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‘Tam, Natasha CC:EX From: Stooshnoy, Cathy E CCB Sent: Monday, September 23, 2019348 PM To: Tam, Natasha CCEX Subject: FW Standing Application: Freé Pinnock From: Cullen Commission Patieloants CCX Sent: Fidy, September 6, 2019 2:11 Pat To: Martand, Brock CCX ; Latimer, Alison CCX Ce: Stooshnov, Cathy E CCX Subject FW: Standing Application Fred Pinnock Leo Pera, Executive Dkector From: Paul fe Sent: Friday, September 6, 2013 13:00 AM To: Cullen Commission Participants CC-Ex Subject: Standing Appliation-Fred Pinnock Dear SirefMosdames: Kindly consider this email as an application for standing for my client, Fred Pinnock, at the upcoming ‘Commission of Inquiry inte Money Laundering in British Columbia. Me. Pinnock was the RCMP Unit Commander of the Integrated Illegal Gaming Enforcement Team (GET) for Bish Columbia between September of 2005 untl 2008, the year of his retirement. As a result of his role, he ‘made certain observations that led him to conclude the public was being misled as to the nature and degree of ‘money laundering and other eriminal atvty taking pace inthe easinos, ‘Between 2008 andl 2019, Mr. Pinnock made a number of pubic statements in the media and online which reflected concems that legal gaming facilities within Brl'sh Columbia were havens for organized criminal activity. He further emphasized that this criminal activity could not have achieved the levels it had without {government and law enforcement agencies engaging in wiful blindness and worse, These behaviours on the Part of senior members ofthe BI Liberal Par, BC Lottery Corporation (BOLO), senior bureaucrats within the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General (MPSS), Senior members ofthe provincial government. regulator Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB) and senior executive members of RCMP, "E Division allowed money laundering and leansharking to go unchecked, particulary inthe larger casinos. Given Mr. Pinnock’ significant experience over 28 years with the RCMP, he is concerned thatthe acts or ‘missions of individuals he and his colleagues observed allowed criminal organizations to lourish in British Columbia and beyond, contributing to the opioid esis and untold numbers of averdose deaths in recent years, He was frustrated and concerned by what appeared to be no appetite by persons in authority to adéress what he viewed as the need to expand the mandate of IGET to include legal gaming venues such as casinos and horse racing tracks. ‘As a resul of being interviewed with respect to his concerns on Giobal TV news in Juiy of 2018, Mr. Pinnock ‘was contacted by representalives of AGBC. He provided detaled evidence to AGC counsel in an interview ‘conducted in September of 2018. Mr. Pinnock, accompanied by counsel (mysel) during that interview, named ‘a number of individuals who ie concluded were connected in various ways with money laundering taking lace in legal gaming venues, Mr. Pinnock believes that the conduct of some of these people constituted corruption andlor gross indifference regarding matters highly germane to the Commission. |We believe that the public interest warrants Mr. Pinnock’s participation inthis matter on the factors set out Under section 11(4) ofthe Public Inquiry Act. Given the nature of his evidence, he will seek to have his counsel of choice represent him atthe heaving, |We look forward to hearing from you. ‘Thank you, PJ Paul Jaffe, Barrister and Solicitor, ‘Suite 200-700 Park Royal, West Vancouver, B.C., vita ‘Telephone: (604) 230-9155 Facsimile: (604) 922-1668

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