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711 REVI‘ 111.111.) Manna wc1ham

FOR roux ch'IEh' 85
smhey, 13.c. van 1113
11131111 1089
1111.11 111 an, 1st mo introducs myself. I have been an 1mm
hobbyist £111 a 51111an rye hrs . still. however, very much classified
'alnataur hobbyist' category.
Same months ago I wrote a short note in the American Cactus
and Succulent Journal asking that other 1511111111111 cantaphiYes contact
me. To my delight some wonderful letters came 111 and I have made new
and rewarding friends :1: a result The letters were circulated.
Mare friendships resulted. Information. 111111115 and seeds have eagerly
hceh exchanged. And {111 Bdch 111111 of us the chance to sham: with others
has increased. the joy or our hobby a hundred fold.
efeel the need 1:0 reach out a hand and try to enlarge
our men11:e111111111151. frien
Trying to begin the puizuca.1un and distribution or a brand
new Newsletter to provide an mroma'non 2.11311ch between hnbbyis ts
1e no easy task and was not, Ins assure you a decision made lightly.
Frohahly the one most significant reason I decided togozmead with 11:
was this recurring theme 111 most letter: I recelvcd
"I wash t quite sure 11' I were alune uut them: Dr 1111
'11 date a great deal or thought. ume and effort and paxsanal
expense.have gnne 111111 the preparation of the first 1eeue.h1e
first 1e'sue '15 mean ant as a base on which to 1111111 future 11111111111 as
Members begin to contribute because that is what Lh1s News'letter 15
all about. A means at communication. 1111 can ask questions. Share
11111111111011, buy and sell plants, etc. etc.
cos will be THE news: erer FOR and BY amateur hobbyists and
11111 be published six times a year. Suhscriptiun rates are based on
caretuuy caleu1ated costs for 1111111111,; and postage and no 1101' cover
expanses :11 data 111» the extensive work that w111 go into editing.
:1u1111sh1hg aha 11121111115 it to you
Frum a strictly business standpoint and so that you know to
whom your subscription dollars go. as Editor I have an extensive
business management and writing background. I am nrigihnuy 1mm
Iloncrenl and have been resident or Vchuz‘ia, 13 c for the past eleven
years .
a vmuld love to have you 511111 us as a memher 01‘ cos 111111
1-1111 Iuck fnrward tn not only receiving your subscriptiun but 1150
11 hearing from y'vu with questions, cements, article dr
photographs (11111111 and white). etc . Photos, 11y the way, 1.1111 be
refiurned if requested 111111 11 you provide a Eelf—addrsssed, 111111111211
[1' {or any wason - a». any 1111.2 . it becumes not feasih 11 to
echtinue publishing this Newsletter. the balance or your subscription
whxch cannot betulfi ‘ed WIT. TL! REFUHDED TO YOU
7‘ 4‘W~¢f W11...
Cacti& ' THE ‘
Ink and fl

Succulents M_‘
'w- ”n. 1 “way,
’.U 1: r , n .;
JCelvthia (alga,

eners Fromp rennerm

_ a d 701
mm Irmricdn
Tl’vhur'm mv- macmri "un
mm. a: r mm. erd mu; mmm hnlby ts m be able to co'mlmucvltc \, m
my. nHwI \JH1 a me :0 shariw' inform Hm. Expr‘r‘lcn' Lam: .m-L
hard“, etc. It 15‘- in irect reapomc 1.: ms mm that L». n35: seen cream,

ri rm uemn, .5 1 Loch Mo arms, am . v1; v.5

‘~ Urncc RolIuran. 5:1: Llln , urn’lby, B.C. VSJ 21.:I
'10 mmbershin
$15 5* u» 'WI‘I’
: u mum. a WP» pér yam- (u u ‘
4m pw .artar pane {er wcuc
50 me n! yr‘nr 7 name a
, e tul‘ ymr
1.3mm: - Nu unAnun
: cam: Ms; 1 w" < .\:r( nmmx , At 1wtime 7 u V‘u‘cmrv" 'nt Farvihr
tD1COH¢LHHF Wlll;"!‘inf‘ Lhi" 210W“. r‘tLor hE int I": Am:
'1” h'lun"c or yo W SJbscr‘X Mien 1c? cannot '10 f)!"ilVed
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(Charles Glass. ltor of tha American Cactus and Succulent Journal
supplied this infamation in reswnsa to a member's question)
"Melucaclus cephaua arc the result or flra-titally rhanged growth
rate where the apiHFS are produced in abunJuncs, but become more
hr . y, 7117115 uith an abundunca or wool. but the inturarcolardspace
uallydlsappeax-s. atther words, the arcales are produ
adjacent to each other so there is no longer any graen Fpidemis shuwing.
There 1: plant body underneath 1111 those spmes. busues and wool, hut
now very ulende‘: in comparison to the basal stam that is typical 1y
cnctxn- ]ike- 1-1115, green skin and spaced spxhea. Pot the rest or the
p1ant-s lire (which may be considerable) the basal porno" 1.1 thp :1me
part or the plant that produces Chlorophyll and it is never replenished
with neh‘ growth :0 if it 15 scarrefl, those scars are permanent. There
rhr life. '11-.e cephalium, which 1: really Juat the upper portinn or the
stem . mLh us new growth/muo. keeps growing, ge+t ng ta 'L‘le
producxhg more spines and I'lnw-rs uhtn the plant succumbs ta 31:1 aga
or whatever
some experts reel the mstocactus wephuuum' is not :1 tr
cephzuum but just a copxaus acvempment a: wool and extra mines
{er it grow5 out to pmaucn. mnre 'typical plant stem' (smash runs.
tuhercu1es, whatever. )


Manna lha.
h have men gnud aha nat—so—gona reports from users of
Sunshine Cactus Mix which is sold primarily) H . nd AIhertz
and which now may be available in Manitoba and Sa=katchewan.
Fisons horticulture. who produce and sell this product, have been
kind enough to give me the ramming analysis or this mix which you
myrihd of interest if you have used it ur plan ta use it
"Sunshine Cactus mix, as with all our mixes, 1s Canzd).
Sphagnum ycat—4111111211. It has 11151. waler-holdlng cammuty
due to its unique wettmg agent which allows: the water to
be absorbed quickky and evenly thruughout the nix You
must tell your readers uo'rt oveemater. Theazlkyl phenol
ethylam oxide condensate 9 ppm (011 the label) reI'Ers to
the wetting agent. Aggregates such :11, charcoal, perlitu,
and do1am1t1c 71mestune are added to ensure proper performanne
cf the mix Our pH rangea {ram 5. 5‘ to 6.5. The product is
available cum in the a quart Slze "
p011 1:3 017 1mm"
- Going berserk inf' to rim 12am“: tn add to you
50117 Try adding some African Vinlet soil to your mix.
v2 :111 knew a Lactnphile 15 a laver orac.t1 How many
lmnw that those who hate them are calledaCactaphobes'!
_ The Agave is a mentor or the maryllis clan
[are 3
JAIRCFH onrcatcn
(Mn suum1:19Fisher of Winter Park. Pla. has the fallowing
adv cc 1
"Jatmpha podag'rina 1.1 one of those rare succulents that develops
quickly frogsseed to fine final luok In Inat, the only way ta “appreciate
this p‘antishy sawing seen! so that growth can be ubunrved. Afull-gravm
p'Vant is akbeauty bul you miss seeing the fatnncm form and th: evnTuhnn
or LL: bar11(1 do consider it as a bark rather than an epidermis, because
at timws 1t peels aa 1t grows, adding intgres+ +n us chamcte t)
No matter what you rem 11 the b00111 I offer you the [alluvling adv1ca.
They love fulL sun although they grow well in heavy shade ton but the
leaves , much larger. A we11—drain1ng humus soil is required with
lots of r «111221 and 1an or watsr. I use 50/50 pcnite am a good
nnttina sou mm as little sand as posn1ble1 mm; in the 11.1mm;
stage they saw. to m-arer 1am at room 5111c: the rents arP :nurse. If the
wLnter tampanture dropa to uo° or lower, o‘der punts can survive if they
are kaut completely dry.Howeve1-. 1r you can continue giving than. direct
sun exposure in wlntcr withaut having the temperature droptthe]. low. you
can continue watering and faeding. Mine his .111 winter long wnhauh
missing a beat. (Hotex Ma also writes the 15111 Column tor the American
cactus and Succulent Journal


cquLir. OF CACTI Ann 01R sycc 1231T
utasyVlz'e. Grace Lemon reprxnt 1r past Cactus and Succulent
Intomation mchange material.
The sunccasful cultivation uf succulent plants 1: dependent on com,
tcmpentun, light and moisture.
Grmwth nf most Varieties 1: made during Spring and Summer and therefnre
thP plants 1:111 need warmth. sunshine and reguLax' watering from May until
Sheptaner. Then they need ta rest 1m necame dnfmnnt for the colder months.
huhuugh they still need an avaxlnbie fight and sunshine, thyashould be
kept cool 115—500 '11 3191111111 and watered only occasionallyn aannny day.
Gradually reduce 11111—1“ 1" the Fall and incmasw slowly 111 the Spring
as gmwth 1941115 to show.
Many cacti. can be 1ert dry tar several winter months if kept cool enough.
A sunpoz‘ch is often an ideal location far them 11- a sunny winde 11
cool room. Succulents are mare coTorful and dc 1m maka unhealthy grcwth
11‘ cool and r1111): dry. The cool winter rest also encourages newenhg
next summer, in fact 15 necessary to net flower: on many cacti.
So11 m— cacti 1nd succulents should have an open texture to drain off
excess moisture. To a anon gamen :111 1111 cnur<e sand and peat or leaf-
mum. 1" equal parts » or less 1: 1t 11 sandy $0“ with a good supply or
orzaliuc matter. Then and a 11tt1e crushed rharcaal to keep the cnmpnst
swee .
hristmas cacu and orchid mcti wbest11n luu—moum a1— peat w1th
only a little 1111 and sand added. 5111; also like to be a 11mm Warner
n wxnter and to have much ‘esS sunsh1na 1n Sumln .
Cacti and Succulents can urten take mglcct where kindness 1.1 fata
A r 'd s withou. water Ls much less dangerous than to he cunstantly
:n this respect they are easier to grow than mam: house plaan.
111170111111 1:)" WANTED
Some .‘Ilcmbers have requested any and all inromatlnn — or Sources of
informatinn on the Viahili.v of cactus and nucculenz seed. Can
you help .


11111 11 IS 1111111511: 111 CANADA. The Handbouk ar Cacti and succu1cnta
. live Znnes . hr‘and new1893 1.75 panes hard covert» 11. M1111
excellent (but 11111111 color photos.1\ 11111311111111 hook with many spade;
I Haven't seen 111 uthsr books. Alan happy ta see updating cf names of
311111..» 17111115 hire. A Very nice addition ta any cnllectian BUT dues 111.1
go 111.0 any great depth on any 1111-1111111“ species Cuuura requirements
are just not 11cm: w1th. I’nr the price the haugh — esvacxauy .1: Coles
(£12. 96) it's a barga‘VI. The sq have it far 5111. 95. If you can't find
1: where yau 1112 I 11111 be happy to sea 11‘ 1 can buy :1 any hare and
.1111 11 tn yuu (1:11.)


111 you have a special p1ant but just have 111111 been 1.1111 111 1111111111, 11:»?
Send a clear black and wh1te phnto 11111 as Near a descr1pt1an as you can
give us about 11 and ather nambers 1.111 try to 11.111 you {1111 out what 1t
1>hnot (a) 11111 he returned if you request they be and encluse a
stamped Gclt-addrnsaed envelope.
by Heatheer Famor. Box 33‘. cranbrook. H.C-
VU'. MU)
herytime I 11111111 or the tom "flowering" my cacti, I have
to stop and consider whether 1 11111111111 use 11 1111 not. It sounds
to me as 1r I 1111 doing the 1111111111; and does not g1vo dun
credit to 1111 plant I am sure Lha: my plants are saying ~1r tha1
511111111 hlrnan would .1151 sive me what I need. 1 11111 do tha nonemhgr-
:11 view or th1s nonvnrsation with my "wardss", I d111genuy tn
to give them everything they need. I research and make nncas on
not on1y cact1 in genera1,but each 1111111111111“ species, ta see 11
them 15 something special they need. 1 have found nut certa1n
{acts such as A rocactus species like a 11mm 111an 11111191119111. and
don 1 push rah11111:aria shcldnnii too early 1111 the year as 11 1.11111:
to gruw 111111 flower 1:115: 111 the 1111111211.
1 watu11» Very cararun- I 111591“ each or my over 150 plants to
aetemme how 111mm water they neeJ. 1 ans them 11111111111111 water 1th
can take 111 the summer. 11115 is sometmca r1ahy 11:1 tan much when they
are 11111 growing can cause them to rat. 1 111111 ‘naka sure theya
gnawing. wh1c11. with some of the slower spfinies is n01 111111111; easy
.11 tau. 1 a_aut1ou51y harden them off 111 (.he ran and 111-1111; them
back ta 11:2 111 the Spring, trying Lu balance weather conditions 111111
how much water to give 11111111 the w1hter. I worry that 5mm! «pecies
don' t like Lo 1111 co'mpletcl d1~y aha athers need to he. I panic whwu
my 111111.111; can Slip: and 1 give one too much. I then an thcm under
.1 1111111 lamp, 1111111 my breath an! 11111111 my ringer crossed. (11- 5 very
hard 111 work 111 11115 5111111111 .
Pug h
"Flawerxng Your Cacti" cent ...
I watch and research each plant to determine the maximum Iieht
each should have. I juggle them between w1haewe and outdoor plucw
1n the summer tor1nd a spot each 11hes.
I even watch how each one likes the kind of pDL 11 is in1 Some
have rea11y done a lot better when I put them in a different pot.
It 15 a proven tact that some Spec 5 w111 not h‘nam it they are in
a too larre pot. sninhyllume tma ma Easter cactus and 1
suspect other hnnpy—d owners ( uhglc cacti. cpiph1t1c cacti)asuch as
Aporocactus need to he not bauhd ta produnp fiowsm
many cacti will not [lower 1h captivity as they cannot groow
large enough or need urllmlted rout space that can only be ach1eved
outdoors or when planted 1nto the floor or a greenhouse. Most
opun.ias are 11ke th1s, and of course the hhneters Vike Carnegiea
g1gan:ica or euguara and Cephaloeereus seh11is or old man cacLus.
Cleistocactus and Trlnhnceraus do hatter with free rootm m1
act1 need a rest stage 1. deer tn bloom well. Fur most
cacti this means a uerlu d or limited water and very uol temperatures.
my cacti get u months rrom 1:: Nnvcmbcr tn Iet Marchwith minimmum
water and temrerntures below 15 degrees Celsius. Most probably
experience temperatures lower than that as they are on windowstwws
These temperatures must be balanced with the amount or water1ng g1veh-
the colder the temperature. the less water they can take1 Again
different plants need different temperatures. For example,
Coryphanthas such as v1v1para and some Mammillarias such as Tongianra
can take close to rreeang. however. same eaet1 such as Set1ech1nupsis
uywneereus and 1 am suspec ing Gymnocalycium bruchii and andrea might
develap ugly and pose1h1y kilhng erange spate like a rust because they
were kept at too low temperatures. Some plants are dormant at
different times of the year. The Christmas Ceet1 are dormant 1h
March at my p1ace 1n south-eastern B. c ~h11e the main body or my
plants are waking up. Some ep1phy11ume have been grow1ne all winter
They have short rest: arter blooming 1n the Summer and some also rest
1n w1h.er1
now you may be saying. "Gracious. this is extremely
complicated: Forget flowering!" But wait. Caah anyone te11 me how
my nether has nanaged to get a Cereus peruvianus only 35 cm ta
to bloom? can anyone tell me how my girlfriend can get meet orher
varied types a: cact1 to bloom consistently? She doeen-t have any
species names cumlnitted to memory, much less studying their habits
and behaviours. she treats 311 at them the same. mostly
po1nt of neglect. How can :he an this and raise gorgeous plants?
is my suspicion that the person who told you you had to
study and know your cact1 and treat them very carefully just said
and does so because she likes to play w1th her plants. The keys
to flowermg are n can! dry rest and gand sun1 Pa rio

1 t1ny little rosette or blue-

reeh leavees t1nged Hrpl
Each leaf is tipped by a single
little white sp1ne. orra ets
freely forning email c1umps
Delicate. different, desirahle.
11.111111111111111.- Likes 1 coo: w1hter rest.
PETER LEFINE 1722a Chemin st. Marie Kirkland Quebec H J 21??
As you can see. I 11ve 1n Nnntreal. Fm": my limited experience. there
are row 1: any gmwcre here who do more than nffer n emu seLeeciun or
cacti and succulenzam [01‘ sale and these are usua‘ 1y unclassuied.
any evvent I derlv aisfactinu n-nm propagating than Si'lp] y
buying plen.s.1 eensmera1yself lucky that 1 have a good friend whn 1:
also a cactus m1 euccuteht fancier. Unfortunately uur mueeziens
have begun Loresemble each other' 5 to a Freat extent. Betweanus,
however, we ve ,1c1hed both the moricrm Gactu" and Succulent SecLecy
and the 311mm Society and greatly enjoy readxng meir journal
are in the procrsfl of ordering seed catnlngups fron ads nicked nut a‘nost
at random from the journals but you have to start somehhére.
; urn sure you wauld like tn knnw 1. 11mm about m9 and my p‘ant mnecfinn.
: am ma‘ripd with no children. My w1re and I am both white cul'ar,
professional type» 1 do program evaluation and she marketing research.
We arc our heme with ans cat and about 125 plan‘s or which more than 100
are hxhe. I have nothing ta do with her: as our plant maintenance
phnaeopmea Arc radically durereht. The great najarity or my collegtinn
has come trons eds o:- cumin 3 and when 1 buy plnants I fm‘y huy 1mm
ones (partly for luck or l‘DDm 1 11an about 30 canhi hr whir‘.h 6 are un-
massified I nhave a varietz, nf succulents, mnsu1y or the
crassulaceae, euphorbiaceae and 1111aueae familias.
Does anyone out there have their 1.1.1an 1n a cumpulerizad database????
I am using mass £9: 1111.» end with the infomatiun ended 1n the database.
I can pr1m. tertiuzetion schedules for each month mm taken into:ccount
he particular plants 5row1ng acnson (usually from nhaervatinn).1
fertilization requxmmonm and 11: date of last re pm: Man, 1 have been
able to optimize the use cf the eunught 1 have availame to me
comparing the punt ”gm. requirements tn their current 115m. ronditinns.
Wy friend and I are also Very interested in hydmcultun Ir anvone 1n
the nembenhip has any first hand experience w1th growing cacti nnd/or
ecuants hydroponlcally. 1 would be Very intcresccd 1n their communes.
successes. tenures. etc.
PAT CANPHELI. 6008 Murine Drive Went Vancouver B.
1 think 1t 15pa great 1des or your: (D have an infomation/plant/seod
?(ad quite aOpmblam wm. this cold weather , our power was out on - pcor
plant!) — 1m: none of them. Ha
ave you new {run any other Canadian
cactophiles? (.ve hope we um um: Pat, Ed.)
mm: FI-PJLER Box Cranbrnnke n c we we
.1110 Everybody. I knew you were an. out there somewhere. Am I ma
only crazy one who coanew: just because she wanted t0 have smzthing
to sway? Then 11 muahroemcd 11.9.1 alum! of mania that nau.e1 m.e to
spend great gobs or her nlmady—thrge-times-spent-noney on thuuzsa -
1hpnec1enl as cacti? An I the only only one who has every windohs 111
1n the house filied with cacti and every table 1n tha house sittinp‘ 1n
front at every windoh r111ad wnh cacti? The bulk or my collection or
151 specxes have 111 been imported within the last twu years.
.A 1:1:an — 1: h 1 Alberta 1m rm
am e ..ecenels Manager rnr an 011 11—11mm; contmctor hele 1h denntan.
My wife is an assXstant Manager or a curpurata public relat1m: department
ahdI must add pusseusas 1 very definite brown thumb, pve 1
approximately 7 years overseah. Although my degree 15 in zoa’fogy I' ma
‘ n :nus ~unt .1
made n: prllc icnl use of 1‘. My interast Ln horticulture basical'ly began
with aileml‘hng ta grow herbs ['6 gutter) used to chking with in foreign
lands and once I realixzd 1 could be rc'lative‘y successfulgro
exotic herbs, I branched olli into ml first love — cacti andsucculent»
Just th th ass parlinular plants Enthra'l'l me I‘m not terriby sure unless
U: is thelr ability [u survive in such infinspltable cnnditinna. ’( ”S.
uniqueness, ‘tholr quiLE often grotesqunnnns whlch in itself is a {am of
beauty an arm» au those nagalees, their abiTityn produce such ovely
blnams. I'm aurc there is room far a psychulogical study in that one.

The newa at the iuineht birth or the first Issue of cos '1; tnny great
news and I am awaiting 1: with great anticipation.
ncs STONE -J10 23rd Avenue West Bradentnn Fm. 1205
Idon t knew u- yuu are ramusr w1th mpeuas and their rclativea such
as Camlluma um HuemLa. The best way to start them is to set them
hurizohtauy. nightly pressed into the soil. ‘lhey wilV rnn+ on the part
~1- the RtElll touching the nail. You can see where some at the cuttir s
1cm start to rnot.'1'he rtowers are very attractive but the fragr
bothers some people. They are pollinnted by flies and men accominzlv
start Cnrnpegia stepeuiromis the same way. 511 or those species blmm
an new gnawth.
one or m); principal Joya 1n thn hubby is in prupagatinn. I gave up lung
§gc raising cacti rmn seed. They sprout raadi‘y enough but the growth
1.: flow. succulents, however, are a different thuu; . Their growth 1n
general is much more rapid and same will sprout 1n1me houurs. ee 3
53/50 mixture 01‘ venicuute and Metromix 500 a peat/pex-ute/hzrk mixture.
1 drench the ?ot inaweak nqun plant food solution. drain. 1)! ant the
edse, and ehkloset pot 1n 3 p1ast'u: bag which is shut. This is plum:
lnb :-Ugh light but nDL run sun. Bottom heat (perhaps an top out
fluarc" cent uxtumt sometimes helps.
mm 'A E {AM 8 'L Loch ids Drlve ldne VBL m
I began collect n 1 that tune my only experience
with plants had to do with the outdoor garden kind. And 99 tune: out at
‘00 whatever 1 planted soahcr than later died Finally, after deftly
pantimg 7» hare :‘antrose bushes 'upslde dwn' I gave up on growing
things entirely.
A cactus fancier one day Vert an unh‘mcpsia at a garden oentar here to
show arr to whoever might be Lhterestph . 15 nagnificcnt blooms. I was
totally hooked.
Mycollection how campuses about 200 ephcies, mostly cuct1. 2hme a few
ati‘l unclasclued but they ate not My ALIVE [hey are THRIVIHG.
A:5 watts! of facc.a1‘tcr one o! the warst winters in B. a.
fact I moved addresses and my plants want [rum can to warm to lreezin;
to want (my haw greenhouse was nature
may) 1 have been getting morn.
Mowers this year than ever before (starting in March). My greenhouse i:
h the same East facing 'anatinn as it was be.are. 5’: the an1y way I can
account for 1w sudden Ltemenuous fwowerihg succ it: to think that an
the culture requirements I so carefu.1y followed efm—e may not be as
perfect as many thim they are.
You may be wondering . n2 e pL-tblishihc more photos
Ema drawings in future Issues — as as and funds pemit. m.
SNAP a Sun?
This spation nf Gus is your (lremhers J Hini-Marknt M huy/tr‘miP/sw!‘ punts
seeds, Cuttings, books, etca. Menhers advertise in this section free or
course - as a privilege or Membership.
Seed 11511 and 111m; 111' 11111111, 5112 nvuilab‘u from Member.- have Droven
11 111; .11 11111111111111 that we Cauld not pa vpubnsh them an here
11v anmugies :11 those who exuacted them tobbe printed in aetaiu. PYaasa
11111.1 to nembers tox- thu11- 11515 and enclose :1 ssz-addrcasod. :tanped

1-1115 GRACE Romano", 5512 131111101, 31.. fluznaby. 8.3. ISJ' :18
12111111111191 ’350006
193': Plant um mm mm 1151a (and it'a a 1111:: one). 1rmyou are Vucky
enough to be cluse enourh m chnone your plants in 11-1-1 - please phaw
in advance to arrange amutually convenient fine to v1s1t1
MAN 1. 111311; ’3 2:15 113m 5:. Nbarta 16.! m
1 have quxte a lot or men seed available for trade. 11111111; to trade
semi 1111- need. cutting: 52‘ atmoa plants but will 111511 um;h 11111to
those who have 11111111115 ca mm: or 11133111 star in v:
of 411111: a number of caudicifams, Pp y‘: .1 and 11111111111211 which1-11
share 111111 111121» affectionados of such11111111 1111:. since they lend to be
111111 costly and smce ham in 511111 11111111111111, 1 d prohzbw trade
hem an a 0111-1111-0111 111311;.
rmsn '11’1115 Izzzh Chamin Ste. 11:11-11 111111111111. 5 egec 1121 213
011111 a long and varied 11:11 or pups, cuttingfi, p.111 111111111111 11—:
1111111111115. 1111111111111, 2111111111, 1edum 1111111111171:- etc.
HEATHER FARMER Fox 13) Cranbrouk. 5 0, VIC 11118
1,151 :vu‘ab‘a of fret? sead — also on 1151; are cuttings. 1111115, pups.
Itc. I‘d like to trade for certain pups. 51111 contact you when 1 sec
'yuur' 115t.
xmum “1:25-11 m: airingDriw 'dne v3 11.!
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1112 Burnaby Cactus & Succulent Club 11111 presant a E: 2 n3; and 1—3
or cactx and succulsnt p‘ at": nmay 11 13 and 13:11 Ruyn‘ Square Man,
New .71: tmnstsr {5th & HcBrlac)”during regular man hours. 11111 group
has regular meetings monthly at Eonnor Recrcnyion Usntrev" rMetrni‘nwn
on the nth \Ieu. afternoon each month. 1115 - : ,1 11.» tom and new
members welcome from anywhere. Neetingn 111 5111111 nurnaby C1111.) mm.
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