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Assignment on

 segmentation
 targeting &
 positioning

of moxikind cv 625
by mankind pharmaceuticals .

prepared by;

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Marketing in Pharmaceutical Industry
Marketing management is the practical application of this process. Pharmaceutical industry
plays an important role in building a strong human capital for the country. The importance of
the pharmaceutical industry in the healthcare sector as well as the global economy has been
increasing rapidly. The pharmaceutical marketing is different from consumer marketing, as in
this the products are usually not chosen by the consumers for there convenience, but it is
given by their consultant on their health complaints. Pharmaceutical marketing involves
selling of drugs and medicines to qualifies person who has the basic knowledge of medicines
Selling, consumer goods are quits easy, and involve less risk, but pharmaceutical marketing
involves selling of medicines that too through a mediator (doctor) to the consumer

Classification of Pharmaceutical Marketing

Pharmaceutical marketing is done in two ways-

1.) Ethical Marketing / Prescription based marketing.

2.) OTC(Over the counter) marketing.

1. Ethical Marketing / Prescription based marketing:

In pharmaceutical marketing, goods (i.e. medicines) are not sold directly to consumer
but through Physicians / doctors who prescribe the drugs to the patient. Physicians are
perhaps the most important players in pharmaceutical sales. They write the prescriptions that
determine which drugs will be used for the patient. Influencing the physician is key to
pharmaceutical sales. Ethical Marketing involves influencing the physician. In Ethical
marketing importance is given to prescription selling, target customer here is physician who
is qualifies enough to decide which medicine is better for his patient.

2. OTC Marketing:

The OTC stands for 'Over the Counter', which means the direct selling from the chemist

counter without any suggestion or the prescription of the physician. The drugs included major
in this category are the, Analgesics (Pain Killers) Antipyretic (For Fever.) Most of the
patients to save physicians fees do this type of treatment but it is ethically wrong because
they don't understands the MOA (Mechanism of Action) and also the side effects of that

Launching of the Pharmaceutical Products in Market:

Pharmaceutical marketing is the most challenging in today's world as it is approaching the

millennium. Today's pharmaceutical market is complex and multinational with products
primarily aimed at the maintence and improvement of people's health. Historically, this was
done with large pharmaceutical sales forces.

More than 10,000 sales force-Large Scale Organisation Less 1,000 sales force- Small Scale

(Sales representative) meet to the physicians regularly providing information and free drug
samples according to the companies policy to the physicians. This is still the approach today.
As the competition is becoming stiff and due to entrance of

new players in pharmaceutical market, making call to physicians is not sufficient. Today
each and every pharmaceutical company is giving importance of the aggressive marketing
along with the Productive call in the doctors chamber of the medicinal product.

Aggressive marketing of the means providing the proper services to the doctor, chemist &
also take care of patients. Pharmaceutical marketing is stand on four pillars of, Doctor,
Chemist, Distributor, & also on Patients.

1) Physician:-

Physician is the person who prescribes the drug and is well aware of the medicinal value of
the product.

2) Retailers.:-

Retailer who makes availability of the prescribing product & also providing the guidance in

the proper selection of doctor and about molecule to promote in doctor chamber.

3) Distributors :-

Distributor makes the proper availability of stock from company for the proper distribution in
the territory chemist and helps in selection of area or town to be covered.

4) Patients :-

Patients these are the direct and end users of the products. So these are so important.
Company will provide the medicines at the most economical rates for patient' Conveniences.

Pharmaceutical Company

/ U





Promotion of Pharmaceutical Product:

The process of convincing the doctor also providing the information to retailer about the
product and doctors promise for product and taking order and give to the stockiest make
product available for the patient convenience is major duty of the medical.

Some of the techniques adopted by Pharma Company's are Steps of promotion of

pharmaceutical product.

• Special comp nigh for some product

• Targeting the Physicians for particular Molecule
• Meeting to the physician.
• Sampling.
• Giving a regular follow-up
• Providing informative literature.
• Arranging Doctor's meet.
• Giving gifts as token of gesture.
• Advertisment of the product in books, journals and magazines used by the physicians.
• Participate in medical conference.

Present Scenario of Pharma Companies :

Since independence Pharma industry is contributing towards Indian economy. But with the
major shift in the economy policy i.e. 1991 they are contributing even more than before form
a long period of India Pharmaceutical companies are giving a good contribution through
Ayurved, Homeopathy, allopathic etc. After independence public sector and private sector
Pharmaceuticals companies were the main source of medicines every year for its people.
Now Pharma companies are growing year after year.

Previously the Pharma field was relatively unknown to common people, now with the
progress in the pharmaceutical field people are paying more attention towards this field,

because of the lucrative offering made by the Pharma companies. The change this field can
be gauged from the education in the field of pharmacy. Now many student are diverted
towards the pharmaceutical field of pharmacy. Now many students are diverted towards the
pharmaceutical field and the government is also supporting by way of providing quality
education and other facilities and by opening new colleges that this field grows by leaps and

Future in this field has become very bright. It is under constant focus of the people. Now the
Indians are giving more attention towards this field. Since India has second largest population
of the world there will be steady increase in demand for the pharmaceutical products.

In India per capital expenditure III drug is very low as compared to the international
standards. India as per capital expenditure of US$-3 against US$-4l2 in Japan and US$-222
in Germany and US#-91 in US. This is not very surprising considering the low literacy level
in India. With improvement in literacy level and health consciousness, the consumption of
pharmaceutical product is bound to increase.

In past 2005 scenario companies will enjoy the benefit for launching the specialized product
without fearing about the benefit for launching the specialized product. The need for the
specialized product is expected to increase with the changing demographic and disease
profile. This is due to increase in income level and changing lifestyle and improvement in
health infrastructure. The market or the companies will grow as they will enter that area to
wide extent. At present there exist wide disparity in terms of medication and health
infrastructure of the sectors. In urban areas nearly 26% of the population is yet to get the
maximum medical coverage to the extent of 67% in the rural sector, which forms 76% of the
population. Population is getting increased gradually, meaning immense potential for these
companies. According to a study the annual pharmaceutical consumption in India is expected
to increase US$ 13.3 billion by 2006, which was just US$ 2.8 billion in the year 1996.

Product Promotional Pattern

In classification various techniques are used to promote and sell a pharmaceutical such as TV
advertising, distributing broachers, regular visits by medical representative, gift and sample
distribution. An ethical drug first has to be approved and recommended by a physician and
then sold to the patient or consumer, through medical stores, non ethical or patented products
can be directly sold to the consumer through persuasive advertising through various media
such as newspaper, magazine, radio or TV.

It can be sold through point of sale advertising which means poster in the medical shop or
window displays, but the proportion of non ethical or patented products is hardly about 20%
of the total output of drugs and pharmaceutical products.

Hence an indirect method, a round about way of promotion and distribution has been adopted
in pharmaceutical marketing. It can be shown diagrammatically as given under.


n or

Patient / Medical
Direct Executive

Chemist /

Pharmaceutical Product

It has been observed that about 15% to 20% products are sold directly to the institutional
customers such as hospitals, nursing homes, etc and above 80% sale is individual customer
on the basis of prescriptionn given to individual and submitted to the druggist. Hence the
primary and most important task for the medical representative is to pay sales calls to the
physicians. He is expected to pay sales calls of about 12 or more physicians everyday about
25 days a month. He has to plan his sales calls carefully, for which he has to make a tentative
list of physicians in his history.


Central Depot

C & F (Carry and Forward)

District wise Stockist




Drug & Pharmaceutical Co.

Managing Director

Production Marketing Sales Finance

Executive Executive Executive Executive

State Level State Level State Level State


1.Division 2.Division 3.Division 4.Division

Area manager Area manager

Sale Sale

Supervisor Superviso


History of company:

MANKIND PHARMA is ISO 9001 leading pharmaceutical company having its

registered office in Merut. MANKIND is a leading pharmaceutical company of India ranked
7th in all over India and 4th in North India as per ORG-IMS, & Prescription Audit, and March,
2006. As per Stockiest Secondary Audit March 2006, Mankind ranked 13th position in India.
Mankind has growth rate is 66% annually and in top 20 fastest growing companies Mankind
ranked at 7th position as per ORG-IMS in all over India. Also according to Prescription Audit
(Medical Audit) Sep 2006 Mankind ranked State wise as-

North India: 07 East India: 16

West India: 04 South India : 21

The Company was launched in year '1995' with a goal to serve the suffering humanity and to

reach out even to those corners of the country where nobody had ventured before. From a
modest beginning in 1995, MANKIND was able to achieve, a turnover of "550 corer" (latest
achieving figures).

nt steps from Mankind

Mankind Pharma is one of the fastest growing domestic pharmaceutical companies, making a
strong impact on the Indian pharma scene for the past decade since it came into
existence.Sapna Dogra finds more

Impressive growth

The story of Mankind Pharma is one of inspiration, persistence and perseverance. From a
humble beginning in 1995 with a capital investment of about Rs 50 lakh, Mankind was able
to achieve a turnover of over Rs 300 crore in the year 2005 from a modest Rs 3.5 crore in the
year 1995. With a market share of about 1.75 percent of the Rs 25,000 crore domestic pharma

market, Mankind has a strong presence in antibiotics, antifungals, nutritionals,

gastrointestinals, NSAIDs, antihelmintics and ED categories. They have many brands that
ranked number one like Zenflox, Nuforce, Nurokind and Manforce. Other top brands include
Bandy, Cefakind, Fynal, Mahacef, Omidom and Sparkind. Mahacef ranked first among the
top launches of the last two years.

When it started in 1995, Mankind had a presence in just two states. Today, Mankind covers
the entire length and breadth of India. The company focuses on the grassroots by tapping
small towns and rural areas through its team of about 1,900 medical representatives. It is
doing fairly well even in cities like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai.

The company is aggressively expanding its domestic sales through its existing divisions,
namely Mankind, Discovery Mankind and Life Star, as a business strategy. For instance, the
Mankind division has a mixed bag of cardiovascular and diabetic products. Mankind’s
domestic formulations business is expected to grow at a whopping 40 percent.

The Discovery Mankind division was launched about two-and-a-half years ago. With a field
force of 650 medical representatives and managers, already quite a few brands of Discovery
Mankind have reached to the top five positions in their respective segments. They are
Zenotin, Sparkind, Nobel Gel, Nuforce-3 Kit, Fynal, and Mahacef. The relatively new Life
Star division is yet another sister concern of Mankind Pharma, which has inducted around

100 field people so far. The focus of Life Star division of Mankind is on ophthalmology and
the dermal segment. Very soon, it will be entering into anti-malarial segment.

Achivements of the company:

Seven brands Ranked No. 1 and around 15 brands in top 5 positions (as per ORG-IMS
STOCKIST SECONDARY AUDIT, March 2007) form the core of the strategic brands of the

Brand Composition Rank

Nurokind Methylco balamin 1

Zenflox Ofloxacin 1

Manforce Sildenafile Citrate 1

Nuforce Fluconazole 1

Gatikind Gatifloxacin 1

Zenflox-OZ Ofloxacin+Ornidazole 1

Nobel-MR Nimesulide + Paracetamol + Tizanidine 1

Noragyl susp. Norfloxacin + Metronidazole 2

Moxikind - CV Amoxycillin + Clavulanic acid + Lactic acid 2


Cefakind Cefuroxime Axetil 2

Omidom Omeprazole 2

Ranidom Ranitidine + Domperidone 2

Bandy Albendazole 2

Bomikind Ondansetron 2

Vomikind Ondansetron 2

Amlokind-AT Amlodipine + Atenolol 3

Unwanted Mifepristone 4

Vertistar Betahistine 5

Nobel-l00 Nimesulide with ? Cyclodextrin 5

The company has outperformed the growth of the Pharma industry in India by growing at the
rate of more than 66% year after year and ranking among the top 10 most aggressive in new
launches Pharma companies in India (ORG - IMS, March 2005). From a field force of 53 in
1995, today the total strength has reached to 2600 Medical Representatives and Managers
working in almost all parts of the country.

The company has well defined processes of Production, Quality control, Distribution,
Marketing, Training and Human Resource Development. MANKIND has a very strong
market presence in Antibiotics, Antifungals, Gastrointestinals, NSAIDs, Anthelmintics and
Erectile Dysfunction categories with many brands ranked no. I such per (ORG-IMS, Retail
Audit 2005). Mankind says their strength lies in our people.

Won Indian Pharma Pulse Award for overall performance in the year 2004-2005. To meet the
increased demand of the products MANKIND is setting up a state of the art Inject able
manufacturing unit and a world class R & D centre in Paonta Sahib (H.P). The company has
already purchased 60,000 Sq. mts. Land and shall be investing Rs. 70 crore to set up the
facilities which shall be operational by Oct' 2006.

The manufacturing unit in Paonta Sahib shall enjoy the benefits of excise exemption. Another
unit under the banner of PHARMA FORCE having capsule and tablet manufacturing
facilities, shall be operational in Paonta Sahib by June' 2005.

Moxikind cv 625

Moxikind -CV - Mankind [Amoxicillin + Clavulanic Acid]

Strength Volume Presentation Price*

Trihydrate 500mg, 6 FC -TAB 113.94
Clavulanate K 125mg
Amoxicillin 875mg,
6 FC -TAB 149.70
Clavulanate K 125mg
Amoxicillin 1000mg,
1 VIAL 99.90
Clavulanate K 200mg

Segmentation techniques adopted by company

From two states in 1995, Mankind today covers the entire length and breadth of India. Our
products are available across the country. Including the remote pockets serviced by 33 C & F
agents & a comprehensive network of 3500 stockiest (Latest figure).

Marketing strategy adopted by Mankind pharma :

Marketing is the act or process of buying and selling in a market. According to Peter Drucker,
Marketing is : "Marketing and innovation are the two chief functions of business. You get
paid for creating a customer, which is marketing. And you get paid for creating a new
dimension of performance, which is innovation. Everything else is a cost center : "Marketing

is commercial functions involved in transferring goods from producer to consumer. The
American Marketing Association suggests that Marketing is "the process of planning and
executing the pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods, ideas, and services to create
exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals."

The main features / characteristics company's marketing strategy mainly includes-

1. Company has framed the strategy keeping III core the prescribers.
2. Company has also framed strategy keeping III mind the retailers also.
3. Company has developed strategy keeping in view the Sales force that is the important
weapon of the company.
4. Company has given prime importance to the patient I.e. direct customer by making
economy in the product.

"A Quality market survey is the key for the success".

Company always follows this principle strictly. Company has its own format of
survey, which has to be filled at chemist retailer counter.

The purpose of this mainly includes.

* To check the potentiality of the doctor in terms of patients checked, prescription

generated by the doctors, and rupees value of the prescription.

* To check the liking of the Doctor in particular molecule, combination.

* To check the existence of the competitor product & if exist what is the
position of the competitor's product.

. Targeting technique adopted by the company

Mankind has a very strong And versatile targeting plans for moxikind cv 625. And sampling
is one of it

.Sampling is a free distribution of the product to the doctor, so that he can ensure result of the
products. Sampling is done to the physician and to the doctors through the M.R. so that the
doctor can give the product to the patients and ensure the result of the product in the Patient.
The sampling policy of Company is quite specific.

This is another important marketing tool, which the company is using tactfully & skillfully.
Regular follow-ups means doing something special or unique which will make the doctor to
remind the product or conducting the activity that will continuously hammer the product in
the doctor's mind.

Regular follow-up mainly include sending a reminder card to the doctors, requesting the
doctor to prescribe the product. Sending reminder cards also include drafting & sending a
thanks-giving note to the doctor for extending their prescription support to the doctor.
Company always give emphasis on importance of regular follow up.

As the name suggest the Visual aid helps to emphasis the benefits of the product visually.
Company always tries to use the visual aid, which will magnify the benefits and USP,s of the

or. Company always give emphasis on importance of regular follow-up. The company have
made it mandatory that, each and every medical representative should send reminder cards to
the doctors. For the doctors located at distance, Company asked the M.R. to send postcards
regularly that too hand written.

As the mission indicates company's aim IS to serve humanity. Supplying informative

literature is apart of it. Informative literature is supplied to the doctors; physician. The
purpose behind supplying literature is to make the doctor's aware about the medicinal value
of the product. Informative literature is very important tool in launching of a new product, as
the product is new it is necessary to supply the informative literature with specific and valid
references, so that the doctor is convinced about the product and its benefits.

Once the product is promoted to the doctor and regular follow-up is given the corn ask their
medical representative to categorize the doctors on the basis of the prescribe support per

Prescription Support is valued in terms of money value, accordingly the doctor
categorize as :

* Most, important doctors (M.LP.), generating prescription-has rupees value

5000-10000 per month.

* Very important doctors (V.LP), generating prescription-has rupees value

2500 - 5000 per month.

General Category (G.P.) generating prescription having rupees up to 1000 - 2500 per month.

This is supplementary method adopted by the company to boost up the sell. In this method
depending upon the category of the doctors; Gifts are given as token fir gesture. Giving Gifts
gives an impression in the mind of the doctor that they are special for the company.

This IS another supplementary method adopted by the company to boost up the sell. In this
method company gives sponsorship to the doctor for the IMA conference organized.

Beside the main marketing strategy adopted by the company the company has also adopted
the other strategies which mainly includes,

* Strategy related to Price.

* Strategy related to the chemist.


50% 20% 10% 15% 5%

Where; G.P - General Practitioner - GYNC– Gynaecologist

PAED - Paediatrics - CARDO - Cardiologist -


From the above graph it shows that the G.P. Doctors having major
involvement in the categorisation of the doctors. The survey was limited to sample
size 100 doctors only.

Determining the potentiality of the doctors

In the second phases, Doctor’s potentiality was determined considering the

following factors like No. of prescription generated by the Doctors/Day.

Chart - 2


40% 20% 10% 25% 5%

Positioning of drug

Positioning means placement of product in the market by identifying the needs of the
customer. By Positioning the product the company is able to more precisely meet the needs of
more customers and consequently to gain a higher overall level of share or profit from a
market. And also positioning is depending on the seasonal requirements. In Pharma
marketing the positioning of the product is done the basis of the indication in which the drug
has the medicinal values and accordingly the product is promoted. Mankind Pharma also
follows the same principle. However they have been categorized depending upon the benefits
of the product in the disease or disorder.

Moxikind is positioned as antibiotic For beta-lactamase-producing strains of the following

organisms: Hemophilus influenzae and Moraxella catarrhalis causing lower respiratory tract
infections, otitis media, and sinusitis; Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and
Klebsiella, causing skin and skin structure infections; E. coli, Klebsiella, and Enterobacter,
causing UTI. Note: Mixed infections caused by organisms susceptible to ampicillin and
organisms susceptible to amoxicillin/potassium clavulanate should not require an additional

Positioning includes following following factors which are positioned to the doctors..

• Company Reputation
• Contents of Product
• Quality of Product
• Price of Product

• Apart from providing literature and magazines and gift to the doctor, a meeting of the
doctor with the company's management personnel's & should organized Conference
or special meeting with particular doctors where modem and new technique of the
drug, mode of action of the drug, therapeutic use of the drug, dose of the drug, and
side effect of the drug can be explained.
• Optimizing the condition of medical check up and health check up champ should be
organized by the company to promote there medicines through the doctor. This is the
best way to promote a company's medicines and build good relation with the doctors.
Also arranging the Blood Sugar camp and other to introduced the chronic segment
product in the consultants chamber.
• In literature and pamphlets use of drugs, dose, contents and contraindication should

mention these are distributed to the doctor as well as the chemist. Free treatment and
information should be provided when new drug launch in to the market it is use for
availability of the product in market as well as to extend the sale of the product.
• Company may arrange the industrial tour for some special doctors to show the
company & also the manufacturing units to make up companies image in the doctors
mind if there any confusion regarding product quality.
• Some time chemist complained regarding expired medicine, medical representative
must ask to chemist in every visit about expiry & near expiry product and company
also make some arrangement for the same. Regular follow up to the Doctor from
Medical Representative is very necessary to extends and maintain the sales of the
medicines continuously.
• When company launch a new drug then company must provided a reference book to
the Doctor is necessary. Sampling of the product should be specific and proper way to
the doctor is necessary.

Price comparison


MOXIKIND-CV 625 6 89.84 Mankind Pharma
MOXIKIND-CV 625 6 89.84 Mankind Pharma
NOVACLAV 3 102.50 Cipla (Protec Division)
AUGPEN 6 105.00 Emcure Pharmaceuticals
JOYCLAV 6 106.50 Wisdom Pharma
CLAVOX 4 140.00 United Biotech
ACLAV - 625 6 149.40 Mark Remedies
ADVENT 6 170.00 Cipla
MEGACLAV 10 177.50 Alembic
BACTOCLAV - 625 6 180.00 Brown & Burk Pharmaceutical
ENHANCIN 6 190.00 Ranbaxy (Stancare Division)
COSMOXYL 6 192.00 Nicholas Piramal (Sarabhai Piramal)
WARCLAV 6 193.00 Pfizer (Parke Davis)
MOXCLAV 6 204.00 Ranbaxy (Rexcel Division)
NUCLAV 6 205.90 Abbott India

CLAMOX 6 210.00 Inga Pharmaceuticals

Product content

moxikind cv 625

each film coated tablet contains: Amoxycillin Trihydrate I.P Eq. to Amoxycillin - 500 mg
Clavulanate Potassium U.S.P. Eq. to Clavulanic Acid - 125 mg

Company reputation

Company reputation includes marketing share and growth rate of the company as
compared to the other companies present in market which are having same products to