SAP Note 1023155 Necessary information to investigate JSPM problems

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Valid Since 21.07.2008

Customer is having an error or problem with the JSPM tool when trying to update an AS Java system or the AS Java part of a Dual Stack system (NetWeaver, CRM, SRM, SCM, ERP, EP, BI, PI, MI etc.)

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Java Support Package Manager, JSPM, JAVA Update, troubleshooting, Support Packages Stack Homogeneous, Heterogeneous, HA systems upgrade, NWDI systems update

Reason and Prerequisites
During AS Java system update with the JSPM tool, an error occured and the process has been interrupted. This note describes what customer input does the SAP Support need in order to provide adequate support for a problem related to JSPM.

Dear Customer, SAP requires the following information to be able to process your enquiry efficiently and accurately. Please check the details of your problem message to ensure they are comprehensive. The following guidelines will give you an indication of what is needed: ======================================================================= Contents: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Type of the updated AS Java system Logs files required Procedure used How to send the required information to SAP Remote connection

======================================================================= ======================================================================= 1. Type of the updated AS Java system ======================================================================= It's very important for the troubleshooting to indicate us what kind of system you are updating, for example: SAP NetWeaver Web AS 7.00 SP09, SAP CRM 4.0, ERP 2004 SR1, etc. Also please indicate: o Operating System
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Ask SAP Support for an e-mail address or SAPMats container to send the files. afterwards select one of the following options to send it to SAP: . a remote connection to the affected server could be required by SAP.Via FTP to SAPServX : if you have access to the SAPServX you can upload the file as indicated in SAP Note 40024 . ======================================================================= 4. In SAP Note 560499 you will find your local support office phone number where you can contact us./usr/sap/<SID>/<CI>/j2ee/JSPM/trc (directory) ======================================================================= 3. please compress them using SAPCAR or WINZIP.2010 Page 2 of 3 . Please indicate also all attempts you have made to correct the current or earlier problems. 16. Procedure used ======================================================================= We would like to know which SAP Notes or preparatory steps you have applied before or during your update up to the current point. Logs files required ======================================================================= The JSPM log and trace files are the most important input to detect the source and reasons of your update problem. NW04s SP10) ======================================================================= 2. ======================================================================= 5. open it. NW04s SP09) o Target Support Package (ex. you can set up the connection following SAP Note 37001.SAP Note 1023155 Necessary information to investigate JSPM problems o Database Version and patch level o Source Support Package (ex. How to send the required information to SAP ======================================================================= Once you have ALL the mentioned files. Please zip and attach the following log and trace files/directories: . These files are absolutely required by the SAP Support to process your case. Remote Connection ======================================================================= During the message processing.As an Attachment (recommended) : the procedure to attach any file to customer messages is mentioned in SAP Note 541726 . Q: What kind of remote connection is required ? A: For Unix-based systems a Telnet connection is required. saving the logon data in the secure area as indicated in SAP Note 508140.11. Please establish a remote connection and if required./usr/sap/<SID>/<CI>/j2ee/JSPM/log (directory) .

1 JSPM: Central SAP Note SAP NetWeaver 7.2008 12:01:15 English Recommendations/additional info Upgrade information BC-UPG-OCS-SPJ Support package tools for Java The Note is release-independent Related Notes Number 1443834 1147119 891983 Short Text Central SAP Note JSPM 7.07.2 Central SAP Note JSPM 7. Thank you in advance for your collaboration in this matter. Header Data Release Status: Released on: Master Language: Priority: Category: Primary Component: Released for Customer 21.0 AS Java 16.11.2010 Page 3 of 3 .SAP Note 1023155 Necessary information to investigate JSPM problems For Windows-based systems you can set up one of follwing sessions: Windows Terminal Server (recommended) PcAnywhere (see SAP Note 100740) Citrix (see SAP Note 701588) MSNetMeeting (see SAP Note 356635) (see SAP Note 605795) ======================================================================= This valuable information will allow SAP Active Global Support and SAP Development Support to process your message efficiently and provide competent support for the problem that you are facing.

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