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Morgan County Weekly Food/Lodging Establishment Ratings Date Range: 10/28/19 through 11/02/19 - sorted by score - Low to High Name of Establishment Street Address of Establishment Insp. Date_ Score Type Establishment ‘Asian Bufft-Hartsatlo 241 Hwy 31 SW 465 Horsale 1001001978 Foud Seno Estabishmert Mt. Quick 4606 Hy 31 SW Faleile 1080201985 Food Service Esabishment Dari-Delte 603 Hwy 31 SW Harsco «10311201985 _—_~Foot Sonvice Eatsbshment Minnie Lee's Diner 2087 Gorton Tery Parkw Decatur. «=—=«11/42019-—«—«88—Food Seve Estabishment Fist Stop Last Stop 4702 Damvile Road Harisele 10282019 67_—_Limited Food Hibachi Berese 1720 6h Ave Deoatr «0180/2019 —«&7_—_—Fond Service Establishment ‘5th Avenue Foot Nort 601 Sth Avenuo SW Decats 1084/2019 87 Limited Food Wendy's on Battine 1422 Bottine SW Decatir 10/30/2019 88_—_—Food Service Establishment ‘Shel Ror Bridge / Tungo LLG 918 om Ave, NE Decatur «11/2018 © &t_—~Food Service Establishment ‘rds Seofood Market 1216Bottine Rood, SW Decatur -—«=—«T01312019-««g2_—_—Retall Foad Store Momingside Shop Exy-Bopa USA,| 1800 11th Stool, SE Decatr 112019 Limited Food Hometown Market - Dal 412 Sparkman Steet, NW Hertssle 107282019 «64 _—_—Food Serie Esttlohment Hometown Market-Meat Markot 412 Sparkman Stree, NW Harisale «107282018 85_—Retall Food Store Snadkers /AAKK ine 3080 Modus Road Decatur «10282010 95——_Lmited etal Decatur Nutriion 2418 Damite Road SWS Decatur «107282019 «Limited Food AFC Sushl @ Publix 45 1806 Baltine Road, SW Decatur «10790201969 _—_Fond Senvie Estabishment AFC Sushi @ Publ #608 2004 Point Mallard Porkw Decatur. «= T1/42018—«100_‘Food Senice Eatblshment Total ” “Monday, November 4, 2019 Page [of Permit Critical Item History - ALL ‘Nature Business ‘Sieet ClosTown Larreand Inspected By Date CT Marked Follow-up Date CAG Tim Name of Est Critical Hem —Deseription yee: SAN se-1082 Bret ems Designated Employee: [Food Service Establishment 4696 Hwy 31 SW Falkville so701@ Mr. Quie Hose on bl ouside witout backtaw prevention. sorson018 2 7 Agustequpmentcr poate o main id na TS od oat Roe S| LL 523386 ogee i eeeowere ci 601 Sih Avenue $Docetur mmm Designated Employee: th Avenue Food Mart Limited Food sorst2018 Rogers 227 No soap and hand drying tows in restroom Asian Buffet - Hartsolle Food Service Establishment 241 Hay91 SW # Hartsele —-§2-2490 07 Buffet Letuce 55 F, rice TOF 0131/2018 DarkDelite Food Service Establishment 603 Mwy31/SW Hartsole 52.0744 Rogers 38 Toxle chemicals on active prep table 0rs12018 31 Active roaches rors12016 First Stop Last Stop Limited Food 4702 Danvile Road Hartsele 52.3180 Rogers 26 Comnected hose in mop sink without backflow protection. tonano1 s0stz01Ie 3 18. Mol Infoo maker sorzano1e 1019112 ‘Hibachi Express Food Service Establishment 17206thAve Decay 62.3534 96 Chicken helt at 68F Minnie Lee's Diner Food Service Establishment 2057 Gordon Tey Deoatir 52-4004 Rogers 27 No tlatdesue in ather restroom, t1i2019 Morningside Shop Ezy -Bapa U|Limited Food 1809 11th Street, $ Docatur 62117 Rogers 18 No food trermometer provided upon request sino ‘Shell River Bridge /Tungo LLC |Food Service Establishment 9156th Ave, NE Decatur 52-3508, Rogers 16 No Guat test stios, sne2019 \Wendy's on Beltline Food Service Establishment 1422 eltine SW Decatur 62-3519 38 Super contact clesner anal gl deaner stored over foc. soe02019 rorso019 (07 No timers used on tempered cheese per approved plan Pagel of 1 ‘Monday, November 4, 2019