rewlulion, For lIiOrml~ reason, Ill!) station decidf:O it ..... our,d 0(1 ftln ro pi~ 1:h.~ hijp·Jwppf;)r~ a9~i'llllt ~'h~ punk~ ,~nti rockers,

"Mj"lj'muffJ. kolll1i on air PG"JN) !lindi pifJ'{Jj!J<rJ)sirJ rig hip -hop y~m," ~<ly~ .J<1.yfna.~ta, 1 h~ Ph illppi nes'

prem ier-Q br·ea'~dan.c:~r·, wl~o has De8r1 at it, withFranci~. Miclr<i81, Amb·ew, and the ,MallOtuWll'; ·~idlce breakdan cir'lg ':; heady &tart in rho mid-'M$.

Ih'F!'re are il lot of myths aoout [his; ~o-c~lled ri,'alr)'. Thera is D["IB -aDqlJ1" 1h"e Youth turning their

• MlJlto[l>g Bakla' in 10 a hecKle,

tl H ip-hop B<.lkl'-L~·Tni?r~ IS an.(lltre~ il:i:JOut Mastaplann, with thai,! 9.UIl!Olit:Jg posse, storming U\ 105 to ~,nfr{}f1t l<trc DJs_ EVIllIi Franc-is M, on his M u It.ip Iy blog, rE!~DLmts. a cont rontatioo b~i'W~er. h Imserf and Wolf~'an'!ll fmn-rm8 n l;'Ia~Li Art<lui_

Feom flllal€y with plink and ror.lal'S, "it became tna~ !hJ!l hip.hag $t~rled tighting fellow hip·hopR,~

AM PON'~ B~811(Jjui(la relates. E!J o is .ct"ltir'illry 10 blllllle f(fI this, • La/tfJ.i ng arti .. rs guston!) milgpak.iJanf; giL,.:;;," sa}'S Calipli8·. ,Al1l1ougrnPasta Groo~le, a new hip-hop flJfjL~t on 'InC SOt:.'11C, P'Jls one I.JP for ils necessity "H yOU'I'E;! grnng 10 be an Me, If'Ou g>Dt!a bring i 10 them, There has to DE! soma ego il"1trotvcd_'

Ttus perr.CflDJnt for ,l;e.H~ agrJrandiwrnmii proved oetrirnental e~B£";ialll1'~""_'en V{)t{)rQ.n~, pcuhapa drunk with initial S~ICC8$-.~. tumed

ag~iF'!st th c ir O ...... n fnl!D\'jf! ra; All_;;) saW ki,]:;i ~-vng sero Yllng irlrulSahan mDrilg pr~f"lrl;~SYQ(),

I'flrm;ilH stlil pa rung Nlmabakba.k sa m!}~ .br;guhan (fLl/i'lo' Mrm.in]:

OG Sacred shar,e~_

hip-hop performances."

"Beoeuse hip-hop isn't Just <l m0"'~m~nt,~ CaliphS ,e~plaiD'ls, "It

is an, art form. It was e"lCr"lllIUrg' proround lthan an~1:hingJ bOO~lJ<se it 11<1d visual art going On, there '''''as mllai~, dancing, II was a n}u~llme-dia Il1ing.~ Al Blow Up, people COme to know hip-hop as

a ptog~essj~e platform f,~r ~re;3ltlve pursuits, Arti;:;O!8 tA every eternentIbre·akdan,[;e·., DJiflg. BI1:u)BlJing, ~r<lHiti-arr;; there, demom.tra:tifli;! bD#1 ~helr skilrs and w~dcrstandin9 ot their o ..... n respec:li~ (':r{ift~.

Gravlllr IS ., lo(:!d graffilj artist WIi08~ imprin- is in every "mol!" gr.ai1i!i in the Metm, He's gOd fer

the taggers, He believes ~~m four elements ·of hip-I~op are :;;implj' lB' h~te~rpr<:!'t.."Ulom; of thu r:;,IEl.Ssicarl sri forms~ da!ic.e, poetl1'. art, and rnuaio, "You jugl m~~eityoor own,' 'he sa~&.

P.~~ffi Groo,·c em ploys snippets of OPM in hii; debut

al bum, COltpor;ata lo"Fi builds tlrflir music ~kl. a Iiv.e oa nd_ P"mllya Dim.aglbl;l, SIg.a.w, and AM POM all 'a-mp~[')y T;~gal og '1 n their mpip~ctry.

And it IO}'ofds ja'ii~,\ the

~I;mid ental falhe~ ,()~ hi~-b(Jp, would come up' and reclaim his pl:;rce In hip-hop, ne would do ,i, this way; deGo'n81T~1C"lll'llg 8. kurl-dimO!~'J_

"Kung gagawa aJ<o- 'Sal'll)

KF,l Mi:iifl Nar{lroo.n . .' $,a.'j(l k'l (t'1<10 fl8"ro;,OOfl. saM ;"11 mall dumaling. <'I/l"Q /%I Imm <.'I,.,g Iytmg m<lf<ti~ng, Filjpilfl.O hi "'ii. fin, It's FilllpinQ.

it"s original, hinlillr.:flfJ rna plJ ng .It.undlm,"ln, 1,qfam:,;ll,1 mo ytJlJ9 ni taong ,1aailllng/il.n b!Jm~ilksa mol:!;: nifR, whet!her the '.s~ue is b&itll9 filipino or b<oing an llocano."

0[, f()r thai -maUer, being 11 Fihprno h.ip -bcpper, Ftllr.'l

rAl.~-bd" rmu'n~~1:~'O'rds

Ja\IlO]r and Vine«nt DafffiiQnlJ. Ft8.flcis M could h.,~o j~$t died

and la:Ken the ecene ' ...... itl'l him to Ihe gra'.'p.. An.dr<}w E. mcghtwell be right. But for the people OR mil calli hem. Ihi:; siil'1ply is not Irue-Pinoy !'lip-hop is slill hf! re, O!n,j in! would bo up to them, I hey'd tal<c it to I!ha n~xt ie\'eL

Tliere's J~1rnJ;Sl<), one o{ jna mOSI ~I"!f)o(lv,rlli~~ braakdancers

11"1 the ..... orld, _$n()\i\ling his ~tuff

Dr"! Hong Kong to ltIe most unEupec1ed pl;JIce~ lik~ lsrae]. "'I wok it [breakd<lFloi'ngl b~H ... k tel square OIiG_ I k'amed ·other forfns of dilliC~" Em~n !baiiet, J3?Z, tap:"

Gilliphf:l., alongi-lime scene observer, made his mO'JC with Down lEad a ,grrolJ p he forIT]lold

with Arblc 1 • now wjLh P<ll'ni!ya Dimaqlba, and the seminal Shill up H;;a· Spo;' aeries, a ·~et'lut:t·wh~ra lfildrvidl!a!s could c)(pcrience strict

s. ,

G i rf;:;;.· of FH M Pa uhllne So

~·'~tiV0 ~hOO=8 like lt1ese require UI~ p.rivaW-it's ln !ilr:1 our prime (;(m.grdeWI(ln7When picki fig' a yen us for Gl,ir 'l;';.arefullY, cr",ft~<:i '#Orb Cir

art. Our Ii e-temedi credos: lea...-e t~r.em'iscS/wilh f,r;rw people as f:!~' ible OF alud(o shoats; cover yl"'$~ wmoows """~lI!h large pfecss

of doth<s for shools i,11 (;(JITi m(~rCiill areas S-tich as f~=a!; and bars. If all else -raib-lir.,~ in this b:ro(!.d day1igl"lt. open-r~ld affilir-v.:~ €'fOp!oy a gall'fj of ch ubby FHM staffefs to serve as barricade to onlookers' binocularesque eye~,

But p,;),~I;o:nB So is blind to all our pain5t;rl;:in:g efforts, as s!h~

'is blind .1'10 the res.' oj' ...ro:rld_ She R~rike3 eaci1 pose w'ith much 13.f!~e and ritlJe concern, .d~.spite the very little dio!hes W8 PWtE!J1d to put on her. <!lrId n rnakaa us. feel &ad. The 2006 Gir'iis We~t IDoor "finalist Is goj!ling lIS a look ot what WG fnissad back then I ih80nr.:. .g;oDdnl!<!;08 we' are 'iI~ry 9000 8.1 catohin'!3 IJlp •• ,

'1'01.1 tool< gn;'~d! So I;J.ow are YOIJ"? Eta. NBg-l.wfli ak-o og makeup and hairsiylin'9, ~flcr that fJUQiilYOsk.o n9 buelnesees, Ofle i~ Oln oygt~r~-,;md. I'IlLlsooRs'fafn1 s,:rCavite, and another one is a comput·er shop, ope!'ling 1his month. Nlf!g-!iwesllaJaga ako, Pll(1'l yung krnikiw 1<.0 liB mDd~ling may pfnupu,r]<f<lh!ln .i'l\il~J18Il_ "

Good ttiin king! Is ij-I~ make-lip gig d'o~n9 wo1l.?

May mga n~g8wa Ill! tlko pes»

(or n(lrm~1 oco~sjo~~b_rL\l. fWst fji!g-fl{fI1 tMt:r1 mrm,w !'f1fat/a aKo' fm myscll. PO(O wHrf 1'0 n.a rill Sll ib{i;l,.q tao,

Can FHM get you to do mak~IJP fo.r a shtJ<Ot?

Ha hal Hif'lorii f)<>1 aKa gBmm k~· COlliidofll. Nagps'pTF.;C.:J!r;:e oe ~ko sa santi ko Dr hp'~9 mw m:Jk.i(~()g model, u~~lly mg.a kamft[J'.oIif'l<l.k ko, Do !'lION men eerne to you

to h,nil;!' 10eir m:ilk..elJp· don0? We mellin, we 'Ollr.8f1I\11)j~ lilk!;!

ma ktMJp .already!

Antua,lI~ m~y .mga ktJakr flJ111j1 /JBf)pa-makeup S;iI OlfJlI pcto dods. ako sa k.anila-kut)9 ti!ltiik.i b~ t@I){,1i'l. sikl·. h~~lil! All$' weiJd KI}f;i, ~papa-m~.s[;ara. pa eh.

AIl(Yi. ... ay, thai o)p50ters·andlill..ls.sels hlHn .$.QUIiI as realty i.ltiteresiing'. Tel! !IS ITlOW.

It'~ doinq .... f()~lIJaJ:l'J"m, han.'(~a~· sfy~ eve!}' f9ur mOi'l'lhs Hnd av~r)' S't:o! . months.

So whV tlii'll buslness? Mahi1ig 1r0! bil 56 tafWJrp'?

M&:Mlrg <100 .~a tshong. pe,(o f",indi akD kU(flaRm'f) flg r.~rab8, SIlc Cavite {t:iJ.i;i maraming rli!lfPo-otfer sa ;;1141).9 S}<II<!In yrm_ YonD rnom ko ilfl{j';lolgo.rg;;mize' ,raposkt,om,t.I~·Uljil r~: JaN:! ako rl!J perIJ,

We !:let your compllrtor Sihop INHI do well, too. i3!.d wm VOII! allow ,porl"l brOioV$hng?

Vl;.fhy not? H~ hal TeJ\:iJ._,. baws' b.s YV1i'? ipagbolbawal ,~D s~wmpr<t sa rninors,

So how' doss a ·b-uSiiIJlSS$Wom·OIR '1iml !l sh oot 'I,ike i'Dis:;' we admlro YQ!!!r cooper .. tion ••• M~s::ty-ang experic;loc so/a, ha hal This is tho mo~1: d~ing s.hwt 1'vP.· donl!lf Peta n.13n9~1.i alo::a, rapos dLmng th-p. part n~ (k1la!~p-o <100. P,~I"fii'(f1 majl1lga gUfnagii.pimg pa n.;:l guswng /J"umil!£uk 9<1 If;'ga twiss, ha hal

Which pa 11 of ym.n bod),i' was itdlie'st1

Lifmd and !egs, ha I~I

But beln.g ~n ~ihe dl'CUit for quiI:!: alorrg tim0 IIlnv you're Used 10 shoots Uk-e these', OJ r'e;!'t you'? N.~t.·Jnfya pa rin. kava riafw,f'i,daha;. b{1!] OOmlF.i w, , . .!'l<lr.(ggi1i'l,G' 5"i5! wsJ~ milig' bibjfiWilf"t. I';a hal

Any plans of hlttiflg it big in sI:1lCl1.vblz?

.Siy<:)mpro gusto 00 kclS~Q hi'1di 1.:0 afam kt;'ng p~iWD di(i,;ski!J.f.I.f!:nFtrt. Mal m{Ja lumalapil sa i'1k.jng indio directors kaEO 'an9 offer niff! sa as.,..

mOlY lo~e l;Im~n~ Fl!joo. .

And wlifat'.s Wrong wllll t:hat? £!i k<isi "ideo lUll tapos ytmf;jgg) hindi ko j}IJ k:lkfJaI<,), mar b$~r.llg 8G~11G .99a,& That won't sit we!11r. -my family..

Wily. do tll~y think you're stUl ""ii'gj·l'I?

00 y'ii!1<I ,eft. ba hal _

So Ino sh·1Iring of s.e:x ,Ii{f:\ wltlq m'Ci!m'?

K(jyEl. ka, maKaka-kwc:f1tvhftft ko s: <!b<lll1.Iov.e lile.-Pari mg~ porn StlF sn!lre niya, na hal Ac~uaJ1ly niJ.kl'J Juts;' $<1 I~P1{)p ko k~lsj clan ni"ya ,r1illi!-dowf}/Oilri.

Do you s.tll"s"J!lt affucted by j:lorn.?'

$jy~mpfe, h~ nga nai'lonoM' E"Ha hal ForUn.spimtion,

Btlt I!Ulnest1y, do YObllcam ~:n'llth~ ng hnm it.?

l'tJo'l{] ~,~r:n.a~l.g p:;w·f.mg-ol, Ha ha~ FHM

Elbow Slreetillg

6et two CAlmes; ~sj1;io!\-l!1e_1l!l ~t ille ends Ilf The Iree-tl1ru'l,1im~;:PI~ef~ Iille IlP al a~pl]i$iie baselines- Th~ Ilij'lff !akfllW tile fll1l wlllilln to'l'/aiji '~is sir£e of l~e balt,ccllrt ruilofiJ, tera at !be,cfUle, r,ecei~e HI!: Bllll, sllOilt, a~d tll!!n ~oc8od t~ I~e ~WMl~te Itlle (SIS: FirnlUes 1~-la:-2). -;,


Work rfre legs:

F~r,st~le~ill[l. attllcR- te~ baild's;am~ cl~ :;;e1S ~f je~ lirts, jtJg" and ~]ii"i~ts. T:a~~ ~fme I!!g lrmifsillnm h0~ l3;1iilral!y olllilalHwl)(It ~lI~!a~ Ik'l~ed "ladJlerS' (~ee flJllReS ~a~a,~2}.

W.rk "'8 Lngs .2 Lalk!'ers 1r3min~\fa(LaliDi1i8 ~an J3;!lme fmm jllll'illin~ tnJIIU!l1l e~r.h-wah ~ilees ~ten't as ~itJb as YBII Ga~~tl) d~illU oatteml: akin to rul[-cohlrt ~illcicles.

PRACJ1CE .. PRACTICE Asrrlc film, doing these !itIIJQting

r·"'l]r(:i~ .. 'r ... IRu rl'A)".":! ;."" r(."'l.IJlf oct la.1

1(> s.ruJQl f.QO _ijhN~ am>!thd thp.-

coo~.;L"d 100 jree t!'ID\"'~ us..ng lhr

,,,'01'",, ,. ~.",~""",. y

Station Shoo"., Use I'ffiJ ~mle~ [ljl!lin, I:III'S1iiMlIi(I b~ near l11Ie ba1fuurt lin~ amJ I~~ ~lliler 11 ~T tlte t~lfI~erpii!lnt I~. ~rom th~ Ihreeiloiflt line. S4)rim tnihl: hldf-tllllri,li!le eene, stlrilit ba(lt receive lfJe b.all and s1i00,f {see fT!I~~~ 2:a,2a.3) .


, ~.

&fling 5t,reedS

FEU oUt!I!Si(re ~rlltt ~.jjr~ fram ~ fjjll-oomt "ijIH 11J 2-]111--1, all ~he lW11 to s ~.-j)n-~ Hp.ro's a h2Sil) 4-011-1\ so !lIllY' Tile 1I:aIL~aHler Is ~it rolf o~ tile iw1, lilcJll'n ~i:<I:.rr.r i~ l~o1Jh w.in~ aR~ aMb'irer ~Iif,y,e.t illlh~ p3:illl, T~c in'Si~g ~I\:l,l!er f1lmS wward tile fte11nlllw 100 illld !lets the !rilll {~ee Fiuwres-4J·~d, 4d,1},

f'!f_ul'p ,~ifJ'J# , . Tlie figuro' lOI~t IS mtg 0If ~l:1e ~fSlD failtkT~k (Irills ~~11e Ivy CDII~ ie~rru;. Three jila/fa's <lltem3lely JilOOS tlta boll Cf1(Iss-eOlJrt I.m1i.l ~A~ or rl~m is ~~O:lJe e~liu~m tor a 13r~-IJ~, ~tt'eF ~1l"'1 p~s, 3 ~Ialter ~~Qwld· rum tg~h~ lJlIll~sile'l:ilfe Ill! 1.Il~ co~r1. e.~e~tJl.!lIW In& pla~ars' jJ)t!ls mil fnrll1 ajJ. "8" ~sec iigUflls !J.li-5c;l.

$elrt.'ng S&'Nenjf

ih~ ~1!:lYer O~ tov (If 1fIe ~By' nnw runs 10 thn wih'il !B ~t & sc ellfl, nm i~sj1;je;

plll~er P!(ISSB:> 10 tire '{a~mall ctll1lin~ 40J

'On 1Ii1~ SI!lI'€:Il'1 f~e;I·s~ts MCfeell

fiir !In~ ~Jb~

t'!I.e IJiasl<it" tllis ~ries (lr

$CrCElIIS, a pl3!1'rM ~iIIl e~I)Mll~ g~l <III Open I<!n~ tor ~ $not (see fi~ure~ 4,:jcPc.1, 4d,,2) ,


IJST pr<u:tiC{l~ sbJrt witil1ihe J])utif)e f1lnm~g, th~ l}~lJl difleren;ce hei~~ tile Jll<IlIl~ are a~e.d-Qr e'itm f~rl:eiHll m·~ mllilliheir

le>!ls gi!te llf, Th!i1( ~n lhe- l!SlIal :sl.iicmes 1I1]"d rulHllll5, which me balHoIlr'l sprints dClle cl)llti~lrousl~ tor a Jlt'ri~d of liml!.



Ch.dckm1lu Drill 3 S~iS!l~ w~d. jW[ll~

. . . . illD tirOill& b.efliifie r,ep~tin~ the ji!'~~ ec~el1lCi~ wilh II'I~ ~ext set ii' ptliles.. Mler wlnioo.1'lI1l I~ tlie lIe~t sel, g~t ~ ·a ~efoo;;n.1l stance a nel~. alld circlla eac~ cOile·1W,ioo (see Fi!!Jlues.till,j-oa,G").

Q.uickncS'!S D,.", .. Lasl, wJ1I1& hlllltillll ihllll, Jump !1ii'ffinlIIiB'.blil~~Jlf.littin~ Ille ~all as ~I~rn il~!lDiI.~~II~Il~i~~'fu1.1 Illtu!I1J Ih~ ftI(I!l~bOili~ widllHlm1 in1og1t doiiltlrn 'i'dt~ as mo~ fo~~ t~ Nlimiw W',atti~g Fe,ilnumilS Cse~ Rlmllii~ 011..7).

~.I ~J.~~:5 ·ten fb~m aa ByOk.o .181/9 }"(iil"~ d~waq; M .,lilY<#. :Q"iijitBt DUlJ airg itmlL We arsll' It:i:<ld1 tl1a,n bo-x~nll, b&ttaQ!>~ i Wo<ltll them t:6 h;i,(-0 ·G(J\nfi:!leJilCe In t!belll~elve!i-.: ,.

QuiC'knuss Drill

He~'S"ll ifi[~ ·1Jjal l;out disjJ'I<I')\S 'li!iw US,T wlU use l~tilif SlJeed. 'i'u\I'llllt:C'li 1I~8 r.~R9t lli~!led i!Jto

3, 1-l-21rl~erjll1t.

aaicofmeu ",m FrOOll a sttl~llrI~ jl~l~t :jJld 'i'Ill Y~l!llJa~d.:;·up,'ll?:pl~lfe tlll~ Inl~dle 'ijf Ihfr llrs~ set !If formE! Thoe~ t~\re ~ ll:~~elltille ,stallQe. 'f~rll'e taierallx as ,,"lckl~'8S y 1:a~ til t~~ "nD~ III yoor I'iQlrl 1 'JPil'ln~ ttleMUrlOsl c:.11~C ( 'FiutJr.es .6",,11.£2).

FU"~C-DUII'f D01ri,iiiQII ;2

M~ if 3-S()ree~ is"sgt til

free LlIIll lliilgiM 1Jhe

~llf~m~el-.'i eithie' t>witcfJ II:! lt3i!':(In til fr m~~. Alas tillj'jays talks· a~1MJ l Ole ~~tu~ of ~r!lperc &fl3Cill!l, wl1it:h 1~ ~ Ilo~r, ls~~ Figu;re a~),

FfllI~co .. d Doplal Alas sar,~ tltiJ~ ~lWlfllllrt1Iic!~& of !I1ETrtfjIH::()~n lIef,9f100. H:eife'Z ~~e .liagralll ~~C1' mil

, ceienoers-

recei'rert·~ I~e ill~MIliJ ~, \rnnre also IOI'Ging JloleIl1;Ts.I1taU ca~l'.!er,s lIi ~~" fl;ear Itl si{feli~i;~ (~~ fl!].lJ~RS B~ ~mn~),

Full-c.·.r' .Debi.'1 3'

If lme' 0(111 is 81111 ill'bil!lliile~, IIle ~eiffmd.i:r rl"f th.e, OflE~S;W play-st sbys C~D~ tJ:l.,hls IlilIn, 3:Iil~jlailiil.{!. T~e miter defeliidht st3,J,~ a.{lIJ]alr dilfail~e ~!J i~ fFIJirt ot his Ina II, TILl) iQIla is

Iii didi'ile 'l:fIllilre th~ ~ffeIlm.~ ~Iaye

.i'S ~llirog, ~'hile a~1l ~e,fe~ifiillJ; ~Wrij5.t b~i:kdoorilasSe$,


.n 1'1:; Own 'Jic.rd~_ Let! I mi.: .r:I. :i(~""'~I\I'e ':.'f$:em ~GC"m,,; I"~y ~(Jo !:_1r", :.f'- "'Yi: I "hl"Xll(I,,'~ ",iltJw Ir'~ ,~fi~l'1.i'le plater t<:1 ~11 ~..t, ,ll'e wa nts. We halfC twto ~i"d~ {ll lull ~{Jutt dEt.gllW~; l'ie ~I, J)qh~ 111>1' -to-ma n ~".d the ~r I ~mblir'1§ d~far>se hen) ;Hf; 4- handtul 0; ~13ri.a.t.O~~ k>' ·100 ~~mlllin~ Jcl'ln!;<l:

I l's e'LI1t~( ~'B. ooubl'l.! i.~~ In Ii!] i'.1 .IW:~y. or cl~'tDle t~~ro I:>rI f.h., ilr bhlcr, flr .... , tk~ublC! toarr, ~'untl hi n~1 "1<1<"::

A.I'C' IJweJl$e l1"um tM maSlilliilB, pla}'ilj's fl~iWn acitls~ liIe 1Iiree--JIejri1linfl. blerally tin ~. defe~siiJr. stamC'e wj~b kll~S 19001, baek 5ir3illltit, IllJ.lt il~L. eVe5lo~killg, ill '1001ll!, "nil ~ rms lIeld ~ul Jt Ihi! sixle '(se~ fl)!I~Il'eS 13-h2.).

~lIli1atg tnrlle kin.(I); ot p~~5~ tl1O$(l ;...me> ate !fid!KiGi~e, y .. na, Byaw mature. <tf ¥Uno fJj1ndinagdlilT:8I.lIsng Ir,Iaba#. ~




.A comhir:mtkm (lithe hicep ~oUrl and the mil it.11Y press bul done on ol':Je leg. Sharss, Salr.ed(): aln terms fLH1tetion~lit)', Irs like gra bbir,g a reOOIJ no ~nd pUlling I~ back in. But Wi::) do it on lHg 1.0 hi! th~ cere,

Jt takes oaion eo t1J do it.

GetbuHasa college Jock!

U Ciive;rsit;y 'Of

the Philippine.s Filghtin,g Ma,[OOn'l'l 8'lre.l'Igtha iiid

cOna rtroning ce;a:ch Raqdv SIl'1 ce,dQ', CSCA.. ~ INati(lI~a;1 Sit'ren!3Ith and Condodcrn ins Ali'is>ociation ceiinfied trailller, SiI)'li tine main phllo5lophy ar tiloir program is "beingl tun,cUollilllil!l

terms of dJfferent lIcl;i",i1Ies, th~t

Is speclfted rOf baslretba~~. while {lh,C), pr'ilWi;! niing, illjm·ies." "W~ figcu5 Of! multij-joillt cx;!7r.c!sc:>, sil'l CilI'

'tlile IlHa,:II'i:lrs. ar'EI tnvolve(l in llIynfilmic morv·ement$_ "

- -



Anaorgb!c~ cap.:;tcil~

is tk.e measure of

flow fast a player C~l' recover his ~nl3rgy. "There's, HIp. 30(}."'l)r~ snu.tle, ...... nere the player runs six 25- yard sprint!'; bank and fortn. We time It then n~st for two miln~J~e 5 then gQfor another tr.i81 10 eoe lM d'i(f,eftmc~ 1M T@cO,.'cry time," Eixpl ~ ins SalcEldQ. Accordi;'jg to him, there S hou Id bo 1'10 'I.inm diH~lr!~nr.;E! ro~ both spnnta.


----------------- ---

,A play-ar crmtE!'~ (~ittIN

~ medi,e>inc D-:;!U or dumbbelL iliod jutr-ps

en tup of <i plj,[)rn~lric box .. 8ea innara may nor c:;IJf( My ... ,elgi'11;, The lleifJnt of the 00;': also varies: lrom one-inch '1'0 Lhr-et:.-.alld·a·!i<~rr-ind1.

'<1 t's a 1/OF!r~ !;pEic~'fi~ exerc rse, because 11) 'L{!<Ii'nS 0'[ jUr'rIpi'llg y-ou must ba anl,p' to [;arr~ ~our5'P.li: St'l,~r:s Salcedo.



PU" .. UPS

- -- - - --

- --


&Thi~ rf!flily gavge~

rh p. ,pla~el"'s tipper

bCld~r strertgth," says Salc(~do. A dfl[.~L7rot c~leqp. player, he .says. 5hmlld be ~'ble to de

r~t least .eigl"lt. "'I have a pln,yew who CM do t:ilirly but merOfr r1ir"'l9 twu or thte0 HUly. Th!) aim is you should Of! <lole 10 do, It without assistance as much <:IS' possib'B."

"Recover,' Is ver~' mt portant, Not onll~ in WQig ht trail"lil'l9 bu.' also io pmclic(:s," $~li:> Salcedo. "INt; ha .... ~ !l!lcovf,!rymeai::. in older to replace conaurned BnE~r9y.I--I}''draiion din. In w8iyh~ I-raining you destroy be~'or~ YOl' bu~d,"

Moruhalf qUO'J;U"~IIIIIC hoop!!l IQl,IL wjth F"'f."k'~

t (.m illlII.!Ji. 61 wwwJtim&o1n'.p1J

Going on an oul·ol-tow 'rip ;s like popping opell II bllg 01 goodiss. You kind 0' expect ,ltat ,lte advell'ure (lind ,,'coho'} will be plenfy and your pole,,';al elltounter with honey" promising.

Takll' 'mr lnstance v .. I1e~

we recently ~vent to CamSur l/ilat>ef.spo~ts COIl"lplG,");, I! being'ii hu b for wakebourdinq made I~ <I complex r,uG'lning v/iih spo.rI~ and ~U<'Ifly 9org~0'lJ?' JFiSses, all fin and ab'IB for '" r..ea.rny plctO"ri~l,

One in particular .hat s~a(MI

OLi L .[tmorL9 HIEl l:'J:kl; oJ 1D¥E!I,ie.8 was' Nacira, Rflbem:;~ S"'~{ldse<n. n 2'1 . year-old stunner irom Denmark. 'nus was i.J1 lIl1e:<:pl)I.;:LOO [Or rrlli:.

I was jiJst bumming around ewe w81ching the "'fake hcardara do ~hei' thing ..... hen an Ft-JM CF€W imlt~d m;~ to do this photo shoo",

I hr.::sitamd aI' first but I'mgll'lld I yes <lnj"Way~

We'ra mighty glad, too, she. ~-es. We· mean •. lal<:ll19 a ~ook ,;;II ~ these p:ages., who WOLJldr)''t be'?

WIHll mad.e 1{01!I i:h<l!1ge your Weil, nOilestly. I 'rn a really &h~' 9 ....,hen 1 "\'fIIS asked by your mllli:e artist. I didn't know w.h<lt to S;}~. not Sure I wl'llllt~d to do it but kr1DWing the con($i{fons or trca sr find dnin.g the pictorial in ONe made me agree to it. It was fl Q oxpertonec to' ~la~8 my Fi(;,tLrres taket'i by a pro_

So we're Qllessin'Q lil wa.s. 50111ethln.g you'd eenstder "Clin~ ~}g .. in?

'fes, dcfrn;tely- It was ""Pj thrilling especi~II~' for me bei.1g S"O shy. I ICQrnoo il Jo~ rr'OJ~l itanc! anrazln9i~ I had gn~fl.1" fun ..... ith it i'l Ina end, Pretty much like wa,t1;!~rrliti~ for the first time.

Am yOlJ 3 big sports r.m? Well. not reil:li~, i just 9P w~k~bo@ordlng once in a wh'il8 because of my boylrien{!, I like Se1!lrJ191 him surf, H<I hal

How de you find the'

Plhili ppinil'S?

!My boyflierld is 4.1 w,;;,kebDilEding buff, So when I heard about ewe through u ftieM. we plafli"lcd our hip righlt .aw'!Jy. W'I!. w'Dnl Ol'i i:I threem(Jnth trip to the Ftiiiippines, and '!':b~yed in N ~g'a aty: 1.·1r:lw! it ..... h"'i1 it is, eumrner and ho~ QlI,Jl~ide sa I Ci}J:1 go ro ~:he beach, that's why i liked illheffi_

Sweet. You mu st be pretty ild'!l,emu rc LiS to do u- .. at,

"(Q.1J kno ...... , ~c:t'-'OIJly irs 'Ihe cpposlte. I like 10' P~')' i t ~VlfG', b'lll oot safe· 3~ in boring .. I'm 'LIm l~p~ ..... ho wants 10 kno-w ..... hat I'm iumpillQ into, I also I,k·e to try newlhil1g'5, 8~ri8r;t;e

Ih~ worfd and m~Qt n.ew people, Th~l"s ...my we f[')UJld1l;;ursd~0s in the Philippines_

So !:Io you alsQ liloit! to plall it 5i;lfe illl r!JliltiQnsinps?

00, urn, ~"Ou have to ask my OOyfriGr~ about th<ll.,. H<'l 1110. 1131 We'll ~eeJl 'lnat hi rnl !'Iii. Could yol.! lell 'Us Instead the wUde'Si thins you '11'0 tried So far?

Io na\l1l my picture taken tor fHM. DOCI I mention I'm ~hy <irL'd r like '[0, piay 1\ ~.af8? H"". ha ha!

Wliliolt (;';:11'1 grab Y0I:U attention? A guy wilh a 'umque p8f.'SQr!ICIMy_ I likE different 1:>lpes oj gl)}'~-,,()t one

type III p~ic~I~F but he na'S to ha\08 sOiilelhing unique ~bOlll him to make me, notice him.

Okay. S.o whaUlappens thE!11 i.t ho walKS up to iO u?

I wx:;;uld lu rn h irn dbvtll, nol because of tum, burt b8(~~aa I It:l~e m~ bo)lfn-end very rim;;,", rmeresting.lfI a phl"iiI:.e, can !lOll ti!lH II~ whllt V!.lll are oreilIL'allike? That's EII1(Jther hard! question.

I woolo ~aJ/l)m ('I ';dnwn'l,'O-BaFth ~i~l" ..... 110 l ... rel'a:.red ~-.n:d enioyll

lif;J', but II bet ~,",ere ~B a rot-of diffcf€lflt answers to Inat qlJlesUQIl!-lEI. h~I!. FHIM,

v;c~y 'fllw .of !4!5 are es It!!::ky as 'liI.e :lUric;;art ~g!ldie" vdlos~ (ll;I\n:i5 WS!i.pre!ieI"VRtoll' pqsbu1ity by 'tho fl:'~ilccllI CloeliOlf JI!l!)Qbu;s X.

PiOIl:ie!lv ::20' JI&;U5 of aiD"", Hie gl!lll" lii<ld iIJ tooll that was 11 "1ItC:be<.s.~Or!91 a.1'!.d ,a~m(l5~ Uu'ee III!~ta,es in d~i!lmeter. "1'tJil!; unifDrtuniilttl' :sflildieir whlo p'QSi~e.!ised: 'fhi!s 's'piik'li' (;Qu'lilI llifitflifid a iII!ilgn::ss Ililt{lQ onoug!:i

'to "e<:.elllf~ bIn'! "'~'i~'!lJeas,",f\e'

,amul lite was Die object ,~(U:cnrO~

,to iiJl!: 'tlJ~ '~'!Ym~iiiJifi0 5 O'lI! , ~ .agthlor P,jiG!ilard l:~ot;::~ s:aiidl tin liIils ~k. An 1I1;1!de.J:gjfOund Ed,utat;.Ofl,.

Wltl1!out the gID'~ Qf 31 !!J!.!!g~ schIO,ilg" IIIi'IOSt o.f U5 aile lleft,with

iIli llIY1g,e ~lli"Ia'gina~IIDI1J to U-S8 iin, b>IDd. ftj"u, ;\inti 1m OPOIfI" .l!Ch!,(l<niU!l!'~U1S; !i'piri~; tnrii!!iEI $(lmeiliti:n,'!1' iIlillW sex·wise fi!i1l1!ls bOliIii' pllInners.So Iii!!lNl':; :;om(l CXPi!!i"t 3dlf,!lee '~flat even Google can'~; he!!p l!(!'!Jj tJJ'·iI(;lk se eas~lv, S!i!ow this ~i!i~ t.o VOIU l:ilIfilr ilnd $G0 w!1illt comblnatli(l>o o~' sa!'lc:es '~Iiu=, t,\liO' of VQU can (:JOilli'le up wiUlil till ~~liIeYQur fillCIl!!IlgJIlIS sin:: lme; C>O<iitiill baol!: :to fru II m!!!Sl •


Hal'f lhe furl iii role-play rS comiUlg u p w~th mindb!ooA'irtg scenarios !11211 both p«r':n(lr~ can really sink Il1llir tij~tn if1IQ_ Don't hotd back-be hones! wrth tour tal'!tas.~, so she can be jllS! as o,pen with hers. "My partner once ad il'litt(:{j Ihal she flad !hi_s D&Sper~f.!2 HOl.Is!2wiV("!1j famlasy based om an episode involving Evalongoria and a. gardener,"oonfe&-886 FHM.com_ph blogger 8,uwayahman, • We. imagrned I'd surprise her b~ ~rItering heir rQOtn hoa.n-Mkcd \'i<J'<1ri,lig only fra~'ed denfm S!10r ts, I tllrrlcd r~IiI~Sy to r(lality, ~cepl ft.lr th~ tI8.lr-naked part 'since ·1 lack ,Il ,(:hti~elf-!rl 'phy~ique. In rel'um. she drosacd up

in a long-sleeve sl1.i~t. (me oi my i'led!il;'S, and l'lUthin 9 undcmcath,"


Pain, in ljr)y to rlloda-ranc doses, can be a very 9000 Ihnrtg_ Conaensual disci pline {ernpha~l::I on QN1Jle'rJ':;U£l/} earn b(·) a.

'01.'0 nd@r~lilinwedrelll\ ill the lIive·ar1d,m~~ of d~miEiatior'l and submissiQn scenarios; so b~IQved to o[mdi:l9(ol, di~t;ip~iI18, ;;i:ldornasoctnsm ·Ial"'l~. "SQme pf!Qpie get

into kink}' 'play to spice up their s~di'fe," explains dominatriX D'Omina Jsne D'ie"Thery'lilie oacn othor up. lJhey'11 :spank e<lGh c>th8r, th'Jy'li poby Frul~eh M~lIid or S!;,hoI)lgirl." BUll rOlc-playing. Domina adds, ls just one aspect CI,f 8D8M. "A lot of pcoplollko rn8J8ocr.iMic play-being 11.09.gf!d Or baing Gaited, being paddled Or spanked, I, C~1'iI alao be biea1hMkingly8;f,ljj~L1.i3J to

I noulge In W;ll~ .pia~, III pple tqit~ ra, -nock 'Sind 0011 torture, or p!;:W {or ~fI~) pfemin,] • .solITle people love: sensory depr-i~.:J,tion play-ow

i ne·scap:able bondage-like mllmmification, Shib,llrl [Japa"nl.NlB =r= bondage]. ood,'oog's, late:.: 1JBeElUm bed or ~nylhil'lg , .... hem they' can release themselves and surrender (:()~lIHJ.llu t"13 hdpl~srl;I}S$ of Iheir situalion_'

:2 TAlK TO MEl

Sex therapi~C Or. Agr.{!.s Bllel~Q believes openness about sex is a prutlcular dif1icl]lty with the avcrage Filipina. "They r-cally do not know how to be &e>:tJ<ll; they don"t know how to b<e orgasmic," e~l?iaif1s Dr. i9ve'Tlo. "Ttley d{l'll 'f r'Ca.I~ know how to achieve their own pleasure, A.nd if they do, the problern ls that some of the men feel paranoid ~<:ll th~~.<I1o too ~e~ual, The re are 'ti1(1 guys wtio, :~tJi'.I, "Bekit <lflg' dUl1wl:(1..-auf1Qr'Jg mO? Baki.r ,~lam fflO .y,;;rrJ"?·· It darnpana the Gilprlcity'

of yiomen to be mcresexusl, G e.ttifclg'

past thcso 1rl1hibitions takes, M open, F1onjudgmp.r>tal attitudu_ BU\'ia~ahmaFl

bBI i8"'E~S_ "On Po t~[:h n ique ! usa is to opemly admil I am turned on by my partner and .!ha! l'dQ feel.hornyJust Ihinking :;I,bo~t 'her. O"lce she admits lih~t she toete hot as '~II, limt's when I sta-t talk.;r\g about that teelinq, In 'Op~;'lln'9 up 1.0 Ilach ()lhcI, we undcis!,md what We fE~81 I'!l p~rff!C'tly J1.'llmaL It dm!RI"I't· 'rne'an Inal I thinl<: of her as a slut Sorneh:ow, m~' partner aJf'ld I en d up ~,etlung even more arou:;;'E!ot_T

Your willie might droop, whli() u ddld!tl ~<lrl 9[) QI'I 'lilll 'lhg b;ilt~riE!~ run our, So If }'Q!Jr .spirit is willing but 1 he '1lesh

is all wrung oul, jllf;t -nip Ihe ···on~ switch am:i"lBt tile gMd iim(~s roll. "lust;;> the vibraling ,I'ltt:,mhmerrt fr:nm a thf!Hlpl<lutie pillOW," S!''1S E:IS1~, :,!;Il I)COOl)nl execuri » e based in Makati. "My boyfri9(1di and I r 0\1'(,3 10 bring it out ~v,heil we're ·dol ng sex p:l8,y~it w.qrb ,gre'at wnen l'rn blindfolded, when ~ can't j)r'OOict wiler'C he's g0~noJ Lo $,limu!ate rna rli!:Xll IHroes him up 'l,[) ,[,!xprura diff8renl angles that he couldn't possibly do by himself." BIft if ~ou do see a vlbralor as 3:1'1 ally, lr's alwa)'t. wl~e to lise i.t Of! ~Ollr honey with lLl1anDSt 9~tk:ne8s. H~!V~ 8. ~(~el fm whaf~ tuming hsr em ask qr,;e~tloIlEi it re,ad'lng 'lIe,I:);" ~nd, ilorwe!'rOOl, cues gw.es yo!') migrrun'e, It's sti~1 _'l<)l)1I" hamd. ,nft,c>r 0:11" tl'l8;t doe~ lhe workin'tl

Electric Sex


Bath.lng togllthClr can be a~gF~.~t Intra 10 expllo~~~e; se~, but iL isr;'.t m'commel'ld~d~f

~'our h(:i9'hit' di(1e'Iel"it:~5 are teo I Il1g(J, S e..:ifJ i;,'!IQating battr-a J'0/C-lIZZI, t{)r.msi.ai'lce-is t1 different. mR,1'ter. 'four w"I~"ti~s&nF!'RR IIi wa1Br makes am~7ing c.or"II!Jrliol'i·s aOd posiliorls .posslble. G~t your. partner L·t) ~'lOWC in ~ din.gi 119 col [.(;m srnrt~tn~ resulting wISt look ",,·111 f,e$I .. an{lI(>[}k s.e·x~. ·""!e d~this- <l,s''<1 ple"ud(~ to ffii[l1ir~·(1I.iog€!&!);ej," 8~p'ii:lEnl'; .!hlt, a blU~ilfl~f.wr;rnaJ!l i ~ 'C~bU, U I 9 et in fursl, and

sh awer with on~ (I,f Ilis ·old. shi[~l.S on, give hIm a 3110"1"_ Then he ,gels to.jl:;lll1 me ,in the shower, th ~ ~h"t comos olI, and th e moilgic happens.'


W(lm~r'lI;~ a sll<arper'SfO'TlllEHlf IlIrIUU

th~n 'm~Il":'8a If)' appealing to Ilefd;e:l;

dnv~ ',«!ttl diEic.~f11 CO.~QgfliQ, $ome ~.c€!'1ts 1'I'Lg9cr fleuroc!hemi~al' r~l~l.'1i in Ine brc.:th.i;l,j (~rM.t€ <1 ~trol1g se>:~i1t n;'!!SpohSe. Yoti proo",!''!; your aW(I se~J eoent, whien are ca.~leCi pneromclw:;. B'L:]Lyijll can also get some heipinS banliis (rolYr your ;wOilite fragr.an;;es, par!u;;uh1.rly ~ho~'U'\1l~ 'cobtantia,Jir~Qi)tiI aptrrodl'!)iav 8tJ81)tS like Cin"'~ ~ nd muf;!k, 'fry 0. tragranoe th"J,l' srnetls ~51 nlOdern aru~ yutlog, ;;I,vo:din,g ?lllll~nh, 'Df amot 1010: Dok;e'& G'llibana POlrF Hom,.arId GlJcmi For Mera are 90Qo ~)~Jmple~~


An u.Flpl<w1fieO ge~<l ....... ay for a nig.h L Dr two is 11 gre<~t Wfl~' ~!;I grilb };o['l~Cl prliTil(;Y Mid MCqJ~e some <\19'nt. llirm~ to I'!l,t your im<Jg-inMioi\ run ~\l'lld.

C IClsflie(' establish montsere more nk~ly to pr()vid~ tnO?B litl~~) ,~tras:

111.:1'- C<.ir~ add 14p to m.ind-bibwrMq &t;l!);~(;t':IMQ~~tcl&, champagne. UOYl'em,.a JI8¢mzi, ,ydtJ name If, S·onlp. mutd~ ul~(;j la~e pnrle in cat'.)rillg

to niultiple se-;illa~ ·taota~lt\~a, !,ju8hES 8uw<l".allma(1_ "Qtchids. a; p~&lg h.~~ 'mlriQr5, AFlito and Victoria Cour\ n" v. ~ 'therned ri'lbmll.' ·a.ndf love searsl"


13f!~(m.~ you lea .... e lPf ~v()(k, Ig"''''a a glas.;; dildit;\ if! Ihe itidge_ WhCJ1 )'Oti get 'horne, bl~ndfald bar. lie. ber to ttl", bad -. <lnq :'llJ;rpr1~e 11'3~ by re\<lslrI,g ~1ejq,. c~ld appenq.'age <lil O~:8r 'IN}!' skirr, W,qfk ~o'lJr ~/iJ.y down' h~r b.ody, thp,n' ~jte'~l;;Iat8 s~jdji"lg ~hF!'·dildQ mto her wh,i~e e,ntcermg her YQUri;eljtti eo contrast of cold :,;C;{ <lind' w'arf'n cock wril

I'Ia ... e her"s!;!nsEl!i !{creamjng.


Pia)' ·,wlll ilJ\lEls 1tUlt you c~m appl~ ai' QOIer,

(lot jo.st on-the family jp.wals. "'''smM!imcs B~pcri~~eFl~ wilh 8. f~, kInd!> of oil', Ju~t tu e~pr.6na til Q'ir te-xtlm~'Gt S!1.i;.rOrl,·O) M~nilu -baSBd keela.nc!3 'o'!IlIittifr_ b'~rcs. b9m~· 011 ~f!~Ia: really' nrPE!, Oil'll;! fia:;; tliis n ICC. scent that' 6e·em~··ta turn my bIT}'frieild em." sh.aiiOrfS slick ~~P€'rll'!i"~e t::l.ke;~ some f)r~p 9-9fc;..,a and after, Iflaugh' plasl;c sbe.elin:g O.n1:hs bad and rmwr;;papcrG in a paLh to 'the shower to wash the i51t)ff oft .


"lnws,t in ,[j_ 00].11)1., of 'E!xpoR<l;i"s 'Iact bra fur haK,r.d make sure thfl.~ fit.," ElSL~ E~~J.airr~, NIZWf roe,yea! tour .gn()r.;t.il.(;(~ 01 vo'£lrricil~xlF'id~~.<lr ~.,d nosi~ry_ You ~htoult!ll<.fiOl.V nie·cJiHerer.ce ~et"'oon sf[)d'.itlg~ and t)oldIJps.

IftQ Iorrner mqui.fe a, 8'lis.peni!i'itr IlCil[ te forolcJ them uPIIt'le latter r,iOtl'\~, ~ b~IlLCi;l and (lOr)S.::1 (theiorme'r is ~~' tigtJt'(i~ting' hodic.El: tho I~U.eI< is bOo"led and $peci~lly p'~Ib:lln '1h~ \\'~im ~IH:! pushes ,lip '!-)e b1J~t). Thill kr.&.vte>dg& shouJd alBo.prep~re }'O1.l lor wn('n it eDIT)!!!::; 10 taking them, off, too,

Electric Sex

IEmbr.a.c~{g()ocl \'l<Batbf8r and t"'KE;!' 1ld"'<ln:tagE;!' of ~u nn}' skies b~ toolmg aroun-:J1 ootO()or5. F3l.JerrQ belqev~?: ~he 3alfliea:ph.ro.disiac~1 susponse that drives men to dan~:plmul;l ;!'H'~iF3Gflll 00 !ak!li~ m m()d~ratiQI1.gimpl_ll hy goil'1lg,iii:/ flBfm.<iJ outside, "Ihe risll of "b<lk.tt fayo m1)tll;1i,' LftcH:Jmngm. IS &PI1161t![il<J ttmudds to the oEixpariMCl9," sh'>1 <3(J:p!ain$. T'h~ olltdo'fTs ~ri be !cos plilR'lkln~ due to the: w~rffl~n that bugs 'lOll in thfj middle "Df tlt~ acr, hilnging frqm mosqni;O~8; toO. ae.Dllri.y .guards. A safer (but not as e:<citing} alt~m~tiY~ can be had if you ha~e a wf,IJlI~d g.iderl of ~(lur (lwn,fEl!r'ftufTIl the Wyi!:lg eye.s of tbe k:<c:~J fr.gw •• -

: -r

- - - --


Tecl1"1(l~ogy. when 1'1101 u«ed 10 d.i~p.ar<L98 rc:pWaliori. ,c,fj.n spree up YOl!l""se~ lifu_ Take t(Jding, Lor {txam pic, ..... hich Slla~onfreq~~n:.B.y c8.lts upon to corna to nE;li' ~~~Uilt H"l&CU B. "I've started sen,di ng n1~' boy~ri",n'd gexy f",l'ltasy SihJ~lions to' get.my I~enre.u,p, ~ clid it b-ecause !':tJseod to btil S;h~ab.out tellill'Q him what I' w8lru!8d tDDu. 00 'I'd )Bd iL W him i!'lst~<id1.

Ttla ~hGrt character Hmit on tll(l;t lii'!lssaginq Ghal~~n'Q~~ me jl;) I;'gnJ I>h.M, ~tr,~ight t~ th(J' 'POio'll message-5 ...... hen rna I""at e~1PaGis them ro arrlve." i-)


A Imge -breasted WOtnfln will have ~t1IdlJ~ed a li.f~trme ofmch staring_ p8win:g,~m:l oon.kin:gat n~r tits. so m\flJ1Ie these .!he I as, 1'h ln9'S,n~t ~QU werk you( w.a~ o,n to. A_ct' alitUe .surprise by them. By acMowlClOgir1<g h(!,Mt~et uttributcs, yuu'll have (;r'ldC~1~d yo,~~~df Id her a,nd, propb.~bl)'foFt.hF;l fi~H lim~, IQoked b~nd h.er·fack y6Llrs~if.

li4S,lROK~NG 'BAN!

R·efraln from st~ok.ing her c1!toris with yo",r finger, then Y01{i~ h~~c to H'!1(:1 dlrte~>2:fl1 w.a~s of stimu!~!iFlg it. Two W;[lys,w.e'dtCGq~YlEner'ld <ll~ 9~r~tl'llM:ppiIt9~!Mg DU ildup but w(')r~h lh~ w:oit..,~ nd i<oeepin.g )'OLlI' hand copmpl!;!teJy . stl II tU'~ with ni11'd dm .... nwarn pressu re, Th~H,Ei'COr'iId dna ..... on·t last long b'Qf:or.;: t;hr/~ j LJ mping an ,yiu_


Wli te dewnell tAe "Honed in(r~es Y:l;J'\l',/e ever read

abou L, Then lake cacl~ one and lh i~k of 21 s~il"l 0;'1 it. If i!'g "curmi~i:n9U!8 alpoob~lt"',

GO the aame Ihrn'g s~owj_ll vcr, iSlowl~; If it's sex 011 thebeace try 1l on iri )"Ou r back gardBfI or ll'lrr<1.c~ latE'! at night:fl1Ifln r~p~~ce pnot'l~~e~. witn te~t ~e~ {1~rnd S!ddi~cl pkf!,Jn~g)$he's less IIk.ely to corn pare J';)·u ""1111 her-exes and mow

~i k·m~y to be surprised Md e"'cit~.d b'l' ,tiUr or~g~rialil!~.

17 HALlI

fry stopping rmd"6ax,.~i .. yi~ comp'ete!y Mil~ wnileinsi'ae her. 'It heig'hten's awa:reneSlll, ~'Ilmal k:nsio.n (in a.go.od ..... ~ an,df(.)(~U8i;:'8 you bailt:H\r~ th~ &mal~estrnolle ments. as W8

as prolonging ~e' ecstasy: 'lOg


It's nevar- aoooeprabl~ II:) ~ar. don't ~CI con dorns,' E~,Etr! yO'.. willi oie 8 ~onely, ~Yrni~itiG rtI!~

Like 1)1'IY other potent drink, brMd~' C'311 set iire in your belly_ Bul unlike' booae ~hat $1'ln'ld$ ln thl!l buzz afte:r chulil9ing a n.uliioor of bot1:la~, this ona hiit.::; Y'f,)u fast and nard,i;lumting yoor senses with 4(1 percent of ~cohol.

So it M~ bian known that $Wi~rgil1g 11. few shots 100 many

of th1~ Ivociou$ TI.llI'IbN brew can unleash a~oltll1:r. side of you, Most admit it can lel.loo!;!:: a It)lJ'd£r, 'I'illder PQfT.5Oliall~y, the ~p8 tr.a.l m..ke~ th""m \"\'i;;!nt:to ~tage- d!'/e

In i'l Iwo~man. mesh, Others, though_ become more subdued. contemplative [~Dl ..

Thfl intm~~rn9' l:3.$~ .~(lIJ see nf!n;;! IS (;lne o,f them, Don't be misled by tiel' neme: Bmn.dy Gier is I"'ld

O1g on the ,c:llrat1W1 liquO<l.I'n fact,

!he 24->'eax-urd 1ji~.cn ~ay:l £.!he dOE!!,I1't e"/litn drink often b.:lcal.J5;e wh~n $ne does, w<nerwQr!o:,s

come iFoc-ding. "FvilO. ko Oil'! Rig Umi;fiom ako tla.;gigJ·/lg emotional iJAo," she quips. "That's tnE)- reason

I alll}, drink brandy wh~n I have ~ problem, Sigle kasf flkong umfiyak PM] 1f):)lng_" Elg,hty-proof alcohol has been elso krtown to do~l'I8.L,

.00 1;"01;1 dtiu'Q ~ulr,d dr.~n'ks 's.traight 'lip?

Kiiya "kio if I have a problem. I c:njoy the biUer tasro of it wl'ten I'm in an csno rnood, pssro kspa!} wai&., I Ii!oie rni):~ dril1lki. bell<!r because (Ii !he sweet -IlaV!:K_

IH1aving l!:it,an fly fl)r' i!I IIi1C1'lJiie. are you as potent as the drink? M~' name is Brandinc, .90 it's raflUy my 11ijcl:!lianie_ paJ'" rio kfl~j Rkonf) br'lInd.y-rn;Ikalalasmg, 'hOi ho3 hal At naQ<~fl.g tmn~·rag.II'J, sum&siII!"<lp_

What dCla~ that mean e-x:actllj? 111'L1irr:ci:;:aling aKO ~ QlJ}'s, .Ang psroeption fll~a, pi~y¢"J &W, PfJro once th~l 9ft to imo"" me benet', they'l ~ow thet I'm a one-man W'Omati. 'MlhfriOt'ld$ din 9"'"y'Jo¢I'l. Ant}" f,lm!]

. rumtJtugaJ Bt19 frie~ip ~mr.~, .lt1fo alo:o.r;g .bwnabml, MinS8\~ nga lli.'Jdi f),o) QIro mmfllingill¥l i,j1§..flg, l-ta ha tta!

1~1l that case, '!::.3illl Wo 00 on !/O'Ut ~ ,i,Ql'ld'S usn

Ha I;a hal Of r..ourse. I'm a ve~J friendi)' person. Hindi :Ike- sooo kafllt k.anirr{). Bast&. 11indi NS(OS $-iII a~'irl ;:m{! kalR;a{J xu, w;HaJlg pmb18ma 'INe can talk fur as long aS~'(ll.I -1I'~al1t,

What's \lour Idear lit !I. run, IItll htcurt?

i fa.:.() lo 90 .clubbing with m~fri~(h. Dapat all-girls kp_mj then w.f!'d ~II dreas up wilt! makeup arld the WOl'ks, Dress-tl)-.lmll ralaga. Ang iavotile

part 1(0 is whan "'/~ ~t1!8r a bar and

[. .. \tel)i>OOy w.rruld cheek Ul> out

So are you. ·dress-Eng up to seduce Of to impress?

Wei" b<Jfl II FI<l. ha ha! It <lffirmll hmt;)" I.:nsi J1<l WEI lcal<. mce. KaJ'a n;lkakar:atcfJ k<lmi 118 l;IiH!'n!iol'l. iU881lfs'!P ytmg f~l~ng nil they s;ppred~Jt"0 O~I' look, Feeling <e-at"ly pl1;itty hurl; l'Iu\'1 .. Ha ha tJ~f

What do ~ LJ do to ·cait~h sOrn'i(jQIle'S· ~tterrtroll"?

I dance, Mah;[;g fJ.kOil(l sum,-lY,lw ka.ilif [}ala pa IaN] il'ktl. Tbers's somc!hing abm.it .d~rt~i~ that r(Yoll~r ap~~15 ttl rna, Mat;;;-mp yr.m(} feli1ling' na m~gs8yaw 3~ dance 11001", lt's ~ way",f €,;Ilpressing yourself, PlBfO tum-off i!J.k'O .s~1 f<lki·A:illfl .. ~urml~'.EI)t.5!w, I Oi;ln 't know why pero JlahF;lh&<$in.[lFoIJ ;Ilk" sa ·guys kapag sumll-SflY61 w S1.I{1., I find itfllmw·

W'e'lIlloted. Arl,d your di.mci styi!J Wfluld be?

l.ls.ually, dub dBndng_ $unpk - I;<Rm"n. r~1fl9 typP. of d~n(;e lloa mlflkl/(I/f., mo ssclubs. 'I'm (:10001 aancit\g S€~1" too pero trit~di ko yUJ'I Hi!Jsubuka.'n in pubJip, M,u ". ko il ~ will dance sery-, jnti~e &. So if ever, bayfriCMKI ~·o ~rlrY 1lt'19 (IUtlrJJ:k:?,kiW. 11(01),

Lucky guy: •. 00 l{OIJl have ·one right now?

Ytl8. Kay,! b(~~"'0 n;;. ei«» l'If}l!ycF" Very lamE! na ;lkQ_ Pfff8ng talat ko !.;IlSI Y:UJl /<:aya fIhlytcar i!I..KO kiUlfE1_ Ha hal We i;<Ml' high rese f["Jr arar;h (Jlh(~r k;>Jya magkr'<surtd., /(;.mi,

Lill,e we Si!ltd. lyCi<y. S.o wh al you !like .as 3J !;f~rlfrl1,el'lld? P~$G'ilol;~_ Mtk.l:iltI" a{frJ .~obrll I-fla ha ha l f lindi ka.s! mabJ'fil; INI"Ii" an!] ~'ro 1<.0, WeE Ia.ng m!lSa.,qad imsi masatml fiil akofl{;. f));;lg,lIir ~now tha~ liM, "Hr.'wag 8,t/ftlll ma.1)1#1 M:si flffrJ{jii#'"If}ag8;f gaflti~ Pel(! did/lartfl ko Il,;lmall muml:, ha hal FHM


I«lEr'FIJM Jtlt'l""2<JCI~ \I.<\<!·,'dtull~ h

l>T1I!\lderi:Jg~ bf>tindlJ' ,]'00 88Ei 'lIDW is n0t llunodel Although

- ~~ R:en8JtaZ!;iga is aClu~1ly a ,class hair.a!ylisl, iocl!!Jdir.g ti~r rmQrtll1's IlOswr of bab~ is a ::-faIn.ar.'We're pretty gl.U~ no $aIr, DE!(;tin4m~fI would alr'gU€' with Ihat, f~ ncr prof~ssion, ,Rentlla

I'OOt:e;pom'9rj,~la. "I have been £IS- a sl,},li!Y1' ~Dr 1 6 )'B:mi <Ir";;d represented my COiJITlry in, IhE!

, World Cham~nsh 'p., (ll.ltm

-: pWlicipatllS, Ii ended 'up as Ine ~"n bes! mrr!pQljtor, Thanks to competltion, I have ~i9i:1~d New San Fr<l!ncisco. La!'; V!l>g!<3s, P.atif>.

-"'Cion, 8I;rrlQlKo<...," she writl':!l> 10 U? EIIl Na1 from her hornelaod,

aUI what ....,~ most ke ,abOllt tl:lCt'tI'It viffict- i!:llir;q au()rThliar'J (If

~rng ,l4noy, ltIP.ff!'S ~~I a ElnippE!t OOW rnucl1 she loves it here: "The vision I ha.d of YOllrcO[Jntl), was 'ooli~ patadise Af1Id as sOG<"'! as land(xh~ ""levi itrall.iw choice p~f.$c~' SWL'!'.a1 of Mr" ~'1 i1'? x, o~ beh@.!f of e'.'r;!I)' Pino~, we

~ like to, le11 you, RefI~m: We

Iik-e:tOO, loot

did ruU Ql!t time'!

..¥'L ~yrmmer my Jnen.Qs .... isiilP.d ::.amSlll" Walersports. Compf.e~ for

"'-.akeboord compelitrcn. Tp'1heir -:eilglll,,1 lBy 8ri<lggC-!d 1 ..... '0 gold ""ledafa and a. sil'o'P.r medal. \lVhan I "'le<!ld about tile I~J')tas1ic e:q;>enern::e ~ ,had! !~ with l!'rclriel1(j~' and 'lospitable people, and S;;].w tha trfrD1;Qij dllne Phllippir.ea, I d~(.iclBd ltial I shoo!d also get acquainted ....,ilk j01.Ir CQlmtty.

IIe'1l1cw tlidyou flfld it.,

.Ju.[it worKier1ult Yoo must .be happy

!O be- abre to Iwe iF1 secb 11 ~la~, I,t

':'i paJiqdise..lust it'llilgiriC, we were ~~nding uooef palm lrees en~(I'I'iFOi;i the 'w..~rrn c:;ue~ of the mYli' of the sun, · .... hile back If! li-kmg3!)' iIVJ.F.I&

25 degrees Celsil!S below zero w~ $"KYW- G.I.orms C'.!'CfywtlOrc. Needless '~ HOI" th!:l erti3r<gy I got 'litUOlFC will "see Il11e throog~- lm.e lorog m(Illlh~ of wt<rk. ah~. I'm planning to rel1,.lm s.::Jon.

How r:all we woo HUfl!lari;;m ","'ome[J?

it is wry important far us th<lrt a marl ~ t..jnd, polite, intelligsl1il; wall'kBp~ d:am~i~~, offer a 1J:'01Uble.f.ree ~if.e~nd ma,nly, whvch not necesssriy ~5 lots Qi muscles, He also sr.ouldl behave .... <eII. H.:: stlotJld not be sulflsh <lrKl dlowa ~ his Pill'~let OOc:.!l~iDnally, \Nt;! 11o!l'lfi!r vefw;a a oouqu.et clll'owers.

We ~~d mit, we don't KflOW mU(;h ~ooul HUf!gal} l'!J.eF.pt tor ft!". grmH sausages, How wOllkl you dil!>cril:m 'four ntlflltt:i<rl'lll to IJ~ 1 H\Jngary is in lne C!UpO!tnitln oosinL We ha ... e IlKItlntain~, nvers, ~p@.S. lakoo and pla!r1S: ~\,~yti1irlfi ttrat can make cur life EO;citing, Fan!wtiG winss are made-here ",no prob:ilitywiM fl'om Tokai 18 the most iamot!s. Our i.lrK:C!;lll)t:s used ttl .ide ~}o)fI~'I..~ ~nd

no ...... adays il is Olrordos~ wfr0 makes ti'r(!l 1:<118111 uf OOF' h.(lc'OOs fWOOluS,

Tbp.rt'l ara ,81&1, Hungarian Nob~i:zH winnet"s.. Visllors shoo!d etso not'lea'o'e Wil!hOUit taSling aur traditiom:1I moots such as 'ii~41 &OUP and enjoying cakes In a cate.

WeU ~!r:l1 You 5l-rQlJld ilpply for 'I tau rtsrn IJ:ltJ or 50 rnf!fl;ing. ru1'yway, how did ~'fe Elet yQl.l to do 1h15 shoot?

Arf! ;'ou joking? As far as I'm concerned FHM IS oroe of the bElal rnaga2irr~ ifr th€ Vl()~. AotuaJly, I'm always bE!liind th(l CWrKlr<'l, I desiQfr the makeup and heil13lyles oi moo8lls. gIve them adioiice- on nCl'W' to wear dresses, But I "IW'I:(S li~ed 10 tfy Ollt wlial ill's like 10 00 the one beil1g pht..ltogrd"ooed,

C.m yOIJ g 11m 1.10;, <In..,. halr cam l)p5 to miike us look more "presentable"?

FllipiOO6 ha~8 'NUndarful hair: nalural, shiny afl(;! SQit It (_~]1I'1 be 100 dif&:ulr 'to \NOr!< ..... ilh 1f1b qoolity o.f halr, 8lrt

I ..... oufd ~g9"est thai ~l be braver rog<u:Jim1g {;4.iUing. Ii sorneone's

hair i~ ahmt it should. co '1roody and should harmonize hisihor p(~aona'ily. As f{lr as lorm halr ~ concerned ;;r st:j.'lisl can add his;'1ler 'creativity to

it rakB <'I1~b inl.u =cunt too t:.. ..... ems

J'{Il,l're going' 0 wh~.n fi~l!1g ~{<?~jr h"llr. And, ..... heneo.·est ~lOU wwrl to catch ~Onie,bqdf!; fancy, wh3!t-B~f'!f nBirg~ jlJ]~J haf..-a, it sheuld Of! C',JP.an and 'l'Ri1i kept.

We hin;e thlo;;lrlea th.atE1:iRlpe,ms ~IP. mQl'e-cpt'!1l whefl it COmp.s to the to-pic of sex. Agree?

Irs U-U8 Emnpetam; sp8akabout:s.!l~ mQI~~ fr.eely, bt:rt, of course, as III m:3!nY Cl.llqu~ tI:le:re axe ~ltuacl!Orlll wtr~ the topic cnr:no~ be: raised, H Ll~(ians like S"J;o;.,.bl:lt who doea. no:? I-!a h,ol! FHM

1111 lUI



i kn~·w summer is ever and !he r~l1y ocooo<l season hils s!~rted. W~ bean r;Oljnif1lg .;1101.., in f~C:l, ihall WOlS able to spend Ft1~ lime indooTR I WIIS. ~hlp. l(j do a 101. of lilingR 1 love, e~pecja!Jy dha(J;mg my el11~jll Ha 118.( I've ~cit:n Ihat a lot of you hav>fr b~en saekintg n1~ ~'Ip; ~o f \\'<In.tiBd to dedLcat,e

this rlioo'.h t.o ali j'he readers who suppmted l;Ind emailed me to 1\fIlp them spiGp. up Ihc,ir' sc~ If>.,eS_

HI I'i~~' 91.1 m! MV gilrl and! I have <I perfed reI3t]emslhlp· bllt sti III sornetilu'llg is missilil'g. Eve;ry time we have our session, I

Wi> nt tle:r to give me a m~lIdIblov~illilg head but she's ,l'Iot ,fJood at· it Ple<llSi9 gl\l'-.!!J 1J1S Hp'S_. [ltl 11

Two things carne to my mi nd when

I read )'~lUr rnessage, First, \"they dan'l yOIJ Il}' to askyour 'girr if tou 'guyS could walc'h a pam 'm;l(~(l together ?Wn~~n ah e ag rees, geE J vidsD that speclalizes In that area, ,$tlggest th3lt b otn 01 you (;opy 1h~ ~art1f! thing, maafling J88rllar;t Ihe video \"Ihile irs plwying. The sp.(:(md III iog is, sifnp 10:; .. Spit 1 ell he r ,0 :spit some mora ...... Ilile gl~lng you ,I head w h.er n1I()lJI:h gl,u~s -smoolJfd~ to your thi ng ,~d tell 1'I<l;:r not 'lD ti.gh~en her mouth too much. Pr"c:licPo alway~ makos !>[~rfe(.1:,

Haw jj:Q I ~oilvince my gil'lfrlBllld ~o~dlr,ow me to ,oum insidie· hilt rIllou1ih ·or em her 1'1] 001' Sh!! dOe5n't-wanI to uy rrt.:Sl'ie says it's ')ludkY.~


A .101 of girts rcall~ 1hink it's

·YUCKI':' bl!~ tiow will ~he know the Jiff~r'8r~~ bE!11'~;;xJn ·}'~ckille:;5" and ,11E.'l abil it~, to 1',l;Itj~ly' hr.m:df b~1 gi~ilir;J plBllstlfe t'Q ruer man if she's doasn't Iry il jar experience? \M-m 'knows, she migl1t like it! I had the same experience wl1(~n I was your!ger bin' tbe plaa~ura anfl tile sexual ooer'gy ,I goi' out 0+ s[JciI:Jng f!ood. IH~8nin9 my

partnar moon, and s.eeing hits ~s 1[011 m~de my d'(li.~ much better,

S;rn 23 and my problem is that ~ alw-ay~'ee'liarous~d when I see Se'Ky ,p~.Chmre$. I always fee~ like· sp;;'i!lkil1.9 ·thle mOIll,,"e1l-·irll fa.d,

r ,do it fi\lle ~'I mes a d!llV1lHow

ell n ~ control myself? ,A_Ii'!;! also~ What IS the bestse'x positiOIil for YDU'? What kind of I,)il'owjob is tlle!iJ.!;iS·t':?'


He~' R0,b! G~tlil1lg al'ou~ed by sta,til'l9 at ·Si'jX~' psetures ls !1Iorm.:11 p.special~ 'for g~ys; so don't. raal I:)~-d- Masturbaling, 'rj~,c li.mea a dsy is also aClually norrnatfor ,~ y<:nmg and curiou 8 ~3 -y~p(ll d. Don't ~ool'ly II my~eif h.";lY(I! gU}' Jri'" I)dis Wh'D bu~t three times a da~ and

still get ~ hard-onl Now._.how to, control it? Dr~eipliM, my rrisild. tr'1 to lmnsfer youl' :,;ewiil 8nerw Into difMsAnl pl;nts of YOlJr' Qooy so ~ou oan do olJile:r prod uctive stuff than m.aJ3lurbalir'l[:l_. Try Till Chi-tha.t, I assure you, will hslp, I arn trying to learn lhat, too. If .. It" else mi3!!, p fay I l,b{)L1llh~ bfJ'!;I'I'<E!'~ r~,)I;;IILOIlhrnmrn, I i;:afl't ,flame one because tn8r~s 810l to choose komi 801, tlere are my top picks ~ in Imll;l comijn,g rrmnths I 'Nill 'el~borale on tf~Etm~: MB on. top (81,'E!FY woman's fa~orire). Butterfly, From ~he bad;., Stfmd1ng for the Sofa Spread E:agle). Me rm~id, and .09'.

. Po_", for ~our last 'qLJm;l'l'ior]l, act'ii(llVing IhE'l bf!&t on 2!n~<ifhing rcquiras practice, CQrnmufllcatiot'l and lots of e~perimc<nla!roo. 'N({ will ta-ckJe more of this scon, Wf'. have all t~~ lilTI~ in 'Ih(~ world, after aJll,., :-}

For q[jesho.ns Mel SlJg;ge:slions eml;l!il p01f1m~3m~dl~b@~lma~LUJm

P:J/om,!!J would ,ri~;fJ .u» tilank Premiere Condoms, FHM tJfld $(;!.tnll'lit Mf.'!rii"" ,fj,eJo !i.1edic-<J1 Gro(IP and Gold's Gym





\ I ~

\ ,.~--.


Kinlql eye \/~/I

on ttie world \lj

This month's head liines: Bisexual pe.ngJuins! A doUet;t~up old man,! 'Carra.tUne!s heaven;ly exIt!


:S~pt~a~e~!uian ikUi1g';h_i mastiilr di'e.s ill 'llilrnll'!I'

Kill Bill star IhM IArr:adlne ~il.3·lnunlf lIi'l;~d

rn r:: l:ahiliHt lnl1is holAI 'nrn '.ii~ liiII101i~?1rl l}Il"n~~'tie~Jo a·rope, The ifmilll ~lIlPf!'Ulpor:tbtl lhat ~ l.2'I'a<t·old 3Ct£i': dlffil·g:ta pn~bln a,rt01H~ ~3.Pli~, cr' iIIlHiI~ CUllinO off(ll t«~yo.n ~d~pl~' dim fo w~v31 ~~1:

'rm U1 .

EIi~.llllW!lf ~~~I!gui~s'pii"ir- II.~

fWD nm).o pong1J~' 3t a 1m m neitti~ b~im~l1~ Iw ~dopta~ ardi'lt.&md·311~Y ~Tl bc"mnrr

b'j illloilrJ;r 11011[lln. IluIlhn' Imll~~ )]ijolild

\'~ptl1t! ~nd ~ ar~'mDre lhan

I)J.'{ a~ r~ai haYR.m~Bd .

fa>naki il'~iJynin8 'lIsre ~ JU~ Ii) 11mir ~~ H~m. $, ~nn~ 20 ~ynlns!it hr. tDU tial'f} ~xhibild .an~~J; WJpll~n

~ , II

Glli fijJWJll'ii im a 1I'1l1llmmen,t

~ m' 'Y1laJ<4JkI nmn :v.'2S~IJnccrl 'Ii! flif J1ilDnlM ill WI \It p."Da~~ hU~1n~~nl WtliJ YiI't hr~lp rlnlh inii!ll \fO~,1 ~~hu public ~1:11 rar,~~ ~ ~~a pUllJlD m,ar00l, Il&I W~.il~ bYl 03w1JlI&:!JU}' lilNh twu ~I.ow'W.oot~.bs:t~Y and bourtillJ f.h~ antffl:l1n~ tLI·~ ~Mplc~3 aUiiJO, ~d "fuM l'I~nr.~

"II preter to be dominant ina r,e1ation~hrp: Chiali sa1$-8. statornenl that may soti'l.E-how came as a :stio(';l if you SBlJ' };HF dirninutiva (tame. BUIt thi(Li'l; Qnly unlil Rile telk you thatahe's B bl<ack-belteif in T~WlJnd0, by mnnner of words or a surprise ~ic:k it) yourgruir\H, Th(~n a9a~n., sfle ge!R it ail wlOng; S'he d',e~,.n·t prefer' to be dominant ill a refationsllip. YOll just have no ciloic.ij bul to tot 1)f;.'J domir'l'L'~o, ...

Defense mechanism

If I 'm net workmg, n<g.9t~:H~~WOIKIo ako. At 'the same time! am an

I n3ttlJclor, si nee I W"l~ fO!rrrl,erl_~ a part of the. PhilippinE'l t8i;1m. The !raining I do is just for O'ld1itio.nal

..... orkout beC;3l,1Re just gor ... g 'to tfle> gym becornes bono!] after a .... ,hile.

lu y 9

I am half.Japs.ne$p., ol'lp.-fouritll Chinese 6Jnd one-fourth Filipino,

I am afuli-timl}. model, but it's not alii \vMt 10 do. I'm also an artis1- !performer. I'm part at 9GLRI..S,

the groop OF models w-ho prori'lCilb~ casino online· gaming in I\:;;ia, You C~1rI go viilt W1I\Iw,9gitls..com_

Domin atrlx

I prefer to be dOIfl;inil.ll~ in il relalionship_ So:!'tiE-1iml'l8 mIJlig,'lI5 u/o-ko., but I rn;;.kellp tor i~ by being ;;vo'€et ~n.d SlJper carill'tjl. V'/n~' I am in are1,.~ionship, I am .super h:J>\fl1 faf~~.

P nper orient tion

i Irxu \Ni~lr'ltal mp.n, 6p~clfolc~ny Chm.i3S>E1 and J?JP;l,n~~ beceuee lhey <!JI'e re~nsible. Ato_ko YrJ,rl{j masY[l!dof![} l'fIaillgay. Da,ofJl sfyempre ~wa81.. I like slmp.!f!! 9ll~-S,

IbO A'lM JULY 2000 ...... ,w.1hm.o::on1i.~t.

1 8Sf.:d 'U 1lH'f>~ -a cnsh O~ tms g~ ~ri~F¥. of mine One ume, f'a!~~l

flI'p,r ~. filS t[l}!I!;~ since 11i'1B~ itl I\a pWi 1~Il11ml ~tJll ~a~ ~ Irrl rri lhlrl~S ill t:o. r, tI~u Mr SQ ~~ ""II(!:jlll IllS! room, 1:111 tli~ b ~d, !al~~lg, ~'!hF'l1 I

filL 'f(ts~~1JtI MfIl~. ay 1f:Ie t1100 ~e

I "*ill!!d talkfll!l i!iiH lOOt! llIe m Sleep I started to ~tss kim &cc¢s. fle got si'lDf.~m, his ijG:t ~pa.o w.we -a~d 1lI1i. sh~l ~lhi1e, he- \'I'errt OOy.a~d ~Is;<;i"j. H~ got Dn m~ of lwi, Illnk. ijff nl\' olortfe:a.aM ifckl:id f11W ~Ipple.~, I I~N DIS tQ~kiIarrl Hlill ili.9iM me aR~ I'IS ball!lBIi: Ir~~ r.rnry Ih~ W~II It II rl'l~ muMs of ,m.s~Ction I II: Oll t re3l1~e hlj wa&.aI~ &000 in be~ \'A1h iI ijlf ThIS had mfi lhi~~f]:]g tie ~lJuld M a man after 11:1&1 O'fI'!ll. bur j wa~ l,'lri)og, 100 Ilru:t llsy, 'ilhlil1 we WOk~ up, n~!l'lfr m ~~ f.O~ld~J a wevd n, lollt ~ar.fllJt~r i~ tlllJ e'f.llli,

Coup.ll~ not bou.nd by re.allvlty clause

I ~m'~ted my Myf>rict'ld til coma along wifh m::v f,amily for aa m.J~-of~O;';"fI tnlp, Since we: had ,to dP.l)~e e.<ltly the next day, he ~JE!'pt ever at our house, Wo .ate, dinner, loolc: a shower,

and went to llhe bedrccrn, which!

'Ml shared with arIo~l1(u r"d8itiv!:l

of mine, Just a couple af mi~~jtes af~cF llic I~hta had gone out, my relal~ 5~11 asd.eer, M~ OOyfri(~rld then 8t~r;ted' to kiss .and touch m~

in the nght places. B!!fore I knew

ii, he was already mslria 01 11:1013', pumping and grinding. VVhite he was ~cl<.irl9 rna down there, I gaw hiltl a nice Wl)"v"job as if we w!l"I"e lil~ onl~ peop~c· irl th"" room .He entered ml} ~ron:i behind, and .... 0 lried WIl'I)' poSitioil ',lie could think of. W(~ did ,i~ vel)' discr'Gc!r.y 80 ·as not to awak.en iYloY r,alatl~"" who was ill<Sl a; lew inctlcs from us. We we.re both so hoi at Itle tima. Thef8ct th<:ll WQ could gS'l (;;HUlgln~ 1lnytime just added up to the excuemcnt, We' r:OO$d I~P doing it four timeg until 'wefina~11 wcr~t 10 al£~ep. ~'m looking

IQfWard to tho next OnE'!; I wonder wI10 11h1:lt r"lisd clueless third p;lil~y wilioo.

&reg, Il)f email

,A,dv,entur,ersspread thelove

My S@)(;a;p;lrla wifu my !::<»'friC!lu lkici«ld ofhvlueo he slept over at our ht)u~ on a Fliday, He: occupiud .he other bed in Ihe. room [ shared wlth IllY :)!'!hIl1«jIIJr ai~1Ef. !He .... as $'il",md ~~p 00 "the omer bed whGri I crepl Over to hiS side to wahl him aTWr

.I'd heerd 1l1~ mother 18<l.'it!_ I W<l"5 smiF;{Jg and giggling ihe wno'le lime, no~ kno, .... irwg whal 10 do !11 case v-.f! grot caught Good thing! had pre;u'llhlil:al(;!>lli om ..... ihat to WOOf .bGfor'8 cleeping: a dress with.<!u! ulldP.IweM 01'"1, II. proved to ,~ On(;! of lrue ..... rsest d8c:i'OOlS I'd ~ver n~del Tile second

",pisode happened the nex!day when wa ~vent to 11'1.() beach wi1il hi's f,-Lends. We got so horr'llj' a!i~I drinJ.:mg a '~ew bottles 01 boor. 'We took-a &llbab.ida end Wflnt toll-:,e· deeper 1)"1rl of th0 ocean. He II1IUs-t sloo'ly so thE'! pBopll;! ,anQl,nd wou~dl'1'l r'}01i;G. I DOliIldn't nelp but 1l"10M~ 1"18 had ~atEjl mp. to keep it dowr"1 00 n(I 000 would near. The fact lI'Iat we were dOing it jn btr{]aa daylight. I!l the middte of !M 5e~ and around .so ;ii1<my g)eoplp. j!Ji:n added up IQ too ,E!xCit~lmHntl Tllp. fin;;!l ~1sodc· W<lS on. a Sun4ay. My mother and dEtE!i W'al'e jojroo of wai!ir:.g for

rne ~.Jlile I was t<Iking ba!h, TI19l1' left ahead Qi me, ,,!hid, It!!f\ !1m hOUS(1 ali to me and my bJyf\m~nd_ Af:Hr t~king ,';I ooti"l. my bo,rriB!ld -gral;l'bed me, Aoo \ilh\ero~s~ :should we do I Ih~n Oil my p8JlP.nts' ki~ized bod!

.Jam, ily ~Imi~

Ex-lovers do noholds-barred {1!ettogether

My (}~-b{))'fri~rLd'8 cousin owns a bar. i u~UiIlIJy see alq the boys in

their f.=;mil~ there e~eflJ WC"I3Mlid_ Oml lime, I fXlid tho pl<Lt;G a \daft alld saw m~ e):, II had b~p.n a '.vhnc sll'l>cc I IMl saw him. T.hing~ got

so hot, w.llen. i" w.tly we ended up havin.9 sa~ iii "his car OIflQ in one of !~lE'l 11:1 P mOIT1 S, 1'11000 ~v~fIS h'/D 1"(1";1103 will1 my ex-buyrriElnd.. Latel that nigh!. my boyfr.ien-d insisted 01" _ reo~ci"li'~g ma to asaure ,him Iha~ I was not h iding arllytni~g, I let 1'1,1'11 b-ring

ITI<l nome and we eventuall)! did the dE!€d .In h;s ear, When I gOll1qmB, fhJlr~ ..... h~m II c;lJ.ill~d it.u night. ,(An(i everyone else didn'lnava a ~Iigh[ clue how ihvenL)

~l1me., my ~lIlall

, 52 iFHM .. lUI Y ?(jO~j ..... w'j1,il1I1t.C<)~1,ph


Forge, ~b(Jul I he g}'m and all those exercise machines, It}'(lu want to get ~il then shorts aoo proper running ~hqA~ ar'e all ~Oll FIIC€d'-die1iir1 il.el~ cheaper In<lJrI MY.mm ,))emiJ.efship,

fOOnning outdoors i:; 1.o'l<111y free, Plus:. if you run In th~ ,right places, you CQu'd see some-girls in $harls or light :;;p;.1ride:oo. Visuoal bonuel imEJb!p. fg-. the(i.re pr(Jbabl~' been Fl.inning rlOng>ef thoo you :3!ncl a.ra f2iSi(lr_ B LJl

if yOu ~t8Jr~ no ...... YQ~lll bI:! a b16 10 catch up, '110 them and maybe have sa.m.elliing- in common to talk about. Unleas you're dj,1st'e<rM~lt gasping for air like a fish OLir 0' wMtr-l.his is where this. l'I"l(lnth'~, manual come ill_

There- are a 1>Ot of plecee ~"hem you canir0\l and run, IF) Ouezon Ctty, you've g()i UP and also Obiezofl Memorial Circlec. FaRig


Oity haa Ultra. and dOVlil south

Th~ Fort OIrea and Mc.ki"Ioy are perfect, Wee~>!ld mornings ate tJ~lIalty Wn.0ft most runnera do thE'lir routlne. 13 ut if you u can squeeze m some weekd;a.Vl;. alllhQ' better. J usl make sure ~'()C schedLlle some fest. days in betwef.!l1.

, .And U1e best part of running

is that i~'s .good for you. Not only

will proper mniling, s~liJflgthcll1

your core, il'1crea-<;e joint healtf'l, stren:glnen lig~merlls. bl\.li, e~paciaJlIy wilen QOIll: with a b.alanced diat. ..... ill dafrI1ilsly MIlp you lose werglht. But d'on't expect to 1i'1~lscr.e IiJP'_ Rynfl>Cil"S are mo~Uy 'BIlf1. Rememo®r: Th~ best way to st.";lrt FiUnning iiB jusi .simpl~ '.0 do il. ~

l:IhB ldibBl\Dd. I!!: a dfl!l.~li!ld ra~ thB.tgCBS mrn Wi1.h;n ..... ·(ne:ar AIl1:'horagB)00 N~ll'lJj, )\!iI,"l;lQ. It dtl.';UiQ~ of 1,6S8 bnG


The basics

DO~ DH~~5~p fl. ~dy'br~Ml'img pat~m, Try I nnlSlling. aftef twq

s tep:$ and e;;,h,alll~g.an~ r fiN',}, Yo,u 'II l:h'i2i'1t!Jall~ figure y..eur f)\WI ~!!n~m. J llJSt r>erilcmbCl( to k{tElp. Y'O';Jr jaw rfllaxsd. ar;d y<Mr' mouth ~119h~IY'QP<m.

J\;\riOid~ Thi~ krn.g about .... ..,,&! w bfaOlthB IF yl)u thi~k lou rHl;J(;h about bre~tflmg, YQl)'re doing n wroi'lij.

Anm-r.ill-h",!;ll~ ijplll~ 8;"" !hr.i:r l'lI1l~t8.lk(Jb fnml titB Bflp;i~i)~t "';_['jJiLty IIr' alll!l~s~gh<",I."" of tl1e Mill;i;iJ $!!~a, 6Ul:it lIS tllt& ~"hi5.


er food that makes her want to eat you

- rtas il l1lal 'Eg ~p!ian queen ra rubbed her privale parts 0CIi'J.Iry and almond paste ttl

~ Anthony, while Azlee;s ~.ed pounds or choco~3:t~ to Ibido hefo~Q .... isitin'g th .. ,Ar

..... Now, 'wrno wU~lldn't wanl' ~ e effecl. right?

I!!ld rilf~c; Aphro-dite, tile God oH:nrEj' ;;lind sen SU<:II ily, _ ';S13.CS aim to stimulate th" fJI'I and '~i~tia' ~~m&E!~. Here are some oi the common --odIIStilce: thzl are within ma,ch,

m gular Pino),-plus tire, onl1o:w _ flo'e thClll1 , '"

Almonds The 8,~bol of ~er\lr'l:!I T"" aroma 0: almonds is said to I.~duo:. ~:= ln 8. tornale. Try Il>l':lrvl:lg a.na,~,-,

ZL as n ibb[e befQr!} din- ." -:: y;::;: ..

§ nC'~Gr rC9lre I it.

cilantro, onr,(tt'Is, cumin ,ElI1d JerrtOIl juK;.a fur, a: ~!Jmm'l' guacamole dip.


Aside iT'OI'l'1 itt> phailic shaee, oanatl<l:s, from a more scimltific:; sLandtPoin'l, are tiel'! in pol;a;;;siul'lt afld vjt~min ,6, which ~re Il~cess~r)' for sex hormone productlon.

Dari'~ 8J1d 3!flIf!Jl, chooofai:es QqI1~<lin cnemicala related to caffeine ('~3i1'ed PhenyIEiothyl~rninc, whtch hils; mQQds,~la1!on; can get y=r woman ill LIIe mood for ftlFl, romannc -se',t,

L .. _.\lig ..•... - ... i ..... N ... <' u .... n.fiW ... ··.· .... e.·.· ... · .. · ... ~ ...•.... ' Vinson Co ~ay

and JJ Anggara

fre8Ze.r, flab! mD 8.EI m:g<l J,;;:lm~\ tilpbs iuiuk..an fllO siys 'evary 101Ur, 90llt irs dir~l!tj':ellt i~ you W:;I!nt to ~~P.li beer bBlow zero the wh.oile night.

call fhe bartenders ro reserve beer sa ircc.zcr, U$.~pf,m(J fasi(J!], one thing led to, aFlotner.

Why didn't y,ou think of that?'

L: Wh~m we launetted II;, "too inili@l r~~dioo was: Baldi di ko .mrsip rUl')? JJ~ Ang ffiayafJdu {iiO p8ffl ·.bmg 11'19189<~Y rl[} =,pao s.lI carinderifi_ 'YlJn9' beer _~;;I kanj/.i.J· mangg:wa!}llg. may add-ons /!is lang .r}a Hafagay.

L: We, hll¥e· people il1 Dharg.jJ of dispai(;hing 1:he briers and making 8~f'e Qi quality when it's deli~ered.,

, .... hen the treezers <lr~ disp.'\(che-r;l IfIcrc's O[1l(! person ilorompaFlyli!'lfl tl1eni, Wr:; call tlleffi "haarH:rnd;e1l's:'

Follow a system

'I.: Seer 8alm'l Zero is not 'lS s3mp:lo as people !hinll Kadwe.'re talkiflg about the ambieat ·q~l1!lp~3ratllrc imwe the frc~Lcr. We'ra lalkiri1=i about R. Vi1.ry SBll,<;itiv,e product. f-Ii'lldi pwf:dP.ng i-:sd kJ11{l bCllow zero yW't{! tMrmostat. Yung iba rrril,ili"yeyeJo, y~.mg I.ClfJ puptI1ok·, There's a SCi01'kOe ool1indo it ..

V: Maybe ~'ou can do it.at onorna. Maybe w-ur bonles ol beer ln YODr

The trio behind Beer Below Zero turns usapang laserJg90 into usapang business

ND "." In teamwork

.U: \J'!AH~n Wi".: ~larred" Qb\rH)"U8

1m kacgad yLi.fl[J dlvieion of work besed ry.n our furli::. Luigi w"Ouldl'ba hilindlirrg !mern\ltiQl'1Ia~, Sf \l'jt'lSol'l sa Luzon, aim sa Vls~j .. a and

IMir;;clamm. .

b,ligh Vok oompleBn8f1red each otl1e~ ~ight off thH bat: Si VinsQn 1·~·aIm JJ 5.1 operatIPn!'>. Mi/~salT g1Jsro f«l.no. magb.l1k~s· Ilg 1 n oulk:ts in a W8~1<., ~a.saNhill sa ~!J,~ l"Ii Vir.son 'Yane-iL?il flitldi pwecre.' Sas8t;ifu;r ko, 'N-aK/fN:.n'mmit fl<l ko: Sasr.bihi.ll my-"r 'Gago h'i Mia nBg-co.rnmiC J\::a,' Vinson:: Ang pinI1Mm ... biJii; IJQ! setup na y.ala (JamUl se .... en ill a ~"<JElk_ OrJP. ~utll;l1: run t:W801)' d~. At m:;d lime at least atable ml jllIng system.

Mine yOll r own busi ness l·: Beer IBelow Zer-o ~ a RJQd Mid !Savp.Tage value added S'enlioe_

Irs. 3 ieolmolo9Y and a G:;,stem of prOCGSSiflg beer s~ tl'aat il's S-eNeO just abO~e freezing point. It':;l rmL

8 brand of beer but a pmOBSS o( Goplin91 bE'l(!T<

J'J: Luigi is pari owner of GriUa, Makati, 30 pdf) na,_9Pupumrt kll_mJ' d[m parll umioom he would al ...... ay.s

J ntros are necessaJ)'

ILuigi,: AfYy Dick.ond H:aIT)' can [::om; up wiirn tl:iis, kind 01 concept But at the €1I1d of IhIe rJ<l~" Sf!lOfltJ fl~[Jnij? B:;JkJl ollho:;?J' p<t lin si A~.'s ~yonr Ill's be~So!l 'u;f rtlilll«:1.ing a!!lo.. .&kit S"~ kff.~Ia.? Mas mOISarap ba YUJig chJcke.n niya ABYSS s~ iba.1 d"OFil'1 kn.G!i\'·, il's ~bl~~i'~I;l, dep8.Ilde sa tao, SikmlD fi'iya-a"fl[} ,IRki 'If} Io;ar<i~td.Q f)~, Kami WEI abo hil'o'O Our Q\'«1 s~r<l!!cgie~ 00 OOW 10 protoct tt brand, Il1e equ1W, a.mi ~he busilless. Mt only baro_ but ~'Iso anierMtionnt

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luifgi:. K~mi medyo anal wnel'l it cernes to ~ality Qrnltrol; sa bland Tt~P.H, milJt.eting, aoo !he way OUl' Cfe~twe team wo.Iks, II rel;lll~ h~ to be out otins box, Ir1 titre lPnilippinP.s, patents and Iracl~ can 0011' pro!ect ),OlllO a certain 01defll.lf.\IOO na~B a ~ ,coat t;;Ilea, ilnd .r.rJay ktilfJOP'P mYRn sayo nil !»a'S mSfsmi:f)g {JiCIiJ. palsy.ka rla_ So (<"Jhng.9n "my m.~1im! ;-.ng ulak In()

Whe n sti il h .. 11s, Uw rU n

This girl I t1"IfIl at at! LRT !;[iation and I IIIgt'0cd to m~Ett at a I'astfooc! eunet jn L~rda. IBBfms fh~Jt, ~'d eaten a. '''C1y h~"Y lunch at a nearby r;a,rimf.f!ifia, We w3!lkJeid an;;i t1lJlood f()r <:l r(.~v minutes 1J111i1 we i-an.c!ed 00 a sma I beerhouse along Bustillos· Street Ntffi a i!lfw oo1tles of beer and a'lt:ry fruitfuj corwersation, I disco"'Br€'d 'tl"\;~f ",hE! w~s a model for an uooe<M'ear brand a..,d wa;s a baEl'.JI)' qlieE!1l

oock in her liumctm!i11. Then. fCl{ 110 .aJbsolu['fj r{l'~aon i'lk <cll, WEI srarted to do some lunrid ki3$ip'9 ~Il the mOdst

of the bsmhl(lous.e patrons. E'Vt.'Iybudy Wl;iS ~!lg at lJS so I dBGidEld to '110[(1 ;t lor a nIDJTlant to ta]:,;" a piss. \!'\Itien I el'llar.;;d ihe eornfort mom.

I riBIl·m~ stomacn spin 'JioleMly. I quickly pullocl down my iXlfl~ and ~l on VliP.· mrone, But !h(l wtrr$<l happenf!>d; Thero was no lIL'sti, nc nssue, aoo just ~Mugh w .. ter to wi~ Illy ass wilb. I ma:nsged to pull Nil a couple of bLII$ tlckers from my =lIel and wip~d my er.d. I rushed out of tr.e batbrcom and loW my 'd~te ;h~t we siholl!d be lea'tirlg. "T~k8 CR lang aJ.-.tJ: she said, 1-Bf13Wel'ed, & Wag· flaL Sa LRlF nil! !Let's gnl" 'We r ushed out of i~n~ :beerhOl!5E!o, s ..... e8ting to m~'s~lr n8V8r to go ilny"",hew IleW\" that pIaU!~ "'flam. 'Good llhin9 Ihal gul beDFI~€ 1110/ !;]ulfljJmd fur nP.arl'y a mOI1i(11 $IliIMaR, lIy ~rL'lai~


Dudc lfI.~call~ being busted underwater

'Ih "fif1n gr~d~ • .",.~ h.iJdI a swimmJJ18 class [or our PE E'III~ry limp. we were cf>smissGd, our teachBor. would give us ~ fe- ...... lililliUtb'8 of pls,yingtime. Sif'lc~ ',\I[~~ elready gl'ade !rile. we WeJ~· 5CarlW:Jg to kllow a !f1;'1g <it two FJhc)U tile bUds and tim bees. I W<l!S 11rs! CUriDU~ aDOU! O[lI~ fhil"lg;· Illasturbalicr There w:;J.s one d~' v.\he;l'l I pulled

my p~nts. down <m<J !rioti to jock oft ullOOlwa~e:r =urni~ ne One would see. I h<.1.d my boy· dii:~RlBtE!S al'Ound me to cover u,p and taugh .ahoLl1' what! '0'1.'£$ tiDing . .s~lddenl.Y. I' saw

my girl olaserncte IWllP oQU! of t4m pooi screamirlg, """I~! &- J'Unior IrIJ[J sami"d B",.sr~ S~ S~W my men prernalure fed wh~e she WZlS S'!!~"n1filing Lmdp.tw-alert The event was 1I'I~,tan.: 01 the lovm arnoJ'lQ 111)' cl=rrb<lle~ for almost a month biJD lucid;,'_ ~ of

it gol to oor~aclhElre.. ~ glrl.ru1id I are stlll fi1"nds. 1MheT1evei" our gr'<ltfe school class nas oil FflUFlioi\ fI'!,; (me ol the· lhifil9S yom &- .... a)'s talk ~d lauqh ahJL1L

Jumj(lJ, ~~ el1lla~1

Stude wflar~ wrong Pill', rnakas (jOhl: decision

l'rn .an f!ngine~nng B!ude!~t, swd~ir1!3 In ~ Ul1lverslty In M1lJlila, wtJil9 my homelo'M"l is in Riz<l1 PrQ'lil'oce.

W~r - ng a pm!" of slip~rs ~s my common ~tire' when r g.o to sch:o;;il Onl;! day, II \!Jok~ up lat~ in my bed.

II] a tush, I ate my Dre .. kfsst, took a both Ulld JIssl>(,'d up In ~ greal ha.$:" Whon 1·r:JD! in a jE!ep, R nQITcCd !iom~ comrnutcrs were Slarril''J al JtlC: some w~e e."en smiling, :I ignored

all 0 'bern. The. jgep slapped near Sa!,nol<'in lHT Sta1llt}n, A'S I was ~valkin9, I -f~lt eometh ing difm~lt

1(1 myr,eej, I looked downo and was Rhockecl.1 wore a rr i:;match(~·cI pair e 81~ppe'rsll meow my embfl!flCl!S~l1,eni oould _go aD'! if I'd go t·() sohool, ', S<I I doch:.1fld 10 go back home. I ran as [a:;;t at; I QO!.fJd lInd rode Ihe : Q(lP back ~rl my hometown,. I aat near th (iriver I;lf tile jeep to hide my tEiet fru- 01tiOF cornmutare. When I got hClI'fi~ my it!ot~r ,Bllf>;.ed me, • 0, oaki[ ka PLimillik?" i3.u1 nl~' IIltle sister was j ... - smart. "Siar,JfO mr<gkiJIOO allY l1il~~ mcmg r.~illel<!S ''i'O?'' Wfl; all raLIghf!(J RI~I Wf!ollr slippers (lOw. bullIrj: to ~ more careful 'I!Ii~h my (::h(·lim~!;'I.

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