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Lauderdale County Weekly Food/Lodging Establishment Ratings Date Range: 10/25/19 through L/01/19 Name of Establishment Kora-ce of Sheals(Mobit Unit) Lite People's Nursery School “Taco Mama Logen's Roadhouse #312 Taqueria Juarez Cc KrKengaroo Express #272368 Homeside Restaurant ChicktivA Florence Chopra Ine DIBIA AtoZ Center Sta Taco Be 4034248 Rosie's Mescan Cantina Rawhide Barbeque, LL. ‘The Rising Cust Newoem's Restaurent, ne Rogersvile Volunteer Fie Deparime Dollar Genera #11742 BurgerKing #435, Food Outlet i 98 ‘AI About Me, LLC Clays utc 206 Barbeque and Bar Sone Family Doar Store #25872 ‘Subway Wal Mart#4187 Kona o9 of The Shoals Dota Tree MoGee Farm Kitchen Wednesday, November 06, 2019 Street Address of Establishment 610 West College Steet 509 Alabama Steet 121 Chery Steet 2890 Florence Boulevard 1880 Flocence Bhd 602 Cox Creek Parway 4220 Huntviie Road 341 Cox Creek Parway £67100 Highway 72 1503 South Cou Street ‘302 North Court Stoat 11267 Highway 157 496 Florence Bh 13406 Florence Boulevard 36 Wheeler Steet 736 Cox Cresk Pathway 1244 Florence Boulevard 2508 North Wood Avenue 411 Cox Crock Parway 1849 Lee Street 54 Bank Street 322 North Cout Stoot 2850 Hoton Drive £3928 Cloverdale Rood 2701 Cloverdale Road 610 West Cotege Stoot 1510 North Wood Avenue 18211 County Road 7 Florence kiln Florence Florence Florence Florence Florence Florence Kalen Florence Florence Florence Florence Florence Rogersville Florence Florence Florence Florence Rogersvile Rogersvile Florence Florence Florence Florence Florence Florence Florence 1081/2019 snore soo2019 roaiz19 108172019, 1090/2019 rore2019 1072872019 auireoie 07872019 yorso2019 snreoie tosi2019 soe019 orc0r2019 07282019 1061/2019 suir018 orzer2019 107802019 10802019 1028/2019 10292019 aiveo19 aune019 1013112010 ror282019 since 10 ee 0 0 0 ey 2 % 3 4 95 97 7 ca oe 98 9 - sorted by score - Low to High Insp. Date_ Score _Type Establishment Mobile Foos Senice Daycare Food Senice Food Service Establishment Food Sevice Establitment Food Service Establishment Limited Food Food Sewice Establishment Food Service Establishment Food Service Establishment Food Service Establishment Food Service Estabishment Food Service Estabishment Food Service Eslabishment Food Service Establishment Food Service Estabishment Limited Retail Food Service Estabishment Retail Food Store Limited Retail Daycare Food Senco Food Sense Estebishment Food Service Estabishment Food Service Estabienment Lnted Rota Food Serie Estabienment Limited Food Limited Reta Food Service Establishment Page 1 of? Name of Establishment Street Address of Establishment __Insp. Date Score Type Establishment Marco's Pizza 3250 Florence Soulevard Florence —=«10/31/2019 +—«99_—_~Food Service Establishment 2 Wednesday, November 06, 2019 Page 2 0f2 Critical Item History - ALL ‘Name of Est ‘Nature Business ‘Street City/Town eS Crltical tem Description Inspected By Date C1 Marked Follow-up Date LAG Time: mmm Designated Employee: Jackson | (Chick-fil-A Florence __|Food Service Establishment 341 CoxCreek Par Florence 44 FSG41 Jackson 27 hand towels not easly accessible Cirele K/Kangaroo Express #27 |Limited Food 802 Cox reek Par Florence #42LFLB4790 Jackson 15 clean fountain nozzles f A eae pi st Homeside Restaurant Food Service Establishment 4220HunswiteRo Flownce —AYIFSSST) ——_sactson 18 dean itera of ce machin: concentration of mechanical ice mache, Abted-iee machine ARRAN sHHRHGaH 5 ‘leaned, dishmachine santizing propery won renapocted [Rawhide Barbeque, LLC. |Feod Service Establishment 11267 Highway 15 Florence 4, F S150 Jackson 5 05 source ffely, Abated-mansgerremoved. SSS vino nao 0 (Taco Belt #034248 ___|Food Service Establishment 503.South Court St Florence = 441 FS.8687/ 0) Jackson 27 _ hand towels in women's restroom tarbrtet see an [TacoMama —___—~—=—~—=*(Food Service Establishment 121 Chery Street Florence 4AIFSIS7S0/) Jackson 02 food sence employes ess iraning sheets not avalable ypon request saeees (01 Improper hand wash before working with fod items ‘einen Mme Designated Employee: Rhodes SSR PREP RET oe EES (Chopra Ine. D/B/A A to Z Cent |Food Service Establishment 67100 Highway 72_Kilen ‘AFSSS53 Rhodes ‘08 Improper cooling methods being used [Little People’s Nursery School _|Daycare Food Service 509 Alabama Stree Kiten 41 FS2063 416 No accurate food stem thermometer. re aac 38 _Botes of chemical improper stored. susz019 : ‘Logan's Roadhouse #312 Food Service Establishment 2850 Florence Boul Florence 47548501 Rhodes 95 880 and mashed potatoes 130 degrees in hot holding cabinet. Corected,themmosta tumed up, weveaeeH 11152019 6 food above 135 degrees, coe Taqueria Juarez [Food Service Establishment 1550 Florence Bhd Florence 4+ S.9225/////) Rhodes 08 Not property cooing cooked food before freezing or pacing in cole. ||Feed Service Establishment 4136 Florence Shc Florence AFSS606/ «= ‘Rhoden [The Rising Crust 18 Chlorine test strips needed for dish machine. nents Wednesday, November 06, 2019 Page I of 1