Finance Tax Indicator Document header asset posting Asset line item Asset classes: general data Asset class: depreciation area Asset classes: Fld Cont Dpndnt on Chart of Depreciation Asset classes: Description Asset master record-segment Depreciation terms Asset-value fields Asset Origin by Line Item Asset main number Asset periodic values Asset text Insurance data Insurable values (year dependent) Time-dependent asset allocations Payment advice header Payment advice line item Accounting document header One-time account data document segment Bill of exchange fields document segment Accounting document segment Document control data Tax data document segment Intercompany posting procedures Cust.Grp/MaterialGrp/AcctKey Cust.Grp/Account Key Material Grp/Acct Key General Acct Key Actual primary line items Coding Block Settlement Rule for Order Settlement Distribution Rules Settlement Rule Order Settlement CO Object: Valuated Line Item Settlement CO Object: Line Item Settlement, Not Valuated, With Status Cost elements (data dependent on chart of accounts) Cost element texts FI-LC: Actual journal entry table with 2 object tables FI-LC: Global totals table with 2 object tables Example for Global FI-SL Line Items (Actual) Example for Global FISL Objct Table 2 (Transactn Attributes) Example for Global Object Table 1 (Object/Partner) Example for Global FI-SL Line Items (Plan) Example for Global FI-SL Summary Table Example for Local FI-SL Line Items (Actual) Example for Loc. FISL Objct Table 2 (Transaction Attributes) Example for Local Object Table 1 (Object/Partner) Page 1

FI GLREFP GLREFT GLT0 GLT3 KNB1 KNB5 KNC1 KNC3 KNKK KONP LFB1 LFB5 LFC1 LFC3 PAYR PCEC RFDT RGSBL S066 SETS SKA1 SKAT SKB1 T001 T001A T001N T001Z T004 T004T T007A T007F T008 T008T T009 T009B T009T T011 T011T T012 T014 T014T T024B T024P T030 T031 T040 T040A T040S T040T T042 T042A T042B T042E Example for Local FI-SL Line Items (Plan) Example for Local FI-SL Summary Table G/L Account Master Record Monthly Debits and Credits FI-LC: Structure of Consolidation staging ledger Customer master (company code) Customer master (dunning data) Customer master (transaction figures) Customer master (special G/L transaction figures) Customer master credit management: Control area data Conditions (Item) Vendor master (company code) Vendor master (dunning data) Vendor master (transaction figures) Vendor master (special G/L transaction figures) Payment transfer medium file Prenumbered Checks Accounting data (INDX structure) Internal Data for a Set Line in SAPMGSBM Open orders: credit management Sets G/L accounts master (chart of accounts) G/L account master record (chart of accounts: description) G/L account master (company code) Company Codes Additional local currencies control for company code Company code - VAT registration numbers Additional specifications for company code List of charts of accounts Chart of account names Tax keys Taxes on sales/purchases groups Blocking reasons for automatic payment transcations Blocking reason names in automatic payment trans. Fiscal year variants Fiscal year variant periods Fiscal year variant names Financial Statement Versions Financial statement version names House banks Credit control areas Credit control area names Credit management: Credit representative groups Credit Management: Credit Representatives Standard accounts table Bill discount note Dunning keys Dunning key names Blocking reasons for dunning notices Dunning block reason names Parameters for payment transactions Bank selection for payment program Details on the company codes that must pay Company code-specific specs.for payment methods Page 2

FI T042I T042T T042Z T043G T046R T046S T047A T047B T047C T047D T047E T047H T047I T047M T047N T047R T047S T047T T049E T052 T053A T053B T053C T053G T053R T053S T056 T056A T056P T056R T056S T056U T056X T056Z T059Q T074 T074A T074T T074U T085 T085P T085S T090 T090C T090M T090P T090R T090S T090T T090V T090Z T091 T091P Account determination for payment program Text modules for payment forms Payment methods for automatic payment Tolerances for groups of customers/vendors Texts for the exceptions from cashed bills/ Exceptions from cashed bills of exchange paid to vendors Account level dunning control Dunning level control Dunning charges Form selection for legal dunning proceedings Form selection for dunning letters Marginal amounts Standard texts for dunning letters Dunning areas Dunning area texts Grouping rules for dunning notices Name of grouping rules Dunning procedure names Control data for Swiss POR procedure Terms of payment Selection rules for payment advices Selection rules for payment advices (texts) Selection sequence for payment advices Payment advice types Classification of payment differences Classification of payment differences (texts) Interest settlement Time-dependent conditions Reference interest table Interest reference definition Interest scale interest terms (acct Control table for interest for days overdue Text table for interest indicators Interest rates Withholding tax Special G/L accounts Special G/L transaction type names Special G/L indicator names Special G/L indicator properties Investment support measures Investment support: Default and check table Description of individual investment support measures Depreciation calculation keys External depreciation keys Table for maximum depreciation amounts Dep. calc. key percentage records Period control rules for transactions Names For Internal Calculation Keys Names For External Depreciation Keys Names for period control in transactions Period control for transactions Cut-off value key Cut-off val. percent. rates Page 3

FI T091T T093 T093A T093B T093C T093T T094A T094B T094P T094T T095 T095A T095B T095P T095T T096 T096T T099 T099T T169G T169S T681 T682I T682Z T683 T683S T683T T685 T685T T691A T691B T691C T691T T800S T800Y T850 T851 T852 T852G T852U T854 T854S T854T T854U T856 T856T T856X T857 T857A T857S T857T T857X T857Y Names for Cut-Off Value Keys Real and derived depreciation areas Real depreciation area Company code-related depreciation area specifications Company codes in Asset Accounting Names for real and derived depreciation areas Index series for replacement values Base year per index series Index numbers for replacement values Index series names Balance sheet accounts for depreciation areas Account allocation G/L accounts value adjustment Reconcil.accts. derived dep. areas Name for account groups Chart of depreciation Chart of depreciation texts Insurance types Description of Insurance Types Tolerance Limits, Invoice Verification Tolerance Limit Keys Conditions: Structures Conditions: Access Sequences (Generated Form) Conditions: Access Sequences (Fields) Pricing Procedure Pricing Procedure: Data Pricing Procedures: Texts Conditions: Types Conditions: Types: Texts Credit management risk categories Credit Management Groups Credit management group names Credit management risk classes text FI-SL Set Table FI-SL Set Texts Company data for Consolidation Changes in Investments Subgroups Subgroup companies Subgroup companies Financial statement items for consolidation Selected FS items Financial statement item texts FS item short texts Transaction Types Transaction type texts Transaction type groups Line layout of data entry forms Column layout of data entry form Column layout for data entry form: Names Column layout for data entry form: Text Line layout for data entry form: Name Line layout for data entry form: Text Page 4

areas Page 5 .FI T858 T859 T859T T862K T862L T862Q T862R T862S T862T T862X T862Y T862Z T863 T863T T863V T863W T864 T865 T866 T867T T868B T868L T869 T870 T871 T872 T873 T875 T876 T877 T877K T877L T880 T880B T881 T881T T882 T882C T884 T886A T886B T886C T887 T887C T888 T888M T888T T893 T894 T894T T895 TABW TABWA Consolidation versions Data entry forms Data entry form title Standard reports: Headings Standard reports: Header texts Standard reports: Column layout Standard reports: Column layout texts Standard reports: Column layout Standard reports: Headers Standard reports: Line layout Standard reports: Line layout texts Standard reports: Line layouts Consolidation standard reports Report titles Valuations: Texts Valuations Reclassifications Intercompany Eliminations Elimination of IC profit/loss: FS items Product group texts Elimination of IC profit/loss: Inventory management co.s Elimination of IC profit/loss: Vendor data Consolidation methods Consolidation method assignment Changes in investee equity Equity Holdings Adjustments Hidden reserves Asset transfers within the group Consolidation document types Consolidation activity groups Consolidation activity groups: Names Consolidation activity groups: Texts Global Company Data (for KONS Ledger) Valuation methods FI-SL Ledger FI-SL Ledger text Company Code/Ledger Assignment Global Company-Ledger Assignment in FI-SL Currency translation Activity/Ledger Information Activity/Ledger/CCode Information Activity/Ledger/Company Information Activity/Ledger/CCode Information Activity/Ledger/Company Information Field Movement Header Table FI-SL Field Assignments FI-SL Field Assignment Texts Ledger Selection Conditions FI-SL and FI-LC Versions FI-SL and FI-LC Version Texts Local Fiscal Year-Dependent Version Parameters Asset transaction types Transaction types/dep.

hist.Cost Component Layout FI: Work lists Work list names FI: Work list values Functional areas Name of the functional areas Business Areas Business area names Text Table for Results Analysis Versions Entity table for RA versions for assets under construction Check void reason codes Check void reason code texts Customers: Terms of payment Customers: Terms of Payment Texts Grouping rules for automatic payments Name of grouping rules Page 6 . sheet group Name of asset hist.FI TABWG TABWH TABWM TABWN TABWO TABWP TABWQ TABWR TABWT TABWV TCKH2 TFAV TFAVT TFAVW TFKB TFKBT TGSB TGSBT TKKAJ TKKAL TVOID TVOIT TVZB TVZBT TZGR TZGRT Transaction type groups Name for asset transaction type groups Asgnmt. sheet (sub)groups to asset history sheet item Item Titles in the Asset History Sheet Names for the asset history sheet versions Entity table for asset history sheet versions Asset hist. sheet group Asset transaction types texts Default transaction types Assignment: Cost Element Interval .

Type/Cost Centers Controlling Area/Company Code/Cost Center Controlling Area/Business Area/Cost Center Controlling Area/Company Code/Business Area Order item Settlement Document: Receiver Segment Settlement Document: Distribution Rules Settlement Amounts per Depreciation Area Document Header for Settlement Document Segment: CO Objects to be Settled Settlement Document: Totals Segment Document Segment: Transactions Order master data Accounting document header Doc. Totals Record for Annual Total Controlling Obj. Accounting document segment CO-ABC: Activity Master Table Actual bases cost center / activity Actual primary totals Actual primary line items Primary Open Item Totals Planning bases cost center/activity Actual statistical ratios Planned statistical ratios Texts to cost driver variants CO Object: Document header CO Object: Document header Language-specific values for object type CO Object: Assignment Original Costing Sheets Master Record: Cost Object ID Number Page 7 . Line Item Total Values Controlling Obj.Header Controlling Obj. Line Item Period Values Controlling Obj. Object Data Controlling Obj. Totals Record for Total Value Controlling obj.CO ARCCO A013 A014 A026 A027 A035 A036 A037 A038 A039 A058 A059 A060 A061 A062 A063 A105 AFPO AUAA AUAB AUAI AUAK AUAO AUAS AUAV AUFK BKPF BPBK BPEG BPEJ BPEP BPGE BPJA BPPE BPTR BSEG CBPR CCIG CCIP CCIPE CCOP CCPG CCSI CCSP CDMMT CE1XXXX CE2XXXX CE3XXXX CE4XXXX CE4XXXX Controlling Surcharge Type Surcharge Type/Surcharge Key Controlling Area/Cost Center Controlling Area Surcharge Type/Plant Surcharge Type/Order Type Surcharge Type/Order Category Surcharge Type/Company Code Surcharge Type/Business Area Controlling Area/Cost Center Type Controlling Area/Company Code Controlling Area/Business Area Controlling Area/Cost Ctr. Totals Record for Period Values Controlling Obj. Line Item Annual Values Controlling Obj.

Header KEPH Product Costing: Cost Components for Cost of Goods Manuf.CO CKBS Base Planning Object .Unit costing (control + totals) CKIS Unit Costing: Items / Product Costing: Itemization CKIT Texts for CKIS CKKS Header .External Postings COSRV Variants (characteristics) for LIS performance measures COSS CO Object: Cost Totals . Cost Center/Activity Type ONRKS Object Number Index. MPOS Maintenance Item ONR00 General Object Number ONRBP Object number index: Business process ONRKL Object Number Index. Cost Center ONROR Object Number Index.reconciliation ledger COKA CO Object: Cost Element Control Data COKL CO Object: Activity type control data COKP CO Object: Primary Planning Control Data COKR CO Object: Statistical Key Figure Control Data COKS CO Object: Control Data for Secondary Planning COSC CO Object: Assignment Original Costing Sheets COSL CO Object: Activity Type Totals COSP CO Object: Cost Totals .Unit Costing CKBT Texts for CKBS CKHS Header .Internal Postings COST CO object: standard rate totals CSKB Cost elements (data dependent on controlling area) CSKS Cost center master CSKT Cost center texts CSLA Activity master CSLT Activity type texts CSSK Cost center /cost element CSSL Cost center / activity KEKO Product Costing . Order ONRPR Object number index for project structure element ONRQM Object number index for quality message ONRVB Object number index for sales document item QALS Inspection lot record SETCATALOG Directory as Transparent Table Set SETDATA Sets (Contents) Page 8 .Unit Costing (Control + Totals) CKKT Texts for CKKS CKPH Master Record: Cost Object ID Number CKPHS Control for Cost Object Category CKPHT Texts for CKPH CKPST Texts for Cost Object Category (CKPHS) COBK CO Object: Document header COBRA Settlement Rule for Order Settlement COBRB Distribution Rules Settlement Rule Order Settlement COEJ CO object: year-related line items COEJL CO Object: Line Items for Activity Types (by Year) COEJT CO Object: Activity Price Line Items (by Year) COEP CO object: period-related line items COEPL CO Object: Line Items for Activity Types (by Period) COEPT CO Object: Activity Price Line Items (by Period) COFIT Totals records .

Texts TCKH7 Cost Component Groups TCKH8 Cost Component Views in Display TCKH9 Texts for Cost Component Views in Display TKA00 Control parameters for controlling areas TKA01 Controlling areas TKA02 Controlling area assignment TKA03 Statistical key figures TKA05 Cost center types TKA07 Fiscal year dependent version parameters TKA09 Basic settings for versions TKA09V Version Table: Separate Transactions for Delta Version TKA10 Master table price indicators TKB4A Original Settlement Structure TKB4B Text Table for Original Settlement Structure Page 9 .Texts TCK05 Valuation Variants in Costing TCK06 Valuation Variants in Costing .Texts TCK07 Costing Variants for Organizational Units TCK12 Product Costing: Object for Number Assignment TCK13 Product Costing: Texts for No.Texts TCK03 Costing Variants TCK04 Costing Variants .descriptions T811S Allocation segments T894TPCA EC-PCA: Texts for plan versions T895PCA EC-PCA: Fiscal-Year Dependent Version Parameters TBO00 Object type control parameters TBO01 Language-specific values for object type TCK01 Costing types TCK02 Costing Types .Texts TCKH6 Cost Component Groups .CO SETLINES Set Lines as Transparent Table SETLTEXTS hort Texts for Set Lines as Transparent Tables S SETTEXTSShort Texts for Sets as Transparent Tables T003O Order Types T003P Order Type Descriptions T683 Pricing Procedure T683S Pricing Procedure: Data T683T Pricing Procedures: Texts T685 Conditions: Types T685A Conditions: Types: Additional Price Element Data T685T Conditions: Types: Texts T687 Account Determination: Account Key T687T Account Determination: Account Key Texts T800S FI-SL Set Table T811C Allocation cycles T811F Allocation element table T811I Allocation Information for key field T811K Key fields for allocations T811L Assess/distrib. Assignment Object TCK28 CO area based costing TCKH1 Cost Component Texts for Cost Assignment Layout TCKH3 Internal Cost Component Layout Assignment -> Database KEPH TCKH4 Cost Component Layout for Cost of Goods Manufactured TCKH5 Cost Component Layout .

key figure texts Cost center type texts CO versions CO Version Texts Surcharge base cost elements Surcharge base origin Surcharge credit keys Credit objects for target/actual cost elements Credit objects to surcharge cost elements per COMCDE/BUSAREA Credit objects to target=actual cost elements per COCDE/BUSA Layout table Layout text table Table of selection criteria for assignments Assignment table Text table for assignments Table of assignments with splitting rules Table of splitting rules Text table for splitting rules Table of selection criteria for rules Splitting method table Text table for splitting methods Record types for CO-PA Texts for Record Types Sales Document: Item Data Page 10 . of cost center imputed costs Stat. assignment to operating concern CO-PA version attributes Origin in CO Object Text Table for Origin in CO Object Admin.Period block if not = 4 Assignment: Ledger -> operating concern Description of operating concern Field catalog.CO TKB4C TKB4D TKB4E TKB5A TKB5B TKB5C TKB5D TKB5E TKB6 TKEB TKEBB TKEBL TKEBT TKEFE TKEVS TKKH1 TKKH2 TKSA0 TKT03 TKT05 TKVS TKVST TKZU1 TKZU2 TKZU3 TKZU9 TKZX3 TKZX9 TSC0A TSC0B TSC0C TSC0D TSC0E TSC0F TSC0G TSC0H TSC0I TSC0J TSC0K TVGA TVGAT VBAP Original Settlement Assignment Text Table for Original Settlement Assignment Original Settlement Structure Settlement Structure Text Table for Settlement Structure Settlement Assignment Text Table for Settlement Assignment Settlement Structure Account Determination for Settlement Operating concern Operating concern . for calc.

Header Data Equipment short texts Equipment master data EHS: Additional Information: Substance Characteristic Text EHS: Additional Information: Substance Char.LO ARCBL A001 A002 A004 A005 A006 A007 A011 A015 A016 A017 A018 A019 A020 A022 A024 A025 A028 A029 A030 A031 A032 A033 A034 A043 A044 A045 A046 A047 A049 A054 A065 A068 A076 A077 A095 A096 A097 A104 ASMD ASMDT CUCO EMBK EQKT EQUI ESTDF ESTDR ESTDS ESTDU ESTLP Logistics general Not Used in Standard Domestic Taxes Material Customer/Material Price List Type/Currency/Material Division/Customer Export Taxes Not Used in Standard Contract Item Material Info Record (Plant-Specific) Material Info Record Contract Header Division/Price Group Material/Unit of Measure Distribution Channel/Material/Unit of Measure Info Record for Non-Stock Item (Plant-Specific) Info Record for Non-Stock Item Material Pricing Group Customer/Material Pricing Group Price Group/Material Pricing Group Price group/Material Incoterms Incoterms Part 1 + 2 Purchasing Organization/Material Type Vendor Vendor Condition Group Material Group Prices Material Group Prices (Plant-Specific) Market Price for Material Market Price for Material Group Customer Hierarchy/Material Outline Agreement Item: Plant-Dependent Master Conditions for Activities in Contract Cost Split for Activities in Contract Activities + Purchasing Organization Activities for Vendor Activities for Vendor with Plant Service Conditions (Own Estimate) Service Master: Basic Data Service Short Texts Additional Data for Configurable Objects Export Control: License Master . Assessment EHS: Additional Information: Substance Characteristic Source EHS: Additional Information: Substance Characteristic Usage EHS: Substance Report Variant Page 11 .

Material . EHS: Substance Characteristic Item Rebate Agreements Conditions (Data) Conditions (Header) Conditions (1 Dimensional Quantity Scales) Conditions (Item) Conditions (1 Dimensional Value Scales) Condition for Rebate: KOTE001 Condition for Rebate: KOTE002 Condition for Rebate: KOTE003 Customer Hierarchy Customer Hierarchy/Material Vendor/Material Vendor/Accounting Group Vendor Vendor/VSR Material Master: Export Control File Material Descriptions Material Index for Forecast Material Master: General Data Material Master: C Segment Material Master: Storage Location/Batch Segment Units of Measure Material to BOM Link Batches (if Batch Management Cross-Plant) Batches Entry in MRP File International Article Numbers (EANs) for Material Production Versions of Material Consignment Price Segment Tax Classification: Material Material Data per Warehouse Number Material Data per Storage Type Material consumption Material Master: Sales Data Product Group/Member Allocation Product Group/Member Quantity Conversions Page 12 . formulas) EHS: Substance Identifier .Alloc.LO ESTLR ESTLU ESTLV ESTMJ ESTPH ESTPJ ESTPO ESTPP ESTPS ESTPT ESTRH ESTRI ESTRL ESTRR ESTVA ESTVH ESTVP KONA KOND KONH KONM KONP KONW KOTE001 KOTE002 KOTE003 KOTE004 KOTE005 KOTE006 KOTE007 KOTE008 KOTE009 MAEX MAKT MAPR MARA MARC MARD MARM MAST MCH1 MCHA MDVM MEAN MKAL MKOP MLAN MLGN MLGT MVER MVKE PGMI PGZU EHS: Language-dependent Label Substance Report Variant EHS: Substance Report Variant Rating EHS: Substance Report Variant language (labels only) EHS: Substance .Allocation EHS: Original Phrase EHS: Phrase Item EHS: Phrase Set EHS: Language-dependent Label for Phrase Set EHS: Substance header EHS: Substance identifier (nummbers.Substance List . names.Allocation EHS: Substance Reference EHS: Substance Characteristic EHS: Substance .Substance Characteristic Category .Relationships EHS: Phrase Header EHS: Phrase Set .Phrase Header .

LO PROP QMAT QMSP S001 S002 S003 S004 S005 S006 S011 S012 S013 S015 S023 S024 S031 S039 S060 S061 S062 S064 S065 S068 S069 S070 S074 S077 S078 S079 S080 S081 S082 S083 S084 S085 S086 S087 STAS STKO STPO STPU STST STZU T001L T001W T023 T023T T024L T024X T134 T134G T134T T142 Forecast parameters Inspection type .damage analysis Object statistics Vendor statistics Material Statistics (QM) Breakdown Statistics Subsequent Settlement: Condition STRPS: Movements STRPS: Stocks STRPS: Movements + Stock Purchasing: Movements Purchasing: Stock Purchasing: Movements + Stock Material: Movements Material: Stock Material: Movements + Stock Promotion Material/Add-on: Movements BOMs .Item Selection BOM Header BOM Item BOM Sub-Item Standard BOM Link Permanent BOM data Storage Locations Plants/Branches Material Groups Material Group Descriptions Laboratory/office for material Laboratory/Office Texts Material Types Organization Unit: Business Area Determination Material Type Descriptions Storage Conditions for Materials Page 13 .material parameters QM: material specification SIS: Customer Statistics SIS: Sales Office Statistics SIS: SalesOrg/DistCh/Division/District/Customer/Product SIS: Product/Sales Organization/Distribution Channel SIS: Shipping Point/Route/Forwarding Agent/Receiving Country SIS: Sales Rep/SalesOrg/DistCh/Division/Customer/Product PURCHIS: Purchasing Group Statistics PURCHIS: Purchasing Statistics PURCHIS: Statistics for Vendor Evaluation Subsequent Settlement: Evaluation SFIS: Cumulative Records for Material Totals Records for Work Center Statistics: Movements for current stocks Statistics: Inventory Controlling Model Structure for Info Structures with Initial VAKEY Location and planning Object type and manufacturer Single object .

License Type Export Control: Combination of Legal Legal Regulation Export Control: Product Classification Export Control: Designation of Legal Regulation Export Control: Designation of License Type Export Control: Description of Embargo Group Export Control: Description of Export Control Classification Export Control: Link to License Master: Material Classific. Export Control: Link to License Master: Customer Numbers Conditions: Structures Conditions: Access Sequences Conditions: Access Sequences (Generated Form) Conditions: Access Sequences: Texts Conditions: Access Sequences (Fields) Pricing Procedure Pricing Procedure: Data Pricing Procedures: Texts Condition Exclusion Groups Condition Exclusion Groups: Condition Types Condition Exclusion: Procedure Assignment Page 14 .LO T142T T143 T143T T144 T144T T178 T178T T179 T179T T304 T304T T305 T305T T338 T338T T357 T362 T399I T415A T415B T415M T416 T416T T437U T441R T441V T441W T499S T604 T604T T606 T606B T606G T606H T606I T606M T606R T606T T606U T606V T606Y T606Z T681 T682 T682I T682T T682Z T683 T683S T683T T684 T684G T684S Storage Condition Texts Temperature Conditions for Storing Materials Temperature Condition Texts Container Requirements for Storing Materials Container Requirement Texts Conditions: Groups for Materials Conditions: Groups for Materials: Texts Materials: Product Hierarchies Materials: Product hierarchies: Texts Storage Section Indicators Text for Storage Section Indicator Storage Type Indicators Text for Storage Type Indicator Block Storage Indicators Texts for Block Storage Indicators Company area Service Categories Planning plant parameters Alternative BOM Selection Alternative Determination by Unit of Measure Material Types Allowed in BOM BOM Usage .Embargo Group Export Control: Legal Regulation Export Contr.: Mat.Item Statuses BOM Usage Texts Control table for further processing of goods receipts Values table for checking rule Availability check control Checking rule texts Location Commodity Codes Commodity Codes: Descriptions Export Control: Combination Legal Regulation . to Legal Regulation Export Control: Material Grouping Acc. Classification Acc. .

Shp. authorization object EHS: Source EHS: Source category EHS: Language-dependent label for source category EHS: Properties tree EHS: Language-dependent Label for Properties Tree EHS: Properties tree .Mats Fields in Field Catalogs Fields Catalogs for Statistics Fields Field Catalog Description Customers: Incoterms Customers: Incoterms: Texts Page 15 . EHS: Substance report symbol EHS: Language-dependent label for substance report symbol EHS: Report types EHS: Report type .characteristic assessment EHS: Component category EHS: Language-depedent label for component category EHS: Substance list EHS: Language-dependent Label for Substance List EHS: Characteristic rating EHS: Language-dependent label for characteristic rating EHS: Substance report symbol group EHS: Language-dependent label for subs.LO T684T T685 T685A T685T T685Z T687 T687T T6B1 T6B1T T6B2 T6B2F T6B2T TCG11 TCG12 TCG21 TCG22 TCG23 TCG24 TCG31 TCG32 TCG36 TCG37 TCG46 TCG47 TCG48 TCG51 TCG52 TCG53 TCG61 TCG62 TCG63 TCG64 TCG66 TCG71 TCG72 TCG76 TCG77 TCG81 TCG82 TCG86 TCG87 TCGA1 TCGA2 TCGA6 TCGA7 TCGL1 TCGL2 TERVH TFCF TFCG TFCT TINC TINCT Condition exclusion: Texts Conditions: Types Conditions: Types: Additional Price Element Data Conditions: Types: Texts Condition Types: Lower/Higher Limits for Pricing Elements Account Determination: Account Key Account Determination: Account Key Texts Rebate : Agreement Types Rebate: Agreement Types : Texts Rebate : Group of permitted Condition Types/Tables Rebate : Permitted Condition Types/Tables per Group Rebates : Group of Allowed Condition Types/Tables : Texts EHS: Substance characteristic category EHS: Language-dependent Label for Subs. Char. report symbol cat.language-dependent label Allowed Shipping Materials for each Mat.allocations EHS: Phrase library EHS: Language-dependent label for phrase library EHS: Phrase group EHS: Language-dependent label for phrase group EHS: Substance characteristic category class characteristic EHS: Characteristic assessment EHS: Language-dependent label . Category EHS: Identification type EHS: Language-dependent Label for Identification Type EHS: Identification category EHS: Language-dependent label for identification category EHS: Substance category EHS: Language-dependent label for substance category EHS: Substance authorization objects EHS: Language-dependent label for subs.Grouping f.characteristic category .

LO TLGR TLGRT TMC1D TMC1K TMC4 TMVF TMVFT TNTP TNTPB TSKM TSKMT TTGR TTGRT TVBO TVBOT TVEGR TVEGRT TVFM TVFMT TVKM TVKMT TVSM TVSMT TVSTZ TVTY TVTYT Routes: Loading Groups Routes: Loading Groups: Texts Data Elements of Generated DDIC Structures Key Elements in Generated DDIC Structures Global Control Elements: LIS Info Structure Availability Check Control Availability check control: Texts International Article Number (EAN) Categories Descriptions of EAN Categories Material Taxes Taxes: Materials: Texts Delivery Scheduling: Transportation Groups Shipping Scheduling: Transportation Groups: Texts Sales Rebate Groups Sales Rebate Groups: Texts Material Pricing Group: Shipping Materials Material Pricing Group: Shipping Materials: Designations Export/Import Material Group Material Pricing Group for Export/Import: Descriptions Materials: Account Assignment Groups Material: Account Assignment Group Texts Material statistics groups Materials: Statistics groups: Texts Organizational Unit: Shipping Points per Plant Shipping Material Types Shipping Material Types: Designations Page 16 .

Descriptions Mode of Transport (When Goods Cross Border) Modes of Transport: Descriptions Conditions: Structures Conditions: Access Sequences Conditions: Access Sequences (Generated Form) Conditions: Access Sequences: Texts Conditions: Access Sequences (Fields) Pricing Procedure Pricing Procedure: Data Pricing Procedures: Texts Conditions: Procedure (Text) Pricing Procedures: Determination in Sales Docs.Data Division Conditions: Additional Materials for Material Determination Conditions (Procedure Data) Conditions: Substitution .Code/Customs Area/Rule Preference: Relation betw. Conditions: Types Conditions: Types: Texts Credit groups for document types Credit Groups Document Type Description Control of Automatic Credit Control Control of Automatic Credit Control: Description Billing Plan Type Billing Plan Type: Description Page 17 .Sample Structure Material Listing/Exclusion .Descriptions Export Control: Analysis of Export Control Situation Export/Import: Procedures Export/Import: Procedures .Sample Structure Material Listing/Exclusion .SD ARCSD FPLA FPLT KNMT KONA KONDD KONDDP KONV KOTD001 KOTG001 KOTG002 KOTG003 KOTG502 LIKP LIPS MARA MLST T171 T171T T173 T173T T604P T604R T604V T604X T605 T605T T606K T616 T616T T618 T618T T681 T682 T682I T682T T682Z T683 T683S T683T T683U T683V T685 T685T T691D T691E T691F T691G TFPLA TFPLB Sales and Distribution Billing Plan Billing Plan: Dates Customer-Material Info Record Data Table Rebate Agreements Material Substitution .Rule/Percentages Preference: Procedure Preference: Language table for T604V Export/Import: Business Transaction Type Export/Import: Type of Business .Comm.Sample Structure SD Document: Delivery Header Data SD document: Delivery: Item data Material Master: General Data Milestone Customers: Sales Districts Customers: Sales districts: Texts Routes: Mode of Transport for Each Shipping Type Routes: Transportation by dispatch type: Texts Preference: Relationship betw.Preference Determ.Sample Structure Material Listing/Exclusion .Sample Structure Material Listing/Exclusion .

Unit: Distribution Channels per Sales Organization Cancellation Rules Descriptions of Cancellation Rules Cancellation procedures for contracts Cancellation Procedures for Agreements.unit: Loading points per shipping point Org.SD TFPLT TFPLU TNLS TNLST TROAL TROAZ TROLZ TSPA TSPAT TTDS TTDST TVAK TVAKT TVAS TVASB TVAU TVAUK TVAUT TVBUR TVBVK TVCPA TVCPF TVCPL TVFK TVFKT TVGRT TVKBT TVKBZ TVKGR TVKK TVKKT TVKN TVKNT TVKO TVKOL TVKOS TVKOT TVKOV TVKR TVKRT TVKS TVKST TVKUS TVKV TVKVT TVKWZ TVLA TVLAT TVLG TVLGT TVLK TVLKT TVLZ Date Type for Billing Plan Type Date Type in Billing Plan: Description Nielsen ID Description of Nielsen Indicators Routes: Allowed Actual Routes for Delivery Routes: Determination in Sales Documents Routes: Determination in Deliveries Organizational Unit: Sales Divisions Organizational Unit: Divisions: Texts Organizational Unit: Transportation Scheduling Point Organizational Unit: Transportation Scheduling Point: Texts Sales Document Types Sales Document Types: Texts Action Procedure for End of Contract Action Procedure: Texts Sales Documents: Order Reasons Cost Center Determination Sales Documents: Order Reasons: Texts Organizational Unit: Sales Offices Organizational Unit: Sales Groups per Sales Office Sales Documents: Copying Control Billing: Copying Control Deliveries: Copying Control Billing: Document Types Billing: Document Types: Texts Organizational Unit: Sales Group Texts Organizational Unit: Sales Offices: Texts Org.Unit: Sales Office: Assignment to Organizational Unit Organizational Unit: Sales Groups Sales Activity Types Sales Activity Types : Texts Routes: Transportation Connection Points Routes: Transportation connection points: Texts Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations Picking: Storage Location Determination for Deliveries Organizational Unit: Divisions per Sales Organization Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations: Texts Org.Unit: Allowed Plants per Sales Organization Org. Texts Cancellation Procedures Pricing Procedures: Transaction Pricing Procedures: Procedure: Texts Org.Unit: Loading points per shipping point: Texts Routes: Weight Groups for Deliveries Routes: Weight Groups for Deliveries: Texts Delivery Types Delivery Types: Texts Validity Period Category Page 18 .

SD TVLZT TVRO TVROT TVRSZ TVSA TVSAT TVSB TVSBT TVSR TVST TVSTT TVSWZ TVTA TVTK TVTKT TVTR TVTRT TVTW TVTWT TVVD VBAK VBAP VBBE VBEH VBEP VBFA VBKA VBKD VBPA VBRK VBRL VBRP VBSK VBSS VEDA VEKP VEPO VTSP VTTK VTTP VTTS Validity Period Category: Texts Routes Route Texts Routes: Legs for each Route SD Documents: Processing Groups SD document processing groups: Texts Shipping Conditions Shipping Conditions: Texts Routes: Legs Organizational Unit: Shipping Points Organizational Unit: Shipping Points: Texts Shipping Points per Plant Organizational Unit: Sales Area(s) Shipment Types Transport Type: Description Routes: Modes of Transport Routes: Method of Transportation Texts Organizational Unit: Distribution Channels Organizational Unit: Distribution Channels: Texts Contract Data Profile Sales Document: Header Data Sales Document: Item Data Sales Requirements: Individual Records Schedule line history Sales Document: Schedule Line Data Sales Document Flow Sales activities Sales Document: Business Data Sales Document: Partner Billing: Header Data SD Document: Invoice List Billing: Item Data Collective Processing for a Sales Document Header Collective Processing: Sales Documents Contract Data SD Document: Shipping Unit Header SD Document: Shipping Unit Item (Content) Stage of Transport / Item Allocation Shipment Header Shipment Item Stage of Transport Page 19 .

General Data Purchasing Info Record . Info Record Release Documentation History of Purchasing Document History of Purchasing Document .Header Quota File .Delivery Costs Scheduling Agreement Release Documentation Header Data for Scheduling Agreement Releases Order Acceptance/Fulfillment Confirmations Delivery Schedules Account Assignment in Purchasing Document Purchasing Document Header Partner Roles in Purchasing Purchasing Document Item Vendor Evaluation: Header Data Vendor Evaluation: Material-Related Item Main Criterion for Vendor Evaluation Purchasing Source List Quota File .Purchasing Organization Data Order Price History.MM ARCMM CAWN COOI EBAN EBKN EINA EINE EIPA EKAB EKBE EKBZ EKEH EKEK EKES EKET EKKN EKKO EKPA EKPO ELBK ELBM ELBP EORD EQUK EQUP ESKL ESKN ESLL ESSR ESUC ESUH IKPF ISEG KONP KONV KSML LAGP LEIN LIKP LINK LINP LINV LIPS LQUA LTAK LTAP LTBK LTBP LUBU MARC Materials Management Characteristic values Open Item Management: Line Items Purchase Requisition Purchase Requisition Account Assignment Purchasing Info Record .Item Account Coding Assignment: Service Line Account Assignment in Service Package Lines of Service Package Service Entry Sheet Header Data Services Management: Unplanned Limits on Contract Item Services Management: Unplanned Service Limits: Header Data Header: Physical Inventory Document Physical Inventory Document Items Conditions (Item) Conditions (Procedure Data) Characteristics of a Class Storage bins Storage unit header records SD Document: Delivery Header Data Inventory document header in WM Inventory document item in WM Inventory data per quant SD document: Delivery: Item data Quants WM transfer order header Transfer order item Transfer requirement header Transfer requirement item Posting change document Material Master: C Segment Page 20 .

: Descriptions Confirmation Control Order Acceptance/Fulfillment Confirmation Control Keys Order Accept. Combinations Global valuation category descriptions Movement Type Movement Type Text Order Acceptance/Fulfillment Confirmation Categories Order Accept.Categ./Fulfillment Confirmation Cats. Control Keys: Descr.MM MARD MBEW MGEF MKOL MKPF MSEG MSKA MSKU MSLB MSPR PKHD RBKP RESB RKPF RSEG T001K T024 T024E T024W T024Z T025 T025K T025L T025T T026 T026T T026Z T147A T147B T147C T147D T147G T147I T148 T148T T149 T149A T149B T149C T149D T149E T149T T156 T156T T163E T163F T163G T163L T163M T16FC T16FD T16FG T16FH Material Master: Storage Location/Batch Segment Material Valuation Hazardous materials Special Stocks from Vendor Header: Material Document Document Segment: Material Sales Order Stock Special Stocks with Customer Special Stocks with Vendor Project Stock Control cycle header Document header: invoice receipt Reservation/dependent requirements Document Header: Reservation Document item: Incoming invoice Valuation area Purchasing Groups Purchasing Organizations Valid Purchasing Organizations for Plant Purchasing Organizations Valuation Classes Account Category Reference Account Category Reference Description Valuation Class Descriptions Purchasing Area Language-dependent purchasing area Assignement of purchasing group to purchasing area Definition for Main Criteria for Vendor Evaluation Texts for Main Criteria in Vendor Evaluation Definition for Subcriteria for Vendor Evaluation Texts for Subcriteria in Vendor Evaluation Main Criteria in Vendor Evaluation Definition for Subcriteria for Main Criterion Special Stock Indicator Special Stock Descriptions Valuation type/valuation class Valuation types for valuation area Valuation Category/Valuation type Global valuation categories Global valuation types Global Valuat. Release Codes Description of Release Codes Release Groups Descriptions of Release Groups Page 21 ./Fulfillment Confirm.Type/Valuat.

Purchasing.): Description Calculation Schemas: Purchasing Calculation Schema. for Stock Transfer Page 22 . Org.MM T16FK T16FS T16FT T16FV T16FW T300 T300T T301 T301T T302 T302T T303 T303T T307 T307T T308 T308T T309 T309T T311 T311A T320 T322 T330 T330T T331 T331L T333 T333A T333B T333T T334B T334E T334P T334T T336 T336T T337A T337B T337Z T340D T646A T646G T646H T646L T646M T646V T646W TMKE TMKET TMKS TMKSU Release Statuses Release Strategies Descriptions of Release Strategies Release Prerequisites Role Assignment to Release Code WM Warehouse Numbers Warehouse Number Descriptions WM Storage Types Storage Type Descriptions WM Storage Sections Storage Section Names WM Storage Bin Types WM Names of Storage Bin Types Storage Unit Types Text for Storage Unit Type Requirement Types Texts for Requirement Types Fire-Containment Sections Names for Fire-Containment Sections Definition of WM Reference Number Cross-Reference WM Reference Number for Documents WM: Assignment MM Storage Location to WM Warehouse Number RM Movement Types for Clearing Inventory Blocking Reasons Text for Blocking Reason Storage Type Control Storage Classes Allowed per Storage Type WM Movement Types Transfer Types Texts for Transfer Types Texts for WM Movement Types Storage Section Search Storage Unit Type Check Storage Bin Type Search Storage Type Search Difference Indicators Texts for Difference Indicators Division of Storage Bins into Sections Block Storage Sectioning Bin Sectioning per Storage Bin Type/Storage Unit Type WM Default Values Aggregate States Hazardous Material Warnings Texts for Hazardous Material Warnings Storage Classes Texts for Storage Classes Hazardous Material Warnings Texts for Hazardous Material Warnings Group for Calculation Schema (Purchasing Organization) Group for Calculation Schema (Purch.

selection of operations/activities Task list .production resources/tools Task list .Entities Text for the Work Center or Production Resource/Tool Link of PRT to Document Link of Document to PRT Assignment PRT data .PRT data Link of PRT data to a material Link of material to a production resource/tool Relationship of PRT internal number to PRT external number Relationship of PRT external number to PRT internal number Capacity Header Segment Capacity Description Shift Parameters for Available Capacity Interval of Available Capacity Capacity requirements records Allocation of task lists to materials Header data for MRP document MRP table Planning file entry for long-term planning Production Versions of Material Milestone Milestone Description Standard milestone set Independent requirements data Independent requirements for material Sales & Operations Planning (SOP) Control cycle header Control cycle item / container (Kanban) Relationships Planned order Task list .sequences Process instructions Page 23 .PP ARCPP AFAB AFFH AFFL AFFT AFFV AFKO AFPO AFRH AFRU AFRV AFVC AFVU AFVV AUFK CRFH CRID CRTX CRVD_A CRVD_B CRVE_A CRVE_B CRVM_A CRVM_B CRVS_A CRVS_B KAKO KAKT KAPA KAZY KBED MAPL MDKP MDTB MDVL MKAL MLST MLTX MSET PBED PBIM PGPL PKHD PKPS PLAB PLAF PLAS PLFH PLFL PLFT Production Planning and Control Network .equipment Assignment equipment .Relationships PRT assignment data for the work order Work order sequence Order process instructions Order process instruction values Order header data PP orders Order item Header information for confirmation pool Order completion confirmations Pool of confirmations Operation within an order DB structure of the user fields of the operation DB structure of the quantities/dates/values in the operation Order master data CIM production resource/tool master data CIM Resource .

operation/activity Long-term planning: plants of planning scenario Planning scenarios in long-term planning Forecast Values Supply area Text table for WIP locations Reservation/dependent requirements Run schedule master data Milestone group description Standard milestone group Standard milestone Standard milestone description BOM explosion number New key assignment: BOM explosion no.header Inspection characteristic MAPL-dependent characteristic values (inspection plan) Allocation of bill of material items to operations Long-term planning: independent requirements versions Phases/Sub-Operations Task list . Planner group Planner Group for CAPP MRP Production scheduler Milestone Indicator Milestone texts Planning IDs for repetitive manufacturing Control parameter for MRP -material levelMRP group text PPplanning periods: header table PP planning periods: long texts PP planning periods: schedule lines (periods) PP planning periods: calculation rule External requirements types Version table Texts for requirements types Planning strategy group Planning strategies Planning strategy group text Daily Work Schedules Daily Work Schedule Texts Period Work Schedules Period Work Schedule Texts Capacity planner groups Text for the capacity planner group Distribution key for capacity load Distribution function for capacity planning Description of distribution keys Descriptions of distribution strategy Distribution strategy Descriptions of distribution functions Distribution function Page 24 .PP PLFV PLKO PLMK PLMW PLMZ PLPB PLPH PLPO PLPT PLSC PROW PVBE PVKT RESB SAFK SMGT SMLG SMLS SMLT SNUM SUMS T024A T024C T024D T024F T433 T433T T437P T438M T438X T439G T439H T439I T439J T459A T459V T459W T461P T461S T461X T550A T550S T551A T551S TC27 TC27T TC29 TC29F TC29L TC29R TC29S TC29T TC29V PI Characteristics/Sub-Operation Parameter Values Task list .->New BOM explosion no.

PP TPK01 Key for controlling the control cycle. in-house production TPK02 Key for controlling control cycle: external replenishment TPK03 Key for controlling control cycle. stock transfer VBAK Sales Document: Header Data VBAP Sales Document: Item Data VBBE Sales Requirements: Individual Records VBBS Sales Requirement Totals Record VBEP Sales Document: Schedule Line Data VBKD Sales Document: Business Data VERFK Process header data VERFT Process texts VERME Assignment of CAPP methods to CAPP processes VERTE Assignment of CAPP processes to work centers VFORK Formula header data VFORP Characteristics for formulas VFORS Formula strings VFORT Formula texts VMETK Method header data VMETP Characteristics for methods VMETT Method texts VMETVOR Data base for CAPP rules Page 25 .

header Master warranty item Text item master warranty Master warramty text Warranty counter CIM Resource .Entities Allocation of Task Lists to Pieces of Equipment Equipment short texts Equipment to BOM Link Equipment master data Equipment time segment Lines of Service Package Services Management: Unplanned Limits on Contract Item Services Management: Unplanned Service Limits: Header Data Infotype 1000 DB Table Functional Location (Table) Functional location: short texts Plant maintenance permit segment Plant Maintenance: Partners Plant maintenance permit table x PM object location and account assignment Measuring Point (Table) Measurement document Object networks Language-dependent texts for INET Reference Functional Location (Table) Reference functional location: short texts Capacity requirements records General Data in Customer Master Customer Master Contact Partner Conditions (Item) Vendor master (general section) Material Master: General Data Maintenance order history Maintenance Plan History Cycle definitions and MeasPoints for MaintPlan Maintenance Plan Maintenance Item Plant Maintenance Object List HR Master Record: Infotype 0000 (Events) Page 26 .Relationships PRT assignment data for the work order Maintenance Order Header Order header data PP orders Order completion confirmations Operation within an order DB structure of the user fields of the operation DB structure of the quantities/dates/values in the operation Order master data Master warr.PM ARCPM AFAB AFFH AFIH AFKO AFRU AFVC AFVU AFVV AUFK BGMK BGMP BGMS BGMT BGMZ CRID EAPL EQKT EQST EQUI EQUZ ESLL ESUC ESUH HRP1000 IFLOT IFLOTX IHGNS IHPA IHSG ILOA IMPTT IMRG INET INETX IRLOT IRLOTX KBED KNA1 KNVK KONP LFA1 MARA MHIO MHIS MMPT MPLA MPOS OBJK PA0000 Plant Maintenance Network .

production resources/tools Task list .operation/activity Allocation of Maintenance Packages to Task List Operations Quality notification Quality notification .locations Functional Location .maintenance data excerpt Quality notification .BOM Link Notification types Notification Type Texts Page 27 .activities Quality notification .PM PLFH PLKO PLMZ PLOGI PLPO PLWP QMEL QMFE QMIH QMMA QMSM QMUR RESB T024I T351 T351P T351T T351X T352T T352T_T T357G T357G_T T370F T370F_T T370P T370P_T T370R T370R_T T370T T370U T372I T372I_T T372M T372M_T T790G T790G_T TAPL TPST TQ80 TQ80_T Task list .header Allocation of bill of material items to operations PLOG File Index Task list .items Quality message .tasks Quality notification .causes Reservation/dependent requirements Maintenance planner groups Maintenance strategy Maintenance packages Maintenance strategy texts Maintenance strategy package texts Approval categories Approval category texts Special permits Table 357G texts Functional location category Language-dependent texts for T370F Measuring point category Language-Dependent Texts for T370P Reference functional location category Language-dependent texts for T370R EquipCategories Language-dependent texts for T370T Network identification Language-dependent texts for network ID Medium Language-dependent texts for link medium (T372)M Warranty type Warranty type text Allocation of task lists to funct.

Rules QDEP Allowed inspection severities QDEPT Allowed Inspection Severities: Texts QDPA Sampling scheme-instructions QDPK Sampling scheme header QDPKT Sampling scheme: texts QDPP Sampling scheme item QDPS Inspection stages for a dynamic modification rule QDPST Inspection Stages: Texts QDQL Quality level QDSA Sampling type QDSAT Sampling Type: Texts QDSV Sampling procedure Page 28 .selection of operations/activities PLFL Task list .QM ARCQM Quality Management AFRU Order completion confirmations AFVC Operation within an order IHPA Plant Maintenance: Partners KONDI Conditions: Data part for certificates KOTI001Material KOTI002Material/Customer KOTI003Material group MAPL Allocation of task lists to materials OBJK Plant Maintenance Object List PLAS Task list .sequences PLKO Task list .header PLMK Inspection characteristic PLMW MAPL-dependent characteristic values (inspection plan) PLPO Task list . Relationships: Sampling Procedures/Dynamic Mod.operation/activity QAKL Results table for value classes QALS Inspection lot record QALT Partial lot QAMR Characteristic results during inspection processing QAMV Characteristic specifications for inspection processing QAPO Inspection operation records QAPP Inspection point QAS2 Single results for the sample QASE Results table for the sample unit QASH Control chart QASR Sample results for inspection characteristics QAST Control chart track QASV Sample specifications for inspection processing QAVE Inspection processing: Usage decision QCVK Certificate profile header QCVM Certificate profile characteristic level QCVMT Certificate profile characteristic level: texts QDBM Valuation mode QDBMT Valuation Mode: Texts QDDR Dynamic modification rule (header) QDDRT Dynamic modification rule: texts QDEB Allwd.

QM QDSVT Sampling Procedure: Texts QINF QM-info record for material and vendor QMEL Quality notification QMFE Quality notification .Control for QM in SD SER04 Doc.activities QMSM Quality notification .serial numbers for inspection lot T681 Conditions: Structures T682 Conditions: Access Sequences T682I Conditions: Access Sequences (Generated Form) T682T Conditions: Access Sequences: Texts T682Z Conditions: Access Sequences (Fields) T683 Pricing Procedure T683S Pricing Procedure: Data T683T Pricing Procedures: Texts T683U Conditions: Procedure (Text) T685 Conditions: Types T685T Conditions: Types: Texts TQ05 QM certificate categories for procurement TQ15 Inspection catalog type index TQ80 Notification types TQ80_T Notification Type Texts Page 29 .header f.causes QPAC Inspection catalog codes for selected sets QPAM Inspection catalog selected sets QPCD Inspection catalog codes QPCT Code texts QPGR Inspection catalog code groups QPGT Code group texts QPSH Control chart types QPSHT Texts for control chart types QPSP SPC criterion QPSPT Texts for SPC criteria QPST Control chart track QPSTT Texts for control chart tracks QVDM QM Info Record .items QMMA Quality notification .tasks QMUR Quality notification .

header PLMZ Allocation of bill of material items to operations PLPO Task list .PS ARCPS Project System AFAB Network .operation/activity PLTX PS Texts (Library Network) PRHI Work Breakdown Structure. Edges (Hierarchy Pointer) PROJ Project definition PROJS Standard project definition PRPS WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Element Master Data PRPSS Standard WBS element (WBS element) .Master data PRTE Scheduling Data for Project Item PRTX PS Texts (WBS) PSTX PS Texts (Header) RESB Reservation/dependent requirements SETCATALOG Directory as Transparent Table Set SETDATA Sets (Contents) SETLINES Set Lines as Transparent Table SETLTEXTS hort Texts for Set Lines as Transparent Tables S SETTEXTSShort Texts for Sets as Transparent Tables SMLS Standard milestone SMLT Standard milestone description T800S FI-SL Set Table TVTZ Deadline Functions TVTZT Description for Purpose of Date Page 30 .production resources/tools PLKO Task list .Relationships AFFH PRT assignment data for the work order AFKO Order header data PP orders AFPO Order item AFRU Order completion confirmations AFVC Operation within an order AFVU DB structure of the user fields of the operation AFVV DB structure of the quantities/dates/values in the operation AUFK Order master data ESLL Lines of Service Package ESUC Services Management: Unplanned Limits on Contract Item ESUH Services Management: Unplanned Service Limits: Header Data KBED Capacity requirements records MLST Milestone MLTX Milestone Description NPTX PS Texts (Network) PLAB Relationships PLFH Task list .

areas Link table for capital investment measure -> AuC Doc. program positions Capital Investment Programs Capital Investment Program Texts Assignment Table: CO Object . projects Investment projects depr.Alloc. programs that can be allocated Budget categories for capital investment programs Texts for IM budget categories Scale of investment objects Key figure key for scale Possible key figures keys for scale Key figure key for scale (language-dependent) Definition of the scale of capital investment measures Cap.Inv. inv. simulation depr. simulation Cap. Totals Record for Annual Total Controlling Obj.Pos.Measure Profile . Totals Record for Total Value Controlling obj. Reason for investment Text CI Program Types CI Program Type Texts Operative objects for inv.Header Controlling Obj. Line Item Total Values Controlling Obj. Capital Investment Program Positions Assignable Operative Objs for Capital Investment Positions Texts for cap.IM ARCIM ANIA ANIB ANLI BPBK BPEG BPEJ BPGE BPJA IMPR IMPS IMPU IMTP IMTT IMZO T087I T087J TAI05 TAI06 TAI07 TAI08 TAI09 TAIGD TAIGK TAIGM TAIGS TAIGW TAPRF TAPRG TBP1C TBP1T TKKAA TKKAD TKKAK Investment Management Depr.Capital Investment Prog. inv. simulation for invest. per Origin Structure Budget/Plan Profile Budget / Plan Profile Texts Check Table for Results Analysis Key of Results Analysis Text Table for Results Analysis Keys of Order Results Analys Calculate Capitalization Value of Capital Investment Measure Page 31 . measure profile for AuC and dep. Line Item Annual Values Controlling Obj.Orig.

BPCG Controlling Object.CF: Rules for Carry Forward FMEP FI-FM Line Items FMFCPO FIFM: Commitment Summarization Item FMFCPOT FIFM: Financial Summarization Item Texts FMFCTR FIFM: Funds Center Master Record FMFCTRT FIFM: Funds Center Texts FMFINCODE FIFM: Financing code FMFINT FIFM: Fund texts FMFPO FIFM: Commitment Item FMFPOT Texts for a Financia Management Item FMFUSE FIFM: Application of secondary source funds FMFUSET FIFM: Application of secondary source funds FMHICTR FIFB: DB Table for Hierarchy Relations in a Center FMHIPOS FIFM: DB Table for Hierarchy Relations for an Item FMSU FI-FM Totals Records FMVORTR Balance Carried Forward Table FMZUGR Assign controlling group to FM acct assgmnt FMZUKA Assign cost element to FM acct assgmnt FMZUOB Assign controlling object to FM acct assgmnt KBLK Document Header: Manual Document Entry KBLP Document Item: Manual Document Entry Page 32 . activated objects BPEG Line Item Total Values Controlling Obj. FCABK FI-CA: Document Header FCABP FI-CA: Document Item FDES Cash Management and Forecast: Memo Records FDM1 Cash Management & Forecast: Line Items of MM Documents FDM2 Cash management line items from MM purchase requisition FDS1 Cash Management & Forecast: Line Items of SD Documents FDSB CMF summary records for G/L accounts FDSR CMF summary records for planning groups FEBCL Clearing data for an electronic bank statement line item FEBEP Electronic Bank Statement Line Items FEBKO Electronic Bank Statement Header Records FEBRE Reference record for electronic bank statement line item FEBVW Electronic Banking Management Records FM01 FM areas FM01T Funds Management Area Texts FMAPSTAT FIFM: System Status for FIFM Acct Asst Objects FMBE FI-FM Cash Levels FMCFSB FM . BPEJ Line Item Annual Values Controlling Obj.TR ARCTR Treasury BPBK Doc. by Year BPCJ Controlling Object. by Year BPCK Controlling objects.Header Controlling Obj. BPGE Totals Record for Total Value Controlling obj. BPEP Line Item Period Values Controlling Obj. BPPE Totals Record for Period Values Controlling Obj. BPJA Totals Record for Annual Total Controlling Obj. BPTR Object Data Controlling Obj.

balances for cash concentration Transaction Type of Sender Bank Define Internal Transactions in Electronic Banking Text Table for T028D Allocate External to Internal Transactions Allocate Manual to Internal Transactions Text Table for T028H Transaction types Transaction types: Names Planning groups Cash Management Account Names Planning Group Texts Texts for Cash Management Account Names Planning levels Symbols for Allocating Levels for Updating Texts for Level Symbols in T0360 Allocating Levels for T0360 Planning Levels with Payment Blocks Planning Level Texts Planning Types Planning Type Texts Summarization of FF70 and FF73 Texts for Groupings Distribution for Cash Mgmt Position and Liquidity Forecast Source Symbols for Cash Management Source Symbol Texts Available amounts for bill of exchange presentatn Charges table for bill of exchange presentation Charges table for bill/ex.0 Texts for planning / budgeting versions Commitment Budget Availability Control: Tolerance Limits Financial Transaction Reporting Page 33 .presentation (country-specific) Posting data for autocash with lockbox Lockboxes at our house banks Budget/Plan Profile Budget / Plan Profile Texts Budget / plan versions from rel.3.TR T012K T018C T028B T028D T028E T028G T028H T028I T028V T028W T035 T035D T035T T035U T036 T036O T036P T036Q T036S T036T T037 T037T T038 T038T T038V T039 T039T T045D T045G T045L T049A T049L TBP1C TBP1T TBP3A TBP3B TBPFE TFB06 House bank accounts Intermediate accts and min.

EC ARCEC Enterprise Controlling CEPC Profit center master data table CEPCT Texts for Profit Center Master Data CF001 Profitability Analysis CF002 Human Resources CF003 Projects CF004 Stock Prices CF005 Personnel Information CF006 Balance Sheet CF050 Balance sheet/P&L (FI/FILC) CF055 Balance sheet/P&L (FI/FILC) CFNNN Reference structure for aspect tables SAP-EIS COIX Controlling: Info system cluster tables DD02T R/3-DD: SAP Table Texts GLPCT EC-PCA: Totals Table SETCATALOG Directory as Transparent Table Set SETDATA Sets (Contents) SETLINES Set Lines as Transparent Table SETLTEXTS hort Texts for Set Lines as Transparent Tables S SETTEXTSShort Texts for Sets as Transparent Tables T241H Text for report portfolio hierarchy T241V Description T241W Description of value type T241Z User profile text table T242A Aspects T242H Hierarchies in report portfolio T242V Version T242W Value types T242Z Hierarchy index T2703 Master data texts: & T27NN Master data table: & T2803 Master data texts: & T28NN Master data texts: & T800S FI-SL Set Table TKCA Aspects TKCF SAP-EIS Field Catalog TKCFA SAP-EIS Field Catalog. Aspect Assignment TKCHH SAP-EIS: Hierarchy header TKCHHT SAP-EIS: Texts for hierarchy header TKCHN SAP-EIS Hierarchy nodes TKCHNT SAP-EIS Hierarchy node texts TKCHV SAP-EIS: Hierarchy variants TKCHVT SAP-EIS: Description of hierarchy variants TKCHW SAP-EIS: Hierarchy data TKCK Key figures TKCKA Key Figures. Aspect Assignment (SAP-EIS) TKCKU Key Figure Assignment Groups TKCTK Language Table for Key Figures TKCTU Language Table: Key Figure Assignment Groups TKEB1 Report Management Page 34 .

EC TKEB2 TKEP7 TKEP8 TKEP9 TKES1 TKES2 Report texts Characteristic group Characteristic group .Rows Characteristic group .Text table Row/column structures Text table for row/column structure Page 35 .

to PScale Standard Working Hours Pay Scale Groups Jobs Job Titles Administrator Organizational Units Positions .Bank Transfers) HR Master Record: Infotype 0021 (Family) HR Master Record: Infotype 0027 (Cost Distribution) HR Master Record: Infotype 0030 (Powers of Attorney) HR Master Record: Infotype 0057 (Membership Fees) HR Master Record: Infotype 0077 (Additional Personal Data) HR Master Record: Infotype 0002 (Personal Data) HR Master Record: Infotype 0006 (Addresses) HR Master Record: Infotype 0009 (Bank Details) HR Master Record: Infotype 0077 Infotype 4000: Applicant Events PLOG File Index Personnel Areas/Subareas Accounting clerks Personnel Areas Employee Group Employee Group Names Employee Groups / Subgroups Employee subgroup Employee Subgroup Names Texts for Employee Subgroup Groupings for Work Schedules Assign PS Grouping for Work Schedule to Daily Work Schedule Pay Scale Groups Pay Scale Types Appraisal Constants Adjust Bases for Calculating Av.Work Centers Position Texts Page 36 .Vals.acc.HR ARCHRG Human Resources Management general AUFK CEPC CSKS HRP1000 HRP1001 HRP1008 HRP1013 P0900 PA0000 PA0001 PA0002 PA0003 PA0004 PA0006 PA0009 PA0011 PA0021 PA0027 PA0030 PA0057 PA0077 PB0002 PB0006 PB0009 PB0077 PB4000 PLOGI T001P T001S T500P T501 T501T T503 T503K T503T T508T T508Z T510 T510A T510B T510C T510I T510U T513 T513S T526 T527X T528B T528T Order master data Profit center master data table Cost center master Infotype 1000 DB Table Infotype 1001 DB Table Infotype 1008 DB table Infotype 1013 DB table Human resources master record infotype 0900 (sales data) HR Master Record: Infotype 0000 (Events) HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment) HR Master Record: Infotype 0002 (Personal Data) HR Master Record: Infotype 0003 (Payroll Status) HR Master Record: Infotype 0004 (Challenge) HR Master Record: Infotype 0006 (Addresses) HR Master Record: Infotype 0009 (Bank Details) HR Master Record: Infotype 0011 (Ext.

Rules Employee Status for Time Management: Texts Infotypes Infotype Texts Infogroups for Events Menu and Infogroup Designations Subtype Characteristics Subtype Texts Vacancy Infotypes Subtype texts Infotypes Subtypes Logon data Page 37 .HR T529U T546T T555V T582A T582S T588D T588T T591A T591S T750X T777T T777U T778T T778U USR02 Status Values EE Subgroup Groupings for Pers.Calc.

A) HR Master Record: Infotype 0059 (Social Insurance .CH) HR Master Record: Infotype 0042 (Tax .HRPAY ARCPAY Payroll Accounting PA0008 PA0012 PA0013 PA0014 PA0015 PA0036 PA0038 PA0042 PA0044 PA0059 PA0061 PA0062 PA0064 PA0065 PA0069 PA0072 PA0095 PA0096 PA0101 PA0167 PA0168 PA0169 PA0170 PC200 PC202 PC207 PCL2 T500L T500T T510 T510G T510J T510S T511 T511A T511B T511C T511K T511P T512L T512T T512W T512Z T528B T528C T52B5 T52BA T52C0 T52C1 HR Master Record: Infotype 0008 (Basic Pay) HR Master Record: Infotype 0012 (Fiscal Data .DK) HR Master Record: Infotype 0095 (Tax Canada) HR Master Record: Infotype 0096 (Tax .Work Centers Wage Type Catalog Assignment of Values to Objects Assignment of Values to Customer Objects Payroll Schemas Payroll Schemas Page 38 . Bens/Deducs) HR Master Record: Infotype 0015 (Additional Payments) HR Master Record: Infotype 0036 (Social Insurance CH) HR Master Record: Infotype 0038 (Tax .Austria) HR Master Record: Infotype 0044 (Social Insurance .NL) HR Master Record: Infotype 0061 (Social Insurance . Insurance .Germany HR Master Record: Infotype 0014 (Recurr.F) HR Master Record: Infotype 0065 (Tax .GB) HR Master Record: Infotype 0072 (Tax .E) HR Master Record: Infotype 0062 (Tax .GB) HR Master Record: Infotype 0069 (Nat.E) HR Master Record: Infotype 0064 (Social Insurance .USA) HR Master Record: Infotype 0101 (Tax B) HR Master Record: Infotype 0167 (Health Care Plans) HR Master Record: Infotype 0168 (Insurance Plans) HR Master Record: Infotype 0169 (Savings Plans) HR Master Record: Infotype 0170 (Spending Accounts) Payroll Results Key Payroll Results: Factual Version Payroll Results: Results Table HR Cluster 2 Personnel Country Grouping Personnel Country Groupings Pay Scale Groups Pay Scale Areas Constant Valuations Time Wage Type Selection Rule Wage Types Calculation Rules for Averages Cumulation Rules for Bases for Calculating Average Values Adjustment Rules for Bases for Calculating Average Values Payroll Constants International Payroll Constants Payroll Constant Designations Wage Type Texts Wage Type Valuation Permissibility of Wage Types per Infotype Positions .Germany) Infotype Social Insurance .

HRPAY T52C2 T52C3 T52C5 T52CC T52CD T52CE T539A T549A T549N T549R T549T Texts for Personnel Calculation Schemas Texts for Personnel Calculation Schemas Personnel Calculation Rules Schema Directory Schema Directory Directory of Personnel Calculation Rules Default Wage Types for Basic Pay Payroll Areas Period Modifiers Period Parameters Payroll Areas Page 39 .

HRPA ARCPAD Personnel Administration PA0000 PA0016 PA0019 PA0028 PA0032 PA0035 PA0040 PA0041 PB0041 T523T T529A T529T T530 T530T T531 T531S T543 T543S T547S T547V T548T T548Y T578T T578W T578X T578Y T578Z T591A T591S HR Master Record: Infotype 0000 (Events) HR Master Record: Infotype 0016 (Contract Elements) HR Master Record: Infotype 0019 (Monitoring of Dates) HR Master Record: Infotype 0028 (Int. Medical Service) HR Master Record: Infotype 0032 (Internal Control) HR Master Record: Infotype 0035 (Comp.Instr.) HR Master Record: Infotype 0040 (Objects on Loan) HR Master Record: Infotype 0041 (Date Specifications) HR Master Record: Infotype 0041 Challenge Types Personnel Event Personnel Event Texts Reasons for Events Event Reason Texts Deadline Types Deadline Type Texts Challenge Group Challenge Groups Contract Type Texts Contract Types Date Types Date Types Areas Of Examination Texts On Values For Areas Of Examination Permissible Values for Areas of Examination Examination Results Control Table for Internal Medical Service Subtype Characteristics Subtype Texts Page 40 .

HRPTM ARCTIM P2011 PA0005 PA0007 PA0050 PA0080 PA0081 PA0083 PA2001 PA2002 PA2003 PA2004 PA2005 PA2006 PA2007 PA2012 PC2B5 PC2B6 PC2B9 PC2BB PC2BF PCL2 T508A T533 T533T T550A T550P T550S T550X T551A T551C T551S T552A T554C T554G T554M T554O T554S T554T T554W T554X T555A T555B T555T T556 T556A T556B T556P T556Q T556T Personnel Time Management HR Time Record: Infotype 2011 (Time Events) HR Master Record: Infotype 0005 (Leave Entitlement) HR Master Record: Infotype 0007 (Work Schedule) HR Master Record: Infotype 0050 (Time Recording) HR Master Record: Infotype 0080 (Maternity Protection) HR Master Record: Infotype 0081 (Military Service) HR Master Record: Infotype 0083 (Leave Compensation) HR Time Record: Infotype 2001 (Absences) HR Time Record: Infotype 2002 (Attendances) HR Time Record: Infotype 2003 (Substitutions) HR Time Record: Infotype 2004 (Availability) HR Time Record: Infotype 2005 (Overtime) HR Time Record: Infotype 2006 (Absence Quotas) HR Time Record: Infotype 2007 (Attendance Approval) HR Time Record: Infotype 2012 (Balance Revisions) Time balances per period (Table SALDO) Time balances per day (Table ZES) Absence quotas (Table ABWKONTI) Attendance quotas (Table ANWKONTI) Time wage types (Table ZL) HR Cluster 2 Work Schedule Rules Leave Types Leave Type Texts Daily Work Schedules Work Break Schedules Daily Work Schedule Texts Daily Work Schedule Selection Rules Period Work Schedules Period Work Schedule Valuation Period Work Schedule Texts Monthly Work Schedules Absence Valuation Types of Birth Rule Table: Absences for Maternity Protection Valuation Classes Absence and Attendance Types Absence and Attendance Texts Periods of Military Service Rules for Attendance/Absence Counting and Leave Deduction Time Types Time Type Designations Overtime Compensation Type Texts Substitution Types Absence Quota Types Absence Quota Type Texts Attendance Quota Types Attendance Quota Type Texts Substitution Type Texts Page 41 .

HRPTM T557 T557T T705C T705D T705O TEVEN Availability Types Texts for Availability Types Internal Record Types Function Codes Personal PDC Modifiers Time Events Page 42 .

HRPPD ARCDEV Personnel Planning and Development HRP1001 PA0022 PA0023 PA0024 PA0025 PB0022 PB0023 PB0024 T513F T513G T513H T517A T517T T517X T517Y T517Z T519T T574A T574B Infotype 1001 DB Table HR Master Record: Infotype 0022 (Education) HR Master Record: Infotype 0023 (Previous Employment) HR Master Record: Infotype 0024 (Qualifications) HR Master Record: Infotype 0025 (Personal Appraisals) HR Master Record: Infotype 0022 (Education) HR Master Record: Infotype 0023 (Previous Employment) HR Master Record: Infotype 0024 (Qualifications) Appraisal Criteria Texts Appraisal Groups Appraisal Criteria School Types/Final Certificates School Type Designations Branches Of Study Check Table for Branches of Study School Types/Branches of Study Final Certificates Qualification Keys Qualification Texts Page 43 .

Rows Characteristic group . Aspect Assignment SAP-EIS: Hierarchy header SAP-EIS: Texts for hierarchy header SAP-EIS Hierarchy nodes SAP-EIS Hierarchy node texts SAP-EIS: Hierarchy variants SAP-EIS: Description of hierarchy variants SAP-EIS: Hierarchy data Key figures Key Figures.Text table Row/column structures Text table for row/column structure Page 44 . Aspect Assignment (SAP-EIS) Key Figure Assignment Groups Language Table for Key Figures Language Table: Key Figure Assignment Groups Report Management Report texts Characteristic group Characteristic group .EIS ARCECEISExecutive Information System CF001 CF002 CF003 CF004 CF005 CF006 CF050 CF055 CFNNN COIX DD02T T241H T241V T241W T241Z T242A T242H T242V T242W T242Z T2703 T27NN T2803 T28NN TKCA TKCF TKCFA TKCHH TKCHHT TKCHN TKCHNT TKCHV TKCHVT TKCHW TKCK TKCKA TKCKU TKCTK TKCTU TKEB1 TKEB2 TKEP7 TKEP8 TKEP9 TKES1 TKES2 Profitability Analysis Human Resources Projects Stock Prices Personnel Information Balance Sheet Balance sheet/P&L (FI/FILC) Balance sheet/P&L (FI/FILC) Reference structure for aspect tables SAP-EIS Controlling: Info system cluster tables R/3-DD: SAP Table Texts Text for report portfolio hierarchy Description Description of value type User profile text table Aspects Hierarchies in report portfolio Version Value types Hierarchy index Master data texts: & Master data table: & Master data texts: & Master data texts: & Aspects SAP-EIS Field Catalog SAP-EIS Field Catalog.