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UPA’s Scandal Raj
Why was the PM silent for 16 months?
Our Bureau

Gopikrishnan - the man who felled a king
Chandan Mitra

New Delhi, Nov. 17, 2010: The Supreme Court on Tuesday questioned the “alleged inaction and silence” on the part of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for 16 months in taking a decision on a private complaint seeking sanction for prosecution of A. Raja, who has since

resigned as Telecom Minister, in the 2G spectrum scam. “The Prime Minister could have said that the material on record was insufficient and declined sanction but he could not have sat over the complaint for 16 months,” observed Justice A.K. Ganguly, who was on a two-judge Bench presided over by Justice G.S. Singhvi. The Bench was hearing a special

leave petition filed by Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy for a direction to the Prime Minister to grant sanction for prosecution of Mr. Raja. It asked Solicitor-General (SG) Gopal Subramaniam, representing the Prime Minister, to go through records and inform the court on Thursday what action was taken on Dr. Swamy's complaint. The entire 2G spectrum scam is a multistage, well thought-out act in which a criminal conspiracy was hatched between private companies/ persons and officials of the Department of Telecom-munications (DoT) to circumvent an open, transparent auction process by choosing the first come, first served route and thereby causing a huge loss to the exchequer, counsel Prashant Bhushan argued in the Supreme Court on Monday. During the hearing on Monday, Mr. Bhushan disputed the DoT's counter-affidavit that there was no loss in the award of 2G spectrum and quoted the final report of the DirectorGeneral of Audit (Post and Telegraph), according to which the scam resulted in a loss of about 1.76 lakh crore. When Justice Ganguly wanted to know whether this was part of the CAG report, counsel said it would be part of the final CAG report, which was yet to be tabled in Parliament. Mr. Bhushan quoted the DGA report, which said: “It was noticed by the CAG that 13 applicants were ready with
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RSS Mass Dharna in Mumbai
Prof. Indira Satyanarayan

November 16, 2010: For a long time, I did not even know that J Gopikrishnan was a stringer based in Thiruvananthapuram working for The Pioneer’s now-aborted Kochi edition. So when he came to Delhi pleading for a job at the headquarters once the Kochi edition shut in 2007, I was rather sceptical. I told Bureau chief Navin Upadhyay that although I had noticed a few bylined stories by him, Gopi had no exposure to Delhi and, therefore, was unlikely to have any worthwhile contacts here. Navin, however, persuaded me to try him out for three months. In fact, the letter of appointment specifically mentioned this along with a “stipend” that was truly laughable by Delhi standards. Gopi did not break any earthshaking stories during the trial period. But his sincerity, diligence, dogged pursuit of stories and pleasing personality made up for that. He was given a proper appointment letter after three months although his salary remained rather low. My opinion began to change after friends in Left parties began to mention him to me in Parliament’s Central Hall, pointing to the depth of his knowledge of the telecom sector. Officially, he was on the Left beat so I still did not attach too much significance to that. Then the cascade began. Starting mid-2008, he broke one story after another on scandalous ramifications of the 2G spectrum allotment. The issue was complex and most people don’t understand its intricacies even now. But Gopi had cracked the scandal. And as one exclusive report followed another, information flowed to him like a

magnet attracting pins. Navin worked hard on these reports, filling up missing links, polishing them and quoting relevant documents. The 2G scam was Gopi’s passion and he scoured the Net, apart from visiting officers in their offices and homes, gathering material. He had friends across the political “spectrum”; Gopi, despite his Kerala origins, was ideology-neutral. I don’t know how much pressure he came under and from which quarters. But I faced more pressure over these reports

than anything else in my 27 years of journalism, of which nearly 20 have been spent in senior editorial positions. I am proud to have withstood them. But even more proud that I gave a dynamic young man from Kerala a break in the national media, a break he used to do the nation a sterling service. J Gopikrishnan has made history and The Pioneer basks in his achievement. The Pioneer Investigative Team asked Gopi to unravel his journey from a fledgling political reporter to giant killer. Excerpts from a chat: Q: How did you come across the 2G scam story? A: We sensed a scam when Swan
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RSS vs Cong: unequal, Dangerous battle ahead
Sharad Mistry

Mumbai, November 11, 2010: “This “Saffron is a color of Sacrifice, it is a is the first public agitation of such a color of Purity” explains Shri Ram Naik to mammoth scale of the RSS” says Ram me, “how can it be linked to terror?” Naik former Petroleum Minister and a “Swami Vivekananda wore saffron clothes, Shri Shankarcharya still wears saffron clothes ….can they be called Terrorists?” Shri Ram Naik has raised a very pertinent question indeed. According to Swami Vidyanand Ji, Hindu ethos is such that it accommodates other communities too. The result of which is that while the population of the other communities grew in strength the Hindu population dwindled. “Who was responsible for the 9/11 terror attack? Who prominent member of the BJP. November carried out the Madrid Train bombing? 10 is the day of Mass Dharna at the Azad Who attacked the Indian Parliament and Maidan to protest against the misleading put Mumbai city to siege for three days charges of “Hind” and “Saffron” Terrorism when the Taj Hotel was attacked on 26th and the maligning of Hindu Saints and November 2008? Hindus have no enmity Hindu organizations. (Continued on page 3)

Cultural Nationalism v/s rapacious capitalism blended with increasingly higher doses of corruption at all levels these are the two diametrically opposite forces that finally came face to face for the first time in India since independence in 1947. Is this Maturing or degeneration of India in the 21st century? Last week was a rather shameful week for India that just a week before had the privileged visit of USA President Barack Obama who among other things also "gave India a ticket Mars" - meaning, USA is supportive of India now getting the seat on the world's high table of UN Security Council, and also lent the powerful support to India against its relentless fight against terrorism based in Pakistan. So, if the events that unfolded last week resulting in the show of strength on the road by the followers of the respective forces - Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the Congress (I) - the latter in

control of the government machinery and also the mindset of the electorate was seen to be leading ahead in what seems to be the beginning of one of the most unequal and dangerous battle that lie ahead for India as a whole. Congress has since decades considered RSS as its arc rival right from the years that led to independence in 1947. Even after independence, RSS has been seen as a threat to the Congress leaders - a corrupted mindset of which was reflected in the words of Rahul Gandhi, the new Prime Minister-in-themaking. No wonder therefore, Rahul Gandhi put RSS in the same category of SIMI, the militant and dangerous outfit of the Muslims. Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi (Rahul's mother) and the Congress politicians have of late begun calling Hindus as a gang of 'terrorist' and the RSS the fomenter of the "Saffron
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National Spirit
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Vol.1, Issue No.34

Mumbai, November 19, 2010

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UPA’s Scandal Raj
demand drafts and [they] even managed bank guarantees. Evidently, these applicants had advance information about the issue of this notification by DoT which enabled them to take appropriate advance action to draw the demand drafts and prepare other relevant documents for complying with the LOI [Letter of Intent] conditions in spite of the changed time limit for compliance from 15 days to about half a day.” Counsel argued that the department's contention that it had followed the existing first come, first served process “is a gross misrepresentation. The modified version is certainly aimed at benefiting the “favourites amongst the favoured.” Disputing the contention that 2G and 3G could not be compared, the petitioner said “while DoT gave away 6.2 MHz for 22 circles, i.e.136.4 MHz of spectrum at Rs.1,658.57 crore in 2008 at 2001 prices (at Rs.12 crore per MHz), the same government decided to auction 3G spectrum, therefore, yielding 5 MHz for 22 circles, viz. 110 MHz for Rs.16,750.58 crore (an average yield of Rs.152 crore per MHz). So essentially, for 3G, the companies paid 12 times higher for each MHz, i.e., Rs.152 crore: Rs.12 crore, and yet, the first set of voice services launched by Tata Docomo has priced 3G voice lower than 2G voice at 0.66 paisa per second.” The report of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG), which lent an edge to the clamour for A Raja's ouster as telecom minister, has also come down hard on the corporates who benefited from the controversial 2G spectrum allocation. The report, specifically focuses on how facts about a top industrialist's substantial stake in Swan Telecom - it far exceeded 10% - were concealed while applying for the 2G spectrum licence. According to the guidelines, no entity can hold more than 10% stake in two telecom service providers operating in the same circle. Since a telecom company controlled by the industrialist - who also has interests in energy and entertainment - has a pan-Indian presence, Swan should have been disqualified. Yet, it stayed in the ring and went on to pip several established contenders. The industrialist, one of India's richest, has denied any link with Swan. CAG's indictment of corporates for use of "fraudulent means" to qualify runs into several pages. The report lists not just companies but also the violations the auditor has found them guilty of. The licences issued to various companies floated by corporates such as Swan, Unitech, Loop and Datacom Allianz Infra involved several violations, the auditor has pointed out. As many as 85 of the 120 licences were illegal, the CAG has said. The auditor has held Raja guilty of favouring a select group of companies in the way he went about issuing a press release on January 10, 2008 at 2.47 pm, giving companies just 45 minutes to assemble at DoT to collect response letters to their applications. Raja's favourites, who knew of the press release in advance, were able to be ready with performance bank guarantees, financial bank guarantee and other requirements in time. What's more, the auditor found that 13 applicants were ready with demand drafts drawn on dates prior to the press release being issued, proof that they were aware of the minister's move. The report also demolishes Raja's claims that he went by the first-come-firstserved (FCFS) concept followed in the past by the department of telecom, accusing him of tampering with even that system to favour select private companies. The CAG audit is unique in many ways. For perhaps the first time in the history of CAG, the auditor has provided as an annexure file the notings of a cabinet minister in order to indict him. Raja's personal notings that altered even the FCFS policy are part of the CAG report annexure. Under the approved FCFS practice, all applications were first received in the central registry section of DoT where the date of receipt and serial number are posted, and seniority was decided based on this. However, Raja altered this, by applying FCFS on the basis of who first complied with the Letter of Intent conditions such as bank guarantee and entry fee. While the CAG has not endorsed any particular amount as the loss to the national exchequer, it has applied at least three assessment methods. At the maximum, Raja has caused the exchequer a loss of over Rs 1.77 lakh crore, it says. The auditor's findings on private companies are damning.

CBI and ED tighten noose around Raja
(Our Bureau)

Nira Radia gets fresh ED notices
New Delhi, November 16, 2010: After A Raja, investigating agencies have trained their guns on corporate lobbyist Nira Radia. Radia, who has been dodging the agencies for long, was issued fresh notices by the enforcement directorate (ED) on Monday for a l l e g e d involvement in the 2G spectrum scam. The British passport-holder was earlier issued summons on two occasions but did not appear before ED, forcing it to issue a third notice on Monday. Failure to appear personally this time may result in ED taking a stern step, sources said. Radia had strongly lobbied for Raja to be made telecom minister in the UPAII government in June 2009. Sources said the Union finance ministry has asked ED director Arun Mathur to expedite investigation against the PR consultant. Last week, Radia had furnished details sought by ED. The details included cash flow statements of her four companies from 2005 and personal and company bank transactions. But sources said ED was not convinced. Radia’s aide Rohit Dubey of Vaishnavi Corporate Communications said, “We have submitted all documents asked by ED. We are not aware of any fresh notice.” Meanwhile, Central Bureau of Investigation has not been able to get a laboratory report of a recorded conversation between Radia and Raja. Radia and aides’ connections with high-profile people in the telecom sector and Raja came to light after the incometax department put their phones under surveillance for 120 days in 2008 and 180 days in 2009.

New Delhi, November 14, 2010: The noose is tightening around Union telecom minister A. Raja in the Rs 1.7 lakh crore 2G spectrum allocation scam. He is likely to be questioned by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) soon for his alleged involvement in what is being billed as the biggest scam in independent India's history. The minister's possible links with at least one of the beneficiary companies are also being probed, sources said. Both agencies have stumbled upon key leads after questioning top officials of several companies that benefitted from the spectrum allotment in 2008. These include Unitech Wireless and Swan Telecom. It is learnt that the investigators plan to question the Department of Telecom (DoT) top officials about their alleged "benami" stakes in certain foreign-based subsidiaries. Sources confirmed that the first round of investigation in the spectrum scandal is complete and reports have been received from all the beneficiary companies. The ED has completed questioning of top officials of companies including Swan Telecom (now Etisalat DB), Unitech Wireless (Now Uninor), S Tel, Tata Teleservices, Loop Telecom, Data Com Services (now Videocon Telecommunications), etc. Now, strategic investments made in foreign companies such as Etisalat Mauritius, Telenor Asia Pvt Ltd and BMIC Ltd, are being investigated, sources said. An official source said the focus of the investigation will be on Unitech Wireless and Swan Telecom and their subsidiaries. Unitech and Swan had no prior telecom experience, and had sold their stake to foreign companies at much higher prices. The companies, however, denied any wrongdoing and stated that it was a perfectly legitimate business exercise. The DoT, too, insists that the companies only inducted strategic partners as investors by issuing additional equity shares to them. But ED sources said the agency will also investigate the routing of funds in some companies

through tax havens. Official sources said they will also consider attaching "assets of beneficiary companies and of top DOT officials" as they would be construed as proceeds of a crime under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). This will happen only after the CBI, which has registered a case against unknown officials, files a chargesheet in the spectrum scandal. The investigating agencies are learnt to have fine-tuned their strategy at a meeting held on Saturday, during which serious differences emerged between two top government legal officers. The CBI and ED, citing conflict of interest, had refused to share their secret findings with DoT officials and legal representatives. The spectrum case is slated to come up before the Supreme Court on Monday and the agencies are expected to give their status report. Intriguingly, the meeting was facilitated by a top government legal luminary who insisted on investigating agencies sharing their report with the DoT, raising the agencies' eyebrows. The principal Opposition party BJP said on Saturday that this meeting between Raja's lawyer, the solicitor general and a CBI official to chalk out a unified strategy on the 2G spectrum case was proof of the government's coverup plan and is tantamount to contempt of the Supreme Court. According to a PTI report, BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said: "Such a meeting is unheard of, is totally unethical and is clear proof of the government's coverup plan." PTI, quoting reports, said a "law officer had called a meeting of Raja's counsel Anita Shenoy, DIG (CBI's Anti-Corruption Bureau) S. K. Palsania and the investigating CBI official concerned Vivek Priyadarshi in the presence of solicitor general of India Gopal Subramaniam." "The Prime Minister has a clean image but he cannot remain a mute spectator to these sins, crimes and scams for so long," Javadekar was quoted by the PTI as saying. "The BJP also asks Sonia Gandhi and Rahul to explain their stand. They can choose not to speak on inconvenient issues, but they should not forget that nobody can fool all the people all the time."

RSS vs Cong: unequal, Dangerous battle ahead
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Terror". There are much more heinous allegations that the Congress has been craftily and meticulously unleashing against the RSS and its leaders… almost like push-come-to-shove. No person in his/her right mind, nor any party of the stature of the RSS would want to silently swallow these increasing foolishness heaped upon it. So, for the first time since 1948, RSS was forced to come out in the open against the government across the country - along with its various operative of its sister-organizations including the political wing Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), the Bajarang Dal and many more highlighting to the peoples the wrongs being committed by the Congress and the UPA, including the instances of the rapacious corruption in the just concluded Commonwealth Games, the multi-crore scam by the defiant telecom minister A Raja, the so-called Adarsh Society in Mumbai, the failure of the government to protect Mumbai and the nation from the repeatedly unleashed terrorist activities,

the unduly rising prices of essential commodities, the inflation dragon… and much more. This revealing of its dark side by the RSS was getting unbearable for Congress and its UPA allies. Just as it was preparing to retaliate, the RSS was itself pushed into a soup-like situation by none other than by one of its former Sarsanghachalak K S Sudarshan. In his speech Sudarshan called Sonia Gandhi to be a foreign agent, that she had some role in the deaths of her own mother-in-law (Indira Gandhi) and also her husband (Rajiv Gandhi) and that Rajiv Gandhi wanted to leave her (Sonia Gandhi). While the BJP distanced itself from Sudarshan's remarks, the RSS the next day issued a carefully worded statement saying that the views of its former chief were not the views of the Sangh. In addition to this, the RSS ideologue M.G. Vaidya on Saturday urged Congress chief Sonia Gandhi to file a defamation suit against K.S. Sudarshan for using defamatory language against her. And there were reports in the section of the
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National Spirit

Vol.1, Issue No.34

Mumbai, November 19, 2010

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RSS Mass Dharna in Mumbai
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Gopikrishnan - the man who felled a king
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against anyone so when Hindus are accused of terror activities it looks like , ‘Ulta chor kothwal ko danta’.’’ Shri Vidyanand Ji said that when Rahul Gandhi says that SIMI and RSS are one, he is spitting on himself. In Christianity God sends his son down to earth, in Islam a messenger is sent, but in Hindu religion God himself descends to earth in the form of Avaatar – incarnation - to save Humanity. Such is the greatness of the Hindu religion said Swami Bodhananad Ji. Kashmir is an integral part of India. There is no doubt about that said Shri Bodhananad Ji. As for Arundhati Roy who stated that Kashmir was never a part of India - “Arundhati Roy is a Surpanakha whose nose has to be cut off” said Shri Bodhananad Ji. If Kashmir is not a part of India how come Shankaracharya traveled all the way to Kashmir and stayed there to revive Santan


Dharma? asked shri Bodhanand Ji. In Sri Nagar district there is this temple of Shri Shankaracharya. Those who say that Kashmir is not a part of India do not know the history well. Lauding the social service rendered by the RSS Shri Raj Purohit said that during the Latur and Kutch earthquake and the Andhra Cyclone the RSS had reached out to the affected people with support and relief materials. Shri Sunil Ambekar – All India Organizing Secretary of ABVP was a Dynamic speaker. Firing in eloquent Marathi he said that the Central Government was trying to defame the RSS but the RSS is not scared to confront problems. “Rashtriya Bhakti Tera Naam RSS hai”, he said. When Indian culture and tradition is put in text books it is called as Saffronisation of education, he lamented. There will no compromise on the Kashmir issue, said Shri Ambekar. The Amarnath Yatra was an Yatra of victory

for the Hindus. When Shri Dattaji Hasbole took over the mike he said that Hilter’s Minister Joseph Gobbels had said that if you tell lies a 100 times it becomes the truth. But even if the Congress were to lie a hundred times that the RSS is involved in Terrorist Activities, the Truth – which is that the RSS is a patriotic organization, engaged in the service of the Nation - will prevail. When the Congress talks of Democracy it should remember the Sikh massacre that took place after Indira Gandhi’s assassination. Why are so many Bangla Deshis allowed entry in to India? he asked According to Shri Muzaffer Hussain, recipient of the Padma Shri award, to call the RSS as Terrorists is nothing new. Even Bhagat Singh was viewed as a terrorist once but now he is acknowledged as a martyr. Similarly time will tell that the RSS is the only organization which lives and dies for the Country. Using a simile Shri Hussain said that if the need arises Hindus should be willing to wage a 4th Panipat war to have Kashmir. Shri Ram Temple has to be built in Ayodhya said shri Hussain Ji. Prakash Mehta the BJP MLA spreads out his hands and says, “this is the first time that the RSS has come together as one family on a stage”. “Equating SIMI with RSS is dirty politics” says Prakash Mehta. There is a significant point made by Shri Ram NAIK Ji which needs the RSS introspection. Shri Naik Ji said that though the support for the Rss is increasing, the number of the Shakas is decreasing. To increase the number in the Shakas we have to evolve the youth, motivate them to do more Shaka work and social service . As an echo to my thoughts I see Harsh – the young handsome son of Shri Prakash Mehta standing next to him . “He has come to attend the Dharna with me” says a proud Mehta Ji. Shri Prakash Mehta explains further that his son is pursuing his B.Com degree through correspondence course as he wants to devote more time for party work. RSS needs to work more to increase the number of youth in its fold. There were more Senior Citizens and elders at the Dharna than youth. When you take in the youth you are infusing an organization with zest, energy and fresh oxygen. The RSS should take note of this.

RSS vs Cong: unequal, Dangerous battle ahead
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print media that said RSS regret over its former chief's statements has apologized for Sudarshan's views. Undoubtedly the supporters of the Congress and its allies in the UPA were peeved off by Sudarshan's remarks. They were on the streets the very next day, burning effigies of the RSS… The uncalculated retaliation against RSS was very aggressive across the country. On Nov 10, in Mumbai, the RSS-led rally got an enthusiastic response and the media had almost blacked it out. The two main speakers - the revered saints impressed the audience about the wrongdoings of the UPA and the sheer foolishness, including the latter's allegation of branding even the Hindus as terrorists. Directly or indirectly, the anti-Hindu wave is gaining strength and therefore, these are one of the most critically challenging times unfolding for India. Challenging and historic times have never been smooth, neither will this one be. So, while the leaders of the RSS wants the nation building Cultural Nationalism to be at the fore in the minds of the peoples at these times, the Congress (I) led UPA

government wants to throw India's millennia old culture to the winds, rout this concept of Cultural Nationalism and its supporters from the minds of the peoples across the country and is all out to appease all sections of the peoples more with splash of money and conducive policy support, the maximum gainers of which are the Muslims, and to some extent those of the BPL - below poverty line. For their own respective reasons, neither the Muslims nor the extremely poor peoples are in any which way concerned with the culture of India; and the vast middle class that India is famed for and nurtured by Congress is currently blinded by the gains of capitalism - individuality, hedonism and of course stark indifference to cultural nationalism. All this calls for the RSS and its thinking leaders to urgently work out a plan that would be acceptable also by the new gen members who are keen to contribute in the overall progress of the country. It is because of this fast-changing mindset of the peoples of India that the ensuing battle between the RSS and the Congress-led UPA government is unequal, and therefore, also dangerous.

and Unitech started offloading shares at whopping prices of Rs.4,500 crore and Rs.6,200 crore in September 2008. Bureau chief Navin Upadhyay asked me to dig for information and luckily we got a great whistleblower, who knew the ins and outs of the Telecom Ministry. He once told me the PM was totally unhappy with Raja and had summoned him to ask what was going on. Slowly, the whistleblower narrated the entire range of corruption in the Ministry. Those days, Minister Raja was making false claims that he had followed his predecessors. This young Government officer told me about the parking of funds in front companies by the Minister and his associates in the name of relatives. He told me who the actual beneficiaries of the scam were, including corporates, politicians and lobbyists. This officer asked me to talk to my Editor and get his consent and only then would he reveal further. The Editor told me to go ahead and the whistleblower became a goldmine of hidden information for The Pioneer. Days and nights of discussion and checking the authenticity of facts happened in his office and at many crowded places in the city, once it became important to avoid detection. Q: Which was the first story you did and what was the reaction? A: After finding out the gamut of front companies dealing in real estate, we decided to expose Raja’s ill-gotten wealth. Chandan Mitra and Navin Upadhyay saw all documents and decided to go ahead with the series. The first story appeared on December 11, 2008, on Raja’s main real estate front company, Green House Promoters. The details of other companies and hidden irregularities in the spectrum scam were published over the following days. Q: Did you come under pressure to stop the campaign? How did you ward them off? A: I met Raja after the first report, as directed by the Editor. He alleged that I was being funded by his rivals in the party and even told me some names. He was visibly shaken asking me how I got the details of his personal assets. He requested me to avoid writing. My reply was that I had been deputed by the Editor only to take his version, nothing else. Raja agreed to speak, but repeatedly requested me to stop writing further on this. Similarly, many corporate groups were after me with the same plea. I must say none threatened or behaved badly. Those days, Raja was planning to conduct the 3G auction at cheap base rates without Cabinet’s approval. Many agents from the corporate sector requested us to stop our series of exposes, saying our reports would force the Government to refer the 3G auction to an EGoM. We told them that was exactly what we wanted. But I must say some friends with contacts in high places warned me I may be targeted. It was a hidden warning, which I ridiculed. It would not be fair to reveal what kind of offers were made by different entities to avoid the 3G issue going to an EGoM. But finally, the Cabinet referred it to an EGoM, which put Raja out of the picture and the nation netted `1.06 lakh crore. Q: Did any political or corporate entity offer you financial inducements to stop writing on this? A: Yes, they did. The figures were mind-boggling. Corporate lobbyists and Raja’s people even asked me to stop informing the Editor and end the series abruptly. I told them even the meeting with

them was in the knowledge of the Editor and the Bureau chief. Some shameless fellows tried to access Raja, claiming friendship with me. Some were acting as double agents. One top lobbyist was actually a double agent. That person was leaking information against Raja while providing information to him too. Pressure on the whistleblower was enormous by now, but he stood by us fearlessly. There were several politicians who enlightened and encouraged me. Some bureaucrats and police officials also guided our investigations. Q: Do you think the matter will end with Raja’s resignation or will more heads roll? A: I personally feel the court cases filed by Subramanian Swamy and Prashant Bhushan would come to logical conclusions, leading to the cancellation of all licences which were found illegal by CAG. The court may direct auctions to be held like the old petrol pump scam of Satish Sharma. I don’t expect anything from the Government in this matter. Some persons, including Raja, may face the wrath of the law. I don’t think anything harsh will happen to corporates from the Government’s side. After the CAG report and PAC findings, if the Government has the willpower, it can - by executive order cancel all licences and order auction, which will definitely fetch around Rs.2-3 lakh crore. Q: How do you think the Government can make the spectrum policy transparent and above board? A: Spectrum management should be handed over to ISRO, but no politician would like that for obvious reasons. In India, spectrum is not yet audited. No one knows how much spectrum is available. This was purposefully done for making easy money. First the Government should ask an organisation like ISRO to audit spectrum availability in all departments. Only then will transparency come. Q: After Telecom what? Do you have more targets in mind? A: No idea. I felt totally exhausted upon learning of Raja’s resignation. I was expecting good news on Sunday, when sources told me Pranab Mukherjee had firmly asked Karunanidhi at 11.30 am to remove Raja. This was doubly confirmed when they later said Raja was forced to sign the papers around 5.30 pm. Anyway, no idea what’s for me next…life will go on. I was covering Health and Left (parties) those days. By a stroke of luck, Raja came on our radar… Virtual pat on back Within minutes of A Raja submitting his letter of resignation to the Prime Minister late Sunday night, India’s twitterati erupted into joyous celebrations. Pouring ridicule and vitriol on the scamtainted Minister, twitterers across India heaped praise on The Pioneer and tweeted congratulatory messages to J Gopikrishnan by the hundreds. Several of the tweets were RT’ed, or re-tweeted, amplifying the overwhelming outpouring of goodwill for the paper. Had the news not broken on a Sunday, that too late in the night, when people are usually offline, both The Pioneer and Gopi would have trended globally, which they almost did, such was the enthusiastic response. The congratulatory tweets continued to pour in through Sunday night and Monday from Indians around the world. Tellingly, many of the tweets pointed out that The Pioneer persisted with a story that no ‘big’ paper would touch or 24x7 news channels would report. Along with Raja, Delhi’s selfappointed ‘MSM’, or mainstream media, was the clear loser!

National Spirit

A Weekly Stirring up the Soul of Bharat
RNI No. MAHENG/2010/32801

Vol.1, Issue No.34

Mumbai, November 19, 2010

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Why was Obama not shown India’s Glory?
Radhakrishna Revanur, Chennai

Vol. No.1, Issue No.34


Friday, November 19, 2010

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Now prosecute Raja for loss to the nation
What could have been a graceful exit without losing the last vestige of dignity finally turned out to be a forced departure from office. By last weekend it was more than clear that Mr A Raja staying on as Union Telecom Minister had become both untenable and undesirable, not least because the ridicule it was fetching the UPA Government, more so the Congress which heads the ruling alliance. It could be argued, without resorting to exaggeration, that the Congress is as much to blame as the DMK for not bringing the unsavoury Raja episode to a swift closure. The party need not have waited so long for the proverbial green signal from the DMK, nor did the Prime Minister have any cause to be so timid: He could have exercised his discretion and sacked this wayward Minister long ago. Instead, Mr Manmohan Singh and his party bosses tried to gloss over Mr Raja’s sins of omission and commission in the allotment of 2G Spectrum licences which, according to the Comptroller and Auditor-General, led to a whopping, mind-boggling loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crore in revenue to the public exchequer. The same publicists of the Congress - and the Prime Minister - who are now slyly trying to seize the moral high ground by pretending to be practitioners of rectitude were till Saturday insisting that there was no evidence to suggest wrong-doing on Mr Raja’s part. Even the importance of the CAG’s damning report was sought to be minimised if not debunked as inconsequential. It’s only after the Opposition closed its ranks and went on the offensive, holding up proceedings in Parliament, and the Congress was confronted with mounting popular outrage that the Prime Minister and his party colleagues decided to ‘act’. On its part, the DMK came to the conclusion that it couldn’t risk walking out of the UPA and contesting next summer’s Assembly election in Tamil Nadu without the Congress as its ally. Hence, Mr M Karunanidhi, ever so reluctantly, ‘advised’ Mr Raja to put in his papers. And so it came about that the man who presided over what could well turn out to be the biggest scam in India’s history - Ms J Jayalalithaa insists it is the biggest scam in the “history of humankind” - exited office but not without letting it be known that he had brought about a “revolution” in the country’s telecommunication services. The meaning of ‘revolution’, obviously, has transmogrified under the the joint tutelage of the Congress and the DMK. It would, however, be a pity if Mr Raja’s exit were to result in the 2G Spectrum scandal becoming no more than a footnote in the history of corruption in India. With popular concerns being increasingly moulded by the 24-hour news cycle of today’s media, it is more than likely the outrage over Mr Raja’s loot will abate in the next few days as media looks for other ‘breaking news’. Resignation is not punishment enough. Mr Raja deserves to be prosecuted and punished for doing everything that militates against the very notion of probity in public life without which good governance can never be delivered. The 2G Spectrum scandal offers an excellent opportunity to identify venal politicians, corrupt bureaucrats and lobbyists for whom integrity is a term of abuse; hold them accountable for such mammoth loss to the nation; and, give them exemplary punishment. Anything less than this will only encourage those for whom holding public office is a means to selfaggrandisement. (Courtesy: The Pioneer Edit Desk)

Obama was particularly interested in India's culture and glory and made repeated references to Mahatma Gandhi, and how he inspired him, Indian Mathematicians, invention of Zero. etcetra. Mark Twain, the American Author, 1835-1920, has described India as "cradle of human race, birthplace of human speech, mother of history, grandmother of legend, great grand mother of Tradition, whose yesterdays bear date with the mouldering antiquitiies of the rest of the nations.". Alas Obama was shown none of India's glory by the UPA. He was shown missionary schools & colleges in Mumbai followed by Humayun's Tomb in Delhi as if it is critical to Indian culture! Nothing with the 'H' word, was show-

cased to him even if he would have liked to see and hear about them ! It is pertinent to remember that the US Congress was inaugurated with versus read from Rig Veda. The only trip to golden temple in Amritsar was cancelled for unknown reasons. The UPA Govt could have arranged a brief meeting of the Obamas with some of our spiritual leaders like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Yoga Master Baba Ramdev or Swami Dayananda Saraswathi, to know more about our ancient roots. Again the PM's Dinner List, smacks of Vote Bank Politics! M F Hussein should have also been specially invited with a free passage to India and Mr Kasab should have been flown from Mumbai to occupy the Main table along with Afzal Guru!

I was asked for a bribe: Tata
Dehradun, November 15, 2010: In a sensational disclosure, Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata on Monday revealed that he was asked for a bribe of Rs 15 crore when he wanted to start a domestic airline in the 1990s. Tata said that he had approached three Prime Ministers to push for his case but all his efforts were thwarted by an “individual”. Later, he was asked to pay Rs 15 crore as bribe to the Union minister to get a favourable government response to his proposal to start an airline. "Several years ago, Tatas were trying to set up a domestic airlines in collaboration with Singapore Airlines. Even though we were pioneer in airline industry, we had enormous problems if you remember through the reports in the media,” Rata Tata told reporters here. "We approached three Prime Ministers also. But an individual thwarted our efforts to form the airlines," he added. "I happened to be on a flight once and another industrialist who was sitting next to me said: 'I don't understand. You people are stupid. You know the minister wants Rs.15 crore. So why don't you pay it?'," Tata said, about the conversation. "I just said: 'You can't understand it. I just want to go to bed at night, knowing that I haven't got the airline by paying for it'," he said.

Rs 6000-cr nuclear research centre soon
Kolkata , November 14, 2010: Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP) will soon join the premier club of five top nations by setting up a high-energy third generation synchrotron source, which will facilitate cutting edge state-of-art crossdisciplinary scientific research. The project will cost Rs 6,000 crores. “Synchrotron is the process of moving a particle through an electromagnetic field in such speed that it provides us photons or lights. The photons produced through this system have a wide range spetrum-- from radio waves to infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet light, X-rays and gamma rays. The synchrotron light is used for measurements in basic research and technological development all over the world,” explained M. K. Sanyal, director of SINP. The facility will boost indigenous research in various areas like drug development, automobile, nano technology, environment pollution, arsenic mitigation and preservation of artefacts and heritage architecture. “The presence of a third generation state-of-art highenergy synchrotron facility in India will provide beams of light with outstanding brilliance and stability for investigation of materials ranging from medical applications to nano technology. For India, which is perceived as the future economic leader, developing this key technology is extremely important,” said Helmut Dosch, director general, Deutsches ElektronenSynchrotron (DESY), Hamburg, Germany, which will be helping India in setting up the facility. While several countries all over the world have synchrotron sources, only Japan, USA, Germany and European Union (Switzerland) have the high-energy third generation synchrotron source. “India will be the fifth nation to have this facility. On November 11 we had a meeting with the directors of third generation synchrotron source of the four countries. They have agreed to help us setup the facility which would be executed over the 12th and 13th plan period,” said Sanyal. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre and Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced technology will help SINP in setting up the facility.

National Spirit
invites articles, letters, reviews and comments from readers, on current affairs, politics, teleserials, editorials of newspapers, articles, news reports, panel discussions in TVs, etc.

National Spirit

Vol.1, Issue No.34

Mumbai, November 19, 2010

Page 5

Merger and integration of J&K
Prof. Bhim Singh

The three musketeers which were dispatched to Kashmir as interlocutors have created more political pollution than the ISI and other agencies had added confusion. The interlocutors took briefing from the Union Home Minister whose immediate agenda was to provide oxygen for the political survival of the Chief Minister. The Union Home Minister supported the so-called doctrine propounded by the Chief Minister that J&K was never an integral part of India. To create further confusion the Home Minister briefed the interlocutors to go to Kashmir to create a political climate in favour of the Chief Minister by defining the Kashmir situation as "Kashmir Dispute" and supporting 'Azadi'. Interestingly, one of the interlocutors Mr. Ansari, who disagreed with the proposition deserted his 'co-musketeers' and returned to Delhi. Credit goes to him for keeping silent throughout even after his disagreement with other interlocutors. The Prime Minister may do good by recalling these interlocutors who have violated the conduct and discipline which was essential element for an interlocutor to observe. The Prime Minister should have taken steps for the implementation of the recommendations of four Working Groups who were appointed by him and had done a comprehensive exercise on all issues including the basic issues relating to regional discrimination and reorganization of the State. Working Group-V failed to conclude its work for reasons unknown. The Prime Minister may do good by reconstituting Working Group-V which was supposed to prepare a comprehensive report on the State-Centre relations. Autonomy, self-rule and reorganization need to be discussed in depth. The interlocutors had no role at all. The Prime Minister had provided ample opportunity to all sections of the society in J&K, to the civil societies and all shades of political opinions. Those political elements sponsored by those who intend to destabilize the country did not choose to accept the invitation of the Prime Minister who visited Kashmir half a dozen times to meet anybody and everybody. After Prime Minister's personal hearing of the public opinion, there is no scope of any interlocutor except diluting the gains from Prime Minister's direction and personal initiative taken. The interlocutors have done more form to the national interest and security by making highly objectionable and seditious remarks in public than made by the ISI agents. The background of the present crisis and confusion can be traced from the anti-national and seditious remarks made by the Chief Minister of J&K on the floors of the Assembly on 6th October, 2010. The Chief Minister of J&K failed to hide his hidden agenda he conceived during his visit to Pakistan in 2007 though he had lot of time on his side to take up the same. His utterances on the floor of the Legislative Assembly in Srinagar last month proved counter-productive though he chose the venue because a Legislator enjoys immunity from a criminal action for the words used inside the Legislature. This is the immunity which is not enjoyed by a legislator in SAARC countries except Sri Lanka. The statement of the Chief Minister deserved a serious attention of those who claimed to be experts on J&K affairs. The Chief Minister made several irresponsible and offensive observations in his hate-India speech which challenged the mandate and authority of the Constitution. It invited lot of wrath from different circles. Firstly, he declared in high pitch that J&K acceded conditionally to India and was not integral part of the Union. One part of his speech referred to his intention to revive 'Anglo-American Dixon Plan' without naming. His reference to creation of so-called sub regions of Rajouri-Poonch and Doda Districts Jammu province by granting them regional autonomy deserved a careful analysis of his latent intentions which were recited by his grandfather in 1953. The proposal was recommended by Justice Owen Dixon in his report to dissect Muslim majority Districts from Jammu province to establish a so-called Greater Kashmir. Owen Dixon was sent as a special UN observer to J&K in 1950 when

Pakistan refused to withdraw from occupied areas of J&K as per UNCIP direction in its resolution dated 13th August, 1948. To bail out Pakistan, he recommended creation of 'Greater Kashmir' to divide the State on communal lines which the people had opposed in 1947. This proposal was sponsored by Anglo-American Bloc. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, for a change, rejected this Dixon Plan right in 1950. Grandson of Abdullah in his first opportunity vomited his family's hidden agenda out of frustration least realizing that half a century has elapsed since AngloAmerican Axis tried to sell out this plan through Sheikh Abdullah in 1953. Sheikh Abdullah's

support to the Dixon Plan earned wrath of Pt. Nehru resulting in Abdullah's dismissal and arrest. He also declared that J&K was not integral part of India that might have created unbearable embarrassment to the coalition partner, the Congress. Undoubtedly, J&K is as good integral part of India as State of Mysore which now is renamed as 'Karnataka' or any other state is concerned. The Chief Minister, it seems is adamant to continue his advocacy for his lost cause out of frustration and mental agony. His father is a member of the Council of Ministers in the Centre besides being head of National Conference. His silence on his son and party Chief Minister is intriguing. If he does not accept J&K an integral part of India what right he has to sit in the Union Cabinet. One wonders how Dr. Farooq Abdullah is still a Cabinet Minister in the Central government when his son does not believe that the state is integral part of the Union. Mr. Omar Abdullah himself served as a Minister in the Central Govt. in the government of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. One may ask him in how he took oath of allegiance to the Constitution of India. What he had been doing for two years in the South Block, simply spying for his hidden masters? Ali Shah Geelani, a Jamaat leader of Kashmir which does not enjoy more than 6% of support of the Kashmiri Muslims has been exploiting the failures, corruption and inefficiency of the ruling 'NC' got an opportunity to raise the burning issue which touched the nerves of the oppresses masses. He got elected twice as a Legislator in J&K and since has been drawing full pension for his services as MLA. His recent visit to Delhi on the invitation of 'undesirable elements' and his hate shouting for the speech wit others has unfortunately generated a kind of communal tension in the capital and other places. The Union Home Minister may be the

Police officer Jammu and Kashmir out Prem Kumar dead

first Union Minister in the country who described J&K situation as a 'political dispute' and Accession as 'unique'. This leads to believe that Mr. P. Chidambaram is online with Mr. Ali Shah Geelani and Mr. Omar Abdullah. The three musketeers dispatched from Delhi as interlocutors may gather fragrance of Kashmir for the echelons of power in Delhi. They have started reciting the so-called 'Kashmir dispute' which Geelani has been insisting to be accepted. The interlocutors have crossed the limit of basic norms and harping for a dialogue with Pakistan was that in their agendas. There is a forceful belief that interlocutors have been dispatched with full freedom to recite the irresponsible utterances of the Chief Minister to justify him. This is being done to prolong the life line of his tenure as Chief Minister. What has happened to the eight point declaration of the Union Home Secretary in Srinagar which was meant to rescue the Chief Minister and which the latter described as a 'trespass' into his domain? The Chief interlocutor has surprised his admirers with his statement in Srinagar that the problem 'dispute' as he called it, cannot be resolved without taking Pakistan into confidence. Are three musketeers (interlocutors) building their new bridges for their entry to Pakistan? Shall they represent MEA also besides Union Home Ministry? The immediate remedy to restore peace in Kashmir lies in relieving the Chief Minister of his job which he has miserably failed to perform in accordance with the Constitution and to the satisfaction of the people. A short spell of Governor Rule can help restore peace and rebuild confidence of the people. The Chief Minister has lost credibility and acceptance both. Any delay in his exit may prove security risk. Fresh Assembly elections may be unavoidable to addressthe aspirations and wishes of the people who desire freedom from corruption, inefficient and biased government. That may open the door of democracy for all including the angry Kashmir leaders. This message has to go to every Kashmiri as well as to every citizen of India that J&K is as good integral part of India as Delhi, Punjab or Mysore is. Had J&K not merged constitutionally, Indian Parliament could not have interfered by introducing Article 370. Moreover, after Sheikh Abdullah the author of 'Quit Kashmir' movement and principle actor of abolition of monarchy had himself signed an Accord with Mrs. Indira Gandhi in 1975 accepting entire constitutional arrangement with the Union. The National Conference cannot be allowed to question the integration or the mandate of the Constitution. Describing such 'absurd' issues as 'dispute' only to save their power-caps the NC leaders shall not be allowed to exploit the innocent people any more. J&K merged through Accession with the Union thus formed its integral part. Any challenge to its status needs to be dealt with according to the law of the land. 27th day of October is for the people of J&K, what 15th August is for the people of the entire country.

Explain position on Roy, Geelani case: HC to Delhi Govt.
New Delhi, November 15, 2010: The Delhi High Court today issued notice to the city government seeking its response as to why criminal case should not to be registered against hardline Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani, writer Arundhati Roy and Delhi University professor S A R Geelani for allegedly making anti-India speeches. Justice Hima Kohli asked the government to file its response to a petition seeking criminal prosecution of Geelani and others under the charge of sedition and other offences. The court passed the order on a petition seeking initiation of criminal proceedings against them. Advocate Sugriva Dubey, appearing for the petitioner, submitted that the government should be directed to take action under section 124 A IPC (sedition). "The freedom of speech alone never includes the freedom of propagation of ideas against national interest and one has to ensure that speeches should not be allowed to be made only for the purpose of provoking innocent people," Dubey submitted while referring to the speeches made by Geelani and others in the capital on October 25. The advocate alleged that Roy, in her speech, had said that Jammu and Kashmir is not an integral part of India and that she had called upon the youth of the state to make sacrifices for Kashmir. The court, after hearing his submissions, issued notice to the Delhi government and asked it to file its response by January 27 when the matter would be taken up for further hearing. Two complaints have already been filed in the lower court against the Hurriyat leader and others for making anti-India speeches. A metropolitan magistrate had on November 10 decided to record presummoning evidence of the complainants who have sought prosecution of the three speech-makers. In another case filed against them, another subordinate court has directed the Delhi Police to a file status report on November 16. Geelani had shared the dais with Roy and pro-Maoist leader Vara Vara Rao among others during a convention, 'Azadi-The Only Way' here.

of U.N. list of disputes

UNHQ, November 11, 2010: In a significant development, Jammu and Kashmir has been removed from the United Nations list of unresolved disputes, in a setback to Pakistan which has been asking the world body to intervene on the issue. The omission of Jammu and Kashmir from the list of disputes under the observation of the Security Council was noticed by Pakistan, whose envoy has filed a protest. “The Jammu and Kashmir dispute was not mentioned in the context of unresolved long-running situations,” Pakistan's acting envoy to the U.N. Amjad

Hussain B Sial said. “We understand this was an inadvertent omission, as Jammu and Kashmir is one of the oldest disputes on the agenda of the Security Council,” he said, speaking at the General Assembly session, which was discussing the functioning and reform of the Security Council. It was organised by the U.K., which holds the presidency of the Security Council this month. Pakistan has been asking the U.N. to intervene to help resolve the issue, but India has always maintained that the dispute has to be resolved bilaterally.

Chennai, November 16, 2010: Jayalalitha’s confidant and former Superintendent of Police Premkumar, who played a an evil and devious role in harassing the Kanchi Acharyas in the Sankararaman murder case has been suffering from kidney failure and a few other diseases, as he was an acute diabetic. Premkumar, who had a controversial track record, was placed under suspension when DMK came back to power in 2006, and subsequently dismissed. As his condition worsened, he was brought to Chennai and admitted in a private hospital in Vadapalani this morning. Immediately after the admission he died. He was 55.

National Spirit

Vol.1, Issue No.34

Mumbai, November 19, 2010

Page 6

Ship docked in Mumbai 'invites Hindus to Islam'
Mumbai, November 12, 2010: A Kuwaiti flagship vessel docked at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) has come under the scanner of security agencies after some members of the crew were allegedly found distributing a 12-page pamphlet named Nimantran Patra, underlying words “inviting people practising Hinduism to a better religion called Islam”. The vessel, CGM Everest, steered by a Pakistani captain, Sayed Hader, had travelled from Karachi Port. It had been allowed to leave JN Port and it had set sail, but it was then asked to return to port. IG (Konkan region) Parambir Singh said the ship has been detained. The pamphlet is from the Islamic Dawa and Guidance Centre, based in Kuwait. The crew of 33 includes an Egyptian engineer, Karim Rehman, and two Pakistanis apart from the captain. The incident, according to senior security officials, is the first reported instance in India where a vessel travelling in international waters has been used for religious propaganda. Certain crew members allegedly distributed the pamphlets among port labourers and provisions supply agents who had access to the ship. “They were not coming on shore but were distributing the pamphlets to Indians entering their ship,” an officer in Navi Mumbai said. Officials have noted the “target audience” for the conversion pamphlets were specifically Indians as all 12 pages were written in chaste Hindi, along with a covering letter. A police officer in New Mumbai said, “This is a significant. Nowhere in India have we noted any such propaganda through an air carrier or ship. This calls for guidelines on regulation if this is indeed being done.”

Muslim mob attack police outpost during Chhath celebrations
Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, Nov. 13, 2010: A mob of over 2,000 attacked a police outpost here today, pelting stones and torching a DSP’s jeep, to protest against alleged inaction after Muslims complained about loudspeaker use during Chhath celebrations yesterday during the time of Friday prayers. Five policemen of Pelawal police outpost were injured while 13 troublemakers have been arrested. The mob gathered at the outpost around 10am after which DSP Naushad Alam and sub-divisional officer Binay Rai asked that 10 members of the group come in for talks. While this was being negotiated and 10 chosen representatives were coming inside, the mob started pelting stones, forcing the senior officers to take shelter inside. Sanjay Kumar, the DSP’s bodyguard, managed to escort the group inside. “But when I came out again, a huge boulder hit me on the chest. I fell down and lost consciousness,” Kumar said. By then, policemen inside the outpost took position and began firing teargas shells. But, the mob had other ideas. As the police were using short-range shells, some of the agitators picked them up and lobbed them back at the outpost. “We began suffocating inside and were, therefore, forced to come out,” said Arun Kumar Singh, one of the policemen firing the shells. The police then started firing long range shells, which worked, and the mob began to recede. As many as 48 rounds were fired. Alam’s driver, Binod Kumar, then tried to drive away using his boss’s jeep, but he was hit by a stone. The mob then beat him up and set fire to the jeep. But the SDO’s driver managed to speed away and save his vehicle. Earlier, the mob had dragged out a policeman’s motorbike from the outpost and set it afire. Another bike belonging to a journalist, who was with officials inside the outpost, was also torched. Deputy commissioner Ravindra Kumar Agarwal and SP Pankaj Kamboj ordered a search of nearby houses and identified and arrested 13 culprits. A local politician, Razi Ahmed, who had to come intervene, was also detained, but was later released. Yesterday in Pasai, 6km from the district headquarters, Muslims objected to the use of loudspeakers by Chhath vratis while namaz was being offered at a nearby mosque. Chhath devotees also objected to water from the mosque spilling onto the road that was being used by the vratis. This led to an altercation followed by pelting of stones. As many as 17 people were injured. While some were sent to Hazaribagh district hospital, a few others were shifted to Ranchi.

Talaq on cellphone valid, says fatwa
Deoband, Nov. 15, 2010: 'Talaq' uttered thrice by a Muslim man on a mobile phone will be considered valid even if his wife is unable to hear it all the three times due to network and other problems, a fresh fatwa has ruled. The fatwa was given by Darul-Ifta, the fatwa department of leading Sunni Islamic seminary Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband, in reply to a query by a man. The man in his query had asked that in case no witness was present when he utters talaq thrice to his wife over phone whether it would be considered valid or not. In its reply, Dar-ul-Ifta said: “If you have given three talaqs to your wife, all the three took place and she became haram (forbidden) for you.” “It is not necessary for talaq to take place that the wife hears it or the witnesses are present,” it ruled.

National Spirit

Vol.1, Issue No.34

Mumbai, November 19, 2010

Page 7

IAIF defends KS Sudarshan
New York, November 15, 2010: The Indian American Intellectuals Forum has come to the defence of KS Sudarshan, former Sarsanghchalak of RSS. In a Press Release, the Forum’s President, Narain Kataria, states: “It is a matter of great disgrace and shame that Congress Party adherents in another to win laurels from their boss! They show great vigor and vitality when a Hindu leader is to be attacked but look the other way and go underground when the issue of Islamic terrorism or egregious inequities of other minorities comes up. Indian citizens have every right to know about the background of their elected officials. Shri Sudarshan has raised four serious issues: (i) Sonia Gandhi is a CIA Agent; (ii) there was a conspiracy to assassinate her husband and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and his mother Indira Gandhi; (iii) her pedigree is unknown; and (iv) she had lied about her birth date. We do not see anything wrong in the above allegations. Conversely, Shri Sudarshanji has provided an opportunity to the nation to debate the above issues and remove the lingering doubts from the minds of Indian citizens about their rulers. Sonia Gandhi is an elected Member of Parliament. She is holding a high public office. She has been widely publicized as the 9th most powerful person in the world today. India is a democratic country. India is not the personal fiefdom of the Gandhi Dynasty and its sycophants. She is not above the law. Instead of indulging in hooliganism and behaving like ruffians, it is time to resolve these issues once and for all through deliberation and discussion. In this connection we would like to inform the public that in 2008, the Indian National Overseas Congress of Sonia Gandhi (INOC) had filed three defamation cases in the amount of $220 million against me (Narain Kataria), Arish Sahani and Satya Dosapati in New York and New Jersey courts, for publishing a full page advertisement regarding Sonia Gandhi in The New York Times. The Indian community in the USA supported us wholeheartedly in these frivolous lawsuits without any merit. We won two of the cases and the third one was withdrawn. The purpose of these cases was also to harass us and individually and collectively gag our voices”.

Ban on Cow Slaughter by Kolkata HC
Tapan Kumar Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati has issued the following statement on the Ban on Cow slaughter for Bakri Idd by the Hon’ble Kolkata High Court. “On 12th November, 2010 the Honourable Kolkata High Court passed an important judgment banning the slaughter of cows for ritual sacrifice on the occasion of Idd-ul-Adha, popularly known as Bakri Idd. In actuality the Kolkata High Court has only upheld a similar judgment passed by it in 1995, which was further endorsed by the Supreme Court of India, banning the slaughter of cows as religious ritual on Bakri Idd. The Court has also instructed the Govt to pass this judgment as notification to all its administrative and law enforcement units and to make sure that this injunction of the court is observed in its entirety. Hindu Samhati welcomes and fully endorses this judgment of the Kolkata High Court and has instructed all its units to keep a close watch on any incidence of cow slaughter on the occasion of Bakri Idd. If any such activity is detected the local HS workers are to immediately notify the local Police Station with the information regarding the place where the outrage has been committed and, if possible, the names of the persons involved. The reverence with which the Hindu Samaj regards the cow cannot be over emphasized and Hindu Samhati workers have vowed to ensure that Hindu sensitivities are given their due respect in the occasion of Bakri Idd. Towards this objective Hindu Samhati has mailed copies of the judgment to the West Bengal State Police HQ and requested that the provisions of the judgment be maintained in letter and spirit. All the local units have been similarly instructed to submit copies to their local Police Stations. As per our reports, this process of prodding the police and administration is being vigourously pursued by all our units throughout West Bengal as well as a strict vigil is being kept up for any outrage. However, as the Kolkata High Court stated, the original judgment was passed in 1995 and till then 15 Bakri Idds have passed. In these occasions the Hindus of Bengal have witnessed thousands of cows beings slaughtered in Kolkata and hundreds of thousands throughout West Bengal. The Government did nothing to enforce the law and the court took no cognizance of this misconduct. Even on this very day, in the Muslim localities of Kolkata, cows are openly corralled on the wayside waiting for slaughter on Bakri Idd. They are displayed brazenly before the Hindu populace, taunting their discomfiture and inability to do anything about this insult. Confirming the popular belief that Court or government, judgment or police, everything is inconsequential before the consolidated power of Muslim votes and the debilitating political correctness of the Hindu elite. Like 15 Idds before, on this Bakri Idd too hundreds of thousands of cows would be slaughtered by the cruel halal method. The judgment of the Kolkata High Court would be just ink on paper and WB government has tucked its tail a long time ago before the might of the Muslim vote. It will only go to prove to the whole wide world that the writ of Indian law does not run in ‘Muslim’ Bengal.”

India have taken to the streets and set fire to the effigy of the former Sarsanghachalak K.S. Sudarshan of the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) for alleged derogatory remarks against AICC President Sonia Gandhi. AICC General Secretary Janardan Dwivedi is reported to have said that “the reaction of the society should be such that no one dare speak in such language in future.” He further said that “if Congressmen and people of the country do something (untoward), they (RSS) will be responsible for it." The above statement is motivated by a sinister design to instill fear in the minds of the opponents of Sonia Gandhi and silence them. At the same time, it is a signal to the Congressmen to go ahead and attack RSS offices and volunteers. It is a paradox that these congressmen, because of the feudal environment and their obsequious servility, jump around and vie with one

Congress intimidating its critics: Swamy
November 12, 2010: Dr. Subramanian Swamy, President of the Janata Party, has issued the following Press statement: “The Congress Party deserves to be condemned for taking to the street and engaging in violent protests against the RSS for the disclosure made regarding Sonia Gandhi’s past by former Sarsangchalak KS Sudarshan. Any party which is committed to democracy, which the Congress Party have proved in the Emergey, it is not, should resort to media rebuttal or court action to counter the disclosure made by Shri Sudarshan. But obviously Sonia Gandhi cannot address a press conference or go to court on this matter. In 2008, the Congress Party had filed a defamation suit in the New York State Supreme Court seeking equivalent of Rupees five hundred crores as damages from three NRIs based in US, namely, Mr. N. Kataria, Mr. Arish Sahni and Mr. D. Satya for bringing out a fullpage advertisement in the New York Times precisely making the same disclosure which Mr. Sudarshan has made yesterday. The New York State Supreme Court however dismissed their defamation suit and the Congress Party chose not to appeal to the Federal Supreme Court in Washington. Obviously going to court would lead to further disclosures that Sonia Gandhi would be required to make on the witness box during her cross examination. Hence she has chosen the path of all dictators to engage in violent acts to intimidate her critics. Unfortunately such violent acts against Shri Sudarshan will only boomerang against Sonia Gandhi.

RSS welcomes judgement
Kolkata, November 12, 2010: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on Friday welcomed a judgement by the Kolkata High Court banning the slaughter of cows for religious purposes. The weighty judgement comes days ahead of Eid Al-Adhha also known as ‘Bakri-Eid’ being observed by Muslims across India by sacrificing goats and even cows in some places. The division bench of Chief Justice J N Patel and Justice Asim Ray of the Calcutta High Court on Friday declared the practice of sacrificing cow and its progeny for religious purpose as ‘unlawful’, the RSS statement said. The Organisation added that it expected the judgment to have “far reaching ramifications in the minoritycentric domestic politics of West Bengal”.

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Thiruvananthapuram, Nov. 16, 2010: After several attempts like introduction of Islamic bank, Free coaching classes , scholarships and Hostels for Muslim students, Pension for Maulavis, Rupees 5 crore charity to Pakistan, here comes yet another blind appeasement to win the heart of fanatic jihadis in Kerala. As part of Islamization of Kerala, Government has issued a circular to all Ration dealers in Kerala to provide rice at a subsidized price of two rupees per kg to all Madrassa teachers. Analysts opines that this love of red for green, is over the realisation that Kerala will witness a huge demographic change in coming years and more and more constituencies will become Muslim majority. Comrades hope that by such dole outs they can withstand the Jihadi wrath over them. This incident once again reaffirms the 'True Secularism' upheld by our comrades. Temple priests in Kerala are struggling to survive in devaswom board temples as they are treated in par with temple sweepers when it comes to their salary scale. On top of that Devaswom Board has issued circular banning tempe priests accepting dakshina from devotees. According to Communist Government such 'Dakshinas' are considered as bribes!

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Dr. Abdul Kalam in Canada
6th October, 2010 : In the back ground of the above picture is Dr. Abdul Kalam. He was at the the Sringeri Temple in Toronto, Canada, recently. The girl in the fore-front was singing the national anthems of both Canada & India. She rendered them both beautifully. Kalam Saheb was in the background. He should have been in the fore-front, where Mrs.Prathiba Patel is now. He would have been there had he chosen to invest his loyalties with the ruling powers, but he identified himself with progress and future of the nation. How can anyone in India be expected to hold on to political appointments in India with such an progressive approach? But is he really in the background? One has to be at his meets to see why he is respected that much. He started off his He paused and said. The father of the nation who bought us freedom was on that day dousing fires of a communal riot. He summed it by saying the leader is present where problems are! Powerful message explained in a subtle way. He rendered a poem he wrote the earlier day watching the mighty Niagara Falls. In his poem he asks Niagara, what is its message to the people? Niagara replies that the power of its flow of water is telling the youth of the world that they also the same power in them to change the world. The applause was spontaneous and resounding. He then asked them to repeat an oath, called "Righteous in Life" It was simple but was oozing with morals. The entire audience repeated it. He was recalling his recent meet at Tirupathi where one hundred thousands young people were present. When they said they would do anything, he asked them to repeat another oath, "I will make my mother happy, because if my mother is happy, the family is happy, if the family is happy the society is happy". Before he started that oath he asked the youth to repeat it, and also people who felt youthful can take the oath. At another session there was a Q & A session and one question he was asked was, "You are called a man of peace and you are also called the missile man. Aren't those contradictory.?" He responded by saying that in the 5000 years of Indian History, Indians ruled themselves only for 500 years. The rest were ruled by foreigners. That sums up this man and his passion for India. Hearing him talk it was hard to think that he is a Muslim. He has demonstrated that he is an Indian first. His appointment as the president of India cannot be political compulsions by BJP government. If it was determined it could have bought a Hindu leader as president. The BJP government had the vision to appoint Mr. Kalam as the president of India. This brings us to our pet theme that for Muslims, India is the best place to be. Wish all Muslims acknowledge this simple truth.

Mandir and Dharmik Sanstha Mahasangh Launched
Navi Mumbai, November 14, 2010: Mandir and Dharmik Sanstha Mahasangh, with an aim to protect Hindu Dharm , Temples and Mutts, was launched at Navi Mumbai. The function to launch the Organisation was held at Jhulelal Mandir Hall, Nerul on 14th November. All trustees of Mandir, Gurudwara, Jain Temples, proud Hindus and social workers were present at this auspecious ceremony. The Inaguration was done by H.H. Swami Krushanand Saraswati. On this occasion H.H. Devatmand Swami of Chinmay Mission, Sanatan Sanstha’s Saint H. Rajendra Shinde, H.H. Ganesh Maharaj of Varakari Sampraday, Hindu Janjagruti Samiti spokeperson Shri Ramesh Shinde, Shri Motilal jain of Jain temples etc. were present on the dias. All of them congratulated Mahasangh and expressed the need of joining this Mahasangh for protecting Hindu Dharm and temples. The Co-ordinator Shri Mannanur Ravindran said that the Mahasangh will oppose anti Hindu Laws e.g. Temple takeover act, Anti superstitious bill, etc. Also free legal and monetary help to the temples and also religious education to devotees will be given by Mahasangh. Co-ordinator Shri Shivaji Vatkar said that the delegation of Mahasangh will

speech by saying that he is on the 79th orbit of earth. That was a scientist speaking. We never have heard anyone explain their age in that perspective. He asked the children sitting in the front row what his age could be. A girl replied 78. He said to that girl, "you get 100 marks". That laid the tone for his speech. It was interactive, it was not a monologue as most other speeches were, it was lively and most importantly he was telling that he is listening. Listening to what people have to say. Listening to the problems that a nation and its people have to encounter as they navigate their place on earth. To test if we were listening to the fact that he was listening he narrated an event. An event that happened only once 1947, 15th August. He was in school and was the day after Independence the newspapers had picture of Mr. Nehru hoisting the flag.

meet Governer, Cheif Minister, etc. and will give memorandum to oppose anti Hindu laws and also for the walfare of temples. A meeting has been called on Sunday, 21 Nov. at 7pm at Shri Ganesh Mandir, Sector 12, Nerul. All are cordially invited for this meeting so as to decide the next course of action by Mahasangh. (Contact: Shivaji Vatkar, Tel. 09322533595)

Did your English Paper report this today?

The Tamil daily, Dinamalar, Chennai edition of 15-11-2010 carries a half page item headlined “Phenomenal growth in Gujarat: Modi creates a stir in Chennai” (translation). It appears that Narendra Modi, CM of Gujarat has paid a visit to Chennai recently with a team of Secretaries to woo TN entrepreneurs to start industries in Gujarat. He has impressed people here with his dynamism, and how his government has cut all the red-tape and delays in Gujarat. Technological advances are so fantastic these days you can get all Krishna Rao, Hubli the approvals for your schemes without Your discomfort with Congress violation in Y’s case stirring from your office, he has said. Taking a dig at Obama he is stated corruption was so deep that you were 5. Clearance for the Adarsh building dying to find some similar case with your itself was manipulated. There is no to have said that whereas Obama came standard whipping horse viz. the BJP. Lo manipulation in Y’s case. It was as per to India empty-handed, but with a bunch of Businessmen seeking Orders from and Behold! Yediyurappa, who can boldly law. declare that he has done commendable 6. Chavan was aware that more job so far, better than any previous CM, floors than what was permitted was being you journalists, have not been favoured in life, your relatives and friends, either apparently ‘obliged’ you right in time. built. No such violation in Y’s case. For your benefit and knowledge and 7. Many dignitaries and MPs illegally for a job or for some house site or a flat or for the benefit of the Congress party, I give benefited out of Adarsh. In Y’s case, his some kind of possession? Let Arnab Goswamis, Vinod a comparative statement of facts son got land as an MP only and benefited Mehtas, Vinod Sharmas, Jehagir pertaining to both Adarsh Society and legally. Land allotment to Yediyurappa’s son: 8. Chavan did not announce any Pouchas, Pranoy Roys, Rajdeep 1. Adarsh land was meant for Kargil inquiry commission. Yeddy announced a Sardesais, Mathews, N. Rams, Adhikaris Victim. No such reservation with land judicial commission with a retired SC and a whole lot of them sit back and search their conscience to find if they have allotted to Yediyurappa’s son. judge. 2. Chavan lied initially that he was not If a favour indeed had been done to not ever been favoured in some way or involved. No such lies in Y’s case. He never a son, it is firstly done as per law and rules the other, some time or the other, denied that land was allotted to his son. and secondly, this is not the first case of someone known to them or close to them 3. Ab Initio, the construction of its type done by a politician in power. or to oblige someone. The media wants to settle scores Adarsh was illegal. No such illegality Sonia Gandhi has been allotted the whole involved in Y’s case. nation by virtue of her being a member of with BJP now that their favourite congress 4. Adarsh violated CRZ act. No such the Gandhi family. Frankly, how many of party is in trouble!

Dear Journalists of India

India, he has come with a Team of Secretaries who will help people seeking to set up any industry – micro, small, or medium in Gujarat with no delay whatsoever. Apparently the Main Stream Media, apart from projecting a positive and laudatory picture of Traitors, Secessionists, Terrorists, Cheats and Crooks, has been ordered to totally blackout any news of Modi. Not much of the Head has been seen since months, though the Hand is evident in the daily multi-crore crooked deals, agreements, and Commissions. For our near-illiterate journalists, the Bird is supposed to bury its head in the sand and go bottoms-up when it senses danger.

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